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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Miyauchi, N.; Yokoyama, K., 1983:
Changes in the soil fauna under cow dung in a grazed pasture

Khot' ko, E.I., 1980:
Changes in the soil mesofauna as influenced by drainage improvement

Gorbunova, N.N., 1980:
Changes in the soil-inhabiting fauna as influenced by fertilizers introduced into the soil

Hartel, O.; Cerny, M., 1981:
Changes in the soils of Norway spruce forests as a result of the action of SO2 over a long period

Niyazova, M.V.; Sukhova, M.N.; Smetleva, A.G.; Teterovskaya, T.O.; Vanskaya, R.A., 1983:
Changes in the species composition and population density of synanthropic flies in a large city in the middle of the European part of the USSR, and prospects for further reduction of the fly population

Kelly, P.M., 1982:
Changes in the state of calcium in milk concentrates during severe heat treatment

Ther, M., 1982:
Changes in the strength of wheat kernels during repeated mechanical stressing

Ratushnyak, Y.M.; Gol' dfel' d, M.G., 1980:
Changes in the structure of chloroplast membranes during low-temperature adaptation in winter wheat from data of the spin-probe technique

Aoki, S., 1982:
Changes in the structure of communal relations within a rural hamlet in a mountain village. The case of Numanodai hamlet, Okura village, Mogami County, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

Trukhan, M.N., 1980:
Changes in the structure of faunistic complexes of blood-sucking Diptera as a result of drainage improvement

Ogawa, Y.; Mitamura, T.; Kamata, E.; Teshima, M.; Okamoto, K., 1982:
Changes in the structures of vegetation and soil of pastures established by different methods after deciduous broadleaved forest in Japan

Tarchevskii, I.A.; Lozovaya, V.V.; Gordon, L.K.; Akhmerova, A.A., 1982:
Changes in the synthesis of structural polysaccharides by modification of the plasmalemma with lead nitrate and pipolphen

Bondarenko, S.K., 1980:
Changes in the systematic position of the cestodes Aploparaksis diminuens Linstow, 1905 and A. acanthocirrus Deblock et Rausch, 1968

Il' ina, N.V., 1981:
Changes in the technological qualities of barley in the course of malting in relation to variety

Gukasyan, I.A.; Milyaeva, E.L., 1983:
Changes in the ultrastructure of nuclei in stem apex cells of Rudbeckia bicolor during transition to flowering

Cacco, G.; Saccomani, M.; Ferrari, G., 1983:
Changes in the uptake and assimilation efficiency for sulfate and nitrate in maize hybrids selected during the period 1930 through 1975

Chatamra, K.; Daniel, P.M.; Kendall, M.D.; Lam, D.K.C., 1983:
Changes in the weight of the thymus in fasted rats

Daub, M.E.; Briggs, S.P., 1983:
Changes in tobacco cell membrane composition and structure caused by cercosporin

Gruiz, K.; Biacs, P., 1982:
Changes in tobacco lipid composition during senescence and the effect of ripening accelerators

Sohan Singh; Dhillon, B.S., 1982:
Changes in total phenolics during development and maturity of sub-tropical pears

Atwood, J.T.; Arnold, C.E., 1982:
Changes in trichome length and density during growth of peach fruits

Rawes, M., 1983:
Changes in two high altitude blanket bogs after the cessation of sheep grazing

Ferrari, C.; D.A.tuono, L.F., 1981:
Changes in vegetation after sowing

Erb, F.; Brice, A.; Lhopitault, J.C.; Seka, N.A., 1981:
Changes in vitamin content of human milk during pasteurization and freezing at a milk bank

Aii, T.; Yonaga, M.; Tanaka, H., 1981:
Changes in volatile compounds from fresh Italian ryegrass with growing

Hancock, J.G., 1983:
Changes in water relations and cell permeability in relation to ageing of excised squash hypocotyls: a reappraisal

Singh S.; Dhillon B.S., 1982:
Changes in water soluble carbohydrates and starch in the developing pear fruits

Komamura, K.; Obata, H.; Sekiya, K., 1982:
Changes in water status of soils and satsuma trees in relation to soil type and depth

Conn, J.S.; DeLapp, J.A., 1983:
Changes in weed-species assemblage with increasing field age

Fluri, P.; Luscher, M.; Wille, H.; Gerig, L., 1982:
Changes in weight of pharyngeal gland and haemolymph titres of juvenile hormone, protein and vitellogenin in worker honey bees

Dziuba, J.; Chojnowski, W., 1982:
Changes in whey proteins condensed by ultrafiltration

Polach, A.; Nedbalova, V., 1983:
Changes in wool density in Czech breeds of sheep before and after tanning of skins

Koziol, B.J.; Ohira, Y.; Edgerton, V.R.; Simpson, D.R., 1982:
Changes in work tolerance associated with metabolic and physiological adjustment to moderate and severe iron deficiency anemia

Lopukhina, G.I.; Golovatyi, V.G.; Sharikova, L.A., 1982:
Changes in yield of Westerwolds ryegrass in relation to fertilizer rates and sowing rates

Karadimov, D.; Karadimova, Z., 1979:
Changes in yoghurt properties during freeze-drying and storage. II. Changes in vitamin content

Verkhoturova, G.S.; Astafurova, T.P.; Frolova, N.M.; Magomedov, I.M., 1981:
Changes induced by exogenous citrate in NADP-isocitrate dehydrogenase activity in green leaves of pea in the light

Fuchs, P.; Kohn, A., 1983:
Changes induced in cell membranes adsorbing animal viruses, bacteriophages, and colicins

Tsitsipis, J.A., 1983:
Changes of a wild ecotype of the olive fruit fly during adaptation to lab rearing

Sonoda, T.; Nikki, T., 1982:
Changes of cell morphology and enzymatic activity in chicken hypothalamus after fasting

Mandal, S.; Choudhuri, D.K., 1982:
Changes of cholesterol levels in different tissues of adult Lohita grandis. Effect of allatectomy, brain-cauterization and juvenoids treatment

Mueller, R.; Boothby, J.T.; Carroll, E.J.; Panico, L., 1983:
Changes of complement values in calves during the first month of life

Buruiana, L.M.; Farag, I.S., 1982:
Changes of electrophoretic pattern of caseins in Telemea cheese during pickling in brine

Bienkowski, P., 1981:
Changes of energetic value, elementary composition and respiration in decomposing organic matter

Felt, V.; Husek, P., 1982:
Changes of essential amino acids in thyropathies

Manabe, T., 1982:
Changes of insoluble nitrogen compounds during the process of removing astringency in the Japanese persimmon cultivar Saijyo

Chi, J.Geun.; Choi, W.Young.; Lee, O.Ran.; Chung, C.Seng., 1982:
Changes Of Liver And Diaphragm In Experimental Paragonimiasis

Schleicher, I.; Zecher, L., 1982 :
Changes of organization in the food industry

Umansky, M.S.; Kozlova, G.A., 1982:
Changes of phospholipase activity during vital activity of lactic acid bacteria

Chekulayeva, L.V.; Shkardun, E.V., 1982:
Changes of proteins in condensed sterilized milk during storage

van Dijk, S.; Wensing, T.; van Beukelen, P.; Breukink, H.J., 1983:
Changes of serum enzyme activities in cows with milk fat depression

Hayashi, S.; Kawabata, M.; Itakura, T.; Ooshiro, Z., 1982:
Changes of some carbohydrates and amino acids in the blood of the eel after feeding

Diamantoglou, S.; Meletiou Christou, M.S., 1981:
Changes of storage lipids, fatty acids and carbohydrates in vegetative parts of mediterranean evergreen sclerophylls during one year

Tanaka, K., 1981:
Changes of the coefficient of correlation between d.b.h. and height in a forest stand

Manteuffel, R., 1982:
Changes of viewpoints concerning agricultural economics in the decade from 1971 to 1980

Chamukha, M.D.; Tikhonova, N.A., 1983:
Changes of wool fibres and skin histology with age

