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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Treffry, P.T., 1981:
Use of a residual flow waterway in a strip cropping system in the Quirindi district

Berezin, P.N.; Voronin, A.D., 1981:
Use of a sedigraph for the particle-size analysis of soils

Freitas, J.R. de; Saito, S.M.T., 1978:
Use of a semi-automated method for soil moisture maintenance in pots

Fromm, H.; Amin, P.; Klein, H.; Kupke, I., 1980:
Use of a simple enzymatic assay for cholesterol analysis in human bile

Jurdi, D.A.; Asmar, J.A., 1981:
Use of a simple fermentation test to detect antibiotic residues in milk

Perez Marin, J.E., 1978:
Use of a simulation model in a Cuban dairy enterprise

Prokopchuk, V.D.; Smerechinskii, A.E.; Danchuk, V.G., 1980:
Use of a single-line cable system for skidding in the Carpathian mountains

Lombardo, T.; Sortino, G.; Virzi, R., 1980:
Use of a special cellulose acetate medium in the electrophoretic estimation of urinary proteins

Kacherauskene, G.; Margelite, Yu, 1978:
Use of a spectrophotometric method for determination of carbohydrates in 'Enpit' dried milk products

Berner, H.; Granzer, W.; Groth, W., 1981:
Use of a sulfamethazine bolus for treating stress and respiratory disease in feedlot cattle. I. Measurement of plasma concentrations

Berner, H.; Granzer, W., 1981:
Use of a sulfamethazine bolus in cattle subjected to stress and respiratory disease. II. Clinical trials and effects on the blood picture and GOT activity in blood serum

Cooper, J.E., 1981:
Use of a surgical adhesive drape in reptiles

Jauregui Lorda, J.A.; Bottino, J., 1981:
Use of a synthetic prostaglandin analogue, delprostenate, to control the oestrous cycle in cows and heifers

Ott, R.S., 1981:
Use of a teaser bull in a beef cattle artificial insemination program

Farnsworth, R.J.; Wyman, L.; Hawkinson, R., 1980:
Use of a teat sealer for prevention of intramammary infections in lactating cows

Isakov, V.N.; Leishovnik, Y.Y.; Skuenietse, I.V., 1980:
Use of a television analyser for determining clematis cultivars

Hladik, A.; Hladik, C.M., 1979:
Use of a tethered balloon for study of the vegetation of a rain forest

Priidak, T.A.; Bannikova, L.A., 1980:
Use of a turbidimetric method in production of bacterial concentrate

Marion Landais, G., 1981 :
Use of a vaginal contraceptive as a prophylactic for sexually transmitted diseases

Rajapakse, R.H.S.; Jeevaratnam, K., 1982:
Use of a virus against the root and stem borer Plocaederus ferrugineus L. (Coleoptera: Cerambydiae) of the cashew

Hunter, A.G.M., 1981:
Use of a weight transfer hitch to increase the critical direct descent slopes of a tractor with trailed equipment

Bourbouze, A., 1980:
Use of a woodland grazing by goats

Scipioni, R.; Zaghini, G.; Biavati, B., 1978:
Use of acidified diets for early weaning of piglets

Ohlson, D.L.; Spicer, L.J.; Davis, S.L., 1981:
Use of active immunization against prolactin to study the influence of prolactin on growth and reproduction in the ram

Czyz, Z.; John, W., 1980:
Use of active teaching methods in secondary agricultural schools in Poland and the GDR

Britz, T.J.; Bezuidenhout, J.J.; Dreyer, J.M.; Steyn, P.L., 1980:
Use of adenosine triphosphate as an indicator of the microbial counts in milk

Toler, R.W.; Smith, B.D.; Harlan, J.C., 1981:
Use of aerial color infrared photography to evaluate crop disease

Muller, U.; Schindler, J.; Gunther, H.; Otto, P., 1981:
Use of agar gel electrophoresis for detecting rotavirus infections

Anonymous, 1980 :
Use of agricultural aid funds discussed

Leonhardt, U.; Methling, W.; Beer, K.; Martin, B., 1981:
Use of air humidifiers for disinfecting two pig fattening units

Angelov, E.; Dzhondzhorova, O.; Baikov, B., 1980:
Use of air ionization in ripening and storage of Kachkaval cheese

Otto, H.J., 1977:
Use of aircraft to fight forest fires

Pavlas, M., 1981:
Use of allergic diagnostic tests for the control of tuberculosis in poultry in small flocks

Rabotyagov, V.D., 1980:
Use of allopolyploidy in lavender breeding

Beaudoin, X.; Nouvel, M.; Quere, G.; Pujol, J.Y.; Salembier, E., 1979:
Use of alloxydim sodium + oil to control weeds in flax

Vernie, F.; Quere, G.; Pujol, J.Y., 1979:
Use of alloxydim-sodium + oil for weed control in rape

Pujol, J.Y.; Rauch, F.; Brissaud, C., 1979:
Use of alloxydim-sodium for weed control in vegetable crops

Squires, E.L.; Pickett, B.W., 1980:
Use of allyl-trenbolone for estrus control in mares

Baader, W.; Dohne, E.; Orth, H.; Strehler, A., 1981:
Use of alternative energy (KTBL conference)

Pasternak, D.; Rappeport, E., 1982:
Use of alternative energy sources in protected agriculture

Musienko, I.D., 1980:
Use of amide concentrate supplements for feeding ewes

White, D.W.R., 1980:
Use of amino acid analogue-resistant cell lines for selection of plant somatic hybrids

Mori, B.; Pinzauti, M., 1979:
Use of amino acids and vitamins in rabbit feeds

Ermakova, M.I.; Yaropolov, N.S., 1980:
Use of ammonia salts for separating lignin from black liquors

Makarova, G.V.; Fomin, N.F., 1978:
Use of ammonium perchlorate for finishing young Simmental bulls

Haseldonckx, J., 1981:
Use of an adrenergic beta receptor blockader (Suacron) for transport of pigs to the slaughterhouse

Stone, G.E., .:
Use of an agro-man project to employ known potato production technology

Cardini, G.; Corazza, M.; Mengozzi, G., 1979:
Use of an anabolic steroid derived from androstane (2-formyl-11- alpha -hydroxy- DELTA '-methyltestosterone) in malnourished dogs

Nakao, T.; Kawata, K.; Numata, Y.; Iinuma, M., 1980:
Use of an analog of prostaglandin F2 alpha (ONO-1052) in cows with luteinized ovarian cysts following treatment with an analog of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (TAP-031) and/or polyvinyl pyrrolidone-iodine solution

Searl, R.C., 1980:
Use of an anaplasma vaccine as related to neonatal isoerythrolysis

Wouk, A.F.P. de F.; Pippi, N.L., 1980:
Use of an anti-enzyme preparation (Aprotinin) in acute experimental pancreatitis in dogs

Lyutkavichyus, A.; Lazauskas, V., 1980:
Use of an aromatic acidophilus starter with increased dry matter content in production of cultured cream butter

Lobanov, E.M., 1980:
Use of an artificial chilling method to accelerate the selection of black currant varieties for frost resistance

Mendes, A.M.; Jardim, M.L., 1978:
Use of an association of salicylic acid and sulphur in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor

Speiser, F., 1980:
Use of an enzyme immune method (ELISA) for the serodiagnosis of amoebiasis

Roche, J.F.; Boland, M.P., 1981:
Use of an extended photoperiod to increase growth rate in Friesian steers

Sourial, N.A., 1981:
Use of an improved E. coli method for the measurement of cobalamin in serum: comparison with the E. gracilis assay results

Shanmugalingam, V.S.; Gibb, M.J.; Treacher, T.T., 1981:
Use of an improved technique to analyse repeated measurements of live weight from an experiment involving sequential weaning treatments

Soulebot, J.P.; Dauvergne, M.; Benet, G.; Brun, A.; Guillemin, F., 1981:
Use of an inactivated virus vaccine against calf diarrhoea rotavirus

Nicsulescu, E.; Margine, V., 1980:
Use of an installation for forced ventilation of grain stores

Jackai, L.E.N., 1980:
Use of an oil-soluble dye to determine the oviposition sites of the legume pod borer, Maruca testulalis (Geyer) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Jackai, LEN., 1981:
Use of an oil-soluble dye to determine the oviposition sites of the legume pod-borer Maruca testulalis (Geyer) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Taranov, M.T.; Ustina, L.I.; Vlasyuk, N.S.; Omel' yanenko, I.D.; Shliiko, A.V.; Mechnik, L.A., 1982:
Use of an organic acid mixture for preserving the green mass of fodder crops during ensiling

Rand, G.M.; Barthalmus, G.T., 1980:
Use of an unsignalled avoidance technique to evaluate the effects of the herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on goldfish

Thivend, P., 1981:
Use of anabolic agents in the production of veal calves

Anonymous, 1981:
Use of anabolic steroids in rabbits

Gendel' s, T.V., 1980:
Use of anatomical characters of the leaf in the systematics of Aegilops (Poaceae)

Espino, E.; Capote, E., 1979:
Use of androgenesis in Cuban black tobacco breeding

Michel, J.F.; Latham, J.O.; Church, B.M.; Leech, P.K., 1981:
Use of anthelmintics for cattle in England and Wales during 1978

Armour, J.; Duncan, J.L.; Jennings, F.W.; Urquhart, G.M., 1981:
Use of anthelmintics in cattle

Kovalevskaya, R.N.; Boiko, Y.A.; Ivanov, M.A.; Kryukov, V.M., 1981:
Use of anthraquinone and related compounds as additives in the alkaline delignification of wood: a review

Seth, V.; Sundaram, K.R.; Vasuki, K., 1981:
Use of anthropometric measurements in the estimation of muscle mass in preschool children

Tandon, J.P.; Saini, J.P., 1976:
Use of anti-abscission and anti-senescence substances to counteract after-anthesis moisture stress effects in wheat (T. aestivum L.)

Tellyaev, R.; Ligai, A., 1981:
Use of anti-wilt preparations jointly with defoliation

Jeroch, H.; Richter, G.; Meixner, B.; Schuler, D.; Voigt, C.; Jahn, S.; Hennig, A., 1977:
Use of antibiotics in feeds for livestock in the German Democratic Republic in the light of recent experimental results

Abramova Obolenskaya, N.I.; Pozhalostina, L.V.; Amerkhanova, A.M.; Khamzina, A.G.; Maganet, L.S.; Virnik, A.D.; Penenzhik, M.A.; Kolokolkina, N.V., 1980:
Use of antimicrobial fabric for prevention of secondary contamination of milk products

Schaller, G.; Fischer, W.R., 1981:
Use of antimony electrodes for soil pH measurements

Waller, W.M., 1980:
Use of apple analysis

Maele, F.V.n de; Verloo, M., 1980 :
Use of arable soils for the disposal of solid organic waste products

Williams, I.H.; Sugden, P.H.; Morgan, H.E., 1981:
Use of aromatic amino acids as monitors of protein turnover

Vivanco, W.; Zapata, A., 1980:
Use of artificial insemination in the Peruvian Stepping Horse

Linas, M.D.; Lepargneur, J.P.; Cazaux, M.; Seguela, J.P., 1982:
Use of autobac 1 to study the sensitivity of certain yeast strains to antimycotics. Preliminary results

Meyer, M.E., 1980:
Use of automated complement fixation screening test for serodiagnosis of bovine brucellosis

Atamanov, Y.E.; Bud' ko, V.V., 1979:
Use of automatic means of increasing the trafficability of wheel tractors

Langhans, R.W.; Wolfe, M.; Albright, L.D., 1981:
Use of average night temperatures for plant growth for potential energy savings

Liu, C.C., 1979:
Use of azolla in rice production in China

Singh, P.K., 1979:
Use of azolla in rice production in India

Tuan, D.T.; Thuyet, T.Q., 1979:
Use of azolla in rice production in Vietnam

Krepkov, A.P., 1980:
Use of backcrosses in flax breeding

Reeves, R.M., 1980:
Use of barriers with pitfall traps

Pailhe, L.A.; Ricci, H.R.; Popolizio, E.R.; Castellote, H.F.; Amin, C.A., 1978:
Use of bean protein in diets for poultry

Pailhe, L.A.; Ricci, H.R.; Castellote, H.; Popolizio, E.R., 1978:
Use of beans in balanced pre-starting diets for broiler chickens

Tarasenko, A.P.; Reznichenko, I.A.; Belousov, A.P.; Solntsev, V.N.; Kopchenko, N.A.; Kechek' han, Y.K., 1979:
Use of beater bars made of an elastic material in a threshing drum

Baumann, E.; Schmidt, R., 1981:
Use of beech bark as an organic manure in vegetables under glass and plastic

Lyubavin, V.S.; Luk' yanova, N.N., 1981:
Use of benacil agaist ascariasis and trichuriasis in pigs

Petrov, Y.F.; Demidov, N.V., 1981:
Use of benacil in Amidostomum infections in geese

Beglinger, R.; Hamza, B.; Heizmann, P.; Kyburz, E.; Rehm, W.F., 1982:
Use of benzodiazepines and their antagonists in cattle

Karel' son, K., 1979:
Use of benzoic acid for preserving grass

Gooda, E.; Bednarski, W.; Kowalewska, J.; Poznanski, S.; Cudna, Z., 1980:
Use of beta -galactosidase in intensification of Cheddar cheese ripening

Valle, J.L.E. do; Figueiredo, I.B., 1980:
Use of beta -galactosidase to avoid crystallization in caramelized condensed milk

Lipinska, E.; Kosikowska, M.; Jakubczyk, E.; Lipniewska, D.; Mamczarek, B., 1979:
Use of bifidobacteria in preparation of twarog and cultured milk

Semenikhina, V.F.; Sundukova, M.B., 1980:
Use of bifidobacteria in the manufacture of cultured products for children

Lefebvre, J., 1981:
Use of binary notation in the calculation of inbreeding coefficients

Priem, R., 1980:
Use of bio-discs in the treatment of pig slurry

Battaglini, M.; Grandi, A.; Paoletti, C.; Pushparaj, B., 1979:
Use of biomass of Scenedesmus acutus 8M as an alternative protein concentrate in diets for growing rabbits

Zaitsev, B.D., 1979:
Use of biometric methods in studying podzolic forest soils

Kuonen, V., 1980:
Use of bituminous materials in construction of forest and secondary roads

