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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1981:
Valve unit for a liquid flow sensing device

Calvert, C.A., 1982:
Valvular bacterial endocarditis in the dog

Miramand, P.; Guary, JC.; Fowler, SW., 1980:
Vanadium transfer in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Nair, P.N., 1980:
Vanalakshmi, an agro-forestry project in Kerala

Thayer, R.; Wagner, F., 1981:

Bakker, G.; Paepe, K. de et al., 1982:
Vandalism and rural outdoor recreation: better than it might be;Vandalism in parks and public open space is unavoidable; Vandalism: a(n) (in)soluble problem?

Jones, A., 1981:
Vandalism in the urban fringe. Synopsis of a one-day workshop held at the University of Salford, July 24, 1980

Anonymous, 1982:
Vanilla milk -- a new vogue in the school milk sector

Zagatti, P.; Kunesch, G.; Morin, N., 1981:
Vanillin, the main constituent of the aphrodisiac secretion emitted by the androconia of the male of the sugar-cane pyralid: Eldana saccharina (Wlk.) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Galleriinae)

Funk, A., 1982:
Vanterpoolia, a new genus of sporodochial hyphomycetes

Capinera, JL.; Naranjo, SE.; Packard, MJ., 1981:
Vapor density and water loss from eggs of the range caterpillar, Hemileuca oliviae

Woodrow, J.E.; Seiber, J.N., 1982:
Vapor pressures of MCPA herbicide and of its salt and ester formulations

Voevodin, V.M.; Shcheglov, P.P., 1980:
Vapour insulation of low-rise houses built with wood-based panels

Van Gestel, J.; Van Cutsem, J.; Thienpont, D., 1981:
Vapour phase activity of imazalil

Barreto, C.L.; Baker, L.O.; Fay, P.K., 1980:
Variability among 12 leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.) ecotypes

Munevar, F.; Wollum, A.G.I.I., 1980:
Variability among Rhizobium japonicum strains in their tolerance to high temperatures

Boe, A.A., 1980:
Variability and breeding behaviour in big bluestem populations from eastern South Dakota

Gulyaev, G.V.; Dolgodvorova, L.I.; Sharonova, O.A., 1979:
Variability and correlation of quantitative characters in winter rye hybrids

Gorshkova, V.A.; Gorodov, V.T., 1980:
Variability and correlation of the main quantitative characters in barleys of different ecological groups

Mehdi, S.S.; Shah S U D., 1979:
Variability and correlation studies in durum wheat

Mohammed Ali Khan, 1981:
Variability and correlation studies in radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

Rang, A.; Sandhu, T.S.; Bhuller, B.S., 1980:
Variability and correlation studies on yield components and protein content and their implication in selection in chickpea

Enescu, V.; Contescu, L., 1980:
Variability and heritability of certain characters in Scots pine seed-parent progenies

L' vova, P.M., 1979:
Variability and heritability of economically useful characters in barley after treatment with mutagens

Debelyi, G.A.; Kalinina, L.V.; Kanarskaya, L.N., 1979:
Variability and heritability of economically useful traits in varieties of Vicia sativa

Tocut, V.; Pillo, F., 1978:
Variability and heritability of first-lactation milk yield in Friesian cattle in the Banat district

Belyaeva, E.G., 1981:
Variability and heritability of quantitative characters in a hybrid population of winter wheat

Bakinovskaya, E.O., 1980:
Variability and heritability of quantitative characters in varieties of spring triticale

Siratskii, I.Z., 1982:
Variability and heritability of reproductive traits of Carpathian Brown bulls

Ishchenko, L.A.; Savel' ev, N.I.; Yakovlev, S.P., 1979:
Variability and heritability of scab resistance in hybrid apple seedlings

Kinasz, W., 1980:
Variability and heritability of some characters in spring wheat hybrids

Kir' yan, M.V., 1981:
Variability and heritability of some economically useful characters in winter wheat varieties

Tymchuk, S.M., 1981:
Variability and heritability of the carbohydrate complex in maize grain

Yaama, A.Ya, 1981:
Variability and heritability of the progeny in the plums Liflyandskaya Zheltaya Yaichnaya and Parnu Sinine in respect of economic and biological characters

Kir' yan, M.V., 1979:
Variability and heritability of winter hardiness in intervarietal winter wheat hybrids

Bovtramovich, I.B.; Bovtramovich, N.F., 1980:
Variability and inheritance of early ripening in Lupinus albus following treatment with chemical mutagens

Sardzhveladze, L.F.; Sanikidze, V.I., 1981:
Variability and inheritance of economically useful characters in the variety Kolkhida

Pandita, M.L.; Sidhu, A.S.; Arora, S.K., 1980:
Variability and inter-relationships between yield and yield components in potato

Ustimenko, G.V.; Popov, V.P.; Kumar, M., 1981:
Variability and interrelation of quantitative characters in French bean (Ph. vulgaris L.)

Labana, K.S.; Mohinder Singh; Sangha, A.S.; Jaswal, S.V., 1980:
Variability and interrelations among characters in F2 progeny of groundnut

Vashistha, R.N.; Pandita, M.L.; Sidhu, A.S., 1981:
Variability and interrelationship between yield and its components in guar under dry farming condition

Malecot, G., 1980:
Variability and permanence in molecular genetics

Buiatti, M.; Roselli, G., 1979:
Variability and selection in vegetatively propagated plants. III

Korobeinikov, N.I.; Kozlovskaya, V.F., 1980:
Variability and the interrelation of yield components in spring bread wheat

Kaushik, L.N.; Kalloo, 1979:
Variability as induced through gamma rays and ethylmethane sulphonate in some genotypes of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Karataglis, S.S., 1980:
Variability between the within Agrostis tenuis populations regarding heavy metal tolerance

Gupta, S.P.; Lodhi, G.P., 1979:
Variability for fodder yield and its components in cowpea

Pederson, J.F., 1981:
Variability for forage quality, silage quality, and agronomic traits in forage sorghum

Maggiore, T.; Gentinetta, E.; Motto, M.; Perenzin, M.; Salamini, F.; Lorenzoni, C., 1980:
Variability for protein and fibre content in three diallels of maize for silage production

