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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grabowski, R.; Yoon, B.J., 1982:
Intersectoral resource flows and economic development: the case of India

Graffis, D.W., .:
Interseeding legumes into grass pastures

Bongso, T.A.; Thavalingam, M.; Mukherjee, T.K., 1982:
Intersexuality associated with XX/XY mosaicism in a horned goat

Nassar, N.M.A., 1981:
Interspecific Manihot grafting: a way to maintain wild cassavas, Manihot spp. in living collections

Shen, I.S.; Chen, W.H.; Yang, K.S.; Hsieh, Y.H., 1980:
Interspecific and intergeneric hybridization breeding in sugarcane. II. Collection and use of Miscanthus

Rossant, J.; Croy, B.A.; Chapman, V.M.; Siracusa, L.; Clark, D.A., 1982:
Interspecific chimeras in mammals: a new experimental system

Schaefer, M., 1980:
Interspecific competition - its importance for the occupation of niches by arthropods

Jonghe, R. de, 1982:
Interspecific copulations in species of Bombus kept in captivity

Yamagishi, H.; Takayanagi, K., 1982:
Interspecific crosses among Brassica vegetables. I. Principal component analysis of heading characteristics in Brassica vegetables and their interspecific hybrids

Rousselle, P.; Eber, F., 1983:
Interspecific crosses between some Brassica species and Brassica napus L. Genome analysis of the hybrids and possibilities of obtaining male sterility in swede rape

Hagberg, P., 1983:
Interspecific crosses in oats

Seemann, J.R.; Berry, J.A., 1982:
Interspecific differences in the kinetic properties of RuBP carboxylase protein

Tepedino, VJ.; Parker, FD., 1982:
Interspecific differences in the relative importance of pollen and nectar to bee species foraging on sunflowers

Davydova, N.I.; Sverdlova, O.I., 1979:
Interspecific grafting in the genus Quercus

Somego, M., 1979:
Interspecific hybrid between Alnus sieboldiana and A. pendula

Zwierzykowska, E., 1982:
Interspecific hybridisation within the genus Brassica by in vitro culture. I. Artificial Brassica napus

Salesses, G., 1981:
Interspecific hybridization and cytology in plum

Arinshtein, A.I.; Mochkal, L.M., 1980:
Interspecific hybridization in Nepeta L. in order to produce breeding material

Cubero, J.I., 1982:
Interspecific hybridization in Vicia

Gepts, P., 1981:
Interspecific hybridization in breeding Phaseolus vulgaris L

Kalia, H.R.; Marwaha, C.L., 1982:
Interspecific hybridization in cattle -- A report of successful cross between Bos taurus and Bos grunniens in Himachal Pradesh (India)

Yur' eva, N.A.; Titova, I.V., 1980:
Interspecific hybridization in onion

Jacobsen, N.; Bothmer, R. von, 1981:
Interspecific hybridization in the genus Hordeum L

Pukhal' skii, V.A.; Lapochkina, I.F., 1980:
Interspecific hybridization in the genus Triticum L. involving natural and artificial spelt

Prakash, S.; Tsunoda, S.; Raut, R.N.; Gupta, S., 1982:
Interspecific hybridization involving wild and cultivated genomes in the genus Brassica

Pisani, P.L.; Roselli, G., 1983:
Interspecific hybridization of Prunus persica X P. davidiana to obtain new peach rootstocks

Sangduen, N., 1982:
Interspecific hybridization of annual and perennial Medicago species

Blanc, J.M.; Chevassus, B., 1982:
Interspecific hybridization of salmonid fish. II. Survival and growth up to the 4th month after hatching in F1 generation hybrids

Lukoki, L.; Marechal, R., 1981:
Interspecific hybridizations between Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek and Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper

Louarn, J., 1981:
Interspecific hybrids between Coffea canephora Pierre and C. liberica Bull. ex Hiern: preliminary results from the F1 hybrids

Nitzsche, W., 1983:
Interspecific hybrids between apomictic forms of Poa palustris L. X Poa pratensis L

Vysokos, G.P.; Suslyakov, V.S., 1981:
Interspecific hybrids of spring wheat in Siberia

Bernhardt, P., 1982:
Interspecific incompatibility amongst Victorian species of Amyema (Loranthaceae)

