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Chapter 1,045

An attempt to evaluate phosphorus fertilizer requirements of western Nigeria savannah soils

Ayodele, O.; Agboola, A.

Fertilizer Research 3(4): 293-302


DOI: 10.1007/bf01048934
Accession: 001044241

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A greenhouse fertilizer trial was carried out on 60 surface soils of the western Nigeria savannah derived from basement complex rocks. Bray's P1 available P in the soils varied between 1 and 112 mu g ml-1. Maize responded to P additions and a critical P level of 12.7 mu g ml-1 was calculated for the soils. For 22 of the soils, a laboratory incubation technique was used to determine P fixation, evaluated as changes in Bray's P1 extractable P with time.

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