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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090001

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090002

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090003

Khatamian, H.; Lumis, G. P., 1982: Influence of shade, media and fertility on growth of Taxus

Naidu, V. D.; Rao, B. S.; Murty, P. S. S., 1981: Influence of sheath blight infection on the levels of chlorophyll and 14CO2 uptake in rice

Itani, R. Y., 1983: Influence of sheathing gaps on wood floor systems

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Soemori, H.; Kuba, H.; Tsuji, I., 1982: Influence of sifting of pupae on the eclosion rate and flight ability of adult melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett (Diptera: Tephritidae) during a mass-rearing procedure

Georgescu, D.; Georgescu, D.; Buda, A.; Hiottu, D.; Grumeza, M., 1981: Influence of silage prepared from roughage and poultry manure in the feeding of dairy cattle

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Conover C.A., 1983: Influence of simulated shipping environments on foliage plant quality

Mallik, M. K.; Sanoria, C. L., 1981: Influence of single and combined cultures of Rhizobium and Azotobacter on yield and uptake of nutrients by lentil (Lens esculanta)

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Katyal, V.; Sasmal, B. C., 1982: Influence of size and shape of plot and block on experimental error in field experiments conducted with jute (JRC-212)

Paula Neto, F. de; Soares, V. P.; Souza, A. L. de; Ribeiro, J. C., 1981: Influence of size and shape of sampling unit on the estimation of volume, number of trees, and survival in a Eucalyptus grandis plantation in the Bom Despacho region, Minas Gerais

Grega, T.; Szarek, J., 1982: Influence of size of the teat canal on the results of field cell counts on milk

Fritsche, R.; Thiele, S.; Kegler, H., 1982: Influence of slurry on the population density of L. elongatus (De Man) Thorne et Swanger and on the virus contamination of soils and weeds

Ponz-De-Leon, Maurizio; Iori, Rosella; Barbolini, Giuliano; Pompei, Guglielmo; Zaniol, Paolo; Carulli, Nicola, 1982: Influence of small-bowel transit time on dietary cholesterol absorption in human beings

Watler, D., 1982: Influence of social situation on food consumption and growth in nymphs of the house cricket, Acheta domesticus

Marcos, A.; Cabezas, L.; Esteban, M. A., 1982: Influence of sodium chloride concentration in casein-agar gel on the diffusion rate of the proteinases of the thistle Cynara humilis

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090027

Mangat, B. S., 1982: Influence of soil and air temperature on I. nucleotide metabolism and growth of Phaseolus vulgaris L

Gribble, R. D.; Stritzke, J. F., 1981: Influence of soil applied herbicides on root carbohydrate levels of sand shinnery oak

Ortolani, A. F.; Coan, O.; Salles, H. C., 1982: Influence of soil compaction on the development of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merril)

Werf, H. van der; Hag, B. A. ten, 1983: Influence of soil compaction on the growth and yield of maize on sandy soils

Iida, W.; Hirano, K.; Nasu, M., 1982: Influence of soil conditions on the population and chlamydospore formation of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cucumerinum in the laboratory

Fabiszewski, J.; Brej, T., 1981: Influence of soil containing high levels of heavy metals on certain crop plants

Garg, B. K.; Kathju, S.; Vyas, S. P.; Lahiri, A. N., 1982: Influence of soil fertility on the growth and metabolism of wheat under salt stress

Helweg, A.; Rasmussen, A. N., 1982: Influence of soil fumigation with methyl bromide on the bromide content of lettuces grown in the soil

Colbaugh, P. F.; Terrell, S. J., 1981: Influence of soil fungicides on production efficiency of Peperomia griseo-argentea 'Blackie'

Flower F.B., 1982: Influence of soil gas contamination on tree root growth

Hernandez T, J. C., 1980: Influence of soil moisture content at different growth stages on the yield of maize, Zea mays L., in the State of Morelos

Bhatia, B. K.; Chaudhry, M. L.; Mehta, S. C., 1982: Influence of soil moisture levels on yield and water use efficiency of wheat and gram

Harward M.E., 1982: Influence of soil moisture on smectite formation in soils derived from serpentinite

Pavlyuchuk, Z.; Aseeva, I. V.; Sudnitsyn, I. I., 1982: Influence of soil moisture potential (tension) on dehydrogenase activity in soils

Muthuvel, P.; Krishnamoorthy, K. K., 1981: Influence of soil moisture regimes and N levels on the content and uptake of K by ragi

Muthuvel, P.; Krishnamoorthy, K. K., 1981: Influence of soil moisture regimes and N levels on the progressive changes in the content and uptake of N by ragi

Muthuvel, P.; Krishnamoorthy, K. K., 1981: Influence of soil moisture regimes and nitrogen levels on ragi yields

Saraf, C. S.; Baitha, S. P., 1982: Influence of soil moisture regimes, phosphorus levels and dates of planting on nodulation and protein content of lentils in North West India

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090047

Schulte, E. E.; Peters, J. B.; Simson, C. R.; Kelling, K. A., unda: Influence of soil pH on the establishment, persistence and yield of forage legumes

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090049

Shew, H. D.; Benson, D. M., 1983: Influence of soil temperature and inoculum density of Phytophthora cinnamomi on root rot of Fraser fir