Streit, L.; Feller, U., 1983:
Changing activities and different resistance to proteolytic activity of two forms of glutamine synthetase in wheat leaves during senescence

Parry, B.T.; Vaux, H.J. (Jr); Dennis, N., 1983:
Changing conceptions of sustained-yield policy on the national forests

Abernathy, J.R., .:
Changing considerations for herbicide incorporation

Omololu, A., 1982:
Changing ecology of childhood malnutrition in urban areas and its relevance for intervention programmes

Christensen, D.A.; Morton, A.S.; Heady, E.O., 1983:
Changing energy prices and irrigation patterns in U.S. agriculture

Bharadwaj, R., 1980:
Changing global scenarios: implications for education

Sidaway, R.M., 1982:
Changing leisure patterns

Rawlins, S.C., 1982:
Changing patterns in the prevalence of intestinal parasites at the University Hospital of the West Indies (1964-1981)

Harzer, G.; Haug, M.; Dieterich, I.; Gentner, P.R., 1983:
Changing patterns of human milk lipids in the course of the lactation and during the day

Alozie, O.U., 1982:
Changing patterns of parasitic diseases as a result of environmental changes

Pandey, S.N., 1982:
Changing role of fertiliser promotion in stimulating fertiliser consumption and improving its use efficiency

Ruttan, V.W., 1982:
Changing role of public and private sectors in agricultural research

Schafer, R.L.; Johnson, C.E., 1982:
Changing soil condition -- the soil dynamics of tillage

Grant, T.W.; Anderson, W.C.; Rochester, E.W., 1982:
Changing sprinkler angles after delay period to improve uniformity for traveler irrigators

Danos, R.J.; Hansen, A.O., 1981:
Changing technology in fertilizer granulation plants

Prema, L.; Menon, A.G.G.; Aiyer, R.S., 1982:
Changing the dietary habits of a tribal population through the introduction of new food crops

Palii, A.F.; Tsyganash, V.I., 1981:
Changing the phenotype of high-lysine grain by means of recombination of the endosperm mutations fl2 and su2 in maize

Gillings, M.R.; Frankham, R., 1982:
Changing views of genomic organization

Anonymous, 1982:
Chapter 3. Cattle and beef

Anonymous, 1982:
Chapter 4: Agriculture

Anonymous, 1982:
Chapter 5. Pigs and pigmeat

Anonymous, 1982:
Chapter 6. Sheep and wool

Anonymous, 1982 :
Chapter 7. Poultry and eggs

Anonymous, 1982:
Chapter 8. Horses

Anonymous, 1980:
Chapter II. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and wildlife. In: Science and technology for development. A report of the National Council for Science and Technology

Tschapek M.; Wasowksi C.; Falasca S., 1983:
Character and change in the hydrophilic properties of quartz sand

Inouye, J.; Hagiwara, T., 1982:
Character association among isozymic genotype, grain type and phenol reaction of grains in Bangladesh floating rice varieties

Arora, R.K., 1982:
Character association in mungbean lines derived from single, double and multiple intervarietal crosses

Govind, S.; Parthasarathy, V.A.; Ghosh, S.P., 1981:
Character associations and selection index in turmeric

Rajagopalan, C.K., 1981:
Character correlation in pigeonpea

Teodorczyk, A., 1981:
Character correlations in culinary potatoes

Bohm, H., 1980:
Character correlations in maize (Zea mays L.), examined in early-generation opaque-2 and normal lines and their hybrids

Davies, RG., 1983:
Character diversity and taxonomic weighting in the numerical taxonomy of two insect groups (Hemiptera: Diaspididae, and Lepidoptera: Drepanidae)

Kitano, H.; Futsuhara, Y.; Nakada, T., 1983:
Character expression of induced dwarf mutants in rice. III. Effects of gibberellic acid (GA3) on culm elongation and presence of endogenous gibberellin-like substances in the dwarf mutant Fukei 71

Valicek, P.; Hrachova, B., 1979:
Character of the base-of-seed hairs of cotton-plants, subgenus Sturtia (R. Br.) Tod

Yanovskii, V.M.; Kiselev, V.V., 1981:
Character of tree colonisation by bark-beetles and evaluation of their potential threat to the stand

Lorenzoni, P.; Raglione, M., 1981:
Characterisation and productivity trials of some alluvial soils. I. Soils of the Colle S. Pastore farm (Rieti)

Szalay, F., 1981:
Characterisation of Makoi onion cultivars on the basis of bulb development

Gibson, W.C.; Wilson, A.J.; Moloo, S.K., 1983:
Characterisation of Trypanosoma (Trypanozoon) evansi from camels in Kenya using isoenzyme electrophoresis

Narayanasamy, P.; Ramiah, M., 1983:
Characterisation of antiviral principle from sorghum leaves

Read, L.C.; Francis, G.L.; Wallace, J.C.; Ballard, F.J., 1983:
Characterisation of growth factors in milk

Leong, W.; Lemeur, R.; Yoon, P.K., 1982:
Characterisation of leaf area index and canopy light penetration of Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. by hemispherical photography

Pesti, G.M., 1982 :
Characterisation of the response of male broiler chickens to diets of various protein and energy contents

Schat, K.A.; Calnek, B.W.; Fabricant, J., 1982:
Characterisation of two highly oncogenic strains of Marek's disease virus

Skene, D.S.; Shepherd, H.R.; Howard, B.H., 1983:
Characteristic anatomy of union formation in T- and chip-budded fruit and ornamental trees

Arzamasov, I.T., 1980:
Characteristic features of changes in the ectoparasitic fauna of murine rodents in marshy plains as influenced by melioration of the Belorussian forest regions

Pollhamer, E., 1981:
Characteristic features of spring barley as affected by sowing date

Stachowski, J., 1982:
Characteristic traits of the private construction of summer houses (a case study of the Charzykowy village)

Kang, S.M.; Matsui, H.; Titus, J.S., 1982:
Characteristics and Activity Changes of Proteolytic Enzymes in Apple Leaves during Autumnal Senescence

Morras, H.J.M., 1983:
Characteristics and composition of some cutans and glaebules of probable artificial origin

Fenger, M., 1982:
Characteristics and distribution of chernozemic soils in the Ashcroft map area

Yakovlev, A.I.; Churilov, G.I., 1983:
Characteristics and dynamics of the polysaccharide content of the aerial parts of Polygonum hydropiper

Dowsett, K.F.; Pattie, W.A., 1982:
Characteristics and fertility of stallion semen

Briones, A.A., 1982:
Characteristics and fertilization of Andepts in the Philippines

Champeroux, A., 1983:
Characteristics and kinetics of the growth of carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) grown as mother plants for cutting production. I. Study in a controlled environment

Kahler, D.W.; Droegkamp, J.M., 1983:
Characteristics and needs of out-of-school youth

Bode, L.E.; Butler, B.J.; Pearson, S.L.; Bouse, L.F., 1982:
Characteristics and operating parameters of CDA applicators

Rooyen, T.H.V.n; Verster, E., 1983:
Characteristics and origin of the sands and other surface phenomena of the Witsand area

Hieronymus, D.R.; Villegas, P.; Kleven, S.H., 1983:
Characteristics and pathogenicity of two avian reoviruses isolated from chickens with leg problems

Mahin, L.; Chadli, M.; Haddane, B., 1982:
Characteristics and potential of domestic and wild ruminants in Morocco

Hubbard, E.; Anderson, R.; Purcell, J., 1983:
Characteristics and production practices of Georgia wheat producers

Barnhisel, R.I.; Powell, J.L.; Akin, G.W.; Ebelhar, M.W., 1982:
Characteristics and reclamation of acid sulfate mine spoils

Jackwood, D.J.; Saif, Y.M.; Hughes, J.H., 1982:
Characteristics and serologic studies of two serotypes of infectious bursal disease virus in turkeys

Riedel, C.L.; Sienkiewicz, T.; Hansen, R., 1982:
Characteristics and structure of milk protein gel

