Gaseous nitrogen losses in the form of ammonia from nitrogen fertilizers

Knop, K.

Rostlinna Vyroba 28(9): 935-946


ISSN/ISBN: 0370-663X
Accession: 001081376

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NH3 gaseous losses from urea (surface applied or incorporated to 2.5 to 3 cm depth in soil at 30-60% of maximum water holding capacity and at 20 deg C) and the effect of N-Serve on the transformation rate of urea, ammonium sulphate and two samples of IBDU were studied. Over a period of 28 days, the NH3 gaseous losses varied from 0 to 18.7% of the nitrogen content of the fertilizer. Zero or lowest losses were observed with the slow-acting fertilizers. The highest losses were observed when urea was left on the surface of soil at 30% of maximum water capacity, particularly on soil of light mechanical composition, higher pH and higher degree of base saturation. It was particularly in this type of soil that N-Serve increased the NH3 losses from urea, due to accumulation of NH3-N in the soil and to increased pH.