Maggiore, T.; Gentinetta, E.; Motto, M.; Perenzin, M.; Salamini, F.; Lorenzoni, C., 1980:
Variability for protein and fibre content in three maize diallels for forage production

Saxena, V.K.; Sharma, S.C.; Malhi, N.S.; Khehra, A.S., 1980:
Variability for resistance to brown stripe downy mildew (Sclerophthora rayssiae var. zeae) in a composite variety of maize

Lund, T.L., 1980:
Variability for response to late planting in oats

Singh, K.B.; Tuwafe, S., 1980:
Variability for seed size and seeds per pod in the Kabuli chickpea germplasm

Fakorede, M.A.B.; Ojo, D.K., 1981:
Variability for seedling vigour in maize

Primack, R.B., 1978:
Variability in New Zealand montane and alpine pollinator assemblages

Lacaze, J.F.; Kociecki, S., 1979:
Variability in Polish spruce populations in France and in Poland

Boorsma, P.A., 1980:
Variability in Vicia faba for resistance to Orobanche crenata

Agarwal, P.C.; Mehta, S.L.; Patel, P.N.; Jindal, J.K., 1981:
Variability in Xanthomonads of grain legumes V. Comparison of soluble protein patterns by disc gel electrophoresis

Evers, A.D.; Ferguson, S., 1980:
Variability in alpha-amylase activity within and among ears of wheat

Mak, C.; Vijiarungam, A.F., 1980:
Variability in bacterial wilt resistance and interrelationships of some characteristics of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Kumar, J.; Bahl, P.N.; Mehra, R.B.; Raju, D.B., 1981:
Variability in chickpea

Boorsma, P.A., 1980:
Variability in chickpea for blight resistance

Abramova, R.P., 1980:
Variability in cucumber seed quality in relation to the position on the plant

Neuberg, G.O., 1980:
Variability in enzymes of milk fat and lactose synthesis in cattle

Sekhon, K.S.; Gupta, S.K.; Ahuja, K.L.; Jaswal, S.V., 1980:
Variability in fatty acid composition in semi-spreading peanut types

Fernandez, M.J.; Knowles, P.F., .:
Variability in fatty acid composition of the seed oil of Helianthus species

Popova, P.Y.; Ernazarov, A.Y.; Madzhitova, K.D., 1979:
Variability in fibre characteristics in the phylogeny of cultivated cotton species

Toma, Z.G.; Rakul, T.G.; Pfannmeller, M., 1979:
Variability in fractional composition of glutenins of wheat grain

Chhonkar, V.S.; Rao, P.V.; Gupta, C.R., 1981:
Variability in harvest index (HI) and the association of HI and economic sink with biological yield and components of non-economic sink in chillies (Capsicum annuum L.)

Dedio, W., 1982:
Variability in hull content, kernel oil content, and whole seed oil content of sunflower hybrids and parental lines

Dylenok, L.A.; Yatsevich, A.A., 1980:
Variability in internode number and length in the spring wheat Pitic 62 in relation to genotype

Ebke, D.H.; McCarty, M.K., 1980:
Variability in leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.)

Sibbald, I.R.; Price, K., 1980:
Variability in metabolic plus endogenous energy losses of adult cockerels and in the true metabolizable energy values and rates of passage of dehydrated alfalfa

Kniga, M.I., 1981:
Variability in milk casein content in relation to availability of protein, phosphorus and sulphur in the diet

Wallace, A.; Procopiou, J.; E.G.zzar, A.M.; Kinnear, J., 1979:
Variability in mineral composition of orange leaves of the same age and collected from a single tree

Martin, F.W.; Ruberte, R., 1981:
Variability in okra seed quality

Kommedahl, T.; Windels, C.E.; Sarbini, G.; Wiley, H.B., 1981:
Variability in performance of biological and fungicidal seed treatments in corn, peas, and soybeans

Wicks, G.A.; Fenster, C.R., 1980:
Variability in postemergence herbicide performance under ecofallow

Sharma, H.C.; Waines, J.G.; Foster, K.W., 1981:
Variability in primitive and wild wheats for useful genetic characters

Kholms, I.N., 1980:
Variability in quantitative characters of Westerwolds ryegrass

Wheeler, W.E., 1981:
Variability in response by beef steers to cement kiln dust in high concentrate diets

Sengupta, K.; Bhattacharya, B., 1979:
Variability in safflower

Ramachandran, C.; Peter, K.V.; Gopalakrishnan, P.K., 1980:
Variability in selected varieties of cowpea Vigna unguiculata Walp

Velichko, M.G., 1979:
Variability in some characters of barley cv. Yuzhnyi with irrigation

Salimov, R.M., 1980:
Variability in the bacteria hafnia and Shigella when mixed with various honeys and a meat-peptone broth

Radushinskaya, I.P., 1980:
Variability in the chemical composition of walnut and almond seeds and prospects for its exploitation in breeding

Chobanu, V.I.; Kairyak, A.I.; Polyak, I.A.; Chan, V.T. (Chan, V.T.hin' ), 1980:
Variability in the composition of terpenoids in sexual progeny of Mentha caucasica (in the second generation)

Young, J.C.; Chen, Z.J., 1982:
Variability in the content and composition of alkaloid found in Canadian ergot. III. Triticale and barley

Young, J.C., 1981:
Variability in the content and composition of alkaloids found in Canadian ergot. I. Rye

Ghiorghita, G.I.; Apetroaiei, M.; Gheorghiu, A., 1981:
Variability in the content of the active principles in natural populations of Atropa belladonna L

Lowry, LF.; Frost, KJ.; Burns, JJ., 1980:
Variability in the diet of ringed seals, Phoca hispida, in Alaska

Kedrov Zikhman, O.O.; Sharepo, T.I.; Bel' ko, N.B., 1980:
Variability in the interconnexion between some quantitative characters in winter rye

Flowers, T.J.; Yeo, A.R., 1981:
Variability in the resistance of sodium chloride salinity within rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties

Umaid Singh; Kumar, J.; Jambunathan, R.; Smithson, J.B., 1980:
Variability in the seed coat content of desi and kabuli chickpea cultivars

