Effect of fertilizers on yield of potatoes on dernopodzolic sandy loam soils in the Mogilev region

Barsukov, S.S.

Khimiya v Sel' skom Khozyaistve 20(9): 25-27


Accession: 001067471

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Potatoes grown on a dernopodzolic sandy loam soil in Belorussia in 1977-9 gave av. tuber yields of 14.2 t/ha without fertilizers, 16.5 t with 30 t FYM/ha, 19.5 t with FYM + 60 kg P2O5 + 90 kg K2O/ha and 26.2 t with FYM + PK + 90 kg N/ha; further increases in N, P and K rates were not effective. FYM and N increased the tuber N contents and decreased starch content. PK increased N content but had no effect on starch content. Data on nutrient uptake in different treatments are given.