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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Berger, H., 1982:
European corn borer control begins in autumn!

Weires, RW.; Straub, RW., 1982:
European corn borer infestation of newly planted apple trees

Ross, W.M.; Kindler, S.D.; Kofoid, K.D.; Hookstra, G.H.; Guthrie, W.D.; Atkins, R.E., 1982:
European corn borer resistance in half-sib families from a sorghum random-mating population

Deenen, B. van et al., 1982:
European farm women in social change. Results of an empirical investigation by an international working group. Vol. 1. Short national reports GFR, France, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Hungary

Deenen, B. van et al., 1983:
European farm women in social change. Results of empirical studies by an international working group. Vol. II Intercultural comparisons of research results

Miller Weeks, M.; Stark, D., 1983:
European larch canker in Maine

Anonymous, 1982:
European market for 'health foods' is expanding

Askew, RR.; Nieves Aldrey, JL., 1982:
European species of Arthrolytus Thomson (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) reared from cynipid oak galls, with descriptions of two new species

Leibundgut, H., 1982:
European virgin forests in the mountains. Important facts for forest management

Brown, G.R., 1981:
European wasp

Byk, D., 1983:
Eurostat and the Community development policy

Herklots, G.A.C., 1982:
Eurycles and Vagaria (Amaryllidaceae)

Porter, S.D.; Eastmond, D.A., 1982:
Euryopis coki (Theridiidae), a spider that preys on Pogonomyrmex ants

Tertyshnyi, A.S., 1983:
Eurytoma amygdali

Ooi, P.A.C., 1980:
Eurytoma attiva Burks (Hym., Eurytomidae) attacking Cordia curassavica (Jacq.) R & S in Kedah and Perlis, Malaysia. I. Biology of E. attiva and distribution of C. curassavica

Ooi, P.A.C., 1981:
Eurytoma attiva Burks (Hym., Eurytomidae) attacking Cordia curassavica (Jacq.) R. & S. in Kedah and Perlis, Malaysia. II. Incidence of E. attiva

Bursey, C.R., 1982:
Eustrongylides tubifex (Nitzsch) encystment in an American eel Anguilla rostrata (Le Sueur)

Kazimi, S.K., 1980:
Eutetranychus orientalis (Klein) (Acarina: Tetranychidae) and its predators in Pakistan

Donev, P., 1983 :
Eutric planosols in the Shokue region of south Mozambique and their suitability for rice growing

Dubos, B.; Roudet, J.; Bugaret, Y., 1983:
Eutypa armeniacae

Onogur, E.; Atila, A., 1983:
Eutypa die-back of grapevine in Turkey

Canedo, L.; Laclette, J.P.; Morales, E., 1982:
Evagination of the metacestode of Taenia solium

Keane, M.G., 1983:
Evaluating Compudose 365 -- a new growth promoter for beef cattle

Christensen, N.W.; Meints, V.W., 1982:
Evaluating N fertilizer sources and timing for winter wheat

Campbell, T.E., 1981:
Evaluating Velpar Gridball for pine release

Rompelberg, L.; Ettema, F.D., 1982:
Evaluating a few key figures in farm results

Mullen, J.D., 1982:
Evaluating a pig carcase classification service using willingness to pay techniques

Fractor, D.T., 1982:
Evaluating alternative methods for rationing wilderness use

Hrouz, J., 1982:
Evaluating carcass composition and muscling of the breast cut in geese

Cady, R.A.; Burnside, E.B., 1982:
Evaluating dairy bulls for dystocia and mortality of their progeny

Moore, J.A.; Grismer, M.E.; Crane, S.R.; Miner, J.R., 1982:
Evaluating dairy waste management systems' influence on fecal coliform concentration in runoff

Heilman, J.L.; Moore, D.G., 1982:
Evaluating depth to shallow groundwater using Heat Capacity Mapping Mission (HCMM) data

Thomson, A.J.; Alfaro, R.I.; Sickle, G.A.V.n, 1982:
Evaluating effects of western spruce budworm on Douglas-fir volume growth

Hoyle, R.J., 1981:
Evaluating elastomeric adhesives used to construct wood buildings

Heichel, G.H.; Vance, C.P.; Barnes, D.K., 1981:
Evaluating elite alfalfa lines for N2-fixation under field conditions

Doyle, C.J., 1983:
Evaluating feeding strategies for dairy cows: a modelling approach

Wallender, W.; Keller, J., 1982:
Evaluating foliar fluoride accumulation under sprinkle irrigation

Brown, L.G.; Dukes, P.D., 1982:
Evaluating for resistance to white leaf spot incited by Aristastoma oeconomicum (Ellis & Tracy) Tehon in southernpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)

Carroll, M.R.; Milne, G.R., 1982:
Evaluating forest industry developments in Alberta using socioeconomic impact analysis

Piovarci, A., 1980:
Evaluating genetic resources in maize. I. Collection of inbred lines

Forbes, J.C., 1982:
Evaluating herbicides for selective control of Senecio jacobaea in grass/clover swards

Porter, W.C.; Johnson, C.E., 1983:
Evaluating herbicides for use in watermelons

Carl, E.K.lmer, R.; Kenny, L., 1983:
Evaluating implicit prices of intermediate products

Boggess, W.G.; Jones, J.W.; Swaney, D.P.; Lynne, G.D., 1981:
Evaluating irrigation strategies in soybeans: a simulation approach

Bennett, C.F., 1982:
Evaluating joint effects of extension programs: toward integration in the social sciences

Hanson, B.R.; Schulbach, H.; Meyer, J.L., 1983:
Evaluating low-pressure sprinkler systems

Dube, A.; Mercier, L., 1982:
Evaluating manure and slurry requirements

Wyckoff, J.W., 1980:
Evaluating mule deer-winter range relationships throughout LANDSAT satellite imagery

Kvapil, O.; Pavlik, J.; Kovaricek, J., 1981:
Evaluating performance during the production of Belgian Landrace X Duroc boars

Mansfield, T.A., 1983 :
Evaluating pollution effects on plant productivity: a cautionary tale

Lanius, R.M., 1982:
Evaluating residual strength and repair of structures

Borrelli, A.; Romano, F., 1982:
Evaluating resistance to deformation and crushing in fruits of tomato varieties for processing with a view to mechanical harvesting

D.D.tta, S.K.; Seshu, D.V., 1982:
Evaluating rices for drought tolerance using field screening and multilocation testing

Waltner-Toews, D., 1983:
Evaluating Risk from a 2 x 2 Table: Five Useful Measures

Joseph, T.; Jayasankar, N.P., 1982:
Evaluating root degeneration in coconut in relation to root (wilt) disease

Rogers, R., 1980:
Evaluating stocking in upland hardwood forests using metric measurements

Knight, C., 1983:
Evaluating sugar beet cultivars for resistance to downy and powdery mildews

Dukes, P.D.; Jones, A.; Schalk, J.M., 1982:
Evaluating sweet potato for reaction to sclerotial blight (Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc.) in field plant beds

Ruschel, A.P.; Freitas, J.R. de; Vose, P.B., 1982:
Evaluating symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soyabean by means of labelled soil organic matter

Heilman J.L.; Heilman W.E.; Moore D.G., 1982:
Evaluating the crop coefficient using spectral reflectance

Nosseir, M.K., 1981:
Evaluating the dynamics of erosion affected by land use changes, from remotely sensed data

Sands, G.R.; Moore, I.D.; Warner, R.C., 1982:
Evaluating the feasibility of irrigation in humid regions

Artega, I. de H.; Zavala, J.T.; Schettino, P.M.S.; Jimenez, C.M.P., 1981:
Evaluating the fecal contamination in fruits and vegetables from markets in Mexico City

Majerciak, P.; Pavlok, A.; Babusik, P., 1982:
Evaluating the fertilising capacity of fresh boar semen with the sperm penetration test in Syrian hamster ova without the zona pellucida

Shul' ga, E.B., 1981:
Evaluating the frost resistance of essential oil rose by indirect methods

Pokalov, V.P., 1981:
Evaluating the genetic quality of bulls using milk protein polymorphism of their daughters

Taylor, D.B., 1982:
Evaluating the long-run impacts of soil erosion on crop yields and net farm income in the Palouse animal cropping region of the Pacific Northwest

Mittal, G.S.; Otten, L.; Brown, R.B., 1982:
Evaluating the performance of solar heated farm buildings

Nepein, V.N.; Kiprianov, A.I.; Sosnovskii, R.I.; Butyrin, V.P.; Valeev, R.F., 1982:
Evaluating the quality of groundwood pulp

Bondarenko, N.V.; Kozlova, L.V., 1982 :
Evaluating the quality of populations of predacious cecidomyiids

Clay, D.V., 1982:
Evaluating the tolerance of fruit crops to herbicides: problems and progress

Bottomley, D.T.; Rennie, G., 1983:
Evaluating tourism at a 'last frontier'. The first comprehensive survey of travel in the Northern Territory of Australia

Nechinennaya, T.V.; Shmeleva, V.G.; Kulakov, B.S., 1983:
Evaluating wool fineness using different methods of sampling

Ramirez, O.D.; Green, J.J.; Caloni, I.B.e, 1983:
Evaluation and acceptability of cassava cultivars

Damir A.A.; E.S.ied K.M.; E.S.imi N.M., 1982:
Evaluation and acceptability of high protein legume supplemented buns for school children feeding

Leon, J.L. de; Maria, F. de; Fernandez, G.; Zoppolo, J., 1981:
Evaluation and classification of native maizes

Neibling, W.H.; Moldenhauer, W.C.; Holmes, B.M., 1983:
Evaluation and comparison of two methods for characterization of sediment size distribution

Nielsen, J.M., 1982:
Evaluation and control of the nutritional status of cereals. VII. The fertilization system transferred to cereals grown under field conditions

Yoganathan, P.; Selvaratnam, W.V.; Willumsen, J., 1982:
Evaluation and control of the nutritional status of lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. capitata L. 'Ostinata') grown in water culture. I. Models of diagnosis and yield prognosis. II. Nutrient therapy controlling quantity of final yield

Patel, A.R.; Chari, M.S., 1983:
Evaluation and economics of some insecticides in the control of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) in tobacco nursery

Khehra, A.S.; Malhotra, V.V.; Dhillon, B.S.; Saxena, V.K., 1979:
Evaluation and exploitation of local germplasm of maize (Zea mays L.)