Reggiardo, S.A.; Llerena, F.; Parodi, G., 1976:
Use of blood meal in the intensive fattening of sheep at Puno

Johnson, L.A.; Aalbers, J.G.; Willems, C.M.T.; Sybesma, W., 1981:
Use of boar spermatozoa for artificial insemination. 1. Fertilizing capacity of fresh and frozen spermatozoa in sows on 36 farms

Myren, D.T., 1981:
Use of borax and sodium nitrite in an operational thinning of red pine in Ontario to prevent stump infection by Fomes annosus

Torrance, L., 1980:
Use of bovine C1q to detect plant viruses in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent-type assay

Llopis, J.; Boza, J.; Gonzalez Moles, A.; Luque, J.A., 1981:
Use of brewer's grains in the feeding of monogastric animals. 1. Experiments with rats and chickens on the protein nutritional quality of two fractions of brewer's grains

Todorov, N.A., 1981:
Use of briquettes from untreated straw or straw treated with sodium hydroxide in dairy cow rations

Morelock, T.E.; Hall, M.R., 1980:
Use of broiler litter on staked tomatoes

Litricin, V.; Petrovic, M.; Maric, S.; Paunovic, S.; Marjanovic, D., 1979:
Use of bromhexine to treat bronchopneumonia in dogs and cats

Holtemoller, B., 1981:
Use of buserelin (LH-RH) in cows at the time of first insemination

Grishina, Z.I.; Zhukov, B.P., 1980:
Use of byproducts from soya bean processing in feeding of dairy cows

Larsen, A.L., 1981:
Use of calibration sample of one species to determine the uniform blowing point of another

Smith, M.K.; McComb, J.A., 1981:
Use of callus cultures to detect NaCl tolerance in cultivars of three species of pasture legumes

Chevrel, J.; Delahousse, B.; Mouterde, M.; Rognon, J., 1981:
Use of carbetamide and oxadiazon combined for weed control in sunflowers

Krelowska Kulas, M., 1980:
Use of carbohydrate feeds in the summer feeding of dairy cows

Myazhevich, D.V.; Padluzhny, R.I.; Davydau, A.P.; San' ko, M.I.; Myazhevich, V.Y., 1981:
Use of carbohydrate mixed feeds for fattening young cattle

Lin, X.X.; Cheng, L.L.; Xu, N.; Wen, Q.X., 1981:
Use of carborundum tubes for the determination of the decomposition rate of plant residues under field conditions

Thompson, J.M.; Atkins, K.D., 1980:
Use of carcase measurements to predict percentage carcase composition in crossbred lambs

Lisovets, I.; Lipyanchik, V., 1981:
Use of cassava for feeding cattle

Georgescu, D.; Georgescu, D.; Buda, A.; Gheorghiu, A.; Potcoava, Z.; Petrescu, C.D.; Hiottu, D., 1981:
Use of cattle excreta ensiled with green maize in feeding dairy cows

Aufrere, J., 1982:
Use of cellulolytic enzymes to estimate forage digestibility

Dobrovol' skii, I.S.; Ostroumov, L.A., 1979:
Use of centrifugal force for moulding and pressing cheese

Hoet, P., 1980:
Use of certain plants in the traditional pharmacopoeia of Peru

Grabovets, A.I., 1979:
Use of chemical mutagenesis in wheat breeding

Sadykhov, A.M., 1979:
Use of chemical mutagens combined with hybridization

Setkova, L.G., 1980:
Use of chemical mutagens in interspecific plum crosses

Kokoreva, N.N., 1980:
Use of chemical mutagens in strawberry breeding

Potekhina, G.F., 1980:
Use of chemical mutagens in the selection of drought-resistant maize forms

Oliveira, J.J.P. de; Soares, R.V., 1980:
Use of chemical retardants for prevention of forest fires

Lamarre, M., 1981:
Use of chemicals for sucker control in cigarette tobacco

Gudding, R., 1981:
Use of chemotherapeutic agents in treatment of disease among cows and goats

Bosnjakovic, A.; Dukic, N., 1979:
Use of chisel ploughs for the cultivation of vineyards

Gierloeff, B., 1980:
Use of chloral hydrate and pentobarbital sodium to kill mink. A comparative study

Mochalov, V.I.; Semenova, L.N.; Eremina, L.A., 1981:
Use of chromatographic methods for determination of penicillin content of milk

Bartiaux Thill, N.; Francois, E., 1980:
Use of chromic oxide in the estimation of pasture intake

Murray, R.D.; Smith, J.H.; Harker, D.B., 1981:
Use of cloprostenol with dexamethasone in the termination of advanced pregnancy in heifers

Holder, D.P.; Burdick, D., 1980:
Use of clover in broiler starter rations

Lapchin, L.; Boll, R., 1981:
Use of cluster analysis in the development of a stratified sampling to study plant and aphid interactions in peach orchards

Tiemann, H.; Pika, N.A.; Raeuber, A., 1981:
Use of cluster analysis on dihaploid genotypes of Solanum tuberosum L. under different growing conditions

Wade, J.C., 1980:
Use of cluster analysis to identify size structure in irrigated agriculture

Mashtaler, S.G., 1981:
Use of colchicine and physiologically active substances in crosses between forms of different ploidy in rye

Aliev, M.O., 1980:
Use of colchicine combined with hybridization between mulberries of different ploidy

Swenne, A.; Louant, B.P.; Dujardin, M., 1981:
Use of colchicine to induce autotetraploid forms of Brachiaria ruziziensis Germain et Evrard (Gramineae)

Fesenko, M.Ye, 1980:
Use of colostral immunoglobulin A for prophylaxis of respiratory illnesses in nursery schools

Nakayama, F.; Ochiai, A.; Horigome, H.; Koide, T., 1981:
Use of colostrum and raw milk as yoghurt - with particular emphasis on calf feeding

Hondru, N.; Margarit, G., 1980:
Use of coloured traps for the capture of adults of the plum sawfly, Hoplocampa flava L

Antripin, V.G.; Pozdeev, Y.E., 1978:
Use of combine harvesters with cutter bars of variable widths

Zanuncio, J.C.; Vilela, E.F.; Nogueira, S.B., 1980:
Use of commercial baits and dusts for the control of Atta laevigata in the Curvelo region, MG, Brazil

Hendricks, L.W., 1979:
Use of commercially prepared starter media and frozen concentrated lactic cultures for the manufacture of Cottage cheese

Plickova, V.; Pytloun, J.; Zajicek, F.; Miskovsky, Z.; Poul, J., 1981:
Use of complete pelleted feeds for calves in a litterless housing system

Schoney, R.A.; Bay, T.F.; Moncrief, J.F., 1981:
Use of computer graphics in the development and evaluation of response surfaces

Eisner, F.; Vlasov, V.; Bogomolova, A., 1980:
Use of computers for checking of selection methods in commercial herds

Uher, V.; Kavka, M., 1981:
Use of computers for controlling the operation of combine harvesters

Khlystun, G.Y.; Mundrovitskaya, R.K., 1979 :
Use of concentrates in summer rations for dairy cows to stabilize milk fat content

Silant' eva, L.A.; Rymyan, M.N., 1981:
Use of concentrates of lactic acid bacteria in smetana (cultured cream) production

Blocker, J., 1980:
Use of concrete in the storage of fertilizer

Rybina, V.V., 1979:
Use of conductimetry for the determination of the particle-size composition of soils

Strojny, Z., 1980:
Use of container method in the growing of gerberas in different substrates

Sichkar, P.I.; Vlasenko, V.I.; Bugrova, L.P., 1981:
Use of container packaging for transport and sale of milk products

Tinus, R.W., 1979:
Use of container-grown hardwoods for reforestation

Everett, R.L., 1980:
Use of containerized shrubs for revegetating arid roadcuts

Konoplev, A.D.; Popereka, V.E.; Strakulenko, I.I., 1981:
Use of continuous buttermaking machines for the manufacture of 'buterbrodnoe' butter

Hellmich, R.; Hafner, M.; Tengler, E., 1980:
Use of contract law for improving raw milk quality

Todd, D.; Adair, B.M.; Wibberley, G., 1982:
Use of control antigen to improve the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for enzootic bovine leukosis antibodies

Sankin, L.S., 1980:
Use of controlled light conditions to accelerate breeding work with fruit crops

Reimerdes, E.H.; Geuer, M.M., 1980:
Use of conventional procedures for identification of milk-coagulating enzymes in rennet and rennet substitute preparations

Shestakov, Y.M.; Kovin, A.P.; Grigor' ev, E.A., 1979:
Use of copper, cobalt and iodine during fattening of young pigs to improve quality of pork

Schreck, W., 1980:
Use of corrosion resistant steel in agriculture

Potter, G.D., 1981:
Use of cottonseed meal in rations for young horses

Sarkar, K.; Reza, A., 1981:
Use of cow dung in growing chick diets

Antonova, G.F.; Shebeko, V.V., 1981:
Use of cresyl-violet for studying wood formation

Plasse, D., 1981:
Use of criollo cattle in crossbreeding programmes for beef production in Latin America

English, M.J., 1979:
Use of crop models in irrigation optimization

Abarca Reyes, M.G., 1980:
Use of crossbred boars for direct mating

Aliev, M.O. , 1979:
Use of crossing combinations of the genus Morus with different chromosome numbers

Murai, T.; Akiyama, T.; Nose, T., 1980:
Use of crystalline amino acids coated with casein in diets for carp

Andreev, A., 1982:
Use of cultivated pastures is effective

Dzagoeva, E.A., 1981:
Use of cultivated potato species in breeding

McCurdy, D.E.; Mellor, R.A.; Lambdin, R.W.; McLain, M.E.J., 1980:
Use of cuprous iodide as a precipitation matrix in the radiochemical determination of iodine-131 in milk

Sprecker, M.A.; Schmitt, F.L.; Vock, M.H.; Vinals, J.F.; Kiwala, J., 1981:
Use of cyclohexenemethanols in augmenting or enhancing the aroma or taste of foodstuffs

Bowen, P.M.; Caldwell, N.J., 1982:
Use of cythioate to control external parasites on cats and dogs

Marchenkov, A.N., 1980:
Use of cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) to obtain hybrid seeds of flax

Zhidkova, N.I., 1979:
Use of cytoplasmic male sterility in carrot

Simov, Z.; Prodanski, P., 1978:
Use of dairy industry byproducts for production of cheese spreads

Mann, E.J., 1980:
Use of dairy ingredients in bakery products

Mann, E.J., 1980:
Use of dairy ingredients in confectionery products

Vankhanen, V.D.; Shantala, A.A.; Shantala, V.A., 1980:
Use of dairy products for regulating dietary regime of workers in hot environments

Anonymous, 1980:
Use of data processing for economic analysis

Nichita, G.; Falbock, G.; Tudorescu, I.; Aninoiu, G., 1978:
Use of defecation sludge as a calcium source for animals

Escovar, M.I.B., 1979:
Use of dehydrated leaves and stems of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in animal nutrition

Cuaron, J.A.; Robles, A.; Shimada, A.S., 1979:
Use of dehydrated lucerne (Medicago sativa) in the nutrition of pregnant sows

Michev, M.; Mateva, M.; Andreev, A.; Iovchev, D.; Ganchev, P., 1979:
Use of dehydrated mycelium from antibiotic production as a protein supplement in diets for fattening pigs

Illyashenko, V.E., 1980:
Use of demineralized whey for the production of additives to products for feeding infants

Srivastava, A.C.; Bilanski, W.K., 1981:
Use of desiccants for drying maize

Kobza, F., 1980:
Use of desiccants in annual flower seed production

Santos, O.S. dos, 1979:
Use of desiccants in soyabeans

Cooke, R.M.; Fitzgerald, W., 1982:
Use of detached leaves for screening barley cultivars to Septoria nodorum

Dzyubak, A.P., 1980:
Use of detergents in immunoluminescent microscopy

Shouse, P.; Jury, W.A.; Stolzy, L.H., 1980:
Use of deterministic and empirical models to predict potential evapotranspiration in an advective environment

Kanto, U.; Clawson, A.J., 1980:
Use of deuterium oxide for the in vivo prediction of body composition in female rats in various physiological states

Kopsel, M.; Emberger, R., 1981:
Use of di- and tetrahydrobenzofurane derivatives as perfuming or aromatizing substance, and perfuming and aromatizing compositions containing them

Chojnowski, W.; Poznanski, S.; Pyrczak, W., 1978:
Use of diafiltration for production of high-protein whey concentrates

Agarkova, S.N.; Makagonov, E.I.; Varlakhov, M.D., 1979:
Use of diallel crosses in pea breeding

Shikshnyan, T.Z., 1979:
Use of diallel crosses in the evaluation of breeding material of ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Dvorak, M., 1980:
Use of diazepam in medicated feed for swine

Wilson, R.H., 1980:
Use of dicamba (Banvel 720) for control of weeds in and around aquatic sites

Bigoli, A.; Corino, C.; Dell' Orto, V.; Pedron, O., 1980:
Use of dietary fats in feeds for broilers: comparison of animal fats and vegetable oils

Cruz, L.S.P.; Leiderman, L., 1981:
Use of diethatyl to control weeds in herbaceous cotton crops

Rozhko, V.G.; Gutsulyak, E.K.; Khangan, A.S., 1979:
Use of different forms of pollinator to produce sugar beet hybrids with higher sugar content

Popolizio, E.R.; Ricci, H.R.; Castellote, H.F.; Pailhe, L.A., 1979:
Use of different materials for poultry litter

Nikolova, N.; Zafirova, P., 1980:
Use of different substrates in Anthurium andreanum growing

Vavilov, P.P.; Rogozhin, A.N.; Sosnovskii, P.F., 1979:
Use of diploid and tetraploid male-sterile forms of fodder beet in breeding for heterosis

Liznev, V.N.; Gryuner, A.M.; Basina, I.G., 1980:
Use of diploid and unreduced gametes in the production of polyploid apples

Kohler, G., 1981:
Use of direct methods to determine long-term and short-term Trichinella spiralis infections in slaughter pigs

Demott, B.J.; Sanders, O.G., 1980:
Use of direct-acid-set Cottage cheese whey to manufacture sherbet