Dedovskii, F.P., 1979:
Variability in the width of the annual rings and the electrical parameters of aspen trees of different breeding categories

Sadykov, A.M., 1979:
Variability in wheat species after induced mutagenesis and hybridization

Jindal, J.K.; Patel, P.N., 1981:
Variability in xanthomonads of grain legumes III. Variation in sensitivity to bacteriophages

Vadher, P.V.; Desai, K.B.; Badaya, S.N., 1980:
Variability induced by gamma rays in sorghum

Prasad, A.B.; Das, A.K., 1980:
Variability induced in seed protein of different genotypes of Lathyrus sativus L

Semerikov, L.F.; Glotov, N.V., 1979:
Variability of Quercus macranthera Fisch. et Mey in Dagestan

Dicke, S.G.; Bagley, W.T., 1980:
Variability of Quercus macrocarpa Michx. in an eastern Nebraska provenance study

Falico de Alcaraz, L., 1980:
Variability of Xanthomonas citri (Hasse) Dow. on the Argentine Littoral

Nesticky, M.; Piovarci, A., 1982:
Variability of aleurone thickness in single and multilayer aleurone types

Karpitskaya, N.M.; Taranukho, G.I.; Borisova, U.F., 1980:
Variability of anatomical characters in the genus Lupinus L

Dennett, M.D., 1980:
Variability of annual wheat yields in England and Wales

Padula, L.; Grimaldi de Zio, S.; Lamberti, F.; Gallo, M.D.; Morone de Lucia, M.R., 1980:
Variability of biometrical characters in the perineal region of two Meloidogyne species

Mendez, J.; Lukaski, H.C., 1981:
Variability of body density in ambulatory subjects measured at different days

Lewark, S., 1981:
Variability of branchiness and the quality of spruce round timber

San-Blas, G.; San-Blas, F., 1982:
Variability of cell wall composition in Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: a study of two strains

Schachschneider, R., 1980:
Variability of characteristics and random sample quality in winter wheat experiments under growth chamber and outdoor conditions

Trippel' , V.V., 1979:
Variability of characters and methods of selection as a basis for primary and varietal seed production in central Asian garlic of the bolting type

Protasevich, R.T., 1980:
Variability of characters of the vascular system in the connective of male-sterile wheat mutants induced by acridines

Neuteboom, J.H., 1980:
Variability of couch (Elytrigia repens (L.) Desv.) in grasslands and arable fields in two localities in the Netherlands

Arnholdt, B.; Schuster, W., 1981:
Variability of crude protein and crude fat content of rapeseed influenced by environment and genotype

Shih, S.F.; Stewart, E.H.; Allen, L.H.J.; Hilliard, J.W., 1979:
Variability of depth to bedrock in Everglades organic soil

Tudorovich, P.K.; Borovskii, M.I., 1980:
Variability of different generations of maize-Tripsacum hybrids after treatment with mutagenic factors

Rystakov, S.V.; Avtonomov, V.A., 1980:
Variability of economically useful traits in distant intraspecific cotton hybrids in the F1-F2

Cerna, E., 1980:
Variability of fat and solids-not-fat contents in milk supplies to dairies

Grojec, M.; Konarska, M.; Markiewicz, L.; Kaleta, Z., 1979:
Variability of fatty acid composition in the blood plasma during moderate physical exercise

Kozlova, L.S.; Anokhina, V.S.; Kuptsova, A.G., 1980:
Variability of fodder forms of Lupinus luteus in content of quinolysidine alkaloids and gramine

Dvorak, J.; Masek, N.; Honsigova, E., 1978:
Variability of gamma -glutamyltransferase in cows' milk

Krzakowa, M., 1972:
Variability of glutamate-oxalate-transaminase (GOT- isoenzymes in open-pollinated Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) trees

Volodina, L.A.; Bormotov, V.E.; Shtyk, T.I., 1980:
Variability of grain set in wheat-rye hybrids in relation to the genotype of the male and female parents

Ergens, R., 1981:
Variability of hard parts of opisthaptor in Gyrodactylus truttae Glaser, 1974 (Gyrodactylidae: Monogenea)

Duncker, J.W., 1980:
Variability of high protein meal prices

Abaimov, A.P.; Karpel' , B.A., 1978:
Variability of larch cones in the western regions of Yakutia

Gel' tman, V.S.; Chubanov, K.D., 1980:
Variability of leaf shape in artificial hybrids of Alnus incana and A. glutinosa

Filipescu, H.; Stoenescu, F.M., 1979:
Variability of linoleic acid content in sunflower oil. Depending on genotype and environment

Shubin, P.N.; Mongalev, N.P., 1980:
Variability of liver esterase isozymes in the reindeer during development

Kogut, Y.V.; Makeeva, N.S.; Lungu, E.G., 1980:
Variability of maize lines following treatments with laser radiation

Mausbach, M.J.; Brasher, B.R.; Yeck, R.D.; Nettleton, W.D., 1980:
Variability of measured properties in morphologically matched pedons

Palilova, A.N.; Fomchenko, N.S., 1980:
Variability of mitochondrial activity in plants with cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in relation to the state of alleles of the Rf gene

Gridnev, A.K., 1979:
Variability of morphological characters in soya bean after treatment with various types and concentrations of mutagens in the M1

Nikolaevskaya, T.S.; Olimpienko, G.S., 1980:
Variability of morphological traits in the inflorescences of Festuca pratensis

Alcarde, J.C.; Gomes, F.P., 1980:
Variability of official methods of chemical analysis of fertilizers (N, P, K) in Brazil

Guseva, N.N., 1981:
Variability of phytopathogenic fungi and breeding for resistance

Yasinskii, I.I.; Boyarinova, S.I., 1980:
Variability of protein content in intervarietal hybrids of winter wheat following selection by phenotype

Ala, A.Y.; Ostapenko, T.F., 1979:
Variability of quantitative characters in fifth-generation interspecific hybrids of soya bean

Kholms, I.N.; Rashal' , I.D., 1980 :
Variability of quantitative traits in Lolium westerwoldicum

