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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066000

Jankovic, D.; Stanisic, D., 1982: Effect of Alar 85 and Sevin S 50 on the yield and quality of Golden Delicious apples

Ugolik, M., 1981: Effect of Alar and Ethrel and of the method of application on the growth and cropping of the apple cultivar Starking

Zika, J.; Nezbeda, F.; Kricnarova, L., 1982: Effect of Alar-85 on the Ca and K content of apple shoots

Nath, R.; Khan, M. N.; Kamalwanshi, R. S.; Dwivedi, R. P., 1982: Effect of Argemone mexicana on Meloidogyne javanica in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Pandita, M. L.; Arora, S. K.; Sidhu, A. S., 1982: Effect of Atonik on yield and quality of muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) variety Hara Madhu

Kopulnik, Y.; Sarig, S.; Nur, I.; Okon, Y., 1982: Effect of Azospirillum inoculation in the field on the yield of wheat

Reddi, M. R.; Reddy, G. B., 1981: Effect of Azotobacter inoculation and nitrogen application on the yield of pearl millet (HB 3)

Reddi, M. R.; Reddy, G. B.; Chari, A. V., 1981: Effect of Azotobacter inoculation, nitrogen and moisture regimes on grain yield of wheat

Avila Rincon, M. J.; Gomez Rodriguez, M. V.; Alvarez Tinaut, M. C., 1981: Effect of B and GA3 treatments on growth and B, Cu, Mn, and Zn distribution in dwarf bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants. I. Vegetative stage of development

Badawi, A. M.; Sweidan, A. M.; Fayek, M. A.; El Hawary, A. H. I., 1981: Effect of B, Zn and Ca on growth, fruit quality and storage ability of Le Conte pear

Beraud, J.; Penot, M., 1981: Effect of BAP and GA3 on the uptake of phosphate by Pelargonium zonale leaf discs. Effects of age and temperature

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066013

Lin, C. C. S.; Fung, D. Y. C., 1983: Effect of BHA, BHT, TBHQ and PG on growth and toxigenesis of selected aspergilli

Salama, H. S.; Zaki, F. N.; Sharaby, A. F., 1982: Effect of Bacillus thuriengiensis Berl. on parasites and predators of the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Madi, S. M.; El Guindy, M. A.; El Sayed, G. E. N.; Farrag, A. M. I., 1978: Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis on resistance levels to insecticides in a fenitrothion-resistant strain of the Egyptian cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Boctor, I. Z.; Salama, H. S., 1983: Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis on the lipid content and composition of Spodoptera littoralis larvae

Zohdy, N. Z. M.; Matter, M. M., 1982: Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis on some Egyptian mosquito larvae

Wallner, B. M., 1983: Effect of Balansia epichloe on prolactin levels in the cow

Tsarichanskii, A. P., 1982: Effect of Betanal on weed infestation in sugarbeet

Jadhav, A. D.; Jadhav, D. S., 1982: Effect of Boon-O-Milk as a milk booster on yield and butterfat content of cows

Bressan, W.; Rizzon, L. A., 1982: Effect of Botrytis control on wine making

Michaels, E. B.; Hahn, E. C.; Kenyon, A. J., 1983: Effect of C31G, an antimicrobial surfactant, on healing of incised guinea pig wounds

Kropp, K.; Nosal, K.; Skrzynski, J., 1981: Effect of CCC and SADH on the growth, cropping and leaf nitrogen of Jonathan apple trees

Borkowski, J., 1981: Effect of CCC and different Ca levels on the growth, flowering, cropping and health of greenhouse tomatoes

Crassweller, R. M., 1982: Effect of CGA-15281, an ethylene-generating material, on maturity of 'Delicious' apple

Nilsen, S.; Hovland, K.; Dons, C.; Sletten, S. P., 1983: Effect of CO2 enrichment on photosynthesis, growth and yield of tomato

Dhaliwal, A. S.; Malik, C. P., 1982: Effect of CO2 in overcoming self-incompatibility barriers in Brassica campestris L. var. toria

