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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lende, S.; Enstad, B.; Henriksen, T.H., 1982:
An unusually large unpunctured hydatid cyst

Anonymous, 1983:
An up date on automotive electronic displays and information systems. International Congress and Exposition, Detroit, Michigan, USA, February 28-March 4, 1983

Parker, B.R.; Norton, M.M.; Stumpe, T.R., 1981:
An update of TVA's experience in production of high-analysis granular N.P.K. fertilizers containing urea

Howell, L.J., 1983:
An update on egg drop syndrome 76 (EDS76) in New Zealand

Pellett, H., 1983:
An update on the Minnesota System of container production

Hanser, A., 1983:
An upward trend in interfarm cooperation in 1982

Goldovskii, A.M., 1981:

Roche, J.F., 1981:
Anabolic agents for cattle

Heitzman, R.J., 1981:
Anabolic agents for meat production in the west; their efficiency and mechanism of action in farm animals

Schuffenhauer, W., 1982:
Anabolic hormones in the fattening of cattle -- history, current position and legal requirements

Dixon, W.N., 1982:
Anacamptodes pergracilis (Hulst), a cypress looper (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Gurney, J.M., 1983:
Anaemia and the Caribbean

Kovacs, F.; Christensen, B.E.; Hugod, C., 1983:
Anaemia in elderly persons

Campbell, A.J.; Murphy, C.; Reinken, J.; Allan, B., 1981:
Anaemia in old age: a study of prevalence and causes

Franken, P.; Bernadina, W.E.; Konig, C.D.W.; Elving, L.; Ingh, T.S.G.A.M. van den; Dijk, S. van, 1982:
Anaemia in zwoegerziekte (maedi)-free artificially-reared lambs

Harrison, K.A., 1982:
Anaemia, malaria and sickle cell disease

Walker, R.D.; Richardson, D.C.; Bryant, M.J.; Draper, C.S., 1983:
Anaerobic bacteria associated with osteomyelitis in domestic animals

Ryther, J.H.; Hanisak, M.D., 1981:
Anaerobic digestion and nutrient recycling of small benthic or floating seaweeds

Aubart, C.; Bully, F.; Farinet, J.L., 1983:
Anaerobic digestion of pig manure, poultry waste and rabbit wastes on a conventional digester (completely mixed)

Aubart, C.; Bully, F.; Farinet, J.L., 1983:
Anaerobic digestion of pig manure: experiments on a 200 m3 digester (completely mixed)

Seely, R.J.; Spindler, D.D., 1981:
Anaerobic digestion of thin stillage from a farm-scale alcohol plant

Velsen, A.F.M. van, 1979:
Anaerobic digestion of wet piggery waste

Polyakova, E.Y.; Pavlichenko, V.N.; Kuz' menko, I., 1982:
Anaerobic fermentation of pig manure residue

Maranan, E.R.; Manderson, G.J.; Larsen, V.F., 1982:
Anaerobic filtration of lactic casein whey

Vander Zee, D., 1981:
Anaerobic germination in Echinochloa crus-galli var. oryzicola: shoot growth, ultrastructure, and physiology of chloroplast development

Friedman, A.A.; Podolak, P.L., 1983:
Anaerobic processes for the treatment of high strength wastewaters

Rognstad, H.; Oterholm, A., 1982:
Anaerobic spore-forming bacteria in bulk milk

Gray, V.M.; Cresswell, C.F., 1983:
Anaerobic stimulation of nitrate utilization in sterile excised Zea mays L. roots

Hong, C.M.; Koh, M.T.; Wang, C.C., 1982:
Anaerobic treatment of hog wastes in subtropical region

Berg, L. van den; Lentz, C.P.; Armstrong, D.W., 1980:
Anaerobic waste treatment efficiency comparisons between fixed film reactors, contact digesters and fully mixed, continuously fed digesters

Floehr, W., 1982:
Anaesthesia of boars by intravenous Hypnodil/Stresnil application and with a surgical castration method as modified by Dietz and Dorn

Shkenderov, S.; Koburova, K., 1980:
Analgetic effects of honeybee venom and of its adolapin peptide components, with inhibitory effects on prostaglandin synthetase

Eubank, W.B.; Reeves, R.E., 1982:
Analog inhibitors for the pyrophosphate-dependent phosphofructokinase of Entamoeba histolytica and their effect on culture growth

Neubuser, B., 1982:
Analogous investigation of bulk material storage with ventilation

Andreevskaya, L.V.; Eres' ko, G.A.; Zabudskaya, L.F.; Kashkareva, E.I., 1982:
Analogues of mother's milk on the whey base.

