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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Loomis, J., 1982:
Use of travel cost models for evaluating lottery rationed recreation: application to big game hunting

Gielen, M.; Bienfait, J.M.; Lambot, O.; Eenaeme, C. van; Istasse, L., 1982:
Use of trenbolone + oestradiol implants in young bulls during the growing and/or fattening periods

Anonymous, 1980:
Use of trenbolone acetate in the rabbit

Wallace, R.J.; Septimus, E.J.; Williams, T.W.; Conklin, R.H.; Satterwhite, T.K.; Bushby, M.B.; Hollowell, D.C., 1982:
Use of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole for treatment of infections due to Nocardia

Marz, W.; Kracht, W., 1979:
Use of trimethylamine and lactic acid as appetite-stimulating feed additives in pig fattening diets

Iwanska, S.; Biallowicz, E.; Strusinska, D., 1979:
Use of twarog varieties frozen by liquid nitrogen or in air-blast tunnel for production of confectionery dishes and desserts

Muscio, A.; Marsico, G.; Celi, R.; Casamassima, D.; Maiorana, M., 1978:
Use of twins for the production of heavy lambs with white meat. Quality of the meat and fat deposits

Cauquil, J., 1981:
Use of two synthetic pyrethroids (deltamethrin and cypermethrin) for the protection of cotton crops in the Central African Republic

Leps, W.T.; Roberts, G.P.; Brill, W.J., 1980:
Use of Two-Dimensional Polyacrylamide Electrophoresis to Demonstrate that Putative Rhizobium Cross-Inoculation Mutants Actually Are Contaminants

Roberts, G.P.; Leps, W.T.; Silver, L.E.; Brill, W.J., 1980:
Use of two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to identify and classify Rhizobium strains

Teixeira, J.C.; Lavorenti, A.; Miyada, V.S.; Lima, G.J.M.M.; Butolo, J.E.; Lowenthal, C.F.W., 1980:
Use of tylosin zinc bacitracin and 3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenyl arsonic acid in diets for growing finishing pigs

Biryukova, Z.A.; Novikov, O.P.; Tikhomirova, G.P.; Shutov, E.A.; Novikova, N.K., 1979:
Use of type Al-OKhO separator for clarifying milk for production of sweetened condensed milk

Schmidt, C.H., 1981:
Use of ultrafiltration for Feta cheese production in the Oldenburg and central dairy

Kessler, H.G.; Baurle, H.W., 1982:
Use of ultrafiltration in cheese technology

Zhukova, G.F.; Pimenova, V.V., 1978:
Use of ultrafiltration membranes for removal of N-nitroso compounds from foods

Palmer, E.; Driancourt, M.A., 1980:
Use of ultrasonic echography in equine gynecology

Gaister, E.I.; Pankova, E.I., 1980:
Use of ultrasonic methods for preventing deposit formation in washing machines

Legrand, J.J.; Carlier, B., 1982:
Use of ultrasound (echography) in the diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome in the dog

Alferova, L.K., 1979:
Use of ultraviolet irradiation in the production of nutrient yeasts

Zhukov, O.S., 1980:
Use of ultraviolet light in the photoinduced hybridization of sour cherry

Hubble, I.B.; Burt, R.A., 1981:
Use of ultraviolet photography to assess cleanliness of milk contact surfaces

Noland, P.R.; Campbell, D.R.; Johnson, Z.B., 1980:
Use of unextracted sunflower seeds as a protein source

Free, J.B.; Ferguson, A.W.; Pickett, J.A.; Williams, I.H., 1982:
Use of unpurified Nasonov pheromone components to attract clustering honeybees

Solov' ev, A.M.; Semina, N.N.; Kosharov, A.N., 1978:
Use of urea concentrate in dairy cow rations

Anonymous, 1980:
Use of vaccines against bovine brucellosis. Proceedings of an All-Union Conference on the use of live vaccine prepared from Brucella abortus strain 82

Panda, P.C., 1980:
Use of various binders on the acceptability of chicken sausage

Voropaeva, V.S.; Ionkima, A.A.; Mirolyubov, V.I.; Dragun, N.A.; Smekalov, N.A., 1981:
Use of vegetable raw materials in production of whole milk replacers

Martinatte Botte, F.; Gautier, J.; Depres, P.; Terqui, M., 1980:
Use of very early pregnancy diagnosis in pig herds

Lartaud, G.; Duchon Doris, J., 1980:
Use of vinclozolin on vegetable crops in France

Fischer Colbrie, P., 1982:
Use of viruses pathogenic to insects in fruit cultivation

Byrne, G.F.; Dabrowska Zielinska, K.; Goodrick, G.N., 1981:
Use of visible and thermal satellite data to monitor an intermittently flooding marshland

Zhgun, N.B.; Bezuglyi, G.V.; Kornobai, P.I.; Sadomichenko, A.E., 1971:
Use of vitamins A and D for rearing beef calves to 6 months old in large industrial establishments

Chuev, P.A.; Bronnikov, I.N., 1979:
Use of vitamins in feeding of pregnant ewes

Jirasek, J.; Hochman, L., 1979:
Use of warmed waters in rearing fish

Jamroz, D.; Mazanowska, A.; Gwara, T.; Chelmonska, B.; Trebusiewicz, B., 1980:
Use of waste animal fat in complete feeds for broiler chickens. 2. Effect of beef tallow in complete feeds on growth of broiler chickens and digestibility of nutrients

Trebusiewicz, B.; Chelmonska, B.; Gwara, T.; Jamroz, D.; Mazanowska, A., 1980:
Use of waste animal fat in feeds for broiler chickens. 3. Stability of fat in feeds for broiler chickens

Blank, K., 1981:
Use of waste heat from power plants in the bio-industries: results from RWE test stations

Sommers, L.E.; Sutton, A.L., 1980 :
Use of waste materials as sources of phosphorus

Bisht, N.S.; Harsh, N.S.K., 1981:
Use of waste tea leaves as an aid to culture of some wood-rotting fungi

Hubner, W.; Muller, P., 1977:
Use of waste waters from the coal-refining industry on grassland and forage areas of reclaimed lignite tips

Grandi, A., 1981:
Use of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in diets for rabbits

Gupta, G.C., 1980:
Use of water hyacinths in wastewater treatment

Saint-Paul, U.; Werder, U.; Teixeira, AS., 1981:
Use of waterhyacinth in feeding trials with matrincha (Brycon sp.)

Struckmann, E., 1982:
Use of weedkillers in oak and beech natural regeneration

Senesi, N.; Omar, A.M., 1981:
Use of well water for irrigation in the Baidoa region: effects on soil and crops

Heath, J.L.; Thomas, O.P.; Owens, S.L.; Nicholson, J.L.; Bossard, E.H., 1982:
Use of wheat contaminated with garlic in broiler rations

Fevrier, C.; Toullec, R., 1981:
Use of whey in animal nutrition - new developments

Tuma, J.; Sramkova, D., 1981:
Use of whey in the production of biscuits and wafers

Gueriviere, J.F. de la, 1981:
Use of whey in traditional human nutrition. I. Cereal products

Pinel, M., 1981:
Use of whey in traditional human nutrition. II. Meat products, cured meat products and meat preserves

Pankova, M.S.; Ramazanov, I.U.; Kaplenko, N.N.; Zhilin, N.M.; Bortakov, K.O., 1979:
Use of whey proteins in manufacture of pickled cheeses

Rosi, J.; Rossi, J., 1980:
Use of whey proteins recovered by ultrafiltration for producing kefir and for assessing grain growth

Banecki, H.; Staszewska, E., 1977:
Use of whey to prolong storage life

Vaitkus, V.V.; Butkevichene, A.A., 1980:
Use of whole milk replacers prepared by different methods

Vaitkus, V.V.; Butkevichene, A.A., 1980:
Use of whole milk replacers prepared by different technological procedures

Solomatin, M.I.; Bukharov, A.F., 1979:
Use of wild and semicultivated botanical varieties of Lycopersicon Tourn in tomato breeding

Lange, W.; Jochemsen, G., 1979:
Use of wild emmer (Triticum dicoccoides, AABB) in the breeding of common wheat (T. aestivum, AABBDD)

Pika, N.A.; Podgaetskii, A.A., 1980:
Use of wild potato species in breeding for Phytophthora resistance

Lavrent' ev, G.F.; Chernenko, E.G., 1979:
Use of wild species in lucerne breeding

Baranovskii, M.V., 1981:
Use of wild winter cabbage as an intermediate crop for feeding of cows

Boerstra, K., 1981:
Use of wind energy on livestock farms

Orlyuk, A.P.; Karamushka, L.F., 1981:
Use of winter wheat mutants in breeding

Shamov, E.N.; Tereshchenko, M.M.; Chunaev, S.V.; Bykov, V.A.; Egorov, Y.N., 1979:
Use of wood wastes and fodder hydrolysed sugar for feeding lactating cows

Leppavuori, E.K.M., 1981:
Use of wood-based panels in load-bearing structures

Bongso, T.A., 1980:
Use of xylazine for the transport of elephants by air

Bergonzini, E.; Fabbri, R.; Boniforti, L.; Palliola, E., 1978:
Use of yeasts grown on n-paraffins in feeds for pigs. 1. Grwth, slaughter and sanitary and quality control indices

Fabbri, R.; Bergonzini, E.; Palliola, E.; Piccininno, G., 1978:
Use of yeasts grown on n-paraffins in feeds for pigs. 2. Preserving qualities of meat

Kibakin, V.V.; Lapshina, L.N.; Lapshina, N.V., 1979:
Use of zinc in feeding of laying hens

Larson, G.L.; Hammitt, W.E.; Loy, J.L., 1981:
Use patterns of tubers, waders, and swimmers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Behaviour of winter backcountry users in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Newman, D., 1981:
Use your grass resources wisely

Nedashkovs' ka, L.A. (Nedashkovskaya, L.A), 1980:
Useful characters of diploid sugar beet obtained by crossing forms of different ploidy

Huang, H.T., 1980:
Useful chemicals and materials from arid land plants

Lukancheva, A.G., 1980:
Useful drought-resistant breeding material of spring wheat

Denisov, N.I., 1981:
Useful forms of Vitis amurensis

Kulik, M.I.; Shkvarnikov, P.K., 1981:
Useful induced mutants of spring durum wheat and their hybrids

Amaral, E.; Alves, S.B., 1979:
Useful insects

Livshits, I.Z.; Mitrofanov, V.I.; Smirnova, I.A., 1981:
Useful insects and mites in fruit orchards