Trudel, M. J.; Gosselin, A., 1982: Influence of soil temperature in greenhouse tomato production

Carter, WW., 1982: Influence of soil temperature on Meloidogyne incognita resistant and susceptible cotton, Gossypium hirsutum

Frankinet, M.; Grevy, L., 1982: Influence of soil tillage on P2O5 and K2O content in plant

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090054

Dominique, CR.; Yule, WN.; Martel, P., 1983: Influence of soil type, soil moisture, and soil surface conditions on oviposition preference of the northern corn rootworm, Diabrotica longicornis (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Hisatomi, T.; Minegishi, M.; Inden, H., 1982: Influence of soil water level and shelter from rain on the yields of tomato

Sieverding, E., 1983: Influence of soil water regimes on VA mycorrhiza. II. Effect of soil temperature and water regime on growth, nutrient uptake, and water utilization of Eupatorium odoratum L

Wang, Y.; Tian, Z. G., 1982: Influence of soil water stress on grain number in different development stages of wheat

Duncan H.J., 1982: Influence of soil waterlogging on subsequent plant growth and trace metal content

Hayman, D. S., 1982: Influence of soils and fertility on activity and survival of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Toth, G.; Nowinszky, L., 1983: Influence of solar activity on the outbreaks and daily light-trap catches of Scotia segetum Schiff. (Lep., Noctuidae)

Mohan, P. M.; Subhashini, K.; Yellamma, K.; Bhaskar, L. M.; Prameela, M.; Reddy, B. S.; Vanajakshamma, B.; Babu, K. S., 1982: Influence of solar eclipse on neurophysiological rhythms in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana L

Verlodt, H.; Denden, M.; Baeten, S. , 1982: Influence of solar heating by radiant mulch tubes and peak heating by air heater on a tomato crop

Kollenkark, J. C., 1981: Influence of solar illumination angle and cultural practices on the reflectance properties of soybean canopies

O'connor G.A., 1982: Influence of solution composition on sorption of zinc by soils

Mitic, S.; Jakimov, N.; Otenhajmer, I.; Milenkovic, D.; Bubanja, N.; Grubac, D.; Markovic, D., 1982: Influence of somatic cell count on growth of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus strains used in yoghurt manufacture

Nadejde, M.; Teodorescu, I., 1982: Influence of some ULV insecticides on egg parasites of Eurygaster

Yao, H. Q.; Zhu, Z. Y.; Cao, J. Q.; Xu, Y. R.; Chen, B. Y., 1983: Influence of some biological factors on the competition of nodulation of vetch between inoculants and indigenous strains of rhizobia

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Chaudhuri, S. K.; Ghosh, M. R., 1982: Influence of some modern insecticides on the incidence of Coccinella transversalis Fab., a predator of Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.)

Choudhari, K. G.; Desai, U. T.; Rane, S. D.; Patil, Y. S., 1982: Influence of some plant growth substances in reducing the fruit drop in sweet oranges

Simpson, A. M.; Suttie, J. M.; Sharman, G. A. M.; Corrigal, W., 1983: Influence of some sedative drugs on the appetite of red deer

Karasev, N. F.; Sobolevskii, V. I.; Yanchenonko, A. E., 1983: Influence of some trace elements on physical properties of erythrocytes from sheep infected with Cysticercus tenuicollis

Yates, W. E.; Cowden, R. E.; Akesson, N. B., 1982: Influence of some unique nozzle designs on uniformity of drop size produced by agricultural aircraft

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090077

Boman, R. L., 1981: Influence of source and level of non-protein nitrogen additions on the nutritive value of corn silage

Muthuswamy, P.; Govindaswamy, M.; Kothandaraman, G. V., 1981: Influence of sources and levels of potash in combination with N levels on sweet-potato

DuRant, J. A., 1982: Influence of southern corn billbug (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) population density and plant growth stage infested on injury to corn

Farouk A. Salih (Salih, F. A); Ali Khalafalla (Khalafalla, A), 1982: Influence of sowing date on the performance of four faba bean varieties at different locations in Sudan

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090083

Basso, F.; Barbieri, G., 1982: Influence of sowing rate and of nitrogen fertilizer on oat cultivars in a hilly environment

Nambu, S.; Inoue, M.; Tsushima, M.; Nishioheda, Y.; Murakami, K.; Koh, H.; Kasama, T., 1982: Influence of soy protein isolate on cardiovascular disease

Medrado, M. J. S.; Sobral, C. A. M., 1981: Influence of spacing and density on beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Rosinha) in Rondonia

Andreoli, C.; Fontes, R. R., 1980: Influence of spacing and plant population on seed yield of peas in the Federal District

Celerier, G., 1983: Influence of spacing on growth of seedlings in 'in-line' (or aligned) sown seed-plots

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090089

Prekoppova, J.; Boros, V.; Krcal, Z., 1981: Influence of special pure cultures on flavour and stability of Bryndza cheese

Jabeen M., 1981: Influence of specimen size on the amount of wood consumed by termites

Krizek, D. T.; Mandava, N. B., 1983: Influence of spectral quality on the growth response of intact bean plants to brassinosteroid, a growth-promoting steroidal lactone. I. Stem elongation and morphogenesis