Yamakawa, K., 1980:
Use of disease-tolerant varieties and rootstocks in solanaceous vegetables and the problems involved

Kasparov, S.V.; Tikhomirov, F.A.; Fless, A.D., 1981:
Use of disk electrophoresis to fractionate humic acids

Bush, M.; Custer, R.S.; Smith, E.E., 1980:
Use of dissociative anesthetics for the immobilization of captive bears: blood gas, hematology and biochemistry values

Manfredini, M.; Cavani, C.; Lenzi, P., 1980:
Use of distillery effluent for animal feeds: carob concentrate stillage for feeding lambs

Manfredini, M.; Cavani, C.; Grazia, S., 1978:
Use of distillery effluent in animal feeds: wine concentrate slops for feeding meat chickens

Cavani, C.; Manfredini, M., 1979:
Use of distillery effluents for feeding animals: concentrated sugarcane molasses slops for feeding lambs

Manfredini, M.; Cavani, C., 1979:
Use of distillery effluents in animal feeds: concentrated beet molasses slops for feeding lambs

Manfredini, M.; Cavani, C., 1979:
Use of distillery effluents in animal feeds: concentrated beet molasses slops for feeding meat chickens

Manfredini, M.; Cavani, C., 1979:
Use of distillery effluents in animal feeds: concentrated beet molasses slops treated to remove potassium for feeding lambs

Scipioni, R.; Manfredini, M.; Fiumana, D., 1979:
Use of distillery effluents in animal feeds: estimation of metabolizable energy and digestibility of diets with concentrated beet molasses slops for meat chickens

Shulembaeva, K.K., 1979:
Use of ditelocentric lines of Chinese Spring for locating monosomes

Sinha, R.C.P.; Gupta, P.C., 1980:
Use of double capillary aspiration system for quick and simultaneous determination of minor quantity of iron and macro quantity of nickel in nickel oxide-alumina type catalysts by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Karlikanova, S.N.; Durova, E.I., 1979:
Use of double heat treatment of milk in cheesemaking

Balandreau, J.; Richez, M.; Weinhard, P.; Tran, P.Q.V.; Ancelin, F., 1981:
Use of double nutrition root cultures to study rhizosphere nitrogen fixation

Shann, J.R.; Hull, R.J., 1981:
Use of dredge spoil in salt marsh creation: heavy metal uptake, transport and distribution in Spartina alterniflora

Orlova, Z.N.; Kasatkina, T.N.; Okhapkina, V.F., 1980:
Use of dried 'Robolakt' and 'Linolak' milk formulae in treatment of infants with acute intestinal infections

Petkov, S.; Kacerovsky, O.; Sova, Z.; Pardus, J.; Kalous, J.; Cibulka, J.; Jedlicka, Z.; Rajnochova, J., 1981:
Use of dried activated sewage sludge as partial replacement of meat-and-bone meal in feeds for broilers

Rymaszewski, J.; Poznanski, S.; Kornacki, K.; Kramkowska, A., 1980:
Use of dried concentrates of lactic acid bacteria in butter production

Brezani, P., 1980:
Use of dried milk in cheese and tvaroh manufacture

Iversen, E.K.; Skaarup Joergensen, B., 1980:
Use of dried milk substitutes in ice cream with particular reference to stabilization

Vieira, S.D.A., 1981:
Use of dried milk to regulate supply on the dairy product market

Spacek, F.; Lazar, V.; Petrovska, E., 1981:
Use of dried plant products in the rearing of geese

Auxilia, M.T.; Masoero, G.; Bergoglio, G.; Terramoccia, S., 1980:
Use of dried poultry litter for feeding rabbits. 1. Growth trial

Aftan, T.; Bennasar, M.; Tarodo de la Fuente, B., 1981:
Use of dried pre-renneted milk for milk clotting

Martynova, K.G.; Lazebnaya, V.V.; Chetvertak, A.A., 1981:
Use of dried whey in the manufacture of sweetened condensed milk

Polidori, F.; Dell' Orto, V.; Corino, C., 1982:
Use of dried whole maize as a substitute for hay in diets for meat rabbits

Belletti, P.; Tamietti, G., 1982:
Use of dry heat in the treatment of bean seeds infected by Pseudomonas phaseolicola

Burrows, V.D., 1979:
Use of dwarf oat mutant in cross breeding

Lee, S.B.andford, D., 1980:
Use of dynamic optimization to evaluate a buffer stock for cocoa

Edmunds, S.W., 1981:
Use of economic models for arid land regional development

Paskar' , P., 1980:
Use of economic potential of agriculture

Lapshina, N.A., 1981:
Use of effluent from a butter and cheese factory for crop irrigation

Vivanco, W.; Anduaga, J., 1980:
Use of egg yolk-citrate and Tris diluents in the freezing of bull semen

Pozdnyakov, A.I.; Khan, K.Y., 1979:
Use of electric field methods in soil investigations

Borovinskaya, L.B.; Shvarov, A.P.; Plokhikh, L.M., 1980:
Use of electrical well micrologging in soil investigations

Fogt, E.J.; Eddy, A.R.; Clemens, A.H.; Fox, J.; Heath, H., 1980:
Use of electrochemical sensors for on-line monitoring of ionized calcium, potassium, and glucose in whole blood of living dogs

Lonergan, D.A., 1979:
Use of electrodialysis and ultrafiltration procedures to improve protein stability of frozen concentrated milk

Pitman, M.G.; Lauchli, A.; Stelzer, R., 1980:
Use of electron probe X-ray microanalysis to compare distribution of ions in roots of barley seedlings

Taylor, W.J.; Slack, D.A., 1979:
Use of electrostatic sprayers for control of grape diseases

Luk' yanyuk, S.F.; Ignatova, S.A.; Maksimov, N.G.; Maksimova, V.I.; Sheremet, A.M., 1981:
Use of embryo culture following distant crosses of wheat and barley with rye

Anderson, G.B.; Durant, B.; Hamilton, R.; Cupps, ; Thomas, P., 1980:
Use of embryo transfer for the production of twins in beef cattle

Okuno, K., 1980:
Use of endosperm mutants in maize breeding

Anuszewski, R., 1980:
Use of energy by the agricultural sector 1975-1990

Vaz, W.L.; Kaufmann, K.; Nicksch, A., 1977:
Use of energy transfer to assay the association of proteins with lipid membranes

Herreman, W.; Cauwelaert, F. van; Hanssens, I., 1981:
Use of energy transfer to study the interaction of alpha -lactalbumin with dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine vesicles

Kuzin, M.I.; Sologub, V.K.; Chereenkov, I.; Bratanova, L.; Tarasov, A.V.; Zaets, T.L., 1980:
Use of enteral feeding by tube in patients with burns

Singer, S., 1979:
Use of entomogenous bacteria against insects of public health importance

Clark, P., 1981:
Use of environmental assessment techniques in rural planning in Lancashire

Dincer, T., 1980:
Use of environmental isotopes in arid-zone hydrology

Yen, C.C.C.; Yeh, J.M.; Chang, C.N., 1981:
Use of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for detection of antibody to Aujeszky's virus in swine

Lawniczak, M.; Zeromski, J.; Carlsson, H.E., 1979:
Use of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of Trichinella antibodies in man

Taran, L.V.; Sklyarov, V.V., 1979:
Use of enzyme preparations in mixed feeds for carp

Anonymous, 1980:
Use of enzyme treated substances as binders and extenders in certain meat and poultry products

Hodgson, A.L.M.; Waid, J.S., 1981:
Use of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to identify bacteriocinogenic strains of Rhizobium trifolii in nodules following mixed strain inoculation

Wolfschoon Pombo, A.F., 1981:
Use of enzymes in analysis of dairy products: some examples

Pietz, D.E.; Cowart, W.O., 1980:
Use of epidemiologic data and serologic tests in bovine brucellosis

Chang, K.H., 1979:
Use of eradication for agricultural pest control in Taiwan. Application of the sterile male technique against oriental fruit fly (Dacus dorsalis)

Alferova, L.K.; Torosyan, R.N., 1978:
Use of erythemal-illumination lamps in livestock husbandry

Chistova, Z.Y.; Mutanis, G.M.; Syurin, V.N., 1980:
Use of ethyleneimine dimer for inactivating bovine diarrhoea virus

Lynch, G.M., 1981:
Use of etorphine to immobilize moose

Timmons, M.B.; Baughman, G.R.; Parkhurst, C.R., 1981:
Use of evaporative cooling to reduce poultry heat stress

Brodel, C.F.; Schaefers, G.A., 1980:
Use of excised leaflets of red raspberry to screen for potential nonpreference resistance to Amphorophora agathonica

Techasoponmani, R.; Sirisinha, S., 1980:
Use of excretory and secretory products from the adult female worms to immunize rats and mice against Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection

Palamarchuk, T.Yu, 1979:
Use of experimental amphidiploids of potato in breeding for immunity

Cupka, V.; Galik, R., 1980:
Use of experimental starter feed in the fattening of young pigs

Grushin, L.Yu, 1979:
Use of expert evaluations when carrying out a systems analysis of measures to increase the efficiency of utilization of the machinery and tractor stock

Petru, E.; Jirsakova, E.; Luzny, J., 1981:
Use of explant cultures for chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum indicum) propagation

Campbell, L.D.; Olaboro, G.; Marquardt, R.R.; Waddell, D., 1980:
Use of fababeans in diets for laying hens

Eichhorn, H.; Hecht, H.; Midohoe, R., 1980:
Use of farm machinery on small peasant farms in West Africa

Raj Singh; Turkhede, B.B.; Singh, R.K., 1980:
Use of farmyard manure as a crop protectant in chemical weed control in opium poppy

Firsov, V.I., 1978:
Use of fat for feeding lactating cows

Srikantia, S.G., 1979:
Use of fats and oils in child feeding

Dell' Orto, V.; Corino, C.; Polidori, F.; Stabilini, G.; Greppi, G.; Venturini, G., 1982:
Use of fats in feeds for sows during gestation, or during lactation only

Horton, G.M., 1980:
Use of feed additives to reduce ruminal methane production and deaminase activity in steers

Strel' chik, R.A., 1979:
Use of feed mixtures and concentrates for feeding lambs weaned at various ages

Kutzer, E., 1981:
Use of fenbendazole (Panacur (R) ) in game reserves

Paul, J.W.; Muser, R.K., 1981:
Use of fenbendazole in horses

King, L.D., 1980:
Use of fermentation residue from citric acid production as a soil amendment

Kirov, N.; Todorov, N.A.; Chomakov, K., 1981:
Use of fermented and ammoniated whey in rations for fattening calves

Will, G.M., 1981 :
Use of fertilisers in New Zealand forestry operations 1980

Vaidyanathan, L.V.; Leitch, M.H., 1980:
Use of fertilizer and soil nitrogen by winter wheat established with and without soil cultivation prior to drilling

Funk, T.; Van-Dijk, M., 1980:
Use of fertilizer products and services by Ontario farmers

Valk, U.A.; Pikk, Y.Y.; Seemen, K.K., 1980:
Use of fertilizers - a way of improving seed production

Qureshi, I.M.; Yadav, J.S.P., 1977:
Use of fertilizers and manures in forestry

Borel, R., 1981:
Use of fertilizers in pastures

Webb, B.; Westerman, R., 1979:
Use of fertilizers on soybeans

Westerman, R.; Tucker, B.; Johnson, G., 1979:
Use of fertilizers on wheat

Larbier, M., 1980:
Use of field beans (Vicia faba L.) rich or poor in tannins in feeds for laying hens

Wright, H.A., 1979:
Use of fire to manage grasslands in west Texas

Schneeberger, PJ.; Jude, DJ., 1981:
Use of fish larva morphometry to predict exclusion capabilities of small-mesh screens at cooling-water intakes

Akbaev, M.Sh, 1979:
Use of fistulated sheep in the study of anthelmintics active against Moniezia

Cluff, C.B., 1978:
Use of floating solar collectors in processing iceberg water

Pecen, J.; Lejckova, K.; Ryba, P., 1979:
Use of flocculants for the separation of protein from green plant juice

Michel, C.; Gerard, J.P.; Fourbet, B.; Colas, R.; Chevalier, R., 1980:
Use of flumequine against furunculosis (Aeromonas salmonicida infection) in salmon

Michel, C.; Gerard, J.P.; Fourbet, B.; Collas, R.; Chevalier, R., 1980:
Use of flumequine against furunculosis of Salmonidae (Aeromonas salmonicida infection)

Martin, R., 1980:
Use of flunitrazepam and ketamine in the dog

Lavicka, M.; Horyna, B., 1981:
Use of fluorescence methods for detecting fungi in animal tissues

Dobretsov, G.E.; Lankin, V.Z.; Borshchevskaya, T.A.; Petrov, V.A.; Ivanov, V.N.; Kotelevtseva, N.V., 1980:
Use of fluorescent probes for detecting structural changes in the endoplasmatic reticulum membranes of rats given an atherogenic diet

Schadereit, R.; Henk, G., 1981:
Use of fodder yeast Fermosin grown on mineral oil distillate in feeds for animals. 4. Mineral oil distillate yeast as substitute for protein feeds in rations for fattening broilers

Jenkins, J.E.E.; Lescar, L., 1980:
Use of foliar fungicides on cereals in Western Europe

Machalek, E.; Hudsky, Z., 1979:
Use of fortified yeasts for pullets and laying hens

Schaap, J.E.; Kim, J.C., 1981:
Use of fractionated butterfat for puff pastry and croissants

Niemi, I.; Kiiski, S.; Liikkanen, M., 1981:
Use of free time in Finland 1979

Gerard, C.; Troncoso, J., 1980:
Use of fresh water hyacinth by the broiler rabbit

Anonymous, 1980:
Use of fresh-groundwater for cooling in the dairy industry

Deveaux, R., 1981:
Use of fruit in ices, sorbets and ice cream

Kromer, K.H., 1981:
Use of fruit tree prunings

Gubko, V.N., 1980:
Use of functional male sterility in tomato in breeding for heterosis

Anonymous, 1981:
Use of fungicides and insecticides on cereals 1981

Gupta, O.P.; Singh, J.P.; Gupta, A.K., 1980:
Use of fungicides in oil and wax emulsions to increase the storage life of Kinnow fruits