Dorokhova, G.I.; Livshits, I.Z.; Mitrofanov, V.I., 1981:
Useful insects and mites in the fruit orchard

Unterberg, C.; Roschke, C.; Wolf, J., 1982 :
Useful life and reasons for culling of dairy cows in the German Democratic Republic - analysis and conclusions

Nagibin, A.E., 1980:
Useful material for breeding barley

Bome, N.A.; Belkina, R.I., 1979:
Useful mutants of spring wheat induced by gamma irradiation

Voronkin, G.P., 1980:
Useful oat varieties for breeding in the Krasnodar region

Vitkovskii, V.L.; Gorbatenko, L.E., 1980:
Useful plants of Jamaica and the republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Mittendorf, H.J., 1981:
Useful strategies for developing countries striving to improve food marketing systems

Rizzini, C.T., 1978:
Useful trees and timbers of Brazil: a manual of Brazilian dendrology

Ganguli, N.C.; Bhavadasan, M.K., 1980:
Useful use of urea in milk

Brebion, P., 1979:
Usefulness of Purpuras in the study of the Moroccan Quaternary

Bossuyt, R., 1982:
Usefulness of an ATP assay technique in evaluating the bacteriological quality of raw milk

Lindstrom, U.B.; Kenttamies, H.; Arstila, J.; Tuovila, R., 1981:
Usefulness of cell counts in predicting bovine mastitis

Podsiadło, B., 1980:
Usefulness of counterimmunoelectrophoresis for serological diagnosis of pulmonary aspergillosis

Hanneman, R.E.Jr, 1980:
Usefulness of haploids in prediction of performance of tetraploid progeny from inter-cultivar crosses

Edwards, G.E.; Huber, S.C., 1978:
Usefulness of isolated cells and chloroplasts for photosynthetic studies

Bukowiecki, F.K., 1977:
Usefulness of particular renovation methods of a meadow situated on peat-muck soil

Chalandon, A.; Paviot, J., 1981:
Usefulness of phosethyl Al in controlling rots or decline of ornamentals and flower plants caused by Phytophthora species

Allsopp, PG., 1979:
Usefulness of the grasshopper Monistria discrepans as a biocontrol agent for green turkey bush (Eremophila gilesii)

Stepniewski, W.S., 1979:
Usefulness of the tip-point micro electrode in the measurement of the oxygen diffusion rate in soil

Nicklas, W.; Bohm, K.H., 1981:
Usefulness of various disinfectants for the aerosol disinfection of surfaces

Davies, E.J.M., 1980:
Useless? The case against contorta

Anonymous, 1979:
User Guide to Vegetation: Mining and Reclamation in the West

Anonymous, 1979:
User and user group techniques for preventing and correcting recreation impact on wildland

Anonymous, 1980:
User guide to hydrology: mining and reclamation in the West

Anonymous, 1980:
User guide to sociology and economics: mining and reclamation in the West

Anonymous, 1979:
User guide to soils: mining and reclamation in the West

Thompson, G., 1981:
User pays principle

Morrison, K.E.; Priddle, G.B., 1981:
User reactions to a visitor distribution programme in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario

Deschene, W.A., 1981:
User's manual: RID*POLY geographic information system

Afolabi Ojo, G.J., 1980:
Users' preferences of various fuel types in the region: some guidelines for the rural energy systems project

Feddern, H., 1981:
Uses and effects of gelatin as a gelling and whipping agent as well as a stabilizer

Harper, A.E., 1979:
Uses and misuses of recommended dietary allowances

Felker, P.; Bandurski, R.S., 1979:
Uses and potential uses of leguminous trees for minimal energy input agriculture

Elliott, G.K., 1980:
Uses and value of residues from sawn timber production

Basu, T.K.; Bose, T.K., 1980:
Uses of ancymidol on flowering bulbous plants

Rains, D.W.; Talley, S.N., 1979:
Uses of azolla in North America

Bol, T.; Naveau, H.P.; Nyns, E.J., 1981:
Uses of biogas produced by a methane digestor

Cerna, M., 1980:
Uses of caseinates in dairy products

Semin, V.S.; Osipov, A.V.; Semina, S.N., 1981:
Uses of fluoroscopy for the early diagnosis of economically useful characters in breeding perennial plants

Visser, F.M.W., 1981:
Uses of milk protein in the food industry

Lankveld, J.M.G., 1980:
Uses of sweet buttermilk

Felker, P., 1981:
Uses of tree legumes in semiarid regions

Kimber, G.; Sears, E.R., 1980:
Uses of wheat aneuploids

Peschke, H., 1982:
Using 15N tracers to compare the efficiency of organic manures

Botbaev, I.M.; Khomyakova, M.R.; Polyaninova, L.N., 1980:
Using Australian Merinos at the Orgocher breeding farm

Khan, V.A.; Phills, B.R., 1981:
Using Basic programming technique for progeny selection and evaluation under the pedigree method of breeding

Wang, Y.Y.D.; Nakayama, T., 1981:
Using Dermestes maculatus Degeer (hide beetle) for protein quality evaluation

Suchanek, B., 1979:
Using Holstein-Friesian cattle in Europe

Chrenek, J., 1978:
Using Holstein-Friesians for crossbreeding with Slovakian Pied cattle

Thompson, D.R.; Wehmanen, O.A., 1980:
Using Landsat digital data to detect moisture stress in corn-soybean growing regions

Gyuro, F.; Soltesz, M.; Terpo, A.; Nyeki, J.; Toth, M., 1979:
Using Malus species for apple orchard pollination

Stavins, R.N.; Stanton, B.F., 1980:
Using Markov models to predict the size distribution of dairy farms, New York State, 1968-1985

Cameron, A.C.; Reid, M.S.; Hickman, G W., 1981:
Using STS to prevent flower shattering in potted flowering plants

Gorbukov, M.A., 1980:
Using White-Russian Coach stallions at farms

Boving, P.A.; Laird, J.W.; Baker, R.V., 1981:
Using a brush as a fan impeller

Drost, D.C.; Doll, J.D., 1980:
Using a controlled droplet applicator for post-emergence herbicide applications

France, J., 1982:
Using a programmable calculator for rationing beef cattle

Nikitchenko, I.N.; Agafonova, V.G., 1980:
Using a selection index for evaluating dairy cattle

Powers, T.A., 1980:
Using accounting prices to evaluate international tourism projects in developing countries

Chartier, P., 1980:
Using agricultural products for energy

Crothers, J.L.Jr, 1979:
Using alternative marketing techniques to improve returns from stored corn

Wu, L.; Kiang, Y.T., 1979:
Using an isozyme marker to detect pollen-derived plants from anther culture of wild rice

Brun Bellut, J.; Blanchart, G.; Vignon, B., 1981:
Using balances to estimate the protein requirements of goats in early lactation

Haraszti, E.; Vetter, J., 1979:
Using biologically active substances to influence the carotene and crude protein contents of several forage plants

Bulla, J., 1981:
Using biopsy for the determination of biochemical characters of muscles in pigs

Morawski, A.; Hoppe, R., 1979:
Using boar pheromones (SOA-Intervet) for detecting silent oestrus in sows

Heyberger, K.; Jandova, A.; Mejanarova, B.; Novotna, J.; Trnka, V., 1979:
Using cell-mediated immunity for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis and trichomoniasis

Orion, D.; Nessin-Bistritsky, B.; Hochberg, R., 1982:
Using color infrared aerial photography to study cotton fields infested with Meloidogyne incognita

Stephens, W.H., 1980:
Using colostrum for calf rearing

Pilchai, S.; Hunt, D., 1980:
Using combine engine waste heat for grain conditioning

Shadley, J.; Weber, D., 1980:
Using compound B-A translocations in maize to segment chromosomes

Koptik, I.K.; Misko, A.V.; Semenenko, M.V., 1979:
Using conversion of spring to winter varieties in wheat to obtain breeding material of winter wheat

Menendez, M.; Smith, M.F.; Wiltbank, J.N., 1980:
Using corticoids and estrogens for inducing parturition

Vasil' ev, G.M.; Prokof' ev, G.S.; Zagainova, L.M.; Kalyamina, V.E., 1981:
Using cranes for loading long logs

Polivoda, A.M., 1978:
Using creatinine and oxyproline in the urine as predictors of the content of lean in the carcass of pigs

Pett, I.; Bittner, H., 1980:
Using cytoplasmic inclusions to diagnose the resistance of breeding lines of potato to potato virus Y

Fomina, E.L., 1979:
Using deep frozen semen of outstanding stallions

Wheat, J.D.; Yu, T.J.T.; Chou, T.C.; Kemp, K.E.; Schalles, R.R., 1981:
Using diallel matings to estimate combining abilities and maternal effects in swine

Vovesny, V., 1979:
Using different classes of Czech Pied cattle and their crossbreds with Charolais and Dutch Black Pied bulls in fattening

Mel' nikov, N.A.; Movnin, M.S., 1981:
Using dimension-measuring transducers in saw-milling and wood-working

Erinyak, N.I., 1980:
Using donors of dwarf habit in breeding highly intensive winter wheat varieties

Carpenter, R.A., 1980:
Using ecological knowledge for development planning

Rippen, A.L., 1981:
Using energy wisely

Yee, J.J.; Shipe, W.F., 1981:
Using enzymatic proteolysis to reduce copper-protein catalysis of lipid oxidation

Mumford, D.L., 1982:
Using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to identify beet leafhopper populations carrying beet curly top virus

Henderson, C.R., 1979:
Using estimates of variances in predictions of breeding values under a selection model

Safranyik, L.; Whitney, HS., 1980:
Using explosives to destroy mountain pine beetle broods in lodgepole pine trees

Renoll, E., 1979:
Using farm machinery effectively

Ladeishchikova, E.I.; Pobegailo, A.I.; Belyi, G.D.; Pasternak, G.M.; Chernykh, A.G., 1980:
Using fertilizers in Scots pine stands liable to infection by Heterobasidion annosum

Kletskin, P.T.; Snytko, V.S.; Glazov, E.M., 1978:
Using fish meat, silkworm pupae, by-products from fur farms and grain for feeding foxes and arctic foxes

Simiane, M. de; Miossec, H., 1979:
Using fodder beet for dairy goats

Murphy, J.F., 1979:
Using fracture mechanics to predict failure of notched wood beams

