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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Scherwitz, C., 1982: Ultrastructure of human cutaneous candidosis

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Paterson, WB.; Desser, SS., 1981: Ultrastructure of macrogametogenesis, macrogametes and young oocysts of Eimeria iroquoina Molnar and Fernando, 1974 in experimentally infected fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas, Cyprinidae)

Kovachev, G., 1979: Ultrastructure of mammary gland capillaries in ewes

O' Donnell, K. L.; McLaughlin, D. J., 1981: Ultrastructure of meiosis in the hollyhock rust fungus, Puccinia malvacearum I. Prophase I-prometaphase I

O' Donnell, K. L.; McLaughlin, D. J., 1981: Ultrastructure of meiosis in the hollyhock rust fungus, Puccinia malvacearum II. Metaphase I-telophase I

O' Donnell, K. L.; McLaughlin, D. J., 1981: Ultrastructure of meiosis in the hollyhock rust fungus, Puccinia malvacearum III. Interphase I-interphase II

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Holman, J., 1982: Ultrastructure of nuclear pockets in lymphoid cells of cattle

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Mlodzianowski, F.; Siwecki, R., 1976: Ultrastructure of poplar leaves naturally infected by rust Melampsora larici-populina Kleb

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027111

Whitehead, A. T., 1981: Ultrastructure of sensilla of the female mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Uspenskaya, A. V., 1982: Ultrastructure of so-called cysts of some species of Myxosporidia

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Dolder, H.; Mello, MLS., 1979: Ultrastructure of the Malpighian tubule cells of Panstrongylus megistus Burmeister

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027119

Schramlova, J.; Blazek, K., 1981: Ultrastructure of the bladder tegument of Cysticercus bovis in various stages of its development

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027121

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Plotnikova, Yu M.; Serezhkina, G. V.; Andreev, L. N., 1980: Ultrastructure of the haustorial apparatus of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici in varieties of wheat differing in resistance

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027144

Sasaki, S.; Suzuki, N., 1980: Ultrastructure of the neurohypophysis in dogs with diabetes insipidus and normal dogs

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027148

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Joel, D. M.; Fahn, A., 1980: Ultrastructure of the resin ducts of Mangifera indica L. (Anacardiaceae). 2. Resin secretion in the primary stem ducts

Joel, D. M.; Fahn, A., 1980: Ultrastructure of the resin ducts of Mangifera indica L. (Anacardiaceae). 3. Secretion of the protein-polysaccharide mucilage in the fruit

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027154

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027165

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027246

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Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027261

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Dosba, F., 1980: Use of Ae. speltoides and nulli 5B tetra 5D Chinese Spring for inducing homoeologous recombinations in a wheat-Aegilops addition line

Cauderon, Y., 1979: Use of Agropyron species for wheat improvement

Engel, G., 1982: Use of Alar on sour cherries

Athey, P. V.; Urbina, M. J.; Sommerfeld, M. R., 1981: Use of Bacterial Indicators in Assessment of Water Quality of the East Verde River

Williams, P. J.; Strauss, C. R.; Wilson, B.; Massy Westropp, R. A., 1982: Use of C18 reversed-phase liquid chromatography for the isolation of monoterpene glycosides and nor-isoprenoid precursors from grape juice and wines

Torrance, L., 1981: Use of C1q enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect plant viruses and their serologically different strains

Sumida, S.; Yoshida, R., 1981: Use of Chlorella to identify biochemical modes of action of herbicides

Caldes, G.; Prescott, B.; Baker, P. J., 1982: Use of DEAE-cellulose paper in the paper chromatographic separation of uronic acids

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027895

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027896

Ansorge, H.; Gorlitz, H.; Bergmann, W.; Witter, B., 1977: Use of EDP programmes for computing fertilizer rates for grassland

Bakinouskaya, E. A. (Bakinovskaya, E. O); Kaminskaya, L. M. (Kaminskaya, L. N); Khatyleva, L. U. (Khotyleva, L. V), 1980: Use of Ethrel in the recurrent selection of triticale

Sandke, G., 1980: Use of Flordimex for fruit loosening. Results of many years' trials on commercial holdings

Fulco, A.; Candido, A.; Petruso, S.; Console, E., 1979: Use of Folin-Ciocalteu reagent for determining proteins in milk