Ullrich, S.E.; Nilan, R.A.; Bacaltchuk, B., 1982:
Evaluation and genetic analysis of semi-dwarf mutants of barley

Konzak, C.F., 1982:
Evaluation and genetic analysis of semi-dwarf mutants of wheat

Hsieh, S.C.; Kuo, Y.C., 1982:
Evaluation and genetical studies on grain quality characters in rice

Gadh, I.P.S., 1982:
Evaluation and inheritance of resistance in faba bean (Vicia faba) to bean yellow mosaic virus

Kaplan, D.T.; O.B.nnon, J.H., 1981:
Evaluation and nature of citrus nematode resistance in Swingle citrumelo

Peti, L., 1982:
Evaluation and problems of weed control in winter wheat

Prota, R., 1983:
Evaluation and prospects of integrated control programmes

Gere, T.; Bartosiewitz, L.; Kaltenecker, J.; Lippai, K., 1982:
Evaluation by factor analysis of relationships between fattening characteristics of growing Holstein-Friesian bulls and their dams' milk production

Anonymous, 1983:
Evaluation by sector: integrated rural development; education and training

Vandenberg, L., 1983:
Evaluation in non-formal education: a selected, annotated bibliography

Moseley, M.J.; Townroe, P.M., 1981:
Evaluation in rural development programmes

Prey, T.; Kuna, R.P.; Bancher, E., 1983:
Evaluation in situ of dehydroascorbic acid osazone after separation by thin-layer chromatography

Maes, R.K.; Schutz, J.C., 1983:
Evaluation in swine of a subunit vaccine against pseudorabies

Handley, D.; Vaux, H.J.; Pickering, N., 1983:
Evaluation low-volume irrigation systems for emission uniformity

Torres Martin, M.; Zamora Alonso, A.; Esteban Velasco, E., 1980:
Evaluation of alpechin (waste waters) as fertilizer. II. Pot experiments

Dhiman, T.R.; Sharma, V.K.; Narang, M.P., 1983:
Evaluation of 'Khesari dal' (Lathyrus sativus) in calf starter

Sun, F.Z.; Martin, G.C., 1982:
Evaluation of (2-chloroethyl)methylbis(phenylmethoxy)silane (CGA-15281) as a chemical fruit abscising agent for olive using detached shoots

Papadopetros, D.I. (Papadopetros, D.J.; Katsikas, H.A. (Katsikas, C.A., 1981:
Evaluation of 12 soyabean varieties

Rosengurtt, B.; Vidal, A.; Beltrami, M., 1981:
Evaluation of 14 perennial grasses under grazing, 2nd stage

Maksimov, Y.L., 1983:
Evaluation of 1st-lactation cows on part-lactation milk yield

Cianciara, Z.; Godyn, A.; Rejman, R., 1982:
Evaluation of 2 types of trolley for strawberry harvesting

Richards, M.C.; Swift, G.; Cleland, A.T.; Davies, D.H.K., 1983:
Evaluation of 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid, triclopyr, 2,4-D ester and MCPA, alone and in mixtures, for Senecio jacobaea control in grassland

Okamoto, M.; Matsui, K.; Yamada, F.; Noguchi, M., 1982:
Evaluation of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane treated thin layer chromatographic plates for analysing ginseng extract

Roberts, H.A.; Bond, W., 1983:
Evaluation of AC 222,293 for weed control in drilled vegetable crops

Luby, J.J., 1983:
Evaluation of Avena sativa L./A. fatua L. crosses

Vaz M.D.; Risso, D.; Sheppard, I.A., 1981:
Evaluation of Bermuda grass for beef production

Taylor, R.W.; Griffin, J.L.; Meche, G.A., 1981:
Evaluation of Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, and dallisgrass for forage production in southwest Louisiana

Allison, A.J.; Kelly, R.W.; Hawker, H.; Lewer, R.P.; Davis, G.H.; Trotter, R.W.; Wallis, T.R., 1982:
Evaluation of Booroola Merino crosses in New Zealand

Ransom, K.; Napier, K.; Jones, L., 1982:
Evaluation of Booroola crosses in Victoria

Oliveri, N.J.; Perucca, C.E.; Morel, F., 1981:
Evaluation of Brazilian soyabean cultivars, Glycine max (L.) Merr

Umapathy, B.L.; Gupta, M.M.; Francis, V.N.K.; Bhat, P., 1982:
Evaluation of Brucella abortus antigens for the indirect haemagglutination test

Inman, S.A.; Kapusta, G., 1983:
Evaluation of CDA rotary nozzles for weed contol in soybeans

Khalil, F.A.; Watson, W.M.; Guirguis, M.W., 1978:
Evaluation of Dimilin and its combinations with different insecticides against some cotton pests in Egypt

Jalani, B.S.; Benong, M.; Ismail, N., 1981:
Evaluation of F1 winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) hybrids

Vielma Orozco, P.E.; MacKay, W.P.; MacKay, E.E., 1982:
Evaluation of Formica haemorrhoidalis as a biological control agent

Ross, C.W.; Rayle, D.L., 1982:
Evaluation of h secretion relative to zeatin-induced growth of detached cucumber cotyledons

Illius, A.W.; Haynes, N.B.; Lamming, G.E.; Howles, C.M.; Fairall, N.; Millar, R.P., 1983:
Evaluation of LH-RH stimulation of testosterone as an index of reproductive status in rams and its application in wild antelope

Taplin, D.E.; D.M.llo, J.P.F.; Phillips, P., 1983:
Evaluation of Leucaena leaf meal from Malawi as a source of xanthophylls for the laying hen

Tekinel, O.; Dinc, G., 1981:
Evaluation of Lower Seyhan multi-purpose irrigation project -- its success and shortcomings

Tosi, H.; Faria, V.P. de; Gutierrez, L.E.; Silveira, A.C., 1983:
Evaluation of Napier grass, cultivar Taiwan A-148, as a plant for ensilage

Samuel, S.D.; Sreedharan, K.; Chacko, M.J., 1982:
Evaluation of Oftanol 5 G for the control of white grub attacking coffee seedlings

Prasad, S.S.; Motto, H.L., 1981:
Evaluation of P as a limiting macronutrient in volcanic ash soils of Guatemala

Mahoney, M.D.; Penner, D., 1981:
Evaluation of PC-671 as a protectant against metribuzin injury to soybeans

Anahosur, K.H.; Patil, S.H.; Hegde, R.K., 1983:
Evaluation of PCNB against Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid causing charcoal rot of sorghum

Weiser, G.C., 1980:
Evaluation of Panicum virgatum L. for nitrogen related agronomic characters

Montgomery, C.R.; Nelson, B.D.; Allen, M.; Mason, L.; Mowers, R.P., 1983:
Evaluation of Pensacola Bahiagrass and Alicia Bermudagrass with and without interplanted ryegrass and red clover

Rogers, R.L.; Crawford, S.H.; Retzinger, E.J.; Richard, P., .:
Evaluation of Pix plant growth regulator

Anonymous, 1981:
Evaluation of Reldan insecticide (chlorpyrifos-methyl) as a protectant for stored grains

Escuder, A.M.Q. de, 1982:
Evaluation of Rhizobium in tropical forage legumes

Derouin, F.; Garin, Y.; Sarfati, C.; Lariviere, M., 1982:
Evaluation of Schistosoma mansoni and S. intercalatum antigens for immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis by ELISA and immunofluorescence

Steel, R.J.; Whiteman, P.C., 1980:
Evaluation of Stylosanthes lines for oversowing into grassland on the Kongga Land System, Guadalcanal

French, V., 1982:
Evaluation of Vendex 4L (R) and Vydate L (R) for suppression of citrus rust mite

Sundarum, T.S.T.; Renganathan, P.; Mohapatra, S.C.; Ayyagari, V.; Johari, D.C.; Chaudhuri, D.; Garg, R.C., 1982:
Evaluation of White Leghorn strain crosses for growth, production and feed efficiency traits

Hoste, C.; Baumgart, J.; Cloe, L.; Poivey, J.P., 1982:
Evaluation of performance obtained with cattle given crude molasses at the Centre d'Embouche Bovine de Ferkessedougou, Ivory Coast. 1. Preliminary results

Lewis, G.E.J.; Kulinski, S.S.; Fallon, E.H.; Klyza, J.P.; Bryans, J.T., 1982:
Evaluation of a Clostridium botulinum toxoid, type B, for the prevention of shaker foal syndrome

Webb, K.L.; Dobson, A.J.; Tupling, H.E.; Harris, G.W.; O'Connell, D.L.; Atkinson, J.; Sulway, M.J.; Leeder, S.R., 1982:
Evaluation of a diabetes education programme

Nicolet, J.; Schallibaum, M.; Schifferli, D.; Schweizer, R., 1983:
Evaluation of a blitz therapy for chronic staphylococcal and streptococcal mastitis during lactation

Rakocy, J.E.; Allison, R., 1981:
Evaluation of a closed recirculating system for the culture of Tilapia and aquatic macrophytes

Marston, D.; Robinson, I., 1982:
Evaluation of a cold in-place cleaning routine for milking parlour equipment

Bissell, T.G.; Cant, P.A.E.; Tokley, R.P., 1982:
Evaluation of a flexible barrier material for the storage of anhydrous milkfat

Regulski, F.J.Jr, 1982:
Evaluation of a gasifier residue as a container medium for woody ornamentals

Anonymous, 1983:
Evaluation of a grape-vine financing scheme at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Hale, P.W.; Davis, P.L.; Marousky, F.J.; Bongers, A.J., 1982:
Evaluation of a heat-shrinkable polymer film to maintain quality of Florida grapefruit during export

Wierup, M.; Olson, P.; Hedhammar, A.; Klingeborn, B.; Karlsson, K.A., 1982:
Evaluation of a killed feline panleukopenia virus vaccine against canine parvoviral enteritis in dogs

Nelson, D.V.O., 1981:
Evaluation of a land classification in Nepal

Marston, D.; Robinson, I., 1982:
Evaluation of a low temperature (54 deg C) in-place cleaning routine for milking parlour equipment

Goering, J.D.; Dollhopf, D.J., 1982:
Evaluation of a mine pit water impoundment in the semiarid Northern Great Plains

Gay, S.L., 1982:
Evaluation of a model which predicts whole plant respiration from photosynthesis and biomass

Poklis, A.; Mackell, M.A., 1982:
Evaluation of a modified alcohol dehydrogenase assay for the determination of ethanol in blood

Tindall, E.E., 1983:
Evaluation of a new iodophor antiseptic

Das, K.G., 1982:
Evaluation of a novel controlled release herbicide formulation for controlling dicot weeds in crops

Andersen, F.; Crellin, J.; Nichols, C.; Schantz, P., 1983:
Evaluation of a program to control hydatid disease in central Utah

Richards, M.C.; Davies, D.H.K., 1983:
Evaluation of a range of herbicides for weed control in spring barley and effect on crop yields; 1979-82

Davies, D.H.K.; Richards, M.C., 1983:
Evaluation of a range of herbicides for weed control in winter barley and effect on crop yields; 1979-82

Martins S.B.; Hodapp S.; Dufour S.W.; Kraeger S.J., 1982:
Evaluation of a rapid impedimetric method for determining the keeping quality of milk

Mumaw, L.; Bruin, W.; Nightingale, J., 1981:
Evaluation of a recirculating freshwater salmon rearing facility using clinoptilolite for ammonia removal

Jain, M.G.; Harrison, L.; Howe, G.R.; Miller, A.B., 1982:
Evaluation of a self-administered dietary questionnaire for use in a cohort study

Downs, H.W.; Gerling, J.F.; Fain, D., 1982:
Evaluation of a sprayer equipped combine for application of herbicides during harvest

Tremblay, E.; Aufiero, A., 1982:
Evaluation of a technique for testing contact toxicity to aphids (Homoptera Aphidoidea)

Valsikova, M., 1983:
Evaluation of a tomato variety collection

Siebenmorgen, T.J.; Dale, A.C.; Jones, H.W., 1982:
Evaluation of a trombe wall solar energy system with planar reflectors

Belzile, R.J., 1982:
Evaluation of a vitamin and mineral replacer for liver in diets for mink (Mustela vison)

