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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gowda, K. K., 1981: Effects of dates of planting on growth, yield and certain quality attributes of three chilli cultivars

Schroder, J.; Drews, M., 1982: Effects of dates of planting on the earliness and total yield of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes

Putievsky, E., 1983: Effects of daylength and temperature on growth and yield components of three seed spices

Thomas, T. H., 1983: Effects of decapitation, defoliation and stem girdling on axillary bud development in Brussels sprouts

Vanskike, K. P.; Adams, A. W., 1983: Effects of declawing and cage shape on productivity, feathering, and fearfulness of egg-type chickens

Eriksen, A. B.; Nilsen, S., 1982: Effects of deep placement and surface application of urea on the yield of wetland rice in pot trials

Chancy, H. F.; Kamprath, E. J., 1982: Effects of deep tillage on N response by corn on a sandy coastal plain soil

Reynolds, A. K., 1980: Effects of deer on old field succession at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey

Gonyou, H. W.; Morrison, W. D., 1983: Effects of defeathering and insulative jackets on production by laying hens at low temperatures

Cardinali, F.; Pereyra, V. R.; Farizo, C.; Orioli, G. A., 1982: Effects of defoliation during seed filling of sunflower

Hoglund, J. H.; Brock, J. L., 1983: Effects of defoliation frequency and nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition on performance of 4 white clover cultivars

Bassman, J. H.; Dickmann, D. I., 1982: Effects of defoliation in the developing leaf zone on young Populus X euramericana plants. I. Photosynthetic physiology, growth, and dry weight partitioning

Wang, Y. C.; Hanada, K., 1982: Effects of defoliation on growth of the main stem and primary tillers in rice seedlings

Deshpande, S. S.; Sathe, S. K.; Cornforth, D.; Salunkhe, D. K., 1982: Effects of dehulling on functional properties of dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) flours

Deshpande, S. S.; Sathe, S. K.; Salunkhe, D. K.; Cornforth, D. P., 1982: Effects of dehulling on phytic acid, polyphenols, and enzyme inhibitors of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Ranjbar, G. A., 1981: Effects of delayed harvest, cultivar, and boll type on weathering damage to yield-related traits and fibre quality in upland cotton

King, W. O.; Evans, J. O., 1982: Effects of delayed incorporation on the herbicidal activity of two thiocarbamate herbicides

Cayley G.R., 1983: Effects of delaying fungicide treatment on the incidence of gangrene in stored potato tubers

Becwar, M. R.; Moore, F. D, I I. I.; Burke, M. J., 1982: Effects of deletion and enhancement of ultraviolet-B (280-315 nm) radiation on plants grown at 3000 m elevation

Benatti, R.; Freire, O.; Franca, G. V., 1981: Effects of depth, ploughing schedule and equipment on the yield of annual crops grown in a latossol roxo

Benatti, R.; Franca, G. V.; Freire, O., 1981: Effects of depth, ploughing schedule and equipment on the yield of annual crops grown in a red-yellow podzolic soil

Gabel, B.; Renczes, V., 1982: Effects of design and siting of pheromone traps in monitoring the grape vine moth, Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Tinus, R. W., 1982: Effects of dewinging, soaking, stratification, and growth regulators on germination of green ash seed

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071027

Bhandaru, R.; Srinivasan, S. R.; Radhakrisnamurthy, B.; Berenson, G. S., 1982: Effects of diabetes and high fat-high cholesterol diet on plasma lipid levels and on erythrocyte membrane composition

Cherney J.H., 1983: Effects of dietary aluminum on magnesium status of cows

Rahimtula, A. D.; Jernstrom, B.; Dock, L.; Moldeus, P., 1982: Effects of dietary and in vitro 2(3)-t-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole and other phenols on hepatic enzyme activities in mice

Holloway, D. E.; Peterson, F. J.; Rivers, J. M., 1982: Effects of dietary ascorbic acid on bile acid metabolism in guinea pigs fed Krehl or Reid-Briggs diets

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071035

Kashyap, M. L.; Barnhart, R. L.; Srivastava, L. S.; Perisutti, G.; Vink, P.; Allen, C.; Hogg, E.; Brady, D.; Glueck, C. J.; Jackson, R. L., 1982: Effects of dietary carbohydrate and fat on plasma lipoproteins and apolipoproteins C-II and C-III in healthy men