Lillesand, T. M.; Meisner, D. E.; Downs, A. L.; Deuell, R. L., 1982: Use of GOES and TIROS/NOAA satellite data for snow-cover mapping

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027902

Doikova, N.; Petrov, K.; Rankov, V.; Alandzhiiski, D., 1980: Use of Gramoxone and Reglone for controlling weeds in eggplant

Ferran, A.; Buscarlet, A.; Larroque, M. M., 1981: Use of HT18O to measure food consumption in older larvae of Semiadalia 11notata (Col.: Coccinellidae)

Bjorklof, M.; Nordlund, J., 1981: Use of HYDE syrup in ice cream manufacture - a typical case of product development

Merritt, R. J.; Ennis, C. E.; Andrassy, R. J.; Hays, D. M.; Sinatra, F. R.; Thomas, D. W.; Siegel, S. E., 1981: Use of Hickman right atrial catheter in pediatric oncology patients

Yakovlev, S. P.; Lutkova, E. N., 1980: Use of I. V. Michurin's varieties in breeding pear

Seguin, B.; Baelz, S.; Monget, J. M.; Petit, V., 1982: Use of I.R. thermography for estimating regional evaporation. II. Results obtained from satellite data

Seguin, B.; Baelz, S.; Monget, J. M.; Petit, V., 1982: Use of IR thermography for estimating regional evaporation. I. Pilot trials on the Crau plain

Sutyagina, S. E.; Sutyagin, V. A.; Zoldners, Yu A.; Tsapuk, A. K., 1981: Use of IR-spectroscopy and thermal analysis for characterizing wood modified with methylmethacrylate

Ryskin, E. V.; Moiseenko, K. G., 1978: Use of Ioffe's reaction for the determination of the resistance of rabbits to Strongyloides infection

Neves, D. P.; Linardi, P. M.; Capistrano Cunha, H., 1981: Use of K-Othrine (decamethrin NRDC 161) in the control of Aedes fluviatilis and Culex pipiens fatigans: laboratory and field tests

Neumann, W.; Bechmann, G., 1980: Use of LAB-TEK-cell culture chamber slides in virological laboratory diagnosis

Joszt, B.; Tomicki, Z., 1978: Use of Liuos-Asetona preparation for preventing ketosis in dairy cows

Samborski, Z.; Mazur, O.; Rauluszkiewicz, S.; Stanczyk, J.; Twardon, J.; Wasecki, A., 1981: Use of Mastirazon Polfa, Promycin Polfa, Syntarpen LA Vet. and Ilcocillin DC preparations in prevention and treatment of mastitis in dry cows

Congiu, F. , 1981: Use of Mediterranean scrub in Sardinia for rearing goats

Chuzhova, Z. P.; Shumane, V. P.; Alekseeva, M. A., 1981: Use of Microbitests in the dairy industry

Balasundaram, C. S., 1979: Use of Mitscherlich model for efficient and economic fertilizer use

Henrion, R.; Laveissiere, M. N.; Zeitoun, N., 1981: Use of Mycomnes in the treatment of vulvovaginal mycoses and leucorrhoea with mixed flora

Paretas, J. J., 1980: Use of N in tropical pastures. III. Nitrogen sources, rates and distribution on Rhodes grass

Paretas, J. J., 1980: Use of N in tropical pastures. IV. Nitrogen fertilizer applications to common Pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens)

Basina, I. G., 1980: Use of N-nitroso-N-methylurea and dimethyl sulphate in breeding pears for immunity in the Primor'e region

Soltanpour, P. N.; Workman, S. M., 1981: Use of NH4HCO3-DTPA (AB-DTPA) soil test to assess availability and toxicity of selenium to alfalfa plants

Soltanpour, P. N.; Workman, S. M., 1980: Use of NH4HCO3-DTPA soil test to assess availability and toxicity of selenium to alfalfa plants

Dewan, M. L.; Baki, M. A., 1976: Use of Neguvon (Bayer) for treatment and eradication of stephanofilariasis (humpsore) in zebu cattle

Matveeva, E. K.; Shiler, G. G.; Tkachenko, V. V.; Mironenko, I. M.; Orlova, V. Ya, 1979: Use of Novallen as a coating for hard natural cheeses