Bristol, J.R.; Piñon, A.J.; Mayberry, L.F., 1983:
Interspecific interactions between Nippostrongylus brasiliensis and Eimeria nieschulzi in the rat

McCaffrey, JP.; Horsburgh, RL., 1982:
Interspecific interactions between Orius insidiosus (Heteroptera: Anthocoridae) and Leptothrips mali (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae)

Duijm, M.; Oudman, L., 1983:
Interspecific mating in Ephippiger (Orthoptera, Tettigonioidea)

Blagov, N.A., 1977:
Interspecific parasitocoenotic relationships in the intestine of man

Kumar, P.M.; Das, K.; Sinha, R.R.; Mukherjee, P.; Sen, S.K., 1983:
Interspecific somatic protoplast fusion products in cultivated jute species

Oloo, GW.; McDowell, PG., 1982:
Interspecific trail-following and evidence of similarity of trails of Trinervitermes species from different habitats

Gill, A.S.; Verma, M.M.; Dhaliwal, H.S.; Sandhu, T.S., 1983:
Interspecific transfer of resistance to mungbean yellow mosaic virus from Vigna mungo to Vigna radiata

Paes, R.A.P.; Chieffi, P.P.; D.A.dretta Neto, C.; Nascimento, M. de F.A., 1982:
Interstitial pneumonia due to Pneumocystis carinii in malnourished children. A report of four cases

Younas, M.M., 1982:
Intertemporal household decision-making in rural developing countries: an empirical application to rural India

Gupta, S.; Mueller, R.A.E., 1982:
Intertemporal pricing efficiency in agricultural markets: the case of slaughter hogs in West Germany

Ershov, I.I.; Vorob' eva, A.A.; Orekhovskaya, M.V., 1980:
Intervarietal hybridization of Allium cepa as one method of obtaining forms with increased resistance to mildew

Wheeler, E.A., 1983:
Intervascular pit membranes in Ulmus and Celtis native to the United States

Thompson, T.; Jagels, R., 1983:
Intervascular pit plugs in the transition zone between sapwood and wetwood of Ulmus americana L

Uhlmann, F., 1982:
Intervention is impeding exports of cereals from the GFR

Tkachenko, V.S., 1982:
Interzonal vegetation on steppe slopes in northwestern areas of the Black Sea region

Lemme, F.; Morchen, F.; Heine, W.; Voigtlander, O.; Kaufmann, O.; Klug, F.; Rybka, P., 1981:
Intesifying the management of large-scale dairy units on the basis of the biological relationship between milk yield and liveweight change during lactation

Dawson, D.J.; Holmes, R.; Lobley, R.W., 1982:
Intestinal absorption by human jejunal biopsies: uptake of glucose

Vattimo, A., 1979:
Intestinal absorption of 47calcium in chronic renal insufficiency before and after treatment with 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol

Vukavic, T., 1983:
Intestinal absorption of IgA in the newborn

Pitcher-Wilmott, R.W.; Booth, I.; Harries, J.; Levinsky, R.J., 1982:
Intestinal absorption of food antigens in coeliac disease

Kumar, S.; Khan, A.A.; Deokiouliyar, U.K., 1982:
Intestinal anastomosis by invagination in buffalo calves

Kyllar, V.; Dubska, J.; Neuhybel, P., 1983:
Intestinal anastomosis using a non-suture invagination technique in small animals

Smith, J.W.; Bartlett, M.S., 1981:
Intestinal and atrial protozoa

Ladefoged, K., 1982:
Intestinal and renal loss of infused minerals in patients with severe short bowel syndrome

Leung, F.W.; Drenick, E.J.; Stanley, T.M., 1982:
Intestinal bypass complications involving the excluded small bowel segment

Maxwell, J.D.; Ang, L.; Cleeve, H.J.; McGouran, R.C., 1982:
Intestinal bypass in the rat: a model for growth failure, liver disease, and jejunal bacterial overgrowth in marasmus and kwashiorkor

Pawlowski, Z.S., 1983:
Intestinal cestodiases

Mandal, D.; Choudhury, A., 1982:
Intestinal coccidia in spotted deer (Axis axis) in Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

Soerjadi, A.S.; Snoeyenbos, G.H.; Weinack, O.M., 1982:
Intestinal colonization and competitive exclusion of Campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni in young chicks

