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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rogers, R.L.; Crawford, S.H.; Retzinger, E.J.; Richard, P., .:
Blazer and basagran tank mix combinations

Rogers, R.L.; Crawford, S.H.; Retzinger, E.J.; Richard, P., .:
Blazer rate X stage of application for Sesbania control

Barrichelo, L.E.G.; Brito, J.O., 1982:
Bleached sulphate pulp from Mimosa bracatinga

Palmer, J.E.; Whitlock, R.H., 1983:
Bleeding abomasal ulcers in adult dairy cattle

Chang, P.C., 1982:
Blends of egg albumen and whey protein having improved gel strength

Varnum, D.S., 1983:
Blind-sterile: a new mutation on chromosome 2 of the house mouse

Feman, S.S.; Podgorski, S.F.; Penn, M.K., 1982:
Blindness from presumed ocular histoplasmosis in Tennessee

Boontjes, J., 1982:
Blindness in the cv. Connecticut King is still a problem

Hoelscher, C.E., 1982:
Blister beetle management in alfalfa to reduce livestock poisoning

Mouli, B.C.; Ram, C.S.V., 1981:
Blister blight control in relation to bush plucking surface

Hoogstraal, H.; Gallagher, M.D., 1982:
Blisters, pruritus, and fever after bites by the Arabian tick Ornithodoros (Alectorobius) muesebecki

Menon, K.N.N., 1982:
Block delivery scheme--how to meet desired objective economically

Jolly, C.M., 1981:
Block foundations subject to lateral loads

Shridharan, L., 1982:
Block level planning: some observations

Laude, B.; Malige, B., 1982:
Block-shaped cheese and manufacturing method

Ichikawa, S.; Ohta, M.; Morioka, H.; Murao, S., 1983:
Blockage of ovulation in the explanted hamster ovary by a collagenase inhibitor

Maier, O.; Oldigs, B.; Hinsch, W., 1983:
Blood and serum values of Gottingen miniature swine. 3. Influence of endogenous and exogenous factors on activities of serum enzymes

Melvin, D.M.; Walls, K.W.; Smith, J.W., 1981:
Blood and tissue parasites

Matsumoto, H.; Kariya, Y.; Furukawa, R.; Sakai, Y.; Kawakami, N., 1983:
Blood changes in grazing Holstein and Japanese Black steers infected with Theileria sergenti

Hamada, T.; Ishii, T.; Taguchi, S., 1982:
Blood changes of spontaneously ketotic cows before and four hours after administration of glucose, xylitol, 1,2-propanediol, or magnesium propionate

Donecker, J.M.; Bellamy, J.E., 1982:
Blood chemical abnormalities in cattle with ruptured bladders and ruptured urethras

Wechsler, S.J., 1983:
Blood collection techniques and normal values for ferrets, rabbits, and rodents. A review

Vagonis, Z.; Kemzura, R.; Raulinaitis, A., 1981:
Blood component polymorphism and its relationship to bio-economic characters in closed populations of Lithuanian White pigs

Gaal, T.; Roberts, C.J.; Reid, I.M.; Dew, A.M.; Copp, C.M., 1983:
Blood composition and liver fat in post parturient dairy cows

McNeilly, A.S.; Martin, R.D.; Hodges, J.K.; Smuts, G.L., 1983:
Blood concentrations of gonadotrophins, prolactin and gonadal steroids in males and in non-pregnant and pregnant female African elephants (Loxodonta africana)

Wilson, P.R.; Pauli, J.V., 1983:
Blood constituents of farmed red deer (Cervus elaphus). II: biochemical values

Wilson, P.R.; Pauli, J.V., 1982:
Blood constituents of farmed red deer (Cervus elaphus): I. Haematological values

Hamblin, C.; Hedger, R.S., 1982:
Blood dried on filter or blotting paper for the detection of antibody against swine vesicular disease virus by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Ferrell, C.L.; Ford, S.P.; Prior, R.L.; Christenson, R.K., 1983:
Blood flow, steroid secretion and nutrient uptake of the gravid bovine uterus and fetus

Rogers, P.A.; Fahey, G.C.J.; Albert, W.W., 1983:
Blood fructose levels in the newborn foal

Rose, R.J.; Rossdale, P.D.; Leadon, D.P., 1982:
Blood gas and acid--base status in spontaneously delivered, term-induced and induced premature foals

Rutkowski, B.; Hoppe, A.; Manitius, A.; Angielski, S., 1981:
Blood glucose and insulin levels following glucose load in rats with chronic renal insufficiency

Rinaudo, M.T.; Curto, M.; Bruno, R., 1982:
Blood glucose and tissue glycogen concentrations in normal and deutectomised chickens during the first twelve hours after hatching

Robertson, S.A.; Lucke, J.N.; Hall, G.M., 1982:
Blood glucose measurement: an evaluation of a small reflectance photometer under field conditions

Oli, J.M.; Ikeakor, I.P.; Onwuameze, I.C., 1982:
Blood glucose responses to common Nigerian foods

Bunch, T.D.; Nguyen, T.C., 1982:
Blood group comparisons between European mouflon sheep and north American desert bighorn sheep

Serdyuk, G.N.; Lozgacheva, O.A.; Kozhukharova, I.V.; Pletenkina, N.A., 1982:
Blood group polymorphism and its use in pig breeding

Rodero, A., 1982:
Blood groups and biochemical polymorphism in the analysis of variability in populations of domestic livestock

