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Chapter 1,050

Biology of a new trypanosome: Trypanosoma (Megatrypanum) scotophila sp.nov. from the bat, Scotophilus heathi Horsfield

Liao, G.Y.

Malaria and other protozoal infections Proceedings seminar organized by the Chinese Society of Protozoologists and Zhongshan Sun Yatsen University, Guangzhou, China: 45-57


Accession: 001049687

T. scotophila n.sp. from S. heathi (prevalence 21%) in Guangzhou, China, is a polymorphic trypanosome with pointed ends and a well developed undulating membrane. It averages 31.6 mu m long by 3.8 mu m wide and the free flagellum averages 5.4 mu m. The nucleus is round or ellipsoid and located in the middle of the body or slightly towards the posterior extremity. The kinetoplast is close to the nucleus. The kinetosome may be larger than the kinetoplast.

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