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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mortimer, D.; Lincoln, G.A., 1982:
Ultrastructural study of regressed and reactivated testes from Soay rams

Moltmann, U.G.; Mehlhorn, H.; Friedhoff, K.T., 1982:
Ultrastructural study of the development of Babesia ovis (Piroplasmia) in the ovary of the vector tick Rhipicephalus bursa

Dass, C.M.S.; Singotam, L., 1978:
Ultrastructural study of the early development of the gregarine parasite Grebneckiella pixellae Misra

Brugerolle, G., 1981:
Ultrastructural study of the flagellate parasite Polymastix melolonthae (Oxymonadida)

Molon Noblot, S.; Desportes, I., 1980:
Ultrastructural study of the gamogonic mitoses in the gregarine Grebnickiella gracilis Gr., parasite of the centipede Scolopendra cingulata L.; considerations on the schizogonic mitoses in sporozoa (Apicomplexa)

Anteunis, A.; Perrudet Badoux, A.; Astesano, A.; Boussac Aron, Y.; Binaghi, R., 1980:
Ultrastructural study of the immune destruction of new-born Trichinella spiralis larvae by peritoneal cells

Justine, J.L.; Mattei, X., 1981:
Ultrastructural study of the spermatic flagellum of schistosomes

Desportes, I., 1981:
Ultrastructural study of the sporulation of Paramyxa paradoxa, parasite of the polychaete annelid Poecilochaetus serpens

Hess, E., 1981:
Ultrastructural study of the tetrathyridium of Mesocestoides corti Hoeppli, 1925 (Cestoda): pool of germinative cells and suckers

Mourichon, X.; Salle, G., 1981:
Ultrastructural study on host-parasite relations during the infection of apples by Phytophthora cactorum

Lee, B.O.; Kilbertus, G.; Alais, C., 1981:
Ultrastructural study on processed cheese. Effect of different parameters

Fukuda, K.; Hamajima, F., 1981:
Ultrastructural study on the body wall of the second-generation redia of Paragonimus ohirai Miyazaki, 1939

Bairati, A.; Perotti, ME.; Gioria, MR., 1980:
Ultrastructural study on the occurrence of DNA in mitochondria of spermatozoa

Meiss, R.; Brauch, F.; Themann, H., 1981:
Ultrastructural-morphometric investigations on mice liver after phalloidin or alpha -amanitin poisoning and subsequent administration of silybin (LegalonR)

Cote, W.A., 1981:
Ultrastructure - critical domain for wood behavior: its origins, current concepts, future potential

Bal, A.K.; Murphy, A.M.; Hampson, M.C., 1981:
Ultrastructure and chemical analysis of the resting sporangium wall of Synchytrium endobioticum

Sreng, L., 1979:
Ultrastructure and chemistry of the tergal gland secretion of the male of Blattella germanica (L.) (Dictyoptera: Blattelidae)

Hesse, M., 1980 :
Ultrastructure and development of pollenkitt in Euphorbia cyparissias, E. palustris and Mercurialis perennis (Euphorbiaceae)

McCann, FV.; Tadkowski, TM., 1980:
Ultrastructure and electrical activity in embryonic and adult heart cells of the cricket

Strullu, D.G.; Gourret, J.P.; Garrec, J.P.; Fourcy, A., 1981:
Ultrastructure and electron-probe microanalysis of the metachromatic vacuolar granules occurring in Taxus mycorrhizas

Kuperman, B.I.; Davydov, V.G., 1980:
Ultrastructure and evolution of the gland system in pseudophyllidean cestodes in the early stages of their development

Galey, J.; Francke, B.; Bahl, J., 1980:
Ultrastructure and lipid composition of etioplasts in developing dark-grown wheat leaves

Ridderstrale Y., 1980:
Ultrastructure and localization of carbonic anhydrase in the avian nephron

Sbrenna, G.; Sbrenna Micciarelli, A., 1980:
Ultrastructure and morphogenesis of the abdominal integumental gland of Schistocerca gregaria Forsk. (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Olsen, G.M.; Iversen, T.H., 1981:
Ultrastructure and movements of cell structures in normal pea and an ageotropic mutant

Reno, P.W.; Nicholson, B.L., 1981:
Ultrastructure and prevalence of viral erythrocytic necrosis (VEN) virus in Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua L., from the northern Atlantic Ocean

Biemont, JC.; Chauvin, G.; Hamon, C., 1981:
Ultrastructure and resistance to water loss in eggs of Acanthoscelides obtectus Say (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Leonardo, A.M.C., 1981:
Ultrastructure during the secretory cycle of the mandibular glands of worker honeybees

Kocan, K.M.; Hair, J.A.; Ewing, S.A., 1980:
Ultrastructure of ANaplasma marginale Theiler in Dermacentor andersoni Stiles and Dermacentor variabilis (Say)

Todorovic, RA.; Wagner, GG.; Kopf, M., 1981:
Ultrastructure of Babesia bovis (Babes, 1888)

Murphy, J.A.; Thompson, M.; Pappelis, A.J., 1980:
Ultrastructure of Diplodia maydis grown on selected synthetic media

Patterson, M.; Woodworth, T.W.; Marciano-Cabral, F.; Bradley, S.G., 1981:
Ultrastructure of Naegleria fowleri enflagellation

D.Souza, W., 1979:
Ultrastructure of Trypanosoma cruzi

Hamilton, R.C., 1980:
Ultrastructure of a Sphaerospora sp. (Myxosporida) in goldfish kidneys

Confer, A.W.; Enright, F.M.; Beard, G.B., 1981:
Ultrastructure of a feline extraskeletal giant cell tumor (malignant fibrous histiocytoma)

Bloom, J.W.; Zacharuk, R.Y.; Holodniuk, A.E., 1981:
Ultrastructure of a terminal chordotonal sensillum in larval antennae of the yellow mealworm, Tenebrio molitor L

Kovachev, G., 1979:
Ultrastructure of alveoli in lactating mammary gland of ewes

Simpson, C.F.; Harvey, J.W.; French, T.W., 1982:
Ultrastructure of amastigotes of Leishmania donovani in the bone marrow of a dog

Sim, B.K., 1981:
Ultrastructure of antibody-dependent cell-mediated destruction of Brugia malayi infective larvae in vitro

Buchnicek, J., 1981:
Ultrastructure of apical cells in Microsporum gypseum after growth inhibition by ultraviolet light

Kocon, J., 1979:
Ultrastructure of bacteroids in nodules of red clover (Trifolium pratense) shown in transmission and scanning electron microscopy

Minarcic, P.; Paulech, C., 1981:
Ultrastructure of barley chloroplast matrix after powdery mildew infection

Eckblad, W.P., 1980:
Ultrastructure of bovine fetal thymocytes forming non-immune spontaneous erythrocyte rosettes

Kimeto, BA., 1981:
Ultrastructure of bovine spleen cells parasitized by Theileria parva

Berendsen, P.B., 1980:
Ultrastructure of casein in the stomach and duodenum of infant rats at different ages of suckling

Kroh, M.; Knuiman, B., 1982:
Ultrastructure of cell wall and plugs of tobacco pollen tubes after chemical extraction of polysaccharides

Lynch, D.V.; Rivera, E.R., 1981:
Ultrastructure of cells in the overwintering dormant shoot apex of Rhododendron maximum L

Ciamporova, M., 1980:
Ultrastructure of cortical cells of maize root under water stress conditions

Mueller, B.E.; Desser, S.S.; Haberkorn, A., 1981:
Ultrastructure of developing gamonts of Eimeria contorta Haberkorn, 1971 (Protozoa, Sporozoa) with emphasis on the host-parasite interface

Hoefert, L.L., 1980:
Ultrastructure of developing sieve elements in Thlaspi arvense L. II. Maturation

Maretta, M., 1979:
Ultrastructure of double and multiple sperm tails in drakes

Rashid, A.; Siddiqui, A.W.; Reinert, J., 1981:
Ultrastructure of embryogenic pollen of Nicotiana tabacum var. Badischer Burley

Loker, E.S.; Bayne, C.J.; Buckley, P.M.; Kruse, K.T., 1982:
Ultrastructure of encapsulation of Schistosoma mansoni mother sporocysts by hemocytes of juveniles of the 10-R2 strain of Biomphalaria glabrata

Rajaei, H., 1980:
Ultrastructure of epidermal cell walls during the geotropic response of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hypocotyls

Khrustaleva, G.I., 1978:
Ultrastructure of fat cells of goat mammary gland

Entzeroth, R., 1982:
Ultrastructure of gamonts and gametes and fertilization of Sarcocystis sp. from the roe deer (capreolus capreolus) in dogs

Kovachev, G., 1979:
Ultrastructure of glandular cells in non-functional mammary gland of ewes

Swanson, E.S.; Cunningham, W.P.; Holman, R.T., 1980:
Ultrastructure of glandular ovarian trichomes of Cypripedium calceolus and C. reginae (Orchidaceae)

Coons, LB.; Roshdy, MA., 1981:
Ultrastructure of granule secretion in salivary glands of Argas (Persicargas) arboreus during feeding

Kohsaka T.; Ishida K., 1980:
Ultrastructure of granulosa cells in the hen ovarian follicles before and after ovulation

Chong, J.; Harder, D.E., 1980:
Ultrastructure of haustorium development in Puccinia coronata avenae I. Cytochemistry and electron probe X-ray analysis of the haustorial neck ring

Scherwitz, C., 1982:
Ultrastructure of human cutaneous candidosis

Curey, M.N.; Caporali, L., 1979:
Ultrastructure of hyphae of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) De Bary in stems of Solanum tuberosum L

Speer, C.A.; Dubey, J.P., 1981:
Ultrastructure of in vivo lysis of Sarcocystis cruzi merozoites