Weinstein, L.; Edelstein, S.M.; Madara, J.L.; Falchuk, K.R.; McManus, B.M.; Trier, J.S., 1981:
Intestinal cryptosporidiosis complicated by disseminated cytomegalovirus infection

Poonacha, K.B.; Pippin, C., 1982:
Intestinal cryptosporidiosis in a cat

Arnaud Battandier, F.; Naceri, M.; Fisher, A.; Ricour, C.; Griscelli, C.; Yvore, P., 1982:
Intestinal cryptosporidiosis: a new cause of human diarrhoea

Chapoy, P.; Quilici, M.; Exbrayat, C.; Dor, A.M.; Louchet, E., 1982:
Intestinal giardiasis in children. Mechanisms involved in enteropathogenesis

Tesfa-Yohannes, T.M., 1983:
Intestinal helminthiasis among the out-patients of Zway Health Centre, Central Ethiopia

Tesfa-Yohannes, T.M.; Ayele, T.M., 1983:
Intestinal helminthic infections in Lake Zway Islands, Central Ethiopia

Oyerinde, J.P.O., 1982 :
Intestinal helminthic infections of man in Nigeria

Oberle, K.; Wildgrube, A., 1981:
Intestinal helminths

Silobad, S., 1981:
Intestinal helminths at a stud farm diagnosed by coprological examination

Geddes, A.M., 1982:
Intestinal infections in travellers

Laubach, H.E., 1982:
Intestinal lysophospholipase and eosinophil responses to Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus (Acanthocephala)

Fairclough, P.D.; Lucey, M.R., 1983:
Intestinal malabsorption

Arnaud-Battandier, F.; Schmitz, J.; Ricour, C.; Rey, J., 1983:
Intestinal malignant lymphoma in a child with familial celiac disease

Fioramonti, J.; Sorraing, J.M.; Licois, D.; Bueno, L., 1981:
Intestinal motor and transit disturbances associated with experimental coccidiosis (Eimeria magna) in the rabbit

Mathies, A.W.Jr, 1983:
Intestinal nematodiasis

Anonymous, 1979:
Intestinal parasite surveillance. Annual summary 1978

Nasilowska, M., 1982:
Intestinal parasites -- year 1980

DeGirolami, P.C.; Kimber, J., 1983:
Intestinal parasites among Southeast Asian refugees in Massachusetts

Kalra, N.L.; Mathur, K.K., 1982:
Intestinal parasites among tribals of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Gremillion, D.H.; Kuntz, R.E.; Geckler, R.W., 1983:
Intestinal parasites and commensals in Saudi Arabian military recruits in Texas based on examination by the MIF and FE techniques

Piatrenka, S.I., 1981:
Intestinal parasites and immunity in swine pasteurelliasis

Estevez, E.G.; Levine, J.A.; Warren, J., 1983:
Intestinal parasites in a remote village in Nepal

Lerman, D.; Barrett-Connor, E.; Norcross, W., 1982:
Intestinal parasites in asymptomatic adult Southeast Asian immigrants

Merdivenci, A., 1979:
Intestinal parasites of children in Turkey

Tezel, K.B., 1975:
Intestinal parasites of humans in Etimesgut (near Ankara, Turkey)

Saglam, M.; Gumrukcu, E., 1974:
Intestinal parasites of man in Turkey

Ma, H.C.; Zhang, G.W.; Wang, J.Y., 1982:
Intestinal parasites of monkeys in Quindao Zoo

Jaskoski, B.J.; Barr, V.; Borges, M., 1982:
Intestinal parasites of well-cared-for dogs: an area revisited

Saxena, S.N., 1982:
Intestinal parasites prevalent in Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh) area

Zembrzuski, K.; Dymowska, Z., 1980:
Intestinal parasites. I. Cestodiases. II. Other parasitoses

Zembrzuski, K., 1981:
Intestinal parasites. I. Cestodiasis. II. Other parasitoses

Arya, S.C., 1982:
Intestinal parasitic infections in a higher socioeconomic community

Mukhtar, A.A.Z.; Abbas, M.I.; Sanyal, R.K., 1982:
Intestinal parasitic load in school going children of East Equitoria Province of Sudan

Troyano, L.R., 1979:
Intestinal parasitism and allergic symptoms

Eberhard, M.L., 1981:
Intestinal parasitism in an outdoor breeding colony of Macaca mulatta