Gotow, K.; Kondo, N.; Syono, K., 1982: Effect of CO2 on volume change of guard cell protoplast from Vicia faba L

Lee, J. M., 1981: Effect of CO2 treatment and other factors on selfed seed production in several self-incompatible Chinese cabbage inbred lines

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066033

Lynggaard Jensen, B.; Peitersen, N., 1982: Effect of CaCl2 on curd strength using animal and microbial coagulants

Meves, H.; Rubly, N., 1982: Effect of Centruroides sculpturatus toxins on the node of Ranvier

Yeh, C. C.; Sinclair, J. B., 1982: Effect of Cercospora kikuchii on soybean seed germination and its interaction with Phomopsis sp

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066037

Pandita, M. L.; Arora, S. K.; Sidhu, A. S., 1982: Effect of Cytozyme on growth, yield and quality of muskmelon

Holmsen, J. D.; Hess, F. D., 1981: Effect of DCPA on growth and mitosis of oat roots

Touchton, J. T., 1981: Effect of Didin on nitrification of urea N, wheat growth, and grain yield

Gruzdev, L. G.; Prusakova, L. D., 1981: Effect of Dihydrel on lodging resistance, grain yield and quality of wheat in relation to level of nitrogen nutrition

Minenko, A. K.; Pen' kov, L. A., 1981: Effect of Dosanex on biological activity of soils

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066045

Rao, S. V.; Moses, J. S. L., 1982: Effect of EMS on growth and mutation frequency in F.C.V. tobacco

Protasov, B. I.; Burkov, A. A.; Vishnyakov, G. I., 1980: Effect of Eleutherococcus on milk secretion in experimental inhibition of lactation

Kajita, H., 1982: Effect of Encarsia formosa Gahan (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on mortality of the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), at low night temperatures

El Tanahy, M. M.; Agamia, E. H.; Abdel Hamed, N. M. G., 1982: Effect of Ethrel and pyrogallol on physical and chemical properties of Hayany date fruits

Fang, B. C.; Shen, Y. Q.; Sheng, M. Z.; Cao, H. F., 1982: Effect of Ethrel on second crop rice seedlings

Varga, M.; Rusznak, A.; Nikl, K., 1982: Effect of Ethrel on the IAA content and on its distribution in cucumber seedlings

Gill, D. S.; Bajwa, M. S.; Singh, R.; Brar, W. S., 1982: Effect of Ethrel spraying on lemon fruit development (Citrus lemonoides L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066056

Castagnetti, G. B.; Losi, G.; Morini, D.; Padovani, I., 1982: Effect of Fasciola hepatica infection on milk quality and milk yield with particular regard to the composition of the lipid fraction

Oertli, J. J.; Rosch, T., 1982: Effect of Florsana application to the soil on germination, growth and yield of tomatoes

Lonnberg, B.; Varhimo, A., 1981: Effect of Fomes annosus on wood and pulping properties of spruce

Penev, P.; Ivanov, P.; Lozanov, L., 1982: Effect of Freund's complete adjuvant on the invasiveness of Eimeria tenella oocysts

Long, G. G.; Diekman, M. A.; Tuite, J. F.; Shannon, G. M.; Vesonder, R. F., 1983: Effect of Fusarium roseum (Gibberella zeae) on pregnancy and the estrous cycle in gilts fed molded corn on days 7-17 post-estrus

Rukhlyada, V. V., 1983: Effect of Fusarium sporotrichiella T-2 toxin on sheep

Saini, H. S.; Dhillon, B. S.; Ranohawa, J. D.; Singh, S., 1982: Effect of GA3 application on the shelf-life of subtropical peaches

Miller, E. A.; Holcomb, E. J., 1982: Effect of GA3 on germination of Primula vulgaris Huds. and Primula X polyantha Hort

Shibakusa, R., 1980: Effect of GA3, IAA, ethrel and BA on seed germination of Picea glehnii Masters

Rebandel, Z.; Przysiecka, M., 1981: Effect of Gibrescol on the growth of lateral fruiting shoots and cropping of raspberry

East, J; Molyneux, Dh; Maudlin, I; Dukes, P., 1983: Effect of Glossina haemolymph on salivarian trypanosomes in vitro

