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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Balwinder Singh, 1980: Demand-and-supply projections of foodgrains in the Punjab

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Hofman, V. L.; Hauck, D. D., 1982: Demonstrating the extraction and use of sunoil

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Bartos, J.; Matyas, Z., 1982: Demonstration of T-2 toxin in grain using thin layer silica gel chromatography

Muller Wegener, U., 1979: Demonstration of a reaction between phenols and humic substances

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Morales, A.; Romero, M.; Olano, V. A.; Calvache, D. de, 1982: Demonstration of enzootic-type Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in the haemolymph of examples of the mosquito Psorophora confinnis infected per os

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Dobias, L.; Paulikova, H.; Kusova, J.; Klein, A.; Chatrna, E., 1982: Demonstration of mycotoxins with mutagenic action in foodstuffs by means of bacterial indicator strains of Salmonella typhimurium

Commichau, C., 1982: Demonstration of paratuberculosis in fallow deer (Dama dama)

Ender, C.; Li, M. Q.; Martin, B.; Povh, B.; Nobiling, R.; Reiss, H. D.; Traxel, K., 1983: Demonstration of polar zinc distribution in pollen tubes of Lilium longiflorum with the Heidelberg proton microprobe

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Campbell, P. N.; Current, W. L., 1983: Demonstration of serum antibodies to Cryptosporidium sp. in normal and immunodeficient humans with confirmed infections

Scholz, A.; Schroder, D.; Zakosek, H., 1983: Demonstration of soil development in high flood loams of the Lower Rhine using multiple correlations, regressions and cluster analysis

Mizuno, K.; Moriuchi, S.; Hosoya, N., 1982: Demonstration of sucrase-isomaltase complex in chick intestine

Valencak, Z., 1982: Demonstration of swine fever virus by immunofluorescence and inoculation of rabbits

Boroskova, Z., 1979: Demonstration of the migrating larval phase in Ascaris suum infection with two serological reactions

Dhodapkar, B. S.; Vegad, J. L.; Kolte, G. N., 1982: Demonstration of the phagocytic activity of chicken basophils in the reversed Arthus reaction using colloidal carbon

Caraty, A.; Orgeur, P.; Thiery, J. C., 1982: Demonstration of the pulsatile secretion of LH-RH in the pituitary portal blood of ewes using a new technique for serial collection

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061069

Kjonaas, R.; Croteau, R., 1983: Demonstration that limonene is the first cyclic intermediate in the biosynthesis of oxygenated p-menthane monoterpenes in Mentha piperita and other Mentha species

Kidd, R.; Byram, M., 1982: Demystifying pseudo Freirian non formal education: a case description and analysis of Laedza Batanani

Chojnowski, W.; Dziuba, J., 1982: Denaturation of whey proteins as influenced by whey concentration

Maiorov, V. I.; Pikalov, A. V.; Polyakova, N. P.; Volosskii, B. A., 1982: Dendrobacillin against the meadow moth

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Bevan, D.; King, C. J., 1983: Dendroctonus micans Kug, -- a new pest of spruce in U.K

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061080

Figueroa, M.; Pereira, R.; Gutierrez, H.; Mejia, C. de; Padilla, N., 1982: Dengue epidemic in Honduras, 1978-1980

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Focht, D. D., 1982: Denitrification

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Stougaard, E., 1983: Denmark again free from rabies

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Anand, A. S., 1981: Densified wood laminates (densified wood, laminated densified wood, compregnated wood, etc.)

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Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061108

Hoppe, A.; Reimerdes, E. H.; Reuter, H., 1982: Densitometric determination of vitamin C in whole milk

Berger, J. M.; Fried, B., 1982: Densitometric thin-layer chromatographic analyses of sterols released by Amblosoma suwaense (Trematoda) and Leucochloridiomorpha constantiae (Trematoda) metacercariae

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061111

Pfadt, RE., 1982: Density and diversity of grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in an outbreak on Arizona rangeland

Muus, K., 1981: Density and growth of juvenile Amphiura filiformis (Ophiuroidea) in the Oresund

Nelson, S. O.; Russell, R. B., 1982: Density dependence of the dielectric properties of particulate materials

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Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061123

Tyul' dyukov, V.; Krainev, N., 1983: Density of stocking with cattle and the yield of cultivated pastures

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Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061134

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Goring, H.; Zoglauer, K., 1979: Dependence of IAA-induced ethylene production on water potential in excised coleoptile sections of Triticum aestivum L