Sin' ko, L.T.; Chemarin, N.G., 1982:
Use of gamma radiation in breeding Ziziphus jujuba Mill

Smychenko, L.I., 1981:
Use of gamma rays in breeding apple for frost resistance and immunity

Bauer, B.; Iwannek, K.H.; Hamann, H.J.; Adamsky, G., 1980:
Use of gamma-irradiated blood for feeding tsetse flies

Meyer, K., 1980:
Use of gas engines in the dairy industry. Possibility of economical utilization of primary energy

Nijhuis, H.; Bluthgen, A.; Heeschen, W., 1982:
Use of gel chromatography for the analysis of residues. I. Determination of aflatoxin B1 in feedstuffs for dairy cattle

Jelic, Z.; Majkic Singh, N.; Berkes, P.; Berkes, I., 1981:
Use of gel electrofocusing in the analysis of bovine haemoglobin

Surikov, I.M.; Kissel' , N.I., 1981:
Use of genes for good crossability between wheat and rye to increase the frequency of intergeneric recombinants

Camussi, A.; Ottaviano, E., 1981:
Use of genetic effects of quantitative traits for the multivariate analysis of differences between populations

Krivchenko, V.I., 1979:
Use of genetic resources in breeding crop plants for resistance to harmful organisms

Burrows, V.D., 1981:
Use of genetic variation to breed oats more useful for feed, food and processing

Ali, A.; Machado, V.S., 1982:
Use of gibberellic acid to hasten flowering in rutabaga

Shaver, T.N.; Dilday, R.H.; Wilson, F.D., 1980:
Use of glandless breeding stocks of evaluate unknown Heliothis growth inhibitors (X-factors) in cotton

Sharma, P.; Das, P.; Dutta, G.P., 1981:
Use of glutaraldehyde-treated sheep erythrocytes in indirect haemagglutination test for amoebic coproantibody

Shtele, A.L.; Matsuganov, N.F., 1980:
Use of glycerol in diets for laying hens

Lambert, M.G.; Clark, D.A.; Rolston, M.P., 1981:
Use of goats for coarse weed control in hill country

Yadav, S.M.; Chawla, M.L., 1980:
Use of gold chloride for staining scutellae/phasmids

Becze, J.; Papp, D.; Horvath, M.; Szell, A.; Molnar, P.; Cseh, K.; Teplan, I.; Seprodi, J., 1982:
Use of gonadorelin (LH-RH) and a highly active LH-RH analogue in the treatment of infertility of ovarian origin in cows

Noland, P.R.; Campbell, D.R.; Johnson, Z.B., 1981:
Use of grain sorghum in swine feeds

Chrappa, V.; Resovsky, S., 1981:
Use of granular and loose feed mixtures for broilers in relation to sex and feeding technology

Rettich, F., 1981:
Use of granulated fertilizers with Actellic EC 50 insecticide in the control of mosquito larvae

Muller, A., 1981:
Use of granulated preservative in the ensilage of grass: Kofasil-Plus

Simiane, M. de; Drilleau, L.; Lacombe, M., 1980:
Use of grass and maize silage by dairy goats. Results for winter 1978/79

Beranger, C.; Micol, D., 1981:
Use of grass by cattle at pasture. Importance of stocking rate and grazing system

Paredes Chaves, A., 1980:
Use of grass meal for feeding broiler chickens

Ryan, M., 1980:
Use of grass varieties in increasing production of beef

Nardiello, R.A.; Olsen, C.E.; Casal, J.J.; Garcia, P.T., 1980:
Use of green peas (Pisum arvense) in the feeding of pigs

Statov, C.; Margineanu, T.; Tucra, I.; Gheorghiu, A.; Onet, M., 1980:
Use of green ryegrass for feeding dairy cows, in the cowshed or on pasture, compared with autumn rye

Majumder, M.K.; Chatterjee, S.D.; Mallik, S.; Banerjee, S.P., 1980:
Use of growth parameters in genetic screening for low temperature tolerance in rice under boro culture

Roche, J.F.; Davis, W.D., 1981:
Use of growth promoters in cull cows

Iwahori, S., 1980:
Use of growth regulators in the control of cropping of mandarin varieties

McCarthy, D.; Bunemann, G., 1981:
Use of growth regulators in the production of dwarf ornamental shrubs. II. Dwarf deciduous shrubs

McCarthy, D.; Bunemann, G., 1982:
Use of growth regulators in the production of dwarf ornamental shrubs. III. Histological observations

Thomas, T.H., 1980:
Use of growth retardants on vegetable and arable crops

Petr, J., 1980:
Use of growth substances for regulating cereal yields

Scipioni, H.L.; Burghi, C.A.; Durigon, A.E.; Bosisio, C.R.; Grimoldi, R.; Egey, J., 1979:
Use of guaifenesin in surgery of the horse

Rusov, C.; Dukic, B., 1980:
Use of haematology and bone marrow investigation for the diagnosis of acute salmonellosis of fowls

Fang, Z.X. (Fang, T.H.; Dai, J.X. (Tai, C.H., 1980:
Use of haploid phases in the genetic study of Laminaria japonica

Garambois, X., 1982:
Use of hard wheat for fattening of lambs: preliminary results

Desvignes, J.C., 1980:
Use of heat treatment and cross protection to identify some specific fruit tree virus diseases

Powell, JE.; Shepard, M.; Sullivan, MJ., 1981:
Use of heating degree day and physiological day equations for predicting development of the parasitoid Trissolcus basalis

Plakhotin, M.V.; Makeeva, N.S.; Golubkova, K.I., 1980:
Use of helium-neon lasers in some surgical conditions

Vyshemirskii, F.A.; Lymar' , V.G., 1979:
Use of hen-egg compounds as fillers in butter manufacture

Cruz, L.S.P.; Borgo, A., 1980:
Use of herbicide mixtures in the inter-row in cotton to control late-emerging weeds

Young, A.L., 1981:
Use of herbicides in South Vietnam, 1961-1971

Avall, H., 1982:
Use of herbicides in horticultural crops grown on field scale

Coates, D.M.; Koch, D.W.; Mitchell, J.R.; Holter, J.B., 1980:
Use of herbicides in minimum tillage to improve alfalfa composition and feeding value

Gavrusevich, A.N.; Brodovich, R.I., 1980:
Use of herbicides on fresh felled areas in the Carpathians

Zber' kova, G.A., 1978:
Use of high concentration resins in the manufacture of wood particle boards

Waszkiewicz, C., 1979:
Use of high frequency current for drying agricultural products

Arteca, R.N.; Poovaiah, B.W.; Smith, O.E., 1980:
Use of High Performance Liquid Chromatography for the Determination of Endogenous Hormone Levels in Solanum tuberosum L. Subjected to Carbon Dioxide Enrichment of the Root Zone

Graca, J.V. da; Vuuren, S.P.V.n, 1981:
Use of high temperature to increase the rate of avocado sunblotch symptom development in indicator seedlings

Duin, H. van, 1981:
Use of high-performance liquid chromatography in dairy research and for control purposes

Mohite, A.V.; Shingte, A.K., 1981:
Use of high-salt water dilution method in conjunction with FYM and gypsum for reclamation of sodic soils

Jeans, D.N., 1978:
Use of historical evidence for vegetation mapping in N. S. W

Perrot, M., 1980:
Use of homeopathic products to arrest the onset of mastitis

Vaitkus, V.; Sauts, T., 1979:
Use of homogenization in manufacture of Cheddar-type cheese

Kozin, R.B.; Reznitskii, E.I., 1980:
Use of honeybees in the pollination of lucerne

Tsygankov, I.G., 1980:
Use of hybrid and mutational variability in breeding spring wheat

Konstantinov, S.I.; Linnik, M.V.; Nikulina, N.D., 1979:
Use of hybridization and experimental mutagenesis in breeding Panicum millet for early ripening

Carter, E.A.; Bloch, K.J.; Cohen, S.; Isselbacher, K.J.; Walker, W.A., 1981:
Use of hydrogen gas (H2) analysis to assess intestinal absorption. Studies in normal rats and in rats infected with the nematode, Nippostrongylus brasiliensis

Okladnikov, Y.N.; Tabakov, N.A.; Sid' ko, F.Y.; Kuropatkin, B.M.; Trubachev, I.N.; Barashkov, V.A.; Vlasova, N.V.; Kalacheva, G.S.; Kasaeva, G.E.; Popov, N.I.; Rodionov, V.N., 1980:
Use of hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria in diets for laying hens

Bergonzini, E.; Borlenghi, G.; Santi, E., 1979:
Use of hydrolysed protein of animal and vegetable origin in diets for fattening calves

Bazhanov, N.N.; Kasparova, B.V.; Kapnik, V.I.; Genkin, M.I.; Novikova, L.L., 1980:
Use of hyperbaric oxygenation in the treatment of actinomycosis of the maxillary-facial region

Myakushko, Y.P.; Lunin, N.D., 1980:
Use of hypocotyl and hair colour for selecting hybrid plants in breeding soyabean

Chumak, M.V., 1980:
Use of ig mutation for cms counterparts of corn lines

Morel, P.C., 1981:
Use of imidocarb in the treatment and prophylaxis of babesiosis and anaplasmosis

Finocchiaro, T.; Olson, N.F.; Richardson, T., 1980:
Use of immobilized lactase in milk systems

Kas, J.; Fukal, L.; Rauch, P., 1982:
Use of immunochemical methods in the food industry

Schirrmeier, H.; Heinrich, H.W., 1981:
Use of immunofluorescence for diagnosis of rotavirus infection of calf

Balbo, S.M.; Iannizzotto, G.; Vesco, G.; Chiaracane, G., 1980:
Use of immunofluorescence to diagnose Trypanosoma equiperdum infection in the rat

Pastukhov, A.K.; Kozlov, A.A., 1980:
Use of improved land in the Meshchersk lowland

Navatel, J.C., 1980:
Use of in vitro cultures to propagate some fruit and vegetable species

Vorob' eva, G.A.; Prikhod' ko, N.I., 1980:
Use of in vitro embryo culture to obtain interspecific tomato hybrids

Melzer, R.; Behrens, H.O., 1980:
Use of inbred lines in sugar beet breeding

Chuzhova, Z.P.; Shumane, V.P.; Bilane, M.K.; Agafonova, G.V.; Vinogradova, T.N., 1979:
Use of indicator papers in microbiological control

Minsker, O.B.; Pilipenko, Y.L.; Sheinberg, V.M.; Zuev, V.P.; Golov, L.B.; Gusev, E.P., 1980:
Use of indirect lymphography with C198Au in the diagnosis of actinomycosis of lymphatic nodes

Okhrimenko, G.N.; Mozhaeva, V.S.; Kraevoi, S.Y., 1979:
Use of induced mutagenesis to increase recombinogenesis for short straw and frost resistance in winter wheat hybrids

Pisareva, L.A., 1980:
Use of induced mutants for the genetic improvement of the spring wheat variety Leningradka

Balint, A.; Kovacs, G.; Hajos, L.; Geczki, I., 1979:
Use of induced mutants in maize breeding

Myakushko, Y.P.; Gridnev, A.K.; Podkina, D.V.; Lavrichenko, O.A., 1980:
Use of induced mutations to obtain forms of soyabean resistant to bacterial diseases

Grandi, A., 1981:
Use of industrial waste of the vegetable marrow (Cucurbita pepo L.) for feeding rabbits

Dorter, K., 1981:
Use of industrial waste water in industrialized crop production

Podlesakova, E.; Nemecek, J.; Vachal, J., 1981:
Use of industrial wastes for land improvement

Popov, V.I.; Khotyanovich, A.V., 1977:
Use of infected soils in breeding cotton for resistance to wilt

Delpech, R., 1980:
Use of information derived from weeds in diagnosing the phytoecological conditions on given sites

Anonymous, 1981:
Use of infra-red analysis techniques in the dairy industry

Makushev, Y.E.; Borisova, L.M.; Polyakova, G.A., 1980:
Use of insulin for fattening young cattle in the Far North, USSR

Sonoda, R.M.; Ogawa, J.M.; Manji, B.T., 1982:
Use of interactions of cultures to distinguish Monilinia laxa from M. fructicola

Krefft, R.; Baczewski, H., 1980:
Use of interdepartmental flow theory for agricultural enterprises

Yazawa, S.; Kenmi, T.; Uemura, N.; Adachi, K.; Takashima, S., 1980:
Use of interspecific hybrids of Capsicum as rootstocks for capsicums

Anonymous, 1981:
Use of intravenous fat emulsions in pediatric patients

Kopan' , V.P.; Kopan' , K.N., 1979:
Use of ionizing radiation mutagenesis in breeding for compact growth in apple

Golodriga, P.Y.; Kireeva, L.K., 1979:
Use of irradiation in breeding grape for immunity

Shukla, P.C.; Desai, M.C.; Purohit, L.P.; Desai, H.B.; Patel, B.H., 1981:
Use of isabgul lali (Plantago ovata Forsk.) in the concentrate mixture for lactating cows

Sozinov, A.A.; Luk' yanyuk, S.F.; Ignatova, S.A., 1981:
Use of isolated organ and tissue culture in producing breeding material

Gilroy, B.A.; Varga, J.S., 1980:
Use of ketamine-diazepam and ketamine-xylazine combinations in guinea pigs

Aliev, M.O., 1980:
Use of kinetin combined with hybridization of Morus forms of different ploidy

Gregory, K., 1982:
Use of lactase in dairy technology

Severinsen, S.G.; Jebsen, S.G.; Gicquiaux, Y.; Regnier, J., 1979:
Use of lactases

Auxilia, M.T.; Berta, F.; Cava, P.L.; Masoero, G., 1980:
Use of lactic bacteria and yeasts for feeding of fattening rabbits

Giordani, G.; Negrini, F.; Minoccheri, F., 1979:
Use of lactobacteria for feeding meat chickens. 1. Production performances for feeds supplemented with Streptococcus thermophilus and S. lactis

Minoccheri, F.; Negrini, F.; Giordani, G., 1979:
Use of lactobacteria for feeding meat chickens. 2. Effect of feeds supplemented with Streptococcus lactis and S. thermophilus on coliform:total bacilli, and on iron in blood plasma

Quintana, F.O., 1979:
Use of land for meat production. An evaluation of different genotypes and management systems