Nettevich, E.D.; Denisova, L.V.; Gengiuri, N.N.; Eroshenko, L.M., 1981:
Variability of quantitative traits in the barley breeding nursery and choice of criteria in selecting for yield

Kollenkark, J.C.; Vanderbilt, V.C.; Daughtry, C.S.T., 1980:
Variability of reflectance measurements due to interaction of row azimuth and solar illumination angles

Kollenkark, J.C.; Vanderbilt, V.C.; Daughtry, C.S.T., 1980:
Variability of reflectance measurements due to the interaction of row azimuth and solar illumination angle

Pollara, V.J.; Daughtry, C.S.T.; Vanderbilt, V.C.; Robinson, B.F., 1980:
Variability of reflectance measurements with sensor altitude and canopy type

Udovenko, G.V., 1981:
Variability of resistance in a plant population and its role in the evolution and breeding of plants in respect of resistance to extreme environmental factors

Gurgis, R.Y.; Rowe, D.E., 1981:
Variability of seed-set in alfalfa and correlations with some pollen and ovule characteristics

Broek, M. van den; Amstel, A. van; Verbakel, A.; Pedroli, B., 1981:
Variability of soil properties in a landscape ecological survey in the Tuscan Apennines, Italy

Porceddu, E.; Bianco, V.V.; Damato, G.; Miccolis, V.; Polignano, G., 1979:
Variability of some agronomical characters in 158 Italian accessions of V. faba L

Pshenitsyn, L.A., 1979:
Variability of some characters in plants in relation to the effect of environment

Klobetzova, T., 1979:
Variability of some physical properties of wood in a poplar stem

Schilling, E.; Haupt, P.; Smidt, D.; Sacher, B.; Elsaesser, F.; Schutzbar, W. von, 1981:
Variability of superovulation response in cows and factors affecting it

Brindza, J., 1980:
Variability of the aminoacid content of wheat grain in the F1 hybrid generation

Manston, R.; Rowlands, G.J.; Little, W.; Collis, K.A., 1981:
Variability of the blood composition of dairy cows in relation to time of day

Janota, I.; Kurjatko, S., 1978:
Variability of the density of beech wood

Mariotti, J.A., 1981:
Variability of the estimation of genotypic parameters in hybrid progenies of sugarcane

Jalakas, M.; Raidaru, G.; Ilomets, T.; Peterson, K.; Pavel, U., 1980:
Variability of the fatty acid content of the teat canal keratin in cows, and mastitis control

Tarutina, L.A.; Khotyleva, L.V.; Polonetskaya, L.M.; Kapusta, I.B., 1980:
Variability of the heterotic effect in diallel maize hybrids under different environmental conditions

Palomero, D.J.L., 1979:
Variability of the lucerne ecotype Aragon. Selection of a standard seed sample for control of purity

Chakar, E.; Delecolle, J.C.; Kremer, M., 1980:
Variability of the morphological characters of Culicoides circumscriptus Kieffer 1918. Synonymisation of C. kirovabadicus Dzhafarov 1964

Shemberg, M.A., 1981:
Variability of the morphology of Betula ermanii in Kamchatka

Kopecky, O.; Tetkova, M.; Jonas, V.; Vitek, M., 1979:
Variability of the principal meat production characters in pigs in Czechoslovakia

Petroff, G.; Tissot, M., 1980:
Variability of the pulp and paper properties of a series of samples of Pinus caribaea from New Caledonia

Istratii, A.I., 1980:
Variability of the reproductive organs of a Moldavian beech population

Decau, J.; Pujol, B., 1982:
Variability of the yield of winter wheat in the south west of France. Role of the nitrogen factor

Bibikova, A.S., 1978:
Variability of total protein content of blood serum in heifers and its connection with their milk protein content when adult

Lin, F.H., 1979:
Variability of varietal dormancy and its breeding in rice

Baimataeva, B.K., 1980:
Variability of wheat yellow rust and closely related rust populations on wild Gramineae in the Alma-Ata district

Misko, A.V.; Koptik, I.K., 1981:
Variability of winter wheat varieties treated with physical and chemical mutagens

Schmidt, O.; Liese, W., 1980:
Variability of wood degrading enzymes of Schizophyllum commune

Ral' ko, V.P., 1980:
Variability of yield components in hybrid wheat produced using male sterility

Ramachandran, C.; Gopalakrishnan, P.K., 1980:
Variability studies for biochemical traits in bitter gourd

Shaikh, M.A.Q.; Firoza Khatun; Nilufar ; Khan, F.S.; Mia, M.M., 1980:
Variability studies for petiole angle and leaf size in induced mutants of the two species of jute (Corchorus capsularis L. & C. olitorius L.)

Kharb, R.P.S., 1980:
Variability studies in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Rangaswamy, P.; Shanmugavelu, K.G., 1980:
Variability studies in radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

Nadar, C.R.; Muthukrishnan, C.R.; Irulappan, I.; Shanmugasubramanian, A., 1980:
Variability studies in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Jaswinder Singh; Arora, J.S., 1980:
Variability studies on some quantitative characters in snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)

Stangland, G.R.; Russell, W.A., 1981:
Variability within single crosses of S2 and S8 inbred lines of maize

Brar, J.S.; Sukhija, B.S., 1980:
Variability, heritability and genetic advance in carrot (Daucus carota L.)