Seri S., 1983: Effects of dietary changes on muricide activity in adult and young rats

Andersen, D. B.; Holub, B. J., 1982: Effects of dietary cholesterol and type of dietary carbohydrate on hepatic and plasma glycerides and phospholipids in the gerbil

Andersen, D. B.; Holub, B. J., 1982: Effects of dietary cholesterol level and type of dietary carbohydrate on hepatic and plasma sterols in the gerbil

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071045

Davis, GRF.; Schiefer, HB., 1983: Effects of dietary diacetoxyscirpenol on growth of larvae of the yellow mealworm, Tenebrio molitor L

Evans, E., 1981: Effects of dietary energy and fiber levels on performance of fryer rabbits

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071048

Lebas, F.; Laplace, J. P.; Droumenq, P., 1982: Effects of dietary energy level in rabbits. Vatiations according to age of animals and the sequence of feeding treatments

Ando, S.; Nakai, H.; Ikeda, T.; Maeda, S.; Nishio, S., 1982: Effects of dietary energy levels and slaughter ages on meat quality of Hampshire and Duroc pigs

Okumura J I., 1982: Effects of dietary excess tyrosine and level of feed intake on nitrogen and energy utilization in chicks

Jacobson N.L., 1983: Effects of dietary fat on amounts of cholesterol transported by mesenteric lymph in calves fed milk

Gold R.M., 1982: Effects of dietary fat upon hypothalamic hyperphagia and obesity in weanling rats

Chung K., 1982: Effects of dietary fats on lipid metabolism of nutritionally stressed rats

Fair, P. H.; Fortner, A. R.; Millikin, M. R.; Sick, L. V., 1980: Effects of dietary fiber on growth, assimilation and cellulase activity of the prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071059

Ihse I., 1983: Effects of dietary fiber on pancreatic enzyme activities of ileostomy evacuates and on excretion of fat and nitrogen in the rat

Matsumoto T., 1982: Effects of dietary fibers on lipid metabolism in liver and adipose tissue in chicks

Berger L.L., 1983: Effects of dietary fibers on mineral status of chicks

Baumer, J. H.; Drakeford, J. A.; Wadsworth, J.; Savage, D. C. L., 1982: Effects of dietary fibre and exercise on mid-morning diabetic control -- a controlled trial

Samson, R. R., 1982: Effects of dietary garlic and temporal drift on platelet aggregation

Evans, E.; Jebelian, V.; Rycquart, W. C., 1981: Effects of dietary grain source on the performance of fryer rabbits

Ando, M., 1982: Effects of dietary levels of protein and fat on DDT (1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)ethane) and liver lipid metabolism

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071067

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071068

Wills, E. D., 1983: Effects of dietary lipids on the metabolism of polycyclic hydrocarbons and the binding of their metabolites to DNA

Sauveur, B.; Thapon, J. L., 1983: Effects of dietary maize solubles and minerals on albumen quality of fresh and stored brown-shelled eggs

Mcnaughton J.L., 1982: Effects of dietary nutrient density on broiler performance at low and moderate environmental temperatures

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071073

Nakamura, Y., 1982: Effects of dietary phosphorus and calcium contents on the absorption of phosphorus in the digestive tract of carp

Barcelli, U. O.; Weiss, M.; Pollak, V. E., 1982: Effects of dietary prostaglandin precursor on the progression of experimentally induced chronic renal failure

Harrold R.L., 1983: Effects of dietary protein and fiber on growth and selected cholesterol responses of rats

Et Al, 1982: Effects of dietary protein and phosphorus restriction on the progression of early renal failure

Millikin, M. R., 1982: Effects of dietary protein concentration on growth, feed efficiency, and body composition of age-0 striped bass

Anthony, R. V.; Bellows, R. A.; Short, R. E.; Staigmiller, R. B., 1982: Effects of dietary protein level on prepartum beef heifers

Takahashi, J.; Takatsu, A.; Imai, Y.; Suzuki, Y.; Fujita, H., 1983: Effects of dietary protein levels and urea supplementation on ruminal nitrite accumulation and methemoglobin formation in sheep fed low energy diet

