Use of pelleted feeds in fattening cattle

Cherkashchenko, I.; Osmel' yanenko, O.; Mechnik, L.

Zhivotnovodstvo 11: 33-34


Accession: 001028675

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Young bulls 6 months old were given a pelleted diet of 40 to 50% straw, 40 to 50% grain wastes, 5% grass meal, 3.5% molasses and 1.5% mineral supplement. The diet was given without or with Pektofoetidin G-3x at 0.3 g/feed unit. Feeding was for 325 days during which average daily bodyweight gain was 784 and 890 g, respectively. The bulls took 7.6 and 6.7 feed units/kg gain. In another trial lasting 122 days the pelleted diet given to young bulls 12 months old was of 60% straw, 30% grain wastes and 10% protein, vitamin and mineral supplement. The diet was given without or with Pektofoetidin. Pektofoetidin increased bodyweight gain, reduced by 11.4% the intake of feed units/kg gain, increased nitrogen retention and increased the meat yield.