Palidar, P. J.; Simonowitz, D. A.; Oreskovich, M. R.; Dellinger, E. P.; Edwards, W. A.; Adams, S.; Karkeck, J., 1982: Use of Op Site as an occlusive dressing for total parenteral nutrition catheters

Smith, J. F.; Tervit, H. R., 1980: Use of PRID and temporary calf removal for oestrus synchronisation in beef cattle - Crater Block

Smith, J. F., 1980: Use of PRID and temporary calf removal for oestrus synchronisation in beef cattle - Haldon Station

Pickens, L. G., 1981: Use of Pachycrepoideus vindemiae to control fly breeding in poultry coops and cattle stalls

Duwel, D.; Kirsch, R.; Weinman, E., 1979: Use of Panacur (R) for anthelmintic treatment of crab-eating macaques (Macaca irus)

Rakhimzhanov, A. G., 1979: Use of Peruvian cotton in the production of donors of wilt resistance

Robert, R.; Marchal, M., 1980: Use of Plutella maculipennis (Lep.: Hyponomeutidae) larvae as test insects for various entomopathogenic Hyphomycetes (Fungi Imperfecti)

Rao, S. K.; Murthy, M. K. R., 1979: Use of Pro-Milk (MK-II) for determination of protein contents of cheese

Kien, T.; Waller, J.; Ringenbach, M., 1981: Use of Protein A-Sepharose in detecting antitoxoplasmic specific IgM. First results

Rankovic, M., 1980: Use of Prunus tomentosa for the detection and differentiation of sharka and other viruses of plum

Petit, M.; Blondiaux, J., 1978: Use of RU 2267 to control oestrous cycles in the nulliparous sow

Bowman, R. A.; Olsen, S. R., 1980: Use of S to increase Fe and Zn uptake in high P calcareous soils

Piva, G.; Santi, E.; Sarra, P. G.; Bottazzi, V., 1979: Use of Streptococcus faecium Cx for rearing pigs

Aharoni, N.; Barkai Golan, R.; Aviram, H., 1978: Use of TBZ for disinfection of export grade celery

San Primitivo, F., 1980: Use of Tf polymorphism for paternity checks in sheep

Ubaidullaev, Kh, 1980: Use of Trichoderma with fertilizers

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027946

Knysh, A. I., 1981: Use of Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. in breeding winter wheat for resistance to fungal diseases

Dutrecq, A., 1980: Use of a root survival test to evaluate the toxic effect of Helminthosporium sativum P.K. & B. preparations on barley and wheat

Schlegel, W.; Wahner, M.; Wierzbowski, A.; Heinze, A., 1982: Use of a FSH/HCG mixture for biotechnical oestrus induction in gilts

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027950

White, N. A.; Blackwell, R. B.; Hoffman, P. E., 1982: Use of a bone plate for repair of proximal physeal fractures of the tibia in two foals

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027952

Sant, F. I.; Wilson, D., 1982: Use of a cellulolytic enzyme digestion technique to distinguish bloat-causing from non-bloat-causing legumes and to select for speed of mesophyll cell-wall disintegration in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027954

Dockhorn, R. J.; Smith, T. C., 1981: Use of a chemically defined hypoallergenic diet (Vivonex (R) ) in the management of patients with suspected food allergy/intolerance

Sheshina, A. A.; Shiyan, N. I., 1979: Use of a collection of inbred maize lines in the production of hybrids in Rostov province

Koval' , S. F.; Tokarev, B. I., 1980: Use of a combination of environmental conditions for plant selection

Sauvala, K., 1980: Use of a compression method in the species-specific calibration of X-ray densitometer measurements

Landrey, O. P.; Schorn, D. P. K.; Truen, R. D., 1981: Use of a computer as a management aid to crop prediction during time of restriction

Oliveira, J. V. de; Batista, G. C. de, 1979: Use of a computer in biological tests with pesticides

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027961

Miller J.M., 1980: Use of a continuous feline cell line for virologic and serologic investigations of bovine leukemia virus infections

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027964

Tucker, H. Q, Jr; Keating, L. K., 1980: Use of a copper intracystic device to treat urinary obstruction in male cats

Schwers, A.; Pastoret, P. P.; Dagenais, L.; Aguilar Setien, A., 1980: Use of a counterimmunoelectroosmophoretic technique to detect antibodies to canine parvovirus and antigens in faeces

