Section 2
Chapter 1,073

Effects of some plant growth regulators on the yield and quality of Muscat of Hamburg grape variety

Agaoglu, Y.S.; Eris, A.

Ziraat Fakultesi Dergisi, Uludag Universitesi 1(1): 51-67


Accession: 001072083

In trials at Ankara University, Muscat of Hamburg grapevines were treated with 0, 100, 500 and 1000 p.p.m. DMC (N-dimethylmorpholinium chloride) or Ethrel 35 days after bud burst; the DMC application was repeated 10 days later. DMC increased yield per vine (to 5101 kg at 500 p.p.m. compared with about 3500 kg in untreated controls), cluster weight, berries per cluster and acid content of the berries, and lowered 100-berry weight, TSS and pH.

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