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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Goswami, N.N., 1982:
Distribution and characteristics of problem soils in India and their management for crop production

Fanni, J.; Metche, M., 1982:
Distribution and composition of phospholipids in Camembert cheese

Inocencio, E.; Castillo, D.; Ramirez, E., 1981:
Distribution and composition of protein in the endosperm of two rice varieties grown with six nitrogen treatments

Appel, Ag, 1983:
Distribution and cyst formation of Gregarina rhyparobiae Watson as a response to host starvation

Elies, B.; Kruger, M.; Gehrt, M., 1983:
Distribution and diagnosis of Bordetella bronchiseptica in guinea pig colonies

Messersmith, C.G.; Lym, R.G., 1983:
Distribution and economic impacts of leafy spurge in North Dakota

Hore, D.K., 1983:
Distribution and endemism of Indian species of Symplocus

Roze, F., 1980:
Distribution and evolution of nitrogen in some Brittany heathlands

Clement, B.; Touffet, J., 1980:
Distribution and evolution of organic matter and nutrient elements in mesophyllous heathlands of the Monts d'Arree (Finistere)

Luckow, V., 1982:
Distribution and excretion of mercury in sheep--a toxicokinetic pilot experiment

Appelgren, L.E.; Eberhardson, B.; Martin, K.; Slanina, P., 1982:
Distribution and fate of 14C-chloramphenicol in the newborn pig

Isensee, A.R.; Dubey, P.S., 1983:
Distribution and fate of pendimethalin in an aquatic microecosystem

Cribiu, E.P.; Popescu, C.P., 1982:
Distribution and fertility of 60,XX/60,XY bulls

Onyango, D.M.; Mukunya, D.M., 1982:
Distribution and importance of Xanthomonas manihotis and X. cassavae in East Africa

Dekeyser, A.; Martin, H.; Herbillon, A.J., 1983:
Distribution and localization of Zn and Pb in a complex soil located above a gossan in a carbonate environment (Belgian Famenne)

Jansen, H.G., 1982:
Distribution and number of gonadotrophic cells in the pituitary gland of prepubertal female rats

Abo Korah, S.M., 1978:
Distribution and seasonal abundance of the soil mites associated with citrus trees in Monoufeia Governorate, Egypt

Katayama, T.C., 1983:
Distribution and some morphological characters of the wild rice in the central India (III)

Katayama, T.C., 1983:
Distribution and some morphological characters of the wild rice in the northeastern India (III)

Rutherford, P.A., 1979:
Distribution and spread of silverleaf nightshade in Western Australia

Huang, Z.R.; Mei, M.T.; Deng, Z.Q.; Lo, X.M., 1982:
Distribution and variation of 3H-labelled insect juvenile hormone analogue in Bombyx mori

Daniyarova, M.M., 1981:
Distribution and zoogeographical characteristics of aphids of the subtribe Anuraphidina of the fauna of Central Asia

Abdel Wahab, M.F.; E.R.zky, E.; Abdulla, W.A.; Moustafa, A.M., 1982:
Distribution of 124Sb-labelled Bilharcid in schistosomiasis

Charlton, H.M.; Parry, D.; Halpin, D.M.; Webb, R., 1982:
Distribution of 125I-labelled follicle-stimulating hormone and human chorionic gonadotrophin in the gonads of hypogonadal (hpg) mice

Constable, G.A.; Rawson, H.M., 1982:
Distribution of 14C label from cotton leaves: consequences of changed water and nitrogen status

Lazzari, M.A., 1982:
Distribution of 15N fertilizer in field lysimeters sown with garlic (Allium sativum) and foxtail millet (Setaria italica)

Paul, R.; Gasia, M.C.; Rocher, M., 1982:
Distribution of 45Ca and 32P following their injection into the trunk of young Japanese cherry trees (Prunus serrulata Lindl.)

Mihai, D.; Paun, R., 1982:
Distribution of 45Ca in bones of growing pigs

Beaudoin, R.L.; Moon, R.J.; Vrable, R.A.; Leunk, R.; Pacheco, N.D., 1982:
Distribution of 51Cr-labelled sporozoites of Plasmodium berghei in naive and immune mice

Leiser, L., 1980:
Distribution of Aedes triseriatus (Say) in an urban area: comparison of two survey methods

Alexandrakis, V.; Michelakis, S., 1980:
Distribution of Aonidiella aurantii (Mask.) (Hom. Diaspididae) as a function of its settling on the tree and the citrus variety in Crete

Hamaker, B.; Kirksey, A.; Borschel, M., 1983:
Distribution of B-6 vitamers in milk of pyridoxine-supplemented mothers determined by high performance liquid chromatography (reverse phase)

Cavrini, C.; Gentile, G.; Vacirca, G.; Giordani, L., 1982:
Distribution of BLV infection in some provinces in northern Italy

Gostynska Jakuszewska, M.; Hrabetova Uhrova, A., 1983:
Distribution of Crataegus species in Poland and Czechoslovakia

Dyce, A.L., 1982:
Distribution of Culicoides (Avaritia) spp. (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) west of the Pacific Ocean

Zeyhle, E., 1982:
Distribution of Echinococcus multilocularis in south-western Germany

Kant, R.; Tongaonkar, S.S.; Singh, B.K.; Ayangar, S.K.; Palanisamy, R., 1981:
Distribution of FMD virus types in some of the milksheds of India

Goodwin, JT.; Ashton, DR.; Olson, JK.; Cisse, A.; Ba, A., 1982:
Distribution of Glossina (Diptera: Glossinidae) in Mali

Haggis, M.J., 1982:
Distribution of Heliothis armigera eggs on cotton in the Sudan Gezira: spatial and temporal changes and their possible relation to weather

Bernhardt, J.L.; Phillips, J.R., 1982:
Distribution of Heliothis eggs on cotton plants is examined

Pencoe, NL.; Lynch, RE., 1982:
Distribution of Heliothis zea eggs and first-instar larvae on peanuts

Swarup, G.; Sethi, C.L.; Kaushal, K.K.; Nand, S., 1982:
Distribution of Heterodera avenae the causal organism of molya disease of wheat and barley in India

Dzhalilov, U.D.; Daniyarov, M.R., 1982:
Distribution of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ciliophora, Ophrioglenidae) in waters of Tajikistan

Hoffmann-Fezer, G.; Lösch, U., 1983:
Distribution of IgM-, IgG-, and IgA-positive cells in lymphatic organs of normo- and dysgammaglobulinemic UM-B19 chickens

Tang, S.; Wang, T.; Li, G., 1983:
Distribution of Jinghe strain of spotted fever rickettsiae in Ornithodoros moubata.

