Benzyladenine-induced stimulation of chlorophyll formation in attached cotyledons of etiolated cucumber seedlings

Dei, M.

Plant Science Letters 30(3): 251-257


DOI: 10.1016/0304-4211(83)90163-3
Accession: 001048885

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BA sprayed on the cotyledons of etiolated seedlings (cv. Aonagajibai) in the dark stimulated chlorophyll (Chl) formation during subsequent continuous illumination with white light. The extent of stimulation was proportional to the concentration of BA applied at 14 h before the onset of illumination. At 5 X 10-5 M, BA eliminated the lag phase of Chl formation within a short dark treatment and after a longer dark treatment it accelerated the steady-state rate of Chl formation. Both effects remained saturated when the period of dark treatment was considerably prolonged (12-14 h). Thus, the mode of action of BA on Chl formation in attached cotyledons seems similar to that in excised cotyledons [see HcA 53, 1720].