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Flowering inhibition effects of long days preceding inductive short days on the short-day plant Hibiscus cannabinus cv. South-Selected

Ren, X.C.; Zhang, J.Y.; Luo, W.H.; Jin, S.P.

Acta Phytophysiologia Sinica 8(3): 213-221


Accession: 001079461

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H. cannabinus South-Selected seedlings were sensitive to daylength even before expansion of the cotyledons. Seedlings grown in short days or in 10 short days followed by light-break short days all formed flower buds within 16 days but if long days preceeded the short day treatment all were vegetative after 30 days. Use of a neutral daylength of 13 h light/11 h dark showed that seedling age did not cause the difference due to long day treatment.

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