Zirnstein, G., 1979:
Variability, inheritance and breeding in the works of A. D. Thaer and contemporaries

Dutta, M.; Dasgupta, P.K.; Chatterjee, S.D.; Majumder, M.K., 1979:
Variability, interrelationships and path coefficient analysis for some quantitative characters in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

Misra, A.P., 1979:
Variability, physiologic specialization and genetics of pathogenicity in graminicolous helminthosporia affecting cereal crops

Orlov, S.A.; Khoma, E.K., 1978:
Variability, relationships and heritability of the principal constituents of milk in Dutch and Russian Black Pied cows

Rahman, M.L., 1981:
Variable amortization and financial control under uncertainty: application to Texas rice farms

Kahl, L.P.; Anders, R.F.; Rodwell, B.J.; Timms, P.; Mitchell, G.F., 1982:
Variable and common antigens of Babesia bovis parasites differing in strain and virulence

Doyle, J.J.; Gee, A.L.W. de; Hirumi, H., 1980:
Variable antigen-associated differences in the growth characteristics of Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma vivax

Quarterman, J., 1981:
Variable changes in heavy metal absorption after milk feeding

Morrison, R.J., 1980:
Variable charge soils in Fiji: a review

Wanene, A.G., 1976:
Variable density yield tables for Pinus radiata grown in Kenya

Gutierrez de Rozas, J.A., 1978:
Variable distribution of rainfall in Santander

Tracy, W.F.; Everett, H.L., 1982:
Variable penetrance and expressivity of grassy tillers, gt

Estola, J.D., 1979:
Variable radius plot and 3P timber sampling

Myers, R.G.; Stuckey, J.P., 1982:
Variable rate fertilizer injection system

Jungerberg, H. et al., 1981:
Variable ratio steering for improved road safety of articulated farm tractors

Matney, T.G.; Sullivan, A.D., 1982:
Variable top volume and height predictors for slash pine trees

Lookhart, G.L.; Jones, B.L.; Hall, S.B., 1980:
Variables affecting polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic patterns of wheat gliadin proteins

Khan, A.S.; Carpenter, T.G.; Reichard, D.L., 1981:
Variables affecting spray deposit efficiency of a row crop airblast sprayer

Robertson, JL.; Kimball, RA., 1981:
Variables affecting the practical use of juvenile hormone analogues for control of the western spruce budworm (Choristoneura occidentalis) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Erb, R.E.; Chew, B.P.; Malven, P.V.; Stewart, T.S.; D'Amico, M.F., 1982:
Variables associated with peripartum traits in dairy cows. IX. Relationship of season and other factors to blood plasma concentrations of progesterone and the estrogens

Chew, B.P.; Erb, R.E.; Zamet, C.N.; Colenbrander, V.F.; Malvern, P.V.; D.A.ico, M.F., 1979 :
Variables associated with peripartum traits in dairy cows. V. Hormonal profiles associated with retained fetal membranes

Erb, R.E.; D'Amico, M.F.; Chew, B.P.; Malven, P.V.; Zamet, C.N., 1981:
Variables associated with peripartum traits in dairy cows. VIII. Hormonal profiles associated with dystocia

Houseweart, MW.; Jennings, DT.; Sanders, CJ., 1981:
Variables associated with pheromone traps for monitoring spruce budworm populations (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Borel, R., 1981:
Variables for the evaluation of pasture management

Setterholm, V.C.; Benson, R.E., 1977:
Variables in press drying pulps from sweetgum and oak

Matrosov, B.F.; Bormotov, V.E.; Vostrukhina, N.P.; Bychko, E.A., 1980:
Variance and combining ability for yield components and technological quality in tetraploid sugar beet

Taylor, L.R.; Woiwod, I.P.; Perry, J.N., 1980:
Variance and the large scale spatial stability of aphids, moths and birds

Anonymous, 1979:
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Variation in needle weight with crown whorl in Scots pines of different age classes

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Variation in nitrate reductase activity and its relationship to protein production in B. napus

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Variation in nitrogen content in the leaves of birch populations of Kazakhstan

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Variation in nutritive value of Trifolium repens

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Variation in okra

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Variation in oviposition, hatch rate and setal morphology in laboratory strains of Aedes albopictus

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Variation in quantitative characters in pea treated with donor DNA

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Variation in reproductive organs of rice with reference to male incompatibility index

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Variation in resistance to Verticillium wilt within seedling populations of some varieties of lucerne (Medicago sativa)

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Variation in resistance to canker of Italian cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) and related species

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Variation in respiration and growth throughout a growth cycle of maize in a growth chamber

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Variation in response among 33 wind-pollinated families of Pinus taeda L

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Variation in salt tolerance of soybean varieties during germination

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Variation in seed number, its inheritance and some methods of increasing it in the hybrid progeny of radiation-induced mutants of ssp. mexicanum

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Variation in self sterility and self fertility as affected by environmental conditions in inbred lines of rye and their initial populations

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Variation in self-fertility, flowering time and inflorescence production in inbred Lolium perenne L

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Variation in sensitivity of mushroom strains to diazinon compost treatment

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Variation in sessile-flowered oaks in Dagestan

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Variation in several egg characteristics dependent on the age of the hen

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Variation in size of Hendersonia conidia on Eucalyptus species

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Variation in size of the 'readily releasable pool' of luteinizing hormone during the oestrous cycle of the rat

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Variation in some British material of the Onychiurus armatus group (Collembola)

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Variation in some characters in ramie as a function of the nature of the stem pith

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Variation in some characters of Kochia prostrata (L.) Schrad. after treatment of the fruits with gamma rays and ethyl methanesulphonate

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Variation in some quantitative characters of buckwheat in successive generations after treatment of the grain with mutagens

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Variation in some semen values of boars in relation to quality of the diet

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Variation in specific gravity in 3-yr-old coppice clones of Eucalyptus saligna growing in Hawaii

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Variation in specific gravity of red alder (Alnus rubra Bong.)

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Variation in specific leaf weight and RuDPCase activity in mungbean

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Variation in sperm autoantibody titre of bulls

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Variation in spermatozoal levels of phosphoglycerate kinase-2 in mice

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Variation in sprout size in Brussels sprouts

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Variation in stomatal density and photosynthetic rate of jojoba, Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider

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Variation in storability of soybeans under simulated tropical conditions

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Variation in sugar content in inbred lines of sugar beet

Takahashi, M., 1980:
Variation in susceptibility among colony strains of Culex tritaeniorhynchus to Japanese encephalitis virus infection

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Variation in susceptibility of beech (Fagus spp) to beech scale (Cryptococcus fagisuga)

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Variation in testosterone concentration of the blood of bulls and its relationship with semen characters

Vidyakin, A.N., 1981:
Variation in the anatomical/morphological structure of the needles of Scots pine in provenance plantations in the Kirov region

Feklistov, P.A., 1980:
Variation in the area of the annual ring up the height of the stem