Bandion, F.; Valenta, M., 1982:
Analyses of authentic wines of the year 1981

Lal, R., 1981:
Analyses of different processes governing soil erosion by water in the tropics

Yeh, F.C., 1981:
Analyses of gene diversity in some species of conifers

Bazzochi, R.; Gambini, F.; Giorgioni, M.E., 1983:
Analyses of heating costs in various types of greenhouse

Antonov, S.F.; Lavrov, N.G.; Saprykin, E.G.; Smirnov, G.I.; Matveeva, E.K.; Bednarzhevsky, S.S., 1982:
Analyses of milk composition by means of laser nephelometry method

Foti, S.; Abbate, V., 1982:
Analyses of yield variations and of its components in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) grown in dry conditions

Brabander, H.D., 1983:
Analysis and critical evaluation of the supervision of small privately-owned forests -- today and tomorrow

Gale, M.D.; Law, C.N.; Marshall, G.A.; Snape, J.W.; Worland, A.J., 1982:
Analysis and evaluation of semi-dwarfing genes in wheat including a major height reducing gene in the variety Sava

Jozsef, S., 1982:
Analysis and forecasting of yields

Poivey, J.P.; Landais, E.; Berger, Y., 1982:
Analysis and genetic improvement of the growth of West African Dwarf lambs. Results obtained at the Bouake Livestock Research Centre, Ivory Coast

Crozier, S.N., 1981:
Analysis and interpretation of archaeological soils

Moll R.H.; Kamprath E.J.; Jackson W.A., 1982:
Analysis and interpretation of factors which contribute to efficiency of nitrogen utilization

Hamburger, J.; Lustigman, S.; Siongok, T.K.; Ouma, J.H.; Mahmoud, A.A., 1982:
Analysis and preliminary purification of glycoproteins isolated from eggs in the urine of patients with Schistosoma haematobium infection

Anonymous, 1982 :
Analysis and quality control. Equipment review

Mohan, M.S.; Zingaro, R.A.; Micks, P.; Clark, P.J., 1982:
Analysis and speciation of arsenic in herbicide-treated soils by d.c. helium emission spectrometry

Mentenyi, M., 1983:
Analysis of 1982 performance in Hungarian agriculture

Kusaimi, N.T., 1982:
Analysis of 45 cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Lopez Hernandez, A.; Garaizar, C., 1982:
Analysis of 89 cases of infantile cerebral cysticercosis

Zhang, L.; Jiang, Y.H.; Ma, X.L.; Zhong, Y.H.; Duan, R.X., 1982:
Analysis of CO2 concentration in high yielding wheat fields in Beijing district

Sobina, A.H.; Wodecki, E., 1982:
Analysis of Cottage cheese pressing process

Borst, P., 1982:
Analysis of DNA from trypanosomes

Toensmeyer, U.C.; Harpster, D.E., 1981:
Analysis of Delaware's hog market industry

Fisher, E.L.; Peters, P.A., 1982:
Analysis of Eastern US cable harvesting operations

Louis, J.; Coutinho, S.; Lima, G.E.gers, H., 1982:
Analysis of T cell immunity to Leishmania tropica in mice; an example of research activities conducted in a WHO immunology research and training center

Roos, R.P.; Richards, O.C.; Ehrenfeld, E., 1983:
Analysis of Theiler's virus isolates from persistently infected mouse nervous tissue

Li, R.M.; Simons, D.B., 1981:
Analysis of a complicated flood control project

Martinez Carrasco, R.; Perez P.P.; Sanchez de la P.L., 1982:
Analysis of a depression in the production of wheat caused by nitrogen

Lopez Garrido, C., 1982:
Analysis of a group of communal dairy farms in Galicia

Kwiatkowski, K., 1981:
Analysis of a steel-reinforced viscoelastic wooden beam

Nunez, J.P., 1981:
Analysis of a trend in rural education

Watanabe, G.; Honma, K., 1982:
Analysis of abnormal oviduct function in a mutant Japanese quail line (recessive silver) by immunoelectrophoresis and enzyme histochemistry

Lemaster, R.L.; Klamecki, B.E.; Dornfeld, D.A., 1982:
Analysis of acoustic emission in slow speed wood cutting

Sanh, Y.; Ceylan, S.; Kaya, S., 1982:
Analysis of aflatoxins in mixed feeds

Korogodov, N.S., 1982:
Analysis of agronomic effectiveness of mineral fertilizers. Part 2. Evaluation of a differential method