Kerimbaev, M.B., 1981:
Using frozen semen in Karakul breeding

Highley, T.L.; Eslyn, W.E., 1982:
Using fumigants to control interior decay in waterfront timbers

Lojda, L.; Stavikova, M.; Zakova, M.; Polacek, J., 1982:
Using genetic factors for increased resistance to mastitis during selection of cattle

Pern, E.M.; Rozhdestvenskaya, G.A.; Kilbort, M.I.; Peterson, E.E., 1979:
Using genetic parameters of performance traits to increase the effect of selection in the important horse breeds

Soloviov, I.V.; Plakhotnikov, A.G., 1977:
Using genetic polymorphism of blood proteins in the design of mating in a pig herd

Esch, H. van; Holsteyn, G. van, 1981:
Using glasshouse screens with tomatoes; the first results are positive

Wibowo, H., 1979:
Using health centre as a basis for community development in Tentena-Poso (Sulawesi Tengah) Indonesia

Hussain, Z., 1981:
Using highly saline irrigation water for a fodder barley crop

Walter, B., 1980:
Using household waste in viticulture: possibilities and limitations

Ter' myaeva, L.; Mamaeva, L.; Korshunov, A., 1981:
Using imported Swedish Large White pigs at the Pioner breeding farm

Bubryak, I.I., 1979:
Using indicators of the level of natural radioactivity in breeding

Sinclair, A.N., 1979:
Using insecticides for control of blowfly strike on sheep

Caliandro, A., 1981:
Using irrigation sugarbeet growing in the south has been improved

Shen, D.T.; Gorham, J.R.; Ryland, L.M.; Strating, A., 1981:
Using jet injection to vaccinate mink and ferrets against canine distemper, mink virus enteritis, and botulism, type C

Dellenbach, P., 1980:
Using light aircraft to control forest fires

Williamson, J., 1981:
Using local peoples' participation in a food for work program in Nepal

Czarnecki, E.T., 1979:
Using mathematical methods for the estimation of tissue composition of cattle carcasses

George, P.; Brent, B.E.; Milliken, G.A., 1979:
Using mathematical models to evaluate feedlot performance during winter

Suchanek, B.; Bozovsky, A., 1980:
Using milk recording at alternate milkings

Gifford, D.R., 1981:
Using moist tropical forest in Brazil

Zung, K.H., 1980:
Using molasses: one attempt to develop a liquid feed supplement industry

Uhrin, V.; Kulisek, V., 1980:
Using morphometric methods for the evaluation of muscle fibre thickness

Springfield, H.W., 1978:
Using mulches to establish woody chenopods - an arid land example

Bakirov, K.B., 1980 :
Using mutagenic factors in breeding new rice varieties

Kirilin, N.I.; Alikhanov, D.M., 1980:
Using optical methods for grading potato tubers

Zebrowski, W., 1980:
Using optimization methods in the preparation of regional management projects for large agricultural areas

Tarasevich, I.I., 1979:
Using parameters of population genetics for increasing the effectiveness of selection in pigs

Kovtunenko, V.F.; Malkerov, V.P.; Matveeva, M.A.; Sinadskii, Y.V., 1980:
Using plants in mite and nematode control

Kiermeier, P., 1980:
Using prefabricated polyethylene blocks (Regenoform blocks) for planting

Iosifov, N.; Mladenov, I., 1979:
Using radiation polymerization of methylmethacrylate in particleboards to improve their physical and mechanical properties

Wildman, W.E.; Johannsen, C.J., 1981:
Using remote sensing in your extension program: I. Identifying and managing crop growth problems with color infrared aerial photography

Wang, F.M.; Chen, Y.L.; Deng, X.Y.; Zhang, G.L.; Yin, S.Z.; Xi, W.Y., 1980:
Using reverse indirect hemagglutination test in the detection of bacterial leaf blight pathogen (Xanthomonas oryzae) of rice

Post, D.F.; Horvath, E., 1980:
Using satellites to map rangeland resources: research 1976-80

Plocek, F.; Siler, R., 1979:
Using selection indices for evaluating pigs of different types

Beck, A.C.; Harrison, I.; Johnston, J.H., 1982:
Using simulation to assess the risks and returns from pasture improvement for beef production in agriculturally underdeveloped regions

Kovalenko, V.; Burlachenko, L., 1981:
Using small doses of deep frozen semen

Neff, E.L., 1980:
Using sodium carbonate to seal leaky stock ponds in eastern Montana

Rob, O.; Rozinek, J., 1978:
Using some histological methods in examining frozen semen

Miculka, B.; Pospisek, S.; Pucek, M., 1978:
Using spatial forms for growing grapevines on terraces

Zhirin, V.M.; Bakhtinova, E.V.; Orlova, O.L., 1980:
Using spectrozonal aerial photos for evaluating the health of Scots pine stands damaged by industrial fumes

Scheunemann, C., 1981:
Using temperature and sunshine to estimate the harvest date of gherkins

Dillaha, T.A.I.I.I.; Beasley, D.B.; Huggins, L.F., 1982:
Using the ANSWERS model to estimate sediment yields on construction sites

Lesser, W.; Wasserman, W., 1979:
Using the TI-59 programmable calculator to estimate operating costs and hauling rates for bulk milk assembly

Nwa, E.U., 1981:
Using the bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) as field drainage material

McClendon, R.W.; Brown, L.G.; Murphey, S.M.; Parvin, D.W., 1981:
Using the cotton and insect management (CIM) model to study Heliothis spp thresholds

Zelinskaya, L.M., 1981:
Using the index of imago infection by spores of microsporidia for predicting the reproduction of Lymantria dispar

Smichenko, L.M., 1981:
Using the method of light microscopy for pollination studies in apples

Vergara, B.S.; Mazaredo, A.M., 1979:
Using the new standard evaluation system to measure elongation ability

Pearson, A.M., 1979:
Using the penetrometer in ice cream portion control

Jellis, G.J., 1980:
Using the rebound pendulum to study resistance to gangrene (Phoma exigua var. foveata)

Feyhl, J.; Jubenville, A., 1981:
Using the recreation concept plan technique to assess public choice

Berck, P.H.hn, J., 1982:
Using the semivariance to estimate safety-first rules

Glotov, E.T., 1980:
Using the weight method of measurement

Taylor, P.A.; Carter, M.R., 1980:
Using tourism in regional development: planning for tourism in Scotland

Steffensen, D.M.; Patterson, E.B., 1979:
Using translocations to map the 5S rRNA genes to chromosome 2L in maize

Krasova, N.G.; Kuznetsova, A.G.; Sedov, E.N., 1981:
Using varietal resources of pear in breeding

Gay, G., 1982:
Using video to resolve community conflict

Liberati, W.A.; Sammons, D.J.; Baenziger, P.S., 1981:
Using visual developmental features to predict physiological maturity in winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Hochstetler, T., 1981:
Using waste engine heat to dry grain

Vintila, I.; Bandu, G.; Gheonea, D.; Ghidia, A.; Handra, M.; Jidav, E.; Vulpes, N., 1981:
Using waste industrial and municipal materials as soil amendments and fertilizers

Agena, U., 1980:
Using water quality considerations to prioritize agricultural implementation areas

Zall, R.R.; Jordan, W.K.; Chen, J.H.; Ludington, D.C., 1980:
Using winter coldness to provide refrigeration

Gradyatskas, A.I., 1980:
Using witches' brooms of pine and spruce in ornamental stands

Miyata, E.S.; Steinhilb, H.M.; Winsauer, S.A., 1981:
Using work sampling to analyze logging operations

Krumbholz, J., 1978:
Ustilaginales from the north of the German Democratic Republic

Rao, G.K.; Neema, K.G., 1975:
Ustilaginales of Jabalpur (India)

Jordan, J.L., 1980:
Ustilago urticulosa: biological control for Pennsylvania smartweed?

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Usufructuary land mortgage: a process contributing to growing landlessness in Bangladesh

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Usurpation in wasps (Hym., Vespidae)

Rahman, A., 1979:
Usury capital and credit relations in Bangladesh agriculture: some implications for capital formation and capitalist growth

Dostal, F., 1979:
Uterine and intra-uterine sonic phenomena detected in pregnant sows with an ultrasonic (Doppler) device

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Uterine blood flow and uterine arterial, venous and luminal concentrations of oestrogens on days 11, 13 and 15 after oestrus in pregnant and non-pregnant sows

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Uterine infections in the postpartum cow. I. Effect of dietary crude protein. II. Possible synergistic effect of Fusobacterium necrophorum and Corynebacterium pyogenes

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Uterine involution in relation to postpartum release of prostaglandin F2 alpha in the cow

Hanzen, C., 1982:
Uterine motility in the ewe during induced oestrus

Evans, C.A.; Kennedy, T.G.; Challis, J.R.G., 1982:
Uterine prostaglandin concentrations following fetal death in sheep

Garg, S.K.; Pandhi, P., 1981:
Uterine prostaglandin levels in pregnant ovariectomized rats

Garg, S.K., 1981:
Uterine prostaglandins E and F levels during pregnancy in the rat

Eyestone, W.H.; French, L.R., 1981:
Uterine specific antigens in the ewe

Kitts, D.D.; Krishnamurti, C.R.; Kitts, W.D., 1980:
Uterine weight changes and 3H-uridine uptake in rats treated with phytoestrogens

Shaikh, A.A.; Shaikh, S.A.; Celaya, C.L., 1981:
Utero-ovarian vein blood collection by the use of a laparoscope in the baboon

Narahari, D.; Reddy, C.V., 1981:
Utilisation of spent coffee seed meal (SCSM) in chick starter rations

Clerinx, P.; Deckers, J.C., 1980:
Utilisation of Ethrel to promote Jonagold coloration

Rahaman, M.M. (et al ), 1980:
Utilisation of a diarrhoea clinic in rural Bangladesh: influences of distance, age and sex on attendance and diarrhoeal mortality

Staepelaere, R.L.; Ginsburger, P.L., 1978:
Utilisation of bleached sulfate tropical hardwood pulp

Joseph, K.O.; Radhakrishnan, S.; Kaliyamurthy, M., 1980:
Utilisation of bottom slush from slightly polluted estuarine areas for plankton production

Arora, K.L.; Mathur, B.N., 1980:
Utilisation of butter milk as human food

Binder, W., 1981:
Utilisation of by-product-phosphogypsum for the production of cement and sulphuric acid

