Voluntary feed intake and rumen fermentation in cattle fed different proportions of banana forage and sugar cane

Bobadilla, M.; Rowe, J.B.

Tropical Animal Production 4(1): 103-104


Accession: 001032531

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Total av. daily DM intake of Zebu X Holstein bulls of about 200 kg liveweight fed sugar cane alone or sugar cane and banana forage in the ratios 2:1 or 1:2 or banana forage alone was 3.40, 3.48, 3.64 and 3.65 kg, resp. Av. half-lives of sun dried sugar cane and banana forage measured by suspending dacron bags in the rumen were 291 and 152 h, resp., and were not affected by mixing. The diets used had no significant effect on rumen fluid vol. or turnover, but rumen flow rate was positively correlated (r2 = 0.70) with DM intake.