Goering, J.D.; Dollhopf, D.J., 1980:
Evaluation of a water impoundment constructed in mined land spoil material, Big Sky Mine, Montana

Chang, A.C.; Skaggs, R.W.; Hermsmeier, L.F.; Johnston, W.R., 1983:
Evaluation of a water management model for irrigated agriculture

Opatrna, M., 1982:
Evaluation of a world variety collection of perennials of the genera: Erigeron, Solidago, Monarda, Astilbe, Leucanthemum and Pyrethrum, and a revision of autumn asters

Straub, R.; Hoppeler, H.; Dettwiler, M.; Isler, R.; Gysin, J., 1982:
Evaluation of ability to be trained and actual performance of horses from enzymic and histological examination of muscle tissue

Isler, R.; Straub, R.; Appenzeller, T.; Gysin, J., 1982:
Evaluation of actual performance and methods to assess the optimum workloads for interval training in horses

Spaulding, S., 1982:
Evaluation of adult nonformal education programs: an international perspective. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society, 1982

Sutherland, D.J.; Khoo, B.K.; Fahy, A.; Kent, R.B., 1982:
Evaluation of aerially applied resmethrin and its synergism with piperonyl butoxide

Sulochana, S.; Rajan, A., 1981:
Evaluation of agar gel diffusion and passive haemagglutination tests for the diagnosis of endemic ethmoid carcinoma in cattle

Rowe, D.E.; Gurgis, R.Y., 1982:
Evaluation of alfalfa synthetic varieties: prediction of yield in advanced generations and average clone effects

Narayana, V.V.D.; Kalra, V.D.; Tiwari, A.K., 1980:
Evaluation of alkali soil catchment responses to reclamation through water balance analysis

Ross, C.C.; Lamade, R.M.; Combes, R.S., 1982:
Evaluation of alternate energy technologies for a southeastern dairy

Oehlrich, H.K.; McKellar, R.C., 1983:
Evaluation of an 18 deg C/45-hour plate count technique for the enumeration of psychrotrophic bacteria in raw and pasteurized milk

Haggard, D.L.; Johnson, D.W.; Springer, J.A.; Ward, G.E.; Vosdingh, R.A., 1982:
Evaluation of an Escherichia coli bacterin containing the K99 antigen for preventing bovine neonatal enteric colibacillosis

Scholtens, R.G.; Patton, S., 1983:
Evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for occult dirofilariasis in a population of naturally exposed dogs

Street, D.A.; Taylor-Robinson, D.; Ackers, J.P.; Hanna, N.F.; McMillan, A., 1982:
Evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of antibody to Trichomonas vaginalis in sera and vaginal secretions

Woodward, B.C., 1982:
Evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay specific for human immunoglobulin G as a Screening test for detecting anti-toxoplasma antibodies

Nettleton, P.F.; Herring, J.A.; Herring, A.J., 1983:
Evaluation of an immunofluorescent test for the rapid diagnosis of field infections of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis

English, P.R.; Dias, M.F.M.; Bampton, P.R., 1982:
Evaluation of an improved design of farrowing crate, incorporating a farrowing cradle, designed to reduce the incidence of overlying of newly born piglets

Migaki, T.T.; Babcock, W.E., 1983:
Evaluation of an improved floor pen model for severe coccidiosis

Kamiya, H.; Suzuki, T.; Matsuda, H.; Tanaka, H., 1982:
Evaluation of an indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) on formalin-fixed liver-egg sections for the diagnosis of schistosomiasis

Storper, M.; Saran, A.; Ziv, G., 1982:
Evaluation of an intramammary nifuroquine product in the treatment of subclinical bovine mastitis

Wells, L.G.; Day, G.B.; Yoder, E.E.; King, C.L., 1982:
Evaluation of an inverting conveyor for stalk-cut burley tobacco

Kaplan, R., 1981:
Evaluation of an urban vest-pocket park

Taylor, R.W.; Griffin, J.L.; Meche, G.A., 1981:
Evaluation of annual clovers and red clovers for forage production in southwest Louisiana

Kuriakis, S.K.; Simos, E.; Andreotis, I.S.; Tsaltas, K., 1982:
Evaluation of apramycin soluble powder administered orally to piglets for the treatment of neonatal coliform diarrhoea. I. Pilot study

Kuriakis, S.K.; Sarris, K.; Tsaltas, K.; Andreotis, I.S., 1982:
Evaluation of apramycin soluble powder administered orally to piglets for the treatment of neonatal coliform diarrhoea. II. Dose titration study

Webb, R.E.; Hinebaugh, M.A.; Lindquist, R.K.; Jacobson, M., 1983:
Evaluation of aqueous solution of neem seed extract against Liriomyza sativae and L. trifolii (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Reed, D.K.; Jacobson, M., 1983:
Evaluation of aromatic tetrahydropyranyl ethers as feeding deterrents for the striped cucumber beetle, Acalymma vittatum (F.)

Vanco, B., 1981:
Evaluation of artificial methods of infection in testing red clover for resistance to canker

Blanchette, B.L.; Groth, J.V.; Waters, L.J., 1982:
Evaluation of asparagus for resistance to Puccinia asparagi

Markson, L.M.; Wells, G.A., 1982:
Evaluation of autofluorescence as an aid to diagnosis of cerebrocortical necrosis

Tayfour, A.; Milliere, J.B.; Veillet Poncet, L., 1982:
Evaluation of bacterial flora of cold-stored milk retentate

Glaeser, H., 1982 :
Evaluation of bacteriological quality of delivery milk

Munch, 1982:
Evaluation of bacteriological status of raw milk using the direct count (Bactoscan) procedure

Castano Jaramillo, M., 1982:
Evaluation of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germplasm for resistance to filamentous wilt

Mesquita Filho, M.V. de; Miranda, L.N. de; Kluthcouski, J., 1982:
Evaluation of bean cultivars regarding tolerance to aluminium toxicity in relation to available phosphorus in cerrado soil

Crow G.H.; Howell W.E., 1983:
Evaluation of beef sires for maternal genetic effects on weaning weight and measurement of genetic trends

Polasek, L.; Kaplan, R.; Bauer, B.; Dobsinska, E.; Sova, Z.; Hrdlicka, J.; Novakova, H., 1982:
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Evaluation of biological activity in calves of encapsulated vitamin A preparations from Czechoslovakia

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Evaluation of biological activity in chickens of encapsulated vitamin A preparations from Czechoslovakia

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Evaluation of biological compatibility between foliar fungicides and other pesticides in relation to their usage on groundnut crop

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Evaluation of biological components in decision-making in forage allocation

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Evaluation of blue holly cultivars in various landscape exposures

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Evaluation of brain smear technique as a method of diagnosis of Babesia bigemina (Smith and Kilborne, 1893) in clinically normal cattle

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Evaluation of breeding cocks from the quality of their caged progeny

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Evaluation of breeding value of bulls on the basis of pedigree and progeny performance

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Evaluation of breeding value of cows on the basis of their own and pedigree performance in Tharparkar cattle

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Evaluation of breeding value of rams for milk yield. II. Coefficients of correlation and regression among values based on different sources of information

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Evaluation of calcium cyanamide for control of Plasmodiophora brassicae (clubroot)

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Evaluation of carbofuran and aldicarb for control of Paratylenchus in chrysanthemum in Venezuela

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Evaluation of carbosulfan for rust mite suppression on Texas citrus

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Evaluation of carboxin, oxycarboxin, triadimefon and tolclofos-methyl for the control of white rot in spring-sown salad onions

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Evaluation of carcass lean and fat and their use in progeny testing for beef

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Evaluation of carriers for gibberellic acid application to stems of young sour orange (Citrus aurantium) seedlings

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Evaluation of cartridge filters for the removal of Giardia lamblia cyst models from drinking water systems

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Evaluation of catalysts for vapour-phase acetylation and antishrink efficiency of wood with thioacetic acid

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Evaluation of cell-mediated immunity to Marek's disease

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Evaluation of cement kiln flue dust as a potassium and sulfate fertilizer

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Evaluation of certain insecticides and intervals between applications for control of the leopard moth, Zeuzera pyrina L., on pear trees

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Evaluation of certain intervarietal crosses of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

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Evaluation of certain systemic poisons as pseudostem injection against banana aphid, Pentalonia nigronervosa Coq

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Evaluation of changes at the periphery of erythrocytes as indicators of physiological disorders in fish

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Evaluation of chemical control schedules against important insect-pests of brinjal seed crop

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Evaluation of chemical dip treatments for the control of stem nematodes in tulips

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Evaluation of chemical transport models on range and cropland watersheds

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Evaluation of chemicals for control of leaf curl of chillies

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Evaluation of chemicals for controlling Japanese honeysuckle

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Evaluation of chemicals for rice insect pest control at IRRI

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Evaluation of chestnut test plantings in the Eastern United States

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Evaluation of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) genotypes under Kovilpatti conditions

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Evaluation of chilli types (Capsicum annuum L.) for irrigated conditions

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Evaluation of chloride/bicarbonate exchange in the human colon in vivo

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Evaluation of chromic oxide in digestion trials with low and high fiber diets

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Evaluation of citrus plants for resistance to bacterial canker disease in relation to the lesion extension

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Evaluation of cleaning agents and procedures in dairy industry using the tracer method

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Evaluation of cleaning farmers stock peanuts prior to marketing

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Evaluation of cocoa tree transpiration via variations in soil moisture

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Evaluation of cold resistance in the genus Coffea

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Evaluation of combining ability in Gossypium hirsutum L. for some characters of parental lines

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Evaluation of combining ability in pure lines of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

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Evaluation of combining ability in short-strawed rye strains using a method of incomplete diallel cross

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Evaluation of commercial formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis for control of the Indianmeal moth and almond moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in stored inshell peanuts

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Evaluation of comparative cervical tuberculin skin testing in cervids naturally exposed to mycobacteria

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Evaluation of competitive ability of Rhizobium meliloti strains for nodulation in alfalfa

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Evaluation of complete diets containing cowpea hay for lambs

Reddy, R.R.; Prasad, D.A., 1982:
Evaluation of complete rations consisting of enriched sugarcane tops (30% DPW on DMB) silage and an economic concentrate mixture in varying ratios

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Evaluation of complex fertilizer manufacture based on systematic energy accounting

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Evaluation of components of genotypic variation in spring forms of triticale

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Evaluation of conditions for germinating Anthurium andreanum and A. scherzerianum seeds

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Evaluation of control capabilities of Trichogramma and results of laboratory and field research on Trichogramma in the Netherlands

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Evaluation of control policies for the grassland weed, Nassella trichotoma, in south-east Australia

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Evaluation of copper supplying power of soils for growing rice

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Evaluation of copper-resistant lactic acid bacteria when used in cheese starters

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Evaluation of corn hybrids for insect resistance

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Evaluation of corn hybrids in southwest Louisiana

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Evaluation of cotton canopy temperature to detect crop water stress

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Evaluation of cows of four breeds in the Udmurt ASSR

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Evaluation of critical limit of zinc in calcareous soils for predicting response of maize to applied zinc fertilizer

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Evaluation of crop desiccants for cane vigour control in raspberry