Beckerton, PR.; Middleton, ALA., 1982: Effects of dietary protein levels on ruffed grouse reproduction

Milner J.A., 1982: Effects of dietary protein quantity and quality on the growth of dogs and rats

Loerch, S. C.; Berger, L. L.; Gianola, D.; Fahey, G. C, Jr, 1983: Effects of dietary protein source and energy level on in situ nitrogen disappearance of various protein sources

Vollmer R.R., 1983: Effects of dietary sodium restriction on heart rate control in rats

Johnson, Mary-Ann; Greger, Jl, 1982: Effects of dietary tin on tin and calcium metabolism of adult males

Johnson, Mary-Ann; Baier, Margaret-J; Greger, Jl, 1982: Effects of dietary tin on zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and magnesium metabolism of adult males

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071092

Unge, G.; Grubbstrom, J.; Olsson, P.; Theorell, H.; Tornling, G., 1983: Effects of dietary tryptophan restrictions on clinical symptoms in patients with endogenous asthma

Jacobs, R. M.; Jones, A. O. L.; Fox, M. R. S.; Lener, J., 1983: Effects of dietary zinc, manganese, and copper on tissue accumulation of cadmium by Japanese quail

Berglund, O.; Hallmans, G.; Nygren, C.; Taljedal, I. B., 1982: Effects of diets rich and poor in fibres on the development of hereditary diabetes in mice

Parisini, P.; Biavati, B.; Casa, G. D.; Pignattelli, P., 1981: Effects of diets with proteolysate on growing rabbits

Fedorova, L. N.; Drozdova, T. N., 1982: Effects of different carbon sources on the milk-clotting activity of a mycorrhiza fungus

Mandak, K., 1982: Effects of different contents of nitrogen in feeds on growth and carcass quality of ducklings

Lorenzato, D.; Corseuil, E., 1982: Effects of different control measures on the main pests of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) and its predators

Timur, M., 1982: Effects of different diets on the growth and histopathology of the eel (Anguilla anguilla)

Guo, C. Y.; Cao, Z. Y., 1982: Effects of different genotypes on induction frequency in anther and scutellum culture of maize in vitro

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071104

Bull, D. L.; House, V. S., 1983: Effects of different insecticides on parasitism of host eggs by Trichogramma pretiosum Riley

Magalhaes, P. C., 1981: Effects of different levels of P, in the presence and absence of N and K in cassava

Umoh, I. B.; Ayalogu, E. O.; Oke, O. L., 1983: Effects of different levels of palm oil and sulphur in cassava-based diets

Lindell, L., 1982: Effects of different levels of protein to dairy cows

Grimmer, B.; Schulz Borck, H., 1982: Effects of different locations on the living standards of private households

Cascio, B.; Leto, C., 1982: Effects of different methods of soil preparation on the growth conditions of durum wheat in two soil types

Perez Infante, F., 1982: Effects of different pasture components on the consumption and milk production of cows grazing in five different pastures

Eronico, C. A.; Escalada, R. G.; Trenuela, R. M., 1981: Effects of different portions and length of storage of cuttings on the growth and yield of sweet potato

Westly, R. C.; Males, J. R., 1982: Effects of different protein intakes during the last third of gestation on performance of beef cattle

Coan, O.; Ortolani, A. F.; Banzatto, D. A., 1982: Effects of different soil preparation systems on a soybean crop (Glycine max (L) Merril)

Aziz, T.; Ilahi, A.; Gilani, A. H., 1983: Effects of different sources of nitrogen on nitrogen metabolism in fistulated buffalo bulls

Himayatullah, Qazi, M. Z.; Muski i Alam ; Karim, M., 1981: Effects of different sources of nitrogenous fertilizers and their methods of application on the quality of Virginia flue-cured tobacco

Franssen, J. M.; Bruinsma, J., 1980: Effects of different wavelengths on phototropic sensitivity of sunflower Helianthus annuus seedlings

Bene, G. del; Porcinai, G. Melis, 1981: Effects of diflubenzuron on the integument of Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Den. & Schiff.). An ultrastructural investigation