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Variation in the biological availability of xanthophyll within and among generic sources

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Variation in the chemical composition of secretions of the reproductive tract in cows cooled with water in the hot season

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Variation in the composition of breast milk during the first 5 weeks of lactation: implications for the feeding of preterm infants

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Variation in the composition of residual solid obtained in the extraction by pressure of the juice of lucerne

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Variation in the composition of the three-rib cut in relation to body measurements of bulls and dairy performance of their dams

Torp, J., 1980:
Variation in the concentration of major carbohydrates in the grain of some spring barleys

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Variation in the content of mineral elements in the roots and leaves of witloof chicory during the forcing period

Uspenskii, V.V., 1980 :
Variation in the density of Scots pine wood, and its use in mensuration by weight

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Variation in the drug resistance patterns of Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp. isolated from swine

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Variation in the expression of specificity in two maize diseases

Hanrahan, T., 1981:
Variation in the feed value of barley varieties

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Variation in the foliage nutrients of several peanut lines and their association with damage received by the twospotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae

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Variation in the fresh weight and dry weight of different parts of maize (Zea mays L.) plants at different stages of growth

Hraska, S., 1981:
Variation in the genetic characteristics of yield components in winter wheat

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Variation in the growth habit of red raspberries with particular reference to cane height and node production

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Variation in the magnesium content of grasses and its improvement by selection

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Variation in the major element content of red spruce foliage with season, crown position, tree and tissue age

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Variation in the morphological and biological characters of eggplant in relation to growing conditions

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Variation in the number of nematode eggs in the faeces of sows during the reproductive cycle

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Variation in the pathogenicity of Gaeumannomyces graminis after storage

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Variation in the pathogens causing stem rust (Puccinia graminis Pers. f. sp. avenae Eriks. et E. Henn.) and crown rust (P. coronata Cda. f. sp. avenae Eriks. et E. Henn.) and breeding oats for immunity

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Variation in the polychlorinated biphenyl and organochlorine pesticide residues during human breastfeeding and its diurnal pattern

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Variation in the proportion of Scots pine in young mixed stands

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Variation in the proportion of hard seeds of lucerne

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Variation in the qualitative characters of soyabean

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Variation in the quality of a mixed feed given to pregnant sows

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Variation in the quantitative characters of Vicia sativa L

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Variation in the quantitative characters of cucumber seeds in the maternal form Melkobugorchatyi 29

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Variation in the reproductive potential of Corcyra cephalonica Staint. (Lepidoptera: Galleridae) following antennectomy or alactomy in males or females

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Variation in the seed filling period in wheat

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Variation in the seed hull maturity index in commercial peanut fields

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Variation in the sensitivity of successive variable antigen types in a Trypanosoma (Trypanozoon) brucei subspecies clone to some African game animal sera

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Variation in the sexual activity of Aragon ewes during seasonal anoestrus. Effects of age, climate and the presence of rams

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Variation in the shoot and root characters of young maize plants in relation to genotype and temperature

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Variation in the susceptibility of bovine mycoplasmas to killing by the alternative complement pathway in bovine serum

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Variation in the temperature resistance of vegetative parts of Scots pine during the annual cycle

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Variation in the vegetative progeny of a complex interspecific hybrid of mint

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Variation in the virulence of phytopathogenic bacterium species causing bacterial diseases of cereals, and their specialization

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Variation in the vitamin and mineral content of raw and cooked commercial Phaseolus vulgaris classes

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Variation in three generations of apomictic fig seedlings

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Variation in tiller number during development of six irrigated rice varieties

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Variation in tobacco looper (Chrysodeixis argentifera (Guenee)) (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) infestations on ten flue-cured tobacco breeding lines

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Variation in transpiration rate in Dactylis

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Variation in tree growth in Finland: results from the 6th National Forest Inventory

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Variation in trypsin inhibitor activity in Vicia picta L. after treatment of the seeds with mutagens

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Variation in viscosity of milk and milk products

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Variation in vitamin A, carotene and vitamin E in plasma and milk from Holstein and F1 (Holstein X zebu) cows during lactation and gestation. Relation with values in their calves

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Variation in white ash

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Variation in width of the 4th abdominal tergite of Caucasian honeybees

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Variation in wild oat

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Variation in winged beans: unexploited food crop

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Variation in yield and disease-pest-weed situation in lowland rice

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Variation in yield in different morphological biotypes of winter wheat under irrigation

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Variation of GOT and GPT activity in blood serum of Czech Pied cattle

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Variation of La Crosse virus filial infection rates in geographic strains of Aedes triseriatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Variation of Zn and Fe in the blood serum of Chiana cows with differing fertility

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Variation of body nitrogen - body water ratio of Sprague-Dawley rats as a function of the dietary protein quality and quantity

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Variation of body weight of calves during rearing

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Variation of cation concentrations in the haemolymph of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, with diet and larval-pupal development

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Variation of cellular proportions in sweetgum and their relation to other wood properties

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Variation of certain symptoms due to a mycoplasma (strain Ma of stolbur of Solanaceae) in relation to the moment of infection, in Datura stramonium L

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Variation of chemical composition and nutritive value of dried samples of garbage

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Variation of chromosome pairings in various clones of garlic, Allium sativum L

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Variation of cytoplasmic content of estrogen and progesterone receptors in the mammary gland and uterus of rats at time of parturition

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Variation of egg diameter in tench (Tinca tinca L.) and seasonal macroscopic and microscopic changes in ovaries of sexually mature females

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Variation of fibre length in juvenile wood from selected poplar and willow clones

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Variation of hybrid potato combinations in yield and starch content

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Variation of inorganic phosphorus in blood plasma and milk of lactating cows

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Variation of isocytochromes c during metamorphosis of the housefly, Musca domestica L

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Variation of leaf angle and incidence of rice blast disease

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Variation of minerals and trace elements in laboratory animal diets

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Variation of myristicin content in cultivated parsnip roots (Pastinaca sativa ssp. sativa var. hortensis)

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Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of Italian ryegrass. III. Differences between varieties in tetraploid Italian ryegrass