Cost, N.D.; Craver, G.C., 1981:
Distribution of Melaleuca in south Florida measured from the air

Abu Garbieh, W.I., 1982:
Distribution of Meloidogyne javanica and M. incognita in Jordan

Harcourt, D.G.; Guppy, J.C.; Ellis, C.R., 1981:
Distribution of Microctonus colesi (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a new parasite of the alfalfa weevil in Ontario

Wienhues, M., 1982:
Distribution of Mycoplasma bovis in northern Germany with particular reference to its occurrence in cow's milk

Kocan, A.A.; Shaw, M.G.; Waldrup, K.A.; Kubat, G.J., 1982:
Distribution of Parelaphostrongylus tenuis (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea) in white-tailed deer from Oklahoma

Aguirre, R.J.; Hine, R.B.; Schonhorst, M.H., 1983:
Distribution of Phytophthora root rot of alfalfa in Central Mexico and development of disease resistance in Mexican cultivars of alfalfa

Anikieva, L.V.; Malakhova, R.P., 1982:
Distribution of Proteocephalus exiguus according to host age and sex

Galimand, M.; Dodin, A., 1982:
Distribution of Pseudomonas pseudomallei in France and the world, with reference to melioidosis

Ercolani, G.L., 1979:
Distribution of Pseudomonas savastanoi on olive leaves

Ichitani, T.; Goto, H., 1982:
Distribution of Pythium zingiberum causing rhizome rot in ginger-growing and its surrounding uncultivated soils

Vaulx, R.D. de (Dumas de Vaulx, R); Pochard, E.; Chambonnet, D., 1982:
Distribution of TMVpo susceptible and resistant doubled haploid lines from anther culture of heterozygous L+/L1 hybrids

Ivashkin, V.M.; Khromova, L.A., 1980:
Distribution of Thelazia of domestic animals in districts of Nechernozem'ya

Yim, J.J.; Lee, S.J.; Lee, H.K.; Lee, J.S.; Rim, H.J., 1979:
Distribution of Toxoplasma antibody among institutionalized children

Bargamaschi, A.; Luca, G. de; Gatto, M.R., 1981:
Distribution of Trichomonas vaginalis and of several species of Candida in a sample of the female population of Bologna as related to the principal endogenous and exogenous factors

Leyns, F.; Mooter, M.V.n den; Swings, J.; Cleene, M. de; Ley, J. de, 1981:
Distribution of Xanthomonas campestris pv. graminis in fields of forage grasses in northern Belgium

Fritsche, R.; Thiele, S., 1982:
Distribution of Xiphinema diversicaudatum (Mikoletzky) Thorne in the German Democratic Republic

Semenyutin, V.V.; Shmanenkov, N.A., 1981:
Distribution of threonine in tissues of suckled male cattle

Lawaetz, O.; Aritas, Y.; Brown, N.J.; Ralphs, D.N.; Sjøntoft, E., 1982:
Distribution of a liquid meal within the stomach and gastric emptying after vagotomy and drainage operations

Shchur, L.E.; Golovach, G.P., 1981:
Distribution of acaroid mites in group and individual nests of the bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus Schreb.)

Rowell, R.M., 1982:
Distribution of acetyl groups in southern pine reacted with acetic anhydride

You, C.F.; Si, Y.Q.; Zhou, D.Z., 1982:
Distribution of actinomycetes in the coastal saline soils of northern Jiangsu

Gerdes, C.F., 1982:
Distribution of adult overwintering Thysanoptera in an Illinois prairie

Manohar, M.; Balasubramanian, K.A., 1982:
Distribution of alpha-tocopherol in the rat gut

Bazilinskaja, M.V.; Kaurichev, I.S., 1982:
Distribution of aluminium and manganese in various fractions of water soluble organic matter

Lesovoi, V.S.; Prokof' eva, E.I.; Lipnitskii, A.V.; Val' kova, E.R., 1983:
Distribution of antigens with a radioactive carbon tracer of the coccidioidal fungus in organs of experimental animals

Richard, J., 1982:
Distribution of argyrophilic structures in 2 strigeid cercariae, Cotylurus brevis and Apatemon (Australapatemon) minor

Palo, V., 1982:
Distribution of aroma in fractionated fat of Slovak ewes' cheese

Cupakova, M., 1982:
Distribution of aromatic substances in the fractions from different kinds of milk fat

Robinson, M.; Halevy, A.H.; Galili, D.; Plaut, Z., 1983:
Distribution of assimilates in Gladiolus grandiflorus as affected by water deficit

Khan, S.M., 1981:
Distribution of belowground biomass in a shortgrass prairie ecosystem

Burtikashvili, P.S.; Makharadze, A.G.; Mumladze, M.S.; Useunashvili, E.S., 1980:
Distribution of bovine cysticercosis in the Georgian SSR

Nakazawa, Y.; Wada, R.; Izumitani, M., 1981 :
Distribution of calcium in cows' milk in mountain dairy and limestone zones

Ghorbal, M.H.; Grignon, C., 1982:
Distribution of calcium in the roots of yellow lupin and horsebean

Gruen, H.E.; Wong, W.M., 1982:
Distribution of cellular amino acids, protein, and total organic nitrogen during fruitbody development in Flammulina velutipes. I. Growth on sawdust medium

Gruen, H.E.; Wong, W.M., 1982:
Distribution of cellular amino acids, protein, and total organic nitrogen during fruitbody development in Flammulina velutipes. II. Growth on potato-glucose solution

Sturhan, D., 1982:
Distribution of cereal and grass cyst nematodes in the Federal Republic of Germany

Ahlheim, W., 1981:
Distribution of cereal varieties in the German Federal Republic in 1970 to 1980 with particular regard to disease susceptibility

Kariya, K.; Matsuzaki, A.; Machida, H.; Tsunoda, K., 1982:
Distribution of chlorophyll content in the leaf blade of rice

Cartier, D.; Blaise, S., 1981:
Distribution of chromosome races in Lathyrus pratensis L

Roozitalab, M.H.; Gray, F., 1982:
Distribution of clay minerals in selected Oklahoma soils

Konggaard, S.P., 1980:
Distribution of concentrates: appraisal from technical, biological and behavioural points of view

Korudzhiiski, N.; Gyurov, B.; Bineva, I., 1982:
Distribution of conjugative R-plasmids among strains of Escherichia coli isolated from fowls with coli septicaemia

Aswathanarayana, N.V.; Ashwath, S.K.; Manjunatha, K.R., 1982:
Distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus) (Dictyoptera: Blattinae)