Krizek, D. T.; Mandava, N. B., 1983: Influence of spectral quality on the growth response of intact bean plants to brassinosteroid, a growth-promoting steroidal lactone. II. Chlorophyll content and partitioning of assimilate

Hernanz, J. L.; Ortiz Canavate, J.; Lilis, C.; Val, L., 1982: Influence of speed and physical properties of soil in relation to the specific resistance and quality of work of mold board and disk plows

Zalasky, H., 1980: Influence of splash cones on outplanted conifer seedlings

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090096

Cabaret, J., 1982: Influence of stable and alternating temperatures on the evolution of protostrongylid larvae in land-snails

Maison B., 1982: Influence of stacking on the distribution of light energy in the photosynthetic apparatus

Hides, D. H.; Lovatt, J. A.; Hayward, M. V., 1983: Influence of stage of maturity on the nutritive value of Italian ryegrass

Gil, G, M., 1981: Influence of stage of maturity on yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco cultivars

Sroller, J.; Behal, J., 1982: Influence of stand density upon sugarbeet seedlings

Owens, F. N.; Gill, D. R., 1982: Influence of starting weight and breed on performance of feedlot steers

Bozdech, J.; Temmlova, B., 1975: Influence of stem taper on the estimation of the volume of whole stems

Vazquez, C. M.; Rodriguez, I., 1981: Influence of stocking rate and species on intake of grazing animals

Garcia Soldevilla, F.; Mederos, M. L.; Vazquez, C. M.; Rodriguez, I., 1981: Influence of stocking rate on the quality of forage selected by animals in four tropical grasses

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090108

Srivastava, R. N.; Gupta, J. S., 1982: Influence of storage conditions on seed mycoflora and viability of yellow cosmos

Pino, A. L. I.; Torrecilla, G.; Gonzalez, E., 1981: Influence of storage conditions on tobacco seed germination

Slusanschi, H., 1981: Influence of storage on cereal quality

Abrahamsson, K.; Sewelin, U., 1982: Influence of storage temperature on growth of Bacillus cereus

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090113

Merritt, RW.; Ross, DH.; Larson, GJ., 1982: Influence of stream temperature and seston on the growth and production of overwintering larval black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Accati, E.; Jona, R., 1982: Influence of styles development on longevity of carnation cut flowers

Shehata, A. E.; Magdoub, M. N. I.; El Samragy, Y. A.; Sultan, N. E., 1982: Influence of sub-lethal heat-shock, L-cysteine, L-asparagine and nisin on germination of psychrotrophic Bacillus spores in milk

Vitkov, M.; Ayarov, I.; Pesheva, R.; Dimitrov, T., 1983: Influence of subclinical bovine mastitis on lipolytic changes occurring in the milk

Kot, A. P.; Golubnichii, V. P.; Birman, B. Ya, 1983: Influence of subclinical colibacteriosis on the formation of immunity in chicks exposed to an aerosol of Newcastle disease and infectious laryngotracheitis viruses

Griffin, J. L.; Habetz, R. J., 1981: Influence of subsoiling and planting methods on soybean performance

Ide, G.; Hofman, G.; Ossemerct, C.; Ruymbeke, M. Van, 1982: Influence of subsoiling on the growth of cereals

Jablonsky, I.; Dederova, V., 1981: Influence of substrate composition and casing on mycelium growth and fruiting body development of Lepista nuda

Gosselin, A.; Trudel, M. J., 1982: Influence of substrate temperature on the growth, development and mineral content of tomato plants (cv. Vendor)

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090125

Baker L.M., 1983: Influence of succinylated whey protein concentrate on farinograph characteristics and bread quality

Montgomery, G. W., 1982: Influence of suckling frequency and bromocryptine treatment on the resumption of ovarian cycles in post-partum beef cattle

Kreuz, E.; Kratzsch, G., 1982: Influence of sugarbeet harvest date on yield of the subsequent cereal crop in different rotations on chernozem soil

Lal, R. B.; Jaiswal, P. C., 1981: Influence of sulphur fertilization on grain yield and economics of urd cultivation

Sotiriou, N.; Kick, H., 1983: Influence of sulphur fertilization on yield and quality in a pot trial with winter wheat

Khomenko, A. D.; Sinel' nik, A. D., 1982: Influence of sulphur on yield and fodder value of sugar beet

Ahuja, A. K.; Arora, S. P., 1982: Influence of sulphur supplementation with NPN containing diets on rumen microbial activity and their urea fermentation potential (UFP)

Sweetsur, A. W. M.; Muir, D. D., 1983: Influence of sulphydryl group interactions on the heat stability of homogenized concentrated milk

McSorley, R.; Parrado, JL., 1983: Influence of summer management strategies on nematode populations in a subtropical agroecosystem

Myers, S. C.; Ferree, D. C., 1983: Influence of summer pruning and tree orientation on net photosynthesis, transpiration, shoot growth, and dry-weight distribution in young apple trees

Toth, G.; Nowinszky, L., 1982: Influence of sun activity on the outbreaks and daily light-trap catches of Scotia segetum Schiff