Bangash, S. H.; Sheikh, M. I., 1981: Effect of Greenzit nutrient solution on growth of different forest tree species

Kok, L. J. de; Thompson, C. R.; Mudd, J. B.; Kats, G., 1983: Effect of H2S fumigation on water-soluble sulfhydryl compounds in shoots of crop plants

Dehgan, B.; Schutzman, B., 1983: Effect of H2SO4 and GA3 on seed germination of Zamia furfuracea

Kallio, T.; Hakkinen, R., 1979: Effect of Heterobasidion annosum and Phlebia gigantea infection on the height growth and survival rate of Picea abies, Pinus sylvestris, Alnus glutinosa and Betula pendula seedlings planted on old fields

Sabova, M.; Valocka, B.; Liskova, M., 1981: Effect of Heterodera avenae on some cereal cultivars under experimental conditions

Gaafar, S. I. H.; Lipecki, J.; Nurzynski, J.; Selwa, J., 1982: Effect of IAA on the Ca content in different parts of apple trees

Kinal, S.; Kroliczek, A.; Gwara, T.; Arciszewska, R., 1981: Effect of Janpol rapeseed on digestibility of nutrients and production indices of broiler chickens

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066077

Hien, N. van; Georgieva, V.; K"drev, T. G., 1983: Effect of K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ deficiency and excess on flower formation, fruit set, yield and quality of tomatoes

Mbawuike, I. N.; Rizzoni, W. E.; Rose, M. R,; Shloss, J.; Kurek, M. P.; Corwin, L. M., 1982: Effect of K3T3 sarcomas on tissue concentrations of vitamin E

Sekhon, K. S.; Gupta, S. K.; Bakhshi, A. K.; Gill, K. S., 1980: Effect of Karnal bunt on chapati making properties of wheat grains

Butenko, R. G.; Baskakov, Yu A.; Ogolevets, I. V.; Smetyuk, V. V.; Samygin, G. A., 1982: Effect of Kartolin on frost resistance of winter wheat callus tissue culture

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066082

Hsi, D. C. H.; Davidson, J. I., 1980: Effect of Kylar on plant, pod and seed characters of Valencia peanuts

Sakakibara, S.; Fujii, K.; Nasu, S.; Imai, H.; Yamaguchi, K.; Ueda, I., 1982: Effect of L-leucine-supplemented diet on the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide content of rat liver

Gruhn, K.; Ludke, H.; Schone, F.; Hennig, A.; Chemnitius, K. H., 1982: Effect of L-lysine monohydrochloride and of a lysine feed concentrate on the digestibility of crude protein and basic amino acids, and results of N balances in fattening pigs and colostomized hens

Lee, P. K.; Yang, Y. F., 1980: Effect of L-lysine or/and DL-methionine supplementation to low protein diets on growth, feed efficiency, biological value and carcass quality of growing-fattening pigs

Konecka, A. M.; Majewska, H., 1982: Effect of L-thyroxine on metabolism in Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica). 2. Activity of GOT and GPT in liver, LDH and ICDH in heart and kidney after multiple injections of L-thyroxine

Wrobel, R.; Rembiesa, R., 1982: Effect of LH on progesterone secretion by the corpus luteum of the rat during the second half of pregnancy

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066089

Sharma, O. P.; Dawra, R. K.; Makkar, H. P. S., 1982: Effect of Lantana camara toxicity on lipid peroxidation in guinea pig tissues

Soh, C. T.; Oh, H. S.; Kim, N. S., 1980: Effect of Lysimachia clethroides in vitro on several trematodes and nematodes

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066093

Salem, A. A. M., 1980: Effect of Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium oxysporum f. vasinfectum on cotton, Gossypium barbadense

Vacheishvili, L. A., 1979: Effect of Meloidogyne incognita infections on other nematode fauna and population numbers of tomatoes growing in open ground

Hutton, D. G., 1982: Effect of Meloidogyne incognita on yield of cucumber

Tang, F. Y.; Catapano, L., 1981: Effect of MgATP on cAMP-dissociation kinetics of lactating rat mammary gland