Ahmad, P.; Garg, R., 1981:
Intestinal parasitism in children

Belkaid, M.; Hamrioui, B.; Tabet Derraz, O., 1982:
Intestinal parasitoses in Algers and surrounding areas (1976-1980)

Poirriez, J.; Pais, G.; Pais, C., 1982:
Intestinal parasitoses in children in southern India. Preliminary studies and consideration of trichostrongyliasis

Flores, E.C.; Plumb, S.C.; McNeese, M.C., 1983:
Intestinal parasitosis in an urban pediatric clinic population

Hamilton, I.; Cobden, I.; Rothwell, J.; Axon, A.T., 1982:
Intestinal permeability in coeliac disease: the response to gluten withdrawal and single-dose gluten challenge

Flaten, O.; Hanssen, L.E.; Kåresen, R.; Aune, S.; Myren, J., 1982:
Intestinal phase release of pancreatic polypeptide (PP) after oral glucose in patients with gastric resection

Rosenberg, I.H.; Bowman, B.B., 1982:
Intestinal physiology and parasitic diseases

Knobloch, J.; Bialek, R.; Hagemann, J., 1983:
Intestinal protozoal infections through occupational contact with sewage

Leclercq, M., 1982:
Intestinal pseudomyiasis caused by larvae of Eristalis tenax (L.) in Belgium (Diptera Syrphidae)

Barrett Connor, E., 1981:
Intestinal roundworms

Magomedov, M.K.; Barinova, M.V., 1979:
Intestinal schistosomiasis (Schistosoma mansoni)

Clermont, R.J.; Viens, R.; Morisset, R., 1983:
Intestinal schistosomiasis. Early hepatic involvement with portal hypertension: five case studies

Bussieras, J.; Chermette, R., 1983:
Intestinal strongyloses in bovines

Cowell, P., 1983:
Into its stride

Riet-Correa, F.; Mendez, M.D.; Schild, A.L.; Summers, B.A.; Oliveira, J.A., 1983:
Intoxication by Solanum fastigiatum var. fastigiatum as a cause of cerebellar degeneration in cattle

Dorn, P.; Weber, R.; Weikel, J.; Wessling, E., 1983:
Intoxication due to simultaneous administration of chloramphenicol and monensin in turkeys

Matumura, M.; Nakajima, N., 1982:
Intra specific variations in some characters related to seed propagation of Japanese lawn grass. (1). External morphology and fertility of seeds derived from 33 preserved lines collected from 26 localities

Trimble, RM.; Lund, CT., 1983:
Intra- and interpopulation variation in the thermal characteristics of preadult development of two latitudinally diverse populations of Toxorhynchites rutilus septentrionalis (Diptera: Culicidae)

Shemarykin, E.I.; Gorelova, T.N.; Mazurova, A.V., 1982:
Intra-breed differences in blood groups of Orlov Trotters

Kononenko, N.V.; Bliznichenko, V.B.; Kobzev, V.S.; Ukrainskii, V.V., 1981:
Intra-breed types of Red Steppe cattle in the Ukraine

Karkhanis, R., 1983:
Intra-cortical occurrence of Beijerinckia indica in some rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties

Fernandez, G.C.J.; Miller, J.C.J., 1983:
Intra-cultivar variability and heritability estimation for nitrogen fixation variables in two mung bean populations

Schonhofen, C.A.; Garcia, R.G.F., 1981 :
Intra-ovular aspergillosis in Gallus gallus domesticus

Anikieva, L.V., 1979:
Intra-species relationships between helminths of caged Alopex lagopus

Rao, V.S.P.; Patil, V.P., 1983:
Intra-specific variations in chiasma frequencies and terminalization in einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum L.)