Mahl, H., 1981:
Use of large-sized Italian sire breeds in the commercial crossing of cattle for quantitative and qualitative improvement of beef production

Tsyganovskii, B.B.; Petrov, A.V.; Suyumbaev, D.A., 1981:
Use of laser beams for the operational control of the water regime of plants

Eskes, A.B., 1978:
Use of leaf disks to evaluate resistance of coffee to Hemileia vastatrix: effect of luminosity and inoculum concentration

Osipov, A.V.; Terez, E.I.; Solov' ev, K.N.; Rabotyagov, V.D.; Semin, V.S., 1980:
Use of leaf luminescence spectra in the evaluation of economically useful traits, genetic specificity and the species to which plants belong

Rudich, J.; Rendon Poblete, E.; Stevens, M.A.; Ambri, A.H., 1981:
Use of leaf water potential to determine water stress in field-grown tomato plants

Mil' tsev, A.I.; Sizov, O.A., 1979:
Use of left-turning skim coulters on general-purpose ploughs

Kretschmer, A.E.Jr, 1980:
Use of legumes in pastures as sources of nitrogen

Valdes, L.R.; Montoya, M.; Duquesne, P., 1980 :
Use of legumes or supplementation for meat production

Epker, W.H., 1980:
Use of leisure time and alcoholism

Chahal, V.P.S.; Sharma, P.K., 1982:
Use of lentil nodule on an antigen for strain identification of Rhizobium leguminosarum

Giebel, O., 1981:
Use of lentogenic Newcastle disease virus strain 022 TW for aerosol immunization of chicks

Perez Avila, J.; Lastre Gonzalez, M.; Lazo Lopetegui, O.; Montalvo Alvarez, G., 1980:
Use of levamisole against Wuchereria bancrofti filariasis

Girardi, C.; Colombatti Valle, V., 1976:
Use of levamisole in the treatment of domestic ruminants. II. Excretion and residues

Konig, K.K.; Suss, R., 1980:
Use of light regime for oestrus induction of ewes

Sauveur, B., 1982:
Use of light regimes to extend the breeding season in geese

Smith, R.S.; Coulter, T.S., 1981:
Use of lightweight sawmill residue in highway embankments

Pachucki, T.; Drozda, S.; Drozda, W., 1980:
Use of linear programming to plan cheese production during the year

Kobelev, Y.K.; Kobeleva, E.N., 1980:
Use of lines with similar phenotypes in maize breeding

Bahler, C.C.; Parrish, D.J., 1981:
Use of lipid antioxidants to prolong storage life of soybean seeds

Eichel, H.; Herold, W.; Wiegel, D.; Mielke, H., 1981:
Use of liquid crystal thermography in veterinary medicine, with particular reference to udder examination

Grineva, A.D.; Neboga, I.D., 1979:
Use of liquid milk replacers for rearing young male calves

Robertson, W.W., 1981:
Use of live and oil emulsion Newcastle disease vaccines on day-old broilers: report on two trials

Patak, R.S., 1980:
Use of local forms (Vigna unguiculata L.) in breeding for resistance to pests and diseases

Matvienko, L.N.; Maksimova, E.P. (Maximova, E.P., 1980:
Use of local pea varieties in breeding

Naber, E.C.; Latshaw, J.D.; Marsh, G.A., 1980:
Use of low sodium diets for recycling of laying hens

Pons, C.H.; Rousseaux, F.; Tchoubar, D., 1981:
Use of low-angle scattering of a synchrotron beam for studying the swelling of smectites: I. Study of the system water-montmorillonite-Na as a function of temperature

Castejon, M.; Combellas, J., 1980:
Use of low-quality hay for feeding dairy cows

Castejon, M.; Combellas, J., .:
Use of low-quality hays in the feeding of dairy cows

Shagalina, L.M., 1979:
Use of lucerne in crop rotation of cotton on fields infected with Meloidogyne acrita

Rappaport, E.; Pasternak, D., 1980:
Use of lukewarm water for greenhouse warming

Lima, G.R. de A.; Mafra, R.C., 1979:
Use of maize (Zea mays L.) as a support for climbing bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in an intercropping system

Scipioni, R.; Amerio, M.; Della Casa, G., 1980:
Use of maize dried at a high temperature for feeding pigs

Rodriguez, J.; Valdez, S., 1980:
Use of maize meal in feeding of broiler chickens

Arisanu, I.; Antonaru, L.; Antonaru, C.; Chirila, C., 1981:
Use of maize paste in feeding pigs

Novikov, A.S., 1978:
Use of maize silage as an insurance feed stock for the organization of summer feeding of cows

Contini, R., 1982:
Use of maize silage for feeding pigs

Genier, G.; Guy, P., 1981:
Use of male sterility for dry matter yield improvement in lucerne. Genetic variability for seed yield

Giordani, G.; Lanza, L.; Negrini, F., 1978:
Use of males of commercial egg strains in the production of meat

Chester, W.R.; Myles, R.M., 1979:
Use of marginal and poor land for social agro forestry

Popova, P.Y.; Akkuzhin, D.A.; Ishchenko, T.F., 1979:
Use of material from the world cotton collection in breeding for fibre quality

Aleksanova, V.V., 1980:
Use of material resources in West Siberian agriculture

Sheremet, B.V.; Rozhkov, V.A.; Afanas' eva, T.V., 1981:
Use of mathematical methods for classification and diagnosis of the soils of the central Ob floodplain

Nancheva, R.; Penkov, M., 1981:
Use of mathematical methods for determining relationships between soil and the root system of grapevines

Miloserdov, V., 1980:
Use of mathematical methods in agricultural planning

Brejcha, V., 1979:
Use of mathematical-statistical methods in experimental work. 1.6. The Hartley variation range test as a substitute for Fisher variance analysis

Knoll, J., 1981:
Use of matrix calculus in the analysis of hydrostatic transmissions

Kessler, H.G., 1982:
Use of mechanical vapour recompression to save energy

Saxena, S., 1980:
Use of media in diffusion of farm information

Lima, L.A.F. de, 1979:
Use of medicinal soap in pityriasis versicolor

Tainturier, D.; Franc, M.; Machelard, J., 1982:
Use of megestrol acetate for controlling sexual behaviour in dogs and cats

Franc, M.; Tainturier, D.; Machelard, J., 1982:
Use of megestrol acetate in skin diseases of cats

Chalifoux, A.; Gosselin, Y., 1981:
Use of megestrol acetate to stop urine spraying in castrated male cats

Bush, V.; Klinskii, Y.D.; Darovskikh, V.E.; Smirnov, L.A., 1982:
Use of megestrol acetate to synchronise oestrus in heifers

Pettipher, G.L., 1982:
Use of membrane filtration for assessing the hygienic quality of milk and milk products

Pedersen, A.H., 1981:
Use of membrane filtration in the Danish dairy industry

Konanykhin, A.V., 1981:
Use of membrane processes in the Danish dairy industry

Conneman, G.J., 1979:
Use of merchant and dealer credit on New York dairy farms

Wittwer, F.; Contreras, P., 1980:
Use of metabolic profiles of dairy cattle in southern Chile

Pellett, H.; Litzow, M.; Mainquist, L., 1980 :
Use of metal compounds as root pruning agents

Lenzi, G.; Beer, E.; Casalis, P.; Monasterolo, F., 1979:
Use of metergoline to block puerperal lactation

Zempel, B.; Banerjee, J., 1981:
Use of methods of controlling biological processes in ornamental plant production

Alfonso, H.A.; Marrero, E.; Blandino, T.; Gomez, E., 1980:
Use of metronidazole against coccidiosis in calves

Peer, M.K., 1981:
Use of metronidazole as a new pre-treating agent for chromosome analysis

Speck, M.L., 1981:
Use of microbial cultures: dairy products

Kirov, N.; Petrova, N., 1979:
Use of microbial enzyme preparation (Marzyme) in manufacture of Vitosha Kachkaval cheese

Obretenova, M.; Dimitrov, D.; Obretenov, T., 1980:
Use of microbial enzymes in cheesemaking. VI. Study of the volatile fatty acids of White Pickled cheeses made from cows' milk using 'Mesenterin 11-11'

Dimitrov, D.; Obretenova, M.; Obretenov, T., 1980:
Use of microbial enzymes in cheesemaking. VII. Changes of the volatile fatty acids in Kachkaval cheese made from ewes' and cows' milk using 'Mesenterin 11-11'

Lima, L.A. de; Mischam, M.; Neptune, A.M.L., 1975:
Use of microplots for evaluation of the fertility of four Botucatu soils, Brazil

Moller, A., 1981:
Use of microprocessors in agriculture

Sauer, M.J.; Foulkes, J.A.; O'Neill, P.M., 1982:
Use of microtitre plate EIA for direct determination of progesterone in whole milk: application of heterologous systems for improved sensitivity

Muller, G.W., 1980:
Use of mild strains of citrus tristeza virus (CTV) to reestablish commercial production of 'Pera' sweet orange in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Anonymous, 1981:
Use of milk and dairy products in schools

Urbene, S.; Gal' ginaitite, L., 1980:
Use of milk constituents in tvorog production

Finzi, M., 1980:
Use of milk in human nutrition

Elsaesser, F.; Sacher, B.; Thielscher, H.H.; Unshelm, J.; Smidt, D., 1980:
Use of milk progesterone measurements in embryo transfer programmes

Lyubinskas, V.P.; Vaitkus, V.V.; Kuliksauskene, M.M.; Sergeev, V.N., 1981:
Use of milk protein products in smetana (cultured cream) manufacture

Schut, J., 1980:
Use of milk proteins in dairy products and other foods

Schut, J., 1981:
Use of milk proteins in other foods

Emaldi, G.C.; Carini, S.; Todesco, R.; Marchesi, C.; Rozza, M., 1982:
Use of milk proteins with addition of lactic acid bacteria in soft cheese manufacture

Geissler, C.; Peschke, I.; Ulbrich, M.; Hoffmann, M., 1981:
Use of milk replacers with a high fat content for lambs: digestibility of crude nutrients and fatty acids

Zillen, M., 1979:
Use of milkfat

Zelenskii, V.M., 1979:
Use of mineral fertilizers and herbicides on flooded meadows of the Lower Yenisey

Elomaa, P.L., 1981:
Use of mire vegetation and peat for mineral exploration

Andrade, R.R.N.; Campos, J., 1979:
Use of mixed-species pastures in beef production

Mussinan, C.J.; Mookherjee, B.D.; Vock, M.H.; Vinals, J.F.; Kiwala, J.; Schmitt, F.L., 1981:
Use of mixture containing caryophyllene alcohols for augmenting or enhancing the aroma or taste of foodstuffs

Kraut, K., 1979:
Use of model seedlings for determination of the position of roots and the working quality of planting machines and planting methods

Lisyova, J.; Kavka, M.; Kiesewetter, Z., 1980:
Use of models for the formation of machinery systems for forage harvesting for a heated air drying plant

Wijk, A.L.M. van, 1981:
Use of models in sports field construction research

Sakharov, B.L.; Ivanishin, S.P., 1979:
Use of models of potato tubers in simulation tests

Mitrofanov, V.I.; Troshenkov, I.V.; Bocharov, N.F.; Gussev, V.I., 1981:
Use of models of tyres for the determination of different parameters and properties of their prototypes

Timmons, M.B., 1980:
Use of models to predict fluid motion in mechanically ventilated structures

Daniell, J.W., 1980:
Use of modified equipment to apply glyphosate (Roundup) for weed control in tree crops

O.K.effe, A.M.; Kelly, J., 1981:
Use of modified whey as a skim powder substitute in calf milk replacers

Wit, J.N. de; Klarenbeek, G.; Hontelez Backx, E., 1980:
Use of modified whey protein concentrates

Sharda, D.P.; Prahlad Singh, 1981:
Use of molasses and lucerne meal in diets for growing-finishing pigs

Waldroup, P.W., 1981:
Use of molasses and sugars in poultry feeds

Popovici, D.; Neacsu, E.; Jurenkova, G.; Raitaru, M.; Murgu, I.; Miclaus, V., 1980:
Use of molasses to correct the depressing effect of dietary fat on rumen digestion in fattening cattle

Anonymous, 1979:
Use of monensin in cattle

Renard, J.F.; Thewis, A., 1979:
Use of monensin sodium in intensive beef cattle production

Mackinnon, H.C., 1982:
Use of monoammonium phosphate in fluid fertilizers

Konovalenko, V.V.; Ostroukh, L.N., 1980:
Use of morphological and physiological analysis in relation to yield in winter bread wheat varieties

Sabadin, N.A.; Sinenko, L.V., 1979:
Use of morphological and physiological analysis in studying actual and potential yield in varieties and lines of Mironovka wheats

Scheuring, J.F., 1979:
Use of moving adjustments for the selection of maize and sorghum hybrids

Cihlar, J. (Chairman), 1980:
Use of multistage sampling techniques in timber inventory

Hofsvang, T.; Hagvar, EB., 1980:
Use of mummies of Ephedrus cerasicola Stary to control Myzus persicae (Sulzer) in small glasshouses

Clairon, M.; Nagou, D., 1978:
Use of municipal waste in intensive cultivation under tropical conditions

Dolgikh, S.T., 1980:
Use of mutagenesis in breeding vegetable crops

Dorossiev, L., 1978:
Use of mutant forms in the development lines for tomato hybrid seed production

Shumny, V.K., 1978:
Use of mutants for the production of heterosis. Analysis of cases of monohybrid heterosis in plants

Godovikova, V.A.; Tokarev, B.I., 1981:
Use of mutants to study the genetical control of nitrate reductase activity in barley

Enchev, I., 1978:
Use of mutations in barley breeding

Blixt, S., 1978:
Use of mutations in genetical investigations and plant breeding of Pisum

Ali, M.; Mercado, B.L., 1980:
Use of naphthalic anhydride as an antidote to improve herbicide selectivity in sorghum

Garcia Dory, M.A., 1980:
Use of native breeds in regional ecosystems as a means of energy saving in the Spanish livestock sector

Charoy, J., 1980:
Use of natural phosphates in Niger

Iskenderov, I.Sh, 1979:
Use of natural zeolites

Hatieganu, V,; Puia, I.; Popa, O.; Baltan, G., 1979:
Use of natural zeolites in animal feeding (synthesis)