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Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of Italian ryegrass. IV. Differences among individuals

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Variation of nonstructural carbohydrates in varieties and individual plants of Italian ryegrass. V. Temporal changes of nonstructural carbohydrate and growth in autumn

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Variation of pregnancy duration in cows mated to tested bulls

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Variation of protein content on milk from Dutch Black Pied cows in relation to milk yield and fat content

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Variation of pyruvate and ammonia contents in raw milk from individual animals to factory silo tanks and relationship with viable bacterial content

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Variation of seed-scale shape and the structure of Urals populations of Picea obovata

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Variation of selection characters over successive generations of pigs

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Variation of some characteristics of Vitis vinifera

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Variation of some characters in crossbreds compared with linebred fowls

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Variation of specific gravity and fiber length in loblolly pine branches

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Variation of sweetgum fiber length within and between upland and bottomland sites

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Variation of terpenes within and between populations of maritime pine

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Variation of the QRS-complex in the ECG of racehorses in the first year of training

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Variation of the antigenic structure of Candida albicans blastospores cell wall. Practical repercussions

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Variation of the duration of the transitionary phases and their effect on the movement of the teatcup liners

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Variation of the electrical properties of grain

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Variation of type antigens of group-B streptococci. I. Variation of the X-antigen and of other type antigens in herds where the X-antigen occurs

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Variation of type antigens of group-B streptococci. II. Studies on the in-vitro variation of the X-antigen and other type antigens

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Variation of type antigens of group-B streptococci. III. Variation of the protein antigen Ibc

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Variation of zymograms of milk phosphatases and peroxidase as a function of cow productivity

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Variation ratooning in sorghum

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Variation studies in African wild and cultivated rice species

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Variation with age in the biochemical composition of blood and muscle tissue in turkey poults reared in a hot climate

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Variation within Lotus corniculatus L. s.l. from Switzerland. III. Microdifferentiation in L. alpinus (DC) Schleicher above the timberline

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Variation within and between land races of winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC.)

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Variation within texture classes of soil water parameters

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Variation within the fungus Botrytis fabae Sard

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Variation, correlation and heritability of characters determining lodging of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). II. Analysis of relationship between lodging grade and some morphological characters of spring barley varieties

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Variation, ecology and cultural practices of the winged bean

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Variation, ecology and cultural practices of the winged bean

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Variation, heritability and relationships of reproductive traits in Large White pigs

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Variation, heritability and repeatability of behaviour of cows

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Variation, virulence of Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola on beans in Colombia

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Variations among field isolates of Botrytis cinerea in their sensitivity to antifungal compounds

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Variations between bulls in the sodium and potassium concentrations in seminal plasma

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Variations exhibited by the conidia of Venturia inaequalis attacking different varieties of apple in Kashmir

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Variations in K(m)(CO(2)) of Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate Carboxylase among Grasses

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Variations in N, P, K, Ca and Mg contents during the process of aging in cassava leaves

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Variations in carbohydrate fractions of forage maize

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Variations in carbohydrate metabolism in the liver of rats, with different background hormone concentrations, during administration of thiamin or oxythiamin

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Variations in cell count of milk during milking

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Variations in different biochemical parameters in the fat body of Antheraea mylitta (Tasar silk worm)

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Variations in exchangeable potassium levels induced by grapevine cultivation in an irrigated alluvial soil

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Variations in farm size, irrigation technology and after-tax income: implications for local economic development

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Variations in fructose and lactic acid concentration in bull spermatozoa in vitro

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Variations in growing stock in cultivated stands and its representation in growth sample plots

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Variations in growth chamber techniques for the evaluation of soybean root systems

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Variations in growth, seed dormancy and herbicide susceptibility among strains of Echinochloa oryzicola Vasing

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Variations in haematological indices in the blood of Hemidactylus maculatus infected with Haemogregarina sp. (Protozoa)

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Variations in hatchability and hatching time, and the heritability of hatching time in the coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch

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Variations in herbage mass and digestibility, and the grazing behaviour and herbage intake of adult cattle and weaned calves

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Variations in infectivity among populations of Meloidogyne javanica on tobacco and pepper

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Variations in infiltration rate based on soil survey information and field measurements

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Variations in key characters of female Sergentomyia (Parrotomyia) shorttii (Adler and Theoder 1927)

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Variations in levels of free amino acids and proteins in cotyledons of seedling sunflowers (Helianthus annus L.) during the first seven days

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Variations in lipid content of the liver of pigs weaned at different ages during neonatal ontogenesis

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Variations in maternal dietary intake, birthweight and breast-milk output in the Gambia

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Variations in maxi-circle and mini-circle sequences in kinetoplast DNAs from different Trypanosoma brucei strains

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Variations in metabolites and pretreatment requirement in different samples of Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntze

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Variations in milk composition during 1 year with particular regard to protein

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Variations in milk yield and milk fat and protein contents in relation to frequency of test milking during the year and 305-day lactations in Polish Black-and-White Lowland cows

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Variations in moisture deficits over the maize-growing region of South Africa I. Spatial aspects

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Variations in moisture deficits over the maize-growing region of South Africa II. Temporal aspects

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Variations in motor activity and in food and water intake over 24 h periods in pigs

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Variations in nutritional value of Italian ryegrass during the growth cycle with special attention to protein and lipid components

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Variations in nutritive value of cocksfoot hay during a three year storage period

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Variations in oil content and fatty acid composition with sunflower head size and shape

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Variations in pelvic volume in cows calving normally

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Variations in photosynthetic indices and productivity of barley cultivars under different photoperiods

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Variations in pineapple, cv. Red Spanish, fruit quality at different harvesting dates

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Variations in plasma components in lactating mares at late pregnancy and early lactation

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Variations in plasma prolactin concentration in cows during milking

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Variations in plasma thyroxine concentrations in sheep and the effects of iodine supplementation by an intra-ruminal device

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Variations in ration digestibility and in blood parameters of dairy cows near calving

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Variations in rubber content of native Parthenium argentatum Gray in Texas

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Variations in serum cholesterol after single massive absorption of different dietary fats

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Variations in soil moisture content with mole drainage and its influence on oat yield

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Variations in some chemical characteristics of poplar and willow wood

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Variations in some properties of a volcanic ash soil (Vitrandept), subjected to intensified leaching under laboratory conditions. I. Exchange complex

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Variations in starch content in cassava grown in Santa Catarina

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Variations in stigma position and stigmatic beard in winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus)

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Variations in technology used in livestock production in Sao Paulo State

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Variations in terms of exchange and their impact on farm households in Bangladesh

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Variations in testicular size of Standardbred stallions

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Variations in the Atlantic - Pacific circulation

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Variations in the Hill-parameters of haemolymph- alpha -glucosidase kinetics compared with new algebraic methods at three nymphal stages of worker bees (Apis mellifica mellifica L.)