Bienkowski, R.S., 1983:
Intracellular degradation of newly synthesized secretory proteins

Muller, L.L.; Jacks, T.J., 1983:
Intracellular distribution of free sugars in quiescent cottonseed

Zidek, W.; Karoff, C.; Losse, H.; Vetter, H., 1983:
Intracellular electrolytes and lipid metabolism in obesity

Roy, A.K., 1982:
Intracellular glucose and fructose contents of two isolates of Colletotrichum dematium

Mytnik, L.G., 1982:
Intracellular growth of mesophilic Streptococcus lactis bacteriophage

Sethi, K.K., 1982:
Intracellular killing of parasites by macrophages

Noble, E.R.; Dalling, M.J., 1982:
Intracellular localization of acid peptide hydrolases and several other acid hydrolases in the leaf of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Wallsgrove, R.M.; Lea, P.J.; Miflin, B.J., 1983:
Intracellular localization of aspartate kinase and the enzymes of threonine and methionine biosynthesis in green leaves

Waters, S.P.; Noble, E.R.; Dalling, M.J., 1982:
Intracellular Localization of Peptide Hydrolases in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Leaves

Engelbrecht, A.H.P., 1982:
Intracellular localization of polyphenoloxidase in avocado fruit

Sokolova, S.V.; Krasavina, M.S.; Burmistrova, N.A., 1982:
Intracellular pH and sugar uptake by vascular bundles of sugarbeet

Mialhe, E.; Louis, C.; Quiot, J.M.; Riels, J.P.; Vago, C., 1982:
Intracellular procaryote of the chlamydial type in Culicoides sp. (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Rohla, M.; Gaál, K.; Kiss, P.; Kocsis, B., 1981:
Intracerebroventricular angiotensin II injection does not elicit specific appetite for sodium in the rat

Veeranjaneyulu, K.; Das, V.S.R., 1982:
Intrachloroplast localization of 65Zn and 63Ni in a Zn-tolerant plant, Ocimum basilicum Benth

Kornegay, J.N.; Gorgacz, E.J., 1982:
Intracranial epidermoid cysts in three dogs

Alimov, A.M.; Sadykov, N.S.; Kaparovich, T.V.; Khazipov, N.Z.; Abdullin, K.K.; Akhmerov, D.S., 1982:
Intradermal allergic test for anthrax infection and carrier state in animals

Rudenko, A.F., 1981:
Intradermal allergic test for infectious epididymitis of rams

Dobre, G.; Bercea, I.; Lupan, E., 1982 :
Intradermal test for leptospirosis in swine

Hrzenjak, T.; Debogovic, Z.; Bambir, S.; Marzan, B., 1983:
Intradermal testing with cytolipin P in guineapigs immunized with hydatid fluid or cytolipin P

Gosselin, Y.; Malo, D.; Papageorges, M.; Chalifoux, A., 1983:
Intradermoreaction and hyposensitization in canine atopy

Gopaldas, T.; Saxena, K.; Gupta, A., 1983:
Intrafamilial distribution of nutrients in a deep forest-dwelling tribe of Gujarat, India

Leonhardt, W.; Hanefeld, M., 1981:
Intraindividual variations of cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations in human serum

Pena, J.M.; Aulesa, C.; Viñas, O.; Bosch, J.; Farriol, M.; Schwartz, S., 1983:
Intralipid and free plasmatic tryptophan in vitro

Hamauer, G., 1982:
Intramammary treatment of acute bovine mastitis with trimethoprim/sulfonamide

Singh, G.R.; Mogha, I.V.; Chattopadhyay, S.K., 1983:
Intramedullary use of iron nails covered with methylmethacrylate in fracture of femur in sheep

Surkov, B.A.; Krayushkin, V.A.; Klimovsky, I.I., 1982:
Intramicellar casein conversion - intermediate step in milk renneting

Sivolap, Y.M.; Petrashevich, V.P.; Balashova, I.A., 1982:
Intramolecular heterogeneity and features of the linear organization of DNA in octoploid triticale and its parents

Ivancsics, J.; Bader, E., 1981:
Intramuscular oxytocin administration as an adaptation procedure in herringbone milking parlours

Ivancsics, J.; Bader, E., 1982:
Intramuscular oxytocin injection as an adaptation factor in a herringbone milking parlour

Bernal, C.; Balestrini, J.; Campos, E.; Espinoza, M.; Adrian, M.; Chaurell, A.; Jimeenez, J.M.; Gomes, I.; Freitas Costa, K. de; Ferreira, M.E.V., 1981:
Intranasal vaccination and revaccination of cattle with foot and mouth disease attenuated live virus vaccine strain O1 Campos

Bussanich, M.N.; Rootman, J., 1983:
Intraocular nematode in a cat

Singh, A.P.; Nigam, J.M., 1983:
Intraosseous phlebographic studies during fracture healing of metatarsus in buffalo calves