Altner, H.; Prillinger, L., 1980:
Ultrastructure of invertebrate chemo-, thermo-, and hygroreceptors and its functional significance

Kenning, L.A.; Hanchey, P., 1980:
Ultrastructure of lesion formation in Rhizoctonia-infected bean hypocotyls

Paterson, WB.; Desser, SS., 1981:
Ultrastructure of macrogametogenesis, macrogametes and young oocysts of Eimeria iroquoina Molnar and Fernando, 1974 in experimentally infected fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas, Cyprinidae)

Kovachev, G., 1979:
Ultrastructure of mammary gland capillaries in ewes

O.D.nnell, K.L.; McLaughlin, D.J., 1981:
Ultrastructure of meiosis in the hollyhock rust fungus, Puccinia malvacearum I. Prophase I-prometaphase I

O.D.nnell, K.L.; McLaughlin, D.J., 1981:
Ultrastructure of meiosis in the hollyhock rust fungus, Puccinia malvacearum II. Metaphase I-telophase I

O.D.nnell, K.L.; McLaughlin, D.J., 1981:
Ultrastructure of meiosis in the hollyhock rust fungus, Puccinia malvacearum III. Interphase I-interphase II

Morales, C.R.; Domitrovic, H.A.; Sampietro, J.C.; Pereyra, L.A., 1980:
Ultrastructure of migrant mast cells in bovine gall bladder epithelium, as seen by transmission and scanning electron microscopy

Hamzah, S.; Gomez, J.B., 1980:
Ultrastructure of mineral deficient leaves of Hevea II. Effects of micronutrient deficiencies

Hamzah, S.; Gomez, J.B., 1981:
Ultrastructure of mineral deficient leaves of Hevea. III. Quantitative considerations

Sasaki H.; Niimura S.; Sata Y.; Ishida K., 1980:
Ultrastructure of mouse blastocysts cultured in vitro

Holman, J., 1982:
Ultrastructure of nuclear pockets in lymphoid cells of cattle

Tomenius, K.; Oxelfelt, P., 1982:
Ultrastructure of pea leaf cells infected with three strains of red clover mottle virus

Mlodzianowski, F.; Siwecki, R., 1976:
Ultrastructure of poplar leaves naturally infected by rust Melampsora larici-populina Kleb

Leonovich, S.A., 1980:
Ultrastructure of pores in the olfactory sensillae of ixodid ticks

Mondy, N.I.; Chandra, S.; Cukierski, M.A., 1980:
Ultrastructure of potato tubers infected with potato virus X

Shepardson, S., 1982:
Ultrastructure of protein crystals in potato and tomato trichomes

Kuo, M.C.; Chen, E.R., 1981:
Ultrastructure of rabbit biliary tract infected with Clonorchis sinensis

Whitehead, A.T., 1981:
Ultrastructure of sensilla of the female mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Uspenskaya, A.V., 1982:
Ultrastructure of so-called cysts of some species of Myxosporidia

Debaud, J.C.; Pepin, R.; Bruchet, G., 1981:
Ultrastructure of synthesized ectomycorrhizae of Dryas octopetala with Hebeloma alpinum and Hebeloma marginatulum

Demetradze, T.Y.; Barmicheva, E.M., 1981:
Ultrastructure of tea leaf

Barlin, MR.; Vinson, SB.; Piper, GL., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the antennal sensilla of the cockroach-egg parasitoid, Tetrastichus hagenowii (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

Endo, BY., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the anterior neurosensory organs of the larvae of the soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines

Schramlová, J.; Blazek, K., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the bladder tegument of Cysticercus bovis in various stages of its development

Rohde, K., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the buccal organs and associated structures of Zeuxapta seriolae (Meserve, 1938) Price, 1962, and Paramicrocotyloides reticularis Rohde, 1978 (Monogenea, Polyopisthocotylea)

Kuperman, B.I., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the cestode integument and its importance in systematics

Chaika, S.Yu, 1981:
Ultrastructure of the chemoreceptive sensillae on the antennae of the body louse Pediculus humanus corporis De Geer (Pediculidae, Anoplura)

Colwell, D.D.; Mahrt, J.L., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the cyst wall and merozoites of Sarcocystis from moose (Alces alces) in Alberta, Canada

Rowton, ED.; Lushbaugh, WB.; McGhee, RB., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the flagellar apparatus and attachment of Herpetomonas ampelophilae in the gut and Malpighian tubules of Drosophila melanogaster

Schramlová, J.; Blazek, K., 1982:
Ultrastructure of the hatched and unhatched oncospheres of Taenia saginata

Plotnikova, Y.M.; Serezhkina, G.V.; Andreev, L.N., 1980 :
Ultrastructure of the haustorial apparatus in Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici on wheat varieties differing in resistance

Plotnikova, Y.M.; Serezhkina, G.V.; Andreev, L.N., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the haustorial apparatus of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici in varieties of wheat differing in resistance

Hatfield, L.D.; Frazier, J.L., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the labial tip sensilla of the tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (P. de Beauvois) (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Bloom, JW.; Zacharuk, RY.; Holodniuk, AE., 1982:
Ultrastructure of the larval antenna of Tenebrio molitor L. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae): structure of the blunt-tipped peg and papillate sensilla

Bloom, JW.; Zacharuk, RY.; Holodniuk, AE., 1982:
Ultrastructure of the larval antenna of Tenebrio molitor L. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae): structure of the trichoid and uniporous peg sensilla

Miroslavov, E.A.; Bubolo, L.S., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the leaf chlorenchyma cells of some arctic plants

Hu, S.Y.; Zhu, C.; Xu, L.Y.; Li, X.R.; Shen, J.H., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the male gametophyte in wheat. I. The formation of generative and vegetative cells

Hu, S.Y.; Zhu, C.; Xu, L.Y., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the male gametophyte in wheat. II. Formation and development of the sperm cell

Platt Aloia, K.A.; Thomson, W.W., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the mesocarp of mature avocado fruit and changes associated with ripening

So, F.W.; Wittrock, D.D., 1982:
Ultrastructure of the metacercarial cyst of Ornithodiplostomum ptychocheilus (Trematoda: Diplostomatidae) from the brains of fathead minnows

Chaika, S.Yu, 1980:
Ultrastructure of the mid-gut of larvae of Ceratophyllus sciurorum Schrank (Siphonaptera)

Sasaki, S.; Suzuki, N., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the neurohypophysis in dogs with diabetes insipidus and normal dogs

Perry R.A.; Robinson P.M.; Ryan G.B., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the pars intermedia of the adult sheep hypophysis

Fitzgerald, MEC.; Simco, BA.; Coons, LB., 1982:
Ultrastructure of the peritrich ciliate Ambiphrya ameiuri and its attachment to the gills of the catfish Ictalurus punctatus

Krasnoshchekov, G.P.; Nikishin, V.P., 1979:
Ultrastructure of the protective envelopes of cestode larvae

Brown, G.E.; Barmore, C.R., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the response of citrus epicarp to mechanical injury

Percy, J.; MacDonald, J.A.; Weatherston, J., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the scent glands in larvae of Apateticus bracteatus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and chemical composition of the secretion

Kuo J.; Mccomb A.J.; Cambridge M.L., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the seagrass rhizosphere

Waliyar, F.; Abadie, M., 1978:
Ultrastructure of the seed tegument of some cultivars of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Kaneko, M.; Chonan, N.; Matsuda, T.; Kawahara, H. , 1980:
Ultrastructure of the small vascular bundles and transfer pathways for photosynthate in the leaves of rice

Russell, S.D.; Cass, D.D., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the sperms of Plumbago zeylanica. I. Cytology and association with the vegetative nucleus

Blom E.; Birch Andersen A., 1980:
Ultrastructure of the tail stump sperm defect in the bull

Efendieva, K.G., 1979:
Ultrastructure of the tapetal cells in anthers of a barley mutant with nuclear male sterility

Yamane, Y.N.kagawa, A.M.kino, Y.Y.zaki, S.F.kumoto, S., 1982:
Ultrastructure of the tegument of Diphyllobothrium latum by scanning electron microscopy

Perry, J.S.; Crombie, P.R., 1982:
Ultrastructure of the uterine glands of the pig

Foil, L.D.; Coons, L.B.; Norment, B.R., 1979:
Ultrastructure of the venom gland of the brown recluse spider, Loxosceles reclusa Gertsch and Mulaik (Araneae: Loxoscelidae)

Foldi, I., 1981:
Ultrastructure of the wax-gland system in subterranean scale insects (Homoptera, Coccoidea, Margarodidae)

Tenora, F.; Barus, V.; Genov, T.; Wiger, R., 1981:
Ultrastructure of three European species of the genus Capillaria (Nematoda) parasitizing Insectivora

Blazek, K.; Schramlová, J., 1980:
Ultrastructure of tissue reaction in Cysticercus bovis infection

Dunaeva, S.E., 1982:
Ultrastructure of transverse cells of Triticum aestivum (Poaceae) caryopsis mesocarp

Russo, M.; Martelli, G.P., 1982:
Ultrastructure of turnip crinkle- and saguaro cactus virus-infected tissues

Tadkowski, T.M.; McCann, F.V., 1980:
Ultrastructure of two viruslike particles in the myocardium of Acheta domesticus

Reiter, B.G.; Yudkin, L.Y., 1981:
Ultrastructure of wheat chloroplasts during brown rust infection

Golubev, A.I., 1976:
Ultrastructure, interrelationship and possible evolutionary significance of some membranous structures in neurons of cestodes

Hollande, A.; Corbel, J.C., 1982:
Ultrastructure, life-cycle and taxonomic position of Caryotoma bernardi (Dinoflagellata, Oodinidae), an endocapsular parasite of Thalassicolla (Radiolaria)