Isaias Zarazaga, D., 1982:
Blood groups and cytogenetics

Pavlichenko, V.P., 1983:
Blood groups and milk production

Rasmusen, B.A., 1981:
Blood groups and pork production

Stormont, C.J., 1982:
Blood groups in animals

McBride, W.G.; Black, B.P.; English, B.J., 1982:
Blood lead levels and behaviour of 400 preschool children

Gan, I.; Schier, G.; Innis, C., 1982:
Blood lead levels in schoolchildren in the Port Kembla area

Lindblad, B.S.; Hagelberg, S.; Lundsjö, A., 1982:
Blood levels of critical amino acids in very low birthweight infants on a high human milk protein intake

Berglund, B.; Oltner, R., 1983:
Blood levels of leukocytes, glucose, urea, creatinine, calcium, inorganic phosphorus and magnesium in dairy heifers from three months of age to calving

Janus, E.D.; Suckling, P.A.; Wardell, M.R., 1981:
Blood lipid levels in Christchurch blood donors

Stajic, N.; Vasic, D.; Kristiforovic Ilic, M.; Mirilov, M., 1982:
Blood lipids in adults and children of different anthropometric characteristics

Gillum, R.F.; Taylor, H.L.; Brozek, J.; Anderson, J.; Blackburn, H., 1982:
Blood lipids in young men followed 32 years

Barbosa, H.P.; Fialho, E.T.; Costa, V.; Pacheco, C.R.V.M.; Protas, J.F., 1982:
Blood meal as source of protein in feeds for pigs

McGowan, M.J., 1982:
Blood meal identification and digestion in the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans

Celep, A., 1979:
Blood parasites and ticks of cattle in the region of the middle Black Sea coast

Guseinov, M.A., 1982:
Blood parasites of fish in the Divichin bay of the Caspian Sea and their ecology

Bennett, G.F.; Nieman, D.J.; Turner, B.; Kuyt, E.; Whiteway, M.; Greiner, E.C., 1982:
Blood parasites of prairie anatids and their implication in waterfowl management in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Clubb, S.L.; Cramm, D., 1981:
Blood parasites of psittacine birds -- a survey of the prevalence of Haemoproteus, microfilaria, and trypanosomes

Kairullaev, K.K., 1983:
Blood parasites of wild birds in the valley of the middle reaches of the Ural river (USSR)

Bugalia, N.S.; Kohli, I.S., 1982:
Blood picture and arborisation pattern of cervical mucus in nymphomaniac Rathi cows

Muratov, D.Sh, 1982:
Blood picture of fowls poisoned with Psoralea drupacea (Leguminosae)

Grunder, A.A.; Lefkovitch, L.P.; Chambers, J.R.; Gavora, J.S., 1983:
Blood plasma and production traits in commercial broiler parent stocks

Remeslennikova, S.N.; Glyadkovskii, V.K., 1981:
Blood polymorphic systems in Precoce sheep of various lines

Mengozzi, G., 1982:
Blood polymorphism in the Ragusan ass

Buzina, R.; Suboticanec, K.; Stavljenić, A.; Blagus-Pavleković, G.; Milanović, N.; Salzer, B., 1982:
Blood pressure and blood lipids in adolescent obesity

Wilson, C.A.; Everard, D.M.; Schoental, R., 1982:
Blood pressure changes and cardiovascular lesions found in rats given T-2 toxin, a trichothecene secondary metabolite of certain Fusarium microfungi

Box, B.M.; Mogenson, G.J., 1982:
Blood pressure differences in spontaneously hypertensive rats produced by varying the source of dietary fat

Medeiros, D.-M.B.rgman, R., F., 1982:
Blood pressure in young adults as associated with dietary habits, body conformation, and hair element concentrations

Beuttler, J., 1981:
Blood pressure measurement in the horse under various anaesthetics

D.Swiet, M., 1982:
Blood pressure, sodium, and take away food

Buyanov, A.A.; Lyutinskii, S.I.; Stepanov, G.S.; Kogan, M.E., 1981:
Blood progesterone after insemination in normal cows and cows with abnormal development of the corpus luteum

Lazarev, V.M., 1981:
Blood proteins as indicators of development and productivity of animals

Khan, R.; Dawe, M.B.wering, R.M.sra, R., 1982:
Blood protozoa as an aid for separating stocks of Greenland halibut, Reinhardtius hippoglossoides, in the northwestern Atlantic

Kutsal, T., 1979:
Blood protozoa in water buffaloes from Adana

Wang, Z.Y.; Wang, X.Z.; Peng, Y.F.; Hu, X.S.; Feng, R.Y.; Wang, H.T.; Lin, F.Q., 1983:
Blood sucking activities of hookworms. Routes and quantities of blood loss in Ancylostoma caninum, A duodenale and A ceylanicum infections

Venugopal, T.; Aswathanarayana, T., 1982:
Blood transfusion in a clinical case of theileriasis

Schröffel, J.; Glasnák, V.; Fulka, J.; Motlík, J.; Pavlok, A.; Ríha, J.; Polásek, M., 1983:
Blood types of twin cattle after embryo transfer to inseminated recipients

Bassily, N.S.; Michael, K.G.; Said, A.K., 1982:
Blood urea content for evaluating dietary protein quality

Petrelli, F.; Abdullahi Moalim Dahir; Abdullahi Scek Mohamed; Moretti, P., 1982:
Blood values in clinically normal African camels (Camelus dromedarius) of various age