McCormick, J.H.; Stokes, G.N., 1982:
Intraovarian invasion of smallmouth bass oocytes by Proteocephalus ambloplitis (Cestoda)

Hsueh, A.J.; Jones, P.B.; Adashi, E.Y.; Wang, C.; Zhuang, L.Z.; Welsh, T.H., 1983:
Intraovarian mechanisms in the hormonal control of granulosa cell differentiation in rats

Gurtler, H.; Jakel, L., 1982:
Intraperitoneal monosaccharides and sorbitol for piglets of different ages

Romashov, V.A., 1977:
Intrapopulation units in helminths

Cordts, W.; Deerberg, K.H.; Hanf, C.H., 1983:
Intrasectoral distribution of income in agriculture

Sekhedova, K., 1981:
Intraspecific and interspecific hybridization involving representatives of Hordeum spontaneum C. Koch. and H. vulgare L

Novikov, N.N.; Pleshkov, B.P.; Stroev, V.S., 1980:
Intraspecific and intravarietal polymorphism of proteins in cross-pollinating plants

Malakhov, Y.A.; Soboleva, G.L., 1980:
Intraspecific antagonism between leptospires

Levinson, A.R.; Levinson, H.Z.; Francke, W., 1981:
Intraspecific attractants of the hide beetle Dermestes maculatus (De Geer)

Petal, J., 1981:
Intraspecific competition as a way of adaptation to food resources in an ant population

Williams, R.D., 1981:
Intraspecific competition of yellow nutsedge

Masarova, E., 1982:
Intraspecific crossing of French beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), and testing for hybrid seed

Berge, J.B.; Dalmasso, A.; Pintureau, B.; Babault, M.; Bongiovanni, M.; Bride, J.M., 1982:
Intraspecific genetic variability in Trichogramma maidis (Hym. Trichogrammatidae)

Parfent' ev, I.G., 1981:
Intraspecific hybridization in breeding wheats of alternative habit

Baratov, S.B., 1981:
Intraspecific variability in horse-flies (Tabanidae) in the conditions of Tajikistan

Thompson, R.C.A., 1982:
Intraspecific variation and parasite epidemiology

Genys, J.B., 1979:
Intraspecific variation in Norway spruce (Picea abies) from 74 different seed sources studied in Maryland

Kapelev, I.G., 1981:
Intraspecific variation in aromatic plants of the natural flora and its role in plant introduction

Gupta, P.D., 1977:
Intraspecific variations in Ganeo tigrinum Mehra and Negi, (Trematoda: Lecithodendriidae)

Cherix, D., 1983:
Intraspecific variations of alarm pheromones between two populations of the red wood ant Formica lugubris Zett. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Bryant, C., 1983:
Intraspecific variations of energy metabolism in parasitic helminths

Baronio, P.; Vancini, D.; Campadelli, G.; Cavicchi, S., 1982:
Intraspecific weight variability of Gonia cinerascens Rond. (Diptera Tachinidae) in relation to the phase of contamination of its host Galleria mellonella L. (Lep. Galleriidae)

Emoto, T., 1982:
Intravarietal and intervarietal differences in peroxidase isozyme patterns in Italian ryegrass

Buoro, I.B.; Atwell, R.B., 1983:
Intravascular haemolytic syndrome in dogs

Hsu, W.H.; Hembrough, F.B., 1982:
Intravenous glucose tolerance test in cats: influenced by acetylpromazine, ketamine, morphine, thiopental, and xylazine

May, R.G.; John, D.T., 1982:
Intravenous infection of mice with Naegleria fowleri

Coutifaris, C.; Chappel, S.C., 1982:
Intraventricular injection of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) during proestrus stimulates the rise in serum FSH on estrus in phenobarbital-treated hamsters through a central nervous system-dependent mechanism

Wallner, W.E.; Weseloh, R.M.; Grinberg, P.S., 1982:
Intrinsic competition between Apanteles melanoscelus (Hym.: Braconidae) and Rogas lymantriae (Hym.: Braconidae) reared on Lymantria dispar (Lep.: Lymantriidae)

Swanson, C.A.; Reamer, D.C.; Veillon, C.; Levander, O.A., 1983:
Intrinsic labeling of chicken products with a stable isotope of selenium (76Se)