Yusupov, T.; Rakhmatov, N.A.; Khamidov, Z.M.; Ibragimov, A.P., 1980:
Distribution of cotton chloroplast DNA in a density gradient of CsCl and CsCl-EthBr

Ishii, H.; Katagiri, S.; Miyake, N.; Akatsuka, K., 1981:
Distribution of crown snow damage of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) stands in a small local area

Pearson, G.R.; Logan, E.F.; McNulty, M.S., 1982:
Distribution of cryptosporidia within the gastrointestinal tract of young calves

Reddy, C.A.; Kao, M., 1982:
Distribution of cytochromes in selected species of corynebacteria pathogenic to animals

Meulemans, M.; Geilfus, F.; Ramaekers, D.; Freyer, K.; Mertens, P., 1982:
Distribution of decline affecting different elm species in Belgium: susceptibility to Ophiostoma ulmi (Buism.) Nannf

Diaz M.F.; Kohashi S.J., 1982:
Distribution of dry matter in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under field conditions

Graham, H.M.; Jackson, C.G., 1982:
Distribution of eggs and parasites of Lygus spp. (Hemiptera: Miridae), Nabis spp. (Hemiptera: Nabidae), and Spissistilus festinus (Say) (Homoptera: Membracidae) on plant stems

Geraci, G., 1982:
Distribution of enzymatic browning and of coagulation of homogenates of young shoots in Citrus

Rey Lescure, E., 1982:
Distribution of epicormics on the trunks of 25 species on the edges of fellings

Thomson, MS.; All, JN., 1983:
Distribution of fall armyworm egg masses on sweet corn

Aramrattana, C., 1982:
Distribution of farm and non-farm enterprises in rural households

Vodyanitskiy, Y.N.; Bagin, V.I., 1982:
Distribution of ferromagnetic minerals in various particle-size groups of Sod-Podzolic soil

Seemann, G.; Kozlowski, G., 1982:
Distribution of fibre types in skeletal muscles of chickens

Amin, O.M., 1977:
Distribution of fish parasites from two southeast Wisconsin streams

Zagniborodova, E.N.; Starozhitzkaya, G.S.; Kusova, Z.L., 1982:
Distribution of fleas of the genus Xenopsylla according to various elements of the microbiotope of the great gerbil in southern Turkmenia

Antonielli, M.; Lupattelli, M.; Venanzi, G., 1981:
Distribution of free amino acids and of amides in various organs of Zea mays L

Pengelly, W.L.; Hall, P.J.; Schulze, A.; Bandurski, R.S., 1982:
Distribution of Free and Ester Indole-3-Acetic Acid in the Cortex and Stele of the Zea mays Mesocotyl

Sergeeva, N.G., 1981:
Distribution of free-living nematodes in the bottom sediments of the Adriatic Sea

Singh, A.P.; Bhargava, S.N., 1982:
Distribution of fusaria in the soils of Allahabad

Kadite, B.A., 1982:
Distribution of gamasoid mites (Gamasina, Mesostigmata) in the pine forest of the national park of the Lithuanian SSR

Mawuena, K.; Mensan, K., 1981:
Distribution of glossines in southern Togo

Izmailov, S.F.; Baskakova, S.Y.; Aseeva, K.B.; Tsyupa, G.P.; Smirnov, A.M., 1982:
Distribution of glutamine synthetase and glutamate dehydrogenase in the organs of various plants

Levin, E.D.; Rubchevskaya, L.P.; Skiba, L.P., 1983:
Distribution of glycerides in the cambial zone of Larix sibirica at different heights in the stem

Gryuntal' , S.Yu, 1981:
Distribution of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in forests of the southern Taiga

Herriman, I.D.; Harwood, D.J.; Blandford, T.; Lindsay, D., 1982:
Distribution of hexoestrol residues in caponised chickens

Thelle, D.S.; Førde, O.H.; Arnesen, E., 1982:
Distribution of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol according to age, sex, and ethnic origin: cardiovascular disease study in Finnmark 1977

Toth, G.; Nowinszky, L.; Jarfas, J., 1983:
Distribution of hourly light-trap catches of Scotia segetum Schiff. in relation to light conditions

Henry, M.C.; Ruppol, J.F.; Bruneel, H., 1982:
Distribution of infection with T.b. gambiense in a population of Bandundu in the Republic of Zaire

Wallbank, B.E., 1983:
Distribution of intermittently- or continuously-applied grain protectant residues in Australian wheat bulks

Orr, J.A.; Wagerle, L.C.; Kiorpes, A.L.; Shirer, H.W.; Friesen, B.S., 1983:
Distribution of internal carotid artery blood flow in the pony

Ananchikov, M.A., 1983:
Distribution of intestinal helminthiases and coccidia of sheep in Belorussia

Muller, L.L.; Simoneaux, J.M.; Berni, R.J.; Wall, J.H., 1983:
Distribution of lacinilene C and lacinilene C7-methyl ester in cotton plant parts

Harris M.R., 1981:
Distribution of lead in winter wheat plants grown in the vicinity of a lead smelter

Androsov, V.A., 1982:
Distribution of leptospirosis among animals in Belorussia, USSR

Krause, R., 1979:
Distribution of liquid manure and sewage

Hanrahan, J.P., 1982:
Distribution of litter size

Saito, H., 1981:
Distribution of litterfall on forest floor and its annual change in evergreen coniferous (Chamaecyparis obtusa Sieb. et Zucc.) plantation in Mt. Watamuki-yama, Shiga

Jankovic, D.; Maric, S., 1982:
Distribution of major elements in the fruits, leaves and branches of some apple cultivars at harvest

Ishii, H., 1982:
Distribution of major recreational regions in Japan. In: Alpinism and tourism and other problems of the geography of tourism

Zyrin, N.G.; Zvonarev, B.A.; Sadovnikova, L.K.; Voronova, N.I., 1981:
Distribution of mercury in soils of the North Ossetian plains

Werner, A., 1981:
Distribution of metabolites in the mesophyll of poplars infected by Melampsora larici-populina Kleb

Mazzolini, A.P.; Anderson, C.A.; Ladiges, P.Y.; Legge, G.J.F., 1982:
Distribution of mineral elements in green and chlorotic leaf tissue of Eucalyptus obliqua L'Herit., determined with a scanning proton microprobe

Lamont, B.B.; Southall, K.J., 1982:
Distribution of mineral nutrients between the mistletoe, Amyema preissii, and its host Acacia acuminata

Black, W.D.; Claxton, M.J., 1982:
Distribution of neomycin in bull calves after intramuscular injection

Kallio H.; Kyyro M.; Evers A M.; Korkman J., 1982:
Distribution of nitrate in red beet roots and leaves fertilized with urea or ammonium nitrate