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Girina, V. P., 1983: Dependence of the milk yield of cows on the level of noise in the cowshed

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Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061180

Bruni, F., 1982: Depreciation and interest allowance calculation of agricultural machinery

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Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061184

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061185

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061187

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061189

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061190

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Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061202

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Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061755

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061756

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Nartov, P. S.; Andreev, A. P., 1982: Determination of disc diameter for a double-disc mouldboard on a forest plough

Gustafsson, K. H.; Fahlgren, C. H., 1983: Determination of dithiocarbamate fungicides in vegetable foodstuffs by high-performance liquid chromatography

Strmiska, J.; Pech, Z., 1982: Determination of dry matter content of quarg by penetrometry

Kaida, K., 1982: Determination of dry rubber content of Hevea latex by microwave technique

Lazarovici, P.; Shapira, D.; Shaaya, E., 1983: Determination of ecdysteroid titers by a double-antibody precipitation in the tropical warehouse moth, Ephestia cautella (Lepidoptera, Phycitidae)

Darshan Singh; Ramzan, M.; Bindra, O. S., 1982: Determination of economic threshold of cotton jassid, Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) on okra

Shalaby A.M., 1982: Determination of elements by atomic absorption spectrometry after destruction of blood in the oxygen flask

Matthees, D., 1983: Determination of emodin in feeds

Treude, H. J.; Mulling, M., 1982: Determination of enzymes in the blood plasma of cows during parturition, in their newborn calves and in homogenates of the amniotic membrane

Boboshevska, D.; Donov, D.; Raichev, T.; Filcheva, E., 1982: Determination of exchange capacity by displacing exchangeable cations by cerium nitrate

Shtykov, V. I., 1981: Determination of filtration coefficients for consolidated soils in the frozen state from the kinetic specific surface

Liu Meilan; Gao Wen, 1982: Determination of flavonoids in Scutellaria baicalensis G

Shankaranarayana, M. L.; Abraham, K. O.; Raghavan, B.; Natarajan, C. P., 1981: Determination of flavour strength in alliums (onion and garlic)

Court, W. A.; Hendel, J. G., 1982: Determination of flue-cured tobacco pigments by high-performance liquid chromatography

Dabeka, R. W.; McKenzie, A. D.; Conacher, H. B. S.; Kirkpatrick, D. C., 1982: Determination of fluoride in Canadian infant foods and calculation of fluoride intake by infants

Khazemova, L. A.; Radovskaya, T. L.; Kruglova, N. V.; Kachalkova, T. K., 1983: Determination of fluorine in plant material

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061811

Hill R.H.Jr, 1982: Determination of formaldehyde in air as an oxazolidine derivative by capillary gas chromatography

Rusu, F.; Drobota, G.; Drobota, M. A., 1980: Determination of frost resistance in some peach cultivars by means of conductivity

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061814

Salashinskii, N. A.; Bazhenova, L. S., 1979: Determination of glucose oxidase activity in honey

Nayak, S. S.; Pattabiraman, T. N., 1982: Determination of glucosylalbumin by phenol-sulphuric acid reaction in hyperglycaemia

Matarese, R. M.; Zamponi, C., 1983: Determination of glycerol in biological samples

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061819

Schleiff, U., 1979: Determination of gypsum by measurement of electrical conductivity in water extracts of soils in Saudi Arabia

Sakai, D. K., 1982: Determination of health status and non-specific complement activities in the sera of salmonid fishes

Kroll, S.; Klostermeyer, H., 1982: Determination of heat-stable Pseudomonas fluorescens proteinases

Almer, L. O.; Jeppsson, J. O., 1981: Determination of hemoglobin A1c in diabetic patients

Slife F.W., 1983: Determination of herbicide inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport by fluorescence

Ladonin, V. F.; Lunev, M. I., 1983: Determination of herbicide residues according to phytotoxic index

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061826

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061827

Aguilar, J. A. E., 1982: Determination of hosts of Fusarium moniliforme var. subglutinans from pineapple

Teles, F. F. F.; Oliveira, T. T. de; Almeida, M. G. de; Silveira, A. J. da; Batista, C. M.; Rezende, J. L. M., 1981: Determination of hydrocyanic acid in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) by diffusion

Staak, C.; Kampe, U., 1982: Determination of hydrolysed milk protein in sausage using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