Marcos, E.R., 1982:
Blood values of cows at different seasons, ages and stages of lactation

Mostafa, M.S.; Aly, A.E.; Ammar, S.; Aly, M.A., 1983:
Blood vessels and nerves of pancreas of the camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Firth, E.C.; Poulos, P.W., 1982:
Blood vessels in the developing growth plate of the equine distal radius and metacarpus

Majumdar, S.K.; Shaw, G.K.; O'Gorman, P.; Aps, E.J.; Offerman, E.L.; Thomson, A.D., 1982:
Blood vitamin status (B1, B2, B6, folic acid and B12) in patients with alcoholic liver disease

Brace, R.A., 1983:
Blood volume and its measurement in the chronically catheterized sheep fetus

Breznock, E.M.; Strack, D., 1982:
Blood volume of nonsplenectomized and splenectomized cats before and after acute hemorrhage

Trukhan, M.N., 1982:
Blood-sucking mosquitoes of the forest vegetation sub-zones of Belorussia

Mamicpic, N.G.; Empig, L.V., 1980:
Blooming habits of ipil-ipil (L. leucocephala) at College, Laguna

Dietz, W.H.J.; Gross, W.S.; Kirkpatrick, J.A.J., 1982:
Blount disease (tibia vara): another skeletal disorder associated with childhood obesity

Kurahashi, H., 1982:
Blow flies from Vanuatu (New Hebrides), with descriptions of three new species of the genus Onesia (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Anonymous, 1982:
Blowing in the wind: deforestation and long-range implications

Whannel, G., 1983:
Blowing the whistle. The politics of sport

Kowallik, W., 1982:
Blue light effects on respiration

Omar, M.M.; Ashour, M.M., 1982:
Blue like cheese from dried milk

Jonsson, N., 1982:
Blue lucerne. Results of agronomic trials

Gayed, S.K., 1983:
Blue mold incidence, spread and severity in the United States and Canada, 1981

Bavinck, M.; Nieuwenhuis, O.; Oonk, G.; Rijnbout, F., 1981:
Blue revolution in India: millions of fishermen threatened by the upsurge of trawling

Martinez, M.R.; Pantastico, J.B.; Cosico, W.C., 1981:
Blue-green algae and the fertility of lowland rice fields in the Philippines

Powell, C., 1983:
Blueberries -- mycorrhizal inoculation

Hensels, L.G.M., 1983:
Blueberries and bees

Poll, J.T.K.; Wood, F.H., 1983:
Blueberries: influence of ethephon on ripening

Liendo, G.; Castro, A.E., 1981:
Bluetongue in cattle: diagnosis and virus isolation

Lonkar, P.S.; Uppal, P.K.; Belwal, L.M.; Mathur, P.B., 1983:
Bluetongue in sheep in India

Cornell, W.D.; Herren, C.E.; Stuart, L., 1983:
Bluetongue in western Kentucky cattle: a serologic survey

Yonguç, A.D.; Taylor, W.P.; Csontos, L.; Worrall, E., 1982:
Bluetongue in western Turkey

Stott, J.L., 1983:
Bluetongue virus: diagnosis, epidemiology and control

Gibbs, E.P., 1983:
Bluetongue--an analysis of current problems, with particular reference to importation of ruminants to the United States

Zelezná, B.; Cechová, D., 1982:
Boar acrosin. Isolation of two active forms from boar ejaculated sperm

Bonneau, M.; Desmoulin, B., 1982:
Boar taint and the possible utilisation of boar meat

Anonymous, 1983:
Boards and wood-based materials as constructional elements

Ikeda, T.; Ando, S.; Nakai, H.; Saito, F.; Ishii, T., 1983:
Body and dressed carcass composition and their changes during growth in Middle White and Berkshire pigs

Forbes, G.B.; Kreipe, R.E.; Lipinski, B., 1982:
Body composition and the energy cost of weight gain

Makled, M.N.; E.G.mmal A.M.; E.D.eb M.A., 1982:
Body composition of chicks subjected to restricted feeding during the rearing period

Harvey, J., 1982:
Body conditioning: Kino-Quebec and its professional views on physical fitness

Ulrych, A., 1982:
Body conformation and growth of crossbreds of Czech Pied cattle with dairy breeds

Piestrak, T.; Szeliga, W.; Przybylo, B., 1982:
Body conformation and meat production traits in Polish Longwool sheep at the Gaik-Brzeszowa farm

Barahona Fernandes, M.H., 1982:
Body deformation in hatchery reared European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax (L). Types, prevalence and effect on fish survival

Baecke, J.A.; Burema, J.; Deurenberg, P., 1982:
Body fatness, relative weight and frame size in young adults

Terranova, F.; Majori, G., 1981:
Body louse infestation: a recent epidemic episode in Italy

Gabris, J.; Timko, L.; Dobos, M., 1982:
Body measurements and conformation of Slovakian Pied cows and crossbreds with red-pied dairy breeds

Schmid, W., 1981:
Body measurements and weight of bulls at the Zug market for breeding animals in 1981

Ayoade, J.A., 1981:
Body measurements and weights of Malawian local goats

Komarek, L., 1982:
Body measurements and weights of Simmental and Red Holstein crossbred bulls

Komarek, L., 1981:
Body measurements and weights of Simmental bulls

Harbeck, K.D.; Gravert, H.O.; Pabst, K., 1981:
Body measurements as an indication of weight changes in dairy cows