Reanney, D.C.; MacPhee, D.G.; Pressing, J., 1983:
Intrinsic noise and the design of the genetic machinery

Hamilton, KGA., 1983:
Introduced and native leafhoppers common to the Old and New Worlds (Rhynchota: Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

Anonymous, 1982:
Introduced autochthonous Vivax malaria -- California, 1980-1981

Ree, D.W.; Han, S.K.; Kim, K.S.; An, M.H.; Nho, J.H.; Sa, J.G., 1982:
Introduced rice cultivar Fukuhikari with characteristics of earliness, high yield and disease resistance

Shen, T.F., 1980:
Introducing trial of purple cauliflower

Stanton, T., 1982:
Introduction and acceptance of goats and their socio-economic importance in the Caribbean and Central America

Vesselinov, E.; Krusteva, L.; Popova, D., 1981:
Introduction and breeding of tomato cultivars with big fruits

Pawar, A.D.; Misra, M.P.; Divakar, B.J.; Singh, S.N.; Murthy, K.R.K., 1982:
Introduction and colonization of Epipyrops melanoleuca Fletcher (Epipyropidae: Lepidoptera) in Karnataka for the biocontrol of sugarcane pyrilla, Pyrilla perpusilla (Walker)

Boor, K.J.; Fitzhugh, H.A.; Brown, D.L.; Chema, S., 1982:
Introduction and consumer acceptance of goat milk products in western Kenya

Ozuna, D.T.; Then, J.F., 1979:
Introduction and evaluation of 16 cassava varieties

Ozama D.T.; Then, J.F., 1979:
Introduction and evaluation of 16 cultivars of cassava

Correa, H.; Andrade, A.M. de S., 1982:
Introduction and evaluation of cassava cultivars and clones

Noldin, J.A., 1981:
Introduction and evaluation of cultivars and lines of irrigated rice in Santa Catarina, 1980/81

Azevedo, G.P.C. de; Camarao, A.P.; Veiga, J.B. da; Serrao, E.A.S., 1982:
Introduction and evaluation of forage plants in the municipality of Maraba-PA

Medrado, M.J.S.; Sobral, C.A.M., 1981:
Introduction and evaluation of rice cultivars in the municipality of Ji-Parana, in Rondonia

Silva, P.R.F. da; Mundstock, C.M.; Federizzi, L.C., 1982:
Introduction and evaluation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) cultivars in the region of the Depressao Central of Rio Grande do Sul

Montes, S., 1981:
Introduction and investigation of a collection of rust-resistant coffee varieties

Anonymous, 1979:
Introduction and overview. A. An industrial profile

Anonymous, 1979:
Introduction and overview. B. Truss lumber research program

Poltronieri, L.S.; Costa, M.S.; Oliveira, R.P. de, 1982:
Introduction and performance of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) cultivars in the Transamazonia region, Para

Adamovic, D., 1982:
Introduction and selection of medicinal plants

Whalon, M.E.; Croft, B.A.; Mowry, T.M., 1982:
Introduction and survival of susceptible and pyrethroid-resistant strains of Amblyseius fallacis (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in a Michigan apple orchard

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Introduction and trials with sugarcane cultivars in the Trans-Amazon-Para region

Nesterov, Y.S.; Lyubimova, L.L., 1980:
Introduction and use of the world genetic resources of pear for production and breeding

Ranalli, P.; Cerato, C.; Faccioli, G., 1982:
Introduction into one genotype of genes for resistance to the main virus diseases of Phaseolus vulgaris

Kloft, W.J.; Noll, G.F.; Kloft, E.S., 1981:
Introduction of Chrysomya bezziana Villeneuve (Dipt., Calliphoridae) into new geographical regions by transit infestation

Leal, E.C.; Seijas, C.A.R., 1982:
Introduction of French bean cultivars with regard to their tolerance of leaf blight in Rondonia

Chaperon, H.; Arbez, M., 1981:
Introduction of Pinus taeda into southwest France

Murata, N., 1982:
Introduction of RP 4::Mu plasmid into Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae

Wu, J.H., 1981:
Introduction of Raphanus sativus -- an oil crop adaptable to cold high mountainous areas

