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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Turnbull, IF.; Howells, AJ., 1982:
Effects of several larvicidal compounds on chitin biosynthesis by isolated larval integuments of the sheep blowfly Lucilia cuprina

Sekar, T.; Bhattacharyya, A.K., 1982:
Effects of sewage effluents on carbon and nitrogen mineralisation of a soil

Majeed, M.A.; Munawar, S.; Ahmad, A.; Toor, M.A.; Zia ur Rehman, 1983:
Effects of sex and age on the serum proteinogram in growing buffalo-calves

McCann, J.P.; Concannon, P.W., 1983:
Effects of sex, ovarian cycles, pregnancy and lactation on insulin and glucose response to exogenous glucose and glucagon in dogs

Wilson, J.R.; Wong, C.C., 1982:
Effects of shade on some factors influencing nutritive quality of green panic and Siratro pastures

Yamasaki, S.; Ujike, T., 1983:
Effects of shading and fertilization on the growth of Bahia grass

Patterson, D.T., 1981:
Effects of shading on the growth of purple and yellow nutsedges

Landi, M.S.; Kreider, J.W.; Lang, C.M.; Bullock, L.P., 1982:
Effects of shipping on the immune function in mice

Foldesy, R.G.; Leathem, J.H., 1981:
Effects of short-term bilateral and unilateral castration and androgen replacement on the metabolism of [3H] testosterone in vitro by the epididymis of the immature rat

Sicher, R.C.; Harris, W.G.; Kremer, D.F.; Chatterton, N.J., 1982:
Effects of shortened day length upon translocation and starch accumulation by maize, wheat, and Pangola grass leaves

Michelena, J.B.; Molina, A.; Elias, A., 1980:
Effects of silage as a source of restricted forage for cattle fattening on a diet based on molasses-urea

Nowak, J.; Veen, H., 1982:
Effects of silver thiosulfate on abscisic acid content in cut carnations as related to flower senescence

Karhu, I.; Kellomaki, S., 1980:
Effects of silvicultural practices on the forest landscape. A study of the opinions of the people of Puolanka, NE Finland

Matsumato, H.; Ishizuka, K., 1982:
Effects of simetryne on the photochemical reaction of isolated chloroplasts of rice and barnyardgrass plants

Hermans, W.P.; Debets, M.H.; van Leeuwen, E.C.; de Jong, F.H., 1982:
Effects of single injections of bovine follicular fluid on gonadotrophin concentrations throughout the oestrous cycle of the rat

Hiura, Y.; Hoshino, Y.; Kono, K.; Ushida, K.; Imai, K., 1982:
Effects of single or combined injections of antiserum against partially purified fowl luteinising hormone (CM2), indomethacin and arginine vasotocin on oviposition in laying hens

Everitt, J.H., 1983:
Effects of single salt solutions and pH on seed germination of two native range grasses

Koger, J.L.; Trouse, A.C.; Burt, E.C.; Iff, R.H.; Bailey, A.C., 1982:
Effects of skidder tire size on soil compaction

Ross, D.J.; Tate, K.R.; Cairns, A.; Meyrick, K.F.; Pansier, E.A., 1982:
Effects of slaughterhouse effluent and water on biochemical properties of two seasonally dry soils under pasture

Serog, P.; Apfelbaum, M.; Autissier, N.; Baigts, F.; Brigant, L.; Ktorza, A., 1982:
Effects of slimming and composition of diets on VO2 and thyroid hormones in healthy subjects

Hatata M.; Farah M., 1982:
Effects of soaking period on the growth and carbohydrate content of young corn seedlings

Chong, K.C.S., 1983:
Effects of soil activity and fertilizer nitrogen on symbiotic nitrogen fixation, growth, and yield of peanuts and other grain legumes

Cassel, D.K., 1983:
Effects of soil characteristics and tillage practices on water storage and its availability to plant roots

Tatsumi, J.; Kono, Y.; Nonoyama, T., 1982:
Effects of soil contamination on the measurement of dry weight of root systems in cereal crops in relation to washing methods

Njos, A., 1982:
Effects of soil cultivation and compaction on grain crops and weeds - interactions with nitrogen fertilization

Butare, I.; Banyangabose, F., 1982:
Effects of soil fertility on cassava bacterial blight in Rwanda

Hung, L.L.; Chien, C.Y.; Ying, S.L., 1982:
Effects of soil fumigation and mycorrhizal inoculation on ectomycorrhizal formation and growth of Taiwan red pine containerized seedlings

Cho, H.D., 1982:
Effects of soil hardness on the root distribution of Pinus rigida Mill. planted in association with sodding works on the denuded land

E.N.hal, M.A.; Barakat, M.A.; E.G.amry, W.M.; Ibrahim, M.E.; Shehata, N.Y., 1979:
Effects of soil kind, salinity of irrigation water and fertilization rate on cotton yield

Lal, R., 1981:
Effects of soil moisture and bulk density on growth and development of two cassava cultivars

Walker, A.; Brown, P.A., 1982:
Effects of soil moisture on the activity and persistence of propachlor

Zhou, Y.H.; Yuan, J.F., 1982:
Effects of soil moisture on the growth of barley and nutrient absorption

Babalola, O.; Lal, R., 1979:
Effects of soil moisture stress on nutrient uptake by maize

Cummings, G.A., 1983:
Effects of soil pH, phosphorus rates, deep tillage practices, and clay additions on peach tree performance in deep sandy soils of North Carolina

Porter, I.J.; Merriman, P.R., 1983:
Effects of soil solarization on nematodes and fungal pathogens at two sites in Victoria

Walker, A.; Brown, P.A.; Allen, R., 1982:
Effects of soil storage on herbicide degradation rates

Skripnichenko, I.I., 1983 :
Effects of soil temperature and moisture content on the labile mercury content in the soil

Mayeux, H.S.Jr, 1983:
Effects of soil texture and seed placement on emergence of four subshrubs

Jong, S.K.; Brewbaker, J.L.; Lee, C.H., 1982:
Effects of solar radiation on the performance of maize in 41 successive monthly plantings in Hawaii

Romanow, LR.; Ambrose, JT., 1981:
Effects of solid rocket fuel exhaust on honey bee colonies

Palmieri, S.; Soressi, G.P., 1981:
Effects of some never ripe and high pigment genes on the colour and vitamin value of tomato fruits

Mondal, R.; Choudhuri, M.A., 1982:
Effects of some antibiotics on senescence of isolated rice leaves

Kwasniewski, W., 1980:
Effects of some features of the method of testing potatoes for resistance to potato root eelworm (Globodera rostochiensis Woll.)