Sharma, B.D.; Ranjodh Singh, 1982:
Distribution of nitrate-N and nitrogen uptake by rainfed maize as affected by methods of applicaton of urea

Ekman, R., 1982:
Distribution of nitrogen in above-ground biomass of barley

Kennedy, E.-T.H.rrell, M.-W.F.azao, B., 1982 :
Distribution of nutrient intake across meals in the United States population

Zamenhof S.; Van Marthens E., 1982:
Distribution of nutrients between fetal brain and body during rat development

Lakht, T.I.; Nymm, E.M., 1982:
Distribution of oncovirus infection among cattle in the Estonian SSR

Laganovskii, S.Y.; Priednieks, O.K.; Mozgis, V.Y.; Chernobaeva, L.G., 1982:
Distribution of oncovirus infection in herds of cattle infected with bovine leukosis

Minhas R.S.; Bora N.C., 1982:
Distribution of organic carbon and the forms of nitrogen in a topographic sequence of soils

Schmid, JM.; Farrar, PA.; Mitchell, JC., 1982:
Distribution of pandora moth egg masses and pupae near Jacob Lake, Arizona

Ostan, I.; Ozler, N., 1982:
Distribution of parasitic diseases within people investigated at the parasitology laboratory of Ege University Faculty of Medicine during 1980

Linde Laursen, I.; Jensen, J., 1982:
Distribution of parental chromosomes in squashed metaphases of Hordeum hybrids

Garg, A.K.; Sethi, G.R., 1982:
Distribution of phorate, disulfoton, dimethoate and chlorpyrifos in paddy

Sharpley A.N.; Smith S.J., 1983:
Distribution of phosphorus forms in virgin and cultivated soils and potential erosion losses

Costa, J.G.C.a; Kohashi Shibata, J.; Colin, S.M., 1983:
Distribution of photosynthetic products between aerial parts of bean plants

Sinclair, T.R.; Knoerr, K.R., 1982:
Distribution of photosynthetically active radiation in the canopy of a loblolly pine plantation

Kurozawa, C.; Pavan, M.A., 1982:
Distribution of physiologic races of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici (WR) Snyder & Hansen in Sao Paulo State

Das, G.R.; Ahmed, T., 1982:
Distribution of pigments in glutinous rice

Christensen V.L., 1983:
Distribution of pores on hatching and nonhatching turkey eggs

Maas, J.V.L.; Criel, G., 1982:
Distribution of primary school enrollments in Eastern Africa

Kant K.; Sharma B., 1982:
Distribution of protein content in pea seeds

E.S.yed, F.; Nakkoul, H.; Williams, P., 1982:
Distribution of protein content in the world collection of faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Burshtein, K.S., 1981:
Distribution of radioactive carbathion 35S in the vegetative organs of vegetable crops after treatment of soil

Liebisch, H.W.; Schmidt, E.; Schutte, H.R., 1980:
Distribution of radioactively labelled free and conjugated gibberellins in detached barley leaves

Chen, Y.W.; Zhan, R.Z., 1982 :
Distribution of rice cultivars based on accumulated temperature and safe period

Starner, V.R.; Hull, L.A., 1982:
Distribution of rosy apple aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) within the canopy of apple trees

Behne, D.; Wolters, W., 1983:
Distribution of selenium and glutathione peroxidase in the rat

Timmer, LW.; Lee, RF.; Allen, JC.; Tucker, DPH., 1982:
Distribution of sharpshooters in Florida citrus groves

Smith, V.G., 1982:
Distribution of snails of medical and veterinary importance in an organically polluted watercourse in Nigeria

Joshi, I.J.; Chauhan, R.K.S., 1982:
Distribution of soil microfungi in various soil types of Chambal Ravines

Higgins, G.M.; Dudal, R.; Pecrot, A.; Kassam, A.H.; Christoforides, A., 1981:
Distribution of soils with aridic, ustic, and xeric moisture regimes in the developing world

Tseitlin, D.G., 1982:
Distribution of some nematode species in populations of their hosts

Rao, S.R.S.; Ramayya, N., 1981:
Distribution of stomata and its relation to plant habit in the order Malvales

Bai, K.V.; Jos, J.S., 1981:
Distribution of stomata and trichomes in cassava leaves

Moreira, S.M.C.; Krutz, G.W.; Sun, C.T., 1981:
Distribution of stresses inside maize grain during mechanical impact

Malina, R., 1983:
Distribution of strongyle genera in cattle at pasture in hill areas of south-eastern Moravia

Lozupone, E.; Favia, A., 1983:
Distribution of structural renewal processes in bone tissue of the skeleton of rats given a diet low in calcium

Ciupercescu, D.D., 1982:
Distribution of the 1/29 and 14/20 Robertsonian translocation in Romanian Simmental (Romanian Spotted) sires

Yukawa, J., 1982:
Distribution of the Japanese species of the genus Asphondylia (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) including the soybean pod gall midge

Ivkovic, O., 1981:
Distribution of the adventive plant Lepidium virginicum L. 1753 (Capparidales, Brassicaceae) in Yugoslavia

Kostov, P.; Dochev, Y., 1982:
Distribution of the air current in the grain layer during active ventilation by the IAV-12 installation

Reid, JC., 1983:
Distribution of the coffee berry borer (Hypothenemus hampei) within Jamaica, following its discovery in 1978

Roldan, R.M.; Layunta, J.B., 1982:
Distribution of the coronary arteries in the Spanish fighting bull

Fallis, SP.; Snow, KR., 1983:
Distribution of the eggs of Aedes punctor (Diptera: Culicidae)

Berge, E., 1982:
Distribution of the hoist load on interacting roof structures

Berge, E., 1982:
Distribution of the load from a hoist tackle on an interconnected roof structure

Mel' nikova, A.S.; Matis, A.K., 1981:
Distribution of the most important helminth infections of pigs in the forest-steppe zone of the Chelyabinsk region (USSR)

Vodyanik, I.I., 1981:
Distribution of the pressure of the tractor wheel on the soil

Avilan R.L.; Meneses, L.; Sucre, R.; Orta, C.; Sangle, O., 1979:
Distribution of the root system of banana cv. Pigneo Gigante under four soil management systems

Donley, D.E., 1981:
Distribution of the white oak borer Goes tigrinus Degeer (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in a mixed oak stand

Deans, J.D., 1983:
Distribution of thick roots in a Sitka spruce plantation 16 years after planting

Manga Gonzalez, M.Y., 1978:
Distribution of three species of Cernuella in Leon Province, and prevalence of natural infection with trematodes