Daulay, H. S.; Singh, K. C., 1982: Effect of N and P rates and plant densities on the yield of rainfed sesame

Pancholy, S. K.; Basha, S. M. M.; Gorbet, D. W., 1981: Effect of N application on peanut yield and seed quality

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066101

Das, B. K.; Sen, S. P., 1980: Effect of N, P and K deficiency on ion-uptake in rice

Durrani, S. M.; Patil, V. K.; Kadam, B. A., 1982: Effect of N, P and K fertilisation on growth of sapota

Durrani, S. M.; Patil, V. K.; Kadam, B. A.; Khedkar, D. M., 1982: Effect of N, P and K on the physico-chemical characteristics of sapota (Achras zapota Linn.)

Irulappan, I.; Ponnuswami, V., 1982: Effect of N, P2O5 and K2O on growth and yield of patchouli (Pogostemon patchouly Pellet)

Mil, M. van, 1981: Effect of N-fertilizers on nitrogen fixation and seed yield of pea-Rhizobium symbioses of different nitrogen-fixing capacity

Fadl, M. S.; El Deen, S. A. S., 1979: Effect of N6-benzyl adenine on photosynthetic pigments and total soluble sugars of olive seedling grown under saline condition

Alfonso, A.; Alonso, R. M., 1981: Effect of NAA and BA on root formation in tomato shoots cultured in vitro

Economou, A. S.; Read, P. E., 1982: Effect of NAA on shoot production in vitro from BA-treated petunia leaf explants

Wargiono, J., 1981: Effect of NK fertilizer on the yield of Daya sweet potato

Wahab, A. S. A.; Hornok, L., 1981: Effect of NPK fertilization on Ocimum basilicum yield and essential oil content

Lightner, J. W.; Rhykerd, C. L.; Hood, E. L.; Scoyoc, G. E. van; Mengel, D. B., 1980: Effect of NPK fertilization on dry matter yield and crude protein concentration of Poa pratensis L. grown on muck soil

Barooah, S.; Ahmed, A. Z., 1983: Effect of NPK fertilizers on growth, development and yield of tomato

Bravdo, B.; Hepner, Y., 1980: Effect of NPK fertilizers through a drip irrigation system on the mineral content of leaves and must and on the quality of the wine in a Cabarnet Sauvignon vineyard

Tripathi, P. N.; Kalra, G. S., 1981: Effect of NPK on maturity and yield of sunflower

Garg, V. K., 1981: Effect of Na+ on in vivo transepithelial transport of glycine and leucine in two teleosts

Wandurski, A., 1982: Effect of Neguvon (trichlorphon) on boar fertility

Jeroch, H.; Berger, H.; Keller, G.; Gebhardt, G., 1981: Effect of Nitrovin on performance of fattening ducks

Mohamed, A. K. A.; Brewer, F. W.; Bell, J. V.; Hamalle, R. J., 1982: Effect of Nomuraea rileyi on consumption of food by Heliothis zea larvae

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066121

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066122

Nychas, A.; Skarlou, V., 1983: Effect of P and Zn addition on maize grown on calcareous soils

Dev, S.; Shukla, U. C., 1981: Effect of P and Zn sources and their levels on the expression of P-Zn relationship in corn

Reynolds, L. P.; Stigler, J.; Hoyer, G. L.; Magness, R. R.; Huie, J. M.; Huecksteadt, T. P.; Whysong, G. L.; Behrman, H. R.; Weems, C. W., 1981: Effect of PGE1 or PGF2 alpha -induced luteolysis in nonbred ewes

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066126

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066127

Fletcher, P. W.; Niswender, G. D., 1982: Effect of PGF2 alpha on progesterone secretion and adenylate cyclase activity in ovine luteal tissue

Bashkeev, E. D.; Krasikova, Z. S., 1981: Effect of PMS of differing biological quality on synchronization of ovulation in sows

Schlegel, W.; Biedermann, H.; Heinze, A.; Wahner, M., 1982: Effect of PMSG and HCG applied simultaneously in the context of puberty induction on the potential fertility of gilts