Paquignon, M.; Bariteau, F.; Bussiere, J.; Dacheux, J. L.; Courot, M., 1982: Effects of diluent, dilution rate and seminal plasma on the fertility of sows after prolonged semen storage

Rogers, B. L.; Thompson, A. H., 1983: Effects of dilute and concentrated sprays of NAA and carbaryl in combination with daminozide and pesticides on fruit size and return bloom of 'Starkrimson Delicious' apple

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071122

Takai Y., 1982: Effects of direct sowing cultivation on the rhizosphere of lowland rice

Anonymous, 1982: Effects of diseases on cereal growth

Eastin, W. C, Jr; Rattner, B. A., 1982: Effects of dispersant and crude oil ingestion on mallard ducklings (Anas platyrhynchos)

Hill W.G., 1983: Effects of disruptive selection on genetic variance

Ashizawa, K.; Okauchi, K.; Nishiyama, H., 1982: Effects of distance between spermatozoa and oviduct or kidney tissues in explant culture on the survival of fowl spermatozoa

McCree, K. J.; Amthor, M. E., 1982: Effects of diurnal variation in temperature on the carbon balances of white clover plants

Mika, A.; Grochowska, M. J.; Karaszewska, A.; Williams, M. W., 1983: Effects of dormant and summer pruning, disbudding, and growth retardants on growth, flower bud formation, and fruiting of young apple trees

Greene, D. W.; Lord, W. J., 1983: Effects of dormant pruning, summer pruning, scoring, and growth regulators on growth, yield, and fruit quality of 'Delicious' and 'Cortland' apple trees

Waraitch, K. S., 1982: Effects of doses and time of application of nematicides on sugarcane yield

Najman, L.; Toulova, M.; Minksova, E., 1981: Effects of dried fruit pressing supplements to fat-enriched feed mixtures for feedlot pigs

Day, A. D.; Thompson, R. K.; Tucker, T. C., 1983: Effects of dried sewage sludge on barley genotypes

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071138

Faust, Halley, S., 1982: Effects of drinking water and total sodium intake on blood pressure

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071140

Mclaren R.G., 1982: Effects of dry and moist incubation of soils on the extractability of native and applied soil copper

Mensah, J. K.; Herum, F. L.; Blaisdell, J. L.; Stevens, K. K., 1981: Effects of drying conditions on impact shear resistance of selected corn varieties

Tear, E. C.; Higginbotham, K. O., 1982: Effects of drying soils on young Picea glauca seedlings

Yang, P. C.; Ho, F. W.; Yin, S. A.; Lo, C. C., 1982: Effects of dual-row planting on the growth and yield of sugarcane

Ozaki, E. T.; Kobayashi, R. M., 1982: Effects of duration and intensity of sifting pupae of various ages on adult eclosion and flight capability of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Schaffer, B.; Hawksworth, F. G.; Beemsterboer, P., 1983: Effects of dwarf mistletoe and vigor classes on electrical resistance in lodgepole pine

Kettlewell, P. S.; Whitley, E. A.; Meredith, W. S., 1983: Effects of early application of chlormequat on tillering and yield of winter wheat

Rajan, S. S., 1982: Effects of early spring planting of sunflower on yield in Iraq

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071151

Drew, R. D.; Church, B. M.; Dewar, A. M.; Lacey, J.; Penny, A.; Plumb, R. T.; Thorne, G. N.; Todd, A. D.; Williams, T. D., 1983: Effects of eight factors on the growth and nutrient uptake of winter wheat and on the incidence of pests and diseases

Klingman, D. L.; Murray, J. J., 1982: Effects of eight years of fertilizer and herbicide treatment in turf

Thomson, AJ.; Harris, JWE.; Silversides, RH.; Shepherd, RF., 1983: Effects of elevation on the rate of development of western spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in British Columbia

Meissner, H. H., 1983: Effects of energy concentration and feeding level on growth and efficiency of beef steers

Dennis, S. M.; Arambel, M. J.; Bartley, E. E.; Dayton, A. D., 1983: Effects of energy concentration and source of nitrogen on numbers and types of rumen protozoa