Ranawana, S.S.E.; Kellaway, R.C., 1978:
Utilisation of casein and formaldehyde-treated casein by lactating goats

Heyman, Y.; Renard, J.P.; Chupin, D.; Buisson, F. du M. du, 1980:
Utilisation of cervical embryo transfer for twin production in beef and dairy herds

Laanest, L.E., 1981:
Utilisation of exogenous phenylalanine and tyrosine in biosynthesis of C-glycosylflavones in barley

Jagathesan, D., 1980:
Utilisation of genetic variability in sugarcane breeding

Banerjee, R.K.; Bakrasi, B.B.; Basu, N.C., 1978:
Utilisation of human and cattle urine in increasing fish production

Roux, P.J. le, 1981:
Utilisation of inland water resources with special reference to conservation on areas controlled by the Directorate of Forestry and Environmental Conservation

Kutera, J.; Kutera, M., 1981:
Utilisation of liquid manure from large animal farms in Poland

Nielsson, F.T., 1981:
Utilisation of low grade rock in phos-acid production

Moharram, Y.G.; Moustafa, A.M., 1982:
Utilisation of mango seed kernel (Mangifera indica) as a source of oil

Anonymous, 1976:
Utilisation of manure by land spreading

Wismans, W.M.G., 1980:
Utilisation of milk records for selection work in the herd

Gunsett, F.C., 1981:
Utilisation of multiple trait selection experiments for the estimation of realised genetic parameters

Anonymous, 1979:
Utilisation of results of parasitological examination by a diagnostic laboratory

Bhanumurthi, J.L.; Desai, H.N., 1979:
Utilisation of sub standard (oxidised) butter oil for the manufacture of dried ice cream mixes

Soni, P.L.; Pal, R.; Madan, R.N., 1980:
Utilisation of teak (Tectona grandis) bark - Production of pulp for wrapping paper and cellulose derivatives

Dulphy, J.P.; Andrieu, J.P., 1981:
Utilisation of wilted silages by heifers

Arnoux, J.; Jacob, C.; Brunel, E.; Missonnier, J., 1979:
Utilising the chi 2 method in tests of the effectiveness of insecticide treatments against wireworms (Agriotes sp.) in potato crops

Sinden, J., 1980:
Utility analysis in recreational research

Nandi, A.S.; Sengupta, B.; Sen, S.P., 1982:
Utility of Rhizobium in the phyllosphere of crop plants in nitrogen-free sand culture

Nandi, A.S.; Sengupta, B.; Sen, S.P., 1982:
Utility of Rhizobium in the phyllosphere of crop plants under field conditions

Nandi, A.S.; Sen, S.P., 1982:
Utility of Rhizobium in the phyllosphere of crop plants: two-way exchange of metabolites between Rhizobium and the host plant

Sharma, R.C.; Rane, D.B.; Sahai, B., 1980:
Utility of aerial photographs in reconnaissance ravine survey of Sabarmati Basin in semi-arid region of Gujarat

Kadrekar, S.B., 1980:
Utility of basic slag and liming material in lateritic soil of Konkan

Otani, H.; Oda, Y.; Hosono, A.; Tokita, F., 1980:
Utility of beta -lactoglobulin as a nitrogen source for bacterial growth

Taylor, S.E., 1980:
Utility of differential leaf and air temperature measurements in determining plant water stress

Dalby, J.M.; Putnam, A.R., 1980:
Utility of oxyfluorfen and napropamide for weed control in fruit crops

Osborne, LS., 1981:
Utility of physiological time in integrating chemical and biological control of greenhouse whitefly

Jacob, R.A.; Sandstead, H.H.; Klevay, L.M.; Johnson, L.K., 1980:
Utility of serum ferritin as a measure of iron deficiency in normal males undergoing repetitive phlebotomy

Nagarajan, S.; Seiboldt, G.; Kranz, J.; Saari, E.E.; Joshi, L.M., 1982:
Utility of weather satellites in monitoring cereal rust epidemics

Ignat' evskii, N.; Isakov, A.; Larin, V.; Ostretsov, V.; Anan' ev, S.; Karanov, S., 1980:
Utilization of briquettes of low density

Crist, J.B., 1976:
Utilization advantages of material produced in maximum fiber yield plantations

Field, A.C., 1980:
Utilization and conservation of grassland resources in Iceland. Factors affecting animal performance on the bogs with special reference to trace element nutrition

Anonymous, 1980:
Utilization and conservation of grassland. Progress report 1979

Miller, S., 1980:
Utilization and interconversion of purines and ribonucleosides in the mosquito Anopheles albimanus Weidemann

Anonymous, 1978:
Utilization and management of alder

Escuder, C.J., 1980:
Utilization and management of tropical pastures

Walker, D.O. (et al ), 1981:
Utilization and marketing opportunities

Jacobson, S.; Christenson, I.; Kager, L.; Kallner, A.; Ljungdahl, I., 1981:
Utilization and metabolic effects of a conventional and a single-solution regimen in postoperative total parenteral nutrition

Anonymous, 1978:
Utilization and nutritive value of high quality ensiled forage

Kosharov, A.N., 1979:
Utilization by animals of non-protein nitrogen for biosynthesis of amino acids and proteins

Shabaev, V.P.; Sokolov, O.A.; Kudeyarov, V.N., 1980:
Utilization by different crops of soil and fertilizer nitrogen applied at increasing rates. 2

Fierro, L.C.; Gomez, F.; Chavez, A.; Reyes, L.O., 1982:
Utilization by goats of desert grasslands in northern Mexico

Giovanni, R., 1981:
Utilization by growing and fattening lambs of peas and lupins as replacements for soya bean meal

Pomazkina, L.V., 1980:
Utilization by plants and conversion of labelled fertilizer nitrogen in soils of taiga zone of middle Siberia

Anonymous, 1979:
Utilization by ruminants of high altitude pastures and Mediterranean rough grazings

Sherman, D.L.; Harris, J.M.; Easley, J.F.; Shirley, R.L., 1981:
Utilization by steers of diets with whole blood

Chavkina, L.I., 1980:
Utilization by young bulls of dietary magnesium during fattening on distillers' grains

Tarasov, L.I., 1978:
Utilization factor of the operating time of irrigation systems

Xianghui, L.; Schieder, O., 1981:
Utilization in vitro of D-lactose by B6S3 tumor cells of tobacco

Siddiqi, M.Y.; Glass, A.D.M., 1981:
Utilization index: a modified approach to the estimation and comparison of nutrient utilization efficiency in plants

Janke, H., 1979:
Utilization of 'absolute' sheep fodder; a contribution to the release of fodder reserves

Talabi, S.O.; Fetuga, B.L.; Ologhobo, A., 1980:
Utilization of 'big-eye' fish (Brachydeuterus auritus) for fish meal and fish protein concentrate production. A preliminary biochemical and nutritional evaluation

Fitzsimmons, R.C.; Sim, J.S.; Bragg, D.B., 1980:
Utilization of 14C-ovo cholesterol by developing avian embryos

Izmailov, S.F.; Bruskova, R.K.; Baskakova, S.Y.; Arman, L.A.; Smirnov, A.M., 1981:
Utilization of 14C-sucrose in isolated roots and tissues of plants having different pathways of nitrogen metabolism

Izmailov, S.F.; Bruskova, R.K.; Baskakova, S.Y.; Arman, L.A.; Smirnov, A.M., 1981:
Utilization of 14C-sucrose in isolated roots and tissues of plants with different directions of nitrogen metabolism

Hylmar, B.; Pokorna, L.; Peterkova, L., 1982 :
Utilization of Bacillus megaterium strains producing proteinases with milk-clotting activity

Jelen, P.; Yehya, N., 1981:
Utilization of Cottage cheese whey in processed-cheese-like dairy spreads

Katoch, B.S.; Katoch, R.C.; Mahajan, N.C.; Bhowmik, K.B.D., 1978:
Utilization of Indian horse-chestnut (Aesculus indica) kernels and wild isbgol (Plantago lanceolata) plant-meal as poultry feed ingredients

Manca de Nadra, M.C.; Pesce de Ruiz Holgado, A.A.; Oliver, G., 1981:
Utilization of L-arginine by Lactobacillus buchneri: arginine deiminase

Jones, B.E.; Montgomery, M.J.; Holmes, C.R., 1980:
Utilization of Maltlage (R) in complete rations for lactating dairy cows

Jones, B.E.; Montgomery, M.J.; Holmes, C.R., 1980:
Utilization of Maltlage (R) in complete rations for replacement dairy heifers

Tesoro, F., 1979:
Utilization of Natal grass (Rhynchelytrum roseum) in the feeding of cattle and sheep

Wolfschoon, P.A.F.; Furtado, M.M., 1980:
Utilization of Pro-Milk II for protein determination in Minas Frescal cheese

Singh, N.P.; Bhatia, D.R., 1982:
Utilization of Prosopis cineraria by sheep and goats

Gujarathi, J.M.; Shukla, P.C.; Talpada, P.M., 1981:
Utilization of Prosopis juliflora pods in the ration of Kankrej bullocks for maintenance

Piot, J.; Nebout, J.P.; Nanot, R.; Toutain, B., 1980:
Utilization of Sahelian woody species by domestic herbivores. Quantitative study in the southern zone of Oursi fen (Upper Volta)

Lebedev, A.G., 1980:
Utilization of TUR in raising tomato transplants

Arkhipov, N.P.; Rerikh, V.I.; Bazylev, V.V.; Martyushov, V.V., 1981:
Utilization of Tertiary clays of Mangyshlak to improve brown desert soils

Avivi, L., 1979:
Utilization of Triticum dicoccoides for the improvement of grain protein quantity and quality in cultivated wheats

Perry, J.; Lumb, M.; van der Westhuyzen, J.; Fernandes-Costa, F.; Metz, J.; Chanarin, I., 1980:
Utilization of [2-14C]tetrahydropteroylglutamic acid and 5-[G-3H]methyltetrahydropteroylglutamic acid as substrates for folate polyglutamate synthesis in fruit bats: effect of vitamin B-12-deficiency

Kuznetsov, V.S., 1980:
Utilization of a dried acidophilic preparation by breeding ducks

Bouty, J.L.; Mouchot, J.C., 1981:
Utilization of a freeze-dried culture for direct inoculation in the manufacture of a pressed cheese. (Tome de Savoie)

Laine, G., 1980:
Utilization of a mineralizer block to evaluate total nitrogen in plants rich in nitrate (iron reduction method)