Pietsch, G., 1980:
Ultrathin-layer isoelectric focusing, a possibility for the identification of winter wheat varieties

Maisse, G.; Dorson, M.; Torchy, C., 1980:
Ultraviolet inactivation of two viruses pathogenic for Salmonidae: infectious pancreatic necrosis and haemorrhagic septicaemia viruses

Ivanov, Y.P.; Tret' yakov, I.S.; Sazonov, N.N., 1979:
Ultraviolet irradiation and physiological indices of reproductive ability in cows

Ganev, H.; Rac, E., 1978:
Ultraviolet lamps used in conjunction with dosimeters

Gerner, R.E., 1979:
Ultraviolet purification as related to the cheese and food processing industries

Kossuth, S.V.; Biggs, R.H., 1981:
Ultraviolet radiation affects blueberry fruit quality

Terzaghi, B.E., 1980:
Ultraviolet sensitivity and mutagenesis of Azotobacter

Pennycook, S.R.; Newhook, F.J., 1982:
Ultraviolet sterilization in phylloplane studies

Kossuth, S.V.; Biggs, R.H., 1981:
Ultraviolet-B radiation effects on early seedling growth of Pinaceae species

Soine, H., 1981:
Ultraviolet-cured lacquers in furniture and door manufacture. Chemistry and process technology of light-sensitized polyester and acrylic lacquers

Ames, R.N.; Ingham, E.R.; Reid, C.P.P., 1982:
Ultraviolet-induced autofluorescence of arbuscular mycorrhizal root infections: an alternative to clearing and staining methods for assessing infections

Montegut, J.; Jauzein, P., 1981:
Umbelliferae I. Distribution of harmful species and resulting problems

Jauzein, P.; Montegut, J., 1981:
Umbelliferae. II. Identification of harmful species in the early stages

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J.; Bulcke, R., 1982:
Umbelliferae: Fennel

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J.; Bulcke, R., 1982:
Umbelliferae: carrots

Monotti, M.; Raggi, V.; Archetti, R., 1981:

Jeffery, R., 1980:
Unacceptable faces of tea. James Finlay of Glasgow

Klinckenberg, J., 1981:
Unasked for individual advisory service to arable farms

Loisel, J., 1982:
Unbalanced rations cause a decrease in fecundity

Malek, J., 1981:
Uncertainties over the ecology of silver fir (Abies alba) and its dieback in Czechoslovakia

Sharma, R.P., 1980:
Uncertainty and subjective beliefs in the adoption of modern farming techniques: a case study of Nepalese farmers

Jadhav, B.V.; Shinde, G.B., 1981:
Uncibilocularis veravalensis n.sp. (Cestoda: Onchobothriidae) from an Indian marine fish

Beveridge, I., 1980:
Uncinaria hydromyidis sp, n (Nematoda: Ancylostomatidae) from the Australian water rat, Hydromys chrysogaster

Pearson, G.R.; Kennedy, S.; Taylor, S.M.; Thompson, T.R., 1982:
Uncinariasis in kennelled foxhounds

Arfania, D.; Everett, E.D.; Nolph, K.D.; Rubin, J., 1981 :
Uncommon causes of peritonitis in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis

Deerberg, F.; Rehm, S.; Pittermann, W., 1981:
Uncommon frequency of adenocarcinomas of the uterus in virgin Han:Wistar rats

Dhondt J L.; Delcroix M.; Farriaux J P., 1982:
Unconjugated pteridines in human milk

Ilson Gomes de Oliveira, A., 1980:
Unconventional feeds for pigs

Van den Bossche, H.; Verhoeven, H.; Lauwers, H., 1980:
Uncoupling of liver mitochondria associated with fascioliasis in rats -- normalization by closantel

Polyakov, I.Y.; Martynenko, V.I.; Chenkin, A.F., 1980:
Under conditions of industrial technology

Goldsmith, E., 1980:
Under control?

Tajino, N., 1979:
Under drainage. 9. The spacing ratio for underdrainage

Railyan, N.N.; Vaganova, L.D., 1981:
Under laboratory control

Bezdetko, A.N.; Tarziev, Z.S., 1981:
Under quarantine control

Anonymous, 1982:
Under the banner of exports and ecumenism: first agribusiness forum

Titrosoedirdjo, S.S., 1979:
Under water light intensity within the community of Hydrilla

Dronova, T.N., 1979:
Under-crop sowing of lucerne

Popov, L.I., 1979:
Under-crop sowing of sainfoin

M.Baya, K., 1980:
Under-development in agriculture and poverty in a rich country (the case of Zaire)

Bilash, N.G., 1980:
Under-feeding of larvae and the phenotype of worker bees

Buckingham, F., 1980:
Under-row ripping: potential and problems

Mrazek, F.; Lorenz, E., 1980:
Undercutting in Scots pine seedbeds

Weimer, B., 1981:
Underdevelopment and dependence in Botswana. An investigation of political-economic determinants

Buntzel, R., 1979:
Underdevelopment through commercialization: observations and conclusions on the development of East African peasant societies

Tajino, N., 1980:
Underdrainage investigations. X. Underdrainage capacity

Vietmeyer, N.D., 1980:
Underexploited village resources

Cramer, C.O.; Kammel, D.W., 1980:
Underground air inlets for farrowing house cooling: a case study

Longley, T.S., 1980:
Underground irrigation with intermittent aeration

Kamel, A.H., 1980:
Underground storage in some Arab countries

Hessov, I., 1980:
Undernutrition in hospital

Fricke, O.; Kurschner, K.; Rohrig, E., 1980:
Underplanting in a Quercus robur stand

Rehfuess, K.E., 1979:
Underplanting of pines with legumes in Germany

Wilaipon, B.; Gutteridge, R.C.; Chutikul, K., 1981:
Undersowing upland crops with pasture legumes I. Cassava with Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano

Pongskul, V.; Wilaipon, B.; Gutteridge, R.C., 1982:
Undersowing upland crops with pasture legumes. II. Kenaf (Hibiscus sabdariffa var. altissima) with Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano

Christensen, H.H.; Clark, R.N., 1980:
Understanding and controlling vandalism and other rule violations in urban recreation areas

Anonymous, 1981:
Understanding and predicting tree growth

Blackburn, D.J.; Brinkman, G.L.; Driver, H.C. , 1982:
Understanding behavioural and economic characteristics in working with operators of small farms: a case study in Ontario, Canada

Bondestam, L., 1981:
Understanding hunger and predicting starvation

Manchanda, K.S.; Kumar, V.; Bhatnagar, V., 1980:
Understanding of diseases and treatment-seeking pattern of childhood illnesses in rural Haryana, India

Monselise, S.P., 1980:
Understanding of plant processes as a basis for successful growth regulation in citrus

Naftolin, F., 1981:
Understanding the bases of sex differences

Whitcomb, C.E., 1979:
Understanding the container system

Day, R.H., 1981:
Understanding the development of world agriculture: insight from adaptive economics

Day, R.H., 1979:
Understanding the development of world agriculture: insights from adaptive economics

Schwartz H.J., 1980:
Understanding the ecology of a nomadic system of livestock production

Monselise, S.P., 1980:
Understanding the plant processes as a basis for successful growth regulation in citrus

Gervacio, E.T., 1979:
Understanding the rural dweller

Lucas, C.P., 1981:
Understanding the struggle

Hoadley, R.B., 1980:
Understanding wood: a craftsman's guide to wood technology

Crawford, E.W., 1980:
Understanding, quantification, and modelling in farming systems research: results of a simulation study in Northern Nigeria

Outcalt, K.W.; White, E.H., 1981:
Understory biomass and nutrients 2 years after timber harvest in northern Minnesota

Ball, M.J.I.I.I.; Hunter, D.H.; Swindel, B.F., 1981:
Understory biomass response to microsite and age of bedded slash pine plantations

Tsu, V.D., 1980:
Underutilization of health centers in rural Mexico: a qualitative approach to evaluation and planning

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Undiscoverable households. Family organization in a village of traditional Corsica

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Unemployment and underemployment in Bangladesh agriculture - a micro study

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Unemployment and underemployment in rural Bangladesh: levels and differentials

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Unemployment, personal attitudes and participation

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Unequal probability sampling with replacement and without replacement

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Unesco and the United Nations Desertification Conference

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Uneven spraying - effects on yield and weeds

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Uneven-aged forest management: state of the art (or science?)