Neumann A.L., 1982: Effects of energy level and monensin on reproductive performance and lactation of beef cows

Oamek, Ge; Skold, Md; Lewis, Jh; Hansen, Rw, 1982: Effects of energy prices on the choice of pump irrigation systems

Leibholz, J.; Kellaway, R. C., 1982: Effects of energy supplements on the intake and utilization of low quality roughages

Vetten, HJ.; Allen, DJ., 1983: Effects of environment and host on vector biology and incidence of two whitefly-spread diseases of legumes in Nigeria

Silveira, E. P.; Vencovsky, R., 1982: Effects of environment on yields of 8 dryland rice cultivars in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tumanova, E. B.; Popova, A. A., 1983: Effects of environmental and genetic factors on machine milking of cows and heifers

Vladimirskaya, M. E.; Utkina, N. I.; Vytskii, V. A.; Danilova, T. N.; Kusenkova, E., 1982: Effects of environmental conditions on clubroot infection and yield of swede

Mingo C, A. M., 1982: Effects of environmental conditions on the content of growth substances in leaves and their relation with their photosynthetic capacity

Khomyakov, M. T.; Adamyan, K. M., 1982: Effects of environmental conditions on the pathogenicity of pathogens of Fusarium rot of potato tubers

Brockwell, J.; Gault, R. R.; Zorin, M.; Roberts, M. J., 1982: Effects of environmental variables on the competition between inoculum strains and naturalized populations of Rhizobium trifolii for nodulation of Trifolium subterraneum L. and on rhizobia persistence in the soil

Oshima T., 1983: Effects of epinephrine on plasma cholesterol levels in rats

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071173

Weaver, JE.; Butler, L.; Amrine, J W.; Jr., 1982: Effects of erythrosin B on hemocytes of the American cockroach

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071175

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071176

Palmer, R. W., 1983: Effects of estrus and disease states on daily milk production and their application to computer assisted management of dairy cows

Mathews, D.; Jamison, S., 1982: Effects of ethanol consumption on maternal behavior in the female rat

Ling, K. C., 1981: Effects of ethephon and SADH application on seedling growth and yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco

Bragt, J. van; Gelder, H. van, 1982: Effects of ethephon and benzyladenine on flowering and endogenous cytokinins of tulip plants and their bulblets

Iwahori, S.; Oohata, J. T., 1981: Effects of ethephon and calcium acetate on defoliation, fruit drop and degreening of ponkan fruits

Morris, J. R.; Cawthon, D. L., 1982: Effects of ethephon on maturation and quality of 'Concord' grapes

Rugini, E.; Bongi, G.; Fontanazza, G., 1982: Effects of ethephon on olive ripening

Crane, J. C.; Iwakiri, B. T.; Lin, T. S., 1982: Effects of ethephon on shell dehiscence and flower bud abscission in pistachio

Komiyama, Y.; Harakawa, M.; Tsuji, M., 1982: Effects of ethephon on the characteristics of stored Japanese plums

Lee, J. C.; Lee, J. S., 1982: Effects of ethephon with calcium acetate on the maturation of Campbell Early grapes

Sims, C. A.; Morris, J. R., 1982: Effects of ethephon, irrigation and cultivar on quality of machine harvested blackberries

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071191

Tominaga, S.; Daito, H., 1982: Effects of ethychlozate(ethyl 5-chloro-1H-3-indazolylacetate) on fruit quality of satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.)

Armacheulo, J. G.; Bernardo, F. A., 1981: Effects of ethyl methane sulfonate and Co60 gamma irradiation in winged bean

Takata, M., 1982: Effects of ethylene on respiration, ethylene production and ripening of Japanese persimmon fruits harvested at different stages of development

Oya N., 1983: Effects of excess amounts of synthetic amino acid preparations on hypothalamus of mice and kittens

Rauser, W. E.; Dumbroff, E. B., 1981: Effects of excess cobalt, nickel and zinc on the water relations of Phaseolus vulgaris

Fish, R. E.; Swanson, E. W., 1983: Effects of excessive iodide administered in the dry period on thyroid function and health of dairy cows and their calves in the periparturient period

Strause, L.; Hegenauer, J.; Saltman, P., 1983: Effects of exercise on iron metabolism in rats