Shinozaki, M.; Takimoto, A., 1983:
Effects of some growth regulators and benzoic acid derivatives on flower initiation and root elongation of Pharbitis nil, strain Kidachi

Trifi, M.; Mezghani, S.; Marrakchi, M., 1982:
Effects of some growth regulators on sunflower cultured in vitro

Prodanov, I., 1981:
Effects of some herbicides and herbicide systems on sowing qualities of lucerne seeds

Chon, S.K.; Kim, I.H., 1982 :
Effects of some morphological factors on number of cones formed in Pinus koraiensis

Wright, VF.; Harein, PK., 1982:
Effects of some mycotoxins on the Mediterranean flour moth

Simon Sylvestre, G.; Beaumont, A., 1982:
Effects of some pesticides on Azotobacter

Tu, C.M., 1982:
Effects of some pesticides on Rhizobium japonicum and on seed germination and pathogens of soybean (Glycine max cultivar Olinda)

Rapilly, F., 1983:
Effects of some physical climatic factors on different epidemic sequences

Agaoglu, Y.S.; Eris, A., 1982:
Effects of some plant growth regulators on the yield and quality of Muscat of Hamburg grape variety

Gomez C.A.G.; Medina B.M.; Peinado L.E., 1982:
Effects of some soil factors on the oestrogenic isoflavone concentration in natural pastures

Jaggard K.W.; Wickens R.; Webb D.J.; Scott R.K., 1983:
Effects of sowing date on plant establishment and bolting and the influence of these factors on yields of sugar beet

Mucci, F.; Basso, F., 1982:
Effects of sowing density on barley cultivars in a hilly environment of southern Italy

Johnstone, W.D., 1981:
Effects of spacing 7-year-old lodgepole pine in west-central Alberta

Shrestha, G.K., 1983:
Effects of spacing and nitrogen fertilizer on 'Pusa Sawani' okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) in Nepal

Singh, S.P.; Sharma, R.S.; Jain, R.C., 1983:
Effects of spacing and thinnings in Casuarina stands

Torok, I., 1983:
Effects of specialization in milk production on cattle breeding in Mezohegyes

Lopes, E.S.; Oliveira, E. de; Neptune, A.M.L., 1980:
Effects of species of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas on Siratro (Macroptilium atropurpureum)

Nagao, A., 1981:
Effects of spectral compositions on flower bud formation in Cryptomeria japonica under different temperature conditions

Terada, T.; Watanabe, M., 1983:
Effects of sperm concentration on glucose utilisation in cock spermatozoa

Jurcik, F., 1981:
Effects of split application of N fertilizer on grain yield and N content in a selection of spring barley varieties

Lodge, G.M., 1980:
Effects of spotted alfalfa aphids and blue-green aphids on the dry matter production of some lucerne varieties

Gu, Q.F.; Yang, Z.X.; Fang, J.P.; Shou, S.W., 1982:
Effects of sprinkler irrigation on pears

Kusumainderawati, E.P., 1980:
Effects of stable manure and N rate on plant growth and bulb production of shallot

Rodriguez, N.; Diaz, J.C., 1981:
Effects of stalk pithiness in 3 sugarcane varieties, and relationships between some yield and quality components

Matsumoto M.; Hamada T., 1982:
Effects of starvation on hepatic and muscular glycogen contents of weaned kids

Welsh, M.; Andersson, A., 1982:
Effects of starvation on oxidative metabolism and insulin release by isolated mouse pancreatic islets

Abo-Hashish, M.A.; Sousa, S.F., 1982:
Effects of steroid drugs on some chemical constituents of the liver of hamsters infected with Schistosoma mansoni. I. Oral contraceptive

Murray, F.A.; Chenault, J.R., 1982:
Effects of steroids on bovine T-lymphocyte blastogenesis in vitro

Todd, J.W., 1982:
Effects of stinkbug damage on soybean quality

Cremer, K.W.; Borough, C.J.; McKinnell, F.H.; Carter, P.R., 1982:
Effects of stocking and thinning on wind damage in plantations

Koda, Y., 1982:
Effects of storage temperature and wounding on cytokinin levels in potato tubers

Jiao, X.Z.; Li, L.; Feng, X.X.; Xu, R.J.; Ku, W.M.; Gao, J.C.; Peng, C.M.; Qu, C.H.; Zhong, H.L., 1982:
Effects of storage time and cooling speed on the incidence of brown core in Changba pear (Pyrus serotina) harvested at different times

Chaplin, G.R.; Scott, K.J.; Brown, B.I., 1982:
Effects of storing mangoes in polyethylene bags at ambient temperature

Villagomez Aguilar, Y.; Carrera Garcia, M.S., 1979:
Effects of stratification on the germination of seeds of three Pinus species

Gigou, J., 1980:
Effects of straw application on the fertilizer needs of a sorghum/cotton rotation in north Cameroon

Moore, R.D.; Munford, J.W.; Pillsworth, T.J., 1983:
Effects of streptozotocin diabetes and fasting on intracellular sodium and adenosine triphosphate in rat soleus muscle

Jolín, T.; Herrera, E., 1982:
Effects of streptozotocin-diabetes and l-thyroxine treatment on plasma amino acid levels in thyroidectomized rats

Ornish, D.; Scherwitz, L.W.; Doody, R.S.; Kesten, D.; McLanahan, S.M.; Brown, S.E.; DePuey, E.; Sonnemaker, R.; Haynes, C.; Lester, J.; McAllister, G.K.; Hall, R.J.; Burdine, J.A.; Gotto, A.M., 1983:
Effects of stress management training and dietary changes in treating ischemic heart disease

McGrady, A.V.; Chakraborty, J., 1983:
Effects of stress on the reproductive system of male rats and mice

Lee, J.S., 1983:
Effects of stretching and stirring on water and glucose absorption by canine mucosal membrane

Sokolowski, J.H.; VanRavenswaay, F., 1983:
Effects of styrylpyridinium chloride-diethylcarbamazine citrate and mibolerone in adult bitches

Scaife, J.R.; Shehab-Eldin, F.M.; Galbraith, H., 1982:
Effects of subcutaneous implantation of trenbolone acetate and oestradiol-17 beta on plasma lipid concentrations in sheep