Schilling, E.; Cheng, S. P.; Smidt, D., 1982: Influence of superovulation and high plasma progesterone values in gilts on embryonic development in the preimplantation phase. II. Egg migration and loss of embryos

Potkanski, A.; Ponikiewska, T.; Urbaniak, M.; Michalak, W.; Mrowinska, T., 1980: Influence of supplement of energy-containing feeds on the utilization of nitrogen in sheep fed on ensiled meadow grass

Asaoka, M.; Heins, R. D., 1982: Influence of supplemental light and preforcing storage treatments on the forcing of 'Red Garnette' rose as a pot plant

Stevenson, J. S.; Pollmann, D. S.; Davis, D. L.; Murphy, J. P., 1983: Influence of supplemental light on sow performance during and after lactation

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090142

Karasinski, D.; Woszczyk, J.; Bielinski, K., 1981: Influence of supplementing feed with premixes on blood morphology in growing geese

Franco, C. M., 1982: Influence of supraoptimal temperature on root development, growth, absorption and translocation of nutrients in coffee plants grown in nutrient solution

Barber, J., 1982: Influence of surface charges on thylakoid structure and function

Twedt, D. J., 1983: Influence of survey methods and sample sizes on estimated gene frequencies in a domestic cat population

Wade, M. H.; Du, Y. L. P. Le, 1983: Influence of sward structure upon herbage intake of cattle grazing a perennial ryegrass sward

Collins, D. P., 1982: Influence of sward type and management on the recovery of fertilizer nitrogen

Lynch, R. E.; Garner, J. W.; Morgan, L. W., 1982: Influence of systemic insecticides on thrips damage, plant growth, and yield of Florunner peanuts

Milch, W., 1982: Influence of taxation on the optimal useful life of machinery

Ferreira, E.; Martins, J. F. da S.; Silveira Neto, S.; Zimmermann, F. J. P., 1982: Influence of techniques on insects and upland rice production

Grinene, E. K., 1982: Influence of technological factors on the formation of aromatic properties in cultured butter

Kosikowska, M., 1982: Influence of technologically harmful microflora of milk on the development of bifidobacteria

Hagiladi, A., 1983: Influence of temperature and daylength on growth and flower yield of Anigozanthos manglesii D. Don (Haemodoraceae)

Szyjewicz, E.; Kliewer, W. M., 1982: Influence of temperature and ethephon concentration on growth and composition of Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines

Hidalgo, O. A.; Echandi, E., 1983: Influence of temperature and length of storage on resistance of potato to tuber rot induced by Erwinia chrysanthemi

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090161

Jacobi, W. R.; Main, C. E.; Powell, N. T., 1983: Influence of temperature and rainfall on the development of tobacco black shank

Morgan, R. P.; II.; Rasin, V. J. Jr., 1982: Influence of temperature and salinity on development of white perch eggs

Nicholls, P. B., 1982: Influence of temperature during grain growth and ripening of barley on the subsequent response to exogenous gibberellic acid

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090165

Gershun, V. I., 1983: Influence of temperature of the population of Listeria monocytogenes on inanimate objects

Chen, C. N.; Su, W. Y., 1982: Influence of temperature on development and leaf consumption of three caterpillars on cauliflower

Williams, P. C.; Norris, K. H.; Zarowski, W. S., 1982: Influence of temperature on estimation of protein and moisture in wheat by near-infrared reflectance

Bloc, D.; Gay, J. P.; Gouet, J. P., 1983: Influence of temperature on maize development

Fik, A. S.; Boguslavskii, S. V., 1982: Influence of temperature on the composition of HNO3-H2O-N2O4 mixtures

Yadav, P. R.; Yadav, C. R.; Sachan, J. N., 1983: Influence of temperature on the development of cabbage semilooper, Trichoplusia ni Hub

Fukada, K.; Okayasu, Y.; Haraguchi, T., 1981: Influence of temperature on the growth and wood-decomposing ability of wood-rotting fungi

Sypek, Jp; Burreson, Em, 1983: Influence of temperature on the immune response of juvenile summer flounder, Paralichthys dentatus, and its role in the elimination of Trypanoplasma bullocki infections

Robin, J. C., 1980: Influence of temperature on the induction of diapause of the European corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn (Lepidoptera Pyralidae) of different geographic origins

Bernard D.T., 1983: Influence of temperature on the measurement of water activity of food and salt systems

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Sylvester, JR.; Holland, LE., 1982: Influence of temperature, water hardness, and stocking density on MS-222 response in three species of fish

Pravisani, L., 1981: Influence of temperatures on the host-parasite relationship in Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westw. and in Encarsia formosa Gahan (Hom. Aleyrodidae - Hym. Aphelinidae)

Pena, H.; Legon, C., 1982: Influence of the age at flower induction on some parameters of pineapple, cv. Red Spanish, quality

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090186

Vliet, T. van; Dentener Kikkert, A., 1982: Influence of the composition of the milk fat globule membrane on the rheological properties of acid milk gels

Aguilera, R., 1983: Influence of the course of bovine mastitis and the nature of the mammary secretion on the efficacy of treatment with a combination of streptomycin and penicillin administered by different routes