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Uneven-aged pine management session

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Uneven-aged stand structure and growth of Rocky Mountain aspen

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Unevenness of sowing of pneumatic seed drills

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Unexpected behavior in two locus genetic systems: an analysis of marginal underdominance at a stable equilibrium

Jul, Mogens, 1979:
Unexpected benefit from a dairy project

Highwood, D., 1980:
Unexpected bonuses from the pyrethroids

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Unexpected complexity of the dm1 mutation revealed in the structure of three H-2D/L-related antigens

Muller, P.J., 1981:
Unexpected damage resulting from the wet harvesting period

Cook, R.J., 1981:
Unexpected effects of fungicides on cereal yields

Yano, S.S.; Hsia, Y.E.; Mitsunaga, R.Y.; Chang, A.Y.M., 1980:
Unexplained acute transient acidosis and methemoglobinemia in 3 unrelated infants

Khamidkhodzhaev, S.A., 1980:
Ungernia vitoris and other species under cultivation

Badillet, G.; Panagiotidou, D.; Cabral, O., 1981:
Ungual dermatophytoses without clinical manifestations

White, R.G.; Bunnell, F.L.; Gaare, E.; Skogland, T.; Hubert, B., 1981:
Ungulates on arctic ranges

Walton, L.R.; Swetnam, L.D.; Casada, J.H.; Duncan, G.A., 1980:
Unheated air curing of primed burley tobacco leaves

Walton, L.R.; Swetnam, L.D.; Casada, J.H.; Duncan, G.A., 1981:
Unheated forced air curing of primed burley tobacco leaves

Davis, J.G., 1982:
Unhopped beer wort as a medium for yeast and mould counts

Minchew, C.D., 1981:
Unicauda magna sp.n. (Protozoa: Myxozoa): a new myxozoan from the fin tissues of the fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas Rafinesque

Golemanski, V.G.; Dukhlinska, D.D., 1982:
Unicellular parasites of insect pests in Bulgaria. I. Composition and distribution of Sporozoa and Microsporidia in grain storehouse insect pests

Miles, S.J., 1981:
Unidirectional hybrid male sterility from crosses between species A and species B of the taxon Anopheles (Cellia) culicifacies Giles

Francois, G.; Bogemans, J.; Neirinckx, L., 1982:
Unidirectional sodium fluxes in red beet storage tissue (Beta vulgaris L. cv. Platronde Egyptische): effects of the phytohormones indol-3yl-acetic acid and abscisic acid

Bakhovets, B.A.; Goryunov, G.P.; Pastushenko, V.I.; Tkachuk, Y.V., 1979:
Unification of the calibration of tensiometric moisture meters for soils of varying texture

Anonymous, 1981:
Unified agricultural co-operatives (6 papers)

Ricciardelli D.A.bore, G.; Vorwohl, G., 1980:
Unifloral honeys of the Mediterranean countries, classified by microscopical analysis

Johnsen, F.B.; Pinato, O. (Denmark), 1982:
Uniflow decanter separator

Schmitt, G., 1980:
Uniform EC prices and income support at national level? A discussion paper

Elten, G.J. van, 1981:
Uniform cheese ripening minimizes losses due to drying-out

Bonfanti, P.; Natalicchio, E., 1980:
Uniform feeding of dairy cows

King, E.E.; Lamkin, G.E., 1979:
Uniform quality cottonseed for laboratory and field use

Shah, B., 1980:
Uniform rural development unsuitable for all villages

Anonymous, 1980:
Uniform size reduction offers potential for better food quality, less energy use

Gonzalez F.J.; Perdomo C.M.A.; Garcia D.E.; Galvis, Y.C. de, 1981:
Uniform weed control trials in Latin America

Muhle, G.; Metzner, C., 1981:
Uniformity of distribution by multi-row seed drills

Kopan' , K.N.; Kopan' , V.P., 1981:
Uniformity of fruit ripening - an important element in breeding strawberry

Privalikhin, N.N., 1981:
Uniformity of inter-farm co-operation and agro-industrial integration

Ade, G.; Baraldi, G.; Bentini, M.; Grossi, M., 1979:
Uniformity of work in mechanized beet harvesting with regular and irregular plant spacing

Carballo Barcos, M.; Prado Romero, L., 1980:
Uniformity trials in onion

Lund, H.G., 1979:
Uniformly distributing samples within a type island

Vulkova Achkova, Z.V.; Stoeva, P.K., 1978 :
Unilateral and bilateral hyrbidizations of L. peruvianum Mill. with certain self-compatible species

Torres, S.; Popescu, P., 1980:
Unilateral and bilateral transfer of bovine embryos after sexing

Helper, L.C.; Lerner, D., 1980:
Unilateral retinopathy and blindness in a horse following intracarotid injection of phenylbutazone

Newcomb, E.H.; Tandon, S.R., 1981:
Uninfected cells of soybean root nodules: ultrastructure suggests key role in ureide production

Anonymous, 1980:
Union of Swiss Societies of Experimental Biology. Abstracts of the 12th Annual Meeting

Warwick, S.I.; Black, L., 1980:
Uniparental inheritance of atrazine resistance in Chenopodium album

Anderson, A.J., 1980:
Unique aspects of the cell surface polysaccharide of Pseudomonas phaseolicola as demonstrated by bacteriophage specificity

Weissinger, A.K.; Timothy, D.H.; Leving, C.S.I.I.I.; Hu, W.W.L.; Goodman, M.M., 1982:
Unique plasmid-like mitochondrial DNAs from indigenous maize races of Latin America

Vermaas, W.F.J.; Govindjee, 1981:
Unique role(s) of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate in the photosynthetic electron transport system

Hulst, H. von, 1977:
Unirrigated crops in semiarid areas

Reinstein, J,; Nalecz, Z.; Plachecka, G.; Matak, M., 1980 :
Unit costs of agricultural products on state farms in 1978/79

Menz, K.M., 1980:
Unit farms and farming systems research: the IITA experience

Ganov, S.A.; Churilov, Y.V., 1980:
Unit for coiling cables

Anonymous, 1982:
Unitary trade unionism or the voice of democracy

Anonymous, 1982:
United Kingdom meat consumption in 1985 and 1990

Anonymous, 1981:
United Kingdom meat consumption in 1985: a fresh look

Parra, H.H., 1978:
United Nations Conference on Desertification, Nairobi, Kenya, 29 Aug.-9 Sept. 1977

Anonymous, 1979:
United Nations Environment Programme. Action plan for ecological and habitat management of schistosomiasis

Anonymous, 1977:
United Nations Environment Programme: United Nations Conference on Desertification, Report of the Secretary General

Anonymous, 1979:
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. Report of the Board of the Institute on activities during the period 1 November 1976 to 31 October 1978

Anonymous, 1978:
United Nations Water Conference - Summary and Main Documents

Anonymous, 1980:
United States - Mediterranean fruit fly on citrus

Anonymous, 1981:
United States - khapra beetle infestations reported

Hill, J.T., 1981:
United States agricultural policy, a general overview

Clairmonte, F.F., 1981:
United States food multinationals: lessons for the Third World

Bailey, A.E., 1982:
Units and standards of measurement

Rodriguez, L., 1979:
Unity in preserving genetic diversity

Senko, F., 1981:
Unity of science and practice in Byelorussian agriculture

Kaltsikes, P.J.; Thomas, J.B.; Roupakias, D.G., 1980:
Univalency in triticale. II

Peng, T.K., 1981:
Univariate residual cross-correlation analysis and its application to hog production in Taiwan

Anonymous, 1981:
Universal Decimal Classification. Second English full edition. FID publication No. 483. UDC 636/639. Animal breeding. Animal produce. Hunting. Fishing

Anonymous, 1980:
Universalizing education: selected innovative experiences. New techniques for preparing educational personnel

Abeje, H.Y., 1981:
Universalizing learning opportunities: experiences of an Asian country; aids to programme UNICEF assistance to education: basic education 16

Cutri, A.G., 1980:
University Town Center, Irvine: passive solar approaches at the urban design scale

Heising, J., 1981:
University and development: results of a questionnaire

Treiber, W., 1982:
University education in agricultural studies in the GDR

Broadbent, L., 1980:
University postgraduate courses for the agricultural industry and its ancillary services

Rostrosa, N.K.; Preller, W.K., 1980:
University training for the dairy industry in the USSR

Anonymous, 1980:
University, science and development in Africa

Mary, Y.; Thimothee, M., 1979:
Unjustified dietetic restrictions on milk

Lonsdale, D., 1979:
Unjustly feared?

Slaven, S.; Harvey, D., 1981:
Unlimited suckling time improves breast feeding

Bremermann, H.J., 1979:
Unlinked strands as a topological constraint on chromosomal DNA, plasmid integration, and DNA repair

Safley, L.M.J.; Cullum, R.F.; Brown, J.F., 1980:
Unloading anaerobic dairy lagoons

Redman, P.L., 1980:
Unloading forages from store

Anonymous, 1982:
Unloading maize and grass silage from tower silos

Dernedde, W., 1981:
Unloading systems for tower silos

Rattin, S., 1982:
Unmarried farmers in 1979

Chernenko, Y.I., 1980:
Unnoticed benefactors

Walters, M.R.; Hunziker, W.; Norman, A.W., 1980:
Unoccupied 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 receptors

Simmons, J.G.; Cherry, J.P.; Colwick, R.F.; Barker, G.L.; Wesley, R.A.; Hudspeth, E.B.; Laird, J.W.; Baker, R.V., 1979:
Unopened cotton boll harvesting - evaluation of cottonseed quality

Barak, A.V.; Harein, P.K., 1981:
Unpredictable penalties at time of sale applied to insect-infested, farm-stored grain in Minnesota

Pilipenko, N.N., 1982:
Unprotected varieties in state varietal trials in the Ukrainian SSR

Haruda, F.; Bergman, M.A.; Headings, D., 1980:
Unrecognized Candida brain abscess in infancy: two cases and a review of the literature

Sumbali, G.; Mehrotra, R.S., 1980:
Unrecorded sclerotial fruit rot of pears

Veilleux, R.E.; McHale, N.A.; Lauer, F.I., 1981:
Unreduced gametes in diploid Solanum: frequency and types of spindle abnormalities

Manhire, A.; Henry, C.L.; Hartog, M.; Heaton, K.W., 1981:
Unrefined carbohydrate and dietary fibre in treatment of diabetes mellitus

E.S.ied, H.M.; Amer, M.M.A.; Gabran, A., 1981:
Unsaponifiable matter and fatty acid composition of pea oil

Farag, R.S.; Ahmed, A.I.; Rashad, S.E.; Ewies, M.A., 1980:
Unsaponifiable matter of six pollens collected by honeybees in Egypt

Tremolieres, A.; Dubacq, J.P.; Drapier, D., 1982:
Unsaturated fatty acids in maturing seeds of sunflower and rape: regulation by temperature and light intensity

Chikushi, J.; Tanabe, K.; Kuroda, M., 1978:
Unsaturated flow through layered soils in an open percolating system. Special consideration of the pressure profile in wetting and drying processes

