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Body weight changes of ewes during pregnancy and its relationship with birth weight of lambs

Mali, S.L.; Kale, K.M.; Gattewar, A.B.

Livestock Adviser 8(4): 3-4


Accession: 001050184

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Body weights were recorded monthly on 200 pregnant Deccani ewes mated to Deccani or Dorset males. There were no significant differences in body weight between females carrying male or female lambs. For Deccani male and female lambs and Dorset X Deccani male and female lambs, birth weight averaged 2.90, 2.77, 3.32 and 3.07 kg resp., differences between sexes and genotypes being significant. Ewe body weight at each month of pregnancy was significantly correlated with the birth weight of Deccani female lambs (0.36-0.41), and ewe weight at the 5th month with the birth weight of Deccani males (0.35).

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