Park, G.L.; Byers, J.L.; Pritz, C.M.; Nelson, D.B.; Navarro, J.L.; Smolensky, D.C.; Vandercook, C.E., 1983:
Characteristics of California navel orange juice and pulpwash

Mika, V.; Paul, C., 1982:
Characteristics of Festuca arundinacea (Schreb.) lignin cellulose complex

Korner, H.J., 1983:
Characteristics of Filitox (previously known as experimental product CKB 1300) and experience and results of its use in the cultivation of hops and ornamental plants

Inami, S.; Kamiya, K.; Osumi, T.; Seki, M.; Kanbe, M.; Yamashita, K.; Fukaya, K.; Fujimoto, F., 1982:
Characteristics of Italian ryegrass varieties under heading-stage cuttings

Topornina, N.A., 1981:
Characteristics of M5 and M6 wheat macromutants obtained by treatment with chemical mutagens

Bannikova, L.A.; Zadoyana, S.B., 1979:
Characteristics of Streptococcus cremoris cultures used in starters for tvorog, smetana and prostokvasha

Verger, J.M.; Grayon, M.; Chantal, J.; Akakpo, J.A., 1982:
Characteristics of Togo strains of Brucella abortus from cattle

Telishevskaya, L.Y.; Letyagin, K.P.; Khimishman, E.I., 1983:
Characteristics of Trichophyton verrucosum Bodin cultured on wort agar

Abdalla, M.M.F., 1982:
Characteristics of a local faba bean collection and its reaction to Orobanche

Nosko, B.S.; Khristenko, A.A., 1983:
Characteristics of absorption and transformation of fertilizer phosphorus in typical chernozems differing in management

Honda, C., 1982:
Characteristics of acid-extractable organic matter fraction from various soils

Lehoczky, J., 1982:
Characteristics of agricultural efficiency

Judd, SR.; Leopold, RA.; Turner, RB., 1983:
Characteristics of aminopeptidase activity of female housefly reproductive accessory glands

Pisarski, B.; Kulesza, M., 1982:
Characteristics of animal species colonizing urban habitats

Jerez, J.A.; Pinto, A.A.; Koseki, I.; Abuhab, T.G.; Regina Rodrigues, M.A.L.; Grecchi, R., 1980:
Characteristics of aphthovirus strains isolated from buffaloes (in Brazil)

Sidorova, I.N.; Kagan, Y.R., 1981:
Characteristics of arginine-negative mutants of Streptococcus lactis 165-11

Sidorova, I.N.; Voronina, T.I.; Grinevich, A.G., 1981:
Characteristics of aroma-forming mutants after prolonged storage in freeze-dried condition

Sokolov, I.A.; Gradusov, B.P., 1981:
Characteristics of autonomous soil formation in a cold humid climate

Ziajka, S.; Zbikowski, Z., 1982:
Characteristics of bifidobacterium factor from casein depending on the way of its obtaining

Sonin, M.D., 1981:
Characteristics of biocoenotic links of nematodes of terrestrial animals in different landscapes and climatic zones

Bolelova, Z.A.; Bedrenko, A.I., 1980:
Characteristics of breeding material of monogerm beet

Kondrashova, N.I., 1980:
Characteristics of breeding work on commercial dairy complexes

Heath J.L.; Owens S.L., 1982:
Characteristics of broiler breasts and a study of factors that affect their uniformity

Krivchenko, V.I.; Boos, G.V.; Surmava, M.E., 1982:
Characteristics of cabbage genes for resistance to Plasmodiophora brassicae Woron

Henderson, K.A.; Cooper, R., 1983:
Characteristics of campers in private and state-owned campgrounds in Wisconsin

Hutorowicz, H., 1982:
Characteristics of certain climatic factors of the Elblag province. I. Wind

Hutorowicz, H., 1982:
Characteristics of certain climatic factors of the Elblag province. II. Cloudiness and insolation

Geary, T.G.; Akood, M.A.; Jensen, J.B., 1983:
Characteristics of chloroquine binding to glass and plastic

Pearson, S.L.; Bode, L.E.; Butler, B.J., 1981:
Characteristics of controlled droplet applicators

Assem, J. van den; Gijswijt, M.J.; Nubel, B.K., 1982:
Characteristics of courtship and mating behaviour used as classificatory criteria in Eulophidae-Tetrastichinae (Hymenoptera), with special reference to the genus Tetrastichus s.l

Grover, S.D., 1980:
Characteristics of cyanide-resistant respiration in higher plant tissues and mitochondria

Gadzhiev, Y.G., 1981:
Characteristics of dictyocauliasis in sheep and its control in areas with iodine deficiency

Vazquez B.E.; Torres G.S., 1981:
Characteristics of different sub-periods of growth of the cocoyam Islena-japonesa (Colocasia esculenta Schott), under different conditions of soil moisture

Suzuki M., 1981:
Characteristics of eating habits in patients

Schiefelbein, E.; Sanchez, Z.; Corvalan, G.; Cajias, B., 1982:
Characteristics of education and illiteracy in seven countries of Latin America

Zainullina, F.G., 1982:
Characteristics of emergence of zoophilous flies in and around animal-breeding complexes

Khrolinskii, L.G., 1979:
Characteristics of feeding and digestion in the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say.) on various potato varieties

Ito, T.; Shibata, T.; Shimohara, K.; Kawachi, K., 1982 :
Characteristics of fenvalerate in controlling the citrus leaf miner Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracilariidae)

Qian, S.G., 1981:
Characteristics of field moisture capacity in relation to volume weight and mechanical composition of soils

Singh, R.P., 1982:
Characteristics of floating rice, Jalmagna

Kalinichenko, G.V.; Kalinichenko, R.I., 1983:
Characteristics of fruiting of pear under bacterial infection in the Crimea

Chumakov, A.E.; Shchekochikhina, R.I., 1983:
Characteristics of fungus diseases of spring durum wheat

Shaternikov, V.A.; Kuvaeva, I.B.; Ladodo, K.S.; Orlova, N.G.; Veselova, O.L.; Kuznetsova, G.G.; Borovik, T.E., 1982:
Characteristics of general and local humoral immunological systems and microbiocenosis in children with skin manifestations of food allergy

Kazanovsky, S.A.; Anfinogenova, T.A.; Ostapenko, V.I.; Olkhovskaya, L.V.; Marzanov, N.S., 1982:
Characteristics of genetic pool of Caucasian sheep

Murunova, G.V.; Klimovskii, I.I., 1980:
Characteristics of glucose fermentation by Streptococcus diacetilactis in the presence of citrates

Vodyanitskii, V.I., 1982:
Characteristics of growth and cropping of apple trees on vegetatively propagated rootstocks

Seno, N.; Tomonari, I.; Takahashi, I.; Saranashi, T.; Sano, N., 1980:
Characteristics of heifer mastitis and bacteria associated with it

Rohloff, R.M.; Davis, G.H.; Hinch, G.N., 1982:
Characteristics of high performance flocks in Otago and Southland

Bannikova, L.A.; Zadoyana, S.B.; Mytnik, L.G.; Bespalova, I.A.; Martynkina, L.P., 1981:
Characteristics of industrially-valuable cultures of lactic acid bacteria used in manufacture of cultured milk products

Lukonina, E.I., 1980:
Characteristics of leek varieties from the collection promising for breeding

Zakharova, N.P.; Konovalova, T.M.; Vodolazskaya, E.A.; Novgorodova, N.S.; Kraevaya, N.N.; Panova, V.F., 1982:
Characteristics of low-fat processed cheeses with fillers

Schmidt, V.; Schmidt, H.; Hagemann, R., 1980:
Characteristics of male-sterile mutants of tomato with respect to their suitability for breeding programmes

Kovalev, O.V.; Reznik, S.Y.; Cherkashin, V.N., 1983:
Characteristics of methods of using leaf-beetles of the genus Zygogramma Chevr. (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) in the biological control of ragweeds (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L., A. psilostachya D.C.)