Kohn A.J.G.; Inbar M., 1980:
Unsaturated free fatty acids inactivate animal enveloped viruses

Goldsmith, S.; Eitenmiller, R.; Barnhart, H.; Toledo, R.; Rao, V., 1982 :
Unsaturated iron-binding capacity of human milk

Reicosky D.C.; Voorhees W.B.; Radke J.K., 1981:
Unsaturated water flow through a simulated wheel track

Durrant, A., 1981:
Unstable genotypes

Styles, E.D., 1982:
Unstable pigmenting factors

Leatherberry, E.C.; Lime, D.W., 1981:
Unstaffed trail registration compliance in a backcountry recreation area

Higgins, D.T., 1980:
Unsteady drawdown in 2-D water table aquifer

Allard, D.L.; Troxell, H.E., 1980:
Unsteady-state thermal heat transfer properties of solid wood walls

Baker, A.A.; Jillella, D., 1982:
Unsuccessful attempts to collect ova by surgical fixation of uterine catheters in superovulated cows

Batshaw, M.L.; Valle, D.; Bessman, S.P., 1981:
Unsuccessful treatment of phenylketonuria with tyrosine

Filius, I.; Dobos, L.; Kovacs, A., 1979:
Unsupported covers for vegetable crops

Joss, V.; Brueton, M.J., 1981:
Unsuspected giardiasis

Finnis, W.A.; Cohanim, M.; Yendt, E.R., 1981:
Unsuspected hypercalcemia among adults in hospital

Rudolf, M.; Arulanantham, K.; Greenstein, R.M., 1980:
Unsuspected nutritional rickets

Chopra, P., 1981:
Unto the last

Levick, G.R.T., 1980:
Unused information sources - A $10 million waste?

Haas, Ge, 1980:
Unusual Alaskan fleas

Karimi, E., 1981:
Unusual abdominal and peritoneal localizations of hydatid cysts. A report of two cases

Karimi, E., 1981:
Unusual abdominal and peritoneal localizations of hydatid cysts. Two cases

Anonymous, 1982:
Unusual adverse reaction of sows to parenteral injection of benzathine procaine penicillin (for erysipelas)

James, J.R.; Sutton, T.B.; Grand, L.F., 1981:
Unusual ascocarp formation in Venturia inaequalis

Murray, D.I.L., 1982:
Unusual basidiospore isolates of Thanatephorus cucumeris

Bagree, M.M.; Kanwar, D.L.; Nagar, R.C., 1980:
Unusual causes of acute intestinal obstruction in children

Anonymous, 1980:
Unusual causes of bovine mastitis

Rapp, A.; Knisper, W.; Engel, L.; Ullemeyer, H.; Heimann, W., 1980:
Unusual components of fruit and wine aroma from interspecific hybrid grape varieties. I. The strawberry trait

Lang, F., 1980:
Unusual cultured milk product developments

Panigrahy, B.; Mathewson, J.J.; Hall, C.F.; Grumbles, L.C., 1981:
Unusual disease conditions in pet and aviary birds

Yoshitake, T., 1979:
Unusual fall of needles of Pinus strobus planted in the area of Tarumae in Hokkaido

Fletcher, M.J.; Anderson, D.T., 1980:
Unusual features in the embryonic development of Scolypopa australis (Walker) (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea: Ricaniidae)

Xaasan, C.C.; Ciilmi, C.X.; Faarax, M.X.; Passannanti, S.; Piozzi, F.; Paternostro, M., 1980:
Unusual flavones from Ocimum canum

Rossem, G. van; Burger, H.C.; Goffau, L.J.W. de, 1982:
Unusual infestation by insects in 1981

Rossem, G. van; Bund, C.F. van de; Burger, H.C.; Goffau, L.J.W. de, 1981:
Unusual infestations of insects in 1980

Koster, O.; Hartmann, B., 1981:
Unusual localisations of Echinococcus granulosus

Edgar, J.A.; Eggers, N.J.; Jones, A.J.; Russell, G.B., 1980:
Unusual macrocyclic pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Parsonsia heterophylla A. Cunn and Parsonsia spiralis Wall. (Apocynaceae)

Bhaskaran, C.S.; Reddy, M.M.; Ramalakshmi, P.V., 1980:
Unusual parasitic infestation of cervix detected by cytology

Gray, M.W., 1981:
Unusual pattern of ribonucleic acid components in the ribosome of Crithidia fasciculata, a trypanosomatid protozoan

Gilbert H.D., 1980:
Unusual presentation of acute ocular toxoplasmosis

Jacyk, W.; Lawande, R.; Tulpule, S., 1980:
Unusual presentation of extragenital cutaneous schistosomiasis mansoni

Roberts, R., 1981:
Unusual raw materials. 2. Dried coffee residues

Perry, F.G.; Pickford, J.R., 1981:
Unusual raw materials. 3. Protected proteins

Hall, G.R., 1981:
Unusual raw materials. 4. Grape follicle and pulp

Cooke, B.C., 1981:
Unusual raw materials. 5. Guar meal

Waechter, R.A., 1982:
Unusual reaction to acepromazine maleate in the dog

Naito, H.K.; Gerrity, R.G., 1979 :
Unusual resistance of the ground squirrel to the development of dietary-induced hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis

Orr, J.P.; McKenzie, G.C., 1981:
Unusual skeletal deformities in calves in a Saskatchewan beef herd

Andhiwal, C.K.; Kishore, K.; Itoh, T.; Matsumoto, T., 1982:
Unusually high ratio of saturated/unsaturated sterols in Tamarix gallica

Düwel, D., 1982:
Unusually large eggs of a Fasciola hepatica strain

Brodan V.; Brodanova M.; Gfafnetter D.; Blahnikova L.; Andel M., 1979:
Unusually severe disorder of lipid metabolism in acute alcoholic hepatitis

Albers, P.H.; Gay, M.L., 1982:
Unweathered and weathered aviation kerosine: chemical characterization and effects on hatching success of duck eggs

Chancellor, G., 1982:
Up and under

Bondarev, I.; Sin, G.; Nicolae, H.; Mihaila, V.; Sarpe, N.; Popescu, A.; Ciurdarescu, G.; Tanase, V., 1981:
Up to date elements in fibre flax cultivation technology

Anonymous, 1980:
Up-ending waste treatment

Brossmann, L., 1979:
Up-to-date trailer-braking

Davidson, J.H., 1980:
Update of 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T)

Friedman, L.J., 1982:
Update on ammonia scrubbing

Humphrey, W.A., 1979:
Update on ground cover weed control

Kluender, R.A., 1978:
Update on mechanical tree planters

Morin, C.; Aigle, N.; Morin, B., 1981:
Update on methods of controlling broad-leaved weeds resistant to atrazine

Collister, L.C., 1981:
Update on results from the FAST track

Dymond, A., 1982:
Update on the Norfolk Horn

Anonymous, 1981:
Update: new equipment

Kuipers, A., 1981:
Update: whey utilization in animal feeds - EEC

Schingoethe, D.J., 1981:
Update: whey utilization in animal feeds - domestic

Lugo Lopez, M.A.; Rivera, L.H., 1980:
Updated taxonomic classification of the soils of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Gutierrez, J., 1981:
Updating of data on economic entomology on Wallis and Futuna

Sansavini, S. (Coordinator), 1980:
Updating of pear growing

Ghilardi, G.; Caporale, V.P.; Battelli, G.; Cavrini, C., 1981:
Updating of the economic evaluation of the control campaigns against bovine tuberculosis, brucellosis, foot-and-mouth disease and swine fever in Italy

Rice, C.E.; Magnuson, M.L.; Garton, J.E., 1980:
Upflow water filtration unit, test results

Whitaker, G.W.; Phillips, S.R., 1982:
Upgrading a phosphoric acid facility

Suchanek, B., 1979:
Upgrading cattle in the Czech Republic and milk recording results in 1978

Anonymous, 1981:
Upgrading of crops and by-products by chemical or biological treatments. Proceedings of a Seminar held in London, 8 April 1981

Anonymous, 1981:
Upgrading residues and by-products for animals

Johnny, M.; Karimu, J.; Richards, P., 1981:
Upland and swamp rice farming systems in Sierra Leone: the social context of technological change

Voon, P.K.; Khoo, S.H., 1980:
Upland development and settlement in Malaysia

Anonymous, .:
Upland rice

Tollervey, F.E.; Paniagua, B.O.; Gonzalez, B.G., 1980:
Upland rice

Anonymous, 1981:
Upland rice - its cultivation and utilization

Mascarenhas, R.E.B.; Cordeiro, A.C.C.; Alves, A.A.C., 1981:
Upland rice cultivars for the Federal Territory of Roraima

Singh, R.K.; Prasad, R.B., 1980:
Upland rice production

Wang, Y.Q., 1981:
Upland rice resources in Simao Prefecture and culture techniques

Anonymous, 1981:
Upland sheep management

Speedy, A.W., 1981:
Upland sheep production

Anonymous, 1978:
Upper Gila-San Simon Grazing. Final Environmental Statement

Free, W.J.; Vitelli, V.A., 1980:
Upper Hiwassee. Vegetable marketing potential

Anonymous, 1980:
Upper Volta: agriculture

Traore, C.J., 1980:
Upper Volta: needs and possibilities for development through agriculture

Bataller Ferrandiz, M.; Dopereireo Halli, J.I.; Rodriguez Montes, J.A.; Fernandez de Lis, S., 1980 :
Upper digestive haemorrhages and candidiasis

Holloway, R.H.; Winnan, G.; McCallum, R.W., 1981:
Upper gastrointestinal motility. 1. The pathophysiologic approach to the management of reflux esophagitis

Simensen, E.; Olson, L.D., 1980:
Upper lethal environmental temperature in turkeys