Reimerdes, E. H.; Scholz, N.; Gottschick, W., 1982: Determination of hydroxymethylfurfural in dried whey and dried milk

Li, C., 1983: Determination of immunological functions in patients with cutaneous chromomycosis

Faubel, A., 1982: Determination of individual meiofauna dry weight values in relation to definite size classes

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061835

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061836

Agada, Y., 1980: Determination of irrigation water requirements, using Hungarian methodology in Shemankar River Basin, Nigeria

Tsuno, Y.; Sugimoto, H.; Fujiyama, H.; Feily, I., 1983: Determination of irrigation-time by the observation of stomatal aperture with the aid of infiltration method

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061839

Wolfschoon Pombo, A. F.; Lima, A. de; Casagrande, H. de R., 1983: Determination of lactose in milk

Jackson, K. W.; Newman, A. P., 1983: Determination of lead in soil by graphite furnace atomic-absorption spectrometry with the direct introduction of slurries

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061842

Kerschberger, M., 1983: Determination of lime quantities required for optimum pH values in arable soils

Lamberet, G.; Menassa, A., 1983: Determination of lipase activity in Blue veined cheeses

Lamberet, G.; Menassa, A., 1982: Determination of lipolytic activity in mould-ripened cheeses

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061846

Riandey, C.; Alphonse, P.; Gavinelli, R.; Pinta, M., 1982: Determination of major elements in soils and rocks by plasma emission spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry

Felde I.Z., 1982: Determination of malarial antibodies by means of screening and differentiating antigens

Chander, S.; Khajuria, H. N., 1981: Determination of maturity indices for subtropical peach cultivar Flordared

Bhullar, J. S., 1982: Determination of maturity standards for mandarins at Dhaulakuan in Himachal Pradesh

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061853

Tabakovova, O.; Vavra, L., 1981: Determination of methods for measuring residual moisture in freeze-dried human milk

Matthes, D., 1982: Determination of milk fat in mixtures of fats by headspace gas chromatography

Timmen, H., 1982: Determination of milk fat proportion in fat mixtures by means of butyric acid content

Kovacs, G., 1981: Determination of milk products in farinaceous substances

Teufel, P.; Sacher, V., 1983: Determination of milk protein in meat products by ELISA

Bogdanowicz, M., 1981: Determination of milling and baking quality in wheat varieties, in relation to grain breadth

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061860

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061861

Hetier, J. M.; Fardeau, J. C., 1981: Determination of mobile and available iron in soil

Talalayevsky, G. V., 1983: Determination of moisture, heat and salt transfer by water-heat balance method as applied to calculating irrigation and drainage regimes in various natural and climatic conditions

Madan, U.; Kakkar, L. R., 1982: Determination of molybdenum by extraction of its thiocyanate into ethyl methyl ketone

Dickson, E. L.; Svehla, G., 1982: Determination of molybdenum by the catalysed peroxyacetic acid-iodide-ascorbic acid reaction

Malinin, O. A.; Yaroshenko, V. I.; Alekseenko, F. M., 1981: Determination of neoron in honey

Mikkelsen, U. S., 1980: Determination of nitrate in milk and liquid milk products

Soderhjelm, P., 1982: Determination of nitrate in some dairy products by high pressure liquid chromatography

Heanes, D. L., 1982: Determination of nitrate-N in plants by an improved extraction procedure adapted for ultraviolet spectrophotometry

Samokhvalov, S. G.; Shaimukhametova, A. A.; Prizhukova, V. G., 1983: Determination of nitrates and chlorides in plants using ion-selective electrodes

Iskandarani, Z.; Pietrzyk, D. J., 1982: Determination of nitrite and nitrate in water and food samples by ion interaction chromatography

Brandon, D. M.; Wilson, F. E, Jr; Robinson, J. F.; Leonards, W. J, Jr, 1981: Determination of nitrogen fertilization requirements and agronomic performance of new rice varieties in northeast Louisiana

Brandon, D. M.; Wilson, F. E.; Leonards, W. J.; White, L. M, II I., 1980: Determination of nitrogen requirements of new rice varieties and use of plant analysis to predict midseason nitrogen fertilizer needs

Brandon, D. M.; Wilson, F. E.; Robinson, J. F.; Leonards, W. J., 1980: Determination of nitrogen requirements of new rice varieties in northeast Louisiana

Bunce, N. J.; LaMarre, J.; Merrick, R. L.; Corke, C. T., 1983: Determination of nitrogen-15/nitrogen-14 in nitrate samples by conversion to benzamide