Korogodov, N.S., 1982:
Analysis of agronomic effectiveness of mineral fertilizers. Part 3. Probability methods of analysis

Korogodov, N.S., 1983:
Analysis of agronomic effectiveness of mineral fertilizers. Part 4. Determination of profitability and standard costs of fertilizers

Korogodov, N.S., 1983:
Analysis of agronomic effectiveness of mineral fertilizers. Part 5. A study of the results of separate and combined testing of fertilizers

Pech, R.; Marcant, O., 1981:
Analysis of an agricultural market and production structures using a dynamic model: the market for table wines and viticulture in Languedoc-Roussillon in the 20th century

Montgomerie, I.G.; Kennedy, D.M., 1982:
Analysis of and screening for resistance to diseases of soft fruit

Haschke, F.; Tsarmaklis, G.; Steffan, I.; Heresch, F., 1980:
Analysis of carrot soup

Wawron, W.; Krzyzanowski, J.; Slawomirski, J.; Gluszak, J.; Zarzeczny, J., 1983:
Analysis of cases of placental retention in cows treated at the obstetrical clinic of the Veterinary Faculty of the Agricultural University, Lublin, 1965-1981

Lourenco, A.; Ilharco, F.A., 1982:
Analysis of catches of aphids in Moericke traps in a bean field at Oeiras -- October 1978/May 1979 (Homoptera, Aphidoidea)

Matuz, J.; Devenyi, K., 1981:
Analysis of characters of the straw and grain yield of winter wheats by principal components

Steffl, Z.; Vancura, J., 1983 :
Analysis of chemical impurities in sediment from a pulsator

Wen, F.G.; Chen, J.Z., 1982:
Analysis of chilling injury indices on rubber trees

Komarnitskii, I.K.; Kuchko, A.A.; Shlumukov, L.R.; Butenko, R.G., 1981:
Analysis of chloroplast DNA in an interspecific somatic hybrid of potato

Koduru P.R.K.; Murthy T.G.K.; Lakshmi K.V.; Rao M.K., 1982:
Analysis of chromosome pairing and breakage in pearl millet

Kemala, S.; Zamarel ; Muhammad, M.T., 1980:
Analysis of clove development in Sumatra

Riedl, H., 1983:
Analysis of codling moth phenology in relation to latitude, climate and food availability

McIntosh, M.S., 1983:
Analysis of combined experiments

Zhang, J.Y.; Yang, S.Y.; Lai, G.S., 1983:
Analysis of combining ability in some varieties of swede rape

Loureiro, S.; Galvão, A., 1983:
Analysis of components of variation in Schistosoma mansoni egg counting

Alonso Sebastian, R.; Rodriguez Barrio, J.E., 1982:
Analysis of concentration in the Spanish sugar industry

Callier, K., 1982:
Analysis of consumer attitudes to meat

Xiao, D.R., 1982:
Analysis of correlations between seedcoat colour and oil content in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

Datta, A.K.; Morrow, C.T., 1982:
Analysis of creep curves

Khatri, T.J.; Patel, R.M.; Mistry, P.D., 1982:
Analysis of crop weather for an early forecast of groundnut yield in Junagadh district of Gujarat

Anonymous, 1982:
Analysis of damage to agricultural produce due to heavy rains in 1981

Meshchanov, V.N.; Nuriev, S.S.; Florinskii, M.A.; Andriyanov, A.A., 1980:
Analysis of data from agrochemical soil surveys

Oskam, A.J.; Osinga, E., 1982:
Analysis of demand and supply in the dairy sector of the Netherlands

Aksenovich, A.V.; Shumnyi, V.K., 1981:
Analysis of deviations from Mendelian segregation for the lys gene in spring barley

Brandsma, S., 1982:
Analysis of differences in milk production between farms with individual stalls and those with group housing

Hathoot, H.M., 1980:
Analysis of double mole drain systems (III)

Anonymous, 1983:
Analysis of dried milk and dried milk products. Part 16. Determination of nitrate and nitrite contents. Section 16.1 Method for dried milk by cadmium reduction

Anonymous, 1983:
Analysis of dried milk and dried milk products. Part 6. Assessment of the heat class of dried milk. Section 6.1. Heat number method (reference method)

Li, Y., 1982:
Analysis of ecotypes of soyabean cultivars in Shanxi Province. II. Geographic distribution of plant characteristics and yield traits

Carmantrand, J. de; Galand, A., 1981:
Analysis of efficiencies of some surface and pressure irrigation systems, and modernizations envisaged