Turrent, F.A., 1979:
Utilization of a mixed matrix for the optimization of five to eight controllable yield factors

Shul' ga, G.M.; Mozheiko, L.N.; Rekner, F.V.; Metra, A.Y., 1980 :
Utilization of a polymer complex based on technical lignosulphonates for soil improvement

Hasegawa, T.; Hachinohe, M.; Sekimura, K.; Takeda, T., 1981:
Utilization of a self-fertile factor in sugar beet breeding -- inheritance of self-fertile factor (Sf)

Jones, J.H.; Olsen, F.J.; Joost, R.E.; Rushing, K.A., 1980:
Utilization of a vegetative-soil filter for liquid dairy waste disposal

Grumann, A.; Lopez, J., 1980:
Utilization of additives in pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum (L) Leeke)

Farnworth, E.R.; Hill, D.C., 1980:
Utilization of administered folacin derivatives by rats fed a diet low in methionine and folacin

E.B.tawy, M.A.; Amer, S.N.; Naghmoush, M.R.; Fahmi, A.H.; E.S.ibiny, S., 1981:
Utilization of adult bovine rennet as a substitute for calves rennet in making Ras cheese

Marchaim, U., 1980:
Utilization of agricultural wastes for energy and animal feed

Dattilo, M., 1978:
Utilization of agro-industrial by-products and the exploitation of marginal areas

Yadav, K.R.; Paliwal, V.K.; Khirwar, S.S.; Krishna, G., 1980:
Utilization of agro-industrial by-products by livestock and poultry. 4. Nutritive value of malt sprout in sheep

Paliwal, V.K.; Khirwar, S.S.; Pradhan, K., 1980:
Utilization of agro-industrial byproducts by livestock and poultry. 2. Effect of higher levels of pea waste on the performance of broiler chicks

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Utilization of agro-industrial byproducts by livestock and poultry. 3. Nutritive value of hominy feed in cattle

Khirwar, S.S.; Yadav, K.R.; Paliwal, V.K.; Sharda, D.P., 1981:
Utilization of agroindustrial byproducts in broiler rations for meeting some limiting amino acid requirements

Peterson, J.B.; Larue, T.A., 1981:
Utilization of aldehydes and alcohols by soybean bacteroids

Conrad, H.R.; Hibbs, J.W., 1981:
Utilization of alfalfa protein in dairy cows

Gupta, P.K., 1979:
Utilization of alien genetic resources in wheat improvement -- achievements, possibilities and limitations

Baader, W.; Dohne, E.; Orth, H.W.; Strehler, A., 1980:
Utilization of alternative energy

Parsons, C.M.; Potter, L.M., 1981:
Utilization of amino acid analogues in diets of young turkeys

Monjour, L.; Bousquet, B.; Lambert, D.; Ferrand, D.; Druilhe, P.; Gentilini, M., 1980:
Utilization of amino acids by Plasmodium falciparum in vitro

Yarov, I.I.; Kalinnikova, E.T.; Andreev, S.A.; Sokolova, T.D., 1981:
Utilization of amino acids by pigs given diets with different amounts of lysine

Yesufu, H.M., 1979:
Utilization of amino acids in culture: a probable method of differentiating between Trypanosoma brucei and T. gambiense

Papadopoulou Mourkidou, E.; Iwata, Y.; Gunther, F.A., 1980:
Utilization of an infrared detector for selective liquid chromatographic analysis. Formulation analysis of the pyrethroid insecticides resmethrin, permethrin, and fenvalerate

Kluczka, G.; Betz, R.; Kuhn, G., 1981:
Utilization of and outlook for private and public infrastructure in peripheral rural areas

Savchenko, A.F.; Salavatulina, R.M.; Sukhanov, B.P.; Ignat' ev, A.D., 1980:
Utilization of animal and vegetable proteins in the manufacture of boiled sausage

Faggi, D.H., 1978:
Utilization of annual crops with dairy cows

Shevtzov, O.; Zaskind, L., 1981:
Utilization of anthelmintics against turkey ascaridiosis in poultry farms

Shinde, D.A.; Thomas, P.T.; Soni, B.K., 1980:
Utilization of applied sulphur-35 by wheat and A values of soil sulphur as affected by nitrogen application

Yabe, K., 1978:
Utilization of available rainfall under field irrigation. 3. Water utilization under different depths of irrigation water

Eshwaraiah ; Reddy, M.R., 1981:
Utilization of bamboo seed in chick rations

Isshiki, Y.; Nakahiro, Y.; Ohmatsu, K., 1981:
Utilization of barley in the laying hen

Kazaryan, E.S.; Melikyan, M.M.; Della Rossa, R.G., 1977:
Utilization of boron fertilizers on different types of mountain meadows

Morales Simkins, M.S.; Topp, L.F.rt, S.H., 1979:
Utilization of bovine blood for human nutrition. Study of the functional properties of red blood cell protein isolate and its application for use as a source of iron

Vyas, S.H.; Pandya, A.J.; Patel, J.N.; Desai, H.K., 1980:
Utilization of by-products from dairy industry

Makartsev, N.G.; Khadanovich, I.V.; Vershinina, R.S.; Bol' shechesko, R.A., 1979:
Utilization of calcium and phosphorus by young pigs given various amounts of vitamin A and cholecalciferol with their diet

Pilat, Z., 1980:
Utilization of capacity in cowsheds

Antongiovanni, M., 1978:
Utilization of carbohydrate energy of feeds by ruminants

Leibholz, J., 1982:
Utilization of casein, fish meal and soya bean proteins in dry diets for pigs between 7 and 28 days of age

Reddy, M.V.; Alfred, J.R.B., 1979:
Utilization of castor (Ricinus communis Linn.) leaves by the last instar larvae of the silk moth, Philosamia ricini Hutt. (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)

Lovell, R.T., 1980:
Utilization of catfish processing waste

Kvitkin, Y.P.; Tishenkova, D.L., 1979:
Utilization of cellulases in low-energy feed mixtures for hens

Sukhova, T.T.; Babanko, S.V., 1980:
Utilization of cheese whey

Astorg, P.O., 1980:
Utilization of cis and trans docosenoic acids in rats; effect of the amount of calcium and linoleic acid in the diet

Murunova, G.V.; Klimovskii, I.I., 1980:
Utilization of citric acid during storage of raw milk in relation to lactic acid fermentation

Scherer, H.W.; Vollmar, N., 1980:
Utilization of clay-fixed ammonium nitrogen by Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum)

Gvozdenovic, D., 1981:
Utilization of climate resources by apple trees

Cottyn, B.G.; Boucque, C.V.; Fiems, L.O.; Vanacker, J.M.; Buysse, F.X., 1981:
Utilization of coarse forages as base rations in beef production

Sinclair, A.W.J., 1981:
Utilization of coastal British Columbia log sortyard debris

Mosteiro, A.P., 1978:
Utilization of coconut palm timber: its economic significance in some countries in the tropics

Sood, S.M.; Sethi, R.P.; Sharma, B.N.; Ghai, S.K., 1979:
Utilization of coffee waste as a source of carbon for the production of fungal protein (SCP)

Gouin, F.R., 1980:
Utilization of composted dewatered raw sewage sludge for the production of forest seedlings

Scaramuzzi, G., 1981:
Utilization of coppice forests biomass for fuel and other industrial uses

Rodriguez, J.P.; Young, L.G., 1981:
Utilization of corn and wheat in diets of pigs weaned at 7 days of age

Leffel, E.C., 1981:
Utilization of corn residues

Montenegro, S.; James, MA.; Levy, MG.; Preston, MD.; Esparza, H.; Ristic, M., 1981:
Utilization of culture-derived soluble antigen in the latex agglutination test for bovine babesiosis and anaplasmosis

Mann, E.J., 1982:
Utilization of dairy ingredients in bakery products

Mann, E.J., 1980:
Utilization of dairy ingredients in meat products

Towler, C., 1982:
Utilization of dairy products in beverages

Campus, F.; Rossi, G., 1978:
Utilization of data on growth and regrowth of grass for the determination of the optimum stocking rate

Hatton, J.V., 1981:
Utilization of dead wood in pulping: current studies on the processing of spruce budworm-killed balsam fir

Garcia Bilbao, J.L., 1981:
Utilization of deproteinized whey and nitrogenous waste materials by yeasts

Zhambakin, Z.A.; Moldabekova, K.M., 1977:
Utilization of desert pastures by rotational grazing

Pochernyaeva, G., 1981:
Utilization of dietary energy during supplementary feeding with choline chloride

Shmanenkov, N.A.; Shigareva, V.I.; Bocharova, M.I.; Aitov, S.N.; Karnachev, P.I., 1980:
Utilization of dietary nitrogen by male calves in relation to level of calcium and phosphorus in the diet

Orlov, L.V.; Grigor' ev, N.G.; Sychev, A.I.; Malenko, G.P., 1978:
Utilization of dietary nutrients and carcass composition of table chickens in relation to energy value of rations

Khaleneva, L.D.; Kharitonova, G.E.; Kazhdan, V.E., 1980:
Utilization of dietary nutrients by line C hens

Bakanov, V.N.; Ovsishcher, B.R.; Bondareva, N.I.; Irbichin, A.S., 1981:
Utilization of dietary nutrients in cows under different management methods in summer

Thakur, D.P., 1980:
Utilization of downy mildew resistant germplasms and other resources for increased productivity of pearl millet under arid and semi arid regions of India

Kekez, M., 1980:
Utilization of dried poultry excreta as a source of phosphorus in diets for laying hens

E.S.ukkary, O.A.; Chamberlain, A.G., 1977:
Utilization of dried sugar beet pulp and dried poultry waste by sheep. 1. Digestibility and nitrogen balance

E.S.ukkary, O.A.; Chamberlain, A.G., 1977:
Utilization of dried sugar beet pulp and dried poultry waste by sheep. 2. Voluntary feed intake, growth rate and some carcass traits

Nechaeva, N.T., 1977:
Utilization of ecosystems of the arid zone of the USSR by pasture management

Kong, P.; Veum, T.L., 1980:
Utilization of egg albumen, isolated soybean protein, and milk proteins by neonatal pigs

Yamashita, R.; Yoshitomi, H.; Nakano, F.; Haykawa, S., 1981:
Utilization of electrostatic separator for stalk separation in tea refining process

Prasad, R.L.; Singh, L.N., 1980:
Utilization of endogenous lipids by buffalo spermatozoa in vitro