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Evaluation of crop residues as feeds for goats. Part 1. Voluntary intakes, digestibility and nitrogen utilization of groundnut and bean haulms

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Evaluation of cucumber varieties and hybrids for resistance to powdery mildew

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Evaluation of cultivars and planting dates of fresh market broccoli for central and south Georgia

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Evaluation of cultivars, progenies and clones of species of the genus Lotus L

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Evaluation of cultivated and wild species for glandular trichomes and resistance to potato tuber moth

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Evaluation of curcumin

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Evaluation of current population genetics theory

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Evaluation of cyhexatin against the pink mite of tea

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Evaluation of dam breeds and crosses for export lamb production

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Evaluation of damage to common beans by larvae and adults of Diabrotica balteata and Cerotoma facialis

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Evaluation of damage to cotton crops and a guide for a method of warning

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Evaluation of daylength in the threshold zone and influence of the graduality factor on the photoperiodic reaction of the cabbage white Pieris brassicae L. (Lepidoptera, Pieridae)

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Evaluation of dehydrated citrus pulp as a substitute for grain sorghum in diets for ruminants

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Evaluation of delinting methods and ways of sowing cotton

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Evaluation of deoiled niger varieties as manure

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Evaluation of detergent analysis in estimating nutritional value of browse

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Evaluation of determination of glucose in urine with some commercially available dipsticks and tablets

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Evaluation of dexamethasone, DMSO, mannitol, and Solcoseryl in acute spinal cord trauma

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Evaluation of diagnostic methods in human trypanosomiasis. Preliminary results

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Evaluation of different cell cultures for the detection of heat-labile enterotoxins of Escherichia coli strains isolated from pigs

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Evaluation of different methods of inoculation for the production of the milky white disease caused by the bacterium, Bacillus popilliae Dutky on the white grub, Holotrichia serrata Fabricius

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Evaluation of different methods of laying preparation of eri silkworm, Samia cynthia ricini Boisduval

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Evaluation of different paddy parboiling methods used in Sri Lanka

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Evaluation of diflubenzuron for Mexican bean beetle (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) control and impact on Pediobius foveolatus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

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Evaluation of dimension lumber made from dead-tree logs

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Evaluation of diphenamid as a herbicide for flower bulbs

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Evaluation of direct and indirect effects of mass selection in a maize synthetic

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Evaluation of direct sowing of oak

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Evaluation of disc coulters as affected by straw and cone index under zero till practices

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Evaluation of distillers dried grains with solubles in diets of turkey hens

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Evaluation of domestic sewage effluent of villages

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Evaluation of drought resistance in tomato using different screening procedures

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Evaluation of dwarf durum and aestivum wheats under varying planting dates in north eastern plains zone of India

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Evaluation of earliness in round-fruited and long-fruited tomato cultivars for mechanical harvesting

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Evaluation of early mutants in rice

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Evaluation of early versus late ryegrass at high N and a ryegrass white clover mixture at three rates of N for milk production

Baron, V.S., 1983:
Evaluation of early-maturing European and Canadian corn hybrids for grain and forage production in Canada

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Evaluation of economic effectiveness of herbicide application

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Evaluation of economics of rearing cattle of different productive types

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Evaluation of effect of cleaning and disinfection of milking machines using the 'Kala' detergent sterilizer

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Evaluation of efficiency of P sources for rice using 32P as tracer

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Evaluation of efficiency of sampling methods in natural grasslands at concave and convex sites in the municipality of Vicosa-MG

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Evaluation of egg quality traits in desi birds and their crosses with exotic breeds

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Evaluation of eggplant accessions and cultivars for resistance to Verticillium wilt

Satapathy M.K.; Anjaneyulu A., 1983:
Evaluation of emulsifiable concentrate and wettable powder insecticides for control of rice tungro virus disease and its vector

Peel, C.H., 1983:
Evaluation of ethofumesate for the control of Poa annua in Lolium perenne winter games pitches in the UK

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Evaluation of evapotranspiration by stomatal resistance, leaf water potential and crop temperature

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Evaluation of experimental activated Philippine wood and non-wood charcoals employing iodine adsorption

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Evaluation of experimental varieties of tomato for the market

Anonymous, 1982:
Evaluation of feeds of livestock interest. 2. Methodological aspects of in vivo digestibility

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Evaluation of field bean lines grown with shallow water table maintained at different levels

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Evaluation of field releases of laboratory-reared larval and adult Bactra verutana (Lepidoptera: Torticidae) for control of purple nutsedge

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Evaluation of fifteen herbicide treatments at five application dates for the control of seedling johnsongrass

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Evaluation of first cross (BL-M) ewes derived from three strains of Merino and their crosses with the Booroola in the south east of South Australia

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Evaluation of fish solubles as a potential nitrogen source for rice

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Evaluation of five enzymic kits for determination of triglyceride concentrations in plasma

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Evaluation of five introductions of Phalaris (Phalaris sp.)

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Evaluation of five new compounds against Schistosoma mansoni in Erythrocebus patas. Comparison with two known compounds (niridazole and oxamniquine)

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Evaluation of five systemic fungicides for control of Phytophthora pod rot of cocoa

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Evaluation of five terracing methods in soils of the slopes of the Rio Tezcoco basin

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Evaluation of five trap designs for sampling insects associated with severed pines

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Evaluation of five tropical grasses for growing Holstein heifers

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Evaluation of five white clover (Trifolium repens) cultivars and Kenya white clover (T. semipilosum) on the eastern Darling Downs of Queensland

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Evaluation of flowering crabapple susceptibility to apple scab in Ohio -- 1982

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Evaluation of flowering in some elder (Sambucus nigra) selections and cultivars

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Evaluation of fluorescent microscopy for the identification of malarial parasites

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Evaluation of forages ensiled in concrete stave and oxygen-limiting silos

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Evaluation of forms from a winter wheat collection for lodging resistance

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Evaluation of four Cucurbita cultivars and 3 fungicides for Oidium control

Patil, V.N., 1983:
Evaluation of four cotton genotypes for resistance to field weathering and seed deterioration

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Evaluation of four herbicide antidotes as sorghum protectants against injury from preemergence and postemergence applications of the herbicides chlorsulfuron, fluazifop-butyl and sethoxydim

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Evaluation of four introduced temperate grass species under grazing at Glen Innes, N.S.W

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Evaluation of fresh and frozen cattle embryos by fluorescence microscopy

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Evaluation of frost damage to apple blossom

Ugolik, M.; Ugolik, D.; Gawecka, M., 1981:
Evaluation of frost damage to sour cherry blossom

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Evaluation of frozen ram semen

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Evaluation of functional properties of whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolates. I. Isolation and characterization

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Evaluation of fungicide spray and seed-dressing on three spring barley cultivars in Northern Ireland

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Evaluation of fungicides against tikka and rust diseases of groundnut

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Evaluation of fungicides for control of black pod in Papua New Guinea

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Evaluation of fungicides for control of foliar diseases of new rice land on Mississippi

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Evaluation of fungicides for strawberry Botrytis control

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Evaluation of fungicides for the control of karnal bunt of wheat

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Evaluation of fungicides for their efficacy against blight disease of groundnut

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Evaluation of fungicides in vitro against Drechslera rostrata (Drechs.) Subm. & Jain, the incitant of leaf spot of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentus Millsp.)

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Evaluation of general combining ability in inbred lines of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Evaluation of genetic and phenotypic parameters of cassava characteristics

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Evaluation of genetic sources of lucerne (Medicago sativa L., Medicago varia Mart.) with regard to forage yield

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Evaluation of glyphosate and bentazone for control of Cyperus esculentus and C. rotundus

Creager, R., 1982:
Evaluation of glyphosate for weed control in cucurbits

Downs, J.P., 1981:
Evaluation of glyphosate rates and carrier volumes

Pamplona, P.P., 1981:
Evaluation of glyphosate, paraquat and Hoe 39866 for weed control in rubber and African oil palm

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Evaluation of grain and seed quality

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Evaluation of granular insecticides incorporated in peat blocks for cabbage root fly control in early summer cauliflowers

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Evaluation of grass herbicides for bermudagrass control in established alfalfa

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Evaluation of grasses under coconuts at Dala, Malaita

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Evaluation of green filamentous algae (Spirogyra and Cladophora spp.) as a feed ingredient for growing chicks

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Evaluation of group IV soybean varieties for special uses in Louisiana

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Evaluation of guar on deep siliceous sand

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Evaluation of hays for early weaned calves

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Evaluation of herbicide for weed control in corn

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Evaluation of herbicides for container-grown acerola (Malpighia punicifolia L.) under greenhouse conditions

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Evaluation of herbicides for post-emergence control of Galium aparine

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Evaluation of herbicides for the control of Mimosa pudica (L)

Steel, R.J.; Whiteman, P.C., 1980:
Evaluation of herbicides for the control of Para grass (Brachiaria mutica)

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Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in tomato

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Evaluation of herbicides for weed control in transplanted cabbage

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Evaluation of herbicides in post-emergence applications to Phaseolus vulgaris L. in the Chapingo area, Mexico

Salinas G.F., .:
Evaluation of herbicides to control Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon)

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Evaluation of heterosis and combining ability in some inbred lines of swede rape free of erucic acid

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Evaluation of high protein oats as a replacement for corn in diets fed to growing-finishing swine

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Evaluation of histamine content of cheese

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Evaluation of honeycomb selection for single plant yield in durum wheat

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Evaluation of human environment in rural sub-Himalaya of Darjeeling district -- some research techniques

Hammer, W.; Meyer, E., 1982:
Evaluation of husbandry methods for laying hens according to working time required

Dobrovol' skii, R.S., 1981:
Evaluation of hybrid populations of potato obtained from crosses involving the variety Gibridnyi 14

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Evaluation of hybrids between Salix alba and S. matsudana

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Evaluation of hydraulic flush systems at caged layer operations

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Evaluation of hygiene quality of raw delivery milk and after processing into market milk

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Evaluation of immunoelectroosmophoresis on cellulose polyacetate for assessing predation of Lepidoptera (Tortricidae) by Coleoptera (Carabidae) species

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Evaluation of in situ strength of aged timber beams

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Evaluation of in vivo digestibility of dehydrated lucerne meals: trials on rabbits

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Evaluation of indigenous grasses and minimum tillage of legumes for grassland pasture renovation

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Evaluation of infrared moisture analyzers for hog fuel

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Evaluation of inoculant viability on commercially inoculated legume seed

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Evaluation of inoculation methods and reaction of Phaseolus germ plasm to three isolates of Xanthomonas phaseoli

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Evaluation of insect control recommendations in a cropping systems program

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Evaluation of insect growth regulators from Azadirachta indica using rearing tests on honeybee larvae

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Evaluation of insecticide sprays against the cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (Linnaeus) on cauliflower seed crop

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Evaluation of insecticides against a malathion-resistant and a susceptible strain of the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae

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Evaluation of insecticides and time of their application for control of the red and black scale insects on orange trees in Assiut, Upper Egypt

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Evaluation of insecticides for coffee borer control

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Evaluation of insecticides for the control of mango shoot gall psylla Apsylla cistellata (Buckton) (Psyllidae: Homoptera)

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Evaluation of irrigation systems

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Evaluation of joint toxic effect of some chemicals in Diacrisia obliqua Walk. larvae