Crossmann, G., 1981:
Uptake and accumulation of cadmium residues in growing pigs

Sinha, A.K.; Ghosh, A.K., 1981:
Uptake and accumulation of nutrients in some sugarcane varieties

Hildebrandt, E.A., 1979:
Uptake and breakdown of nitrosamines in young sunflower seedlings

Thompson, G.R., 1980:
Uptake and cellular degradation of low-density lipoprotein

Gallusser, A.; Bergner, K.G., 1981:
Uptake and consumption of oxygen by directly heated UHT milk

Lone, K.P.; Matty, A.J., 1981:
Uptake and disappearance of radioactivity in blood and tissues of carp (Cyprinus carpio) after feeding 3H-testosterone

Beringer, H.; Koch, K., 1980:
Uptake and distribution of 15N by spring barley in relation to K nutrition and mildew attack

Bovey, R.W.; Mayeux, H.S.J., 1980:
Uptake and distribution of 2,4,5-T, triclopyr, picloram and 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid in honey mesquite

Gougler, J.A.; Geiger, D.R., 1981:
Uptake and distribution of N-phosphonomethylglycine in sugar beet plants

Pang Y.C.; Reid P.E.; Brooks D.E.; Leighton K.M.; Bruce C., 1980:
Uptake and distribution of halothane in dog blood

Bershtein, B.I.; Pshenichnaya, A.K.; Kononenko, V.A.; Okanenko, A.S., 1979:
Uptake and distribution of potassium and sodium in some plants grown with different proportions of these elements in the substrate

Kocher, H.; Lotzsch, K., 1981:
Uptake and distribution of the herbicide diclofop-methyl in mono- and dicotyledonous plant species

Bhattacharyya, A.K., 1981:
Uptake and esterification of plant sterols by rat small intestine

Vaughan, D.; Ord, B.G., 1981:
Uptake and incorporation of 14C-labelled soil organic matter by roots of Pisum sativum L

Durbin, R.P.; Hanzel, D., 1980:
Uptake and incorporation of phosphate by frog gastric mucosa

Giblin, A.E.; Bourg, A.; Valiela, I.; Teal, J.M., 1980:
Uptake and losses of heavy metals in sewage sludge by a New England salt marsh

Laloue, M.; Pethe Terrine, C.; Guern, J., 1981:
Uptake and metabolism of cytokinins in tobacco cells: studies in relation to the expression of their biological activities

Harms, H., 1981:
Uptake and metabolism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PCHs) in aseptically grown seedlings of food plants and cell suspension cultures

Lord, K.A.; Wheeler, A.W., 1981:
Uptake and movement of 14C-chlormequat chloride applied to leaves of barley and wheat

Gama, M.V. da, 1981:
Uptake and release of magnesium in some soils of the Alto Sado irrigation area, Portugal

Hill, B.H., 1979:
Uptake and release of nutrients by aquatic macrophytes

Buhringer, H., 1981:
Uptake and release of radioactive mercury in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Rich.)

Ohlrogge, J.B.; García-Martínez, J.L.; Adams, D.; Rappaport, L., 1980:
Uptake and subcellular compartmentation of gibberellin a(1) applied to leaves of barley and cowpea

Temple, P.J.; Bisessar, S., 1981:
Uptake and toxicity of nickel and other metals in crops grown on soil contaminated by a nickel refinery

Steffens, W.; Fuhr, F.; Kraus, P.; Scheinpflug, H., 1981:
Uptake and translocation of triadimenol in spring barley and spring wheat after seed treatment

Bengtsson, B., 1982:
Uptake and translocation of calcium in cucumber

Sastry R.K.; Chatrath M.S., 1981:
Uptake and translocation of carbendazim in wheat after seed treatment

Schulz, R.K.; Ruggieri, M.R., 1981:
Uptake and translocation of neptunium-237, plutonium-238, plutonium-239,240, americium-241, and curium-244 by a wheat crop

Scott, H.D.; Brewer, D.W., 1981:
Uptake and translocation of nutrients by determinate soybeans

Tanczos, O.G.; Erdei, L.; Snijder, J., 1981:
Uptake and translocation of sodium in salt-sensitive and salt-tolerant Plantago species

Ramachandran, V.; D.S.uza, T.J.; Mistry, K.B., 1980:
Uptake and transport of chromium in plants

Mahajan, J.P.; Bisen, D.C., 1980:
Uptake and utilization of soil and fertilizer phosphorus by wheat in medium black soils

Mortvedt, J.J.; Mays, D.A.; Osborn, G., 1981:
Uptake by wheat of cadmium and other heavy metal contaminants in phosphate fertilizers

Hunter, B.; Chvapil, M., 1981:
Uptake dynamics of digestion products of 125I-labeled peptides of varying molecular weight in three-day-old chicks

Adelman, IR., 1980:
Uptake of 14C-glycine by scales as an index of fish growth: effect of fish acclimation temperature

Goodman, P.J.; Collison, M., 1981:
Uptake of 32P labelled phosphate by clover and ryegrass growing in mixed swards with different nitrogen treatments

Roth, H.P.; Kirchgessner, M., 1979:
Uptake of 65Zn by erythrocytes in vitro for the diagnosis of zinc deficiency

Swartz, W.J.; Schutzmann, R.L., 1981 :
Uptake of DDT from the yolk sac into the early chick embryo as measured by gas chromatography

Pessarakli, M., 1981:
Uptake of Nitrogen by Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Under Salt Stress

Llewellyn, G.C.; Reynolds, J.D.; Hurst, L.; Vance, R.A.; Dashek, W.V., 1982:
Uptake of Zn++ and aflatoxin from perlite and liquid culture by Zea mays seedlings

Barthe, P.; Bulard, C., 1981:
Uptake of [2-(14)C]abscisic acid and distribution of (14)C in apple embryos

Thomsom, A.B.; O'Brien, B.D., 1980:
Uptake of a homologous series of saturated fatty acids into rabbit intestine using three in vitro techniques

Cole, J.S.; Zvenyika, Z., 1981:
Uptake of benodanil by tobacco seedlings and its relation to the rate of application and control of Rhizoctonia solani

Lampugnani, M.G.; Fantelli, R.; Longo, G.P.; Longo, C.P.; Rossi, G., 1981:
Uptake of benzyladenine by excised watermelon cotyledons

Loganathan, S.; Krishnamoorthy, K.K., 1978:
Uptake of calcium by groundnut plant during progressive stages of growth as affected by application of various forms and doses of calcium

Bengtsson, B.; Jensen, P., 1982:
Uptake of calcium in wheat and cucumber roots

Jalali, I.; Grover, R.K., 1979:
Uptake of chloroneb by urd bean and its use as seed treatment for disease control

Thomson, A.B.; O'Brien, B.D., 1981:
Uptake of cholesterol into rabbit jejunum using three in vitro techniques: importance of bile acid micelles and unstirred layer resistance

Schroeder, G.L.; Dexter, A.G., 1980:
Uptake of ethofumesate by several crop species

Poinar, G.O.J.; Hess, R., 1976:
Uptake of ferritin particles through the body-wall of a mermithid nematode

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Urotube vet. Roche (dip slide), a simple diagnostic tool in cases of acute bacterial mastitis

Fain, A.; Wilson, N., 1979:
Ursicoptes procyoni spec. nov. (Acari: Astigmata: Audycoptidae) from the raccoon, Procyon lotor, in the U.S.A

Mishurova, S.S.; Serkerov, S.V.; Abbasov, R.M., 1981:
Ursolic acid content of Nepeta transcaucasica

Gadzhieva, T.G.; Kasumov, F.Y., 1981:
Ursolic acid of some representatives of the genus Thymus

Fourie, P.B.; Hull, P.R., 1980:
Urticaria caused by the slug caterpillar Latoia vivida (Lepidoptera : Limacodidae)

Singh, M.; Bhate, S.M.; Seth, P.; Pasricha, J.S.; Sehgal, V.N., 1980:
Urticaria in malaria followed by herpes simplex

Grudev, D., 1980:
Urzhum pigs

Piotrowski, Z., 1979:
Usability of chips from selected hardwoods for the production of furfural and charcoal

Lassailly, V., 1980:
Usable space and population transfer upstream from the Kossou dam (Ivory Coast)

Pihakaski, K.; Seveus, L., 1980:
Usage of polyvinylpyrrolidone as a cryoprotectant in cryoultramicrotomy of root tip tissues

Shull, L.R.; Foss, M.; Anderson, C.R.; Feighner, K., 1981:
Usage patterns of chemically treated wood on Michigan dairy farms

Davidenko, V.; Shinkarenko, I.; Ignatenko, O., 1981:
Usage regime of rams and resistance of spermatozoa to freezing and thawing

Snoeren, T.H.M., 1980:
Use and action of hydrocolloids in dairy products

Fluit, J., 1981:
Use and adjustment of multi-furrow ploughs

Eckardt, F.E. (leader), 1980:
Use and conservation of the plant cover in Greenland

Finassi, A.; Corbetta, G.; Noris, P.P., 1979:
Use and environmental diffusion of some herbicides in rice fields

Richard Lenoble, D.; Carme, B.; Yebakima, A.; Kombila, M.Y., 1980:
Use and limitations of ELISA in the diagnosis of Loa loa infection

Fukui, H., 1980:
Use and nonuse of the lowland of Sarawak

Vorwerck, K., 1981:
Use and processing of maize grain in the feed industry

Venkataraman, S., 1980:
Use and requirements of agrometerological data for quantifying crop-moisture stress and needs

Meijaard, D., 1981:
Use and saving of energy with greenhouse crops

Scholl, W.; Schwemmer, E., 1982:
Use and study of tree bark and bark products

Boeckman, O.K., 1980:
Use and throw away - how long will it go on?