Baille, M.; Laury, J. C.; Baille, A., 1983: Influence of the covering material on the energy balance of a glasshouse: comparison of ordinary glass with low emissivity glass. I. Effect on heat loss

Baille, M.; Laury, J. C.; Baille, A., 1983: Influence of the covering material on the energy balance of a glasshouse: comparison of ordinary glass with low emissivity glass. II. Effect on internal microclimate

Hoser Krauze, J.; Gabryl, J.; Antosik, J., 1982: Influence of the cytoplasm of Indian self-incompatible lines on the earliness and quality of F1 cauliflower curds

Gocov, K.; Panajotov, I., 1980: Influence of the cytoplasm on pollen sterility and some other characters in wheat

Usui, M.; Hirota, H., 1983: Influence of the date of first cutting on the growth and chemical composition in the second harvest of cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) and tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea)

Granda L, M.; Borrallo B, J. M., 1982: Influence of the date of germination on the physiological development of subterranean clover

Baro, J.; Ondiviela, R.; Richard, C.; Rezola, R.; Hermosa, V.; Conde, E.; Iriondo, A.; Zubizarreta, A., 1982: Influence of the diagnosis and treatment of digestive candidosis on the finding of systemic candidosis at necropsy in patients with acute leukaemia and hypoplastic pancytopenia

Rus, F. et al, 1980: Influence of the drawn load on the stresses in the TAF-650 tractor's transmission

Dansereau, B.; Rioux, J. A., 1983: Influence of the duration of supplementary lighting on some ornamental foliage plants

Whitmore H.L., 1983: Influence of the estrous cycle on selected biochemical and cytologic characteristics of milk of cows with subclinical mastitis

Theillet, C.; Delpeyroux, F.; Fiszman, M.; Reigner, P.; Esnault, R., 1982: Influence of the excision shock on the protein metabolism of Vicia faba L. meristematic root cells

Khlebodarov, V. N.; Korzhova, L. A., 1981: Influence of the extent of rot in a log on the volume yield of sawn timber with log breakdown on band saws

Aksenova, N. A.; Frolova, L. A., 1982: Influence of the extreme weather conditions of 1978-79 on the condition of woody plants in the Moscow State University botanical garden

Metailler, R.; Dehapiot, T.; Huelvan, C.; Vendeville, J. E., 1980: Influence of the feeding level on growth, feed conversion, protein efficiency and chemical composition of juvenile European sea-bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

Alexandrakis, V.; Benassy, C., 1982: Influence of the food-plant, olive, on the population dynamics of Aspidiotus nerii Bouche (Homoptera, Diaspididae)

Bouchier I.A.D., 1982: Influence of the gallbladder on serum bile acids

Allavena, A.; Lancellotti, M.; Palmieri, S.; Soressi, G. P., 1981: Influence of the gene nor2 on some of the quality characteristics of the tomato fruit during on-vine ripening and postripening

Bin, F., 1979: Influence of the glandular hairs on insects on Lycopersicon spp

Hatzios, K. K.; Howe, C. M., 1982: Influence of the herbicides hexazinone and chlorsulfuron on the metabolism of isolated soybean leaf cells

Sazanova, E. Ya; Kuznetsova, S. V.; Kuznetsov, P. P.; Ivanov, V. S.; Blekherman, B. E., 1982: Influence of the heterogeneity of rabies virus on the rate of its inactivation

Laere, O. van; Greef, M. de; Wael, L. de, 1981: Influence of the honeybee on fireblight transmission

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090214

Machado, M. O.; Pauletto, E. A.; Gomes, A. da S., 1981: Influence of the interaction of limestone X zinc in the cultivation of irrigated rice

Martinez Cammasco, R.; Perez P, P.; Sanchez de la P, L., 1980: Influence of the late application of nitrogen on tillering, green area and dry weight of wheat

Jedrychowski, L.; Reps, A.; Poznanski, S.; Zelazowska, H., 1982: Influence of the method for preservation of calf vells on their suitability for rennet production

Karaziya, S. P., 1982: Influence of the methods of principal fellings on natural regeneration and species succession

Douault, P., 1981: Influence of the micro-climate on the survival and activity of domestic bees used for crop pollination in plastic structures

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090220

Indira, P.; Ramanujam, T., 1981: Influence of the month of planting on flower initiation in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.)

Jasinski Z., 1982: Influence of the number of attendant workers on the number of spermatozoa entering the spermatheca of instrumentally inseminated queens kept outdoors in mating nuclei

Echeverri Lopez, M.; Garcia Reyes, F., 1981: Influence of the number of suckers per planting hole on banana yields

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090225

Pecina, H., 1981: Influence of the previous thermal history of wood on the binding capacity of fibre aggregates

Berendonk, C., 1983: Influence of the relationship of the contents of Lolium perenne and Poa pratensis in a sward on the wearing quality of the turf, particularly in relation to the cultivar used

Lin' kov, I. M.; Boitemirova, I. N., 1981: Influence of the scale factor on the tensile and bending strength of plywood

Jeppson, R. G., 1981: Influence of the shoot apex on the development and yield of cereals

Cohat, J., 1982: Influence of the size of shallot bulbs for planting on propagation rate and yield