Gabris, J.; Mattova, J., 1982:
Body measurements of bulls of different breeds and their relationship with carcass value

Kliment, J.; Psenica, J.; Rybansky, J., 1983:
Body measurements of crossbred cows of the F1 generation between Slovakian Pied and Holstein-Friesian cattle

Gabris, J.; Mattova, J., 1982:
Body measurements of crossbreds of Slovakian Pied cattle with dairy breeds and their relationship with carcass quality

Ayeni, JSO.; Tewe, OO.; Ajayi, SS., 1983:
Body measurements, egg characteristics and carcass composition of guineafowl

Sutherland, S.; Gherardi, S.; Monzu, N., 1983:
Body strike in sheep affected with dermatophilosis with or without fleece rot

Neri, R.A.; Rubio, C.C., 1982:
Body temperature as indicator of impending parturition in primiparous and pluriparous sows

Busen, K., 1982:
Body temperature of newborn piglets after normal parturition and caesarean section with reference to their body weight in the first hours of life. Field study

Macha, J.; Dvorak, J.; Schroffel, J.; Glasnak, V.; Mejsnar, J., 1983:
Body weight and daily gains of bulls of different genotypes

Vorob' ev, N.N., 1983:
Body weight and reproductive performance of ewes

O'Sullivan, J.B., 1982:
Body weight and subsequent diabetes mellitus

Mali, S.L.; Kale, K.M.; Gattewar, A.B., 1983:
Body weight changes of ewes during pregnancy and its relationship with birth weight of lambs

Golda, J.; Suchanek, B.; Vrchlabsky, J., 1983:
Body weight increase and fattening ability of three-breed crossbred bulls obtained during upgrading of Czech Pied cattle

Guenter, P.A.; Moore, K.; Crosby, L.O.; Buzby, G.P.; Mullen, J.L., 1982:
Body weight measurement of patients receiving nutritional support

Suchanek, B.; Ulrych, A., 1982:
Body weight of culled cows from grade Czech Pied herds

Storz, N.-S.G.eene, W., H., 1983:
Body weight, body image, and perception of fad diets in adolescent girls

Smisek, J., 1981:
Body weight, conformation and resistance of carp fry from hybrid lines

Goswami, R.N.; Raina, B.L., 1983:
Body weight, daily weight gain and growth curve in Landrace pigs

Duijvenvoorde, P.M. van; Rolls, B.J.; Rowe, E.A., 1983:
Body-weight regulation in lean and obese rats during pregnancy and lactation

Heine, W.; Lapsien, C., 1981:
Bodyweights of breast-fed and artificially fed infants since 1945

Jones, D.R., 1982:
Boil smut: a new disease of maize and sweet corn in Queensland

Rich, G.J., 1981:

Morris, RJ.; McCartney, MJ.; Schulze-Robbecke, A., 1983:
Bolinopsis infundibulum (O.F. Muller): biochemical composition in relation to diet

Abdullaev, A.A.; Alikhodzhaeva, S.S.; Saidaliev, K., 1981:
Boll and seed set in the F0, F1 and F2 from crosses of wild and primitive forms with cultivated varieties (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

McKibben, G.H.; McGovern, W.L.; Dickerson, W.A., 1982:
Boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) oviposition behavior: a simulation analysis

Villavaso, EJ., 1982:
Boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): field competitiveness of diflubenzuron-fed, irradiated males - 1980, 1981

Wolfenbarger, DA.; Graham, HM.; Nosky, JB.; Lindig, OH., 1982:
Boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): marking with rubidium chloride sprays on cotton and dispersal from cotton

Villavaso, EJ., 1982:
Boll weevil: isolated field plot studies of disruption of pheromonal communication

Joginder Singh; Sidhu, A.S., 1982:
Bollworms and square-shedding in hirsutum cotton in the Punjab

Wynne, J.M.; Ellman, B.A., 1983:
Bolus obstruction by Ascaris lumbricoides

Kuwahara, Y.; Adachi, S.; Tsuchida, N., 1983:
Bombykol content in female silkworm moth, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae): effect of age, mating and body weight

Greathead, D.J., 1983:
Bombyliidae (Diptera) from the granitic Seychelles Islands

Zhang, H.; Wu, J.; Yang, L.; Ye, W.; Huang, S., 1983:
Bombyx mori DNA induced the holeless cocoon in Attacus cynthia ricini

Kelley, S.S.; Young, R.A.; Rammon, R.M.; Gillespie, R.H., 1983:
Bond formation by wood surface reactions: part III -- parameters affecting the bond strength of solid wood panels

Chopra, S., 1982:
Bondage in a Green Revolution area: a study of Muzaffarnagar brick-kiln workers

Philippou, J.L.; Johns, W.E.; Nguyen, T., 1982:
Bonding wood by graft polymerization. The effect of hydrogen peroxide concentration on the bonding and properties of particleboard

Norrdin, R.W.; Powers, B.E., 1983:
Bone changes in hypercalcemia of malignancy in dogs

Kunstmann, K.D., 1982:
Bone diseases in broiler fowl. Literature review

Turrel, J.; Pool, R., 1982:
Bone lesions in four dogs with visceral leishmaniasis

Boosinger, T.R.; Rebar, A.H.; DeNicola, D.B.; Boon, G.D., 1982:
Bone marrow alterations associated with canine parvoviral enteritis

Crespeau, F.; Groulade, P., 1982:
Bone marrow biopsy, normal bone marrow cytology and the normal myelogram of cats