Burton, G.W.; Wells, H.D., 1981:
Use of near-isogenic host populations to estimate the effect of three foliage diseases on pearl millet forage yield

Ward, S., 1977:
Use of nematode behavioral mutants for analysis of neural function and development

Cayrol, J.C., 1979 :
Use of nematode-fungal relationships for biological control

Cayrol, J.C., 1980:
Use of nematode-fungi relationships in biological control

Olsson, E., 1981:
Use of nematode-resistant potato varieties with reference to the pathotype situation in southern Sweden

Villemain, C.A., 1979:
Use of network analysis in project implementation

Newcombe, K., 1981:
Use of new energies: two examples from Papua New Guinea

Goudedranche, H.; Maubois, J.L.; Ducruet, P.; Mahaut, M., 1981:
Use of new mineral ultrafiltration membranes for manufacture of St. Paulin type cheeses

Poulsen, E., 1980:
Use of nitrates and nitrites as food additives in Nordic countries

Paretas, J.J., 1977:
Use of nitrogen on Pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens Stent) in Cuban conditions

Niyazov, K.M.; Mut, A.F., 1978:
Use of non-circular sprockets in the final drive of a tracklaying tractor

Clements, R.O.; Henderson, I.F., 1980:
Use of non-persistent pesticides to improve the yield and longevity of Italian ryegrass

Polyak, D.; Kozma, P.; Duda, L., 1978:
Use of nutrient solutions for raising grapevine cuttings

English, E.C.; Carl, J.W., 1981:
Use of nutritional supplements by family practice patients

Heinze, A.; Schlegel, W.; Wahner, M.; Schwarze, D., 1981:
Use of oestradiol benzoate in synchronization of ovulation in sows

Chan, K.W.; Watson, I.; Lim, K.C., 1981:
Use of oil palm waste material for increased production

Simons, J.N.; Zitter, T.A., 1980:
Use of oils to control aphid-borne viruses

Johannsen, U.; Menger, S., 1980:
Use of optical light and electron microscopy to study pathomorphology of the heart of pigs with transport fatigue (porcine stress syndrome)

Bolin, T.D., 1980:
Use of oral sodium cromoglycate in persistent diarrhoea

Jenkins, E.M.; Adderley, J.; Rayner, J.; Hurdle, C., 1979:
Use of oral vaccines in attempts to prevent swine dysentery

Klesnil, A.; Turek, F., 1977:
Use of organic fertilizers and a comparison of their effect in meadow grass stands

Gati, F., 1982:
Use of organic materials as soil amendments

Noriega Curtis, P., 1980:
Use of organic matter in fish culture

Delitz, M., 1979 :
Use of oscillating tools in the interaction of the tool with the soil, giving oscillating shares of potato harvesters as an example

Tikasingh, ES.; Laurent, E., 1981:
Use of ovitraps in monitoring Haemagogus equinus populations

Fabiyi, J.P., 1982:
Use of oxfendazole against natural infestations of Haemonchus placei, Cooperia punctata, Cooperia pectinata and Oesophagostomum radiatum in calves

Gregorio, F. di; Sisto, R., 1980:
Use of pH-stat to indicate the end-point in titration of calcium plus magnesium in milk and whey

Maluf, E., 1980:
Use of paraquat in bean growing (supplementary note)

Cerkauskas, R.F.; Sinclair, J.B., 1980:
Use of paraquat to aid detection of fungi in soybean tissues

Ahloowalia, B.S., 1981:
Use of partially male-sterile perennial ryegrass for hybrid cultivar production

Corne, M., 1980:
Use of particleboard in roofing. CTB studies

Mordenti, A.; Monetti, P.G.; Scipioni, R.; Parisini, P., 1979:
Use of partly hydrolysed starch (maltodextrins) in diets for piglets

Masson, C.; Simiane, M. de, 1982:
Use of pasture by the dairy goat

Sterba, F., 1981:
Use of pathological changes for the laboratory diagnosis of brucellosis in hares, Lepus europaeus

Koval' , G.K., 1980:
Use of patterns in the distribution of morphological characters for selecting elite seedlings of hazel

Guilhermet, R.; Giovanni, R.; Troccon, J.L., 1981:
Use of peas as a replacement for soya bean meal in concentrate feeds for calves

Schallinger, K.M. (Editor), 1979:
Use of peat in horticulture

Ozhigov, L.M., 1981:
Use of pelleted feeds for rearing and fattening of wethers

Cherkashchenko, I.; Osmel' yanenko, O.; Mechnik, L., 1981:
Use of pelleted feeds in fattening cattle

Hennig, A.; Lohnert, H.J., 1979:
Use of pellets with proportions of roughage for rearing calves. 5. Effect of different proportions of straw and pig slurry solids in rearing pellets on rumination, pH value and volatile fatty acids in rumen fluid and development of the forestomach

Billot, J.F., 1982:
Use of penetrometers for showing soil structure heterogeneity. Application to study of tillage implement impact and compaction effects

Ismailova, R.A., 1979:
Use of perennial forms of the species Gossypium hirsutum L. in breeding for resistance to Verticillium dahliae Kleb

Stang, J.P. le; Mourier, C., 1981:
Use of permanent pasture in Normandy for production of bullocks from dairy breeds

Barna Vetro, I.; Gyorgy, B.; Schuster, V.; Varro, R., 1980:
Use of peroxidase labelled antibodies for detection of plum pox virus

Touzeau, J., 1980:
Use of pheromone traps in agricultural warning systems

Urquhart, A.A.; Joy, K.W., 1981:
Use of Phloem exudate technique in the study of amino Acid transport in pea plants

Lewis, D.R., 1978:
Use of phosphate analysis for determining land use patterns

Sharma, D.P.; Agrawal, R.P.; Chaudhary, M.L., 1981:
Use of phosphatic fertilizers in relation to crust strength and soil physical properties

Boldyrev, A.I.; Sinitsyna, N.P.; Iutinskaya, G.A.; Safonova, Y.P., 1980:
Use of phosphogypsum for the chemical improvement of irrigated soils in the Crimea

Rabotyagov, V.D.; Il' nitskii, O.A., 1980:
Use of photoinduced leaf luminescence in breeding and genetical research with lavender

Tarasenko, N.D., 1981:
Use of physical and chemical mutagens to accelerate the breeding process

Kozhin, A.V.; Lukin, V.D., 1980:
Use of physical factors in fruit crop breeding

Zhukov, O.S.; Ryzhkov, S.D., 1980:
Use of physical factors in genetical and breeding work with fruit crops

Petelina, N.N.; Galaktionova, V.M., 1979:
Use of physiological methods in buckwheat breeding

Hennig, A.; Flachowsky, G.; Wolfram, D.; Lohnert, H.J.; Wolf, I., 1981:
Use of pig slurry in the feeding of feedlot cattle

Neviani, E.; Emaldi, G.C.; Carini, S., 1981:
Use of pimaricin as a fungicide on cheese rind: technology and the effects on the cheese surface flora

Halterlein, A.J.; Sciumbato, G.L.; Barrentine, W.L., 1981:
Use of plant desiccants to control cucumber fruit rot

Rodriguez Kabana, R.; King, P.S.; Penick, H.W.; Gray, F.A.; Carden, E.L.; McDaniel, R.N.; Selman, F.B.; Ivey, H., 1979:
Use of planting time application of ethylene dibromide for control of plant-parasitic nematodes on soybeans: new uses for an old fumigant

Hartmans, D., 1981:
Use of plastic film on seed potatoes

Kotov, K.G., 1978:
Use of plastic film to cover moisture containing forage during storage in bunkers and clamps

Guimbard, C.; Jeune, B. le; Pennors, J., 1979:
Use of plastics films for mulching shallots

Silachev, V.I.; Lev, V.B., 1980:
Use of pneumatic bubbling equipment in nurseries for rearing trout

Rusanov, V.A.; Khokhlin, V.Y., 1978:
Use of pneumatic elements for half-track ground drives of general-purpose rowcrop wheel tractors

Blistanov, G.S., 1979:
Use of pneumatic valves in automated control systems for technological processes

Bravo, J.A.; Fehr, W.R., 1979:
Use of pod width for indirect selection of seed size in soybeans

Khudaiberdyev, Ch, 1979:
Use of pollen from different species in the hybridization of cotton

Dybas, R.A.; Grier, N.; Witzel, B.E., 1981:
Use of polyamine compounds in prevention of mastitis

Kutsenko, E.V., 1981:
Use of polycomplexes for anchoring wandering sands and controlling deflation of coarse-textured soils

Abramets, A.M.; Lishtvan, I.I.; Terent' yev, A.A., 1981:
Use of polyelectrolytes for regulating evaporation and heat and mass transfer in peat soils

Wakhba, S.A., 1980:
Use of polymers to control wind erosion

Chuvashina, N.P., 1980:
Use of polyploid forms to increase the effectiveness of distant crosses in Ribes

Kovalenko, V.P.; Zhuteev, G.I.; Lebedev, A.I., 1980:
Use of polyurethane foam for heat insulation

Sutic, M.; Vilusic, S.; Obradovic, D.; Davitkov, A.; Markovic, D., 1980:
Use of polyvalent cultures in ripening of cheese in plastics film

Zobenko, L.P., 1981:
Use of populations to produce new sage varieties

Amati, A.; Galassi, S.; Spinabelli, U., 1979:
Use of potassium caseinate in the stabilization of white wines. II. Effect of the addition to wine

Rinaldi, M.G., 1982:
Use of potato flakes agar in clinical mycology

Lauer, F.I., 1981:
Use of potato seedling field transplants in the Minnesota breeding program

Dinescu, S., 1981:
Use of potatoes for fattening young cattle

Paraschiv, I.; Potcoava, Z.; Bianu, G.; Alexoiu, V.; Dzic, G.; Petrescu, C.D., 1981:
Use of potatoes in fattening young cattle

Mapoon, L.K.; Boodoo, A.A.; Hulman, B.; Preston, T.R., 1979:
Use of poultry litter in a diet of molasses and bagasse for fattening bulls

Agababov, S.G.; Gol' dberg, I.M.; Lapshin, Y.G.; Tsypin, Y.N., 1978:
Use of powdered bonding agents in the manufacture of wood particleboards

Pardo del C.F.; Encina, R.G., 1977:
Use of pre-em. herbicides in winter wheat

Axtell, R.C., 1981:
Use of predators and parasites in filth fly IPM programs in poultry housing

Donaldson, A.I.; Gloster, J.; Harvey, L.D.; Deans, D.H., 1982:
Use of prediction models to forecast and analyse airborne spread during the foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in Brittany, Jersey and the Isle of Wight in 1981

Simonds, B.L.; Banks, P.A., 1981:
Use of preemergence herbicides in reduced tillage soybeans

Yadrintsev, A.Ya, 1979:
Use of premixes for fattening of young cattle

Petrenko, E.V.; Golovchenova, O.V.; Medvedeva, E.A.; Maurer, E.V.; Kongo, Y.E.; Shukina, I.N.; Kangur, A.K., 1980:
Use of preparations of algal amino acids as feed supplements for trout

Basch, J.J.; Greenberg, R.; Farrell, H.M.J., 1981:
Use of preparative gel electrophoresis in the study of the proteins of the milk fat globule membrane

Crow, A.B.; Shilling, C.L., 1980:
Use of prescribed burning to enhance southern pine timber production

Nickles, J.K.; Tauer, C.G.; Stritzke, J.F., 1981:
Use of prescribed fire and hexazinone (Velpar) to thin understory shortleaf pine in an Oklahoma pine-hardwood stand

Gadgil, S.; Joshi, N.V., 1980:
Use of principal component analysis in rational classification of climates

Berezin, P.N.; Voronin, A.D., 1981:
Use of probability distribution functions for describing the particle-size distribution of soils

Antipov, V.A.; Subbotin, V.M., 1980:
Use of probiotics - efficacy and prospects

Alberio, R.H.; Schiersmann, G.C.S.; Conosciuto, G.; Sanchez, O., 1979:
Use of progestogens for synchronisation of the oestrous cycle in beef cows

Chauvin, R., 1980:
Use of propolis in treatment of hay fever. Pharmacologic assays

Khurana, N.K.; Tyagi, R.P.; Gupta, R.C.; Verma, S.K., 1981:
Use of prostaglandin F2 alpha for induction of oestrus in suboestrus buffaloes Bubalus bubalis

Vivanco, W.; Delgado, E., 1980:
Use of prostaglandin F2 alpha for oestrus synchronisation and its effect on conception rate in cattle under tropical conditions

Vivanco, W.; Gutierrez, O., 1980:
Use of prostaglandin F2 alpha in oestrus synchronisation and its effect on conception rate in housed dairy cows on the Peruvian coast

Seguin, B.E., 1981:
Use of prostaglandin in cows with unobserved oestrus

Allen, W.R., 1981:
Use of prostaglandins for synchronization of oestrus and treatment of prolonged dioestrus in mares

Yakovlev, V.S.; Fedorinova, M.K.; Efanov, N.A.; Efremova, L.V., 1978:
Use of protein and vitamin supplement and premixes in feeding of beef heifers

Gordei, I.A.; Mechkovskaya, P.A., 1980:
Use of protein markers in the genetic analysis of breeding material of triticale

Masson, C., 1981:
Use of proteinaceous seeds for feeding dairy goats

Bonsembiante, M.; Susmel, P., 1981:
Use of proteolytic enzymes in diets for broilers

Reca, L.G., 1979:
Use of public resources and agricultural research in Latin America

Ivanov, K.F.; Nuzhin, E.V.; Yurchenko, B.V., 1980:
Use of pulsating flow to increase efficiency of homogenization

Hill, M.J.; Lamp, C.A., 1980:
Use of pulverised fuel ash from Victorian brown coal as a source of nutrients for a pasture species

Minarik, R., 1981:
Use of pure cultures in cheese manufacture

Pech, Z.; Minarik, R., 1980:
Use of pure cultures in dairy processing

Petit, J., 1981:
Use of pure oxygen in fish culture

Chiacchiarini, P.; Degl' Innocenti, S., 1980:
Use of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) for the suppression of milk secretion in pseudopregnant bitches

Rotkiewicz, Z.; Janowska, I., 1980:
Use of quail embryo cell cultures for virus propagation

