Section 2
Chapter 1,070

Effect of sowing date of soyabeans (Glycine max L. Merrill) on seed production and some agronomic characteristics in Cascavel and Palotina

Carraro, I.M.; Bairrao, J.F.M.; Rocha, A.; Bego, A.

Resultados de pesquisa com soja nos anos de 1979/80 e 1980/81: 90-92


Accession: 001069536

Plot trials were carried out in Cascavel in 1979-80 and in Cascavel and Palotina in 1980-1 to study differences between soyabean sown at different dates from Sept. to Dec. Highest yields were obtained with Parana (2.73 t/ha) in Cascavel, and Lancer (2.87 t), Bossier (2.93 t) and BR-1 (2.90 t) in Palotina.

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