Paakkonen, M.; Alhava, E.M.; Karjalainen, P., 1982:
Bone mineral and intestinal calcium absorption after partial gastrectomy

Krabbe, S.; Transbøl, I.; Christiansen, C., 1982:
Bone mineral homeostasis, bone growth, and mineralisation during years of pubertal growth: a unifying concept

Chan, G.M.; Slater, P.; Ronald, N.; Roberts, C.C.; Thomas, M.R.; Folland, D.; Jackson, R., 1982:
Bone mineral status of lactating mothers of different ages

Mukhina, I.G., 1983:
Bone products in diets

Anonymous, 1981:
Book catalogue of tourism research studies/81

Kolchin, A.I.; Klimtsov, N.A., 1982:
Book-keeping in interfarm cooperatives

Anonymous, 1982:
Book-keeping results of Austrian agriculture for 1981. Farm management report to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and to the conference of presidents of Austrian Chambers of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1982:
Books and the French

Beetson, B.R., 1982:
Booroola crossing experiments in Western Australia

Anonymous, 1982:
Border disease of sheep: a virus-induced teratogenic disorder

Potts, B.J.; Johnson, K.P.; Osburn, B.I., 1980:
Border disease of sheep: experimental reproduction of disease and demonstration of viral persistence in sheep

Roeder, P.L.; Sweasey, D.; Terlecki, S., 1983:
Border disease virus infection of the newborn lamb

Griess, H., 1981:
Border effects on yields in potato variety trials

Kielstein, P., 1983:
Bordetella infection in swine and the significance of animal models in establishing the protective properties of Bordetella bronchiseptica

Pojar, J., 1982:
Boreal and subalpine grasslands of northern British Columbia

Lysenko, M.N.; Golovina, L.P., 1982:
Boron content and distribution in the soils of the Ukrainian Poles'ye

Gupta, U.C., 1983:
Boron deficiency and toxicity symptoms for several crops as related to tissue boron levels

Dietrich, A.B., 1981:
Boron deficiency in the leaves of Araucaria angustifolia in the region of Tres Barras, Santa Catarina

Hansen, P., 1981:
Boron toxicity and bud development in apple trees

Spooner, A.E.; Huneycutt, H., 1981:
Boron: its effect on white clover

Gaber, MS.; Khalil, GM.; Hoogstraal, H., 1982:
Borrelia crocidurae: venereal transfer in Egyptian Ornithodoros erraticus ticks

Pearson, H.A.; Grelen, H.E.; Epps, E.A.; Johnson, M.K.; Blakewood, B.W., 1982:
Botanical composition and nutritive value of cattle diets on southern pine range

Holechek, J.L.; Vavra, M.; Pieper, R.D., 1982:
Botanical composition determination of range herbivore diets: a review

Kirby, D.R.; Stuth, J.W., 1982:
Botanical composition of cattle diets grazing brush managed pastures in east-central Texas

Samuel, M.J.; Howard, G.S., 1982:
Botanical composition of summer cattle diets on the Wyoming high plains

Groth, D., 1980:
Botanical identification of plants and seeds of weeds in soyabean crops

Matsuda, T., 1981:
Botanical identification of wooden wares excavated from the sites of Yayoi-age

Ragonese, A.E.; Garcia, A., 1980:
Botanical identity of the 'paraiso gigante'

Ratera, E.L., 1981:
Botanical investigations II

Hirschhorn, H.H., 1983:
Botanical remedies of the former Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). Part I: Eumycetes, Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae, Angiospermae (monocotyledones only)

Kuhn, F.; Hammer, K.; Hanelt, P., 1980:
Botanical results of a journey into Czechoslovakia in 1977 to collect indigenous land races of cultivated plants

Ulibarri, A.E., 1981:
Botanical specimens collected in the second scientific survey of the Falkland Islands

Hansen, B.; Jensen, J.; Morgensen, G.S., 1978:
Botanical studies in Gammelmose 1960-1977. Vegetation and ecology

Burbage, L.; Wells, J., 1983:
Botanicals -- increasing potential for pharmaceutical applications

Kutimov, V.A., 1982:
Botfly infestations of horses used to produce sera

Anonymous, 1983:
Both wholesale and retail for the Kenyan consumer

Maholay, M.N.; Sohi, H.S., 1982:
Botryodiplodia seed rot of bottlegourd and squash

McGlohon, N.E., 1982:
Botryosphaeria dothidea -- where will it stop?

Presly, A.H.; Spencer, A., 1983 :
Botrytis diseases of onions

Tinkhauser, L., 1982:
Botrytis experiment 1981

Sonoda, R.M.; Stoffella, P.J.; Hayslip, N.C., 1981:
Botrytis leaf blight of bulb onion in southeast Florida

Kidd, R., 1982:
Botswana, Nigeria: participatory drama, popular analysis and conscientizing the development worker

Pratchett, D., 1983:
Botswana. Recent range research findings

Garforth, C., 1982:
Botswana: action research in media production

Davenport, M., 1982:
Bottle container

Miyazawa, T. (Japan), 1982:
Bottle defect detection

Sosnovyi, F.N.; Mamyan, M.A., 1982:
Bottling machines for milk and milk products

Cohen, A.; Tamarin, R.L.; Dison, S.; Zamberg, Y.; Weisman, Y., 1983:
Botulism C in poultry in Israel

Sauvaget, C., 1981:
Boua, the village of Koude: a Kabye area (northern Togo)