Resmini, P.; Volonterio, G.; Prati, F.; Pazzaglia, C., 1982:
Characteristics of milk and changes occurring in the vat during manufacture of Grana Padano cheese

Toppino, P.M.; Morgante, D., 1982:
Characteristics of milk obtained from cows with three milkings

Araujo, J.G.F. de; Rocha, D.S.; Machado Filho, F.; Ribon, M.; Thiebaut, J.T.L., 1982:
Characteristics of milk producers in Leopoldina county, Minas Gerais

Ishizuka, J., 1982:
Characteristics of molybdenum absorption and translocation in soyabean plants

Amman, GD., 1982:
Characteristics of mountain pine beetles reared in four pine hosts

Saunders, P.R., 1982:
Characteristics of nondeveloped forest recreation from multiresource inventory plots in South Carolina

Hare, L.; Bryant, M.J., 1982:
Characteristics of oestrous cycles and plasma progesterone profiles of young female sheep during their first breeding season

Rao, S.V.; Rao, A.R., 1982:
Characteristics of oestrual mucus and cytology of vaginal epithelium of crossbred heifers

Shishov, L.L.; Panteleev, L.S., 1981:
Characteristics of pedogenesis in the Mediterranean zone of Libya

Shelyag Sosorko, Y.R.; Afanas' ev, D.Y.; Solomakha, V.A.; Abramova, L.M.; Mirkin, B.M., 1981:
Characteristics of plant communities of flood-plain meadows of the Dnieper river

Belisle, J.; Moore, T.R., 1981:
Characteristics of podzolised soils formed in carbonate-bearing tills in the Schefferville area

Takeshita, A.; Imaizumi, T.; Ashihara, T.; Nakamura, M., 1982:
Characteristics of responses to salt loading and deprivation in hypertensive subjects

Kimura, K.; Fujimaki, H., 1982:
Characteristics of rice cultivars introduced from Italy

Zhao, C.Z.; Zheng, K.L.; Qi, X.F.; Sun, Z.X.; Fu, Y.P., 1982:
Characteristics of rice plants derived from somatic tissue and their progenies

Nazer, M., 1982:
Characteristics of saline soils in the region of the Al-Masri Triangle in the valley of the River Jordan (Jordan)

Adamiak, E., 1982:
Characteristics of segetal weeds in crops grown at Baranowo (Lakeland Mragowo)

Fukuyama, M.; Shimamura, M.; Ushiyama, M.; Oikawa, M., 1983:
Characteristics of short creeping grass swards. I. Relationship between management and productivity in a single sward

Hinson, R.; Brown, A., 1982:
Characteristics of small farms in selected areas of Louisiana

Gordienko, V.P., 1982:
Characteristics of soil moisture evaporation

Zou, G.C., 1981:
Characteristics of soil resources of montane areas and land utilization in South China

Has, S., 1982:
Characteristics of solar collectors for air heating

Alekseeva, N.Y.; Borisova, L.A.; Zhavoronkova, N.V., 1982:
Characteristics of soluble milk protein concentrates

Kmitowa, K., 1982:
Characteristics of strains of Paecilomyces farinosus (Dicks.) Brown et Smith

Zal' nova, N.S.; Karnaukhov, V.K.; Maiorova, L.A.; Shul' man, E.S.; Plyushcheva, G.L.; Loseva, T.A.; Oshevskaya, Z.A.; Potapova, A.V., 1982:
Characteristics of strongyloidiasis in the temperate zone

Bouillanne, C.; Landon, M.; Fourier, M.; Desmazeaud, M., 1982:
Characteristics of suspensions of frozen and lyophilized concentrated lactic acid bacteria used in milk processing

Shmeleva, L.I.; Fal' k, E.Y.; Grinevich, A.G.; Sidorova, I.N.; Berezovskaya, A.A., 1979:
Characteristics of the 6a/14 mutant strain of Streptococcus lactis subsp. diacetylactis, producer of aroma substances

Pierre Deneubourg, A.M., 1982:
Characteristics of the C02 sensitivity syndrome in Drosophila melanogaster; introduction of non-permissive alleles of two ref genes in a maternal line stabilized for sigma virus

Rillema, J.A.; Foley, K.A., 1983:
Characteristics of the action of prolactin on [3H]-thymidine incorporation into DNA in mammary gland explants from virgin mice

Posylaeva, G.A., 1982:
Characteristics of the biology and population structure of the lucerne race of the pea aphid

Bradovskii, V.A., 1982:
Characteristics of the biology of the vine moth and a tactical basis for its control by the sterilisation method

Protsenko, M.A., 1983:
Characteristics of the cell ultrastructure of potato tubers of a cultivar susceptible to Phytophthora on penetration by Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) Dby

Fathy, S.H., 1983:
Characteristics of the communication network between staff and consultants in an adult education agency in Egypt

Vasyuta, G.G.; Pyshnev, V.M., 1982:
Characteristics of the development of the mint root system under irrigation

Kasitskii, Y.I.; Litvinov, V.S.; Airumov, L.P., 1980:
Characteristics of the direct and residual effects of phosphorus fertilizers in a crop rotation on a poorly developed light loamy dernopodzolic soil

Shcherbak, G.I., 1983:
Characteristics of the fauna of gamasoid mites in the nests of sand martins

Suleimenov, B.M., 1979:
Characteristics of the feeding behaviour of the grey grain moth (Apamea anceps Schiff.) on various wheat varieties

Gallardo, J.F.; Cuadrado, S.; Gonzalez, M.I.M., 1981:
Characteristics of the forest soils of the El Jerte valley, Spain

Mattila, E., 1979:
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Characteristics of the waste waters from a dairy factory

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Characteristics of various potting composts

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Characteristics, breeding methods and seed production of Poa supina Schrad

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Characterization and properties of the human and bovine lactotransferrins extracted from the faeces of newborn infants

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Characterization and seasonal distribution of breeding sites of stable flies and house flies (Diptera: Muscidae) on eastern Nebraska feedlots and dairies

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Characterization and synthesis of barley seed proteins

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Characterization and treatment of acid-producing colliery spoil

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Characterization and variability of the interior dryland natural pasture of the subhumid mediterranean zone

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Characterization of 2 ecotypes of H. avenae in France by their development cycles and temperature requirements for hatching

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Characterization of Campylobacter fetus in foods

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Characterization of Herpesvirus vitreum isolated from hyperplastic epidermal tissue of walleye, Stizostedion vitreum vitreum (Mitchill)

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Characterization of Heterodera avenae in Spain

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Characterization of Plasmodium berghei antigens inducing blast transformation in immune rat lymphocytes

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Characterization of Propionispira arboris gen. nov. sp. nov., a nitrogen-fixing anaerobe common to wetwoods of living trees

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Characterization of Rhizoctonia isolates associated with damping-off of bedding plants

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Characterization of Trypanozoon stocks by isoelectric focusing and isoenzyme analysis

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Characterization of Yersinia enterocolitica strains isolated from cattle, sheep and pigs in the United Kingdom

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Characterization of a Cuban strain of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

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Characterization of a k-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase associated with the plasma membrane of red beet

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Characterization of a group of maize embryo-lethal mutants

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Characterization of a lectin from the seeds of the South African legume Canavalia virosa: purification and study of its effect on human cells cultured in vitro

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Characterization of a membrane pore-forming protein from Entamoeba histolytica

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Characterization of a murine model (beige) for a natural killer cell immunodeficiency in the Chediak-Higashi syndrome of man

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Characterization of a new Lactobacillus lactis bacteriophage

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Characterization of a proton-translocating ATPase in microsomal vesicles from corn roots

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Characterization of a selenocystine-resistant carrot cell line : alterations in cystine and sulfate uptake

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Characterization of adult plant resistance of spring barley to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordei)

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Characterization of agricultural systems of Hojancha, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Characterization of allergen extracts by two-dimensional electrophoretic techniques: Micropolyspora faeni antigens