Anonymous, .:
Effects of subsoil application of lime, phosphorus and potassium on yield of cotton

Anonymous, 1980:
Effects of subsoil lime placement on yield and growth of cotton

Hutchinson, R.L.; Talbot, T., .:
Effects of subsoil lime placement on yield and growth of soybeans

Melville, D.R.; Rasbury, G.E., 1981:
Effects of subsoiling on sandy land cotton yields

Iwata, H.; Mori, K.; Sawada, M.; Imagawa, M.; Kato, Y.; Kato, T., 1982:
Effects of successive application of rice hulls on the growth and yield of rice

Link, L.A.; Atkinson, W.O.; Nichols, B.C.; Seltmann, H., 1982:
Effects of sucker control practices on amount of suckering time and yield of burley tobacco

Tajima, K.; Kabaki, N., 1981:
Effects of sugars and several growth regulators on the chilling injury of rice seedlings

Roberts, T.M.; Bell, R.; Horsman, D.C.; Bradshaw, A.D., 1979:
Effects of sulphur dioxide on the growth of grasses and clovers under field conditions

Bedeneau, M., 1982:
Effects of sulphur dioxide pollution on lichens in vitro

Ferguson, P.; Lee, J.A.; Bell, J.N.B., 1978:
Effects of sulphur pollutants on the growth of Sphagnum species

Navarro, A.A.; Padda, D.S., 1983:
Effects of sulphur, phosphorus, and nitrogen application on the growth and yield of sweet potatoes grown on Fredensborg clay loam

Sproule, R.J.; Shelton, H.M.; Jones, R.M., 1983:
Effects of summer and winter grazing on growth habit of Kenya white clover (Trifolium semipilosum) cv. Safari in a mixed sward

Lord, W.J.; Greene, D.W., 1982:
Effects of summer pruning on the quality of 'McIntosh' apples

Marini, R.P.; Barden, J.A., 1982:
Effects of summer vs. dormant pruning and NAA treatment on growth of one- and two-year-old apple trees

Mellini, E.; Gironi, R., 1982:
Effects of superparasitism on the host-parasite couple Galleria mellonella L.-Gonia cinerascens Rond

Bryant, K.L.; Kornegay, E.T.; Knight, J.W., 1982:
Effects of supplemental biotin for gilts and sows housed in total confinement and fed two grain types. 1. Reproductive performance

Aulerich, R.J.; Ringer, R.K.; Bleavins, M.R.; Napolitano, A., 1982:
Effects of supplemental dietary copper on growth, reproductive performance and kit survival of standard dark mink and the acute toxicity of copper to mink

Watkins, BE.; Ullrey, DE.; Nachreiner, RF.; Schmitt, SM., 1983:
Effects of supplemental iodine and season on thyroid activity of white-tailed deer

Fernandes, M.J.; Neves, M.C.P.; Sa, M.F.M., 1981:
Effects of supplemental nitrogen on nodulation, assimilation of nitrogen, growth and seed yield of Phaseolus vulgaris and Vigna unguiculata

Jurczuk, S., 1981:
Effects of supplementary drainage in different organic soil types

Ikeme, A.I.; Roberts, C.; Adams, R.L.; Hester, P.Y.; Stadelman, W.J., 1983:
Effects of supplementary water-administered vitamin D3 on egg shell thickness

Mancio, A.B.; Viana, J. de A.C.; Azevedo, N.A. de; Rehfeld, O.A.M.; Ruas, J.R.M.; Amaral, R., 1982:
Effects of supplementation with soya beans and urea during the dry season on potential reproductive performance of zebu heifers

Zak, J.C.; Parkinson, D., 1983:
Effects of surface amendation of two mine spoils in Alberta, Canada, on vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal development of slender wheatgrass: a 4-year study

Jensen, I.B.; Hodder, R.L.; Dollhop, D.J., 1979:
Effects of surface manipulation on the hydrologic balance of surface-mined land

Neilsen, G.H.; Hoyt, P.B.; Lau, O.L., 1982:
Effects of surface soil pH on soil cation content, leaf nutrient levels and quality of apples in British Columbia

Diatloff, A.; Irwin, J.A.G.; Rose, J.L., 1983:
Effects of systemic fungicidal seed dressings on the incidence of Phytophthora megasperma, nodulation, and nitrogen fixation in two soybean cultivars

Luz, W.C. da, 1982:
Effects of systemic fungicides used for seed dressing on barley net blotch

Hau, B.Z.; Wu, J.L., 1982:
Effects of tapping on laticifer differentiation in Hevea brasiliensis

Whitson, T.D.; Alley, H.P., 1982:
Effects of tebuthiuron on range species complex and forage production

Yasuno M.; Hasegawa J.; Iwakuma T.; Imamura N.; Sugaya Y., 1982:
Effects of temephos on chironomid and plankton populations in eel culture ponds

Gawer, M.; Justin, A.M.; Sansonetti, A.; Mazliak, P., 1982:
Effects of temperature and cytokinin on the metabolism of fatty acids in cell suspensions of Nicotiana tabacum

Thomassin, F., 1982:
Effects of temperature and humidity on the in situ behaviour of three wood-destroying fungi

Anonymous, 1983:
Effects of temperature and light conditions on leaf growth and dry matter increase of rice

Guppy, JC., 1982:
Effects of temperature and light intensity on nocturnal activity patterns of the northern June beetle, Phyllophaga fusca, and the common June beetle, P. anxia (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Kitagawa, H.; Kawada, K.; Tarutani, T., 1982:
Effects of temperature and packaging on the storage of sudachi fruits (Citrus sudachi)

Yamanaka, M.; Fujiyoshi, N.; Takasaki, T., 1982:
Effects of temperature and photoperiod on the development of the three-spotted plusia Plusia agnata Staudinger (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Inserra, R.N.; Griffin, G.D.; Sisson, D.V., 1983:
Effects of Temperature and Root Leachates on Embryogenic Development and Hatching of Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. hapla

Takagi, T.; Sawano, I.; Suzuki, T.; Okamoto, S., 1982:
Effects of temperature before and after flowering on flower and fruit development in Citrus unshiu

Takagi, N.; Inoue, J., 1982:
Effects of temperature conditions in a greenhouse on the growth of Muscat of Alexandria grapes

Kobayashi, K.; Fukuchi, K.; Hyakutake, H.; Inhizuka, K., 1982:
Effects of temperature on action, absorption and translocation of simetryne in rice plants

