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Chapter 1,092

Interactions between grasses and rhizosphere nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Gaskins, M.H.; Hubbell, D.H.; Albrecht, S.L.

Proceedings of the XIV International Grassland Congress, held at Lexington, Kentucky, USA, June 15-24, 1981 Smith, AJ; Hays, VW Editors: 324-329


Accession: 001091627

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Sorghum bicolor and Digitaria decumbens grown in soil or nutrient sol. were inoculated with a strain of Azospirillum in short-term greenhouse experiments. Carbon compounds lost by roots in sol. culture experiments were determined in order to estimate the quantity of energy substrates that might be obtained by rhizosphere organisms from growing plants. Other plants were treated with auxin, GA and kinetin and responses were compared to those of plants treated with killed Azospirillum cells.

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