Yusupbekov, N.R.; Gulyamov, S.M.; Zuparov, U.K.; Abdurakhimov, S.A., 1982:
Analysis of efficiency of preliminary saturation of a material intended to be extracted, with a pure solvent in the extractor

Babella, G.; Novak, A.; Korom, F., 1982:
Analysis of energy consumption in Hungarian dried milk factories and proposals for reducing it

Gerasimenko, V.F.; Dragavtsev, V.A., 1981:
Analysis of estimates of the coefficient of heritability in plants by means of indicator characters

Tabet, A., 1978:
Analysis of experimental results of drainage in heavy clay soils

Cunha, J.A.N. de; Alvarenga, S.C. de; Oliveira, E.B. de; Gomes, S.T.; Thiebaut, J.T.L., 1982:
Analysis of factors affecting productivity in milk production in the Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais

Noguchi, M.; Hoshino, K.; Kikkawa, M., 1981:
Analysis of factors determining the vegetable crop yield effect of temperature on growth and dry matter production of lettuce at different growth stages

Paprstein, F.; Blazek, J.; Havlicek, Z., 1983:
Analysis of factors influencing apple tree growth in orchards in Czechoslovakia

Claus, R.; Karg, H.; Zwiauer, D.; von Butler, I.; Pirchner, F.; Rattenberger, E., 1983:
Analysis of factors influencing reproductive performance of the dairy cow by progesterone assay in milk-fat

Mariotti, J.A.; Scandaliaris, J.; Ahmed, M.A.; Cuenya, M.I., 1981:
Analysis of family performance in hybrid sugarcane progenies

Field, W.E.; Tormoehlen, R.L., 1982:
Analysis of fatal and non-fatal farm accidents involving children

Base, J.; Zadrazil, K., 1982:
Analysis of fatty acid methyl esters in milk fat by gas chromatography

Ford C.W.; Howse L., 1982:
Analysis of fermentable sugars in tropical grasses by high performance liquid chromatography

Chaudhary, M.A.; Malik, M.A., 1980:
Analysis of fertilizer use in wheat on subsistence holdings

Fiolka, G., 1982:
Analysis of foal losses in licensed stud farms of the Magdeburg district of the German Democratic Republic between 1976 and 1980

Anonymous, 1981:
Analysis of food balance sheets for Costa Rica, 1971-1977

Cherney, J.H., 1981:
Analysis of forage yield and quality potential of small grain crops and the interrelationships among biological, chemical, morphological, and anatomical determinants of quality

Horisberger, D., 1982:
Analysis of forest structure using dominant diameter

Boudreau, A.; Turcotte, J., 1982:
Analysis of gamma radionuclides in selected farm produce of Oka, Quebec - a niobium mining community

Elashoff, J.D.; Reedy, T.J.; Meyer, J.H., 1982:
Analysis of gastric emptying data

Owens, K.W., 1983:
Analysis of generation means and components of variance for fruit size in two cucumber populations; and genetic and breeding studies on cucumber fruit size utilizing inbred backcross lines

Gill, K.S.; Bhullar, G.S.; Bhatia, A., 1979:
Analysis of generation means for metric traits in durum wheat

Kodama N., 1982:
Analysis of genetic and maternal effects on behavioral development in inbred mice

Sandhu, S.S.; Phul, P.S.; Gill, K.S., 1980:
Analysis of genetic variability in a synthetic population of pearl-millet

Wricke, G.; Weber, W.E.; Ottleben, R., 1982:
Analysis of genetic variance of quantitatively inherited characteristics of Gerbera jamesonii

Young, J.R.; Donelson, J.E.; Majiwa, P.A.; Shapiro, S.Z.; Williams, R.O., 1982:
analysis of genomic rearrangements associated with two variable antigen genes of Trypanosoma brucei

Doucet, I., 1981:
Analysis of genotype X environment interactions in diallel hybrids

Gupta, S.K.; Phul, P.S., 1982:
Analysis of genotype-environment interaction in pearl millet generations

Litts, J.C.; Anderson, O.D.; Okita, T.W.; Greene, F.C., 1983:
Analysis of gliadin sequences in wheat DNA

Phillips, J.A.; Beamer, W.G.; Bartke, A., 1982:
Analysis of growth hormone genes in mice with genetic defects of growth hormone expression

Brunetti, A.; Delogu, G.; Lorenzoni, C.; Odoardi, M.; Stanca, A.M., 1982:
Analysis of growth in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in relation to nitrogen fertilizer and sowing rate