Han Huang, 1981:
Effects of temperature on germination, growth and dry matter contents of two tropical vegetables with high nutritive value -- edible amaranth and water convolvulus

Baars, J.A.; Waller, J.E., 1979:
Effects of temperature on pasture production

Wang, P.; Chen, Y.R., 1982:
Effects of temperature on plantlet induction frequency in winter wheat anther culture

Degenhardt, K.J.; Petrie, G.A.; Morrall, R.A.A., 1982:
Effects of temperature on spore germination and infection of rapeseed by Alternaria brassicae, A. brassicicola, and A. raphani

Pollard, D.F.W.; Portlock, F.T., 1981:
Effects of temperature on strobilus production in gibberellin-treated seedlings of western hemlock

Landolt, PJ.; Curtis, CE., 1982:
Effects of temperature on the circadian rhythm of navel orangeworm sexual activity

Moutot, F.; Justin, A.M.; Mazliak, P.; Jolivet, E., 1983:
Effects of temperature on the desaturation of leaf fatty acids in fibre and oilseed flax leaves

Shimizu, M., 1982:
Effects of temperature on the development of rice leaf trichomes

Furuya, M.; Masutani, T.; Higuchi, S.; Tsutsui, S., 1983:
Effects of temperature on the growth and digestible dry matter content of timothy (Phleum pratense L.) cultivars

Chopra, R.K., 1983:
Effects of temperature on the in vivo assay of nitrate reductase in some C3 and C4 species

Fleming, J.E.; Miquel, J., 1983:
Effects of temperature on the metabolic rate of young and old Drosophila

Muromtsev, N.A., 1981:
Effects of temperature on the potential of soil water and the availability to plants

Brackenbury, J.H.; Avery, P.; Gleeson, M., 1982:
Effects of temperature on the ventilatory response to inspired CO2 in unanaesthetized domestic fowl

Holliday, NJ., 1983:
Effects of temperature on winter moth pupae, Operophtera brumata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

Patterson, D.T.; Musser, R.L., 1981:
Effects of temperature on witchweed germination and host plant parasitism

Mehan, V.K.; Chohan, J.S., 1979:
Effects of temperature, light and media on growth and sporulation of Cercospora arachidicola and C. personata

Rempe, E.K.; Filimonov, D.A.; Strel' nikova, R.A., 1980:
Effects of temperature, moisture and soil reaction on gaseous losses of fertilizer nitrogen and on soil microbiological processes

Therios, I.N., 1982:
Effects of temperature, moisture stress and pH on the germination of seeds of almond (Prunus amygdalus 'Truoito')

Ruegg, J., 1981:
Effects of temperature, water and photoperiod on flowering and yield of winged bean

Lowe, P.C.; Garwood, V.A., 1982:
Effects of temporary feed deprivation on performance of yearling hens

Lal, R., 1982:
Effects of ten years of no-tillage and conventional plowing on maize yield and properties of a tropical soil

Banks, T.M.; Bhide, S.; Pope, C.A.; Heady, E.O., 1983:
Effects of tenure arrangements, capital constraints, and farm size on the economics of soil and water conservation practices in Iowa

Terada, T., 1983:
Effects of the addition of semen plasma to a semen diluent on post-thawing sperm motility and abnormalities in cocks

Sato, T., 1981:
Effects of the amount of NH4NO3 and the concentration of zeatin on shoot formation in aspen callus cultures

Harrison, R.D., 1983:
Effects of the anabolic steroid trenbolone acetate, implanted alone or in combination with oestradiol-17 beta, on liver cell ultrastructure in steers

Teodoronskii, V.S.; Melekhova, T.A.; Lopatina, G.G.; Melekhov, E.I., 1982:
Effects of the anti-transpirant LAT-101 on the CO2 exchange of woody plants

Sharma, M.L.; Theriault, L.M., 1983:
Effects of the chemosterilant thiotepa on the sexuparae and sexuales of the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Toderi, G.; Giordani, G., 1982:
Effects of the contribution of soil organic matter, in different forms, on maize and wheat crops in biennial rotations. I. Effects on wheat yields

Uzik, M.; Smolko, M., 1981:
Effects of the degree of inbreeding and selection on the performance of tetraploid red clover populations

Giurgea, R.; Coprean, D., 1982:
Effects of the denervation of the pectoral muscle upon bursa of Fabricius, thymus and adrenals in chicken

Sip, V.; Skorpik, M., 1980:
Effects of the environment on the variability and mean expression of yield characters in poppy grown for seeds

Pospisilova, J.; Janyska, A., 1979:
Effects of the herbicdes Liro CIPC 40 and Ramrod WP on onion seedlings

Dias, C.A.; Fleck, N.G., 1982:
Effects of the herbicides glyphosate and paraquat, applied to the soil, on the emergence of dry beans and soyabeans and some weed species

Tortuero Cosialls, F., 1982:
Effects of the inclusion of sepiolite in diets for broilers on growth and feed conversion efficiency

Wiendl, F.M.; Avila, V.L.; Sgrillo, R.B.; Walder, J.M.M.; Tornisielo, V.L., 1982:
Effects of the interaction between gamma-radiation -- gravity acceleration on the life-span of adults of Callosobruchus analis (F.) (Col., Bruchidae)

Kussaibati, R.; Guillaume, J.; Leclercq, B.; Lafont, J.P., 1982:
Effects of the intestinal microflora and added bile salts on the metabolisable energy and digestibility of saturated fats in the chicken

Mellini, E.; Cesari, R., 1982:
Effects of the juvenoid ZR 512 4E (hydroprene) on the host-parasite couple Galleria mellonella L.-Gonia cinerascens Rond

Kwang Yong Kim; Hanada, T.; Takahashi, K., 1981:
Effects of the magnesium content of the culture solution on the photosynthetic activity of cucumber leaves

Siraj, M.Y.; Phillips, T.D.; Hayes, A.W., 1981:
Effects of the mycotoxins citrinin and ochratoxin a on hepatic mixed-function oxidase and adenosinetriphosphatase in neonatal rats

Sasaki, M.; Yasumuro, Y.; Nakata, N., 1983:
Effects of the nuclear-cytoplasmic interaction on grain protein in wheat

Nishimura, G.; Shimura, K., 1982:
Effects of the position of fruit on the plant and of harvesting season on the quality of tomato fruit

Maggiore, T.; Lorenzoni, C., 1982:
Effects of the presence of selfs on yield in a maize hybrid