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Variations in the N, P, K, Ca and Mg contents of loquat during one annual cycle

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Variations in the absorption of phosphorus from superphosphate-32P in field experiments with soyabean (Glycine max L.) and pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Variations in the ascoids of the sandfly Phlebotomus argentipes in a population from Patna, northern India

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Variations in the bacterial maize/grain sorghum stalk-rot pathogen: conditions for growth and sensitivity to antibiotics

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Variations in the biotype composition of common wheat cultivars examined by gliadin electrophoresis

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Variations in the cold-hardiness of Lolium perenne L

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Variations in the composting process for different organic carbon sources

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Variations in the content of substances with a high molecular weight in rooted leaves under differential light regime

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Variations in the content of thebaine in capsules of Papaver bracteatum at different ages

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Variations in the degree of homozygous resistance to organophosphorus insecticides in Culex quinquefasciatus Say

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Variations in the effect of temperature on oxygen dependence of CO2 gas exchange in wheat leaves

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Variations in the egg horizons of Psorophora columbiae on levees in Texas ricelands

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Variations in the gestation length and birth weight in Bos taurus and Bos indicus females reared in the humid tropics

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Variations in the glucuronidation rate and in the composition of the endoplasmic reticulum of the wild and semi-domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus)

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Variations in the growth and content of liposoluble pigments in plants of Hordeum vulgare L. and Hordeum distichon L. irradiated with UV

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Variations in the intensity of the influence of woodland on the composition of grassland communities

Matz, G., 1980:
Variations in the level of ecdysteroids in the course of embryogenesis of Leucophaea maderae Fabr. (Insecta Dictyoptera)

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Variations in the levels of cis- and trans-ribosylzeatins and other minor cytokinins during development and growth of cones of the hop plant

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Variations in the natural resistance of timber II. Effect of wood-rotting fungi on the natural resistance of selected eucalypt timbers under laboratory conditions

Ruyooka, D.B.A.; Edwards, C.B.H., 1980:
Variations in the natural resistance of timber III. Effect of fungal-termite associations on the natural resistance of selected eucalypt timbers under laboratory and field conditions

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Variations in the nicotine content of Nicotiana rustica L. subjected to far and near ultraviolet radiation

Sagardoy, M.A., 1980:
Variations in the number of native Rhizobium meliloti and other microorganisms in a sandy loam soil

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Variations in the organic carbon contents of derno-podzolic soils with tillage and fertilizer application under different intensity of cultivation

Charles, J.F.; Barjac, H. de, 1981:
Variations in the pH of the mid-gut of Aedes aegypti in relation to intoxication by the crystals of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Serotype H14)

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Variations in the pathogenesis of waterfowl influenza virus infections: enteric infections in ducks, respiratory infections in turkeys and nephrosis in chickens

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Variations in the phosphatase activity of Lymnaea luteola and Melanoides tuberculatus during different larval trematode infections

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Variations in the plasma levels of luteinizing hormone and androstenedione and their relationship with the adult daily sperm output in cockerels raised under different photoschedules

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Variations in the progesterone and 17 beta -estradiol level in blood plasma of heifers treated with cow colostrum

Papkoff, H., 1981:
Variations in the properties of equine chorionic gonadotropin

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Variations in the quantitative traits of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Variations in the range of readily available soil water as a function of different ecological factors

Bini, G., 1981:
Variations in the rooting potential during the annual cycle of development in the olive

Lynch, J.M.; Panting, L.M., 1980:
Variations in the size of the soil biomass

Dhawan, S.; Rai, J.N.; Srivastava, S.K., 1981:
Variations in the sulphur content of Brassica juncea plants infected with different isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Dvinskaya, L., 1981:
Variations in the vitamin status of young pigs

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Variations in unit hydrographs on a very small agricultural catchment

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Variations in vegetative growth of tomato lines growing under low-calcium stress

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Variations in xanthine oxidase in cows' milk

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Variations of chloroplast DNAs in the genus Pelargonium and their biparental inheritance

Schulz, R.; Schlaghecke, R.; Blum, V., 1980:
Variations of gonadal cAMP-content of male and female rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri (Richardson) during the reproductive cycle

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Variations of growth period of Italian millet strains, Setaria italica Beauv. and their responses to day-length and temperature. III. Changes of growth-period due to temperature under different day-lengths

Sato, S.; Ikegaya, F.; Kawabata, S., 1979:
Variations of main characters in diallel cross progenies among seven clones of cocksfoot, Dactylis glomerata L. I. Estimation of combining ability for characters associated with forage yield

Sato, S.; Ikegaya, F.; Kawabata, S., 1980:
Variations of main characters in diallel cross progenies among seven clones of cocksfoot, Dactylis glomerata L. II. Analysis of correlations and classification of diallel cross progenies

Sato, S.; Ikegaya, F.; Kawabata, S., 1981:
Variations of main characters in diallel cross progenies among seven clones of cocksfoot, Dactylis glomerata L. III. Forage yield under a high planting density

Sato, S.; Kawabata, S.; Ikegaya, F., 1981:
Variations of main characters in diallel cross progenies among seven clones of cocksfoot, Dactylis glomerata L. IV. Seed yield and its associated characters

Robelin, J.; Daenicke, R., 1980:
Variations of net requirements for cattle growth with liveweight, liveweight gain, breed and sex

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Variations of the circumference of the trachea in chronic Chagas' disease

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