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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, unda: Annual review 1982

Anonymous, 1982: Annual review 1982

Anonymous, 1983: Annual review 1983

Anonymous, unda: Annual review No.22 1982

Anonymous, 1983: Annual review No.23 1983

Hegemans, G. J., 1983: Annual review of Hungarian agriculture for 1982

Anonymous, 1983: Annual review of agriculture 1983

Anonymous, 1983: Annual review of entomology

Anonymous, 1982: Annual review of physiology. Volume 44

Anonymous, 1982: Annual review of the sheep and beef industry 1981/82

Galinsky, G.; Hanert, H., 1979: Annual rhythm of iron oxidation in raised bog sites

Schweingruber, F. H., 1983: Annual rings: site factors, methodology, time and climate in dendrochronology

Anonymous, 1982: Annual scientific report, 1981

Anonymous, 1983: Annual scientific report, 1982

Anonymous, 1982: Annual survey of Swazi Nation Land 1980-1981

Anonymous, 1983: Annual technical report of the Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Mandioca e Fruticultura 1982

Anonymous, 1982: Annual technical report of the Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Trigo, 1979-1980

Anonymous, 1982: Annual technical report of the Centro Nacional de Pesquisa do Algodao -- 1980

Anonymous, 1982: Annual technical report of the main agricultural research at Roraima - 1981

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Bernal V, J. A., unda: Annual weed control in chickpeas using herbicides applied in irrigation water on the Costa de Hermosillo, Sonora

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046030

Bernal V, J. A., unda: Annual weed control in vines with herbicides applied in irrigation water in the Costa de Hermosillo, Son

Oliphant L., 1983: Annular gap junctions of the equine hoof wall

Marsalek, L., 1981: Anodic isoperoxidase patterns in tobacco callus cultures after the application of various combinations of growth regulators

Sastry, T. P.; Rao, V. V., 1983: Anodic protection of mild steel in nitric acid

Yenikoye, A.; Pelletier, J.; Andre, D.; Mariana, J. C., 1982: Anomalies in ovarian function of Peuhl ewes

Vale, W. G.; Souza, J. S.; Ohashi, O. M.; Ribeiro, H. F. L., 1981: Anomalies in the development of the genitalia of slaughtered water buffaloes

Autrum, H., 1982: Anomalies of the eye and visual pathways and their genetic control in albino mammals

Simons, R. K.; Chu, M. C., 1983: Anomalous characteristics of cellular structure related to corking in apples

Hasegawa, M.; Osawa, M., 1983: Anomalous corrosion of hydrogen-containing ferritic steels in aqueous acid solution

Bassi, R.; Passera, C.; Orsenigo, M., 1981: Anomalous photosynthesis in a maize hybrid

Deveronico, L.; Giambattista, N. Di; Marro, M., 1982: Anomalous proliferation in apple and pear ovules after the start of flowering

Bryan, J. H., 1983: Anopheles gambiae and A. melas at Brefet, The Gambia, and their role in malaria transmission

Mahmood, F.; Reisen, WK., 1982: Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae): changes in male mating competence and reproductive system morphology associated with aging and mating

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Macdonald, W. W., 1982: Anophelines of Libya and their control

Ramsdale, Cd; De-Zulueta, J., 1983: Anophelism in the Algerian Sahara and some implications of the construction of a trans-Saharan highway

Urmanbetova, U., 1979: Anoplocephalid infections in horses in northern Kirgizia and their control

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046050

Garfinkel, Paul-E; Garner, David, M., 1982: Anorexia nervosa

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046054

Anonymous, 1983: Another analytical look at sugar statistics

Jones, G. T., 1982: Another approach to estimating different income elasticities for different income classes, with detailed results for Southern Brazil and Greece

Delaporte, G., 1983 : Another difficult year for the banana market

Long, E., 1982: Another grass weed to look out for

Waters, W. F., 1983: Another look at pesticides and peasants

Wertheim, S. J., 1983: Another look at planting systems for apples

Anonymous, 1983: Another new herbicide from Du Pont

Desowitz, R. S., 1982: Another perspective on malaria vaccines

Burnham, C. R., 1983: Another source of cytoplasmic male sterility

Benzing, L., 1981: Ant control with biotechnical bait products

Majer, J. D., 1982: Ant manipulation in agro- and forest-ecosystems

Wood, TK., 1982: Ant-attended nymphal aggregations in the Enchenopa binotata complex (Homoptera: Membracidae)

Anonymous, 1982: Ant-plant interactions in Australia

Balkhande, L. D.; Gangawane, L. V., 1978: Antagonism between Helminthosporium apattarnae and phyllosphere microfungi of three wheat varieties

Sharma, I. K.; Heather, W. A., 1981: Antagonism by three species of Cladosporium to three races of Melampsora larici-populina Kleb

Mann, M. S.; Takkar, P. N., 1983: Antagonism of micronutrient cations on sweet orange leaves

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046073

Makarova, A. P.; Lantseva, N. I., 1979: Antagonistic action of lactic streptococci on Staphylococcus aureus in relation to composition and pH of the medium and duration of culturing

