Section 2
Chapter 1,051

Breeding of California long-grain and pearl rice varieties with high yields and good grain quality

Hu, C.H.

Japanese Journal of Breeding 33(2): 195-207


DOI: 10.1270/jsbbs1951.33.195
Accession: 001050666

A very early maturing, moderately tall, long-grain variety, California Belle (NFD69), and a very early maturing, short, pearl variety, Calpearl (NFD62C), were derived from the crosses CI11032 X Bluebelle F6 and Cal.76 X (Earlirose X IR1318-16++) F6, respectively. In trials, Calpearl was in the highest yield class and had significantly higher yield (>10%) than all control varieties. California Belle was in the second yield class.

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