Stanley, D.L.; Ewan, R.C., 1982:
Utilization of energy of hominy feed and alfalfa meal by young pigs

Parrassin, P.R.; Verite, R.; Hoden, A., 1982:
Utilization of ensiled brewers' grains by dairy cows

Illanes, A.; Schaffeld, G., 1981:
Utilization of enzymes in the food industry. II

Kessler, H.G., 1982:
Utilization of exhaust air heat in spray-drying of milk and milk products

Burghardtova, K.; Tupy, J., 1980:
Utilization of exogenous sugars by excised maize embryos in culture

Mateos, G.G.; Puchal, F., 1980:
Utilization of faba beans (Vicia faba L. major) in diets for laying hens

Viana, J.A.C.; Rodriguez, N.M., 1979:
Utilization of faecal phosphorus and calcium in the estimation of their intake by sheep

Arnold, J.C.; Engel, R.W.; Aguillon, D.B.; Caedo, M.M., 1981:
Utilization of family characteristics in nutritional classification of preschool children

Persson, S.P.E.; Bartlett, H.D., 1981:
Utilization of farm-produced biogas

Burlacu, G.; Rus, V.; Baia, G.; Stavri, J., 1980:
Utilization of feed energy by calves during the weaning period

Pogorelova, I.E.; Zinchenko, L.I., 1978:
Utilization of feed protein by lactating cows in relation to extent of balancing of rations in vitamins and minerals

Allen, G.S.; Hitchcock, J.P., 1980:
Utilization of ferric nitrilotriacetate and ferric oleate as oral forms of iron by nursing pigs

Shiyan, P.N.; Lyashenko, A.N., 1981:
Utilization of fertilizer and soil nitrogen by sugar beet plants

Oza, A.M.; Subbiah, B.V., 1980:
Utilization of fertilizer nitrogen and its distribution in the soil profile under a multiple cropping system

Howell, J.O., .:
Utilization of first instars in scale insect systematics

Yuguchi, H., 1981:
Utilization of fish meal hydrolysate for fermented milk products. I. Effect of the fish meal hydrolysate on the growth of various lactic acid bacteria

Yuguchi, H., 1981:
Utilization of fish meal hydrolysate for fermented milk products. II. Effects of fish meal hydrolysate and other substances on growth of lactic acid bacteria

Yuguchi, H., 1981:
Utilization of fish meal hydrolysate for fermented milk products. III. Comparative study of fish meal hydrolysate and brewer's yeast extract on stimulation of growth of bifidobacteria

Yuguchi, H., 1981:
Utilization of fish meal hydrolysate for fermented milk products. IV. Effect of fish meal hydrolysate on curd tension of fermented milk products

Yuguchi, H., 1982:
Utilization of fish meal hydrolysate for fermented milk products. VI. Effect of the membrane-filtered fraction from fish meal hydrolysate on growth of lactic acid bacteria and on curd tension of fermented milk products

Ewan, R.C., 1981:
Utilization of fish meal in swine rations

Ewart, L.C., 1981:
Utilization of flower germplasm

Anonymous, 1979:
Utilization of forest energy today and in the future

Bourbouze, A., 1980:
Utilization of forest grazing by goats

Batterham, E.S.; Murison, R.D., 1981:
Utilization of free lysine by growing pigs

Thompson, M.M., 1981:
Utilization of fruit and nut germplasm

Anonymous, 1981:
Utilization of germplasm

Abdullaev, I.K.; Tagiev, S.B., 1980:
Utilization of gibberellin in viticulture

Nilsson, B.O.; Ostensson, C.G.; Eide, S.; Hellerström, C., 1980:
Utilization of glucose by the implanting mouse blastocyst activated by oestrogen

Veum, T.L.; Mateo, J.P., 1981:
Utilization of glucose, sucrose or corn starch with casein or isolated soybean protein supplemented with amino acids by 8-day-old pigs reared artificially

Jailkhani, V.K.; De, S., 1979:
Utilization of goat milk for khoa making

Eguiarte, J.A.; Garza, T.R., 1981:
Utilization of grain sorghum crop residues by cattle under grazing

Sandru, I., 1980:
Utilization of granulated insecticides in protecting potato crops

Svejcar, V., 1980:
Utilization of grapevine seeds

Tiesema, K., 1980:
Utilization of grassland on B. P. de Boer's farm at Stiens

Morgan, P.H., 1981:
Utilization of growth constants as response variables in experimental nutrition

Carroll, M.N., 1980:
Utilization of hardwoods in composite panel products

Standl, K., 1982 :
Utilization of heat from whey in factories producing hard- and semi-hard cheese

Dvoretskii, G.B., 1981:
Utilization of heat in dairy factories

Zhang (Chang), S.H.; Tang, X.X.; Zhon (Chon), X.H., 1981:
Utilization of heterosis in crosses involving Erhualian sows

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Utilization of imaginal tissues from pupae of the stable fly for the study of chitin synthesis and screening of chitin synthesis inhibitors

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Utilization of indole analogs by carrot and tobacco cell tryptophan synthase in vivo and in vitro

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Utilization of industrial wood

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Utilization of internal reserves for increasing basic resources

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Utilization of kusali grass (Heteropogon contortus) available in the Konkan region. I. Digestibility and rate of passage of natural grass

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Utilization of lactose by farm animals

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Utilization of laser light stimulation of tomato seeds in the Alma-Ata region

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Utilization of leghemoglobin-bound oxygen by Rhizobium bacteroids

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Utilization of leguminous plant residues as green manure. I. Effect on the nutrients N, P, S

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Utilization of leguminous plant residues as green manure.II. Effect on soil microflora and on several antagonistic mechanisms towards Azotobacter

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Utilization of limited water resource for increasing crop productivity

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Utilization of lipolyzed Edam cheese in process cheese

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Utilization of liquid fertilizers for hop nutrition

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Utilization of liquid yeast containing various strains of thermophilic lactic acid bacteria

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Utilization of livestock waste compost for rice. I. Effects of the compost on the growth and yield of rice and soil chemistry

Orth, H.W., 1980:
Utilization of low temperature heat

Selyuga, A.A.; Ponomarev, V.I., 1981:
Utilization of low-grade hardwood

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Utilization of low-potential geothermal waters for heating greenhouses

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Utilization of lucerne and red clover by dairy animals

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Utilization of male chick meal as a protein supplement in broiler chick rations

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Utilization of mesquite (Prosopis spp.) pods for ethanol production

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Utilization of mesquite and honey locust pods as feedstocks for energy production

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Utilization of methionine and hydrolysed feather meal by male cattle fed on low-quality roughage

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Utilization of milk coprecipitate and soya protein isolate in the manufacture of 'combination' meat products

Little, D.A., 1982:
Utilization of minerals

Keating, W.G., 1980:
Utilization of mixed species through grouping and standards

Bourbouze, A., 1979:
Utilization of mountain areas by farmers of the High Anti-Atlas

Molenat, G.; Martin Rosset, W.; Loiseau, P., 1980:
Utilization of mountain pastures by ewes, heifers, mares and foals

Sargent, C., 1980:
Utilization of national health maternity services in a northern district of People's Republic of Benin

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Utilization of native wood species in the state of Santa Catarina for the production of pulp

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Utilization of natural isotopes in the study of salination of the waters in the Pajeu River valley, northeast Brazil

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Utilization of natural pasture by geese

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Utilization of natural pasture of batatais grass (Paspalum notatum) with introduction of legumes and fertilization with phosphate

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Utilization of nitrogen and amino acids by male calves on a diet with different amounts of threonine

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Utilization of nitrogen and trace elements by highly productive cows on winter diets with different sugar/protein ratios

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Utilization of nitrogen by two isolates of wilt pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. udum (Butler) Sny. and Hans

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Utilization of nitrogen from crop residues in oxisols and ultisols

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Utilization of nitrogen from heat damaged forages

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Utilization of nitrogen in feed by lactating sow

Mankevich, I.I., 1978:
Utilization of nitrogenous substances by ewes of the established Belorussian breeds for milk protein synthesis

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Utilization of non-merchantable wood in steppe regions

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Utilization of non-protein nitrogen by ruminants

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Utilization of nonprotein nitrogen and the nitrogen requirements of laying hens

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Utilization of nutrients and lipid metabolism in broiler chickens on a diet with crystalline L-lysine

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Utilization of nutrients from milk containing different levels of energy by buffalo calves

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Utilization of organic materials in volcanic ash soils distributed widely in Tokachi District. 1. Changes in inorganic nitrogen content of soils during the decomposition of plant residues

Matsushiro, H.; Satoh, T., 1981:
Utilization of organic materials in volcanic ash soils distributed widely in Tokachi district. 1. Changes in the inorganic nitrogen content of soils during the decomposition of plant residues

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Utilization of organic wastes as composts. I. Excess sludge in the waste water of wood industries

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Utilization of parenteral amino acids after operations. 1. Comparative studies of values in blood in healthy adults and after operations

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Utilization of pasture in the production of lamb meat

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Utilization of pastures with cattle in the eastern region. El Ceibo, Charqueada, Lascano, Rincon de Ramirez, Sierra Polanco and Alferez Units

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Utilization of pastures with cattle in the lower western zone - Kiyu Unit

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Utilization of pastures with cattle in the northeastern region. Tacuarembo and Fraile Muerto Units

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Utilization of pastures with cattle in the western region. Young unit

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Utilization of peas in diets of early-weaned pigs. Effect of type of cereal

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Utilization of peat for pelleting seeds of vegetable crops with the aim of increasing emergence and yield

Mihai, G., 1980:
Utilization of permanent grasslands by young cattle stock in Maramures

Verdonck, O., 1980:
Utilization of pine bark compost in horticulture

Ali, A., 1981:
Utilization of pine wood waste for the manufacture of carbon pellets and activated carbons

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Utilization of polyphenols from the bark of Pinus brutia for production of wood adhesives

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Utilization of poor forages by goats

Martin Rosset, W.; Loiseau, P.; Molenat, G., 1981:
Utilization of poor pastures by horses

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Utilization of poultry litter in the fattening of bulls

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Utilization of productive assets in butter manufacture

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Utilization of protected and unprotected rapeseed by lactating dairy cows

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Utilization of protein by beef cows in late lactation

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Utilization of protein resources

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Utilization of protein sources of different origin in feeding calves for white veal

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Utilization of protein, carbohydrate, and fat in fasting and postabsorptive subjects

