Feed intake of cattle. 3. Effect of order of giving the feed components on fattening and appetite of the young fattening bulls

Szucs, E.; Szollosi, I.; Weber Forgony, A.

Archiv für Tierernährung 32(2): 83-92


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-942X
Accession: 001078131

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3. From 100 to 480 days old, or 120 to 570 kg, 6 groups of 30 Simmental bulls were fed singly twice daily during 3 fattening periods. Daily feed was concentrate as meal based on maize, lucerne hay and maize silage, the 3 components being offered in a different order to each group. Daily weight gain and intake of feed and requirements of energy as feed units and digestible protein per kg gain did not differ significantly among groups, although daily intakes of DM, energy feed units and digestible protein sometimes did. At 400 to 450 kg bodyweight, or age 330 to 370 days, average rates of intake for concentrate, silage and hay were 89.4, 17.8 and 32.7 g DM/min. Rate of intake of concentrate or hay was highest when each was given first, and least when given third. Silage was eaten fastest when supplied second and most slowly when given third. The preferred daily feed order was concentrate, followed by silage, then hay.