Section 2
Chapter 1,083

Graft evidence for H-Y transplantation antigen similarity in different mouse strains

Mintz, B.; Silvers, W.K.

Immunogenetics 17(5): 533-535


ISSN/ISBN: 0093-7711
PMID: 6341215
DOI: 10.1007/bf00696876
Accession: 001082948

To investigate whether there is more than one H-Y allele, 8 mouse strains were derived by crossing C57BL/6JNIcr females with 1 male from each of 6 isogenic strains and 2 males from the Icr randombred strain, and young adults were challenged twice with spleen cells from B6 males . The results did not reveal any H-Y incompatibility with B6 cells among any of the males from the consomic strains tested. It is concluded that the specificity of the H-Y antigen has been preserved through evolution, and that there is only one H-Y allele.

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