Walker, A.; Roberts, H. A.; Brown, P. A.; Bond, W., 1983: Influence of the soil conditioner cellulose xanthate on the activity and persistence of nine acetanilide herbicides

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090232

Corbea, L. A.; Martinez, H. L., 1982: Influence of the sowing distance in the establishment and production of King grass

Barnwell, J. W.; Howard, R. J.; Miller, L. H., 1983: Influence of the spleen on the expression of surface antigens on parasitized erythrocytes

Garcia C, A.; Garcia C, B.; Garcia C, L., 1981: Influence of the stage of maturity on the mineral composition of pasture species. III. Cultivars of Dactylis and Festuca

Hamm, D., 1982: Influence of the state of air on durability of exhauster devices and pneumatic conveyors in woodworking industry

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Ashizawa, I., 1982: Inhibition of germination in pollen grains taken from the pollen loads of honeybees

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090768

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Jenkins, C. L. D.; Rogers, L. J.; Kerr, M. W., 1983: Inhibition of glycollate metabolism by amino-oxyacetate: effects on pigment formation in higher plants

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090773

McCreight, J. D.; Schroeder, D. B., 1982: Inhibition of growth of nine ectomycorrhizal fungi by cadmium, lead, and nickel in vitro

Nes W.R., 1982: Inhibition of hepatic cholesterol synthesis in mice by sterols with shortened and stereochemically varied side chains

Crawford, Gpm; Howse, Dj; Grove, Di, 1982: Inhibition of human blood clotting by extracts of Ascaris suum

Caprioli R.M., 1983: Inhibition of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte function by components of human colostrum and mature milk

Ishii, D. N., 1982: Inhibition of iodinated nerve growth factor binding by the suspected tumor promoters saccharin and cyclamate

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090783

Gibbons, R. J.; Dankers, I., 1982: Inhibition of lectin-binding to saliva-treated hydroxyapatite, to buccal epithelial cells, and to erythrocytes by salivary components

Anderson, M., 1982: Inhibition of lipolysis in milk

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090786

Edwards, J. I.; Saltveit, M. E, Jr; Henderson, W. R., 1983: Inhibition of lycopene synthesis in tomato pericarp tissue by inhibitors of ethylene biosynthesis and reversal with applied ethylene

Wright, Ep; Guthrie, Cd; Salim, D; Hilditch, Tjo; Das, Pk, 1982: Inhibition of lymphocyte activation by hatching fluid from Schistosoma mansoni eggs

Norman, J. O.; Meola, S. M., 1983: Inhibition of melanogenesis in B16-F1 melanoma cells after exposure to diflubenzuron

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090790

Maleckar, Jr; Kierszenbaum, F., 1983: Inhibition of mitogen-induced proliferation of mouse T and B lymphocytes by bloodstream forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090793

Belcher, DW.; Thurston, R., 1982: Inhibition of movement of larvae of the convergent lady beetle by leaf trichomes of tobacco

Buczek, J.; Burzynski, M.; Sunder Moraw, A., 1981: Inhibition of nitrate reductase and ATPase activities in Zea mays roots by tungsten and N, N'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide

Belser, L. W., 1982: Inhibition of nitrification

Kick, H.; Poletschny, H., 1981: Inhibition of nitrification in fertilization with sewage sludge

Abreu Carvalhaes, T. M. P. de, 1980: Inhibition of oestrus in bitches by subcutaneous implantation of a progesterone derivative (chloramadinone acetate)

Bielecka, M.; Melan, K.; Ruszkiewicz, A., 1982: Inhibition of pathogenic and technologically undesirable microflora by Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus during production and storage of yoghurt

Pallas, J. E, Jr; Kays, S. J., 1981: Inhibition of photosynthesis by ethylene -- a stomatal effect

Tevini, M.; Iwanzik, W., 1983: Inhibition of photosynthetic activity by UV-B radiation in radish seedlings

Nakatani H.Y., 1983: Inhibition of photosynthetic oxygen evolution in thylakoids by cyanide

Hernandez, F.; Cannon, M., 1982: Inhibition of protein synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by the 12,13-epoxytrichothecenes trichodermol, diacetoxyscirpenol and verrucarin A

Section 2 , Chapter 1091, Accession 001090811

Manuel S.J., 1982: Inhibition of rat yolk sac pinocytosis by cadmium and its reversal by zinc

Bisaria, A. K., 1981: Inhibition of regeneration of Ipomoea fistulosa by chlorflurenol

Tomaska, L. D.; Parish, C. R., 1982: Inhibition of secondary IgG responses by monosaccharides: evidence for I-region control

Wink, M., 1983: Inhibition of seed germination by quinolizidine alkaloids. Aspects of allelopathy in Lupinus albus L

Dubois, G.; Smoragiewicz, W.; Charbonneau, R.; Gagnon, M., 1982: Inhibition of some pathogenic and potentially pathogenic bacteria by Streptococcus lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus helveticus

Pye, G. W.; Marriott, M. S., 1982: Inhibition of sterol C14 demethylation by imidazole-containing antifungals

Schmitt, P.; Rahier, A.; Benveniste, P., 1982: Inhibition of sterol biosynthesis in suspension cultures of bramble cells