Hoffman, B.; Lonnerdal, B., 1983:
Distribution of trace elements and minerals in infant formulas

Paterson, J.Y.; Sepúlveda, F.V.; Smith, M.W., 1982:
Distribution of transported amino acid within rabbit ileal mucosa

Hill, R.R.H., 1983:
Distribution of urease producing bacteria in the rabbit caecum

Pereguda, L.V.; Andrienko, T.L.; Pryadko, E.I., 1981:
Distribution of vegetation in the forest zone of the Dnieper river valley in relation to soil-hydrological conditions

Bolling, I., 1981:
Distribution of vertical stresses in soil beneath wheels

Pietler, K.; Decker, H., 1981:
Distribution of virus-transmitting nematodes of the genera Longidorus, Xiphinema, Trichodorus and Paratrichodorus in the Neubrandenburg county (GDR) in relation to ecological conditions

Schmid, J.M.; Farrar, P.A., 1982:
Distribution of western spruce budworm egg masses on white fir and Douglas-fir

Wu, M.S., 1981:
Distribution of wild rice in Guangxi Province, China

Steinbuch, E., 1980:
Distribution of woody plants in the Feistritztal in relation to climatic and soil factors

Bruckner, G.; Kampfer, I., 1983:
Distribution pattern and migration of 131I-labelled spermatozoa in the cervix of sheep following insemination

Federic, F.; Vrtiak, O.J., 1982:
Distribution rate of mastitis on large-scale dairy farms

Barratt, B.I.P., 1983:
Distribution survey of soil insects at Millers Flat, Central Otago

Forno, IW.; Sands, DPA.; Sexton, W., 1983:
Distribution, biology and host specificity of Cyrtobagous singularis Hustache (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) for the biological control of Salvinia molesta

Sawant, S.B.; Bhole, A.S., 1980:
Distribution, centrality and hierarchy of central places in the Indrayani Basin

Panichapong, S., 1982:
Distribution, characteristics and utilization of problem soils in Thailand

Bakar, M.Z.A.; Nafis, A.W.; Chaang, T.C.; Mohamad, A.R., 1982:
Distribution, characterization and utilization of problem soils in Malaysia -- a country report

Pawar, A.D.; Tuhan, N.C.; Balasubramanian, S.; Parry, M., 1982:
Distribution, damage and biology of codling moth, Cydia pomonella (L.)

Saijo, Y., 1981:
Distribution, excretion and retention of lead in guinea pigs administered with radioactive lead titanate

Comerford, N.B., 1981:
Distributional gradients and variability of macroelement concentrations in the crowns of plantation grown Pinus resinosa (Ait.)

Staines, C.L.Jr, 1982:
Distributional records of Platypodidae (Coleoptera) in Maryland

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District dairy companies

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District level information support systems

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Disturbance of cocoon formation by Neodiprion sertifer Geoffr. (Hym., Diprionidae) after uptake of the moulting inhibitor SIR Bay 8514 by the mature larvae

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Disturbances in connection with an oil processing plant in the East of Nigeria from 1948 to 1951: study of an indigenous reaction to a technological innovation

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Diurnal activity of populations of Sitona sulcifrons (Thunbg.) (Col., Curculionidae)

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Diurnal and seasonal changes in leaf conductance, xylem water potential, and abscisic acid of Douglas-fir in five habitat types

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Diurnal and seasonal fluctuations in the stem bark respiration of a standing Quercus myrsinaefolia tree

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Diurnal behavior of plum curculio (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) adults within host trees in nature

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Diurnal changes in stem elongation rate of etiolated bean seedlings

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Diurnal changes in the chilling sensitivity of seedlings

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Diurnal changes in the rate of CO2 release from rootlets of Scots pine and birch in natural conditions

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Diurnal changes in volume and specific tissue weight of crassulacean Acid metabolism plants

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Diurnal changes in water relations and abscisic acid in field grown Vitis vinifera cvs. I. Leaf water potential components and leaf conductance under humid temperate and semiarid conditions

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Diurnal changes of the exudation rate and mineral concentration in xylem sap after decapitation of grafted and non-grafted cucumbers

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Diurnal cortisol peaks and their relationships to meals

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Diurnal course of CO2 and water vapour exchange in Manihot esculenta Crantz var. cubana

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Diurnal fluctuations of the stem bark respiration in relationship to the wood temperature in standing young Pinus densiflora, Chamaecyparis obtusa and Quercus myrsinaefolia trees

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Diurnal foraging activity for corn pollen by honey bees

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Diurnal influences on 2,4,5-T application over gorse and radiata pine

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Diurnal mitotic regimen of hepatocytes in experimental opisthorchiasis

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Diurnal Pattern of Translocation and Carbohydrate Metabolism in Source Leaves of Beta vulgaris L

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Diurnal rhythm of adrenal cortex hormones and the influence of stressors and antistressors on corticosteroid output by swine

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Diurnal rhythm of larviposition in aphids and rhythms of the food-plant

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Diurnal variability in rate of emission of nitrous oxide from soils

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Diurnal variation and absolute values of soil temperature of burned refuse-heap sites as indexes of soil biological activity

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Diurnal variation in acetylene reduction by white clover

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Diurnal variations in carbohydrate contents and in photosynthate export in Zea mays leaves

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Diurnal variations in food intake and in lipogenesis in mammary gland and liver of lactating rats

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Diurnal variations in leaf fluorescence induction kinetics

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Diuron tolerance in five sugarcane varieties in sand culture

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Divergent mass selection for flowering in the tropical cabbage cv. Louquinho in winter culture

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Divergent pollination systems in sympatric species of South American Dalechampia (Euphorbiaceae)

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Divergent selection for body weight and yolk precursor in Coturnix coturnix japonica. 3. Correlation responses in mortality, reproduction traits, and adult body weight

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Divergent selection for culm length in Hordeum vulgare L. Anatomical characters of the culm

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Divergent selection for grain protein in a grain sorghum random-mating population

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Divergent selection for milk yield in Normandy cattle. 1. Effects on beef production of young bulls

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Diversity of commodity flow in a South Indian weekly market system: spatio-temporal patterns and functional implications

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Diversity of karyotypes in flowering plants in respect of the linear differentiation of chromosomes into heterochromatic and euchromatic regions

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Diversity of selected taxa of Globodera and Heterodera and their interspecific and intergeneric hybrids

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Diversity of swimming behaviors in hydromedusae as related to feeding and utilization of space

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Diversity of the chloroplast genome among Triticum and Aegilops species revealed by chloroplast DNA restriction fragment patterns

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Diversity of typhlocybine leafhoppers affecting fruit plants in Pakistan

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Diversity within Trypanosoma congolense

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Divided poor. Study of a Kerala village

Mlinsek, D. (Coordinator), 1981:
Division 1: Forest environment and silviculture

Plochmann, R. (Coordinator), 1981:
Division 4: Planning, economics, growth and yield, management and policy

Hillis, W.E. (Coordinator), 1981:
Division 5: Forest products

Anonymous, 1983:
Division of Wildlife Research. Report 1980-82

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Division of labour in rural Bangladesh

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Division of the Uzbek SSR into forest-growth regions

Anonymous, 1980:

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Do Africans live better today?; Africa in figures (2 articles)

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Do aluminium trays have a future in German mushroom growing?