LaPage, W.F.; Nicholls, G.E.; White, R.; Fryslie, A.; Loomis, J.B.; Shanks, B.; Sipprell, L., 1980:
Use and user perspectives

Echelberger, H.E.; Moeller, G.H., 1977:
Use and users of the Cranberry Backcountry in West Virginia: insights for eastern backcountry management

Detienne, G.; Delbos, R.; Dunez, J., 1980:
Use and versatility of the immunoenzymatic ELISA procedure in the detection of different strains of an apple chlorotic leaf spot virus

Leonard, R.E.; Echelberger, H.E.; Schnitzer, M., 1978:
Use characteristics of the Great Gulf Wilderness

Gur' ev, B.P.; Gur' eva, I.A., 1980:
Use in breeding of late exotic forms of maize

Kunz, B.; Birnbaum, A.; Turi, R., 1982:
Use in the dairy industry of mesophilic and thermophilic lactic acid bacteria cultures from VEB OSTRA

Balashova, N.N.; Korol' , M.M.; Timina, O.O.; Balashova, I.T., 1980:
Use in tomato breeding of lines with the genes Tm1, Tm2 and Tm22 in relation to the phenomenon of necrosis formation

Sanborn, W.R., 1981:
Use in tropical areas of a portable kit for rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases

Pinzauti, M.; Corsi, M., 1981:
Use of 'Beeline' as an attractant for pollinating insects on flowers of Vicia faba

Kubelka, D.; Kadic, S.; Tabakovic, B.; Maric, S., 1979:
Use of 'Siccovet' during the dry period in bovine mastitis prevention

Trenkle, R.W.; Mookherjee, B.D.; Hall, J.B.; Kasper, R.; Vock, M.H.; Schreck, R.; Granda, E.J.; Vinals, J.F., 1981 :
Use of 1-hydroxy-1-ethynyl-2,2,6-trimethyl cyclohexane in augmenting or enhancing the aroma or taste of foodstuffs

Milenkovic, M.; Mihaljevic, M.; Zikic, G., 1981:
Use of 14C-valine in studies of the dynamics of proteins and interconversions of amino acids in the liver of rats given diets with different proteins

Montange, D.; Warembourg, F.R.; Bardin, R., 1981:
Use of 15N2 to estimate nitrogen fixation and distribution in legumes

Withycombe, D.A.; Mookherjee, B.D.; Mussinan, C.J.; Vock, M.H.; Giacino, C., 1981:
Use of 2(2'-methylthiopropyl)-4,5-dimethyl- DELTA 3-thiazoline to augment or enhance the aroma or taste of mashed potato flavor or mashed potato flavored foodstuffs

Podlesak, W., 1980:
Use of 2,3-dichloro-isobutyrate (DCiB) to control stem growth of Secale cereale L

Pujol, J.Y.; Vernie, F.; Vincent, G., 1979:
Use of 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid to control perennial Compositae in beet

Beaudoin, X.; Nouvel, K.; Quere, G., 1981:
Use of 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid to control perennial Compositae in flax and linseed

Kravchenko, M.L., 1980:
Use of 40-chromosome forms in breeding winter wheat

Jones, M.; Keenan, R.W.; Horowitz, P., 1982:
Use of 6-p-toluidino-2-naphthalenesulfonic acid to quantitate lipids after thin-layer chromatography

Mika, V.; Nedoma, J.; Stajgr, V., 1979:
Use of Abeson K for determination of detergent fibre (DF) and detergent lignin (DL)

Dosba, F., 1980:
Use of Ae. speltoides and nulli 5B tetra 5D Chinese Spring for inducing homoeologous recombinations in a wheat-Aegilops addition line

Cauderon, Y., 1979:
Use of Agropyron species for wheat improvement

Engel, G., 1982:
Use of Alar on sour cherries

Williams, P.J.; Strauss, C.R.; Wilson, B.; Massy Westropp, R.A., 1982:
Use of C18 reversed-phase liquid chromatography for the isolation of monoterpene glycosides and nor-isoprenoid precursors from grape juice and wines

Torrance, L., 1981:
Use of C1q enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect plant viruses and their serologically different strains

Sumida, S.; Yoshida, R., 1981:
Use of Chlorella to identify biochemical modes of action of herbicides

Caldes, G.; Prescott, B.; Baker, P.J., 1982:
Use of DEAE-cellulose paper in the paper chromatographic separation of uronic acids

Levin, E.D.; Loskutov, S.R.; Mironov, P.V., 1981:
Use of DTA (differential thermal analysis) for the study of vitrification in tissues and organs of Siberian larch (Larix sibirica)

Abbondi, I., 1981:
Use of Decaspiride (fenspiride INN), an antihistaminic having a selective action on the respiratory system, in acute respiratory syndromes of cattle

Ansorge, H.; Gorlitz, H.; Bergmann, W.; Witter, B., 1977:
Use of EDP programmes for computing fertilizer rates for grassland

Bakinouskaya, E.A. (Bakinovskaya, E.O.; Kaminskaya, L.M. (Kaminskaya, L.N.; Khatyleva, L.U. (Khotyleva, L.V., 1980:
Use of Ethrel in the recurrent selection of triticale

Sandke, G., 1980:
Use of Flordimex for fruit loosening. Results of many years' trials on commercial holdings

Fulco, A.; Candido, A.; Petruso, S.; Console, E., 1979:
Use of Folin-Ciocalteu reagent for determining proteins in milk

Lillesand, T.M.; Meisner, D.E.; Downs, A.L.; Deuell, R.L., 1982:
Use of GOES and TIROS/NOAA satellite data for snow-cover mapping

Minoia, P.; Zarrilli, A., 1982:
Use of GnRH in the evaluation of testicular steroidogenesis in Equus caballus and Equus asinus

Doikova, N.; Petrov, K.; Rankov, V.; Alandzhiiski, D., 1980:
Use of Gramoxone and Reglone for controlling weeds in eggplant

Ferran, A.; Buscarlet, A.; Larroque, M.M., 1981:
Use of HT18O to measure food consumption in older larvae of Semiadalia 11notata (Col.: Coccinellidae)

Bjorklof, M.; Nordlund, J., 1981:
Use of HYDE syrup in ice cream manufacture - a typical case of product development

Merritt, R.J.; Ennis, C.E.; Andrassy, R.J.; Hays, D.M.; Sinatra, F.R.; Thomas, D.W.; Siegel, S.E., 1981:
Use of Hickman right atrial catheter in pediatric oncology patients

Yakovlev, S.P.; Lutkova, E.N., 1980 :
Use of I. V. Michurin's varieties in breeding pear

Seguin, B.; Baelz, S.; Monget, J.M.; Petit, V., 1982:
Use of I.R. thermography for estimating regional evaporation. II. Results obtained from satellite data

Seguin, B.; Baelz, S.; Monget, J.M.; Petit, V., 1982:
Use of IR thermography for estimating regional evaporation. I. Pilot trials on the Crau plain

Sutyagina, S.E.; Sutyagin, V.A.; Zoldners, Y.A.; Tsapuk, A.K., 1981:
Use of IR-spectroscopy and thermal analysis for characterizing wood modified with methylmethacrylate

Ryskin, E.V.; Moiseenko, K.G., 1978:
Use of Ioffe's reaction for the determination of the resistance of rabbits to Strongyloides infection

Neves, D.P.; Linardi, P.M.; Cunha, H.C., 1981:
Use of K-othrine (decamethrin NRDC 161) in the control of Aedes fluviatilis and Culex pipiens fatigans: laboratory and field tests

Neumann, W.; Bechmann, G., 1980:
Use of LAB-TEK-cell culture chamber slides in virological laboratory diagnosis

Joszt, B.; Tomicki, Z., 1978:
Use of Liuos-Asetona preparation for preventing ketosis in dairy cows

Samborski, Z.; Mazur, O.; Rauluszkiewicz, S.; Stanczyk, J.; Twardon, J.; Wasecki, A., 1981:
Use of Mastirazon Polfa, Promycin Polfa, Syntarpen LA Vet. and Ilcocillin DC preparations in prevention and treatment of mastitis in dry cows

Congiu, F., 1981:
Use of Mediterranean scrub in Sardinia for rearing goats

Chuzhova, Z.P.; Shumane, V.P.; Alekseeva, M.A., 1981:
Use of Microbitests in the dairy industry

Balasundaram, C.S., 1979:
Use of Mitscherlich model for efficient and economic fertilizer use

Henrion, R.; Laveissiere, M.N.; Zeitoun, N., 1981:
Use of Mycomnes in the treatment of vulvovaginal mycoses and leucorrhoea with mixed flora

Paretas, J.J., 1980:
Use of N in tropical pastures. III. Nitrogen sources, rates and distribution on Rhodes grass

Paretas, J.J., 1980:
Use of N in tropical pastures. IV. Nitrogen fertilizer applications to common Pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens)

Basina, I.G., 1980:
Use of N-nitroso-N-methylurea and dimethyl sulphate in breeding pears for immunity in the Primor'e region

Soltanpour, P.N.; Workman, S.M., 1981:
Use of NH4HCO3-DTPA (AB-DTPA) soil test to assess availability and toxicity of selenium to alfalfa plants

Soltanpour, P.N.; Workman, S.M., 1980:
Use of NH4HCO3-DTPA soil test to assess availability and toxicity of selenium to alfalfa plants

Dewan, M.L.; Baki, M.A., 1976:
Use of Neguvon (Bayer) for treatment and eradication of stephanofilariasis (humpsore) in zebu cattle

Matveeva, E.K.; Shiler, G.G.; Tkachenko, V.V.; Mironenko, I.M.; Orlova, V.Y., 1979:
Use of Novallen as a coating for hard natural cheeses