Kennelly, J. J.; Turner, B. V.; Apps, M. J., 1982: Determination of non-radioactive liquid phase markers, Co-EDTA and Cr-EDTA, by neutron activation analysis

Gonzales Ch, E.; Frisancho M, V.; Sanz C, J., 1982: Determination of non-structural carbohydrates in lucerne roots

Schopf, R., 1982: Determination of nutritional quality as an indicator of the susceptibility of forest trees to attack by phytophagous insects

Casalini, A.; Galtieri, A., 1982: Determination of odour compounds in paraffin wax for food use

Dunchenko, N. I.; Kalmykova, L. V.; Krus' , G. N.; Tinyakov, V. G., 1983: Determination of optimal amount of bacterial preparation No. 2 used to accelerate the ripening of Dutch brick cheese

Brusentsev, A. A.; Maslov, A. M., 1982: Determination of optimal condensing temperature and of the moment to add glucose-fructose syrup during manufacture of sweet condensed milk

Nova, A.; Gonzalez, C., 1982: Determination of optimal structure for citrus species and cultivars through economic mathematical modelling

Dukal' ska, L. R.; Levchenoka, I. A.; Rutka, I. A., 1982: Determination of optimum conditions for acidification of whey by bacteria

Delchev, L.; Georeva, M.; Nikolov, E., 1982: Determination of optimum date for sowing repko (perko-PVH) in the Pazardzhik region

Pfadler, W., 1981: Determination of optimum design of slatted floors in loose housing for dairy cattle

Dibak O., 1981: Determination of optimum fat intake

Nagy, Z.; Bianu, F.; Nagy, M., 1981: Determination of optimum harvesting date of sugarbeet cultivars at present in cultivation

Khudaiov, Yu Zh, 1982: Determination of optimum irrigation-pipe parameters

Kajiura, I.; Omura, M., 1982: Determination of optimum maturity for harvesting Japanese pear (Pyrus serotina var. culta) cultivars

Obraztsov, A. S.; Kovalev, V. M., 1982: Determination of optimum rates and proportions of fertilizers for targeted yields of fodder crops

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061894

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061895

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061896

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061897

Boheemen, P. J. M. van; Humbert, H., 1982: Determination of output from a gravity or overhead irrigation installation

Vidor, F.; Real, C. M., 1980: Determination of oviduct patency in cows with the phenolsulphonphthalein (PSP) test

Yanatori, S., 1981: Determination of oxidation activity of rice roots to ferrous solution

Duin, M. J.; Nuijens, J. M., 1981: Determination of p-toluenesulphonamide in ice cream and whipped cream by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Rose, W.; Knosel, D., 1983: Determination of pectolytic enzymes from several fungal pathogens of citrus fruits

Petty, J. A., 1981: Determination of percent void volume in conifer wood

Guelfi, J. F.; Courdouhji, M. K., 1983: Determination of peroxide anion production by blood leukocytes: results obtained in healthy horses

Eagle, D. J.; Jones, J. L. O.; Jewell, E. J., 1982: Determination of pesticides by gas chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography

Kirichenko, V. E.; Kulikova, G. S.; Pashkevich, K. I., 1982: Determination of phenylurea herbicides by gas-liquid chromatography

Kadiu, P., 1982: Determination of phosphate fertilizer requirements of wheat grown in saline soils of the Akernia State Farm in Vlora

Chokki, Y.; Inoue, S.; Mukaida, T.; Burkart, M., 1982: Determination of phoxim in tropical plywoods using high-pressure liquid chromatography

Farizo, C.; Pereyra, V. R.; Cardinali, F.; Orioli, G. A., 1982: Determination of physiological and harvest maturity in sunflower

Garcia Villanova, R.; Garcia Villanova, R. J.; Ruiz de Lope, C., 1982: Determination of phytic acid by complexometric titration of excess of iron(III)

Rathnawathie, M.; Buckle, K. A., 1983: Determination of piperine in pepper (Piper nigrum) using high-performance liquid chromatography

Mantylahti, V., 1981: Determination of plant-available manganese in Finnish soil

Ghafourian, H.; Bayat, I.; Rahimi, H., 1982: Determination of plutonium (239Pu + 240Pu) in various soil samples in Tehran

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061919

Zvyagintsev, D. G.; Stasevich, G. A.; Kozhevin, P. A., 1982: Determination of population density of nodule bacteria in soil

