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Cytogenetical studies in wheat. XI. Sr9g for reaction to Puccinia graminis tritici

McIntosh, R.A.; Luig, N.H.; Johnson, R.; Hare, R.A.

Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenzuchtung 87(4): 274-289


Accession: 001060208

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The Sr9g allele of the Sr9 locus on chromosome 2B is described. It is present in Triticum durum 'Iumillo', T. aestivum 'Marquillo', 'Double Cross' and 'Thatcher' and several derived varieties. Sr9g conferred resistance to a number of cultures of P. graminis subsp. tritici. Its responses to different races of the pathogen permitted Sr9g to be distinguished from other Sr9 alleles. In Iumillo and many derived hexaploid varieties, Sr9g and Yr7 (conferring resistance to P. striiformis) were closely linked.

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