Fatichenti, F.; Bergere, J. L.; Deiana, P.; Farris, G. A., 1983: Antagonistic activity of Debaryomyces hansenii towards Clostridium tyrobutyricum and Cl. butyricum

Pradhan, J. P.; Basu, P. K., 1982: Antagonistic effect of abscisic acid and rutin upon seed germination and seedling growth of Tephrosia vogelii Hook

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046077

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046078

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046079

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046080

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046081

Timoshko, M. A.; Vil' shanskaya, F. L.; Pospelova, V. V.; Rakhimova, N. G., 1979: Antagonistic relations between Bifidobacterium bifidum and Proteus vulgaris in vitro and in the digestive tract of gnotobiotic chicks

Johansson, I., 1979: Antagonistic traits in breeding for performance

Glodek, P., 1979: Antagonistic traits in horse breeding

Fewson, D., 1979: Antagonistic traits in pig breeding from a geneticists point of view

Wassmuth, R., 1979: Antagonistic traits in sheep breeding

Makarova, A. P.; Makarova, S. A., 1981: Antagonistically active tvorog starters

Brown, J. S.; Anderson, J. M.; Grimme, L. H., 1982: Antenna chlorophyll a complexes in mutant and developing barley

Viggiani, G.; Mazzone, P., 1982: Antennal sensilla of some Encarsia Foerster (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), with particular reference to sensorial complexes of the male

Hood Henderson, D. E.; Wellington, W. G., 1982: Antennal sensilla of some aphidophagous Syrphidae (Diptera): fine structure and electroantennogramme study

Arnoczky, S. P.; Tarvin, G. B.; Marshall, J. L., 1982: Anterior cruciate ligament replacement using patellar tendon

Buchmann, SL.; Buchmann, MD., 1981: Anthecology of Mouriri myrtilloides (Melastomataceae: Memecyleae), an oil flower in Panama

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046094

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046095

Gorodovich, N. M., 1980: Anthelmintic action on skin application of drugs

Kakrani, H. K.; Nair, G. V., 1982: Anthelmintic activity in vitro of essential oil from the seeds of Aglaia odoratissima

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046098

Guerrero, J; Page, Mr; Schad, Ga, 1982: Anthelmintic activity of closantel against Ancylostoma caninum in dogs

Ferguson, Dl, 1982: Anthelmintic activity of fenbendazole against experimental Metastrongylus apri infection in swine

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046101

Garg, S. C.; Kasera, H. L., 1982: Anthelmintic activity of the essential oil of Callistemon viminalis

Mahmoud, Z. F.; Sarg, T. M.; Amer, M. E.; Khafagy, S. M., 1983: Anthelmintic coumarin from Ethulia conyzoides var. gracilis Asch. & Schweinf

Nekipelova, R. A.; Papikhina, K. M.; Gordeev, Y. U. S.; Aryngazin, S., 1979: Anthelmintic effect of cambendazole on Nematodirus and other helminths in sheep

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046105

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046106

Sahai, B. N.; Ansari, M. Z.; Singh, R. P.; Prasad, K. D., 1983: Anthelmintic efficacy of Terenol and Zanil against experimental paramphistomiasis in goats

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046108

Malan, F. S.; Reinecke, R. K.; Scialdo Krecek, R. C., 1982: Anthelmintic efficacy of fenbendazole in donkeys assessed by the modified non-parametric method

Yazwinski, T. A.; Greenway, T.; Pote, L.; Presson, B.; Featherstone, H., 1983: Anthelmintic efficacy of fenbendazole in sheep

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046111

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046112

Lima, W. dos Santos; Costa, A. M. de Araujo; Costa, J. O.; Guimaraes, M. P., 1982: Anthelmintic efficacy of tetramisole hydrochloride and fenbendazole in calves

Lima, W. dos S.; Costa, H. M. de A.; Costa, J. O.; Guimaraes, M. P.; Leite, A. C. R., 1982: Anthelmintic efficacy of tetramisole hydrochloride and fenbendazole in naturally infected calves

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046116

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046117

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046118

Bauer, C., 1983: Anthelmintic resistance: review and in vitro researches

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Glenn, Js; Baker, Nf; Franti, Ce; Ver-Steeg, Jd, 1982: Anthelmintic treatment of nonpastured dairy cows in California

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046122

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046123

Anonymous, 1982: Anthelmintics for cattle and sheep

Anonymous, 1982: Anthelmintics for cattle and sheep 1982

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Demidov, N. V., 1982: Anthelmintics in veterinary practice

Sunderland, N., 1980: Anther and pollen culture 1974-1979

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046188

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046189

Turner, M., 1983: Anti-malarial immunity. Sporozoite antigen's novel structure

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046191

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046195

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046209

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046210

Khan, Z. R.; Agarwal, R. A., 1982: Antibiosis mechanism against pink bollworm in cotton

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046244

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046268

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046780

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046826

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046834

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Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046838

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046839

Section 2, Chapter 1047, Accession 001046840

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