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Evaluation of landscape resources for recreation planning

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Evaluation of large scale aerial photography for identifiying areas of Armillaria root rot in mixed species eucalypt forest

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Evaluation of late pigeonpeas for intercropping with sorghum

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Evaluation of levels of protein and energy in the feeding of pigs. 3. Levels of energy and protein/lysine during winter conditions in Espirito Santo State

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Evaluation of lines of beans for resistance to Meloidogyne javanica

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Evaluation of litter size of purebreds and specific two-breed crosses produced from five breeds of swine

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Evaluation of loan 511-T-053 training programme, agricultural sector 1

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Evaluation of long term irrigation with wastewater on the heavy metal content of soils in the Whittier Narrows wastewater discharge basin in Southern California, USA

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Evaluation of long-term structural changes in particleboards

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Evaluation of long-time changes in soil potassium using the stochastic-empirical mathematical model

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Evaluation of losses and quality of mechanically harvested soyabean seed

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Evaluation of losses in the harvesting of sunflower

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Evaluation of low temperature resistance in a collection of autumn globe artichoke types

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Evaluation of lucerne cultivars with winter dormancy

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Evaluation of machine milking of cows on pasture on the Uniszewo farm

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Evaluation of magnesium sources for citrus trees

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Evaluation of maize cultivars in Norte Fluminense

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Evaluation of male-sterile forms and fertility restorers in winter swede rape

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Evaluation of materials for inducing runoff and use of these materials in runoff farming

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Evaluation of mechanical dewatering techniques for fresh citrus

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Evaluation of mercury uptake by the plant shoot

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Evaluation of methanol-grown bacteria and hydrocarbon-grown yeast as sources of protein for poultry: trials with laying birds

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Evaluation of methods determining population densities of cyst nematodes

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Evaluation of methods for determining internal gases in banana fruit

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Evaluation of methods for determining the apparent thermal diffusivity of soil near the surface

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Evaluation of methods for radioimmunoassay of progesterone in defatted and whole milk

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Evaluation of methods for sampling predatory arthropods in soybeans

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Evaluation of methods for the early diagnosis of Gasterophilus infestation in horses

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Evaluation of methods of processing dried poultry waste in terms of performance and carcass quality of broiler chickens

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Evaluation of methods of testing for the homogeneity of experimental plots in biometric research

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Evaluation of microbial testing procedure for dairy products

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Evaluation of milk replacers for dairy calves

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Evaluation of milk yield and production of Czech Pied bull dams

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Evaluation of milking technology and milk production hygiene, and proposals for their improvement on USSR dairy farm complexes

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Evaluation of mixtures of herbicides for the roadside control of seedling and rhizomatous johnsongrass

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Evaluation of morphological and functional udder characteristics in machine milking of cows

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Evaluation of natural revegetation of problem spoil banks

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Evaluation of nematicides for control of Meloidogyne incognita on Apium graveolens

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Evaluation of nematicides for nematode control and effect on yield of flue-cured tobacco, 1982

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Evaluation of nematicides for nematode control on field corn, 1982

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Evaluation of nematicides for root-knot nematode control of peanuts, 1982

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Evaluation of new apple cultivars

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Evaluation of new selective preemergence and postemergence herbicides for johnsongrass control

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Evaluation of new strains at Lindcove Field Station

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Evaluation of niger genotypes at Raichur

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Evaluation of nitrogen utilization in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition

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Evaluation of non-linear viscoelastic bending deflection of wood

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Evaluation of nonpoint sources associated with silvicultural activities

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Evaluation of nonstructural measures in Northeast states

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Evaluation of nutrient distribution in tomato plants at two stages of the vegetative cycle

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Evaluation of nylon bristle auger for handling of soybean seed

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Evaluation of olitorius varieties for yield potentiality under Orissa condition

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Evaluation of open-canopy cottons

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Evaluation of open-pollinated progenies for seed production in Lolium perenne L

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Evaluation of ovarian age grading techniques for Florida Culex mosquitoes

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Evaluation of pH controlled starter media including a new product for Italian and Swiss-type cheeses

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Evaluation of parameters determining rate of work and energy consumption in soil cultivation

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Evaluation of pasture and indoor maintenance of dry cows in summer

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Evaluation of pasture for beef cattle from measurements of cell wall in separated leaf and stem fractions

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Evaluation of pasture grasses and legumes on the Lungga Land System, Guadalcanal

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Evaluation of pea cultivars to Uromyces viciae-fabae

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Evaluation of peach cultivars

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Evaluation of peanut genotypes for root and shoot growth

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Evaluation of peanut genotypes for tolerance to Cercosporidium personatum using disease management strategies

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Evaluation of peanut skins (testa) as a feed ingredient for growing-finishing cattle

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Evaluation of percolation and leaching loss of nitrogen applied through urea in a vertisol

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Evaluation of pesticides for the control of chilli white mite, Hemitarsonemus latus Banks (Tarsonemidae: Acarina)

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Evaluation of phagocytosis in vitro of the fungus Candida albicans L-45 and evaluation of changes in the reaction to 5-nucleotidase in neutrophils of men chronically exposed to carbon disulphide

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Evaluation of phosphorus diffusion coefficient in a calcareous clay loam

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Evaluation of phosphorus placement methods and nitrogen carriers under conditions of maize-bean intercropping -- summary

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Evaluation of photosynthesis and root respiration of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell.)

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Evaluation of physiological and biochemical characteristics of the lactic streptococci when cultured in milk with different trace element contents

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Evaluation of piezo-resistive contents gauges intended for dairy factory use

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Evaluation of plant response to colonization by vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. A. Host variables

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Evaluation of plant response to colonization by vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. B. Environmental variables

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Evaluation of plant response to inoculation. A. Host variables

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Evaluation of plant response to inoculation. B. Environmental variables

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Evaluation of planting materials under commercial planting -- first report

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Evaluation of poly(hexamethylene biguanide.HCl) as a biocide in the food industry

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Evaluation of popcorn varieties for reaction to Goss's bacterial wilt and blight disease

Anonymous, 1981:
Evaluation of post harvest systems in the Caribbean

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Evaluation of postemergence herbicides for control of tropic croton (Croton glandulosus) in cotton

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Evaluation of potato cultivars introduced from Peru and Colombia

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Evaluation of potting mixes derived from urban waste products

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Evaluation of poultry offal meal in feeding broiler chickens

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Evaluation of power consumption in chip production

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Evaluation of present conditions in a water resource project

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Evaluation of private diesel tubewell subsidy scheme in the Punjab

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Evaluation of processing-tomato cultivars for machine harvesting in New South Wales

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Evaluation of propanidid in combination with different preanaesthetic agents in dogs

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Evaluation of propolis activity during experimental ulceration of the large intestine

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Evaluation of propylene and prppane from tobacco leaves exposed to HSO3- or SO2

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Evaluation of protein quality in poultry diets by biological parameters

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Evaluation of pyridate for weed control in drilled vegetable crops

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Evaluation of quality of cultured milk products

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Evaluation of quality parameters in some diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid oats

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Evaluation of rainfall energy in central Italy

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Evaluation of range plants at the San Juan mine, near Farmington

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Evaluation of raspberry cultivars for both horizontal and vertical training systems

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Evaluation of recurrent selection in BSSS, BSCB1, and BS13 maize populations

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Evaluation of red clover varieties compared to Iroquois alfalfa and Viking birdsfoot trefoil

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Evaluation of reproductive problems in cows by means of progresterone determination in milk fat. II. Causes of unsuccessful inseminations

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Evaluation of resistance in soybeans to soybean mosaic virus strains

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Evaluation of resistance of Scots pine seedlings to Hylobius abietis, in relation to their monoterpene composition

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Evaluation of resistance of recommended soya cvs. to Meloidogyne arenaria in Brazil in 1980

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Evaluation of resistance to Verticillium dahliae Kleb. in lines of Capsicum annuum L

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Evaluation of resistance to barley stripe mosaic virus in barley

Adamova, B., 1981:
Evaluation of resistance to stem nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci in lucerne varieties

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Evaluation of resources in small hydroelectric plants in the Congo (22nd Oct.-30 Nov. 1981)

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Evaluation of rice germplasm for resistance to bacterial leaf blight

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Evaluation of rices for drought tolerance for deepwater areas

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Evaluation of riding-horse tests for the estimation of breeding value in stallions

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Evaluation of rumen degradation of forage dry matter in sheep and cattle using the nylon bag technique

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Evaluation of ryegrass introduction

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Evaluation of saline and alkaline soils as pastures for effective animal growth

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Evaluation of scorzonera cultivars for yield quantity and quality and for suitability for canning and freezing

Egger, P.; Moreira, A., 1980:
Evaluation of seed crops

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Evaluation of selected flue-cured tobacco varieties with and without a nematicide for control of a tobacco cyst nematode, 1982

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Evaluation of selected herbicides on wheat weed control and yield

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Evaluation of selected indices for determining the guaranteed shelf life of 'Termix' products

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Evaluation of selected nematicides for control of a tobacco cyst nematode in flue-cured tobacco at three locations, 1982

Komm, D.A.; Elliott, A.P., 1983:
Evaluation of selected nematicides for control of root knot and lesion nematode in flue-cured tobacco, 1982

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Evaluation of selected strains from local peach trees grown in Egypt

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Evaluation of selected vineyard sites in Washington State

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Evaluation of semi-dwarf mutants in triticale and wheat breeding programmes

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Evaluation of semiarid mesoclimatic areas for agriculture and livestock

Petersen, J.J.; Meyer, J.A.; Stage, D.A.; Morgan, P.B., 1983:
Evaluation of sequential releases of Spalangia endius (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) for control of house flies and stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae) associated with confined livestock in eastern Nebraska

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Evaluation of serum arabinitol as a diagnostic test for candidiasis

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Evaluation of seven Cuban ecotypes of Guinea grass

Sanchez de L.A., 1982:
Evaluation of seven chemical compounds for the control of koleroga disease (Pellicularia koleroga Cooke) in coffee

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Evaluation of several Brussels sprouts cultivars for suitability for processing

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Evaluation of several milk sampling methods for the diagnosis of Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae mastitis

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Evaluation of several residual herbicide treatments for crop safety in swede turnip

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Evaluation of several tree wraps on citrus

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Evaluation of short day onion cultivars for southern Uruguay

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Evaluation of short-cycle cassava cultivars for Espirito Santo

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Evaluation of short-strawed wheats by the estimation of heritability for height

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Evaluation of shrimp and king crab processing byproducts as feed supplements for mink

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Evaluation of simultaneous knifed N and P applications for winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Evaluation of sites and services projects: the evidence from El Salvador

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Evaluation of six commercial honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) stocks used in Minnesota. I. Wintering ability and queen longevity

Sugden, M.A.; Furgala, B., 1982:
Evaluation of six commercial honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) stocks used in Minnesota. II. Aggressiveness and swarming

Sugden, M.A.; Furgala, B., 1982:
Evaluation of six commercial honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) stocks used in Minnesota. III. Productivity

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Evaluation of six varieties of mandarin

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Evaluation of six years of experimentation with minimum cultivation and zero cultivation in late sown soyabean after wheat

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Evaluation of slowly degraded proteins: dehydrated alfalfa and corn gluten meal