Wang, Y.H.; Chen, Q.Z.; Zhu, X.K., 1982:
Effects of the systemic fungicide EL-291 on rice blast

Laker, M.C.; Hewitt, P.H.; Nel, A.; Hunt, H.P., 1982:
Effects of the termite Trinervitermes trinervoides Sjostedt on the organic carbon and nitrogen contents and particle size distribution of soils

Laker, M.C.; Hewitt, P.H.; Nel, A.; Hunt, R.P., 1982:
Effects of the termite Trinervitermes trinervoides Sjostedt on the pH, electrical conductivities, cation exchange capacities and extractable base contents of soils

Cavallero, A.; Paoletti, R.; Talamucci, P.; Casanova, P.; Ziliotto, U., 1982:
Effects of the use of a herbicide (glyphosate) on upland pastures in Italy

Hocker, H.W.Jr, 1982 :
Effects of thinning in young Populus tremuloides plots

Moaddab Shabestany, M., 1981:
Effects of three growth regulators on selected characters in cotton

Haque, M.E.; Islam, M.A., 1978:
Effects of three species of aphid as food on the fecundity of lady bird beetle

Blatchford, D.R.; Henderson, A.J.; Peaker, M., 1983:
Effects of thrice-daily milking on milk yield and composition in the goat at peak lactation

Muir, L.A.; Wien, S., 1983:
Effects of thyrotropin-releasing hormone and a thyrotropin releasing hormone analog on growth and selected plasma hormones in lambs

John-Alder, H.B., 1983:
Effects of thyroxine supplementation on metabolic rate and aerobic capacity in a lizard, E.A. de; Daynard, T.B., 1982:
Effects of tillage methods on earthworm populations in monoculture corn

Smolik, J.D., 1979:
Effects of tillage practices on nematode populations associated with corn and spring wheat

Schnakenberg, D.D.; Rogers, Q.R., 1982:
Effects of time and duration of exposure to 12% O2 and prior food deprivation on hypoxic hypophagia of rats

Anonymous, 1980:
Effects of time of harrowing and weed control on yields of irrigated rice

Bank, L.W., 1982:
Effects of timing of foliar zinc fertilizer on yield components of soyabeans

Trouse, A.C., 1982:
Effects of tires on recently tilled soils

Hosseiny, R.A., 1982:
Effects of topping, number of primings, and chemical ripening agents on semi-oriental tobacco leaves

Liberta, A.E., 1981:
Effects of topsoil-storage duration on inoculum potential of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae

White, A.W.Jr, 1982:
Effects of topsoil-subsoil fertilizer and lime amendments on top and root growth of 'Stuart' pecan seedlings in a simulated Norfolk soil profile

Wennberg, A.; Sterner, G.; Kihlberg, R.; Denneberg, T., 1982:
Effects of total parenteral nutrition in rats with experimental chronic renal failure

Borodin, G.I.; Shtok, D.A., 1982:
Effects of toxic substances of fungi inhibiting cotton seeds

Kresak, M., 1981:
Effects of trace element fertilizers on nectar secretion in plants

Hemphill, D.D.Jr, 1982:
Effects of transplanting, imbibition, and gel on stands and harvest variability of lettuce

Currl, M.L.; Wilkins, R.J., 1983:
Effects of treading and the return of excreta on a perennial ryegrass-white clover sward defoliated by continuously grazing sheep

Sydes, C.; Grime, J.P., 1981:
Effects of tree leaf litter on herbaceous vegetation in deciduous woodland I. Field investigations

Wallerstein, I.S.; Bar Joseph, B.; Sagiv, B.; Lobel, R.; Schiffmann, J., 1982:
Effects of trickle irrigation rate and interval and of fertilization level on Rhizobium-inoculated peanuts

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Effects of wafer density and feed additive in wafered rice straw on the value of feedstuffs and the palatability by beef cattle

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Effects of warming or cooling the hypothalamus on food and water intake

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Effects of water stress on the stomatal aperture and the carbon metabolism in the light of flax (Linum usitatissimum L. cv. Hera) leaves

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Effects of year, sex, calving number, management and weight of dam on body size at weaning in Japanese Black calves

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Effects of yield stimulation on profitability and rubber production hypersurface in the estate sector

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Effects of zinc on onion

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Effects of zinc, molybdenum and boron fertilizers on biological activity of pseudo-podzolized burozems of the Sub-tropical Zone of the Abkhasian ASSR

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Effects on milk production of four levels of fertilization of a mixed pasture. 2. Effects on the animals

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Effects on plant iron recycling on iron chlorosis of grain sorghum grown on calcareous soils

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Effects on scarifier draft of soil moisture, depth and speed of tillage

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Effects on soil chemistry as a consequence of proton input

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Effects on the drift of aquatic insects of a treatment with temephos against mosquito larvae in subarctic Quebec

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Effets of nuclear gene mutations on the structure and function of plastids in pea

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Efficacy and time of application of ammonium sulphate and urea on the yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Efficacy of Floracid Diet in diarrhoea of calves during rearing and fattening

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Efficacy of Compudose (R) as a growth promotant implant for growing-finishing steers

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Efficacy of Iodinol in Syngamus infections of chickens

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Efficacy of Iodophene in Syngamus infections of chickens

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Efficacy of ULV insecticides applied by truck mounted cold aerosol generator against horn flies (Haematobia irritans) on cattle

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Efficacy of Yomesan against Bertiella sp. (Anoplocephalidae/Cestoda) of a chimpanzee, Pan schweinfurthii

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Efficacy of a combined treatment method of trypanosomiasis

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Efficacy of a few fungicides on the control of sheath blight of rice

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Efficacy of a single annual booster inoculation of cows with Escherichia coli bacterin for preventing enteric colibacillosis in neonatal calves

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Efficacy of albendazole (Monil) in the treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep and cattle and against liver fluke in cattle

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Efficacy of albendazole for treating gastro-intestinal strongyloses of sheep

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Efficacy of anthelmintics against nematodes in ruminants

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Efficacy of associative N2-fixation by streptomycin-resistant mutants of Azospirillum brasilense with genotypes of chick pea Rhizobium strains

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Efficacy of benacil in Heterakis and Ascaridia infection and its effect on the chickens

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Efficacy of bithionol sulphoxide against Fascioloides magna in red deer, Cervus elaphus

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Efficacy of certain fungicides against fruit rot of chillies