Arze B.J., 1980:
Analysis of growth in maize, sorghum and Vigna unguiculata in different chronological arrangements

Subrahmanyam, K.V., 1982:
Analysis of growth of area, production and productivity of banana in India, 1965-66 to 1978-79

Concilio, L.; Sanguineti, M.C., 1982:
Analysis of growth rate of the fruits in lines and hybrids of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)

Hanson, F.E.; Cearley, C.; Kogge, S., 1982:
Analysis of gustatory activity using computer techniques

Niu, T.T.; Hou, H.T.; Tan, W.Q., 1982:
Analysis of heterosis of some yield characters in sorghum hybrids

Accorti, M.; D.A.brosio, M.T.; Piazza, M.G., 1980:
Analysis of honeys: methods and preliminary observations

Akkina, R.K., 1983:
Analysis of immunogenic determinants of bovine viral diarrhea virus

Spahr, S.L.; Puckett, H.B.; Fernando, R.S.; Rodda, E.D., 1983:
Analysis of in-line milk conductivity data

Blaylock, J.R.; Smallwood, D.M., 1982:
Analysis of income and food expenditure distributions: a flexible approach

Mauney, J.R.; Guinn, G.; Fry, K.E., .:
Analysis of increases of flowers in moisture stressed cotton

M.M.; Schnee M.E., 1983:
Analysis of individual gypsy moth sex pheromone production by sample concentrating gas chromatography

Hitrec, V., 1982:
Analysis of influence of log taper, log length, saw kerf width and sawing inaccuracy on volume log yield when sawn on frame-saw by method of simulation

Christie, E.K.; Detling, J.K., 1982:
Analysis of interference between C3 and C4 grasses in relation to temperature and soil nitrogen supply

Boxema R., 1979:
Analysis of iron chelates in commercial iron fertilizers by gel chromatography

Shu Tung Chu, 1982:
Analysis of irrigation by trail tubes

Lamarche, H.; Romane, F., 1982:
Analysis of landscape changes arising from socioeconomic and ecological causes taking a district in Southern France as an example

Hsiao, S.; Spencer, R., 1983:
Analysis of licking responses in rats: effects of cholecystokinin and bombesin

Novy, J., 1981:
Analysis of lifetime milk production and mean duration of calving interval

Plateaux Quenu, C.; Plateaux, L., 1980:
Analysis of males and females in the first brood of Evylaeus calceatus

Haro Gimenez, T. de; Caldentey Albert, P., 1982:
Analysis of market regulations for meat in Spain

Shaw, D.V.; Allard, R.W., 1981:
Analysis of mating system parameters and population structure in Douglas-fir using single-locus and multilocus methods

Schafer, M.W., 1983:
Analysis of maze behaviour in Lithobius forficatus L. (Myriapoda, Chilopoda)

White, D.C., 1983:
Analysis of microorganisms in terms of quantity and activity in natural environments

Anonymous, 1982:
Analysis of milk and milk products and development of analytical standards

Kuzina, Z., 1981:
Analysis of milk production of Slovakian Pied cows and of some indices of reproduction

Rampilli, M.; Morgante, D.; Re, G.; Resmini, P., 1982:
Analysis of milk-clotting agents. I. Comparative study of some methods for qualitative and quantitative determination of milk-clotting enzymes

Mucchetti, G.; Rampilli, M.; Carini, S., 1982:
Analysis of milk-clotting agents. II. Proposal for automated determination of clotting activity

Rampilli, M.; Mucchetti, G., 1982:
Analysis of milk-clotting enzymes. III. Use of rocket immunoelectrophoresis for estimation of specific clotting activities in enzyme mixtures

Rampilli, M.; Massoni, F.; Dallavalle, M.G., 1982:
Analysis of milk-clotting enzymes. IV. Correction of interfering reactions in qualitative analysis by double immunodiffusion

Pijanowski, T.; Burka, E.; Grochal, B., 1982:
Analysis of mixing process of skim milk and acid solution during continuous coagulation of casein

Fournioux, J.C.; Bessis, R., 1982:
Analysis of new types of growth correlation between grapevine buds growing after a hailstorm

Haystead, A., 1982:
Analysis of nitrogen isotope ratios by mass spectrometry

Middleboe, V., 1982:
Analysis of nitrogen isotope ratios by optical emission spectrometry

Slapak, I., 1981:
Analysis of patients with orofacial actinomycosis at the ENT Clinic, Brno during the last five years