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Characterization of an acidic proteinase from the posterior midgut of Rhodnius prolixus Stal (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

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Characterization of antigens from mycoplasmas of animal origin

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Characterization of avian paramyxoviruses isolated from feral ducks in northern Japan: the presence of three distinct viruses in nature

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Characterization of bark extracts from Norway spruce (Picea abies) by high pressure liquid chromatography

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Characterization of barley resistance to barley stripe mosaic virus

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Characterization of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties used in south-eastern Guatemala

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Characterization of beta -lactoglobulins from human colostrum. Some physico-chemical properties and preliminary amino acid evaluation

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Characterization of calcareous soils with xeric or aridic moisture regimes

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Characterization of cheeses by the lipid fraction. III. Free volatile fatty acids

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Characterization of Chloroplasts Isolated from Triazine-Susceptible and Triazine-Resistant Biotypes of Brassica campestris L

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Characterization of cholinesterases in 2 nematodes: inhibitive activity of aldicarb and its oxidation derivatives

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Characterization of coagulating properties of enzymes as recovered from whey

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Characterization of cobalamin receptor sites in brush-border plasma membranes of the tapeworm Spirometra mansonoides

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Characterization of coffee trunk and stem canker in El Salvador and its possible control

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Characterization of commercial yoghurt in the Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Characterization of critical stages of weed competition in drill seeded rice

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Characterization of cytochrome P-450 in studies of insecticide resistance

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Characterization of cytoplasmic mutants of Nicotiana tabacum with altered photosynthetic function

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Characterization of cytoplasmic progesterone receptors in the bovine endometrium during proestrus and diestrus

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Characterization of deoxyribonucleic acid from cells infected with Aleutian disease virus

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Characterization of dolichol and dolichyl phosphate phosphatase from soya beans (Glycine max)

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Characterization of enterotoxigenic bovine Escherichia coli isolated from newborn calves

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Characterization of eroded cupolas and slopes of Pleistocene locations in the north of the GDR and causes of yield losses

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Characterization of eroded soil particles from interrill areas

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Characterization of exopolysaccharide produced by a Corynebacterium in cheese whey substrate

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Characterization of fatty acid synthesis in a cell free system from developing oil seed rape

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Characterization of flake orientation in flakeboard by the von Mises probability distribution function

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Characterization of foci of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Turkmenian SSR

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Characterization of harvest ripeness of potato tubers and influence of haulm killing on some physiological and biochemical tuber parameters

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Characterization of high-yielding types of winter wheat. 2. Influence of weather and variety

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Characterization of hormonal patterns in the beef cow during postpartum anestrus

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Characterization of in vitro proton pumping by microsomal vesicles isolated from corn coleoptiles

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Characterization of inherited canine myasthenia gravis

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Characterization of lactic acid bacteria enzymes by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Characterization of late blowing in Saint-Nectaire cheese and some pressed cheeses

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Characterization of low radioactive levels in plant samples by the study of radioactive decay. Application to 32P/35S double labelling

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Characterization of monoclonal antibodies against Schistosoma mansoni

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Characterization of mutants in barley affecting flavonoid synthesis

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Characterization of mutants induced in the clonal cherry rootstock F/12/1

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Characterization of natural pastures of concave and convex soil landscapes of the Vicosa Plateau -- MG

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Characterization of nigericin-stimulated ATPase from sealed microsomal vesicles of tobacco callus

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Characterization of outstanding species in introduction fields. 1. Coastal Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon); Coastcross-1 (C. dactylon X C. nlemfuensis) and Bermuda grass cv. Swanee (C. dactylon)

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Characterization of peptidase from Streptococcus lactis subsp. diacetylactis

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Characterization of plasmids in bacterial fish pathogens

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Characterization of porcine granulosa cells by isopycnic gradient centrifugation

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Characterization of proteinase activity during the ripening of surface-ripened cheese

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Characterization of proteins from the cytoskeleton of Giardia lamblia

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Characterization of proteins in flagellates and growing amebae of Naegleria fowleri

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Characterization of psychrotrophic sporeforming bacteria and their extracellular enzyme systems

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Characterization of rain in the Georgia Piedmont and effects of acidified water on crop and ornamental plants

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Characterization of resistance to tobacco hornworm in Lycopersicon leaflets

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Characterization of root plasma membranes prepared by partition in an aqueous polymer two-phase system

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Characterization of secondary grain dust explosions

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Characterization of seed germination responses of Lycopersicon species over a wide temperature range

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Characterization of short- and long-term cultured goat peripheral blood monocytes

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Characterization of some Mycoplasma strains isolated from geese and ducks in the Landes region of France

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Characterization of some physical properties of zeolite in relation to its use as a conditioner for light soils

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Characterization of some raspberry cultivars for vigour, sucker formation and yield

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Characterization of some sources of resistance to Septoria lycopersici and Alternaria solani in tomato

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Characterization of soyabean cultivars through the electrophoretic technique

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Characterization of the Brazilian sweet orange cultivars 'Pera', 'Natal' and Barao'

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Characterization of the Cucurbitaceae in the seedling stage. 2. Comparison of seedlings and different cultivars of Cucurbita maxima Duchesne

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Characterization of the FSH-suppressing activity in follicular fluid

Thorne, J.H., 1982:
Characterization of the active sucrose transport system of immature soybean embryos

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Characterization of the amylolytic activity of Araucaria araucana (Mol.) Koch germinating seeds

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Characterization of the basic geometrical properties of winter wheat grain by the spline-normal distribution

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Characterization of the carbohydrate moiety in a purified allergen preparation from the mite Dermatophagoides farinae and its importance for allergenic activity as tested by the RAST-inhibition method

Rourke, R.V.; Bull, D.C., 1982:
Characterization of the chemical and physical soil properties of the Becket, Colton, Finch, Lyman, Masardis, Naumburg, and Skerry soil mapping units

Taylor, J.L., 1983:
Characterization of the chlA locus of Escherichia coli K12: prospects for its use in a DNA transformation system for plant cells

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Characterization of the damage by heat to wheat gluten and Vicia faba meal by measurements of nitrogen metabolism and amino acid balance of the digestive tract in pigs

Cordier, Y.; Frankinet, M., 1982:
Characterization of the effects of cultural treatments (half ploughing, normal ploughing and direct drilling) on soil mechanics using the penetrometer (cone index)

Smigerski, H.J., 1982:
Characterization of the electrostatic behaviour of bulk materials

Semprevivo, L.H.; MacLeod, M.E., 1981:
Characterization of the exometabolite of Leishmania donovani as a novel glycopeptidophosphosphingolipid

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Characterization of the genome of the cultivated mushroom, Agaricus brunnescens

Jarret, R.L., 1983:
Characterization of the green ripe (GR), lutescent (L), high pigment (HP), and dark green (DG) mutants of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

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Characterization of the hemolysin produced by haemophilus pleuropneumoniae

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Characterization of the inhibitory effects of hyperprolactinaemia on the mechanism controlling LH secretion in chronically ovariectomized rats

Nielsen, R.L., 1983:
Characterization of the interference between oats and alfalfa

Kappel, F.; Flore, J.A.; Layne, R.E.C., 1983:
Characterization of the light microclimate in four peach hedgerow canopies

Motojima, K.; Sakaguchi, K., 1982:
Characterization of the mRNA for the alpha -amylase from wheat

Hori, H.; Elbein, A.D., 1982:
Characterization of the oligosaccharides from lipid-linked oligosaccharides of mung bean seedlings

Ibarra M.M., 1978:
Characterization of the organic matter in soils in forests of the Andean foothills at Parral, Chile

Ramos, M., 1981:
Characterization of the response curve of wheat to nitrogen application

Medeiros, J.S., 1983:
Characterization of the subunits of beta -conglycinin, and application of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to the determination of the contents of beta -conglycinin and glycinin in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) seeds

Colodette, J.L.; Gomide, J.L.; Oliveira, R.C. de, 1981:
Characterization of the timber and kraft pulp properties of foxtail Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis

Marchi, R.; Zanella, A., 1982:
Characterization of three reovirus isolates from broilers with the stunting and leg weakness syndrome (malabsorption syndrome)

Tressl, R.; Engel, K.H.; Kossa, M.; Koppler, H., 1983:
Characterization of tricyclic sesquiterpenes in hop (Humulus lupulus, var. Hersbrucker Spat)

Toure, S.M., 1982:
Characterization of trypanotolerance and comparison of bovine and ovine breeds

Conte, L.S. et al., 1982:
Characterization of twenty swede rape cultivars differing in erucic acid content

Schindlbeck, W.E., 1982:
Characterization of two Norway spruce clone groups differing in smoke resistance by treatment of needle extracts with hydrogen peroxide

Kalms, J.M.; Vachaud, G.; Vauclin, M., 1982:
Characterization of water uptake by two varieties of rainfed rice in a plot trial

Peltonen, R.I., 1983:
Characterization of whey protein concentrates with regard to factors that affect their function at interfaces

Gillespie, J.M.; Blagrove, R.J.; Kortt, A.A., 1981:
Characterization of winged bean seed proteins

Reforgiato Recupero, G.; Starrantino, A., 1982:
Characterization with SEM of the pollen of some Italian lemon cultivars

Burgess, L.W.; Nelson, P.E.; Toussoun, T.A., 1982:
Characterization, geographic distribution and ecology of Fusarium crookwellense sp. nov

Cronin, F.J.; Krebs-Smith, S.M.; Wyse, B.W.; Light, L., 1982:
Characterizing food usage by demographic variables

Matsepuro, V.M., 1982:
Characterizing the effect of soil compaction on the yield of agricultural crops

Laufenberg, T.L., 1983:
Characterizing the nonlinear behaviour of flakeboards

Williams, D.R.; Schreyer, R., 1981:
Characterizing the person-environment interaction for recreation resource planning

Termena, B.K., 1982:
Characterizing the potential adaptation of introduced woody plants (in relation to climatic conditions)

Anid, P.J., 1982:
Characterizing the state of maturity of a compost

Jassem, M., 1981:
Characters and value of sugarbeet varieties cultivated in Poland

Mekhtiev, M.A.; Bagirov, K.A., 1983:
Characters of 3-breed crossbred cattle

Cetinkaya, R.; Cekgul, E.; Ekici, A., 1980:
Characters of Angora goat semen and fertility of frozen semen

Peters, H., 1978:
Characterstics of high-speed drainage-laying machinery

Urdaneta U.R.; Bauer, L.I. de, 1981:
Charcoal rot of sesame, caused by Macrophomina phaseoli, in different regions of Mexico

Stoakes, R., 1982:
Charging and pricing for countryside recreation

Anonymous, 1982:
Charting post-partum anoestrus

Mansson, B., 1983:
Cheaper weed control -- is it possible?

Ellis, G., 1982:
Cheating by grain traders in Ethiopia

Sell, J., 1983:
Check formation in weathered glulam beams: preventive construction techniques, surface treatments and impregnation treatments

Viejo, J.L., 1982:
Check-list of the Pieridae (Lep.) of the Iberian Peninsula (I)

Heald, C.W., 1982:
Checking electronic somatic cell count machines

Marjai, G., 1978:
Checking of the operation of the irrigation system on the basis of the efficiency tests

Chladek, Z., 1983:
Checking test of sprayers

Richter, A.; Schaefer, H.J., 1983:
Checking the reliability of all-year detection of Pseudomonas syringae van Hall on woody fruit plants

Bigger, M.; Schofield, P., 1983:
Checklist of Cerambycidae, Curculionidae, Attelabidae, Scolytidae and Platypodidae of Melanesia

Aston, J.W.; Dulley, J.R., 1982:
Cheddar cheese flavour

Rockseisen, A., 1982:
Cheddar cheese production using a vacuum cassette-stack press

Green, M.L.; Glover, F.A.; Marshall, R.J., 1982:
Cheddar cheesemaking behaviour of whole milk concentrated by ultrafiltration

Anonymous, 1981:
Cheese analog contains protein from four sources - dairy, oilseed, cereal, leaf

Anonymous, 1982:
Cheese and processed cheese products. Determination of total phosphorus content (photometric method)

Anonymous, 1982:
Cheese and processed cheese. Determination of the total solids content (reference method)

Honer, C.; Horwich, A., 1983:
Cheese and ultrafiltration: where we are today

Anonymous, 1982:
Cheese cooperative Muhledorf BE, Switzerland

Mattos, D.N. de, 1982:
Cheese cutter wherein last slice is not smaller than desired minimum

Anonymous, 1983:
Cheese factory in Ins, Switzerland; technology is new but the tradition remains!

Toit, J.G. du, 1981:
Cheese judging

Hain, G.; Wulff, B.; Stacheter, J. (German Federal Republic), 1982:
Cheese manufacture

Anonymous, 1983:
Cheese manufacture using biogas at the Steinenbrucke/Kaltbrunn plant, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Geessink, B.T. (Netherlands), 1983:
Cheese mould and/or follower with roughened inner surface and method of making same

Anonymous, 1983:
Cheese packaging - the customers' view

Dilanyan, Z.K.; Manukyan, S.S.; Avetisyan, G.A., 1982:
Cheese press

Mirchev, M.; Ivanov, I., 1979:
Cheese production by ultrafiltration. I. Study of some technological parameters

Steffen, C., 1982:
Cheese research in the service of quality promotion in Emmental, Tilsit and Appenzell cheese factories

Sprenger, M. (Switzerland), 1981:
Cheese spreads and process for preparation of the same

Anonymous, 1982:
Cheese storage and treatment system

Campbell, J.A.; Kryda, M.J.; Treuhaft, M.W.; Marx, J.J.; Roberts, R.C., 1983:
Cheese worker's hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Skorobogatova, Y.N., 1983:
Cheese yield in relation to contents of TS and casein in standardized milk

Brinkman, G.E., 1982:
Cheese-draining apparatus

Barbosa, M.; Corradini, C.; Battistotti, B., 1982:
Cheese-making experiments carried out on some Italian cheeses with vegetable rennet from Cardo (Cynara cardunculus L.)

Czulak, J.; Hammond, L.A., 1982:
Cheese-making process

McAlpine, I.A., 1983:
Cheesemaking in Scotland

Brockwell, I.P. (Sweden), 1982:
Cheesemaking method and apparatus

Anonymous, 1982:
Cheesemaking technology for Italian style cheeses

Holmskov, P., 1982:
Cheesemaking today

Millo, L., 1983:
Cheeses and denomination of origin

Reade, P.C.; Rich, A.M.; Hay, K.D.; Radden, B.G., 1982:
Cheilo-candidosis -- a possible clinical entity. Report of 5 cases

Wallace, A., 1983:
Chelate toxicity with transplant solutions containing Zn, Mn and Fe chelates for tomatoes

Hart, J.R., 1982:
Chelated micronutrients -- on the move to boost yields

Bonomi, A.; Quarantelli, A.; Superchi, P.; Sabbioni, A., 1982:
Chelated trace element complexes in the feeding of laying hens. Experimental contribution

Dollhopf, D.J., 1981:
Chemical amendment and irrigation effects on sodium migration and vegetation characteristics in sodic mine soils in the Northern Great Plains

Verdonk, G.; Notte D.R.yter, A.; Huyghebaert Deschoolmeester, M.J., 1982:
Chemical analyses of collective hot meals: nutritional evaluation of the results

Lammerink, P.; Hall, H.K., 1983:
Chemical analysis of bramble fruits

Khader, V.; Patel, G.H., 1982:
Chemical analysis of deep fat fried snacks (chevda and ganthia) commonly consumed in Gujarat

Majerciak, P.; Kubica, M., 1982:
Chemical analysis of pig foetuses in relation to the nutrient requirements of pregnant sows