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Efficacy of certain fungicides in the control of Cercospora leaf spot of chilli (Capsicum annuum)

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Efficacy of certain fungicides in the control of root rot of sunflower

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Efficacy of different insecticide dusts in grasshopper control

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Efficacy of different insecticides for the control of army worm, Mythimna separata (Walker)

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Efficacy of diflubenzuron in the control of culicids and effects on non-target organisms

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Efficacy of disophenol against Haemonchus and Chabertia in experimentally infected lambs

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Efficacy of econazole in the treatment of vulvo-vaginal candidosis

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Efficacy of ectocide (a pyrethrin preparation) against poultry ectoparasites

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Efficacy of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in serodiagnosis of aspergillosis

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Efficacy of febantel (Rintal (R) ) on gastro-intestinal nematodes of goats in Sri Lanka

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against Strongyloides papillosus and Trichostrongylidae in sheep

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against nematodes of captive birds

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against tapeworms in calves

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Efficacy of foliar and soil application of urea and iron on fibre yield and quality of jute

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Efficacy of fungicides for postharvest treatment of muskmelon fruits

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Efficacy of fungicides on mycoflora of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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Efficacy of general testing for Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnancy

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Efficacy of halosphene-medicated granulated mixed feed against Bothriocephalus infections in carp

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Efficacy of herbicides in chickpea

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Efficacy of immune serum and vaccines against PI-3 and IBR viruses in the prevention of enzootic bronchopneumonia in calves on intensive farms

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Efficacy of immunizing newborn piglets against foot and mouth disease

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Efficacy of inactivated antigens of Pasteurella multocida against experimental pasteurellosis in calves

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Efficacy of insecticide applications at different times of day against the legume pod-borer, Maruca testulalis (Geyer) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), on cowpea in Nigeria

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Efficacy of insecticide treatment of wood against Lyctus brunneus. I. Surface treated lauan timber

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Efficacy of ivermectin against Onchocerca cervicalis microfilarial dermatitis in horses

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Efficacy of ivermectin against third-stage Dirofilaria immitis larvae in ferrets and dogs

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Efficacy of ivermectin in controlling Strongyloides westeri infections in foals

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Efficacy of low level daily doses of ivermectin in calves against three species of ticks

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Efficacy of mebendazole against Opisthorchis in cats

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Efficacy of mebendazole on Elaphostrongylus rangiferi in reindeer

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Efficacy of metalaxyl in controlling Phytophthora root and stalk rot of soybean cultivars differing in field tolerance

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Efficacy of methionine peptides as determined by chick bioassay

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Efficacy of microencapsulated diazinon against German cockroach Blattella germanica L

Ostrowski, R., 1982:
Efficacy of mineral fertilization of pastures in relation to ground water level and sprinkler irrigation

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Efficacy of mixed feeds for fattening pigs

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Efficacy of mixed fertilizer treatment for Virginia tobacco

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Efficacy of modern synthetic insecticides against cardamom thrips

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Efficacy of newer insecticides against flea beetle, Chaetocnema sp. on brinjal

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Efficacy of newer insecticides against the nymphs of Aleurocanthus woglumi Ashby

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Efficacy of nine different fungicides against fungi frequently associated with sorghum seed

Traub, C., 1982:
Efficacy of oral and parenteral administration of tetracycline derivatives in budgerigars and parrots experimentally infected with the causal agent of psittacosis

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Efficacy of oxibendazole against Oesophagostomum dentatum and Ascaris suum

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Efficacy of paraquat for control of submerged weeds

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Efficacy of piperazine and phenothiazine in nematodiasis of chickens

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Efficacy of praziquantel against ovine cysticercosis caused by Taenia hydatigena

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Efficacy of radical treatment in Plasmodium malariae infections with autochthonous strains

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Efficacy of salinomycin for improved performance in growing-finishing swine

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Efficacy of selected chemical and microbial insecticides in controlling fall armyworm in whorl-stage grain sorghum

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Efficacy of selected peanut herbicide treatments applied through irrigation systems

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Efficacy of selection for sedimentation index in breeding wheat for grain quality

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Efficacy of selection for winter hardiness in hybrid material obtained by crossing winter wheat of different ecological and geographical origin

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Efficacy of several insecticide products in relation to their persistence and repellency tested on Blattella germanica, Blatta orientalis, Periplaneta americana

Dekker, J., 1981:
Efficacy of several triazine herbicides for annual weed control in triazine-resistant rapeseed

Gontarev, V.S., 1981:
Efficacy of simazine and prometryne applied to lucerne

Kan, S.P., 1983:
Efficacy of single doses of mebendazole in the treatment of Trichuris trichiura infection

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Efficacy of some chemo-therapeutic agents against clinical Theileria annulata infection in exotic cattle

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Efficacy of some coccidiostats in the control of coccidiosis of sheep

Meulemans, G.; Halen, P., 1982:
Efficacy of some disinfectants against infectious bursal disease virus and avian reovirus

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Efficacy of some drugs against coccidiosis in swine

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Efficacy of some foliar insecticides against mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.)

Singh S.A.; Gupta P.K.S., 1982:
Efficacy of some fungicides against leaf scald disease of rice

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Efficacy of some fungicides in controlling late blight of potato in India

Mazareanu, I., 1982:
Efficacy of some herbicides in weed control in unirrigated potatoes in the Roman zone

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Efficacy of some insecticides against Diacrisia obliqua Walker damaging cowpea VITA-1 at Ludhiana

Grewal, G.S.; Gurdip Singh, 1982:
Efficacy of some insecticides against Spodoptera litura (Fabr.) on castor

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Efficacy of some insecticides and Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner in the control of Spodoptera litura Fabricius

Covolo, G.; Oliveira, S.J.B. de, 1982:
Efficacy of some nematicides in the control of Meloidogyne javanica on tomato

Grewal, G.S.; Gurdip Singh; Sandhu, S.S., 1982 :
Efficacy of some new insecticides in controlling Myzus persicae (Sulz.) on safflower

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Efficacy of some of the granular insecticides and malathion dust for the management of soil pests of potato

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Efficacy of some substituted urea herbicides for control of weeds in irrigated chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

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Efficacy of some treatments for foot rot in sheep

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Efficacy of synthetic pyrethroids against cotton bollworms

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Efficacy of systemic fungicides applied as a trunk paint and a sponge band for the control of root rot on five-year-old avocado trees

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Efficacy of tetrachlorvinphos-impregnated cattle ear-tags against livestock Diptera in southern Quebec