Lenoir, J.; Auberger, B., 1982: Effect of Penicillium caseicolum proteinases on alpha s1-, beta - and kappa -caseins

Castro, H. R.; Barria, J. A.; Rodriguez, R., 1982: Effect of Promalin on fruit length of apples cv. Red Delicious

Lobanok, E. V.; Fomicheva, V. V.; Kartel' , N. A., 1983: Effect of R-plasmids on the oncogenic properties of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Sharma, H. C.; Lal, F.; Lal, P., 1980: Effect of Rhizobium inoculation on pea irrigated with waters of different residual sodium carbonate levels

Ab Hegazi, A. M. T.; Tolba, A. E. M.; Eweida, M. H. T.; El Agamy, A. I.; Haggag, A. E. A., 1981: Effect of Rhizobium inoculation on some characters of a high protein mutant and its parent field bean Vicia faba L

Thomas, R. J.; Jokinen, K.; Schrader, L. E., 1983: Effect of Rhizobium japonicum mutants with enhanced N2 fixation activity on N transport and photosynthesis of soybeans during vegetative growth

Devlin, R. M.; Karczmarczyk, S. J.; Zbiec, I. I., 1983: Effect of SC-0224 and SC-0545 on growth, pigment synthesis, and enzyme activity of bean and corn

Broshchilova, M., 1983: Effect of SO2 on the growth and rate of photosynthesis and transpiration of plants of Populus simonii var. fastigiata, Salix matsudana f. tortuosa and Tilia argentea

Popa, E.; Fugel, S.; Matei, M.; Panait, E., 1983: Effect of SO2 treatments on the storability of table grapes

Girmani, G.; Reversat, G.; Luc, M., 1983: Effect of Sesbania rostrata on Hirschmanniella oryzae in flooded rice

Cruz, I.; Turpin, F. T., 1982: Effect of Spodoptera frugiperda at different growth stages of the maize crop

Underdahl, N. R.; Torres Medina, A.; Doster, A. R., 1982: Effect of Streptococcus faecium C-68 in control of Escherichia coli-induced diarrhea in gnotobiotic pigs

Nath, V.; Nath, T. N.; Rao, P. J., 1983: Effect of Sumithion on consumption and utilization of food by Schistocerca gregaria Forskal

Murthy, P. K.; Rao, D., 1981: Effect of Sumithion on mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) Wilczek

Dhillon, G. S.; Kler, D. S.; Rampal, V., 1981: Effect of TIBA and row direction on the growth, yield and quality of soyabean and mung bean

Overman, A. J., 1983: Effect of Temik 15G on root-knot nematodes, Verticillium wilt, nutsedge population, and yield of tomato, 1981

O'Flynn, MI.; Craig, G. B.; Jr., 1982: Effect of Toxorhynchites brevipalpis on Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in continuous-breeding laboratory populations

Tarunina, T. A., 1982: Effect of Trichoderma lignorum Tode ex Harz on Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. and F. culmorum (W.G.Sm.) Sacc. in sterile soil

O' Shea, J.; O' Callaghan, E., 1983: Effect of Tru-Test LDS unit on milk yield and composition

Patel, N. Y.; Otieno, L. H.; Golder, T. K., 1982: Effect of Trypanosoma brucei infection on the salivary gland secretions of the tsetse Glossina morsitans morsitans (Westwood)

Budennyi, Yu V.; Kuyutina, L. S.; Budennaya, K. I.; Shulyndina, T. A., 1982: Effect of Tur on winter triticale plants

Budennuyi, Yu V.; Kuyutina, L. S.; Budennaya, K. I.; Kravets, L. P., 1982: Effect of Tur on winter wheat yield in the Khar'kov region

Smolik, J. D., 1982: Effect of Tylenchorhynchus robustoides on growth of buffalo grass and western wheatgrass

Kandoria, J. L.; Harcharan Singh, 1982: Effect of ULV sprayers on the efficacy and persistence of low dosages of malathion LVC against Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida) on cotton