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071200

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071201

Mahdavi, M., 1981: Effects of exogenous application of purines and pyrimidines on soybean (Glycine max, Merr.) seed emergence and seedling survival at low temp

Semancik J.S., 1982: Effects of exogenous auxins on tomato tissue infected with the citrus exocortis viroid

Peaker M., 1983: Effects of exogenous glucose on glucose metabolism in the lactating goat in vivo

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071206

Evans, M. J.; Loy, R. G.; Taylor, T. B.; Barrows, S. P., 1982: Effects of exogenous steroids on serum FSH and LH, and on follicular development in cyclic mares

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071209

Eck, J. H. H. van, 1983: Effects of experimental infection of fowl with EDS'76 virus, infectious bronchitis virus and/or fowl adenovirus on laying performance

Burvenich, C.; Vandeputte van Messom, G.; Peeters, G., 1982: Effects of experimentally induced fever on mammary blood flow in lactating goats

Togamura, Y.; Miyazaki, A.; Kawashima, R.; Higuchi, T.; Tanahashi, M.; Kiyotou, K., 1983: Effects of explosion treatment on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of rice straw and hulls

Everitt J.I., 1983: Effects of extensive resection of the small intestine in the pony

Hamamoto S.T., 1983: Effects of extracellular calcium depletion on membrane topography and occluding junctions of mammary epithelial cells in culture

Chen, C. M., 1982: Effects of extraction on the quantity of formaldehyde requirement in reaction of extractives of bark and agricultural residues with formaldehyde

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071218

Fong, J. C. L. S., 1980: Effects of extrusion cooking on the availability of lysine

Ouedraogo, M.; Hubac, C., 1982: Effects of far red light on drought resistance of cotton

Sager, J. C.; Horiguchi, I.; Klein, W. H., 1982: Effects of far-red and infrared radiation on photosynthesis

Lu, Z. F.; Su, M.; Lu, K. J., 1983: Effects of fast neutron and 60Co gamma irradiation on dry or germinating grains of different varieties of winter wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071224

Peaker M., 1982: Effects of fasting during mid pregnancy or early lactation on mammary development and milk yield in mice

Killeen I.D., 1982: Effects of fasting ewes before mating on their reproductive performance

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071229

Philbrick, D. J.; Arppe, B., 1983: Effects of fat and salt intakes on renal prostaglandin metabolism in rats

Phipps L.W., 1983: Effects of fat concentration on the homogenization of cream

Rothwell, N. J.; Saville, M. E.; Stock, M. J., 1982: Effects of feeding a cafeteria diet on energy balance and diet-induced thermogenesis in four strains of rat

Iketaki, T.; Ota, S.; Suzuki, S.; Kumase, N.; Yusa, K., 1982: Effects of feeding a high level of Candle rapeseed meal to dairy cows

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071236

Bronk J.R., 1982: Effects of feeding and lighting regimes on sugar transport in the rat small intestine

Tedders, W. L.; Wood, B. W.; Snow, J. W., 1982: Effects of feeding by Monelliopsis nigropunctata, Monellia caryella, and Melanocallis caryaefoliae on growth of pecan seedlings in the greenhouse

Furugouri, K.; Kawabata, A., 1982: Effects of feeding conditions on the incidence of leg weakness in growing pigs

Rao, R. M.; Naldu, K. N., 1982: Effects of feeding different levels of green forages on feeding costs for milk production in buffaloes

Eales, F. A.; Murray, L.; Small, J., 1982: Effects of feeding ewe colostrum, cow colostrum or ewe milk replacer on plasma glucose in newborn lambs

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071242

Horton, G. M. J.; Farmer, M. J.; Melton, B. E.; Sklane, S., 1983: Effects of feeding level and forage:concentrate ratio on digestibility of pelleted diets by sheep and cattle

Bond, J.; Warwick, E. J.; Oltjen, R. R.; Putnam, P. A.; Hiner, R. L.; Kotula, A. W.; Weinland, B. T., 1982: Effects of feeding level on growth composition of gain, carcass quality and mature body size in steers at ages up to six years