Sax, L.J.; Rieckmann, K.H., 1980:
Use of rabbit serum in the cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum

Antos, G., 1980:
Use of radial tyres on agricultural tractors

Kostina, G.I.; Ishin, A.G., 1980:
Use of radiation mutagenesis in breeding sorghum

Leukhina, T.N., 1979:
Use of radiation-induced mutants of subsp. mexicanum in the production of initial cotton forms on a new genetic base

Tewari, H.C.; Singh, K.S., 1979:
Use of radiations and radioisotopes for investigating problems connected with parasitic diseases of animals in India

Flossmann, K.D.; Hubald, J.; Muller, G., 1980:
Use of radioactively labelled bacteria in animal experiments. III. Distribution of radioactivity in the mouse after parenteral administration of labelled Pasteurella multocida, using various radionuclides

Flossmann, K.D.; Muller, G.; Heilmann, P.; Finsterbusch, L.; Hubald, J., 1981:
Use of radioactively labelled bacteria in animal experiments. IV. Distribution of activities in mice following tracheal administration of labelled Pasteurella multocida

Flossmann, K.D.; Muller, G.; Heilmann, P., 1981:
Use of radioactively labelled bacteria in animal experiments. V. Fate of orally administered, radioactively labelled Pasteurella multocida in mice

Stadalnik, R.C.; Goldstein, E.; Hoeprich, P.D.; McGahan, J.P., 1981:
Use of radiologic modalities in coccidioidal meningitis

Lewis, R.E.; Losonsky, J.M., 1981:
Use of radiology in heartworm disease

Kal' chenko, B.I.; Kim, P.S.; Samotyya, Z.G.; Lanin, A.G., 1980:
Use of radiotelemagnitographic equipment for the study of the dynamics of the road-tyre-tractor-driver system

Simiane, M. de; Damiani, C., 1981:
Use of ranges by dairy goats in the Drome foothills

Lebas, F.; Seroux, M.; Franck, Y., 1981:
Use of rapeseed hulls in the feeding of growing rabbits. 1. Fattening performance

Ouhayoun, J.; Demarne, Y.; Delmas, D.; Lebas, F., 1981:
Use of rapeseed hulls in the feeding of growing rabbits. 2. Effect on carcass quality

Farries, E., 1979:
Use of rations with large proportions of straw and nonprotein nitrogen for sheep of different production types

Frolova, O.V., 1980:
Use of raw materials produced by agriculture in CMEA member countries

Angelov, I.; Dimov, Y.; Stoikov, A.; Kr"stev, D.; Stoyanov, K., 1981:
Use of reciprocal cross lines in the breeding plan for commercial hybrid pigs

Ritter, E.; Seyer, D., 1980:
Use of reciprocal recurrent selection to improve the performance characters for reproductive fitness in pig populations

Morrison, J.E., 1980:
Use of recording penetrometer for evaluation of density profiles in bales of tobacco

Masson, C.; Decaen, C., 1980:
Use of red clover in zero-grazing for feeding of dairy goats

D.L.ca, D.; Damiani, R., 1980:
Use of refuse in fish culture

Lee, J., 1981:
Use of regression adjustments for ascertaining nutrient intakes

Isaacson, D.L.; Smith, H.G.; Spink, L.R., 1981:
Use of remote sensing data in a wildfire rehabilitation project

Dale, P.S., 1980:
Use of residual insecticidal coatings for killing insects in aircraft

Strohschein, R., 1981:
Use of restricted lighting in the fattening of broilers

Carregal, R.D., .:
Use of rice husks as source of fibre in diets for growing rabbits

Vedernikov, N.M.; Gundaeva, E.I.; Davidenko, M.V.; Krangauz, R.A.; Sypko, G.S.; Khrustaleva, L.E.; Yurgenson, L.E., 1981:
Use of root symbionts to protect sowings of Scots pine from diseases

Bolet, G.; Molenat, M., 1981:
Use of roughage in heavy pig production. Interactions among genotype, sex and management

Verma, B.; Ramanath, B.; Hanumanthappa, B., 1978:
Use of run-off water for supplemental irrigation of rabi sorghum in deep black soils of Karnataka

Prasolov, P.I., 1979:
Use of rust-resistant varieties in practical breeding for immunity

Yadav, J.S.P., 1980:
Use of saline ground water for irrigation

Thomas, J.R.; Salinas, F.G.; Oerther, G.F., 1981:
Use of saline water for supplemental irrigation of sugarcane

Dhir, R.P.; Sharma, B.K.; Chand, M., 1978:
Use of saline water in agriculture

Leeson, S.; Summers, J.D., 1980:
Use of salt deficient diets to control growth of broiler breeder pullets

Khramtsov, A.G.; Vasilisin, S.V.; Zaets, N.E.; Nesterenko, P.G.; Kaz' mina, V.D.; Voroshilova, L.I., 1979:
Use of salted cheese whey in cattle rations

E.S.fty, M.S.; Ellen, A.; Fahmy, N., 1981:
Use of salted whey to reconstitute dried milk for manufacturing white soft cheese. I. Character of the curd

Rahman, M.; Mettrick, D.; Podesta, R., 1981:
Use of saponin in the preparation of brush border from a parasitic flatworm

Muschick, R.C.; Heeschen, W.; Tolle, A.; Suhren, G., 1979:
Use of saprophytic bacteria metabolites in UHT milk for assessment of hygiene quality of the raw milk

Oritsland, N.A.; Odegaard, H.; Froyland, E.; Brattbakk, I., 1980:
Use of satellite data and the IBM-ERMAN system in mapping of reindeer grazing range on Svalbard

Banerjee, S.K.; Lall, V.K.; Verma, K., 1979:
Use of scanning electron microscopy in seed identification

Sharma, S.N.; Kukreti, D.P., 1980:
Use of screens to improve uniformity of air circulation in a side-mounted fan kiln

Andrews, A.H., 1981:
Use of second molar eruption in age estimation of cattle

Gillum, M.N.; Hughs, S.E.; Armijo, B.M., 1982:
Use of secondary cyclones for reducing gin emissions

Gbur, E.E.; Thomas, G.L.; Miller, F.R., 1979:
Use of segmented regression in the determination of the base temperature in heat accumulation models

Borisenko, V.A., 1979:
Use of segregating late forms of spring wheat in breeding winter varieties

Delforno, G., 1981:
Use of selected starters in buttermaking

Gorina, D.I.; Bogomolova, A.A., 1980:
Use of selection indices in dairy cattle selection

Stephens, P.R.; Daigle, J.L.; Cihlar, J., 1982:
Use of sequential aerial photographs to detect and monitor soil management changes affecting cropland erosion

Trustrum, N.A., 1981:
Use of sequential aerial photography to assess the long term effect of soil slip erosion on hill country pasture production

Xanthoulis, D.; Leclercq, J., 1981:
Use of sewage sludge at the regional level

O.Riordan, E., 1980:
Use of sewage sludge on agricultural land

Yasonidi, O.E.; Gostischev, D.P.; Myakotin, G.N., 1980:
Use of sewage waters for irrigation in the Rostov region

Manukyan, V.V., 1980:
Use of sex traps

Savova, N., 1979:
Use of sexual hybridization in producing new forms of French bean

Loiseau, P.; Lambert, T.; Merle, G., 1980:
Use of sheep folds and herbicides for improvement of rough grazing by oversowing

Nikitin, A.P.; Spirina, A.G., 1979:
Use of shelterbelts to protect water sources from sediments and from fertilizers washed away from fields

Forman, L.; Matouskova, E., 1981:
Use of shortened ripening of cream in butter manufacture

Volkova, V.I., 1980:
Use of shungite dolomites as an amendment on podzolic soils

Ruiloba, E. de F. de; Ruiz, M.E., 1979:
Use of silage from elephant grass, cv. Panama (Pennisetum purpureum P.VI.GI-300-08-6) for milk production

Anonymous, 1977:
Use of silage in animal feeding

Freer, M.; Christian, K.R., 1981:
Use of simulation models in constructing grazing systems

Cenni, B.; Mordenti, A.; Quaglio, G.; Monetti, P.; Tocchini, M.; Parisini, P.; Govoni, S., 1979:
Use of single cell protein for feeding of laying hens

Asmus, F.; Gorlitz, H.; Lange, H.; Herrmann, V., 1981:
Use of slurry as an organic manure in crop production

Haake, K., 1980:
Use of slurry in forage production

Riewe, M.E., 1981:
Use of small animals as role models in forage evaluation

Vasilevskii, V., 1980:
Use of small-scale machinery on private subsidiary plots

Bravo, J.A.; Fehr, W.R.; Cianzio, S.R. de, 1981:
Use of small-seeded soybean parents for the improvement of large-seeded cultivars

Olenev, Y.A.; Prokof' eva, T.V., 1980:
Use of sodium alginate stabilizer in ice cream manufacture

Reichert, J.E.; Pollex, S., 1980:
Use of sodium caseinate in preparation of emulsions

Kairyukshtene, I., 1977:
Use of sodium caseinate in processed cheese manufacture

Myasnikova, E.N., 1980:
Use of sodium caseinate in smetana production

Santisteban, M.E.; Morales, N.M.A.; Hernandez Naus, A.; Mex, H., 1980:
Use of sodium citrate-glucose buffer in the artificial insemination of goats

Prudnikov, V.S., 1980:
Use of sodium thiosulphate (as an immunostimulant) in the immunization of swine against salmonellosis

Imamoglu, A.; Luders, R., 1981:
Use of soil evaluation material for land reallocation planning

Borowiec, S.; Kutyna, I., 1979:
Use of soil maps to indicate the area of dominance of field weed associations

Bouma, J.; D.L.at P.J.M.; Awater, R.H.C.M.; Van Heesen, H.C.; Van Holst, A.F.; Van, D.N.s T.J., 1980:
Use of soil survey data in a model for simulating regional soil moisture regimes

Lange, J.M., 1980:
Use of solar energy on a dairy farm

Thiermann, A.B., 1981:
Use of solid medium for isolation of leptospires of the Hebdomadis serogroup from bovine milk and urine

Lella, T.Di, 1979:
Use of some agricultural-industrial by-products in the feeding of some pig populations in southern Italy. Investigations on apparent digestibility coefficients and critical considerations of methods commonly used

Loginov, I.Y.; Nazarenko, B.P., 1979:
Use of some nematode-resistant potato varieties

Gray, G.D.; Phillips, R.S., 1981:
Use of sorbitol in the cryopreservation of babesia

Rivault, C., 1982:
Use of space in a group of Periplaneta americana

Janal, R.; Mergl, M.; Haushalterova, J., 1981:
Use of specific conductivity to indicate milk quality changes

Wiegand, C.L.; Richardson, A.J.; Gerbermann, A.H.; Cuellar, J.A., 1981:
Use of spectral vegetation information to estimate grain sorghum yields

Skatova, S.V., 1979:
Use of spring varieties in breeding winter wheat for the Nonchernozem zone

Guglielmetti, M.H., 1981:
Use of sprouted seed potato tubers in the north-central zone of Chile

Motekaitis, P.; Randis, S., 1977:
Use of stabilized polypropylene film for butter packaging

Bocquier, G.; Bernard, C.; Boulad, A.P., 1979:
Use of stable and radioactive isotopes for determination of ancient environmental conditions and rates of weathering

Arnould, R.; Bertin, G.; Vanbelle, M.; Wathelet, J.M.; Rivas, A., 1981:
Use of starch and amylase as silage additives

Pallasdies, K., 1981:
Use of starters for quarg and fresh cheese

Chakraborti, N.; Mandal, L., 1981:
Use of steam sterilized fish meal in broiler diet

Berg, R.C., 1980:
Use of stepwise discriminant analysis to assess soil genesis in a youthful sandy environment

Patterson, R.S., 1981:
Use of sterilization to control Culex mosquitoes

Podar, C.; Silvas, E.; Covaci, A.; Suhareanu, M., 1981:
Use of stimulating and anabolizing substances for fattening young cattle

Marquis, D.L.; Ray, D.E., 1981:
Use of stochastic simulation to value improved crop forecast information

Elgin, J.H.Jr, 1981:
Use of strain crosses in breeding multiple pest resistant alfalfa

Srivastava, J.S.; Singh, B.D.; Dhar, B.; Singh, V.P.; Singh, R.B.; Singh, R.M., 1980:
Use of streptomycin resistance & phage sensitivity as markers in competition studies with Rhizobium leguminosarum

Romanov, G.I., 1979:
Use of stroboscopic cinematography in the study of the free fall of plant stems

Berner, H., 1981:
Use of sulfadimidine bolus in fattening bulls in stress situations and with respiratory diseases. III. Microbiological examination of rumen fluid

Karpovich, E.A.; Zvyagintseva, G.L., 1981:
Use of surfactants in production of wet-process phosphoric acid

Silagadze, M.A.; Lyushinskaya, I.I., 1980:
Use of sweet whey for the improvement of bread quality

Alfimtsev, N.A.; Shmanenkov, N.A., 1980:
Use of synthetic amino acids for feeding calves

Kaiser, H.; Gilman, S.D.; Stahl, U.; Jahne, H., 1980:
Use of synthetic boar odour to stimulate reproductive performance in sows

Bulatov, A.P.; Vepreva, A.G., 1980:
Use of synthetic methionine, amylosubtilin and pektavamorine in summer rations of dairy cows

Titchener, R.N.; Cochrane, D.G., 1980:
Use of synthetic pyrethroids

Dashevskii, I.N., 1979:
Use of systemic aphicides to destroy vectors of potato viruses

Chaudhary, R.R.P.; Bhattacharya, A.K.; Rathore, R.R.S., 1981:
Use of systemic insecticides for the control of stemfly Melanagromyza sojae (Zehnt.) and whitefly, Bemisia tabaci Genn

Sarah, J.L., 1981:
Use of systemic nematicides for the control of Pratylenchus brachyurus in pineapples. II. Secondary effects of foliar applications on the vegetative phase of the pineapple development cycle

Sarah, J.L., 1981:
Use of systemic nematicides for the control of Pratylenchus brachyurus in pineapples. III. Secondary effects of foliar applications on the response to floral induction treatment and on flowering