Sekita, H.; Takeda, M.; Saito, Y.; Uchiyama, M., 1982:
Analysis of pesticide residues in foods. XXXVI. Analytical method for multi-residues of chlorinated-phenoxy agricultural chemicals (2,4-D, 2,4,5-T and 2,4,5-TP ) in fruits

Chernyaeva, G.N.; Kosobudskaya, L.M.; Usol' tseva, L.P., 1983 :
Analysis of phenolic acids in birch bark

Krueger, R.W.; Miles, D., 1983:
Analysis of photosystem I and plastocyanin in two polyploid genotypes of tall fescue

Kays, S.J.; Payne, J.A., 1982:
Analysis of physical and chemical parameters of the shells of pecan genotypes in reference to the production of phenolic plastics and resins

Gouteux, J.P., 1982:
Analysis of physiological age groups of Glossina females. Calculation of survival curve, mortality rate, maximum and mean ages. (Programmes obtainable on H.P. 41 and H.P. 67/97.)

Xu, H.J., 1981:
Analysis of practical characteristics of digital setworks

Ljubic, D.A., 1982:
Analysis of productivity and cost of forestry transportation. Part One: Pilot study to determine the factors for analysis of commercial vehicle power consumption and road performance

Veneziano, W.; Carvalho, A., 1982:
Analysis of progenies and lines of Mundo Novo coffee in Rondonia

Buchatskii, L.P.; Kuznetsova, M.A.; Sherban, S.D., 1982:
Analysis of proteins of the iridescence virus of the mosquito Aedes cantans

Homola, I., 1980:
Analysis of quantitative components of yield in F1 interline hybrids of horse bean (Faba vulgaris Moench, var. equina Pers.)

Castro C.E.; Sevall J.S., 1982:
Analysis of rat liver chromatin and nuclear proteins after nutritional variation

Anand, I.J.; Rawat, D.S., 1981:
Analysis of reciprocal cross differences in brown mustard

Turillazzi, PG.; Zapponi, GA., 1982:
Analysis of relationship between locomotion and grooming activity in cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

Orlov, M.A.; Rakov, V.A.; Furman, A.I.; Murashov, E.I., 1982:
Analysis of reliability of sulfuric acid production from pyrite

Ravkin, A.S., 1981:
Analysis of resistance to anthracnose in black currant by means of evaluating the combining ability of varieties

Ivlev, A.A.; Knyazev, D.A.; Kaloshin, A.G., 1983:
Analysis of results of calculations of carbon isotope effects in an autotrophic cell from the model with periodically attenuated oscillations in the glycolytic chain

Pundir, R.P.S.; Singh, R.B., 1983:
Analysis of root tip chromosomes of UPAS 120 pigeonpea

Hermann, E.R., 1982:
Analysis of selected agricultural parastatals in the Ivory Coast

McGuire, T.C.; Perryman, L.E.; Davis, W.C., 1983:
Analysis of serum and lymphocyte surface IgM of healthy and immunodeficient horses with monoclonal antibodies

Bock, J.L., 1982:
Analysis of serum by high-field proton nuclear magnetic resonance

Landi, P.; Concilio, L., 1982:
Analysis of silk extrusion rate in maize hybrids at different plant densities

Ishii, H.; Katagiri, S.; Miyaki, N., 1981:
Analysis of snow-damaged sugi stand (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) by unusual snowfall in January, 1978. II. Successive breaking of trees in the row planting stand

Neuwinger, I., 1978:
Analysis of soil parameters at alpine pastures near Badgastein

Ueno, M.; Ezaki, H.; Hashiguchi, K.; Sakai, J., 1980:
Analysis of soil resistance by a finite element method

Dissmeyer, G.E., 1979:
Analysis of soils and hydrologic data taken by renewable resources evaluation in South Carolina

Papajova, H., 1982:
Analysis of soluble calcium in milk

Papajova, H., 1982:
Analysis of soluble forms of calcium in milk

Casado Moragon, J.; Sierra Alfranca, I., 1981:
Analysis of some production characters in the Mancha breed. Interest in intensification of reproductive performance

Korneva, G.V., 1981:
Analysis of some statistical values for dehydrogenase activity in circulating lymphocytes from healthy and ketotic cows

Furedi, J.; Danis, I., 1982:
Analysis of some yield data for peas grown for seed according to years, farms and field conditions

Heft, R.; Koszykowski, R., 1982:
Analysis of standard reference materials by absolute IBAA

Baladi, G.Y.; Rohani, B., 1981:
Analysis of steerability of tracked vehicles; theoretical predictions versus field measurements