Chang Yen, I.; Bodoe, P.L.; Mohammed, R., 1983:
Chemical analysis of seven nutrient elements in some sugar-cane products and by-products

Ismail, A.A.; Salama, F.A.; Abou Donia, S.A.; Khader, A.E.; Abou Zeid, N.A., 1980:
Chemical and bacteriological studies of some lactic cultures in fermented milks

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Chemical and biological control of onion white rot in muck and mineral soils

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Chemical composition of natural feed and growth of carp in the second year of life in different trophic conditions. 2. Chemical composition of the gut contents

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Chemical composition of natural feed and growth of carp in the second year of life in different trophic conditions. 3. Chemical composition of the body of carp

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Chemical conditioning to speed alfalfa drying

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Chemical control of insects on chrysanthemum cutflower

Anonymous, 1982:
Chemical control of insects, plant diseases, and weeds in Virginia. 1982

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Chemical control of post-harvest spoilage of apple fruits caused by Aspergillus flavus

Anonymous, 1982:
Chemical control of potato blight

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Chemical control of red rice by methods of soil preparation under flooding

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Chemical control of red rice for the submerged soil preparation system in Santa Catarina

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Chemical control of rice blast in Korea

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Chemical control of rice stem-borer and whorl-maggot

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Chemical control of root-knot nematodes on snakegourd in Sri Lanka

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Chemical control of rust red flour beetle on stored sorghum

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Chemical control of soybean insect pests in Brazil

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Chemical control of the broad mite Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks, 1904) with acaricides and insecticide-acaricides

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Chemical control of the brown planthopper with special reference to its population dynamics

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Chemical control of the citrus brown mite, Eutetranychus orientalis (Klein), and relative effects on its predators

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Chemical control of the fall armyworm in maize

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Chemical control of the pea and bean weevil, Sitona lineatus L., and subsequent effects on the yield of field beans Vicia faba L

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Chemical control of the pine gall midges (Thecodiplosis japonensis Uchida et Inouye) VII. Improvement of the trunk implantation methods of systemic insecticides

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Chemical control of the potato cyst nematode in Finland

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Chemical control of the shot-hole borer, Scolytus amygdali Guer., on almond trees

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Chemical control of the soyabean caterpillar under field conditions in Mato Grosso do Sul

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Chemical control of two leaf spot diseases of cluster yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) caused by Cercospora contraria and Didymosphaeria donacina

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Chemical control of velvetleaf, jimsonweed and cocklebur in soybeans

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Chemical control of weeds in apple plantations

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Chemical control of weeds in cabbage

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Chemical control of weeds in deciduous fruit trees

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Chemical control of weeds in drainage canals of the cotton belt zone

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Chemical control of weeds in fodder swedes

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Chemical control of weeds in fruit nurseries

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Chemical control of weeds in maize

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Chemical control of weeds in soyabeans

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Chemical control of weeds in spring vetch

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Chemical control of weeds in sugarcane

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Chemical control of weeds in the palm grove. II. Commonly-used active herbicide ingredients in palm growing and treatment techniques

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Chemical control of weeds in the palm grove. III. Preparation of solutions, organisation of work sites and application of treatment

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Chemical control of weeds in tomato. Influence of the method of application of metribuzin

Castro, H.R.; Calvar, D.J.; Argerich, C., 1982:
Chemical control of weeds in tomato. Study of the effectiveness of post-emergence treatments

Castro, H.R.; Calvar, D.J.; Argerich, C., 1982:
Chemical control of weeds in tomato. Study of the effectiveness of pre-emergence treatments

Cerna B.L.A.; Diaz C.J., 1982:
Chemical control of weeds in transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L. cv, INTI) with granulated herbicides

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Chemical defence in arthropods and its probable role in evolution. I. Structure and function of the defensive glands in arthropods

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Chemical defense mechanisms of staphylinids (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

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Chemical defoliation of rubber in Bahia

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Chemical defoliation of rubber trees by mist-spraying

Christianson C.B.; Cho C.M., 1983:
Chemical denitrification of nitrite in frozen soils

Blum, A.; Poiarkova, H.; Golan, G.; Mayer, J., 1983:
Chemical desiccation of wheat plants as a simulator of post-anthesis stress. I. Effects on translocation and kernel growth

Tanaka, S., 1981:
Chemical diabetes. Longitudinal study of chemical diabetes

Velasco, B.F., 1977:
Chemical differentiation between two Botrytis species

Shanks, J.B., 1981:
Chemical dwarfing of several ornamental greenhouse crops with PP333

McLean, E.O., 1982:
Chemical equilibrations with soil buffer systems as bases for future soil testing programs

Shu Zheng P.; Zhi Guang L.; Tian Ren Yu, 1982:
Chemical equilibria of sulfides in submerged soils as studied with a hydrogen sulfide sensor

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Chemical erosion in soils in relation to soil water residence time

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Chemical evaluation of silages of Napier grass cultivar Taiwan A-148

Beri, R.M.; Dobhal, P.C.; Ayyar, K.S., 1982:
Chemical examination of the seeds of Prosopis cineraria

Kutz, F.W., 1983:
Chemical exposure monitoring

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Chemical factors in resistance of wheat, raw and parboiled rice varieties to Sitophilus oryzae (L.). I. Amino acid

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Chemical fallow for weed control in sugarcane fields

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Chemical forms and behavior of heavy metals in soils

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Chemical forms and content of arsenic in some soils of China

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Chemical fruit thinning in apple

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Chemical growth regulators for oilseed rape

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Chemical immunization of potato and tomato

Myers, S.C.; Ferree, D.C., 1982 :
Chemical induction of lateral shoots of young apple trees

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Chemical investigation of Cocculus leaebe

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Chemical investigation of Malvaviscus conzattii green flowers

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Chemical investigation of Polypogon fugax Nees ex Steud

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Chemical investigation of essential oil of Abutilon indicum

Theagarajan ; Prabhu, V.V., 1983:
Chemical investigation of fatty oil of Bursera penicillata seed

Weichelt, T., 1983:
Chemical investigations on reaction products from lignin with cyanamide, Ca-cyanamide and dicyandiamide

Boer, G. de; Hanson, F.E., 1982:
Chemical isolation of feeding stimulants and deterrents from tomato for the tobacco hornworm

Minor, J.L., 1982:
Chemical linkage of pine polysaccharides to lignin

Craven, H., 1982:
Chemical method for the calibration of the 'Autoloop', a mechanized plate loop count instrument

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Chemical Mimicry in the Myrmecophilous Beetle Myrmecaphodius excavaticollis

Sanchez de la Puente, L.; Mangas, M.V.L., 1981:
Chemical mineral composition of wheat in a field experiment

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Chemical modeling of trace metal equilibria in contaminated soil solutions using the computer program GEOCHEM

Reimerdes, E.H.; Gottschick, W.; Scholz, N., 1982:
Chemical modification of the enzyme surface of a beta -galactosidase for adsorptive immobilization

Kalnins, M.A., 1982:
Chemical modification of wood for improved decay resistance

Knee, M., 1982:
Chemical modulation of fruit ripening

Semakin, V.P.; Shumigai, L.V., 1981:
Chemical mutants of apple varieties and hybrids

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Chemical nature of phosphogypsum as produced by various wet process phosphoric acid processes

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Chemical pest control measures on Vicia faba crops and resultant poisoning of pollinators

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Chemical pesticides and the fungus Hirsutella thompsonii sprayed against Phyllocoptruta oleivora (citrus rust mite)

Czerwinski, Z.; Pracz, J., 1982:
Chemical pollution of ground and surface waters in the rural residential region of Bialoleka Dworska

Straub, R.J.; Barrington, G.P.; Bruhn, H.D.; Koegel, R.G., 1982:
Chemical preservation of alfalfa juice protein

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Chemical preservation of grass forages. 1. Comparative testing of preparation MF-1

Bengtsson, N.; Ciszuk, P., 1982:
Chemical preservation of wet fresh ley grass with ammonia