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Efficacy of the AHI mastitis detector for the diagnosis of bovine mastitis

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Efficacy of the Canadian source of resistance to Pseudomonas tomato

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Efficacy of the extracts of some wild plants in controlling Euproctis lunata Walk. (Lepidoptera: Lymantridae)

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Efficacy of the use of aphidophagous insects for the protection of glasshouse vegetable crops

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Efficacy of therapeutic-prophylactic measures against dictyocauliasis in ruminants in the Mordovskaya ASSR (USSR)

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Efficacy of three courses of metrifonate in the treatment of urinary schistosomiasis in Senegal

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Efficacy of timing and methods of placement of N fertilizers on rice

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Efficacy of training tractor drivers in crop protection and fertilizer use

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Efficacy of triadimefon and bilaxazol fungicides in the control of powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot of sesamum

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Efficacy of various combinations of anthelmintics (rafoxanide, tetramisole, Dentriton) in subclinical helminth infections of sheep

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Efficacy of vitamin C supplementation for weanling swine

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Efficacy of wrappers on the storage life of LeConte and Patharnakh pear

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Efficacy, safety and residues of a 6% pour-on formulation of trichlorphon used against the ox warble fly in Mongolia

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Efficiencies in co-ordination of fluid milk supplies through co-operative margins in the South West

Anonymous, 1981:
Efficiencies in milk assembly and manufacturing through cooperative mergers in the Southwest

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Efficiencies of Eppawela, saphos and concentrated superphosphates in some coconut soils of Sri Lanka -- a laboratory evaluation

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Efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. The evolution of Spanish agriculture during the period 1961-1980

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Efficiency and economic weights for sheep

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Efficiency and equity aspects of nonpoint source pollution controls

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Efficiency and equity in the producer levy of India

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Efficiency control of energy use

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Efficiency evaluation in linear programming models: an application to farm management data from India

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Efficiency in wood column design formulas

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Efficiency of 14C sucrose translocation in high and low sterile rice varieties under normal and low light conditions

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Efficiency of Asolcus turkarkandas Szabo (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae), the egg parasite of Euproctis chrysorrhoea L. (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

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Efficiency of Mussoorie rockphosphate for rice in acid soil of Assam

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Efficiency of N2-fixation by tropical pasture legumes

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Efficiency of adding trace element salts to pig diets containing feed yeasts

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Efficiency of alternative rigid frame geometries

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Efficiency of annual and periodical application of herbicides in a crop rotation

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Efficiency of butachlor, propanil and 2,4-D in controlling weeds in upland rice

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Efficiency of chemical and mechanical barriers, reinforced by biconic traps, against Glossina palpalis gambiensis

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Efficiency of dairy cattle improvement -- industry aspects

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Efficiency of dairy cows

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Efficiency of dairying under contrasting feeding and management systems in North America, Israel, Europe, and New Zealand

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Efficiency of different herbicides for weed control in cauliflower

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Efficiency of different herbicides in controlling weeds in jute fields

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Efficiency of different systems of dairy cow management

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Efficiency of drains with small perforations in sandy soils

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Efficiency of energy capture in some tropical grasslands at Kanpur, India

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Efficiency of enriching diets for high yielding dairy cows with ammonium sulphate

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Efficiency of fattening cattle with distillery wastes

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Efficiency of fattening young bulls with ammonium perchlorate

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Efficiency of fattening young cattle with briquetted feeds

Byandikas, P., 1981:
Efficiency of fattening young cattle with fodder briquettes

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Efficiency of feed and milk utilization by litters of indigenous and exotic pure and crossbred pigs

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Efficiency of feed conversion during food restriction and realimentation

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Efficiency of feeding breeding sows with extruded grains

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Efficiency of feeding laying hens in phases

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Efficiency of fertilization of sown meadows

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Efficiency of frozen boar semen in the field

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Efficiency of herbicides in a field rotation when applied by different methods

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Efficiency of intraregional specialization of barley seed production in the Moscow province

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Efficiency of low-flow tube feeding used as a nutritional support in anorexia nervosa

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Efficiency of milkers in automatic milking installations

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Efficiency of mineral fertilizers in accelerated regrassing of peat bog soils of the Barabinsk lowland

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Efficiency of mutton production. A study of some genetic aspects

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Efficiency of nitric phosphates and Mussoorie rock phosphate in three cycles of clusterbean-wheat and groundnut-wheat rotations

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Efficiency of nitrification inhibitor N-Serve applied to cotton

Finke, R.L.; Harper, J.E.; Hageman, R.H., 1982:
Efficiency of Nitrogen Assimilation by N(2)-Fixing and Nitrate-Grown Soybean Plants (Glycine max [L.] Merr.)

Simon, U., 1982:
Efficiency of nitrogen utilization by different types of ryegrass species

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Efficiency of nodulation of Rhizobium astragalus introduced to Astragalus sinicus growing area

Moreno, D., 1983:
Efficiency of pheromone traps in citrus pest detection

Marwaha, B.C., 1982:
Efficiency of phosphatic fertilizers differing in water solubility, their effect on growth and nutrients uptake by horse gram on an acid Alfisol

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Efficiency of production costs of maize in dry farming areas

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Efficiency of production in the pasture-animal grazing complex

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Efficiency of quantitative parameters for evaluation of natural grasslands on concave and convex sites in the municipality of Visosa-MG

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Efficiency of rearing heifer calves all the year round on uniform diets

Soldatov, A., 1982:
Efficiency of rearing young bulls on haylage diets

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Efficiency of reduced and conventional soil tillage in interaction with mineral fertilizing in the crop rotation winter wheat-sugarbeet-maize on lessive pseudogley

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Efficiency of residual phosphatic fertilizers at various levels of sodicity for rice

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Efficiency of resource allocation on Pakistani farms

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Efficiency of simazine and prometryne applied to winter cereals undersown with perennial herbage species

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Efficiency of slow release nitrogen fertilisers and mode of application of urea under deep water rice cultivation in coastal saline soils of West Bengal

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Efficiency of solar energy conversion by a plant canopy

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Efficiency of some containers in protecting ice cream against photooxydation

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Efficiency of some fungicides to control leaf rust of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Efficiency of some insecticides against the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (L.)