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Utilization of protein-rich seeds in the feeding of goats during early lactation

Krajcovicova, M.; Dibak, O.; Bucko, A., 1981:
Utilization of proteins in relation to protein and fat intakes

Sayago, J.M., 1976:
Utilization of remote sensing (LANDSAT) in the inventory of natural resources

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Utilization of residues of glutamic fermentation and natural phosphates on pastures

Anonymous, 1980:
Utilization of resistance

Taylor, H.M.; Willatt, S.T., 1981:
Utilization of rhizotrons in root research

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Utilization of rice bean (Phaseolus calcaratus Roxb.) seeds in chick ration

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Utilization of rice straw in the Taichung area

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Utilization of rough grazings by the farmers of Castagniccia

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Utilization of runoff waters: the Meskats and other techniques in Tunisia

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Utilization of rye diets by chicks as affected by lipid type and level and penicillin supplementation

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Utilization of secondary tree species in south Brazil

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Utilization of seeds of Vicia ervilla in the feeding of chickens. 1. Effects of including high levels of seed in starter diets

Ocio, E.; Vinaras, R.; Trevino, J.; Brenes, A., 1980:
Utilization of seeds of Vicia ervilla in the feeding of chickens. 2. Effects of the inclusion of high levels of seed for finishing chickens

Ocio, E.; Vinaras, R.; Trevino, J.; Brenes, A., 1980:
Utilization of seeds of Vicia ervilla in the feeding of chickens. 3. Effect of low levels of seed for starting chickens

Combs, G.F.J.; Mandisodza, K.T.; Gutenmann, W.H.; Lisk, D.J., 1981:
Utilization of selenium in fly ash and in white sweet clover grown on fly ash by the chick

Ciamporova, M., 1980:
Utilization of semithin sections for orientation of plant material examined by electron microscopy

Boguslawski, E. von, 1980:
Utilization of sewage sludge of different grades in arable farming

Anonymous, 1979 :
Utilization of sewage sludge on land (Papers and Proceedings of a Water Research Centre Conference held at Keeble College, Oxford, England, 10 to 13 April, 1978)

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Utilization of silage by sheep - fewer and fewer problems

Petrow, P.; Marinova, S., 1980:
Utilization of slurry for improving soil fertility

Ustinov, V.I., 1980:
Utilization of soil in northern latitudes

Rappeport, E.; Pasternak, D., 1980:
Utilization of solar energy for heating greenhouses

Brinsfield, R.B.; Felton, K.E., 1980:
Utilization of solar energy in broiler production

Svihra, J.; Kostrej, A., 1980:
Utilization of solar radiation as affected by the vertical distribution of the leaf area in the profile of a winter wheat stand

Nino Velasquez, E.; Patino Ochoa, E., 1981:
Utilization of some forest resources from arid lands in Mexico

Abramochkin, A.I., 1979:
Utilization of sorption isotherms for the determination of optimum moisture content of spray-dried caseinate

Koch, P., 1978:
Utilization of southern hardwoods

Halmagean, P., 1978:
Utilization of sow's milk for weight gain by sucking piglets

Shadomy, H.J.; Philpot, C.M., 1980:
Utilization of standard laboratory methods in the laboratory diagnosis of problem dermatophytes

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Utilization of straw for fertilizing vegetable crops grown in greenhouses

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Utilization of sugar beet pulp and ensiled maize

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Utilization of sulphur by rice from gypsum and its balance sheet in soil using 35S

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Utilization of sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) in animal feeding. 3. Addition of various levels of roots and urea to sweet potato forage silages

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Utilization of sweet sorghum residues for making silage (preliminary study)

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Utilization of synthetic lysine by the growing pig

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Utilization of the double metre method in the study of the Secuieu grasslands (Mount Apuseni)

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Utilization of the D- and L-isomers of methionine and methionine hydroxy analogue as determined by chick bioassay

Baker, D.H.; Boebel, K.P., 1981 :
Utilization of the D-isomers of arginine and histidine by chicks and rats

Duan, S.K.; Ma, B.Y.; Li, Y.L., 1981:
Utilization of the crude extract of Cochliobolus heterostrophus race T to identify T cytoplasm in maize

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Utilization of the free space between double rows of cassava by Crotalaria juncea L

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Utilization of the label from bacterial DNA by isolated barley roots and embryos under different conditions

Kuncova, E.; Capek, P., 1981:
Utilization of the liquid fertilizer DAM for removing the lower leaves of hop plants

Yosifov, N.; Mihailov, B.; Bozadzhiev, P., 1981:
Utilization of the metal ammonium phosphates as fire protective substances for particleboards

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Utilization of the new mineral UF membranes for making semi-hard cheeses

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Utilization of the nitrogen of ammonium nitrate and urea by spring cereals

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Utilization of the nutritive elements by maize as related to the rates applied

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Utilization of the products of rapid thermolysis of decayed wood. 2. Liquid condensate (soluble tar)

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Utilization of the protein and energy of the white potato by human infants

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Utilization of the protein of green forage by ruminants at pasture

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Utilization of the results of meat inspection of cattle in the control of tuberculosis

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Utilization of tissue culture to isolate interspecific hybrids in Carica L

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Utilization of top dressing nitrogen by cauliflowers during the period of maximum utilization of elements from mineral nutrition

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Utilization of tropical hardwoods for manufacture of pulp, generation of steam, and electrical energy - a preliminary industrial survey

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Utilization of tropical species in the production of sleepers for the Metro

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Utilization of unconventional feeds in the ration of lactating cows

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Utilization of underutilized species in the boreal mixedwood forest in Ontario

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Utilization of unreduced gametes in breeding for yield and total tuber protein in potatoes

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Utilization of unreduced gametes to study the breeding behaviour of total tuber protein in potatoes

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Utilization of urea and isobutylidene diurea in cattle feeding. III. Urea and milk production

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Utilization of urea and isobutylidene diurea in cattle feeding. IV. Isobutylidene diurea (IBDU) and milk production of mature dairy cows

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Utilization of urea, uric acid and caged layer waste by ruminal microorganisms continuously cultured in vitro

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Utilization of various ensiled dairy cattle waste fiber rations by sheep

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Utilization of vegetable germplasm

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Utilization of vinasse in clayey soil and chemical composition of sugarcane

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Utilization of vine shoots

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Utilization of vitamin A during pregnancy. Variations according to weight of the foetuses. Studies in rats

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Utilization of volatile fatty acids, glucose and ketone bodies by the mammary glands of cows given a pelleted diet with sodium acetate

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Utilization of waste animal fats for the lubrication of mixed feeds for broiler chickens. 1. Testing the lubricated mixed feeds in the production of broiler chickens

Landa, V., 1981:
Utilization of waste from hop picking

Dlabaja, Z., 1980:
Utilization of waste heat from internal-combustion engines for drying some agricultural products

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Utilization of waste organic materials as composts

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Utilization of waste organics as composts. 2. Sludges from food industries as fertilizer

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Utilization of waste water by pigs

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Utilization of waste wood for power

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Utilization of western Canadian hardwoods. Proceedings of symposium held at Prince George, British Columbia, November 21-22, 1979

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Utilization of whey - principles and problems

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Utilization of whey for the preparation of confectionery products

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Utilization of whey in foods and feeds

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Utilization of whole aspen tree material as a roughage component in growing cattle diets

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Utilization of wild Arachis species at ICRISAT

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Utilization of wild Nicotiana species for breeding disease resistant tobacco varieties

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Utilization of wild oats (Avena fatua) by growing swine

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Utilization of wild relatives in genetic improvement of Arachis hypogaea L. : Part 2: chromosome complements of species in section Arachis

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Utilization of wild species for crop improvement

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Utilization of winged bean for Thai traditional consumption

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Utilization of winter rape according to the date its flowering finishes

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Utilization of woody ornamental germplasm

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Utilization of yeast residue in pig production

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Utilization of yeast wastes for feeding of laying hens

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Utilization of yeasts from unconventional substrates in feed mixtures for fattening pigs

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Utilization of zinc by wheat, as influenced by application of phosphorus

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Utilization, potential and conservation of Agathis, a genus of tropical Asian conifers

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Utilized metabolizable energy output from permanent grassland and enclosed rough grazing for a sample of upland farms in England and Wales

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Utilizing Solanum germplasm to increase yields of the potato I. Population improvement. II. Reciprocal differences. III. Heterosis

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Utilizing communication to support development

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Utilizing solar energy for agriculture and development in India: problems and prospects

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Utilizing the brachytic-2 mutant in constructing an ideotype of maize

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Utilizing waste activated sludge for animal feeding

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Utlization of galactose by man

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V.N. Sukachev, the founder of forest genetics, breeding and selection

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VA mycorrhiza II. Effect on plant growth

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VIII Agricultural technology

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VS-3, a new F1 hybrid of flue-cured tobacco

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VTR leads variety of media techniques used in Tanzanian training for rural development

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Vacant niches and unsaturated communities: a comparison of bracken herbivores at sites on two continents

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Vacation and tourism behaviour of foreigners

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Vacation expenditure per participant

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Vacation homes: a bibliography

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Vacation survey 1980

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Vacation travel and fuel shortages: a critical comment

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Vacation travel by Canadians in 1979. Summary

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Vacation travel planning segments: self planning vs. users of motor clubs and travel agents

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Vaccinating sheep against salmonellosis (Salmonella abortusovis infection)

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Vaccination - an effective method of reducing losses from virus diseases of potato

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Vaccination against Aujeszky's disease in herds of fattening swine where the disease is endemic

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Vaccination against EDS '76. Laboratory trial on broiler breeding flocks

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Vaccination against coccidiosis in chickens

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Vaccination against experimental pneumonic pasteurellosis

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Vaccination against filarial worms using radiation-attenuated vaccines

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Vaccination against malaria. Is it for tomorrow?