Perepelyatnikova, L. V.; Malikov, V. G.; Zhukov, B. I., 1981: Determination of possible levels of 90Sr and 137Cs accumulation by crops grown in Northern Caucasus

Silva, D. M.; Ruschel, A. P.; Matsui, E.; Noguiera, N. de L.; Vose, P. B., 1981: Determination of potential N2-fixing activity of bacteria in sugarcane roots and bean nodules using tritiated acetylene reduction technique and electron microautoradiography

Heger, K., 1978: Determination of potential evapotranspiration with different agricultural crops

Palmer, G. H.; Taylor, J. A., 1981: Determination of pregermination in barley using the acetic orcein staining test

Alawi, M. A., 1982: Determination of propanil in rice, potatoes and water by high-performance liquid chromatography

Alari, A., 1980: Determination of protein and amino acid content of Bezostaia wheat grown in Iran

Ivanov, P.; Nikolova, V., 1982: Determination of protein content in Phaseolus vulgaris, lentil and chickpea seeds by staining with Acid Orange 7

Uzonyi, M., 1982: Determination of protein content in farm milk for introduction of payment system for milk on its quality

Ekman, R., 1981: Determination of protein digestibility in barley and evaluation of the 'breedability' for the character

Loffler, C. M.; Busch, R. H., 1983: Determination of protein percentage of wheat vegetation at two growth stages by near infrared reflectance

Reimerdes, E. H.; Carini, S., 1982: Determination of proteolytic activities with cell-free extracts of various lactobacilli

Nangniot, P.; Berlemont Frennet, M.; Zenon Roland, L., 1981: Determination of pyridate traces by pulse polarography

Yu T R., 1982: Determination of reducing substances in soils by a voltammetric method

Hammer, G. L.; Goyne, P. J., 1982: Determination of regional strategies for sunflower production

Kostowska, B.; Kramer, H.; Piasecka Grzeszek, A., 1981: Determination of residues of 4-chloro-2-hydroxybenzothiazolin-3-ylacetic acid in soil and plant material

Gilsbach, W.; Thier, H. P., 1982: Determination of residues of chlorophenoxy-acid herbicides in wheat flour

Siebers, J.; Nolting, H. G., 1982: Determination of residues of pyrethroids in various crops, water and soil

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061940

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061941

Johansson, U. B., 1983: Determination of respiratory gases (CO2, O2, Ar and N2) with gas solid chromatography

Rustagi, K. P., 1983: Determination of sample size in simple random sampling

Seifert, D., 1982: Determination of selenium in biological material by means of Wickbold-combustion and the hydride-AAS

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061947

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061948

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061949

Merino Cuevas, R., 1979: Determination of site index and productivity variables for Nothofagus pumilio forests in Magallanes

Orantes Gordillo, F. R.; Musalem S, M. A., 1982: Determination of site quality for Pinus hartwegii at Zoquiapan, state of Mexico

Rucker, H., 1981: Determination of site-adapted forage production for high yields of animal products per hectare of forage area

Yang T C., 1982: Determination of soil oxygen diffusion coefficient

Perruchon, P.; Caullet, C., 1980: Determination of some aminoglycoside antibiotics by differential pulse polarography

Mintschev, A.; Boyadjiev, G.; Totev, K.; Minkov, S., 1982: Determination of standard functions for Geranium macrorrhizum root extraction

Rana, M. A.; Gahan, P. B., 1982: Determination of stelar elements in roots of Pisum sativum L

Brunn, H.; Stojanowic, V.; Flemmig, R.; Klein, H.; Shirbini, A.; Becht, A., 1982: Determination of stilbene derivates in veal products by radio-immunological and combined gas chromatographic and mass spectrometric investigations

Usberti, R., 1979: Determination of storage potential of soyabean seeds by the accelerated aging test

Ebdon, L.; Wilkinson, J. R.; Jackson, K. W., 1981: Determination of sub-nanogram amounts of mercury by cold-vapour atomic fluorescence spectrometry with an improved gas-sheathed atom cell

Zygmunt, B.; Hanekamp, H. B.; Bos, P.; Frei, R. W., 1982: Determination of sulphhydryl compounds in physiological fluids by liquid chromatography with polarographic detection

Erbersdobler, H. F.; Greulich, H. G.; Trautwein, E., 1983: Determination of taurine in foods and feeds using an amino acid analyser