Marsh, H.; Channells, P.W.; Heinsohn, G.E.; Morrissey, J., 1981:
Analysis of stomach contents of dugongs from Queensland

Niezgoda, D., 1981:
Analysis of substitution relationships between land and working capital

Lorber, M.N., 1982:
Analysis of sugarcane biomass production systems

Wills, R.B.H.; Francke, R.A.; Walker, B.P., 1982:
Analysis of sugars in foods containing sodium chloride by high-performance liquid chromatography

Kreisner, M., 1982:
Analysis of sulfonamide combinations in biological material. 1. Studies with sulfonamides

Becker, M., 1982:
Analysis of suppliers of profiled boards in Hamburg

Wartoń, A.; Honigberg, B.M., 1983:
Analysis of surface saccharides in Trichomonas vaginalis strains with various pathogenicity levels by fluorescein-conjugated plant lectins

Keulen, H. van; Versteeg, M.N., 1982:
Analysis of systems and simulation in crop production

Sigwald, J.P.; Lequenne, D.; Toussaint, G., 1981:
Analysis of technical and economic results of farms with goat units

Taylor, R.W.; Meche, G.A., 1981:
Analysis of ten millet varieties for forage yield characteristics

Kawaguchi, M., 1980:
Analysis of the annual ring structure of coniferous wood (I). On the annual ring structure of ezomatsu, Picea jezoensis Carriere

Fonta, C.; Masson, C., 1982:
Analysis of the antennal sensory receptors of Bombus hypnorum

Vega, J.D.; Cantu, F., 1982:
Analysis of the climate-water relationship of some crops to support timing and quantity of irrigation

Dibble, J.B.; Penney, M.D., 1983:
Analysis of the components of the hypercalcaemia in a 14-year-old boy following prolonged immobilisation

Hale, D.A.; Stockdale, J.E., 1982:
Analysis of the concept of leisure: initial thoughts and findings

Xiao, D.R., 1982:
Analysis of the correlations between testa colour and oil content in Brassica napus L

Sip, V.; Skorpik, M.; Martinek, V., 1980:
Analysis of the correlations between yield components in poppy grown for seeds

Aranzazu Hernandez, F., 1982:
Analysis of the development and variation in the incidence of witches' broom disease (Crinipellis perniciosa) in the Uraba region of Colombia

Cordin, F., 1981:
Analysis of the difficulties imposed on investment programmes of rural banks in a local economic system

Zhukov, A.V.; Rudnitskii, P.F.; Petrovich, A.I., 1982:
Analysis of the dynamics of a wheeled skidder with a spring-mounted system for the ancillary equipment

Anonymous, 1981:
Analysis of the dynamics of mass soil movement on silty-clayey lacustrine deposits on an experimental slope of Fagna (Mugello-Florence)

Kajak, A., 1981:
Analysis of the effect of mineral fertilization on the meadow spider community

Jain, R., 1982:
Analysis of the effects of hyperthermia on blood glucose and blood urea levels in normal and protein malnourised rats

Lloret Oltra, J., 1982:
Analysis of the effects of water stress in citrus

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Analysis of the essential oil of Vateria indica Linn

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Analysis of the feasibility of large-scale owner-tenancy in Japan

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Analysis of the field of a bifilar winding of dielectric seed cleaners

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Analysis of the gravitational method of planting strawberry plants set in soil blocks

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Analysis of the group effect in the case of larvae of the mosquito Aedes aegypti (Diptera, Culicidae)

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Analysis of the growth and development of rape

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Analysis of the growth of a permanent pasture in the foothills of the Alps

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Analysis of the host-pathogen relationship through the employment of induced mutations in both organisms

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Analysis of the in vitro translation products from RNAs of heat-shocked seedlings

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Analysis of the incompatibility and sterility of sweet potato

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Analysis of the influence of principal meteorological factors on the yield formation of green herbage from grass stands

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Analysis of the inheritance of growth period in F1 and F2 hybrids of spring barley

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Analysis of the kinetics of growth in Dactylis glomerata L. by a morphogenetic approach

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Analysis of the kinetics of recombination following storage of gamma -irradiated seeds and pollen of tomato

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Analysis of the market for ornamental plants. The case of the Madrid area

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Analysis of the method of background corrections. 1. Construction of correction functions

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Analysis of the milk of Hungarian Pied, Holstein-Friesian and F1 crossbred herds. I. Macrocomposition of milk