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Do any Anonchotaenia, Cyathocephalus, Echeneibothrium, or Tetragonocephalum (= Tylocephalum) (Eucestoda) have hookless oncospheres or coracidia?

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Do beef cows with good maternal ability have fast growing brothers?

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Do breast and bottle fed babies require vitamin supplements?

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Do bulk samples of dried milk products allow reliable detection of salmonellae?

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Do ethological studies confirm destructive browsing behaviour patterns in goats?

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Do insects have tachykinins?

Mulhern, T.D., 1983:
Do mosquitoes feed on trout?

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Do national parks have a future in Africa?

Pouplard, L., 1980:
Do not wait until the grazing season to control parasitoses!

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Do patients receiving regular haemodialysis need folic acid supplements?

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Do pine mycorrhizal fungi disappear following fertilizer treatment?

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Do polders adapt to their environment?

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Do qualitative meat characters determine the limits of quantitative carcass value?

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Do soil applied insecticides control grass grub beetles?

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Do waxes on juvenile Eucalyptus leaves provide protection from grazing insects?

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Do we need new authorities every time?

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Do you really know your fertilizers ? Part 9 -- direct application nitrogen materials

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Do you really know your fertilizers? Part 10--sulfur

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Do-it-yourself beekeeping equipment

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Do-it-yourself mechanization on a dairy farm does not always pay

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Dobrudzhanski 5 -- a new hybrid cv. of Phaseolus vulgaris

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Doc Italia 1982. An annual digest of bodies undertaking study, carrying out research or involved with cultural and informational activities

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Dockage error model for tomato grading stations

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Doctor Bee: bee products, their curative power and application in medicine

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Documentation databanks, data collection and the use of computers in agriculture

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Documenting honey bee pesticide loss

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Dodder control in chickpeas

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Dodder seeds: characteristics and implications for the dissemination and control of the parasite

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Does a festival pay?

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Does apple root weevil cause tree decline?

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Does breast feeding protect children from the development of clinical symptoms of coeliac disease?

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Does calcium mediate slowing of gastric emptying by fat in humans?

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Does calcium mediate the slowing of gastric emptying in primates?

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Does dietary health education reach only the privileged? The Stanford Three Community Study

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Does ethylene play a role in the release of lateral buds (tillers) from apical dominance in oats?

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Does feeding crab meal to dairy cows adversely affect milk taste?

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Does formalin permit the larval development in Aedes aegypti and Culex pipiens fatigans?

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Does heat acclimation lower the rate of metabolism elicited by muscular exercise?

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Does homologous chromosome pairing at meiosis depend upon ordered nonhomologous telomere association?

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Does it matter where I go?

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Does liquid manure contribute to the dispersal of Echinochloa crus-galli

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Does phosphate application increase cadmium contamination?

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Does pod color affect the organoleptic qualities of vegetable pigeonpeas?

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Does prolactin control the blood progesterone level on dioestrus in rats ?

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Does site class affect elk damage?

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Does somatoplastic sterility exist in pigeonpea?

Golisch, G., 1982:
Does special expenditure on soil preparation for sugarbeet pay?

Drossler, S., 1981:
Does the herbicide ES harm forest seedlings?

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Does the initial milk yield of a Swiss Brown cow determine the category from which subsequent AI sires are selected?

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Does the leisure field offer specific possibilities for the unemployed?

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Does the titre of antibodies against toxoplasmosis justify diagnosis and treatment?

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Does total parenteral nutrition induce gallbladder sludge formation and lithiasis?

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Does variation increase in later generations of a crossbreeding program?

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Does whole or skim milk contain a hypocholesteremic factor?

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Dog and cat diseases

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Dog rabies elimination. A trend analysis and programme proposal prepared by a WHO working group

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Dog tapeworm infestation in an infant

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Domatia and leaf epidermal characteristics in relation to pollen morphology in Coffea L

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Domestic broiler production for the poultry processing firm

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Domestic ecology of Triatoma infestans in Mambai, Goias -- Brazil

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Domestic group, status of women, and fertility

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Domestic or regional price income policies for farmers in relation to international trade

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Domestication and culture of edible mycorrhizal fungi

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Domestication of tropical trees: an approach securing future productivity and diversity in managed ecosystems

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Domiati cheese made with ultrafiltered reconstituted milk and lipolysed recombined cream

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Domiciliary triatomine infestation and infection with Trypanosoma cruzi in the IIIrd Region Atacama, Chile

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Domiciliation of triatomines or preadaptation to anthropophily and ornithophily ?

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Dominance by local headmen (Gamonalismo) and agrarian reform: the case of Chinchero, Peru 1940-1979

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Dominant agrarian relations: class basis of rural development

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Dominant bacterial flora of Camembert cheese made from raw milk

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Dominant lethal test of organic sulphur

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Dominant suppressors of a muscle mutant define an essential gene of Caenorhabditis elegans

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Don goats and their importance for the production of textile fibres

Sperlingsson, C., 1982:
Don't neglect manganese application!

Walford, G.B.; Hellawell, C.R., 1982:
Don't shave those poles!