Wang, H. G.; Wu, G. Y.; Li, H. Q., 1983: Effect of VA mycorrhiza on phosphorus uptake and nitrogen fixation in Phaseolus aureus

Kennedy, Eileen-T; Gershoff, Stanley, 1982: Effect of WIC supplemental feeding on hemoglobin and hematocrit of prenatal patients

Volodin, V. G.; Lobotskaya, L. I.; Elef, A. V.; Pikulik, E. L., 1980: Effect of X irradiating grain on the crossability of wheat with rye

Kalon, J.; Huczkowski, J.; Jelen, M., 1981: Effect of X-ray and fast neutron irradiation on yield increase and the contents of some components in fruits of the strawberry cultivar Senga Sengana

Ganguli, P. K.; Bhaduri, P. N., 1980: Effect of X-rays and thermal neutrons on dry seeds of green gram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.)

El Hinnawy, S.; Eid, S.; Hussein, K. R. F.; Sayed, A., 1982: Effect of Zn and Mn on the accumulation of oil and fatty acids in soybean seeds

Takahashi, H.; Ohyama, R.; Ito, S., 1982: Effect of Zn-concentration in the nutrient solution on the essential heavy metal content of maize, Zea mays L

Parigi Bini, R.; Cinetto, M., 1982: Effect of a bacterial inoculum in pressed beet pulp silage

Corcuera, L. J.; Argandona, V. H.; Pena, G. F.; Perez, F. J.; Niemeyer, H. M., 1982: Effect of a benzoxazinone from wheat on aphids

Damme, K.; Willeke, H., 1983: Effect of a calcium lactate supplement on the proportion of broken and cracked eggs at the end of the laying period

Bruckner, G.; Kampfer, I., 1983: Effect of a cervical prostaglandin F2 alpha gel upon sperm migration in the sheep's reproductive tract following insemination with 131I-labelled spermatozoa

Puritch, C. S.; Tonks, N.; Downey, P., 1982: Effect of a commercial insecticidal soap on greenhouse whitefly (Hom.: Aleyrod.) and its parasitoid, Encarsia formosa (Hym.: Euloph.)

Horstmann, K., 1982: Effect of a control application of Dimilin on an oak leafroller population (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) in Lower Franconia

Grozinskaya, Z. P.; Rubinshtein, E. Ya; Titov, M. P., 1982: Effect of a corrosive medium on the stability of chromium/manganese steel

Vogt, H., 1983: Effect of a decrease in contents of energy and protein in feeds for laying hens

Greco, A. M.; Boschi, G.; Filippo, O. Di; Sticchi, R., 1982: Effect of a diet rich in protein on the cellular subdivision process in the brain of the rat

Ichii, T.; Mugiya, Y., 1983: Effect of a dietary deficiency in calcium on growth and calcium uptake from the aquatic environment in the goldfish, Carassius auratus

Vrydnyk, F. I.; Yurchuk, E. F.; Makar, N. G.; Nebylovskii, Yu V., 1981: Effect of a feed preserved with formic acid on microbiological processes in the rumen of young bulls

Reddy, K. J. M.; Vidyavati, 1983: Effect of a fungicide on the growth and seedling metabolism of Dolichos biflorus L

Somashekar, R. K.; Shetty, G. H. P.; Gowda, M. T. G.; Venkatasubbaiah, P., 1983: Effect of a fungicide, Vitavax, on Coffee arabica L

Davis, A. R.; Davis, J. R., 1983: Effect of a high cholesterol maternal diet during suckling on normal fed, underfed and overfed neonatal rat plasma cholesterol levels

Stielau W.J., 1982: Effect of a high copper intake and different levels of molybdenum on the health of sheep

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066185

Capriles, M.; Martinez, N.; Mendoza, R., 1983: Effect of a high plane of nutrition on milk production and reproduction of high yielding Holstein-Friesian or Brown Swiss cows

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066188

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066189

Srivastava, U. S.; Prasad, S. S., 1982: Effect of a juvenoid on the development of compound eyes of Spodoptera litura Fabr

Risch, S. J.; Carroll, C. R., 1982: Effect of a keystone predacious ant, Solenopsis geminata, on arthropods in a tropical agroecosystem