Palidar, P.J.; Simonowitz, D.A.; Oreskovich, M.R.; Dellinger, E.P.; Edwards, W.A.; Adams, S.; Karkeck, J., 1982:
Use of Op Site as an occlusive dressing for total parenteral nutrition catheters

Smith, J.F.; Tervit, H.R., 1980:
Use of PRID and temporary calf removal for oestrus synchronisation in beef cattle - Crater Block

Smith, J.F., 1980:
Use of PRID and temporary calf removal for oestrus synchronisation in beef cattle - Haldon Station

Pickens, L.G., 1981:
Use of Pachycrepoideus vindemiae to control fly breeding in poultry coops and cattle stalls

Duwel, D.; Kirsch, R.; Weinman, E., 1979:
Use of Panacur (R) for anthelmintic treatment of crab-eating macaques (Macaca irus)

Rakhimzhanov, A.G., 1979:
Use of Peruvian cotton in the production of donors of wilt resistance

Robert, R.; Marchal, M., 1980:
Use of Plutella maculipennis (Lep.: Hyponomeutidae) larvae as test insects for various entomopathogenic Hyphomycetes (Fungi Imperfecti)

Rao, S.K.; Murthy, M.K.R., 1979:
Use of Pro-Milk (MK-II) for determination of protein contents of cheese

Kien, T.; Waller, J.; Ringenbach, M., 1981:
Use of Protein A-Sepharose in detecting antitoxoplasmic specific IgM. First results

Rankovic, M., 1980:
Use of Prunus tomentosa for the detection and differentiation of sharka and other viruses of plum

Petit, M.; Blondiaux, J., 1978:
Use of RU 2267 to control oestrous cycles in the nulliparous sow

Bowman, R.A.; Olsen, S.R., 1980:
Use of S to increase Fe and Zn uptake in high P calcareous soils

Piva, G.; Santi, E.; Sarra, P.G.; Bottazzi, V., 1979:
Use of Streptococcus faecium Cx for rearing pigs

Aharoni, N.; Barkai Golan, R.; Aviram, H., 1978:
Use of TBZ for disinfection of export grade celery

San Primitivo, F., 1980:
Use of Tf polymorphism for paternity checks in sheep

Ubaidullaev, Kh, 1980:
Use of Trichoderma with fertilizers

Bilic, V.; Volner, Z.; Zuric, M., 1980:
Use of Trimetosul (trimethoprim with sulphonamide) in the treatment of endometritis in the sow

Knysh, A.I., 1981:
Use of Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. in breeding winter wheat for resistance to fungal diseases

Dutrecq, A., 1980:
Use of a root survival test to evaluate the toxic effect of Helminthosporium sativum P.K. & B. preparations on barley and wheat

Schlegel, W.; Wahner, M.; Wierzbowski, A.; Heinze, A., 1982:
Use of a FSH/HCG mixture for biotechnical oestrus induction in gilts

Vafai, M., 1982:
Use of a bisacodyl suppository in the diagnosis of amoebiasis

White, N.A.; Blackwell, R.B.; Hoffman, P.E., 1982:
Use of a bone plate for repair of proximal physeal fractures of the tibia in two foals

White, G.; Piercy, D.W.; Gibbs, H.A., 1981:
Use of a calf salmonellosis model to evaluate the therapeutic properties of trimethoprim and sulphadiazine and their mutual potentiation in vivo

Sant, F.I.; Wilson, D., 1982:
Use of a cellulolytic enzyme digestion technique to distinguish bloat-causing from non-bloat-causing legumes and to select for speed of mesophyll cell-wall disintegration in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

Khitrynau, G.M.; Kazakou, K.S.; Loginau, G.P.; Artsem' eu, G.M., 1980:
Use of a chelating complex of copper ethanolamine as a growth stimulant in calves

Sheshina, A.A.; Shiyan, N.I., 1979:
Use of a collection of inbred maize lines in the production of hybrids in Rostov province

Koval' , S.F.; Tokarev, B.I., 1980:
Use of a combination of environmental conditions for plant selection

Sauvala, K., 1980:
Use of a compression method in the species-specific calibration of X-ray densitometer measurements

Landrey, O.P.; Schorn, D.P.K.; Truen, R.D., 1981:
Use of a computer as a management aid to crop prediction during time of restriction

Oliveira, J.V. de; Batista, G.C. de, 1979 :
Use of a computer in biological tests with pesticides

Leach, T.M.; Warrington, R.; Wotton, S.B., 1980:
Use of a conditioned stimulus to study whether the initiation of electrical pre-slaughter stunning is painful

Van der Maaten, M.J.; Miller, J.M., 1980:
Use of a continuous feline cell line for virologic and serologic investigations of bovine leukemia virus infections

Persi, M.A.; Whalen, S.A.; Burnham, J.C., 1981:
Use of a controlled environment chamber to study interactions between Candida albicans (ATCC 18804) and cultured vaginal cells

Tucker, H.Q.; Keating, L.K., 1980:
Use of a copper intracystic device to treat urinary obstruction in male cats

Schwers, A.; Pastoret, P.P.; Dagenais, L.; Aguilar Setien, A., 1980:
Use of a counterimmunoelectroosmophoretic technique to detect antibodies to canine parvovirus and antigens in faeces

Bacigalova, K., 1981:
Use of a culture chamber to study the effect of fungicides on conidial germination of Monilia laxa (Ehrenb.) Sacc

Randis, S.; Motekaitis, P.; Kacherauskis, D., 1977:
Use of a device for continuous accelerated ageing of cream in winter buttermaking

Ferrer, J.F.; Cabradilla, C.; Gupta, P., 1981:
Use of a feline cell line in the syncytia infectivity assay for the detection of bovine leukemia virus infection in cattle

Meixner R.E.; Singer M.J., 1981:
Use of a field morphology rating system to evaluate soil formation and discontinuities

Smith, W.N., 1981:
Use of a flotation tank to sling horses and cattle undergoing surgery to the limbs

Wells, B.T., 1980:
Use of a gelatin solution in hypovolaemia and toxaemia in small animals

Westhuysen, J.M. van der; Coetzer, W.A.; Greyling, J.P.C., 1980:
Use of a gonadotropin releasing hormone in cattle: changes in plasma progesterone and reproductive efficiency following treatment during early post partum

Clark W.H.; Blom P.E., 1979:
Use of a hand sprayer as a collecting technique

Fremont, Y., 1981:
Use of a live virus vaccine against rotavirus and coronavirus

Framstad, K., 1980:
Use of a magnetic mixer in the detection of Trichinella. Evaluation of the reliability of the method, and its possible use in official meat inspection

Moskalenko, L.I.; Kurbatov, A.D.; Narubina, L.E.; Bublyaeva, G.B., 1979:
Use of a medium containing PGF2 alpha for the dilution, storage and freezing of cock semen

Puckett, H.B.; Olver, E.F.; Spahr, S.L.; Siktberg, T.J., 1980:
Use of a micro- and minicomputer system for real-time data collection

Strohman, R.D., 1980:
Use of a microcomputer in teaching agricultural process engineering

Pieterse, M.C.; van de Wiel, D.F., 1981:
Use of a milk progesterone test to check the detection of oestrus in cattle on a state farm in Tunisia

Worndl, R.; Dorffel, P., 1981:
Use of a mobile chipper during intermediate harvesting of pine stands

Levitt, D.G.; Bond, J.H.; Levitt, M.D., 1980:
Use of a model of small bowel mucosa to predict passive absorption

Imray, W.S., 1980:
Use of a modified live infectious bovine rhinotracheitis vaccine in the field

Edwards, B.G.; Fulker, R.H.; Acree, W.M.; Bandy, D.M., 1982:
Use of a modified-live canine parvovirus vaccine in puppies with maternal antibody

Bedding, R.; Miller, L., 1981:
Use of a nematode, Heterorhabditis heliothidis, to control black vine weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus, in potted plants

Rao, K.R.S.; Jagannath, E.G.; Nambudripad, V.K.N., 1981:
Use of a new mastitis detector card (a modification of bromothymol blue card) for early detection of mastitis in milking herds

Sonnenfeld, H.; Cecat, P.; Robelet, D.; Scherpereel, P., 1978:
Use of a new synthetic solution of amino acids in intensive care after operations. Assessment of the role of nitrogen supply beginning immediately before operation

Volodarskaya, A.T.; Zaika, M.V., 1981:
Use of a new type of ionizing radiation in breeding Lepidium sativum

Galford, J.R., 1980:
Use of a pheromone to cause copulation between two species of cerambycids

Joussellin, W., 1981:
Use of a plastic film (TS 3 M) on the teats of lactating cows

Croat T.B., 1979:
Use of a portable propane gas oven for field drying plants

Biever, KD.; Andrews, PL.; Andrews, PA., 1982:
Use of a predator, Podisus maculiventris, to distribute virus and initiate epizootics

Falkowski, J.; Kozlowski, M.; Sokolowski, T.; Kozlowska, H., 1981:
Use of a preparation of field beans and whey in milk replacers for early-weaned piglets. 1. Assessment of the digestibility and nitrogen balance in piglets

Aguer, D.; Pelot, J.; Chupin, D., 1980:
Use of a progestogen (norgestomet) and PMSG for induction and synchronisation of oestrus in anoestrous cows and heifers

Mitsyk, V.E.; Dzhurik, N.R.; Gorbatov, V.M.; Levinton, Z.B.; Firger, I.L., 1981:
Use of a protein concentrate and starch isolated from peas in sausage manufacture

Horvath, L., 1980:
Use of a proteolytic enzyme to improve incubation of eggs of the European catfish

Lincoln, G.A., 1979:
Use of a pulsed infusion of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone to mimic seasonally induced endocrine changes in the ram

Navetat, H.; Sepulchre, M., 1980:
Use of a rehydrating agent with a gelatin base in the treatment of dehydration following neonatal diarrhoea in the calf

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