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Genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in Triticum and Aegilops. IX. The effect of alien cytoplasms on seed germination of common wheat

Tsunewaki, K.; Yoshida, T.; Tsuji, S.

Japanese Journal of Genetics 58(1): 33-41


DOI: 10.1266/jjg.58.33
Accession: 001081886

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Germination of 240 nucleocytoplasmic lines (12 different lines of Triticum aestivum as nucleus donors with 20 different cytoplasms of Triticum or Aegilops species) was investigated, using data obtained in the Genetics Laboratory, Kyoto University, since 1966. Some nucleocytoplasmic lines had lower germination than others. This reduction was observed in lines with T. timopheevii cytoplasm (type G) and nuclei of T. aestivum var. erythrospermum or T. aestivum 'P168','Salmon' or 'S615'.

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