Balboa, Z.O., 1982:
Bound gibberellins in Prunus avium L. cv. Mericier seeds

Khan, S.U., 1982:
Bound pesticide residues in soil and plants

Klein, W.; Scheunert, I., 1982:
Bound pesticide residues in soil, plants and food with particular emphasis on the application of nuclear techniques

Yamada, T., 1983:
Bound residues of 4-aminophenyl 2,4,5-trichlorophenyl ether and 4-aminophenyl 2,4-dichlorophenyl ether in paddy soil treated with CNP (chlornitrofen)

Nowinski, S., 1979:
Boundaries of the Sudetenland

Mohrmann, W.; Radaj, D., 1982:
Boundary Element Method - a novel method of analysis for structural members also in farm machinery construction

Chuma, Y.; Shemsanga, K.H.H.; Uchida, S., 1983:
Boundary conditions for grain and soybean dust explosion

Moraga, F.A.; Martinez-Roig, A.; Alonso, J.L.; Boronat, M.; Domingo, F., 1982:
Boutonneuse fever

Papenhagen, A., 1983:

Pastoret, P.P.; Thiry, E.; Brochier, B.; Derboven, G., 1982:
Bovid herpesvirus 1 infection of cattle: pathogenesis, latency, consequences of latency

Dwivedi, S.K.; Muslih, N.J.; Joshi, H.C., 1981:
Bovine anaplasmosis in Northern Iraq (Mosul)

Swift, B.L.; Thomas, G.M., 1983:
Bovine anaplasmosis: elimination of the carrier state with injectable long-acting oxytetracycline

Furie, W.S., 1982:
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Breeding for improved nutritional quality

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Breeding for improved yielding capacity in future

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Breeding for increased protein content in sweet potatoes

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Breeding for increased protein in winter wheat

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Breeding for increased trypanotolerance in Zebu cattle

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Breeding for insect resistance

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Breeding for low SMCO and low SCN- contents in fodder kale

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Breeding for more effective N fixation in peas

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Breeding for morphological and physiological traits

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Breeding for multiple resistance in wheat

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Breeding for overwintering ability in grass

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Breeding for plant resistance to diseases, pests and environmental effects. A contribution to the safeguarding of food for man and animals

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Breeding for protein quantity and protein quality in seed crops

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Breeding for quality in sweet corn

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Breeding for resistance to Orobanche

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Breeding for resistance to aphids

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Breeding for resistance to biotypes of brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stal)

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Breeding for resistance to brown planthopper in keng (japonica) rice

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Breeding for resistance to brown stem rot in adzuki beans. I. On varietal differences in resistance to BSR

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Breeding for resistance to diseases -- an important trend in producing new high-yielding varieties of spring and winter wheat

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Breeding for resistance to downy mildew in corn

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Breeding for resistance to downy mildew in peas

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Breeding for resistance to faba bean rust

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Breeding for resistance to five cacao diseases

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Breeding for resistance to maize diseases that cannot be controlled by chemicals

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Breeding for resistance to mungbean yellow mosaic virus in mungbean and urdbean

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Breeding for resistance to papaya ringspot virus

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Breeding for resistance to yellow disease of hyacinths. II. Influence of flowering time, leaf characters, stomata and chromosome number on the degree of resistance

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Breeding for salt tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

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Breeding for specific adaptability, input use and market needs

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Breeding for stable resistance to diseases

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Breeding for virus resistance and its integration with other traits

Anonymous, 1982:
Breeding from ewe lambs

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Breeding globe artichoke varieties: vegetatively propagated varieties, sexually propagated varieties, virus-free clones from in vitro multiplication

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Breeding goats for meat production

Pogosyan, S.A., 1983:
Breeding grape

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Breeding greenhouse tomatoes of wide distribution

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Breeding guava, Psidium guajava, by mass selection

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Breeding habitats of phlebotomine sandflies in Bihar, India

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Breeding hares in captivity

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Breeding herbage at Svalof -- development hitherto and future possibilities

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Breeding herd results -- separate analysis of home-mixers and compound feeders

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Breeding herd results -- separate analysis of homemixers and compound feeders. Year ending September 1982

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Breeding high quality rice varieties

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Breeding high-starch varieties of potato

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Breeding honeybees

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Breeding honeybees. 1. Effect of the number of colonies on improvement

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Breeding importance of the photosynthetic productivity of the cover leaves in cabbage

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Breeding intensive forms of rye using dominant genes for short straw in international collaboration

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Breeding liguleless winter wheat

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Breeding local rice cultivars for mountainous areas by irradiation

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Breeding lodging-resistant winter barleys

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Breeding lucerne for tolerance to frequent cutting, and physiological aspects of tolerance

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Breeding lucerne under extreme conditions

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Breeding lucerne varieties with a high seed and green matter yield

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Breeding lupins in Western Australia

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Breeding maize hybrids for high lysine content

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Breeding maize hybrids with high lysine content

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Breeding maize in Madagascar. Results of selection and choosing stable varieties

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Breeding material of barley in the Karabakh lowland irrigated zone

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Breeding material of durum wheat for the irrigated agriculture of Uzbekistan

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Breeding material of winter wheat in the central Chernozem zone

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Breeding material resistant to viruses

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Breeding measures for the reduction of lamb rearing losses

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Breeding measures necessary in the introduction of the halothane test and suppression of undesirable defects of pig meat

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Breeding melon for resistance to mildew diseases

Zatkyo, L. ne, 1981:
Breeding melon resistant to powdery mildews

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Breeding methods for disease-resistance of melon, and development of new lines with combined resistance

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Breeding methods in diploid rye (Secale cereale L.)