Brabec, D., 1983:
Evaluation of soil anomalies by discriminant analysis in geochemical exploration for carbonate-hosted lead-zinc deposits

Goldberg, L.F., 1982 :
Evaluation of soil chemical fertility

Haby, V.A.; Larson, R.A.; Wilson, R.W.; Hartman, G.P., 1980:
Evaluation of soil conditioners for production of corn, sugar beets and barley

Cointepas, J.P.; Makilo, R., 1982:
Evaluation of soil evolution under intensive cultivation in an experimental station under humid tropical conditions

Sequi, P., 1982:
Evaluation of soil structure

Anonymous, .:
Evaluation of soil tillage systems for cotton and soybean production

Singh, B.R.; Uriyo, A.P.; Kilonde, M.; Msaky, J.J., 1982:
Evaluation of soil-testing methods for available potassium in some soils of Morogoro

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Evaluation of some chemical dips for control of post-harvest anthracnose of chilli fruits

Sahrawat K.L., 1982:
Evaluation of some chemical indexes for predicting mineralizable nitrogen in tropical rice soils

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Evaluation of some granular insecticides for the control of white grub in coffee nurseries

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Evaluation of some herbicides for the control of weed populations in transplanted tomato fields

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Evaluation of some insecticidal schedules against important insect-pests of okra for seed production

E.B.issary, E.E.; Aboulroos, S.A.; E.F.laky, A.A., 1982:
Evaluation of some iron soil tests and the effectiveness of ferric sulfate in increasing the level of available iron in soils

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Evaluation of some lemon cultivars (Citrus limon Burm.) for their physico-chemical composition and yield under Hissar conditions

Okeke, J.E.; Kang, B.T., 1982:
Evaluation of some major soils from southern Nigeria for cassava production

Crombrugge, J. van; Bossuyt, R.; Renterghem, R. van, 1982:
Evaluation of some methods for estimating lipolysis in raw milk

Vachun, Z., 1983:
Evaluation of some morphological and physiological characteristics of apricot pollen

Rola, J., 1982:
Evaluation of some new herbicides for the control of Agropyron repens in sugar beet

Lazareni, A., 1980:
Evaluation of some new varieties of oriental and semioriental tobacco for yield, quality and disease resistance

Tiffney, W.J.; Eveleigh, D.; Barrera, J.; Mitchell, S., 1979:
Evaluation of some nitrogen-fixing plants for coastal zone management applications

Ripoli, T.C.; Mialhe, L.G., 1980:
Evaluation of some performance parameters of three combine harvesters of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Brown, R.H., 1983:
Evaluation of some pesticides in the control of cereal cyst nematode in wheat, 1981

Pandey, U.K.; Srivastava, A.K.; Ashok Kumar Singh; Panday, M., 1983:
Evaluation of some plant origin insecticides against gram caterpillar, Heliothis armigera Hubn

Hondrade, E.G., 1981:
Evaluation of some pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in sugarcane

Clements, R.O.; Bentley, B.R., 1983:
Evaluation of some seed-bed pesticide treatments to enhance seedling stand and herbage yield of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum)

Hanada, S.; Saitoh, H., 1982:
Evaluation of some soil factors in relation to the productivity of apple orchards. Preliminary report

Singh, D.; Ghosh, A.B., 1982:
Evaluation of some soil test methods for estimation of plant utilizable potassium in soils

Gupta, S.C.; Hameed, S.F., 1982:
Evaluation of some soil-applied insecticides against black beetle on standing autumn cane in Bihar

Chacko, M.J.; Sreedharan, K.; Samuel, S.D.; Ventakesulu, K.; Kumar, M.G., 1983:
Evaluation of some synthetic pyrethroid insecticides for the control of Eupterote spp. infesting coffee

Mandal, N., 1981:
Evaluation of some tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.) varieties for disease resistance

Mazyad, H.M.; Hassan, A.A.; Nakhla, M.K.; Moustafa, S.E., 1982:
Evaluation of some wild Lycopersicon species as sources of resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus

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Evaluation of sour cherry cultivars

Harsanyi, J., 1982:
Evaluation of sour cherry cultivars and clones in variety trials

Bekker, M.J.; Stoltz, M.A., 1983:
Evaluation of soya beans as a supplement for wintering of sheep on the veld

Carnielli, A.; Sonego, O.R.; Nascimento, J.R. do, 1982:
Evaluation of soybean genotypes for resistance to Meloidogyne javanica.

Smith, R.S.; Escurra, G.A. del R., 1981:
Evaluation of soybean inoculant types and rates under dry and irrigated field conditions

Naiki, T.; Morita, Y., 1983:
Evaluation of spinach cultivars for resistance to spinach wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. spinaciae

Alves, S.B.; Risco B.S.H.; Almeida, L.C., 1982:
Evaluation of spore amounts of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorok. produced per hectare during the epizootic phase of the disease on sugarcane leafhopper, Mahanarva posticata

Namikawa, O., 1981:
Evaluation of spray carnation cultivars. II. Effect of plant density and long day treatment on the yield of four cultivars

Plakhotnik, V.V.; Shevchenko, A.N., 1981:
Evaluation of spring bread wheat for resistance to Ustilago nuda

Perry K.B.; Morrow C.T.; Jarrett A.R.; Martsolf J.D., 1982:
Evaluation of sprinkler application rate models used in frost protection

Moor, H. de; Rapaille, A., 1982:
Evaluation of starches and gums in pasteurised whipping cream

Ugolik, M., 1981:
Evaluation of strawberry cultivars

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Evaluation of strawberry cultivars and selections in the two years 1980-1981 under plastic in Romagna

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Evaluation of subsequent pre-emergence activity following postemergence application of BAS 9052 OH, diclofop and CGA 82725

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Evaluation of substrates for woody ornamentals grown in containers

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Evaluation of sugarcane characteristics for mechanical harvesting in Florida

Polezhaeva, T.A., 1980:
Evaluation of suitability for machine milking of Black Pied and Kholmogor cattle populations based on external udder characteristics

Jarmul, I.; Reps, A.; Poznanski, S.; Zelakowska, H., 1982:
Evaluation of suitability of mixture of pepsin and microbiological substitutes of rennet in production of cheeses

Bodecs, L., 1982:
Evaluation of summer and autumn pear cultivars in Hungary

Petrik, J., 1982 :
Evaluation of supercharging of engines in farm tractors

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Evaluation of supplementary feeding programmes for preschool children

Kalab, M.; Harwalkar, V.R., 1982:
Evaluation of susceptibility to syneresis in milk gels by centrifugation

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Evaluation of swede cultivars for rearing the cabbage root fly in the laboratory

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Evaluation of sweet corn hybrids for yield and ear quality when grown under virus disease conditions, 1982

Ubilla, J.; Arboleya, J., 1981:
Evaluation of sweetcorn cultivars

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Evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids for the control of Hoplophorion pertusum, a cocoa pest in Bahia

Ball, P.J.; Cowpe, J.E.; Harker, D.B., 1983:
Evaluation of tail paste as an oestrus detection aid using serial progesterone analysis

Koziej, J.; Mazur, Z.; Krzyzanowski, J.; Malinowski, E., 1981:
Evaluation of technical characteristics and operational procedures of H-305 milking installations on private farms in Poland

Ivory, D.A., 1982:
Evaluation of temperate grass species for the eastern Darling Downs of Queensland

Braga, N.R.; Costa, J.A., 1983 :
Evaluation of ten soyabean cultivars using harvest index

Pawel, O., 1981:
Evaluation of tests for bacterial flora in dried milk mixtures for feeding calves

Rutgers, L.J.E.; Velden, M.A. van der, 1982:
Evaluation of the roll-and-suture technique for treating left-sided displacement of the abomasum in cattle

Srikantia, S.G., 1980:
Evaluation of the Applied Nutrition Programme and the National Vitamin A Prophylaxis Programme

Wandurski, A., 1982:
Evaluation of the Bayer preparation Prolan S (HCG plus oestradiol) in regulating reproduction on an industrial farm

Ponzoni, R.W.; Walker, S.K.; Walkley, J.R.W., 1982:
Evaluation of the Bungaree Merino and its crosses with the Booroola and Trangie Fertility Merinos in South Australia

Thorogood, S.A.; Prentice, G.A., 1982:
Evaluation of the Charm test. A rapid method for the determination of penicillin in milk

McGuirk, B.J.; Killeen, I.D.; Piper, L.R.; Bindon, B.M.; Caffery, G.; Langford, C., 1982:
Evaluation of the Collinsville Merino and its crosses with the Booroola and the Border Leicester in southern N.S.W

Folkema, M.P., 1983:
Evaluation of the Cord King FM-50 firewood processor

Egwang, T.G.; Slocombe, J.O., 1982:
Evaluation of the Cornell-Wisconsin centrifugal flotation technique for recovering trichostrongylid eggs from bovine feces

Guimier, D.Y., 1981:
Evaluation of the Dagslicer tree shear

Ryans, M., 1982:
Evaluation of the Donaren 180D powered disc trencher

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Evaluation of the ELISA test as an epidemiological tool in schistosomiasis

Nijskens, J.; Deltour, J.; Coutisse, S.; Nisen, A., 1982:
Evaluation of the K coefficient for greenhouse covering materials transparent for the long wavelength infrared radiation

Anonymous, 1982:
Evaluation of the Kosi embankment -- a case study

Johnston, K.A., 1982:
Evaluation of the Multispec instrument for infra-red estimation of milkfat, protein and lactose in raw milk

Epskamp, C.P., 1981:
Evaluation of the RNTC-project 'Training and research with regard to the application of the mass-media for education and information in Latin America and the Caribbean': Part II: case study: La Voz de la Selva (Peru)

Folkema, M.P., 1982:
Evaluation of the Tanguay EC-200 delimber

Churchill, S.; Omari, I., 1981:
Evaluation of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project in education for international co-operation and peace

Ovcharov, D., 1982:
Evaluation of the activity of bacterial preparations in forestry

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Evaluation of the adaptability of 10 vetch varieties in certain Greek environments

Smith, A.E., 1983:
Evaluation of the allelopathic influence of certain pasture weeds

Chessel, D.; Grasmick, C.; Miguet, V., .:
Evaluation of the annual productivity of bilberries in the Munster valley

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Evaluation of the antimalarial activity of the phenanthrenemethanol halofantrine (WR 171,669)

Anonymous, 1983:
Evaluation of the antimalarial activity of the phenanthrenemethanol halofantrine.

Miao Deqiang et al., 1982:
Evaluation of the application of the ELISA to the diagnosis of schistosomiasis

Schafer, R., 1982:
Evaluation of the biogas process by the use of models

Burikova, T.K.; Odintsova, V.I., 1982:
Evaluation of the biological value of hydrocarbon yeasts from their effect on lipid metabolism in dogs with hypertension

Bressani, R.; Gonzalez, J.M.; Brenes, R.G., 1981:
Evaluation of the caulote (Guazuma ulmifolia) fruit in the nutrition of steers

Vijayan, N.; Rajan, A., 1982:
Evaluation of the cerebrospinal fluid in cattle bearing ethmoid carcinoma

Verma, A., 1982:
Evaluation of the chemical control schedule against sugarcane top borer (Tryporyza nivella F.) and stalk borer (Chilo auricilius Dug.)