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Vaccination against malaria. Present situation and perspectives

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Vaccination against porcine parvovirus infection

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Vaccination against schistosomiasis

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Vaccination against trematodes

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Vaccination against trypanosomes

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Vaccination for control of streptococcal disease in cultured yellowtail

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Vaccination in the prevention of mastitis

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Vaccination of Q-fever infected cattle: the effect on excretion of Coxiella burnetii

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Vaccination of calves with Pasteurella multocida and Pasteurella haemolytica

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Vaccination of cattle and sheep with MK25 vaccine against Aujeszky's disease

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Vaccination of chickens against coccidiosis

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Vaccination of female cattle against brucellosis in the northern Ivory Coast: technique, results

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Vaccination of fowls of various ages against avipoxvirus with the attenuated HP-1 strain

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Vaccination of geese suffering from candidosis

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Vaccination of hamsters with Leishmania hertigi against subsequent infection by L. mexicana and L. brasiliensis

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Vaccination of heifers with a reduced dose of Brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine before first mating

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Vaccination of jirds, Meriones unguiculatus, against Litomosoides carinii and Brugia pahangi using irradiated larvae of L. carinii

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Vaccination of pigeons against pigeon herpes encephalomyelitis virus

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Vaccination of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri Richardson, at low temperatures and the long-term persistence of protection

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Vaccination of the African white-tailed rat, Mystromys albacaudatus, with sonicated Leishmania braziliensis panamensis promastigotes

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Vaccination of tomato

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Vaccination or tactical treatment with levamisole against lungworm

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Vaccination prevents atherosclerosis induced by Marek's disease herpesvirus

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Vaccination procedures against Nocardia brasiliensis infection in the mouse

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Vaccination program for the control of Newcastle disease in Korea

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Vaccination scheme against Aujeszky's disease in swine, particularly the inoculation of piglets with live vaccine

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Vaccination trial by the oral route against salmonellosis in sheep due to Salmonella abortusovis, using a live virulent strain. III

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Vaccination-induced distemper in kinkajous

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Vaccine for white spot in fish

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Vaccine prophylaxis of chlamydial abortion in ewes

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Vaccine-induced rabies in four cats

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Vaccines against malaria

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Vaccines against parasitic diseases - malaria

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Vaccines against piroplasms

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Vaccinoprophylaxis of experimental hydatid disease and the antibodies produced against different antigens of scoleces

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Vacuolar contents of fruit subepidermal cells from vitis species

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Vacuolar Deposition of Ascorbate-derived Oxalic Acid in Barley

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Vacuolar localization of proteases and degradation of chloroplasts in mesophyll protoplasts from senescing primary wheat leaves

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Vacuolar nitrate and the isolation of vacuoles for localization and transport studies

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Vacuolar reorganization in the motor cells of Albizzia during leaf movement

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Vacuole dynamics in fungal plant pathogens

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Vacuole/Extravacuole distribution of soluble protease in hippeastrum petal and triticum leaf protoplasts

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Vacuoles from sugarcane suspension cultures. I. Isolation and partial characterization

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Vacuoles from Sugarcane Suspension Cultures : II. CHARACTERIZATION OF SUGAR UPTAKE

Komor, E.; Thom, M.; Maretzki, A., 1982:
Vacuoles from Sugarcane Suspension Cultures : III. PROTONMOTIVE POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE

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Vacuum evaporator for milk

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Vacuum injection measurements of susceptibility to insecticides

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Vacuum packing process and apparatus

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Vacuum precooling, ethylene and storage of cantaloup melons

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Vacuum pump capacity, pipeline size and modified cluster design: influence on vacuum stability and cross contamination

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Vacuum regulator

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Vade mecum on deficiencies and toxicities of nutrients required in medium and trace amounts by grapevines

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Vagal control of the feeding motor pattern in the lower esophageal sphincter, stomach, and small intestine of dog

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Vagal mediation of hypothalamic obesity but not of supermarket dietary obesity

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Vaginal contraceptives for prophylaxis against sexually transmissible diseases

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Vaginal cytological studies on the domestic cat (Felis domestica) with particular reference to a comparison between the anovulatory cycle and pregnancy

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Vaginal electrical resistance in cows. I. Measurements in isolated reproductive tracts. II. Relationship to milk progesterone concentrations during the reproductive cycle

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Vaginal electrical resistance in the mare - a preliminary report

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Vaginal parasitosis

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Vaginal prolapse in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) - a preview

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Vaginal smear cycle in 4-day cyclic Chinese hamsters, Cricetulus griseus

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Vaginal smears in the Beagle bitch. Determination of the time of ovulation by the eosinophil index

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Vaginal yeasts in parturients and infestation of newborns

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Vaginitis associated with vaginal malodour

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Vaginitis: a study of the efficacy of povidone-iodine in unselected cases

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Vaginitis: the method of diagnosis

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Vaginopexy technique for the management of recurrent utero-vaginal prolapse in bovines

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Vagotomy and the motor response to feeding

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Vagotomy facilitates extinction of conditioned taste aversions in rats

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Vagotomy fails to block the satiating effect of food in the stomach

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Vairimorpha necatrix a pathogen of agricultural pests: potential for pest control

Anonymous, 1981:

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Vakpo P.E.A. projects: a Ghanaian case study

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Valepotriates in callus and suspension cultures of different members of the Valerianaceae

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Valepotriates in tissue cultures of nine different Valerianaceae species in comparison to literature data of the intact plants

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Valexon and Basudin against stored-product pests

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Validating Michigan State University's codling moth model (MOTHMDL) in an arid environment: a test in Utah

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Validating a large scale simulation model of wilderness recreational travel

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Validating predicting equations: the supply of feeder calves in West Virginia

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Validation of Entomophthora aquatica

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Validation of a PETE timing model for the oriental fruit moth in Michigan and central California (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae)

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Validation of a dietary record system for the estimation of daily cholesterol intake in individual outpatients

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Validation of a dynamic harvesting simulation through time and motion study

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Validation of a dynamic model of greenhouse climate

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Validation of a method for measuring exchangeable body sodium in the rat

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Validation of a radioimmunoassay for indole-3-acetic Acid using gas chromatography-selected ion monitoring-mass spectrometry

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Validation of a soil-plant-water model

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Validation of a soybean yield model, based on phenology and climate

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Validation of a system for computerized measurements of spermatozoal velocity and percentage of motile sperm

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Validation of growth models used in forest management

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Validation of pest management models

Anonymous, 1981:
Validation of technology in farm trials

Anonymous, 1980:
Validation of technology in on-farm trials

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Validation of trailside registration boxes

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Validity of a dietary score for assessing nutrient adequacy

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Validity of calorie coefficients for estimation of nutrient intake of adults

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Validity of calorie coefficients for estimation of nutrient intake of preschool children

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Validity of estimating percentage parasitization of Nezara viridula populations by Trichopoda pennipes using parasite-egg presence on host cuticle as the indicator

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Validity of larval surveys to estimate trends of adult populations of Anopheles albimanus

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Validity of quantitative ambient temperature-response relationships derived from in vitro investigations

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Validity of simple form of Fick's first Law in self and tracer diffusion

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Validity of the incidence of Nosema in colonies deduced from bees found dead in winter

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Validity, for some herbaceous species, of the analytical method of germinability of seeds with tetrazolium salts

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Valine and in vitro thiamine absorption and phosphorylation in rat small intestines

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Valorization of poultry slurry by composting with conifer bark and pulp mill waste sludge

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Valorization of the solid matter or cake of pig slurry by composting with conifer bark

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Valorization of town refuse compost

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Valuable durum wheat mutants

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Valuable early cauliflower cultivars

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Valuable lucerne specimens under irrigation conditions

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Valuable types of bitter cherry

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Valuable varieties of yellow melon for greenhouse cultivation

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Valuation of farm properties and farm land

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Valuation of meadows and pastures. General aspects

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Valuation of migratory birds -- qualitative and quantative research

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Valuation of timber stands marked for felling

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Valuation, distribution of profits and bookkeeping in farm amalgamation. Proposed solutions and models

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Value added in cheese manufacture

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Value analysis of wildeness areas

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Value and importance of shortened lactation from the viewpoint of heifer selection

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Value and potential use of crop residues and by-products in dairy rations

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Value and rent of farm land

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Value and structure of retail trade turnover

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Value capital assets in agricultural bookkeeping

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Value conflict and alienation: the case of rural Tunisia

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Value in ancestral traits

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Value of Un genes of resistance of barley to loose smut for breeding

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Value of a wild potato species in breeding

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Value of commercial types of dairy cows in large capacity cowsheds

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Value of conformation as an indicator of sheep carcass composition within and between breeds

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Value of dietary protein for hyperplastic growth at restricted energy intakes

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Value of dietary selenium and vitamin E for weanling swine as measured by performance and tissue selenium and glutathione peroxidase activities

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Value of etrenol in the periodic treatment of bilharziasis in Iraq

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Value of freshly produced lucerne juice as a source of supplemental protein for the growing pig

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Value of laboratory studies of lipids in the diabetic syndrome

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Value of peanut skins (testa) as a feed ingredient for growing-finishing swine

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Value of purgation in examining stool for parasites

Gunn, S.L., 1982:
Value of relationships in leisure

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Value of reserved habitat for mammalian conservation in plantations

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Value of scoring mating behavior as indicated by chalk marks during different breeding seasons

Trawinska, J., 1980:
Value of some methods for determination of antibiotics in milk

Romaniuk, K., 1982:
Value of the Ciba-Geigy preparation Valbazen (albendazole) for the control of nematodes of horses

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Value of the cross 6x triticale X rye for the genetic diversification of triticale

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Value of the latex agglutination test for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

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Value of the latex test with Toxoplasma antigen in clinical practice

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Value of the white Karakul in a grading-up programme. 1971-1976

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Value of three crops, maize, pearl millet and sunflower in relation to forage and milk yields

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Value of weather information in cranberry marketing decisions

Anonymous, 1982:
Valued environments

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Values as determinants of motivations: tourism and other career choices

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Values for carbohydrate and protein metabolism in the blood of pregnant sows at different feed energy levels

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Values for protein metabolism in Black Pied cows of various ages

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Values for some components in colostrum, in blood serum of dairy cows and in blood serum of healthy growing calves

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Values for some nitrogen metabolites and mineral components of the blood serum of lambs during intensive fattening

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Values for urea and uric acid in blood and the activity of aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, gamma -glutamyltransferase and lactate dehydrogenase in cows given for long periods silage preserved with allylisothiocyanate

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Values in policy formulation for rural development

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Values of lipid metabolism in young cattle reared in an industrial complex on a whole milk replacer

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Values of tropical moist forests

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Values underlying food buying habits among low-income consumers

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Valuing amenity resources in the presence of substitutes

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Valuing outdoor recreation benefits: an annotated bibliography

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Valve assembly for a milking system

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Valve for a milk claw

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Valve for a milking machine

Olander, K.E. (Sweden), 1982:
Valve for a milking machine claw

Nordenskjold, K. (Sweden), 1981:
Valve for a milking plant