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Efficiency of some insecticides on the powder post beetles Lyctus africanus Lesne, (Coleoptera, Lyctidae)

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Efficiency of some newer insecticides against tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura F. and green peach aphid, Myzus persicae S. on tobacco

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Efficiency of sparingly soluble, soluble and chelated zinc sources on yield, nutrient composition and nutrients ratios in berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum)

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Efficiency of specializing and concentrating farm production in the Armenian SSR

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Efficiency of the anthocorid predator Xylocoris flavipes (Reut.) in biological control of stored grain insects

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Efficiency of the intensification of Polish agriculture in the years 1960-1979

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Efficiency of three chemical products and one mechanical measure for the control of cutworms attacking seedlings of Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maiden

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Efficiency of thymol against varroa disease

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Efficiency of two methods and their modifications for the extraction of migratory endoparasitic nematodes from pineapple and plantain roots

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Efficiency of two stage index selection for selection of broiler parents

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Efficiency of urea applied by various methods to paddy

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Efficiency of urea utilization for growth with or without concentrate

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Efficiency of using dried poultry manure when fattening young cattle on pulp

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Efficiency of using protein and vitamin concentrates in complete feed mixtures for early-weaned pigs

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Efficiency of utilization of feed energy by ducklings

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Efficiency of utilization of feed energy by goslings

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Efficiency of utilization of feed energy by meat chickens in batteries

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Efficiency of various methods of applying fertilizer to spring wheat

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Efficiency of various therapeutic concepts in genital mycoses

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Efficiency of water use and applied nitrogen in barley grown with stored soil moisture, supplemental irrigation and nitrogen application

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Efficiency of young athletes in training after inclusion of vitamin and trace element supplements in the diet

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Efficient anti-erosion soil cultivation on hill slopes

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Efficient cash and hedged enterprise combinations in feeder calf backgrounding operations

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Efficient cleaning with warm water

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Efficient feeding in pig and cattle production

Litton, C.C., 1983:
Efficient greenhouse technique for screening small tobacco seedlings for black root rot resistance

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Efficient level of phosphorus fertility in paddy soils

Anonymous, 1982:
Efficient milking

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Efficient operation of vineyard sprayers

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Efficient redistribution through commodity markets

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Efficient systems of cooling the supercharged air of tractor diesels

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Efficient twin-screw mixers save energy, improve consistency, reduce production time 25%

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Efficient use of applied fertilizer nutrients

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Efficient use of concentrates for rearing and fattening of young cattle

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Efficient use of feed energy for calves during the lactation period

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Efficient use of nitrogen fertiliser by grass and cereal crops

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Efficient water management with plastics: field experience from India

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Effluent treatment in dairy industry

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Efforts for maintaining rare, non-commercial, native breeds in Hungary

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Egg and larval diapause in two populations of Aedes geniculatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Egg and meat consumption in myocardial infarction

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Egg density and the intensity of parasitism in Prokelisia marginata (Homoptera: Delphacidae)

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Egg dimorphism and male production in Formica polyctena Foerster

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Egg drop syndrome 1976 (EDS-76) virus infection in inadequately vaccinated chickens

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Egg mortality in the eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae): the role of accessory gland secretions and egg mass shape

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Egg output of Heligmosomoides polygyrus (Nematospiroides dubius) in mice given multiple infections of constant or increasing size

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Egg output of Heligmosomoides polygyrus (Nematospiroides dubius) in mice infected once only

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Egg production and oviposition in the tobacco budworm: effect of age at mating

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Egg production characteristics of Alabio, Bali, Tegal and Khaki Campbell ducks under intensive management conditions

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Egg production: are you aware of the costs?

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Egg protein and defatted soya protein on cholesterol induced hypercholesterolaemia and atherosclerosis in rabbits

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Egg quality in dwarf hens

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Egg recovery and transfer in cattle

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Egg shell stability and its relation to origin and particle size of the calcium feeds. 2

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Egg transfer in carnivores and rodents, between species, and to ectopic sites

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Egg transfer in the mouse and rat

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Egg transfer in the rabbit

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Egg transfer in the sheep and goat

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Egg transfer: historical aspects

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Egg transformation and parthenogenetic diploidy induced through the aid of ionizing radiation. Theory and practice

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Egg weight and relative fitness in laying hens

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Egg yield and feed intake of laying hens given all-mash feeds with different contents of energy and protein

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Egg yolk containing composition in which egg yolk has been at least partially replaced

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Egg-shell formation in Opisthorchis pedicellata (Trematoda)

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Egg-shell water vapour conductance of the domestic fowl: comparison between two breeds and their crosses

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Eggs and consumers

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Eggs for consumers and the structure of their agri-food sector: production, distribution and consumption

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Eggs, serum cholesterol, and coronary heart disease

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Egypt grows sugar beet for the first time

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Ehrlich test for the diagnosis of carcinoma of the mucosa of the ethmoid in cattle

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Eicosapentaenoic acid in liver, serum and adipose tissue triglycerides in relation to the form of fatty liver in diabetics

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El Salvador: health and liberation

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Elaboration of methods for full-value feeding of cows on commercial dairy farms

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Elaboration of the number of ears of a crop of winter wheat subjected to competition for nitrogen. II. Predictive model of ear numbers

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Elaboration of the purchase prices of agricultural produce

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Elan, some new research results

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Elaphostrongylus rangiferi: influence of temperature, substrate, and larval age on the infection rate in the intermediate snail host, Arianta arbustorum

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Elasticity of Malaysian papaya as a design criterion for prevention of damage during transportation

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Eldana borer (Eldana saccharina): the results of surveys

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Elderfest the experience of a lifetime

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Electric fence

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Electric fencing to prevent deer browsing on hardwood clearcuts

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Electric vehicles

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Electrical and mechanical activity of the cervix in the ewe during pregnancy and parturition

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Electrical conductivity test

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Electrical conductivity, ion leakage, and subsequent germination studies on cotton seed treated with mepiquat chloride

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Electrical coupling between supernumerary motor neurones in the locust

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Electrical detection of the mechanical damage to a lucerne stem under compression between two plates

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Electrical generation using a vertical-axis wind turbine

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Electrical load management of a grain handling and feed processing center

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Electrical potential in relation to water movement in soils

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Electrical recording of aphid penetration

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Electrical resistance measurements for monitoring plant water content

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Electrical stimulation of the bovine uterus

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Electrical stimulation, stocking rate and creep feed effects on carcass traits of calves slaughtered at weaning

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Electro-stimulation of bone production in the horse

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Electroaerosols of antibacterial substances

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