Ivanovtsev, V. V.; Shirshov, Yu I.; Ignat' ev, S. V., 1981: Effect of a low-vacuum milking system on mammary gland condition in cows

Mahalko, J. R.; Sandstead, H. H.; Johnson, L. A. K.; Milne, D. B., 1983: Effect of a moderate increase in dietary protein on the retention and excretion of Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, P, and Zn by adult males

Holm G., 1982: Effect of a modified guar gum preparation on glucose and lipid levels in diabetics and healthy volunteers

Braun, S.; Fluckiger, W.; Oertli, J. J., 1981: Effect of a motorway on the infestation of hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) with Aphis pomi

Volodin, V. G.; Elef, A. V., 1980: Effect of a mutant genotype on the formative process in spring wheat hybrids

Mathers, A. C.; Stewart, B. A.; Grunes, D. L., 1982: Effect of a nitrification inhibitor on the K, Ca, and Mg composition of winter wheat forage

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066200

Gus' kov, V. V.; Voitikov, A. V., 1981: Effect of a number of factors on the tracking stability of a wheel tractor operating on a slope

Pieron, R.; Lesobre, B.; Mafart, Y.; Lancastre, F.; Gessaint, A.; Sallee Cassat, S.; Basset, P., 1982: Effect of a one-day treatment by Oltipraz on Schistosoma haematobium and S. mansoni infections

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066204

Grongnet, J. F., 1982: Effect of a ration rich in forage rape on the health of a herd of dairy cows

Zhekov, P., 1983: Effect of a reduced number of cultivations on the growth and yield of winter barley

Uchida, M.; Fukada, M., 1983: Effect of a rice blast controllng agent, isoprothiolane, on Nilaparvata lugens Stal with different levels of susceptibility to diazinon

Tash, F.; Ghoneim, K.; Swelam, N.; Bassiony, MF.; El-Asmar, MF., 1982: Effect of a scorpion (Leiurus quinquestriatus H and E) venom on blood gases and acid-base balance in the rat

Kumar, S.; Garg, O. P., 1981: Effect of a shift to saline-alkaline conditions on nodulation, nitrogen fixation and growth in pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Schlegel, W.; Heinze, A.; Biedermann, H.; Wahner, M., 1981: Effect of a single injection of PMSG or HCG, for the induction of puberty in gilts, on follicle maturation and growth, uterine development and ovulation rate

Sanyal, S.; Agarwal, N.; Dudeja, P. K.; Mahmood, A.; Subrahmanyam, D., 1982: Effect of a single oral dose of DDT on lipid metabolism in protein-calorie malnourished monkeys

Mazanowski, A.; Doruchowski, W.; Kontecka, H., 1981: Effect of a supplement of citric acid in the feed on the growth of broiler chickens

Mackova, M.; Sommerova, H.; Kazdova, M., 1981: Effect of a supplement of cobalt sulphate on vitamin B-12 in liver and caecum of Japanese quail

Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066215

Struik, P. C., 1982: Effect of a switch in photoperiod on the reproductive development of temperate hybrids of maize

Byrnes, B. H.; Savant, N. K.; Craswell, E. T., 1983: Effect of a urease inhibitor phenyl phosphorodiamidate on the efficiency of urea applied to rice

Granger, R. L.; Plenchette, C.; Fortin, J. A., 1983: Effect of a vesicular arbuscular (VA) endomycorrhizal fungus (Glomus epigaeum) on the growth and leaf mineral content of two apple clones propagated in vitro

Westhuyzen, J. van der; Cantrill, R. C.; Fernandes Costa, F.; Metz, J., 1983: Effect of a vitamin B-12-deficient diet on lipid and fatty acid composition of spinal cord myelin in the fruit bat

Lapushkov, A., 1983: Effect of a whole-milk substitute containing meprin on veal quality

Chernysheva, N. B., 1979: Effect of abiotic and biotic environmental factors on the parasites of young predatory fish

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Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066223

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Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066336

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Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066426

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Section 2, Chapter 1067, Accession 001066450

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