Bastos, T.X.; Dinez, T.D. de A.S., 1982:
Evaluation of the climate of the state of Rondonia for agricultural development

Spencer, J.P.; Olson, J.K., 1982:
Evaluation of the combined effects of methoprene and the protozoan parasite Ascogregarina culicis (Eugregarinida, Diplocystidae), on Aedes mosquitoes

Vozda, J., 1981:
Evaluation of the combining ability of genotypes by the factorial system of pair crossing

Tsyganash, V.I.; Palii, A.F., 1981:
Evaluation of the combining ability of normal and opaque maize lines by means of topcrosses

Shamanin, V.P.; Petukhovskii, S.L., 1981:
Evaluation of the combining ability of varieties of winter and spring wheat under different environmental conditions

Wieniarska, J.; Smolarz, K.; Lipecki, J., 1982:
Evaluation of the commercial productivity of 10 raspberry cultivars in Lublin region

Subramanian H.; Raja Mohanan K., 1980:
Evaluation of the comparative efficacy of various indigenous fly repellents against cutaneous myiasis producing flies

Tasistro, A.; Doll, J.D., .:
Evaluation of the competition between Cyperus esculentus L. and soyabeans Glycine max (L.) Merr. at three row spacings

Uzik, M., 1981 :
Evaluation of the contribution of growth rhythm and state of ploidy of cultivars to the variability of some characters in red clover

Jaekel, J., 1982:
Evaluation of the course of parturition in German Simmental cows

Carnevale, P.; Lallemant, M.; Molinier, M.; Mouchet, J.; Coz, J., 1982:
Evaluation of the critical levels of malaria transmission in a stable endemic area

Carnevale, P.; Lallemant, M.; Molinier, M.; Mouchet, J.; Coz, J., 1982:
Evaluation of the critical thresholds of malaria transmission in a stable endemic area

Dorynek, Z.; Skrzypek, R.; Halupka, E., 1981:
Evaluation of the dairy performance of daughters of the 50% British Friesian bull Clayandian 1702 GPz under different environmental conditions

Bab' yazh, I.A., 1980:
Evaluation of the degree of sterility of seed plants

Seligson, U.; Cho, J.W.; Ihre, T.; Lundh, G.; Pyk, E., 1982:
Evaluation of the diagnosis pancreatitis

Rod, J.; Weiling, F., 1981:
Evaluation of the dynamics of yield in perennial multiple-cut fodder crops

Jablonska Ceglarek, R., 1981:
Evaluation of the economic effectiveness of irrigating late head cabbage and celeriac grown after green manures

Kennedy, E.T.; Gershoff, S.; Reed, R.; Austin, J.E., 1982:
Evaluation of the effect of WIC supplemental feeding on birth weight

Naciri, M.; Yvoré, P.; Conan, L., 1982:
Evaluation of the effect of anticoccidial drugs on size of parasite population and its development in litters

Hameister, G.; Ziegler, H., 1982:
Evaluation of the effect of higher end fattening weights on carcass quality of pigs

Mokrousova, E.P., 1980:
Evaluation of the effect of hormonal substances on laboratory and natural populations of the meadow moth

Angus, K.W.; Sherwood, D.; Hutchison, G.; Campbell, I., 1982:
Evaluation of the effect of two aldehyde-based disinfectants on the infectivity of faecal cryptosporidia for mice

Pokorny, M.; Bauer, B.; Polasek, L.; Tejnora, J.; Hovorka, F.; Pavlik, J.; Pour, M., 1982:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a new feed supplement for sows and boars

Martinez, V.A., 1982:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a training program

Dobrzanski, A.; Palczynski, J.; Kaczor, M.; Rzymowska, R., 1981:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of several herbicides applied post-emergence in onions grown from seed

Kaminski, J.; Krempa, T.; Konopka, S., 1981:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the enzyme preparation Promase for fattening bulls on a complete dry feed with NPN

Krempa, T.; Konopka, S.; Osieglowski, S., 1981:
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the enzyme preparation Promase in feeds for calves

Sanchez Conde, M.P.; Azuara, P., 1980:
Evaluation of the effects of iso-osmotic solutions of NaCl or PEG-4000 on maize (Zea mays)

Milton, R.C., 1982:
Evaluation of the efficacy of programs for the control of severe xerophthalmia

Kharitonovich, M.V., 1980:
Evaluation of the energy of heat exchangers in ventilation sytems on farms

Merriam, TL.; Axtell, RC., 1982:
Evaluation of the entomogenous fungi Culicinomyces clavosporus and Lagenidium giganteum for control of the salt marsh mosquito, Aedes taeniorhynchus

Hassan, F.; Abdel Wahab, M.F.; Nosseur, A.; Sedeek, S.; Shehata, A.; Masood, M.A., 1979:
Evaluation of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in the immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis

Steel, R.J.; Whiteman, P.C., 1980:
Evaluation of the establishment of four grasses and four legumes for oversowing in natural grasslands on the Kongga Land System, Guadalcanal

Hossary, A.M.El, 1982:
Evaluation of the existing systems of multi-farm use of agricultural machinery in Egypt

Abbas, B.; Riemann, H.; Behymer, D.E., 1983:
Evaluation of the fluorescent antibody test for diagnosis of paratuberculosis

Korban, N.V.; Moroz, L.G.; Shapiev, I.S.; Rustenova, R.M., 1983:
Evaluation of the freezability of boar semen by resistance to cold shock

Holubowicz, T.; Bojar, K., 1981:
Evaluation of the frost resistance of 8 black currant cultivars

Schachnai, A.; Barash, I., 1982:
Evaluation of the fungicides CGA 64251, guazatine, sodium o-phenylphenate, and imazalil for control of sour rot on lemon fruits

Dremlyuk, G.K. (Dremliuk, G.K), 1980:
Evaluation of the general and specific combining ability of male-sterile lines of grain sorghum

Adebambo O.A., 1982:
Evaluation of the genetic potential of the Nigerian indigenous pig

Reddy, A.R.; Venkateswarlu, S.; Vaid, K.L.; Singh, R.M., 1983:
Evaluation of the germplasm of rajmash with special reference to bean fly infestation

Matejka, J.; Smicr, V., 1982:
Evaluation of the gripping properties of tractor tyres

Petrikova, K., 1982:
Evaluation of the growth analysis of radish (Raphanus sativus var. radicula) grown in different climatic conditions

Mottl, J.; Sterba, S., 1975:
Evaluation of the growth of shrub willows from the viewpoint of suitability for the biological stabilization of stream banks

Iyer, J.G.; Kubler, H., 1981:
Evaluation of the growth potential of forestry planting stock

Dingeldein, W., 1982:
Evaluation of the health status of a roe deer population in an experimental colony during 1976-1981

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Evaluation of the health status of nomadic and semi-nomadic populations of Gourma, Mali -- epidemiological approach. II. Results and conclusion

King, D.J.; Hopkins, S.R., 1983:
Evaluation of the hemagglutination-inhibition test for measuring the response of chickens to avian infectious bronchitis virus vaccination

Sramek, P., 1981:
Evaluation of the heritability of certain characters in breeding materials of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.)

Petrova, E., 1982:
Evaluation of the hyacinth cultivar collection at Pruhonice in 1976-1979

Maher Ali, A.; Moftah, S.A.; Rizk, G.A., 1978:
Evaluation of the impact of certain predators on the population density of egg-masses of the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) in cotton fields

Anonymous, 1982:
Evaluation of the impact of credit plan for Parbhani District: 1974-79

Laudanska, H.; Malyszko, E.; Szarmach, H.; Niczyporuk, W., 1980:
Evaluation of the indirect immunofluorescence test for the serodiagnosis of trichomoniasis

Popova, M.B., 1981:
Evaluation of the infection of seed rice with Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942

Sanchez Conde, M.P., 1982:
Evaluation of the influence of different potassium levels and light on vitamin C content in lettuce

Reed, K.L.; Shumway, J.S.; Walker, R.B.; Bledsoe, C.S., 1983:
Evaluation of the interaction of two environmental factors affecting Douglas-fir seedling growth: light and nitrogen

Weiling, F.; Rod, J., 1982:
Evaluation of the interaction with the environment in perennial multiple-cut fodder crops

Reiter, B.; Fulford, R.J.; Marshall, V.M.; Yarrow, N.H.; Ducker, M.J.; Knutsson, M., 1982:
Evaluation of the lactoperoxidase system in rearing dairy calves

Hagihara, A.; Ninomiya, I.; Hozumi, K., 1982:
Evaluation of the light climate in a Chamaecyparis obtusa plantation by a chemical light-meter

Bellomonte, G.; Carratu, B.; Dommarco, R.; Giammarioli, S.; Sanzini, E., 1982:
Evaluation of the lipid composition of some infant formula

Vondracek, J.; Kloutvor, J., 1979:
Evaluation of the main pomological and economic fruit characteristics in pear cultivars

Luck H.; Lategan B., 1983:
Evaluation of the manual plate loop method for determining the total bacterial count of refrigerated milk

Boudin, C.; Moreau, J.P., 1979:
Evaluation of the mass treatment of Schistosoma mansoni infection using single, repeated doses of oxamniquine (Vansil)

Robin, P.; Conejero, G.; Passama, L.; Salsac, L., 1983:
Evaluation of the metabolic nitrate pool by in situ measurement of nitrate reduction

Nascimento Junior, D. do; Ludwig, A.; Moreira, J.O., 1982:
Evaluation of the method of double sampling for estimation of available green matter in natural grasslands in Vicosa, MG

Mohapatra, T.M.; Sen, P.C., 1983:
Evaluation of the micro-ELISA technique in the serodiagnosis of invasive amoebiasis

Guthrie, T.F., 1981:
Evaluation of the nitrification inhibitors N-Serve and ATC with urea fertilizer

Prudente, V.R.; Mabesa, L.B., 1981:
Evaluation of the nutritional quality of flours from mungo (Vigna radiata L. Wilzeck) sprouts

Renner, E., 1983:
Evaluation of the nutritive value of yoghurt

Petersen, U.; Vemmer, H., 1981:
Evaluation of the optimal supplement of phosphorus for growing pigs given cereal rations to appetite

Hamad, M.A.; Abdel Dayem, A.M.; E.H.lwagi, M.M., 1981:
Evaluation of the performance of two rural biogas units of Indian and Chinese design

Jadin, P., 1981:
Evaluation of the phosphate fertilizer requirements of the cacao tree

Fenton, R.; Mansfield, T.A.; Jarvis, R.G., 1982:
Evaluation of the possibilities for modifying stomatal movement

Arcioni, S.; Veronesi, F.; Mariotti, D.; Falcinelli, M., 1983:
Evaluation of the possibility to improve protein yield in Lolium perenne L

Zurawicz, E.; Smolarz, K., 1982:
Evaluation of the productivity of 23 strawberry cultivars in the conditions of central Poland

Notheisz, K., 1983:
Evaluation of the protein conversion factor NX 6.25 as related to the variation of the amino acid composition in maize

Lina S.; Reddy P.R., 1983:
Evaluation of the protein quality of food mixes in albino rats

Lablee, J., 1982:
Evaluation of the quality of dried skim milk for cheesemaking

Alloisio, V.; Mainetti, F.; Milesi, O., 1982:
Evaluation of the quality of milk destined for the manufacture of Grana Padano cheese