Sarah, J.L., 1980:
Use of systemic nematicides in the control of Pratylenchus brachyurus in pineapple growing. I. Preventive and curative activity on root infestations by foliar application

Morgan, D.L.; Hipp, B.W.; Jones, R.W., 1981:
Use of tensiometers in irrigation management of Roosevelt ferns

Moutonnet, P.; Brandy Cherrier, M., 1981:
Use of tensiometers to automate irrigation

Rozmarin, G., 1979:
Use of ternary diagrams for investigation of the chemical composition of wood

Grabinski, J.; Leroch, Z.; Nejmark, L.; Zieba, D., 1981:
Use of the EGS-4 electrogastrograph for recording electrical activity of the reticulum in acute and chronic experiments in sheep

Paponov, A.N.; Mezentseva, A.I., 1980:
Use of the index of determinate habit in evaluating tomato varieties

Liptak, J.; Verzar Petri, G.; Boldvai, J., 1980:
Use of the 'TAS' method for the examination of drugs and volatile oils

Dedek, M.; Mergl, M., 1980:
Use of the Alkosan and Acidosan sanitary preparations for cleaning and disinfection of milking installations and milk cooling tanks

Allen, F.R., 1979:
Use of the Blaney-Criddle formula in determining irrigation requirements - a case history

Weckwerth, H., 1981:
Use of the EA 20 Z-1 branch trimmer and the Lobau light winch in selective thinning of Scots pine

Marius, V.; Bennejean, G., 1981:
Use of the ELISA technique to detect serum antibodies to avian infectious bronchitis virus after vaccination and challenge

Mora, R.; Annibaldi, S., 1982:
Use of the Formascope in Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese production

Lange, R.; Friebe, R.; Linow, F., 1981:
Use of the Kjeldahl wet digestion - Berthelot reaction combined method for estimating nitrogen in biological materials. 4. Optimization of the Berthelot reaction with regard to consequent and secondary reactions of indophenol formation

Congiu, F., 1981:
Use of the Mediterranean scrub in Sardinia for goats

Vaitkus, V.; Kazlauskaite, E., 1977:
Use of the Milko-Tester Mark-2 instrument for determination of milk fat

Williams, P.C.; Panford, J.A., 1979:
Use of the Neotec Model 6350 research composition analyzer for optimization of wavelength and mathematical treatment for analysis of hard red spring wheat for protein

Smith, J.F.; Tervit, H.R., 1980:
Use of the PRID and temporary calf removal for oestrus synchronization in beef cattle

Dmitriev, V.P., 1981:
Use of the T criterion for the differential study of frost resistance in potato

Gousseland, J., 1978:
Use of the Turc's (1976) Climatic Index (CA) in a study of the agricultural potent of Grande-Terre (Guadeloupe)

Nistor, G.; Bem, S.; Alboiu, M., 1979:
Use of the accelerated degradation test for evaluating the stability of freeze-dried Newcastle disease vaccine in commercial conditions

Pustiglione Netto, L.; Yida, O.; Silva, G.D. da, 1979:
Use of the antiviral agent methisoprinol in cattle and swine with foot and mouth disease

Ryseva, T.A., 1979:
Use of the back-cross technique in breeding flax

Sardyko, N.V., 1980:
Use of the basophil degranulation test and leucocyte migration inhibition reaction for the characterization of mycogenic desensitization

Hessling Zeinen, G., 1981:
Use of the benzimidazole derivative in H 33258 for fluorescent banding of chromosomes of mice (Mus musculus)

Senft, B.; Bugener, B.; Heckelmann, K.H., 1981:
Use of the biuret method for quantitative determination of whey proteins in sows' milk

Hoberg, W., 1979:
Use of the cold storage chamber KLZ 245 for plant vernalization

Leshchenko, V.V., 1980:
Use of the collections of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) in breeding Poa pratensis, Lolium perenne and Bromus inermis

Yarvis, T.Kh, 1978:
Use of the computer for the analysis of the parasite fauna of roe deer

Dixon, B.D.; Parekh, J.V., 1979:
Use of the cone penetrometer for testing the firmness of butter

Shakhmedova, G.S.; Voblaya, S.N., 1980:
Use of the diploid species Gossypium anomalum Wawra et Pegs. for improving fibre quality

Natskova, V., 1981:
Use of the discriminating dose method in the study of resistance in the greenhouse whitefly

Orlova, Z.N.; Kasatkina, T.N.; Okhapkina, V.F., 1980:
Use of the dry milk mixtures, Robolakt and Linolak, in combined treatment of children with acute intestinal infections

Wanasuria, S.; Mengel, K.; Datta, S.K.D., 1981:
Use of the electroultrafiltration (EUF) technique to study the potassium dynamics of wetland soils and potassium uptake by rice

Ruiz, M.; Pictiaw Chen, 1980:
Use of the first derivative of spectral reflectance to detect mold on tomatoes

Oripov, A.O., 1981:
Use of the fungicide benomyl against sheep strongyles

Popov, B.V., 1979:
Use of the gametocide ethrel in Panicum millet hybridization

Sutton, D.L.; Vandiver, V.V.J.; Hestand, R.S.; Miley, W.W.I.I., 1979:
Use of the grass carp for control of hydrilla in small ponds

Orlov, D.S.; Biryukova, O.N.; Sadovnikova, L.K.; Fridland, Y.F., 1979:
Use of the group composition of humus and of some biochemical characteristics to identify soils

Martinez Cairo, S.; Ruiz Macias, C.; Lopez Roman, M.; Mateos Gomez, H., 1980:
Use of the haemagglutination technique with concentrated cerebrospinal fluid for the diagnosis of cerebral cysticerciasis

Scanlan, J.C.; Anderson, E.R., 1981:
Use of the heavy duty blade plough for control of woody regrowth in Central Queensland

Guedes, C.V.M.; Vedoato, R.A., 1979:
Use of the herbicide 2,4-D ester before direct sowing of soyabean

Guedes, L.V.M.; Vedoato, R.A., 1979:
Use of the herbicide 2,4-D ester before direct-planting of soybeans

Kouznetsov, R.L.; Rooney, W.; Wernsdorfer, W.H.; E.G.ddal, A.A.; Payne, D.; Abdalla, R.E., 1980:
Use of the in vitro microtechnique for the assessment of drug sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum in Sennar, Sudan

Popovich, A.L.; Reznikova, S.A.; Bugaenko, L.A.; Savchenko, L.F., 1981:
Use of the interspecific hybridization method in breeding mint

Remezova, G.L.; Tereshina, T.V.; Lytkin, I.I., 1980:
Use of the ion-exchange method to investigate phosphorus, potassium and sodium in the soils of the meadow biogeocenoses of the Ob river floodplain

Macarez, R., 1981:
Use of the isopropylamine salt of glyphosate to control perennial weeds before harvesting cereals

Weigand, E.; Kirchgessner, M., 1979:
Use of the isotope dilution method for the estimation of zinc absorption in experimental animals at different ages and with different supplies

Polak, J., 1982:
Use of the latex drop agglutination test in the diagnosis of potato viruses X, M and S

Latkovics, G.; Tischler, M.; Pinkoczy, K., 1980:
Use of the liquid N-fertilizer Nitrosol-28. I. Investigation of the transformation of 15Nitrosol-28 in a model trial

Latkovics, G.; Laszlo, T., 1980:
Use of the liquid N-fertilizer Nitrosol-28. II. Study of the transformation and translocation processes of 15Nitrosol-28 in the soil in a model trial

Shchedro, D.A., 1978:
Use of the low toxicity carbamide resin KS-M 0.3-P in the manufacture of wood particleboards

Pitukhin, A.V.; Lobashev, V.D.; Efimov, Y.T.; Shabrov, N.N., 1980:
Use of the method of finite elements to determine the stress/strain state of the ground under the track of a crawler vehicle

Karamyshev, R.M., 1980:
Use of the method of sedimentation in acetic acid to evaluate grain quality in wheat for genetic purposes

Boer, M.J. de, 1981:
Use of the milk ring test in detecting herds infected with Brucella abortus by examining tank milk samples

Beltrame, L.; Taylor, J.C., 1980:
Use of the neutron probe for determination of soil moisture content in the field

Snakin, V.V.; Dubinin, A.G., 1980:
Use of the oxidation potential of soils for the thermodynamic characterization of the biogeocenotic processes

Bryan, JH., 1980:
Use of the palpal ratio and the number of pale bands on the palps in separating Anopheles gambiae Giles s.s. and Anopheles melas Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae)

Bukarchuk, V.F., 1980:
Use of the phenotypic variability of traits in apple and quince in the selection of initial crossing components

Palmer, S.E., 1981:
Use of the portable infrared thermometer as a means of measuring limb surface temperature in the horse

Buhl, R., 1979:
Use of the predaceous mite Phytoseiolus persimilis on runner beans against the European red mite

Klinskii, Y.D.; Zhirkov, G.F., 1982:
Use of the progestogen mepregenol diacetate (Diamol) for synchronisation of oestrus in Karakul ewes in the mating season

Humke, R., 1980:
Use of the prostaglandin analogue Iliren in cattle

Slavchev, G., 1979:
Use of the pyruvate test for determining bacterial activity in milk

Sajko, W.; Kisza, J.; Kaczynski, J., 1981:
Use of the pyruvate test in evaluation of the hygiene quality of raw milk

Ferrer, J.F., 1982:
Use of the radioimmunoassay in a programme aimed at the eradication of the bovine leukaemia virus (BLV) infection from a high-incidence herd

Brown, P.J.; Driver, B.L.; Berry, J.K., 1980:
Use of the recreation opportunity planning system to inventory recreation opportunities of arid lands

Boshnakov, P.; Stoitsov, A.; Kerin, V., 1979:
Use of the retardant chlorocholine chloride (CCC) for producing seedlings of early tomatoes

Carlson, L.W.; Johnstone, W.D., 1979:
Use of the rhizometer to estimate foliar surface area

Hennig, A.; Flachowsky, G.; Wolfram, D.; Stubendorff, G.; Geissler, C.; Flachowsky, E.; Richter, G., 1979:
Use of the rumen fermentation regulator monensin in feeds for fattening bulls

Gillott, J.E., 1980:
Use of the scanning electron microscope and Fourier methods in characterization of microfabric and texture of sediments

Brogdon, WG., 1981:
Use of the siphonal index to separate Culex pipiens subspecies and hybrids

Kotova, K.A., 1979:
Use of the species Solanum andigenum Juz. et Buk. in breeding potato for resistance to Phytophthora

Demidko, Y.D., 1979:
Use of the species Solanum chacoense and S. phureja in breeding potato for high protein content

Patterson, R.S.; LaBrecque, G.C.; Williams, D.F., 1980:
Use of the sterile male technique as an adjunct to insecticidal and physical methods for stable fly control on the island of St. Croix, U.S.V.I

Costantini, S., 1981:
Use of the stripping anode voltammeter for direct determination of lead and cadmium in dried milk for animal feeding

Fomina, E.L.; Miroshnikova, K.I.; Matveev, L.V., 1981:
Use of the synthetic prostaglandin analogue Enzaprost-F

Fullerton, R.A., 1979:
Use of the synthetic pyrethroids fenvalerate and cypermethrin to control diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella (L.) and the large cabbage moth (Crocidolomia binotalis (Zeller)) in Rarotonga, Cook Is

Eggens, J.L., 1980:
Use of the third youngest leaf to estimate leaf area in Kentucky bluegrass

Kasenko, G.A., 1980:
Use of the topcross method for selecting parental pairs in sorghum breeding

Schlegel, G., 1980:
Use of the triphenyl tetrazolium chloride test and the acid fuchsin method for determining germination and dehydrogenase activity in heat-stressed seed of wheat, rye and barley

Mochizuki, Y., 1978:
Use of the unit hydrograph in farmland drainage. 2. Basin characteristics and runoff intensity

Laignelet, B.; Feillet, P., 1979:
Use of the viscoelastograph for measuring the texture of cooked rice

Anonymous, 1980:
Use of the waterways by private boats - report of a log book survey 1979

Shakhmedova, G.S., 1979:
Use of the wild African diploid species Gossypium anomalum Waur et Pegritsch in hybridization with G. hirsutum L

Denisov, N.I., 1981:
Use of the wild grape in breeding

Bazhanova, A.P., 1979:
Use of the world collection of Gossypium barbadense in breeding fine-fibred cotton

Lisich, V.V.; Mal' tseva, L.T.; Tsymbalenko, V.A., 1980:
Use of the world collection of intensive spring wheat varieties at the Kurgan Institute of Grain Farming

Lubenets, P.A., 1980:
Use of the world lucerne collection in breeding

Humblot, P.; Thibier, M., 1981:
Use of therapeutic plans in an infertility control programme in a dairy herd

Kaiser, W.J., 1980:
Use of thermotherapy to free potato tubers of alfalfa mosaic, potato leaf roll, and tomato black ring viruses

Gremillet, J.P., 1981:
Use of thiabendazole for increasing milk production

Zhukova, G.F.; Pimenova, V.V.; Medvedev, F.A., 1979:
Use of thin layer chromatography on polyamide for fluorescence determination of N-nitrosamines

Balla, E.F.E., 1979:
Use of time lapse photography to study grazing effects on wheatgrasses

McComb, J.A., 1979:
Use of tissue culture, particularly anther culture, for plant breeding and propagation in China

Hall, P.K.; Parrott, W.L.; Jenkins, J.N.; McCarty, J.C.J., 1980:
Use of tobacco budworm, eggs and larvae for establishing field infestations on cotton

Dohoo, I.R.; Meek, A.H.; Martin, S.W.; Barnum, D.A., 1981:
Use of total and differential somatic cell counts from composite milk samples to detect mastitis in individual cows

Summers, J.D.; Leeson, S.; Slinger, S.J., 1979:
Use of tower rapeseed soapstocks in broiler diets

Beloborodov, V.M., 1981:
Use of trace elements and growth regulators in seed stands and seed orchards of Scots pine

Escudero Barrilero, A.; Romero Maroto, J.; Mayayo Dehesa, T.; Maganto Pavon, E.; Perales Cabanas, L.; Tallada Bunuel, M.; Mateos Torres, A., 1981:
Use of translumbar puncture in the diagnosis of renal hydatid cyst

Kotelyanets, V.I., 1980:
Use of transport resources in agriculture

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