Forss, K., 1982:
Chemical processing of wood in Finland

Feist, H.; Erler, W.; Flossmann, K.D., 1983:
Chemical properties of the principal cell wall components of Pasteurella multocida

Frazier, A.W.; Dillard, E.F.; Lehr, J.R., 1982:
Chemical redistribution of fluorine, dissolved metals, and P2O5 in strong wet-process phosphoric acid

Kobayashi, A.; Tadera, K.; Yagi, F.; Etoh, Y.; Yasuda, S., 1979:
Chemical reduction of cycasin, the toxic glycoside of cycad

Lackovic, A., 1982:
Chemical regulation of weed infestation in a meadow plant community

Bublitz, W.J.; Hull, J.L., 1983:
Chemical resistance of Douglas-fir for use in storage tanks

Mason, G.F., 1980:
Chemical ripening of variety B.41227 in Trinidad

Burdett A.N.; Martin P.A.F., 1982:
Chemical root pruning of coniferous seedlings

Nikolov, N., 1982:
Chemical separation of phosphorus bound to Fe and Al as related to the fractionation of soil phosphates

Forstner, U.; Calmano, W.; Conradt, K.; Jaksch, H.; Schimkus, C.; Schoer, J., 1981:
Chemical speciation of heavy metals in solid waste materials (sewage sludge, mining wastes, dredged materials, polluted sediments) by sequential extraction

Velcheva, N., 1983:
Chemical sterilisation of the codling moth Laspeyresia pomonella L. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Robertson, H.M., 1983:
Chemical stimuli eliciting courtship by males in Drosophila melanogaster

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Chemical structure and growth regulating activity relationship of some piperidinoacetanilides. I. Growth retarding activity and influence on choline esterase

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Chemical structure and growth regulating activity relationship of some piperidinoacetanilides. II. Inhibition of chlorophyll degradation in detached leaves and the influence of chlorophyllase activity

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Chemical studies on Karadi sheep's milk

E.M.rsi, E.A.; Samei, M.B.A.; Ramadan, M.E., 1982:
Chemical studies on the proteins of sunflower seeds

Tri Sy, T.; Koch, H.; Fischer, F., 1980 :
Chemical studies on the wood of Tetraberlinia bifoliolata

Farhat, A.; Iqbal, Q.J., 1981:
Chemical studies on trail pheromone of the termite Odontotermes obesus

Scora, R.W., 1983:
Chemical taxonomy of the genus Citrus

Antoine, H., 1982:
Chemical technology of wood -- a neglected research area

Kneipp, O., 1981:
Chemical tipping. Best results with optimal manuring

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Chemical treatment for control of soyabean nematodes

Khan, Z.H., 1983:
Chemical treatment of brakish cooling water at SAFCO, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Iliescu, V.; Teodorescu, T.; Burlacu, G.; Herdea, V.; Sachelarie, F.; Mihai, A., 1981:
Chemical treatment of cereal straw

Johnson, L., 1983:
Chemical treatment of herbage when making hay

Rousi, A.; Karunen, P.; Hakala, I., 1982:
Chemical variation in Eurasian populations of Hippophae rhamnoides revealed by two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography

Pandey, J., 1982:
Chemical weed conrrol in mustard (Brassica juncea)

Magyar, J., 1982:
Chemical weed control experiments in sunflowers in Szolnok county

Golcz, L.; Szulc, W.; Zalecki, R., 1981:
Chemical weed control in Glaucium flavum

Newton, M., 1981:
Chemical weed control in Western forests

Narwal, S.S.; Malik, D.S., 1982:
Chemical weed control in autumn planted sugarcane

Deat, M., 1981:
Chemical weed control in cotton in the Ivory Coast: the present state of research and the outlook for further development in the rural areas

Deat, M., 1982:
Chemical weed control in cotton on the Ivory Coast: the status of research and prospects of development in a rural environment

Giorgio, D.D.; Rizzo, V., 1980:
Chemical weed control in durum wheat. Four years of research on the Apulian tableland

Moens, M.; Aicha, B.B.; Himme, M.V.n; Stryckers, J., 1982:
Chemical weed control in fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) in Tunisia

Isaeva, L.I.; Egurazdova, A.S.; Skachkova, I.I., 1982:
Chemical weed control in fodder crops

Molnar, M., 1982:
Chemical weed control in glasshouse ornamentals: carnations, chrysanthemums, freesias

Sajdak, R.L., 1981:
Chemical weed control in lake states forests

Vercesi, B., 1983:
Chemical weed control in maize

Pank, F.; Eichholz, E.; Ennet, D., 1982:
Chemical weed control in medicinal plants. Part 4. Thyme

McCormack, M.L.Jr, 1981:
Chemical weed control in northeastern forests

Schubert, O.E.; Young, R.J.; Alt, F.L., 1982:
Chemical weed control in potatoes

Mahalle, S.S.; Kharkar, R.T.; Bathkal, B.G., 1982:
Chemical weed control in rainfed sorghum

Hurst, H.; Palmertree, H.D., 1980:
Chemical weed control in row crops, 1979

Hurst, H.; Palmertree, H.D., 1981:
Chemical weed control in row crops, 1980

Randhawa, K.S.; Saimbhi, M.S.; Daljit Singh, 1980:
Chemical weed control in seed crop of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Gjerstad, D.H., 1981:
Chemical weed control in southern forests

Rojas G.M.; Gonzalez H.V.M., .:
Chemical weed control in sunflowers, Helianthus annuus, with fluazifop-butyl and trifluralin

Marocchi, G., 1983:
Chemical weed control in the field

Donald, D.G.M.; Kirby Smith, J.H., 1982:
Chemical weed control in the production of pines

Rathi, K.S.; Tewari, A.N., 1981:
Chemical weed control in wheat with special reference to Phalaris minor Retz

Rapparini, G., 1983:
Chemical weed control of peaches and pears in southern France

Singh, K.P.; Malik, Y.S., 1983:
Chemical weed control studies in tomato

Hernandez, S., 1981:
Chemical weed control trials in soyabeans in Senegal

Bateman, R.J.; Walker, S.R., 1980:
Chemical weed control under stubble mulching

Wegmann, E.; Zehrer, W., 1982:
Chemical weed control versus hand weeding in small-scale farming systems in Togo

Lane, P.B., 1983:
Chemical weeding -- direct applicators. Guidance notes for the hand held Hectaspan Weedwiper Mini

English, J.E., 1982:
Chemical, genetic and organic methods for conserving fertilizers

Harruff, R.C., 1983 :
Chemical-biological warfare in Asia

Fouche, P.S.; Folscher, W.J., 1983:
Chemical-mineralogical changes of two Transvaal soils under acidifying conditions

Anonymous, 1982:
Chemicals in foods

Fischer, H.B.inkmann, V.H.vestadt, I.M.kimura, S.M.ssmann, H., 1982:
Chemiluminescence as a tool in parasite research

Makimura, S.; Brinkmann, V.; Mossmann, H.; Fischer, H., 1982:
Chemiluminescence response of peritoneal macrophages to parasitized erythrocytes and lysed erythrocytes from Plasmodium berghei-infected mice

Anonymous, 1981:
Chemistry against trypanosomiasis

Phipps, D.A., 1981:
Chemistry and biochemistry of trace metals in biological systems

Dieckert, J.W.; Wallace, R.W.; Dieckert, M.C., .:
Chemistry and biology of the cottonseed globulins

Aisen, P., 1982:
Chemistry and physiology of the transferrins

Ramanvongse, S., 1982:
Chemistry and processing characteristics of winged bean seed oil

Glueck, J.A.; Rooney, L.W., 1980:
Chemistry and structure of grain in relation to mold resistance

Greenland, D.J., 1982:
Chemistry and the soil environment -- surfaces and sorption processes

Rieder, J.B., 1981:
Chemistry in the grassland business -- grassland renovation without cultivation, yes or no?

Prakash, D.; Gupta, S.; Misra, P.S., 1982:
Chemistry of Pleurotus cystidiosus and P. eous

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