Bacigalova, K., 1981: Use of a culture chamber to study the effect of fungicides on conidial germination of Monilia laxa (Ehrenb.) Sacc

Randis, S.; Motekaitis, P.; Kacherauskis, D., 1977: Use of a device for continuous accelerated ageing of cream in winter buttermaking

Traynor, J., 1981: Use of a fast and accurate method for evaluating pollen production of alfalfa and almond flowers

Cabradilla C., 1981: Use of a feline cell line in the syncytia infectivity assay for the detection of bovine leukemia virus infection in cattle

Singer M.J., 1981: Use of a field morphology rating system to evaluate soil formation and discontinuities

Smith W.N., 1981: Use of a flotation tank to sling horses and cattle undergoing surgery to the limbs

Wells, B. T., 1980: Use of a gelatin solution in hypovolaemia and toxaemia in small animals

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027974

Blom P.E., 1979: Use of a hand sprayer as a collecting technique

Fremont, Y., 1981: Use of a live virus vaccine against rotavirus and coronavirus

Framstad, K., 1980: Use of a magnetic mixer in the detection of Trichinella. Evaluation of the reliability of the method, and its possible use in official meat inspection

Moskalenko, L. I.; Kurbatov, A. D.; Narubina, L. E.; Bublyaeva, G. B., 1979: Use of a medium containing PGF2 alpha for the dilution, storage and freezing of cock semen

Puckett, H. B.; Olver, E. F.; Spahr, S. L.; Siktberg, T. J., 1980: Use of a micro- and minicomputer system for real-time data collection

Strohman, R. D., 1980: Use of a microcomputer in teaching agricultural process engineering

Pieterse, M. C.; Wiel, D. F. M, van de, 1981: Use of a milk progesterone test to check the detection of oestrus in cattle on a state farm in Tunisia

Worndl, R.; Dorffel, P., 1981: Use of a mobile chipper during intermediate harvesting of pine stands

Levitt M.D., 1980: Use of a model of small bowel mucosa to predict passive absorption

Imray, W. S., 1980: Use of a modified live infectious bovine rhinotracheitis vaccine in the field

Edwards, B. G.; Fulker, R. H.; Acree, W. M.; Bandy, D. M., 1982: Use of a modified-live canine parvovirus vaccine in puppies with maternal antibody

Bedding, Ra; Miller, La, 1981: Use of a nematode, Heterorhabditis heliothidis, to control black vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus, in potted plants

Rao, K. R. S.; Jagannath, E. G.; Nambudripad, V. K. N., 1981: Use of a new mastitis detector card (a modification of bromothymol blue card) for early detection of mastitis in milking herds

Sonnenfeld, H.; Cecat, P.; Robelet, D.; Scherpereel, P., 1978: Use of a new synthetic solution of amino acids in intensive care after operations. Assessment of the role of nitrogen supply beginning immediately before operation

Volodarskaya, A. T.; Zaika, M. V., 1981: Use of a new type of ionizing radiation in breeding Lepidium sativum

Galford, J. R., 1980: Use of a pheromone to cause copulation between two species of cerambycids

Joussellin, W., 1981: Use of a plastic film (TS 3 M) on the teats of lactating cows

Croat T.B., 1979: Use of a portable propane gas oven for field drying plants

Biever, KD.; Andrews, PL.; Andrews, PA., 1982: Use of a predator, Podisus maculiventris, to distribute virus and initiate epizootics

Falkowski, J.; Kozlowski, M.; Sokolowski, T.; Kozlowska, H., 1981: Use of a preparation of field beans and whey in milk replacers for early-weaned piglets. 1. Assessment of the digestibility and nitrogen balance in piglets

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027995

Mitsyk, V. E.; Dzhurik, N. R.; Gorbatov, V. M.; Levinton, Zh B.; Firger, I. L., 1981: Use of a protein concentrate and starch isolated from peas in sausage manufacture

Horvath, L., 1980: Use of a proteolytic enzyme to improve incubation of eggs of the European catfish

Section 2, Chapter 1028, Accession 001027998

Navetat, H.; Sepulchre, M., 1980: Use of a rehydrating agent with a gelatin base in the treatment of dehydration following neonatal diarrhoea in the calf

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