Effects of silage as a source of restricted forage for cattle fattening on a diet based on molasses-urea

Michelena, J.B.; Molina, A.; Elias, A.

Ciencia y Tecnica en la Agricultura, Rumiantes 3(1/2): 31-41


Accession: 001072020

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In a paddock trial, 75% Holstein X 25% Zebu bulls of 250 kg mean initial liveweight were fed after a period of adaptation (a) fresh forage at 2 kg or (b) silage at 1.5 kg/100 kg liveweight. Molasses + 2% urea ad lib, mineral salt and a protein supplement were given to both groups for 218 days. Mean daily liveweight gains were not significantly different between (a) and (b) (0.91 and 0.87 kg, resp.), but molasses-urea intake was significantly higher in (b) than in (a) (8.37 and 6.96 kg/day).