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Chapter 1,071

Effectiveness of split applications of Tordon 22K against Acroptilon repens

Mordovets, A.A.; Golovin, V.V.

Khimiya v Sel' skom Khozyaistve 20(2): 33-34


Accession: 001070556

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In a crop rotation of maize/maize/winter wheat/winter wheat, application of Tordon 22K at 0.5 kg a.i./ha before presowing cultivation and at 0.5 kg a.i./ha post-em. to the 1st maize crop decreased the populations of dicot weeds, almost completely eliminated A. repens, Sonchus arvensis and Convolvulus arvensis from all the crops and increased fresh fodder yields of maize by 14.6-18.4 t/ha and grain yields of wheat by 0.74-1.45 t/ha.

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