Lawson, D. M.; Sensui, N.; Gala, R. R., 1983: Inhibition of suckling-induced prolactin release by estrogen in ovariectomized lactating rats: bioassay versus radioimmunoassay

Brown, K. D.; Blakeley, D. M., 1983: Inhibition of the binding of 125I-labelled epidermal growth factor to mouse cells by a mitogen in goat mammary secretions

Eguchi, M., 1982: Inhibition of the fungal protease by haemolymph protease inhibitors of the silkworm, Bombyx mori L. (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090829

Flint, D. J.; Ensor, D. M., 1981: Inhibition of the oestrous cycle of the rat by prolactin: mode of action

Kucera, M., 1982: Inhibition of the toxic proteases from Metarhizium anisopliae by extracts of Galleria mellonella larvae

Taniguchi, T., 1982: Inhibition of tobacco mosaic virus infection by ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

Zhuravlev, Y. N.; Pisetskaya, N. F.; Ledneva, V. A., 1983: Inhibition of tobacco mosaic virus reproduction in isolated tobacco protoplasts by means of pancreatic ribonuclease

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090835

Bottini, G. A. de; Bottini, R., 1982: Inhibitors of alpha -amylase extracted from potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tuber periderm inhibit the growth and tuberization of potato sprouts cultured in vitro

Vierstra, R. D., 1981: Inhibitors of phototropism in Zea mays

Kwong, C. T.; Wu, S. F., 1982: Inhibitory action of Limulus lysate on the lethal effect of Escherichia coli endotoxin to rabbits in vivo

Montamat, Ee; Burgos, C; Gerez-De-Burgos, Nm; Rovai, Le; Blanco, A., 1982: Inhibitory action of gossypol on enzymes and growth of Trypanosoma cruzi

Milward de Andrade, R.; Torga, L. F., 1981: Inhibitory action of magnesium thermophosphate on the fecundity of planorbid snails and its potential significance for the control of Schistosoma mansoni

Iino, M., 1982: Inhibitory action of red light on the growth of the maize mesocotyl:evaluation of the auxin hypothesis

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090844

Salehuzzaman, M.; Wilkins, P. W., 1983: Inhibitory activity of Lolium perenne associated with resistance to infection by ryegrass mosaic virus

Jonas, W.; Stankiewicz, M., 1983: Inhibitory activity of heated ewe serum for ewe and ram serum complement

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090847

Richardson, M. C.; Peddie, M. J., 1982: Inhibitory effect of PGF-2 alpha on hCG-stimulated progesterone production in vitro by luteal cells from guinea-pigs at different stages of the oestrous cycle

Ghaskadbi, S.; Mulherkar, L., 1982: Inhibitory effect of cytochalasin H on cell reaggregation of the fresh water sponge, Ephydatia meyerii Carter

Suzuki, H.; Ono, S., 1983: Inhibitory effect of feeding excess calcium on the activity of renal glucose-6-phosphatase of rats stimulated by either a higher intake of dietary protein or metabolic acidosis

Horta, A. E. M., 1981: Inhibitory effect of lysine acetylsalicylate, an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis, on expulsion of the placenta by cows

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Sharapov, V. M.; Kal' vish, T. K., 1981: Inhibitory effect of soils on spore germination, growth and development of zoopathogenic fungi

Perkins, M., 1981: Inhibitory effects of erythrocyte membrane proteins on the in vitro invasion of the human malarial parasite (Plasmodium falciparum) into its host cell

Frenkel, Jk; Smith, Dd, 1982: Inhibitory effects of monensin on shedding of Toxoplasma oocysts by cats

Kashyap, A. K.; Pandey, K. D., 1982: Inhibitory effects of rice-field herbicide Machete on Anabaena doliolum Bharadwaja and protection by nitrogen sources

Quinn P., 1983: Inhibitory influence of uterine secretions on mouse blastocysts decreases at the time of blastocyst activation

McLaughlin, B. D.; Holford, I. C. R., 1982: Initial and medium-term responses of white clover to three sulfur fertilizers on a basaltic soil

Machado, R.; Pedraza, J., 1981: Initial behaviour of grasses and legumes in Havana province

Rochester, E. W., 1983: Initial delay requirements in traveler irrigation

Raulo, J.; Rikala, R., 1981: Initial development of Scots pine, Norway spruce and silver birch seedlings planted on a reforestation site prepared in different ways

Kinnunen, K.; Lemmetyinen, M., 1980: Initial development of containerized Scots pine seedlings as affected by the volume of soil

Deura, K.; Hartley, JC., 1982: Initial diapause and embryonic development in the speckled bush-cricket, Leptophyes punctatissima

Buchholz, K.; Gallagher, M., 1982: Initial ectomycorrhizal density response to wildfire in the New Jersey Pine Barren Plains

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090872

Anonymous, 1982: Initial guidelines for a Community policy on tourism

Anonymous, 1982: Initial guidelines for a Community policy on tourism. Communication from the Commission to the Council

Rosnev, B., 1982: Initial infection and spread of Fomes annosus in Scots pine

Rasulov, D. K., 1980: Initial material for breeding durum wheat under irrigation in the south of the Uzbek SSR