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Analysis of the milking process and operating parameters in the Unilaktor ULS-17 Standard

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Analysis of the phenology of some species of owlet moths (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in Azerbaijan

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Analysis of the pollen incompatibility system observed in the hazel Corylus avellana L

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Analysis of the principal quality indices of barley cultivars grown for brewing in Romania

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Analysis of the problem of mechanically harvesting delicate fruit from trees

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Analysis of the process of casein coagulation by the continuous method

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Analysis of the process of measuring log diameters with a phase-shift transducer

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Analysis of the production and economic advantages of early weaning of calves

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Analysis of the production of 30 dairy farms in the upper region of Zarcero, October 1979-1980

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Analysis of the progeny of currant-gooseberry hybrids treated with mutagens

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Analysis of the proteins contained in single seeds of a population of runner bean (Ph. coccineus L.)

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Analysis of the reproductive performance records of an intensive piggery in Australia

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Analysis of the resistance of wheat-rye addition lines to powdery mildew of wheat (Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici)

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Analysis of the role of preschool education in reducing the school dropout rate

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Analysis of the segregation of genes involved in the floral pigmentation of petunias obtained by androgenesis

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Analysis of the somatic mutation process in barley

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Analysis of the status of forest insect pests and diseases in Spain and in particular of specialised research in this field

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Analysis of the structure of the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) of the north-western part of the Sarpinskaya lowland (Kalmyk ASSR) with the use of theoretical-graph methods

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Analysis of the suitability of some regression models for expressing crown biomass in Scots pine

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Analysis of the systematic position of the family Prismatolaimidae (Nematoda, Araelaimida) and description of Prismatolaimus verrucosa from the south of the Far-East, found for the first time in the USSR

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Analysis of the thermal characteristics of heat generation plants based on solar energy

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Analysis of the timing of labour requirements for selected procedures, methods of organization and types of equipment and determination of the relation between time and costs in plant protection of cereal crops

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Analysis of the traction characteristics of tractors

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Analysis of the trematode fauna of amphibians in south-eastern Europe

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Analysis of the use of resources by linear programming for Itaituba, Para

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Analysis of the value of subjective evaluation of meatiness and fat cover

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Analysis of the water management system connected to the Bekes barrage and its area of influence

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Analysis of the work of a rotary cultivator

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Analysis of the yield-determining process of field-grown soybeans in relation to canopy structure. VI. Characteristics of grain production in relation to plant types as affected by planting patterns and planting densities

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Analysis of three methodologies for collecting data from small farmers in the Dominican Republic

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Analysis of tile drainage design policies in Egypt

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Analysis of total and partial correlations between protein and sugar contents, and yield in peas (Pisum sativum L.)

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Analysis of total dietary fibre and the proportion of pectin in it in Dutch foods

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Analysis of tractor-implement hitching and the effect of hitch design. A proposal

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Analysis of tree growth through the growth function of Richards -- applications to single trees of Larix leptolepis Gordon, Abies sachalinensis Masters and Picea glehnii Masters

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Analysis of variables affecting the supply of agricultural products. The case of sugar beet cultivation in Andalusia

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Analysis of yield elaboration, a tool to judge the environment

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Analysis of yield variability in Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum in the coastal area of Tuscany

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Analysis on air-conditioning heat load of a passenger vehicle

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Analysis on the cultivation for high yields of hybrid rice through increasing both numbers of panicles and grains

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Analysis, simulation and evaluation of stump-jump mechanisms on Australian Broadacre tillage equipment

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Analytical and experimental evaluation of maize grain protein after drying in different ways. 3. Effect of stage of maturity and grain moisture on the protein damage caused by heating

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Analytical and experimental evaluation of maize grain protein after drying in different ways. 4. Mathematical description of the relation between heat treatment and changes in protein quality

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Analytical bibliography of groundnut seeds

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Analytical methods in dairy science

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Analytical performances of microwave oven and infra-red methods for the determination of total milk solids

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Analytical requirements for placements in Soil Taxonomy and methods used

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Analytical systems for pesticide spray transport and impingement

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Analyzer monitors boiler combustion to conserve energy and reduce fuel costs

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Analyzing economic activities of farms

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Analyzing long-term development of specialization, location, and concentration within an administrative raion

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Analyzing the results of farm activities

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Anatomy, basic density and shrinkage of birch bark

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Ancylostoma, Necator, and ancylostomiasis

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And this is the best

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Anderson-Coleman drum debarker

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Aneuploidy and seed quality in progenies of hexaploid white clover (Trifolium repens L.)

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