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Chemical composition of milk and meat of yaks in Sikkim

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 53(1): 76-77

Chemical composition of milk and meat of yaks in Sikkim

Analysis of 20 milk samples from females aged 11 yr and 4 samples from females in the 6th lactation showed milk composition to be: water 81.85%, protein 4.06%, fat 10.9%, total solids 19.25%, ash 0.98%, SNF 8.38% and pH 6.6. Analysis of 6 meat samples from the shoulder showed the composition to be: water 68.0%, protein 20.0%, fat 7.0%, ash 5.1%, calcium 1.28% and phosphorus 1.08%.

Accession: 001053697

Related references

Valuiskaya, R.T.; Abdykerimov, A.A.; Dushina, E.S.; Moskalenko, L.F., 1986: Chemical and amino acid composition of milk and colostrum of yaks. A total of 17 estimated amino acids in the milk of the yak made up 89.93% of the total protein, of which 52.41% were essential amino acids and 37.52 nonessential; the amino acid index was 1.40. Corresponding values for colostrum were 100.02%, 61.9...

Bharat Bhushan; Ghei, J.C.; Gaur, G.K., 1998: Milk production and its composition of Sikkim local and Barbari goats in Sikkim. Comparisons were made, in 168 lactations, of milk samples from 45 Sikkim local goats and 39 Barbari goats. The local Sikkim goats produced more milk, and the milk had higher levels of fat, protein, SNF and TS, indicating that, under the agroclimat...

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