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Babushkina, T. D., 1980: Initial material for breeding spring bread wheat in Tyumen' province

Dvornik, N. E.; Mel' nikov, A. F., 1980: Initial material for breeding spring bread wheat varieties of the intensive type in the forest steppe of the Ukraine

Kir' yan, M. V., 1981: Initial material of winter wheat for breeding for earliness

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Hoste, C. H.; Wiscocq, Y. J.; Trail, J. C. M., 1981: Initial progress on establishment of a network of trypanotolerant livestock herd

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Kaul, R. N.; Sharma, K. K., 1982: Initial spacing and growth of Pinus caribaea

Zak, J. C.; Parkinson, D., 1982: Initial vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal development of slender wheatgrass on two amended mine spoils

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Grijpstra, B., 1982: Initiating and supervising agencies; group approaches in rural development

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Gunnery, S.; Reddy, A. S. N.; Datta, A., 1983: Initiation factor-2 (eIF-2) activity in barley embryos

Chiovetti, R.; Jr.; Bovee, EC., 1982: Initiation of encystment by multiple contacts among starving amebas, Naegleria gruberi (Schardinger, 1899)

Bicker, G.; Pearson, K. G., 1983: Initiation of flight by an identified wind sensitive neurone (TCG) in the locust

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090900

Knee, M.; Looney, N. E.; Hatfield, S. G. S.; Smith, S. M., 1983: Initiation of rapid ethylene synthesis by apple and pear fruits in relation to storage temperature

Chulavatnatol, M.; Treetipsati, N., 1983: Initiation of sperm flagellar movement using rat demembranated sperm model: nucleotide specificities

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090903

Torello, W. A.; Mancino, L.; Troll, J., 1983: Initiation, growth, and maintenance of callus tissue derived from mature caryopses of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Lombardero, O. J.; Luciani, C. A., 1982: Injectable 5% Closantel against infestation by Dermatobia hominis in cattle

Crickenberger, R. G.; Harvey, R. W.; Linnerud, A. C., 1983: Injecting liquid supplement into corn stover stacks

Darvas, J. M.; Toerien, J. C.; Milne, D. L., 1983: Injection of established avocado trees for the effective control of Phytophthora root rot

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Perrin, R. et al., 1981: Injuries to beech trees and stands

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Black, C. R.; Black, V. J.; Ormrod, D. P., 1982: Injurious effects of low concentrations of SO2 and O3 on the leaf surfaces and stomatal conductances of field bean

Bejer, B.; Esbjerg, P., 1982: Injurious insects 1981

Kamenchenko, S. E., 1982: Injuriousness and economic threshold of the wheat thrips

Heagle, A. S.; Letchworth, M. B.; Mitchell, C. A., 1983: Injury and yield response of peanuts to chronic doses of ozone in open-top field chambers

Nelson, S. H., 1982: Injury to Poa pratensis from repeat applications of elemental sulphur

Eriksson, J.; Bergholm, J.; Kvist, K., 1981: Injury to vegetation caused by industrial emissions of boron compounds

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090918

Lovejoy, S. B.; Brown, D. J.; Weitz, J. S., 1983: Inmigrants in nonmetropolitan communities: more dissatisfied with public services?

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Getz, D. A.; Karow, A.; Kielbaso, J. J., 1982: Inner city preferences for trees and urban forestry programs

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090922

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090923

Hackett, R. I. J., 1982: Innovation and adaptation among traditional religions in post-Independence Nigeria; some observations and examples

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Shnirelman, V. A., 1982: Innovations and cultural continuity

Dwyer, D. D., 1983: Innovations in academic curricula for international education

Rangarajan, C., 1982: Innovations in banking: the Indian experience

Sohoni, A. W., 1983: Innovations in farm broadcasting

Grunfeld, A. T., 1982: Innovations in post-secondary education in China

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Wey, J.; Saint Macary, H., 1982: Inoculation of soyabean with Rhizobium japonicum in Senegal. Determination of the inoculum dose to be used in the field

Belalcazar Gutierrez, D. J., 1981: Inoculation of soybeans (Glycine max (L.) Merril) with Rhizobium japonicum and intercropped with sugarcane Saccharum sp. in Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Maden, S., 1982: Inoculation of sunflower with downy mildew (Plasmopara halstedii (Farlow) Berl. & de Toni), its evaluation, effect of temperature after inoculation on disease incidence and chemical control

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090954

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Chomchalow, S.; Visuttipitakul, S.; Piraman, P.; Tojun, P.; Juntarasami, M.; Boonmalisont, D.; Poonsawasdi, S.; Norman, B.; Tiensri, S.; Kachasenee, P., 1982: Inoculum production for winged bean and other grain legumes in Thailand

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090967

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090968

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090970

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090971

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090972

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090976

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090977

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090978

Section 2, Chapter 1091, Accession 001090979

Podolak, A.; Gregus, J., 1982: Input and technical supplies to agriculture in CMEA countries

Lutton, Tj, 1982: Input demand formulations and duality theory

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Yano, K., 1983: Insect antifeeding phenylacetylenes from growing buds of Artemisia capillaris

Dale, P. S., 1982: Insect attractants in plant quarantine

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