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061962

Deller, B., 1983: Determination of the CEC of carbonate soils with unbuffered 0.1 M BaCl2

Farrington, D. S.; Martindale, R. W.; Woollam, C. J., 1982: Determination of the active ingredient content of technical and formulated dinobuton, dinoseb, dinoterb and DNOC by high-performance liquid chromatography, spectrophotometry and gas-liquid chromatography

Farrington, D. S.; Lovett, J. F.; Lynch, V. P., 1983: Determination of the active-ingredient content of technical formulated DNOC and dinoseb and technical diobuton by spectrophotometry

Sponagel, H., 1980: Determination of the actual evapotranspiration of agricultural crops

Carlstrom, B.; Thornqvist, T.; Werner, S., 1981: Determination of the amount of fungal diaspores in fuel chips

Christov, B.; Treikyashky, P., 1982: Determination of the biological capability of marl clays

Rasulov, B. Kh; Oya, V. M., 1982: Determination of the components of respiration in the light taking into consideration the concentration of residual oxygen

Packer, T. W., 1983: Determination of the concentration of uranium in soil and stream sediment samples using a high resolution energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analyser

Loimaranta, J., 1982: Determination of the content of vitamin C in a liquid mother's milk substitute by a semi-automatic procedure

Hernando F, V.; Garcia L. de Sa, M. E., 1982: Determination of the critical level of P during the growth cycle of maize (Zea mays L.)

Medina P, J. L.; Tasistro S, A.; Fischer C, A., unda: Determination of the critical period of competition between weeds and a combined maize-kidney bean crop at two levels of fertilization

Kobza, F., 1981: Determination of the date for direct sowing China asters (Callistephus chinensis) for seed production

Jalc, D.; Zelenak, L.; Baran, M., 1982: Determination of the digestibility of lignocellulose materials by the nylon bag method

Nassauer, J.; Kessler, H. G., 1982: Determination of the distribution of holding and residence times

Kuhn, G,; Scheibe, K,, 1983: Determination of the drag coefficient of potatoes and stones

Apostolov, I., 1983: Determination of the economic threshold of damage by leaf-gnawing insects on lucerne grown for forage

Marks, N.; Biel, M.; Krzysztofik, B., 1981: Determination of the effect of size and weight of tubers on the formation of mechanical resistance in tubers of selected potato cultivars

Mitev, I., 1981: Determination of the effect of wear of the dies on the quality of pellets produced

Section 2, Chapter 1062, Accession 001061983

Jakubec, V., 1980: Determination of the effects of hybridization

Plessis, S. F. du; Koen, T. J., 1983: Determination of the fertiliser requirements of pineapples

Davydkin, P. D., 1980: Determination of the flowability of seed materials

Peusha, Kh O.; Grigor' eva, O. G., 1982: Determination of the gene Lr23 of resistance to brown rust with test clones of the pathogen

Polacsek Racz, M.; Pauli, M. P.; Horvath, G.; Vamos Vigyazo, L., 1980: Determination of the glucose content of some honeys and honey-containing products by analytical methods

Skaggs, R. W., 1976: Determination of the hydraulic conductivity - drainable porosity ratio from water table measurements

Royo, C., 1982: Determination of the inheritance of resistance to leaf rust (Puccinia recondita Rob. ex Desm. f. sp. tritici Erikss. & Henn.) in two lines of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum)

Corbella, E., 1982: Determination of the inhibition titre of serum proteases (STIC) in the blood of swine: preliminary observations

Nadzhafov, I. G.; Surbnshanyan, I. A.; Givental' , M. Ya; Babaev, R. A.; Bagirov, S. A.; Shikhaliev, S. A., 1982: Determination of the intensity of transmission of, and season of mass infection with, Trichuris in the Apsheron peninsula and in the Great Caucasus area

Bakula B, J. M.; Toledo H, J. E.; Estrada A, J. A., 1978: Determination of the leaves to be sampled for the foliar analysis of Washington Navel oranges

Baldwin A.J., 1982: Determination of the lecithin added to whole milk powder

Vidner, J., 1981: Determination of the length of the growing season from the direction of stolon growth

Blaser, P.; Fluhler, H.; Polomski, J., 1978: Determination of the maximum iron-combining capacity of water-soluble straw materials

Abara, A. E.; Hill, M. A., 1981: Determination of the moisture content of potatoes by microwave energy

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