Boreskov, G.K.; Ivanov, A.A.; Matros, Y.S.; Belyaeva, N.P.; Balashov, A.A.; Bunimovich, G.A., 1982:
Evaluation of the rate of oxidation of sulfur dioxide on an industrial vanadium catalyst

Solukha, B.V.; Balakhnin, I.A.; Davydov, O.N., 1981:
Evaluation of the regulatory role of the fish-host on cestode numbers

Debnath N.C.; Mandal S.K., 1982:
Evaluation of the relationship of inorganic phosphate fractions of soil with available phosphorus determined by some chemical and biological methods

Balatskaya, O.I., 1981:
Evaluation of the relative drought resistance of a collection of Vicia villosa by the indirect method of germinating seeds in a sucrose solution

Mel' nikova, Z.V.; Lutova, L.A.; Evstigneeva, T.A.; Voilokov, A.V., 1981:
Evaluation of the resistance of different forms of barley to the insecticide Basudin and its metabolite hydroxypyridine

Pika, N.A., 1981:
Evaluation of the resistance of hybrid seedlings of potato to leaf roll virus

Adamova, B., 1981:
Evaluation of the resistance of lucerne varieties (Medicago sativa L.) to the stem nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci (Kuhn) Filipjev

Sementsova, M.P.; Bulyntsev, S.V., 1982:
Evaluation of the resistance of pea varieties to pathogens of root rots

Moletti, M.; Mazzini, F.; Villa, B.; Baldi, G., 1983:
Evaluation of the resistance of rice genotypes to Sclerotium oryzae Catt. by means of artificial and natural infection

Djuninski, B., 1981:
Evaluation of the risks of flooding of agricultural land situated down-stream of a regulating reservoir

Vasechko, G.I., 1981:
Evaluation of the role of mortality factors in the abundance dynamics of bark-beetles

Sabnis, A.; Jagadish, S.J.hagirdar, H.; Jayakumar, K., 1982:
Evaluation of the safety of propetamphos as an acaricidal spray in dogs

Bruchwald, A.; Dudzinska, T.; Dudek, A.; Wroblewski, L., 1979:
Evaluation of the schemes of Schwappach and Plonski for the course of change of mean height with age of Scots pine stands

Jankowski, J.; Proc, K., 1982:
Evaluation of the semen of Broad Breasted White turkeys of a heavy type on a commercial farm

Hieke, K., 1982:
Evaluation of the size and habit of Weigela species and varieties

Hendrix, S.S.; Overstreet, R.M., 1983:
Evaluation of the status of Texanocotyle pogoniae and Laterocotyle padreinsulae (Trematoda: Aspidogastridae)

Rod, J., 1978:
Evaluation of the storability of Czechoslovak cultivars of onion (Allium cepa L.)

Rebandel, Z.; Wierszyllowski, J.; Gruca, Z., 1981:
Evaluation of the suitability of apple rootstocks affected by Agrobacterium tumefaciens in the nursery

Rebandel, Z.; Przysiecka, M., 1981:
Evaluation of the suitability of some organic materials in strawberry cultivation

Materikin, A.M.; Kalashnikov, V.I.; Tishenkov, P.I., 1981:
Evaluation of the suitability of synthetic nitrogenous substances by measurement of the ammonia formed

Pogosbekov, M.I., 1981:
Evaluation of the tangential flexibility of a driving wheel tyre of a tractor

Kaspar, T.C., 1982:
Evaluation of the taproot elongation rates of soybean cultivars

O.C.llaghan, D.P.; Fairhurst, C.P., 1983:
Evaluation of the trap tree technique for the control of Dutch elm disease in northwest England

Ledward, S.; English, P.R.; Davidson, F.M.; Smith, W.J.; Varley, M.A., 1982:
Evaluation of the use of the progestagen allyl trenbolone to prevent premature parturition in the sow and in relation to the incidence of stillbirths and the viability of liveborn pigs

Zwierzchowski, T.; Bak, C., 1982:
Evaluation of the usefulness of oestrus synchronization in sows on an industrial farm

Wellemans, G., 1982:
Evaluation of the vaccination programme against bovine respiratory syncytial virus in Belgium

Nurita Toruan, 1982:
Evaluation of the viability of seeds of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis M.A.) stored under aerobic and anaerobic conditions by the tetrazolium test

Lovato, A.; Mulazzani, R., 1982:
Evaluation of the vigour of pea seeds in the laboratory using an electrical conductivity test

Reuter, H., 1982:
Evaluation of thermic effectiveness of UHT-plants

Entwistle, A.R.; Marian, S.E., 1983:
Evaluation of thiabendazole for the control of white rot in spring-sown salad onions

Gopee, T.J., 1983:
Evaluation of three NRDC pyrethroids against the sugar-cane froghopper Aeneolamia varia saccharina (Dist.) (Cercopidae) in Trinidad

Veiga, A.A.; Camargo, C.E.; Felicio, J.; Barros, B.C.; Tulmann Neto, A.; Menten, J.O.M.; Ando, A., 1982:
Evaluation of three induced short-culm wheat mutants obtained in Brazil

Arango Fierro, F.; Barona Redondo, D.A.; Baena G.D., 1980:
Evaluation of three methods of propagating ramie for agroindustrial use

Cid, J.R. del, 1982:
Evaluation of three pyrethroids for coffee borer control (Hypothenemus hampei)

Martinez G.A.; Chaverri, J.H., 1982:
Evaluation of three spray application methods used in Costa Rican coffee plantations in relation to coffee rust

Hussaini, S.S.; Moses, J.S.L., 1981:
Evaluation of tobacco germplasm for resistance to root-knot nematode

Vijayalakshmi, K.; Vaidehi, M.P., 1982:
Evaluation of tofu and its products prepared from soy-milk and combination with sunflower seed milk and skim milk

Gould, W.A.; Berry, S.Z., 1982:
Evaluation of tomato cultivars for processing

Vakalounakis, D.J., 1983:
Evaluation of tomato cultivars for resistance to Alternaria blight

Steineck, T.; Tataruch, F.; Onderscheka, K., 1982:
Evaluation of toxicity of gamma -hexachlorcyclohexane (lindane) on rabbits as affected by age, sex and condition

Munroe, C.E.; Samiano, A.R.; O.B.ien, D.T.; Trinidad, E.C.D., 1981:
Evaluation of traditional and itegrated weed control approaches in upland rice in the Philippines

Accatino, P., 1982:
Evaluation of transplanted true potato seed progenies: hybrid vs. open-pollinated

Parker, J.K.D.; Williams, C.M.J.; Kat, C., 1982:
Evaluation of triticale and wheat as whole grain drought rations for sheep

Ivory, D.A.; Conway, M.J., 1982:
Evaluation of tropical forage legumes for wheat growing areas

Spencer, J., 1981:
Evaluation of tropical germ plasm

Smith M.A.; Whiteman P.C., 1983:
Evaluation of tropical grasses in increasing shade under coconut canopies

Toure, S.M., 1982:
Evaluation of trypanotolerance by natural infection

Fimmen, H.O.; Karbe, E.; Djabakou, K.; Grell, H., 1982:
Evaluation of trypanotolerance through experimental infection -- possibilities and application

Martin, P.J.; Milligan, L.P.; Mathison, G.W., 1982:
Evaluation of two glucopyranosylamines as low release nonprotein nitrogen supplements for cattle: ammonia accumulation in the rumen

Martin, P.J.; Mathison, G.W.; Milligan, L.P., 1983:
Evaluation of two glucopyranosylamines as nonprotein nitrogen sources for cattle: digestibility and effect on growth and feed conversion

Veinoglou, B.; Anifantakis, E.; Fatouros, T.; Baltadjieva, M.; Edgarian, M., 1982:
Evaluation of two methods of Kefalotyri production on industrial scale

Looker, A.; Walker, S.; Hamilton, L.; Shannon, B., 1982:
Evaluation of two nutrition education modules for hospital staff members

Kristiansen, K., 1983:
Evaluation of two selective substrates for the rapid isolation of Pseudomonas species

Mathews, H.M.; Healy, G.R., 1983:
Evaluation of two serological tests for Trichomonas vaginalis infection

Gonzalez Y.M.; Flores M.J.; Cortes T.J., 1982:
Evaluation of two starting concentrates containing bakery wastes for dairy calves

Lindgren, BS.; Borden, JH.; Gray, DR.; Lee, PC.; Palmer, DA.; Chong, L., 1982:
Evaluation of two trap log techniques for ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in timber processing areas

Moline, H.E.; Johnson, K.S.; Anderson, J.D., 1983:
Evaluation of two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of acidic proteins of ribosome preparations for identifying plant pathogenic soft-rotting bacteria

Turabov, T.M.; Abullaev, M.G., 1979:
Evaluation of udders of female Caucasian buffaloes on milkability. (Preliminary communication)

Bartle, S.J.; Males, J.R.; Preston, R.L., 1983:
Evaluation of urea dilution as an estimator of body composition in mature cows

Birgel, E.H.; Belluomini, H.E.; Leinz, F.F., 1983:
Evaluation of urine findings in cattle with experimental Crotalus poisoning

Anonymous, 1980:
Evaluation of varietal resistance to Pyricularia oryzae in rice

Semikolenova, N.I., 1979:
Evaluation of varieties of Gossypium barbadense resistant to Meloidogyne acrita

Benedict, J.H.; Hyer, A.H.; Leigh, T.F.; Tingey, W.M., 1982:
Evaluation of various cottons (Gossypium spp.) for resistance to Lygus hesperus Knight

Muntifering, R.B., 1982:
Evaluation of various lignin assays for determining ruminal digestion of roughages by lambs

Barsanti, J.A.; Prasse, K.W.; Crowell, W.A.; Shotts, E.B.; Finco, D.R., 1983:
Evaluation of various techniques for diagnosis of chronic bacterial prostatitis in the dog

Smith, R., 1982:
Evaluation of various techniques for the pretreatment of sewage sludges prior to trace metal analysis by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Griffin, J.L.; Meche, G.A., 1980:
Evaluation of vetch for forage and cover crop production

Pasztor, K.; Pepo, P.; Pepo, P.; Egri, K., 1983:
Evaluation of water release capacity in hybrid combinations of mutant lines, using mathematical and statistical methods

Anonymous, .:
Evaluation of weed control programs for soybeans grown in a doublecropping system with wheat using different straw management-tillage systems

Mozie, O., 1981:
Evaluation of weight losses and rate of rotting due to mechanical injuries sustained during harvesting of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) stored in the conventional barn

Halfhill, J.E., 1982:
Evaluation of western yellowstriped armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) as a pest of lentils

Edwards, N.C.; Buehring, N.; Hovermale, C.; Askew, J.; Trevathan, L.E.; Harman, R.; Sanders, T.; Johnson, J.; Sciumbato, G.; Milam, M., 1982:
Evaluation of wheat & oat varieties in Mississippi, 1981-82

Veiga, A.A.; Felicio, J.C.; Camargo, C.E.O.; Barros, B.C.; Tulmann Neto, A.; Menten, J.O.M.; Ando, A., 1981:
Evaluation of wheat stem rust-resistant mutants at different yield levels

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