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Effects of pre-harvest application of calcium, potassium, and Alar on pectin content and activity of PME and cellulase of guava fruits during storage

Kartar Singh; Chauhan, K.S.

Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences 10(3/4): 177-181


Accession: 001071869

Calcium nitrate (1 or 2%), potassium sulphate (1 or 2%) or Alar (500 or 1000 p.p.m.) was applied to trees of the guava L-49 some 20 days before harvest. The fruits were stored at 4, 7 or 10 deg C for up to 24 days. Alar, especially at 1000 p.p.m., was the most effective treatment for retarding the activity of cellulase and PME (pectin methylesterase).

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