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Breeding new dwarf strains and F1 hybrids resistant to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)

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Breeding oat varieties of the intensive type

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Breeding objectives in sheep improvement programmes

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Breeding objectives to improve wool used in carpets

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Breeding of American blueberries

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Breeding of Aotus monkeys for human malaria research

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Breeding of California long-grain and pearl rice varieties with high yields and good grain quality

Zelenkov, P.I., 1982:
Breeding of Shorthorn cattle

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Breeding of a new tomato cultivar, Round Red, for canning

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Breeding of apomictic Eragrostis curvula

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Breeding of asparagus bean

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Breeding of cv. Dorata di Parma (Allium cepa L.) for tolerance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cepae

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Breeding of female sable three and four year old on low-protein diets

Chen, K.M., 1980 :
Breeding of hybrid grain sorghum by the utilization of cytoplasmic male sterility

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Breeding of pine shoot beetles in cleaning residues of Scots pine and subsequent shoot damage on remaining trees

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Breeding of proanthocyanidin-free malt barley

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Breeding of sheep and goats in the tropics

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Breeding of sows during lactational anoestrus

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Breeding of spring barley for resistance to leaf rust and other diseases in Czechoslovakia

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Breeding of the new mat rush varieties Tainung 1 and 2

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Breeding of vegetable crops in Hungary for resistance to bacterial diseases

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Breeding on virus resistance of radish. I. Varietal resistance testing

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Breeding onion for quality

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Breeding oriental tobacco in Bulgaria

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Breeding pea for high yield

Verbitskii, N.M.; Pokazeeva, A.P., 1980:
Breeding pea for immunity to Bruchus pisorum

Vetrova, E.G.; Petrushina, N.V., 1982:
Breeding pea for resistance to seed shattering

Verbitskii, N.M., 1981:
Breeding pea for yield

Huang, M.T., 1982:
Breeding peanut for seed dormancy

Burton, G.W., 1983:
Breeding pearl millet

Simon, EM., 1982:
Breeding performance of Tetrahymena thermophila following storage for 5 to 6 years in liquid nitrogen

Horst, P., 1983:
Breeding perspectives for fowls with improved adaptability to the tropics

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Breeding pigeonpea for resistance to wilt and sterility mosaic

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Breeding plans for beef producers

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Breeding plants for stress environments

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Breeding polyploid forage crops -- an important factor in increasing crop yields. I. Clovers

Fojtik, A.; Svetlik, V., 1980:
Breeding polyploid forage crops -- an important factor in increasing crop yields. II. Ryegrass

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Breeding potato for heterosis

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Breeding potato genotypes with multiplex resistance to pathotype 1 of Globodera rostochiensis

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Breeding potatoes suitable for industrial production

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Breeding programmes and resource requirements for intensive management systems

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Breeding programmes and resources requirements for small farm development

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Breeding programmes for buffalo in India: situation and prospects

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Breeding programs for improving crop resistance to water stress

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Breeding programs of dairymen selecting Holstein sires by computer

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Breeding pulses in the Socialist Republic of Romania

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Breeding raspberry for improved flavour and chemical composition of the fruit

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Breeding results on Danish mink farms in 1977-1982

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Breeding rice for better N2-fixation: a step forward

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Breeding rice for blast resistance by induced mutations

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Breeding rice for quality

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Breeding rice for tolerance to iron toxicity

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Breeding rice varieties for dryland and drought-prone areas of India

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Breeding short-strawed forms and varieties of winter bread wheat

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Breeding sorghum for earliness

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Breeding soundness in AI bulls in Assam

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Breeding soybean for yield improvement and stability

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Breeding soybeans resistant to diseases

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Breeding spring bread wheat for resistance to Ustilago nuda

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Breeding spring wheat for Transbaikalia

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Breeding spring wheat for resistance to the unfavourable properties of solonetz soils

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Breeding spring wheat in the Mongolian People's Republic

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Breeding spring wheat in the northern Zaural'e

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Breeding strategies for Norway spruce

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Breeding strategy for goats in India -- a discussion paper

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Breeding studies of soybean

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Breeding studies on non-race-specific resistance to brown rust in wheat

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Breeding subtropical fruit crops

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Breeding sugar beet for resistance to virus yellows

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Breeding sunflower for resistance to broomrape

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Breeding sunflower for resistance to broomrape

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Breeding sunflowers for improved resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Breeding sweet pepper for cultivation under cover

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Breeding sweet potato for disease resistance

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Breeding sweet potato for weevil resistance

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Breeding the first modern crop lupins

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Breeding the japonica-type rice hybrid Liyu 57

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Breeding the mungbean variety Tainan Selection 3

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Breeding the new pea variety Hokkai Akabana

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Breeding the new potato variety Konafubuki

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Breeding the new sweet potato variety Tainan 18

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Breeding the table tomato

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Breeding to improve grain weight in winter rye

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Breeding tobacco for multi-disease resistance

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Breeding tomato for resistance to bacterial wilt. I. Breeding TSS 1

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Breeding tomato hybrids for earliness

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Breeding tomatoes for mechanical harvesting with reference to the requirements of the industry and the consumer

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Breeding transgressive dwarf forms of rye

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Breeding triticale for food and feed

