Effect of N application on peanut yield and seed quality

Pancholy, S.K.; Basha, S.M.M.; Gorbet, D.W.

Proceedings, American Peanut Research and Education Society 13(1): 82


Accession: 001066100

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In field trials, 0, 67 or 137 kg N/ha was applied before sowing groundnut cv. (a) Florunner, (b) a non-nodulated line or 2 of its parental lines, (c) PI 262090 or (d) 487A. Application of N significantly increased yields of (a) and (b) at harvesting 137 days after sowing but yields of (c) and (d) were reduced. Lipid contents were unaffected but CP contents of (b) and (c) were increased by 10% and 3%, resp., and content of methionine and basic amino acids in (b) increased with increasing rates of N.