Effect of foliar and soil application ofurea on peanut yield and seed quality

Pancholy, S.K.; Shaik, M.M.B.; Guy, A.L.; Gorbet, D.W.

Proceedings, American Peanut Research and Education Society, Inc 12(1): 58


Accession: 001067513

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0, 3, 6 or 9 kg N/ha was applied as urea to the foliage of groundnut cv. Early Bunch, NC-Fla 14 and Florunner or to the soil at 85 or 118 days after sowing. Yields of NC-Fla 14 and Florunner increased with increasing foliar urea rates. The yield of Florunner and seed oil contents of all 3 cv. generally decreased with soil-applied urea. N increased seed total protein and soluble carbohydrate contents and the methionine content of Early Bunch and NC-Fla 14 seeds. Free amino-acid contents increased with increasing urea rates.