Lee, D.W., 1983:
Dong Wong Lee

Roling, N.; Zeeuw, H. de, 1982:
Donor assistance to poverty oriented rural development: a ministate of the art review

Baum, J.D., 1982:
Donor breast milk

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Donor breast milk and growth of preterm babies

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Donors of disease resistance in wheat in the south of the Ukraine

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Donors of high grain quality and other economically useful characters in breeding spring bread wheat

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Donors of resistance to Tilletia

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Dopamine receptors of the monkey anterior pituitary in various endocrine states

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Dopaminergic involvement in changes in uterine sensitivity during sexual maturation in rat

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Dormancy and germination of seed of eight populations of Themeda australis

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Dormancy and maturity in the bulbil of Lilium lancifolium. 3. The influence of growth regulator treatment on growth and flowering responses

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Dormancy and sprouting behaviour of some Indian cultivars and cultures of potato

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Dormancy in Abies fraseri seedlings at the end of the first growth cycle

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Dormancy in Dioscorea: range, duration and timing of high-temperature treatment in germination inhibition of D. tokoro seeds

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Dormancy in weed seeds

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Dormant meristem-tips as a source for producing Red-Leaf peach (Prunus persica Batsch.) shoots in vitro

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Dorycranosus pulcher sp.n. (Oribatei, Liacaridae) - a new species of beetle mite

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Dosage and toxicity of acetylsalicylic acid in domestic animals

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Dosage effects in crosses between sugary enhancer (su se) and normal sugary (su Se) corn inbreds

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Dosage-response analysis for methyl parathion, methomyl, and permethrin on the tobacco budworm and bollworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Georgia

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Dosages for antibiotics and parasiticides used in exotic animals

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Dose dependent modulation of receptor dynamics and uterine growth in immature rat by estradiol: importance of an additional nuclear binding at 24 hr for long-term (72 hr) uterine growth

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Dose effect on experimental reproduction of rotavirus diarrhoea in colostrum-deprived newborn calves

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Dose responses and pathogenesis of experimental bovine respiratory disease caused by aerosols of bovine herpesvirus 1 and Pasteurella haemolytica

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Dose-dependent pharmacokinetics and efficacy of MK-401 against old, and young-mature infections of Fasciola hepatica in the rat

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Dose-mortality and stunted growth responses of larvae of the navel orangeworm, Amyelois transitella, infected by chronic stunt virus

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Dose-response relationships of five conifers to infection by conidia of Gremmeniella abietina

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Dose-time response between Simulium vittatum (Diptera: Simuliidae) larvae and Abate 200E (temephos)

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Dossier on productivism

Anonymous, 1983:
Dossier. The banana trade and the ACP states

Anonymous, 1983:
Dossier: the 1982 agricultural year . Interview with the Minister of Agriculture

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Dothistroma in Costa Rica

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Double application of paraquat for production of lightwood with high oleoresin content

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Double blind test of ornidazole versus tinidazole against amoebic liver abscess

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Double blood meals by Phlebotomus argentipes and P. papatasi in two villages of Maharashtra

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Double character of the development of the milk industry in developing countries

Smith, C.W.; Varvil, J.J., 1982:
Double cropping cotton and wheat

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Double cropping of soybeans and corn with spring-sown oats

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Double cropping under rainfed conditions of central Uttar Pradesh

Ramos, M.G., 1981:
Double cultivation of irrigated rice in succession in the state of Santa Caterina

Conil, P., 1980:
Double curvatured wooden veil

Kosheleva, O.M., 1980:
Double grains and pairs of plants in barley varieties and lines and their hybrids

Summermatter, P., 1980:
Double insemination in the pig -- a field trial

MacLeod, C.L.; West, R.; Saloman, W.L.; Heyneman, D.; Goldsmith, R.S., 1982:
Double malaria infection in a six-week-old infant

Grigoriu, D.; Delacretaz, J., 1983:
Double mycotic infection of the scalp with Trichophyton schoenleinii and Microsporum rivalieri

Bartolini, G.; Fabbri, A., 1982:
Double soaking to increase the survival of rooted peach cuttings

Lozano, O.W., 1983 :
Double-blind evaluation of ketoconazole in patients with onychomycosis

Pigatto, P.D.; Negri, N., 1983:
Double-blind evaluation of the antimycotic action of econazole and tolciclate

Mellors, WK.; Follett, PA.; Gyrisco, GG., 1982:
Double-depth sampling for alfalfa snout beetle larvae, Otiorhynchus ligustici (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Vichev, Z.; Koeva, L., 1982:
Double-layer ploughing in cotton growing

Boquet, D.J.; Walker, D.M.; Richard, P.A., .:
Doublecrop soybeans: effect of irrigation, tillage and row spacing

Boquet, D.J.; Walker, D.M., .:
Doublecrop soybeans: effect of stubble height and tillage

Campbell, K.W., 1980:
Doubled haploid facilitated breeding for malting quality in barley using six-row X two-row crosses

Choo, T.M., 1981:
Doubled haploids in quantitative genetics and plant breeding

Patras, J.; Pinzariu, D., 1982:
Doubling cropping, ensures a very economical forage reserve

Micke, W.C.; Doyle, J.F.; Yeager, J.T., 1983:
Doubling potential of sweet cherry cultivars

Anonymous, 1982:
Doubts over effectiveness of US dairy policy adjustments

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Doves as carriers of Newcastle disease virus

Harper, J., 1981:
Dow Planetarium draws 200,000 visitors a year

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Down to basics. Bridging the gap. (2 articles)

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Downdraft channel gasifier operation and particulate emissions

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Downstream hydrologic effects of drainage measures

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Downward and upward regulation of hormonal receptors in rat ovary by exogenous gonadotropin stimulation

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Downy mildew of lettuce

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Downy mildew reactions of pearl millet lines with and without cytoplasmic male sterility

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Doxorubicin therapy in the dog

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Dr. W.C.H. Staring. A brief description of his geological maps and home area

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Draconematidae and Epsilonematidae (Nematoda) from Laing Island Papua New Guinea, with one new genus and three new species

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Belcher, D.W., 1981:

Anonymous, 1982:
Dracunculiasis surveillance

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Draff use in Scotland

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Draft Council Directive (EEC) relating to the organization by the Member States of surveys on the earnings of permanent and seasonal workers employed in agriculture

Anonymous, 1982:
Draft environmental profile of Burundi

Hilly, S.L., 1982:
Draft environmental profile of El Salvador

Speece, M.W., 1982:
Draft environmental profile of Zimbabwe

Varady, R.G., 1981:
Draft environmental profile of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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Draft environmental profile on Guatemala; Phase II

Anonymous, 1981:
Draft environmental profile on Syria

Anonymous, 1981:
Draft environmental profile on United Republic of Cameroon

Silliman, J.R., 1981:
Draft environmental profile on the Gambia

Silliman, J.R.; Hazlewood, P., 1981:
Draft environmental report of Honduras

Anonymous, 1982:
Draft structure plan on agriculture and horticulture in the Dutch province of Utrecht

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Dragging out trees in first thinnings

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Drain depth and spacing criteria

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Drainage and agricultural development: effects on drainage waters

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Drainage and desalinization studies and design in Leziria Grande, Portugal

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Drainage and farm economics

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Drainage and irrigation requirements: an integrated approach

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Drainage and reclamation of heavy calcareous soils of Chambal Command with shallow sub-surface drainage methods

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Drainage benefit for field crops

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Drainage characteristics of vertisols