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Breeding value of bulls with different amounts of Red-and-White Holstein inheritance

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Breeding value of disease-resistant spring wheat varieties of different geographical origin in the steppe zone of the southern Ukraine

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Breeding value of families of hybrids from different types of mulberry crosses in respect of salt tolerance

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Breeding value of forms of pea with new types of leaf

Anonymous, 1982:
Breeding value tests: cattle

Anonymous, 1981:
Breeding value tests: pigs

Anonymous, 1981:
Breeding value tests: poultry

Anonymous, 1981:
Breeding value tests: rabbits

Anonymous, 1982:
Breeding value tests: rabbits

Anonymous, 1981:
Breeding value tests: sheep

Anonymous, 1982:
Breeding value tests: sheep

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Breeding very early winter wheat varieties

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Breeding winter wheat for resistance to powdery mildew and brown rust in combination with winter hardiness

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Breeding work and the results obtained in the cultivation of bread wheat

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Breeding work at the Institute of Potato Industry

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Breeding work on the production of French bean varieties in Bulgaria

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Breeding zebus in Tajikistan

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Breeding: a project. Let us have a look at it

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Bregalnica irrigation system -- additional construction, improvement and modernisation

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Brevipalpus californicus (Banks), a pest of woody ornamentals (Acarina: Tenuipalpidae)

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Brewer's yeast for flea control: fact or fiction?

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Brewers' grains

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Brewers' grains and rolled barley grain as alternative supplements in hay-based rations of dairy cows

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Brief botanical and morphological characterization of Hippophae rhamnoides growing in the western Pamirs

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Brief method of computation for the seasonal change of solar declination

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Brief remarks on the distinctive biological features and nature of Siberian larch tree stocks

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Brief review of coconut lethal yellowing

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Brief summary of the most important parasitic infestations of grazing cattle in the People's Republic of Bulgaria

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Brighamia: succulent endemic of Hawaii

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Bringing environment into the study of agriculture: observations and suggestions regarding the sociology of agriculture

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Brinjal cultivars resistant to Pseudomonas wilt

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Brinkagarden -- a centre for many trials

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Brinkagardens agricultural research 1948-1981

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Briquetted feeds in diets for highly productive cows

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Briquetting of paddy straw

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Bristle analysis for monitoring the mineral status of pigs

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Bristol -- consider the arts potential

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Britain and the European Community: Labour's socialist approach

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Britain in Europe -- the first ten years

Anonymous, 1983:
Britain in the Community 1973-1983. The impact of membership

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British Crop Protection Conference, Weeds -- 1982

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British Society of Animal Production. Winter Meeting, 21-23 March 1983, Grand Hotel, Scarborough

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British agriculture, 1983. An outlook article

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British farming -- under threat of state land monopoly

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British leisure research 1982: the situation, trends and prospects

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British red data books: 1. Vascular plants

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British variable premium system under fire

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Brittle root of horseradish in Illinois and the distribution of Spiroplasma citri in the United States

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Broad bean self sufficiency

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Broad beans

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Broad beans haulms and their contents of chemical components after harvest of seeds at the milky stage

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Broad spectrum weed control in soybeans with acifluorfen-sodium and 2,4-DB combinations

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Broad-leaved weed control in cereals: progress and problems -- a review

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Broad-leaved weed control in sugar-cane

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Broadleaf weed competition in soybeans

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Broadleaf weed growth in relation to growing degree days and other weather factors

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Broadleaved mixtures

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Broadleaves in Britain: addresses, supplementary papers and discussions

Wells, P.D., 1982:

Wells, P.D., 1982 :
Broccoli Brassica oleracea var. Botrytes

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Broccoli under plastic and in the open for culture from May to November

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Broiler fowl meat quality. 2. The effect of age on meat physico-chemical and organoleptic traits

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Broiler losses from heat stress

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Bromatological aspects of table olives. Estimation of amino acids by gas chromatography

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Brome grass

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Brome grass control

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Bromegrass seedling pubescence test

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Bromine in soils and peats

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Bromine residues in the soil and fruits of certain crops after soil fumigation with methyl bromide

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Bromocresol green indicator for measuring feeding activity of Nilaparvata lugens on rice varieties

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Bromocriptine and puerperal fertility

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Bronchial stump closure techniques following pulmonary resection in bovines: a histopathological study

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Bronchocentric granulomatosis and pulmonary echinococcosis

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Bronchopleural fistula followed by massive fatal hemoptysis in a patient with pulmonary mucormycosis. A case report

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Bronchopneumonia of cattle and sheep due to Dictyocaulus, microflora and pathogenic protozoa

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Bronchopulmonary affections with hypereosinophilia of fungal origin (excluding bronchopulmonary aspergillosis)

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Bronchopulmonary lavage in the calf--a new technique

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Bronopol as a preservative in milk samples

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Bronopol as a preservative in milk samples for the determination of cell content using Fossomatic

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Bronze-2, a fertile mutant of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Brood ball construction by the non-brooding Coprini Sulcophanaeus carnifex and Dichotomius torulosus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

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Brood diseases of honeybees

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Brooding temperature regimes for broilers

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Broomrape (Orobanche crenata Forsk) control in bean (Vicia faba L.) with glyphosate as affected by infection

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Broomrape - faba bean competition

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Brown adipose tissue weight in relation to rat body fat content

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Brown cattle throughout the world -- and at home

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Brown leaf spots of date-palm in Saudi Arabia

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