Miyashige, T.; Kato, K.; Yahata, S., 1982: Effects of feeding levels of concentrates on the voluntary intake of rice straw in Japanese Black cows

Ahuja S.P., 1983: Effects of feeding mustard oil diets on the collagen biosynthesis in various tissues of male rats

Guzenok, M. A., 1982: Effects of feeding nursing sows with different doses of ascorbic acid

Heath, J. L.; Thomas, O. P.; Owens, S. L.; Nicholson, J. L.; Bossard, E. H., 1983: Effects of feeding wheat contaminated with garlic to broilers

Srivastava, AK.; Mishra, J., 1983: Effects of fenthion on the blood and tissue chemistry of a teleost fish (Heteropneustes fossilis)

Watanabe, K.; Takahashi, Y., 1981: Effects of fertilization level on the regrowth of cocksfoot. III. Changes in mineral content with time

Sato, H.; Fujita, K.; Tsutsumi, T., 1982: Effects of fertilization on a naturally regenerated akamatsu, Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora Sieb. et Zucc.) stand (IV). Growing process for 27 years

Lavin A, A., 1983: Effects of fertilizer application methods during the formative period of grapevines, cv. Cinsault

Still, S. M.; Lane, B. H., 1983: Effects of fertilizer in the propagation medium and extended photoperiod on growth of Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset' cuttings

Still, S. M.; Lane, B. H., 1982: Effects of fertilizer in the propagation medium and extended photoperiod on rooting of Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'

Raut, K. R.; Kedar, V. P., 1980: Effects of fertilizer levels and plant growth regulators on growth and yield of cauliflower

Kitamura, H.; Imaizumi, M.; Okimura, I., 1982: Effects of fertilizer phosphate applied to upland field crops on phosphate accumulated soils. Part 1. Uptake of fertilizer phosphate in the early growth stage of crops

Torzhevskii, V. I.; Pristupa, V. I., 1983: Effects of fertilizers and mineral amendments on the fertility of deep peat-bog soils

Cameron, D. M.; Rance, S. J.; Williams, E. R., 1982: Effects of fertilizers on growth, form, and concentration of nutrient in the needles of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis in the Northern Territory

Chuprikova, O. A.; Shunichev, S. I., 1980: Effects of fertilizers on the content of different forms of potassim in hothouse soils and on cucumber yields

Goncharenko, V. E.; Khodeeva, L. P.; Tkach, L. A., 1982: Effects of fertilizers on the productivity of a vegetable rotation and on agrochemical characteristics of a moderately deep chernozem in the Forest-Steppe Zone of Ukraine

Section 2, Chapter 1072, Accession 001071264

Sakanari, J. A., 1983: Effects of ferulic acid on reproduction in male mice (Mus musculus)

Henderson, D. D.; Woodland, C. R.; Renshaw, G. L., 1982: Effects of field conditions on torque sensing drives

Zahari Abu Bakar, M.; Chaang, T. C.; Gopinathan, B., 1982: Effects of field drainage on some chemical properties of acid sulfate soils under coconut small holdings in West Johore Agriculture Development Scheme in Malaysia

Runeckles, V. C.; Palmer, K. T.; Trabelsi, H., 1981: Effects of field exposures to SO2 on Douglas fir, Agropyron spicatum and Lolium perenne

Purvis, A. C., 1983: Effects of film thickness and storage temperature on water loss and internal quality of seal-packaged grapefruit

Alicchio, R.; Grosso, E. del; Cavina, R.; Palenzona, D., 1982: Effects of filtrates of Verticillium dahliae on the growth of Solanum melongena callus tissue

Maylin, A.; Cervantes, A., 1982: Effects of final molasses inclusion in the diet on some digestibility indices of processed swill for growing pigs

Viereck, L. A., 1982: Effects of fire and firelines on active layer thickness and soil temperatures in interior Alaska

James, SM., 1982: Effects of fire and soil type on earthworm populations in a tallgrass prairie

Mkhize, J. M.; Gupta, A. P., 1983: Effects of five insect growth regulators on progeny preoduction, productivity index, development and adult emergence of the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Jutsum, AR.; Robinson, NL.; Goldsworthy, GJ., 1982: Effects of flight training on flight speed and substrate utilization in locusts

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