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Drainage conditions and tree stand on peatlands drained 20 years previously

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Drainage of soils of low permeability

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Drainage tank for producing pressed cheese

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Drawings of New Zealand insects

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Drechslera sorokiniana on meadow fescue at Changins

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Drenching milking cows

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Dressings to kill

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Dreyer's: a premium success

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Dried medium for starter cultures growing

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Dried milk

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Dried milk and whey powder. Determination of nitrate and nitrite contents. Reference method

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Dried milk for animal feeding

Assoumani, M., 1982:
Dried milk for feeding animals

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Dried milk products; types, compositions and properties in relation to manufacture of fatty coatings

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Dried milk, dried whey and lactose. Enumeration of microorganisms - colony count technique at 30 deg C

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Drift with the controlled droplet applicator

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Drip irrigation

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Drip irrigation field uniformity estimation

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Drip irrigation with salt water for recently planted trees

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Driveless separators and centrifuges

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Driving forces for destruction

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Drone mating assemblies

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Drop-off rhythms of engorged Rhipicephalus appendiculatus (Acarina: Ixodidae)

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Drought-sensitive phases in the development of wheat and the possibility of testing drought resistance in the phytotron

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Droughts in northwestern Bulgaria and the irrigation regime of lucerne for fodder

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Drug resistance of the main pathogenic enterobacteria from calves

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Drug resistance, current studies and future prospects

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Drug-resistant malaria. Report of a Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10-15 August 1981

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Drugs and appetite

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Druzhba 1300 -- a new tomato cultivar for processing and fresh consumption

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Dry bubble of oyster mushroom caused by Verticillium fungicola

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Dry cow therapy and its impact on the frequency of bovine mastitis

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Dry cow therapy and the multiplication of Staphylococcus aureus in the udder after calving

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Dry matter and nitrogen accumulation in the endosperm of wheat mutants

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Dry matter yield and quality of three stylo cultivars through the dry season

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Dry matter, specific gravity and nutrient relationships of cattle and pig slurry

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Dry period mastitis during the summer months

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Dry rot resistance -- Fusarium species and temperature effects

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Dry soils of the African Sahel

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Dry whey protein concentrate for the production of sausages

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Dry-aeration of grain (dryeration)

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Dry-heated sorghum in the feeding of male beef cattle

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Dry-heated sorghum in the feeding of sheep

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Dry-seeded wetland rice

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Dry-zone afforestation in the juniper forests of Baluchistan

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Drying - recovery plant by M.K.T., Finland

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Drying and comminuting biomass

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Drying and cooling properties of milk powder by using a fluidized bed

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Drying and storage of tropical crops

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Drying cereal grains

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Drying characteristics of casein

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Drying liquid manure in a slotted dam pit - a case study

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Drying lumber with solar energy

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Drying of alfalfa in a controlled environment

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Drying of baled hay

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Drying of lumber in superheated steam above atmospheric pressure

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Dryland cropping practices in the Southern Great Plains

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Dryland farming research scheme (DLFRS) Botswana, Phase II

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Dryland farming research scheme (DLFRS) Botswana. Phase III

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Du-ter as a synergist for insecticide formulations against cotton leafworm

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Dual occupations among the rural population in the conditions of a socialized economy

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Dual purpose barley

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Dual-purpose systems for small-scale producers

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Dual-purpose systems in the humid tropics

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Dualism in the Rhodesian colonial economy

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Ductuli efferentes in the epididymis of the boar

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Dula and Pirol, two new spring oat varieties in the Swiss list

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Dulling of sawteeth tipped with a stellite and two cobalt-cemented tungsten carbides

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Duluth tourist index

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Dune vegetation along the eastern shore of the Gulf of California

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Dung beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) in steppe biocoenoses along the northern slopes of the Kirgizian Mts

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Dup/df male gametophytes

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Duplication diet study on mercury intake by fish consumers in the United Kingdom

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Duration and rate of tuberization and weight of aerial parts in potato crops

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Duration of Meloidogyne incognita generations as one of the indicators of immunity to infection

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Duration of lactation and return of menstruation in lactating women using hormonal contraception and IUDs

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Duration of leaf initiation, spike formation, spike growth and rate of spike formation of spring barley

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Duration of mixing of components and extent of fat destabilization in manufacture of dried mixtures for infants

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Duration of oestrus and the oestrous cycle and the optimum time for insemination in Angora goats

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Duration of oestrus and the oestrous cycle in mares of various breeds at the Karacabey stud

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Duration of protection against feline panleukopenia after vaccination with Felidovac P

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Duration of the dates of applying 2,4-D butyl ester and 2,4-D amine to winter wheat and barley

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Duration of the germination test with malva seeds

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Duration of the grain-filling period and grain yield in barley

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Duration of toxic activity of Toluene in the soil

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Duro-Lok 150 joinery and laminating adhesive

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Durocs, like Hampshires, hold their own as growing pig sires

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Durum wheat : results of trials carried out in central and southern Italy and on the islands

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Durum wheat in the north sown in spring: interesting prospects

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Durum wheat varieties promising for quality

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Dust and ashes: countryside, vegetation cover and strategies of societies in West Africa

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Dust bathing behaviour in domestic fowl

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Dust formation when handling concentrate feed

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Dust investigations in pig houses

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Dust reduction by the use of new technical systems in commercial poultry production

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Dutch Produce Buyers' Guide

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Dutch agriculture edging into the eighties

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Dutch developments in soilless culture

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Dutch elm disease

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Dutch elm disease and natural control

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Dutch elm disease in Denmark

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Dutch farmers in France and the difficulties in which they found themselves as the result of lack of guidance

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Dutch poultry industry: great competitive strength

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Dutch tourism in the light of the energy problem

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Dutch ware and seed potato production prospects

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Dwarf bunt of wheat and its importance in international wheat trade

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Dwarf cattle and trypanosomiasis

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Dwarf oat mutant used in cross breeding

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Dwarfism and abscisic acid

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Dye permeability of tropical woods

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Dykelands (polders) along the bay of Fundy, Canada

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Dyna-cart - a programmable drawbar dynamometer for evaluating tractor performance

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Dynamic characteristics of a rice transplanting mechanism (II). Influence and effective factors on the torque fluctuation of the crank-shaft and vibrations on the part of transplanting mechanism

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Dynamic forest policy

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Dynamic growth in Hungarian agriculture

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Dynamic programming approach to cow replacement

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Dynamic radius of tyres and its dependence on the dynamic load and inflation pressure

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Dynamic simulation of the performance of an inflatable greenhouse in the southern part of Alberta. 2. Comparisons with experimental data

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