Dosba, F.; Doussinault, G.; Jahier, J.; Trottet, M., 1983:
Introduction of alien variability into bread wheat for the improvement of disease resistance

Gendrier, J.P., 1983:
Introduction of an apple-scab risk information network in the Middle Rhone valley based on measurement and rational use of climatic factors

Yaseen, M.; Bennett, F.D.; Barrow, R.M., 1982:
Introduction of exotic parasites for control of Spodoptera frugiperda in Trinidad, the eastern Caribbean and Latin America

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Introduction of forage plants in the State of Sao Paulo. I. Establishment and sensitivity to low temperatures

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Introduction of genetic variation into wheat and triticale through hybridization of triticale with Triticum aestivum L

Soares, S.F.; Barros, L.C.G.; Lemos, J.W.V., 1981:
Introduction of irrigated rice cultivars in the region of lower Sao Francisco

Lima, M.; Gimenes Fernandes, N.; Miranda Filho, J.B.; Pereira, J.C.V.A., 1982:
Introduction of maize (Zea mays L.) germplasms as sources for downy mildew (Peronosclerospora sorghi) resistance

Wood, B.J.B., 1981:
Introduction of new fermented foods into western culture

Zuta, Z., 1981:
Introduction of new potato varieties to Israel

Marquestaut, J.; Cauvin, B.; Thibout, H., 1982:
Introduction of plane trees into southwestern France. Final report

Scharfetter, H.; Gore, W.T., 1982:
Introduction of producer gas as an alternative fuel -- South African case example of a programme for applying technology

Chubinnishvili, T.I.; Koblianidze, Y.V.; Petrushov, A.Z.; Zil' bermints, I.V., 1982:
Introduction of resistant Metaseiulus

Popov, B.; Tzontchev, T.; Christov, V., 1978:
Introduction of the control and automatic management of water distribution for modernization of irrigation networks in the Bulgarian Peoples Republic

Grecu, V., 1981:
Introduction of the rootstock variety Ruggeri-140 into the collection

Kalutskii, K.K.; Krylov, G.V.; Bolotov, N.A., 1981:
Introduction of tree species for the forests of the future: experience and prospects

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Introduction of woody plants in Western Siberia

Kol' tsova, A.S., 1981:
Introduction results and biological characteristics of tulips in the Crimean foothill region

Versteeg, M.N.; Valdivia, L.H., 1982:
Introduction to a fundamental approximation in agricultural research and the methods used to this end

Zhang, B.H.; Meng, X.G., 1982:
Introduction to a medium for anther culture in wheat

Levine, R.L.; Lodwick, W., 1983:
Introduction to dynamic techniques for forecasting recreational behavior

Opaschowski, H.W., 1979:
Introduction to extension work in leisure and culture: methods and models for animation

Arcus, M.E.; Vaines, E., 1982:
Introduction to home economics: first experiences in professional education

Anonymous, 1982:
Introduction to laboratory animal science. Volume IV. Miniature swine

Wu, H.L., 1981:
Introduction to molecular genetics

Chou, T.G., 1982:
Introduction to plant quarantine

Rosen, L., 1979:
Introduction to studies on angiostrongyliasis in Eastern Asia and Australia

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Introduction to the Indonesian agricultural research system. Presented at the AARD-IADS Workshop on Increasing the Productivity and Impact of Agricultural Research, Yogyakarta, November 9-14, 1980

Pennell, D., 1982:
Introduction to the micropropagation of horticultural crops

Heinemann, K., 1980:
Introduction to the sociology of sport

Lazo, W., 1982:
Introduction to the study of higher fungi

Bech Borras, J., 1982:
Introduction to the study of some Catalonian soils

Sparacio, I., 1983:
Introduction to the study of the buprestids in Sicily (Coleoptera Buprestidae)

Noor, M., 1981:
Introduction trials of winter species in subtropical subhumid zone at Peshawar

Lai, P.Y.; Funasaki, G.Y.; Higa, S.Y., 1982:
Introductions for biological control in Hawaii: 1979 and 1980

Lugo, A. (Coordinator), 1981 :
Introductory Session

Molloy, B.P.J. et al., 1980:
Introductory papers

Quartulli, S., 1982:
Introductory trials on the mechanical harvesting of sweet chestnuts

Khangil' din, V.V., 1981:
Introgression of blocks of genes from Triticum dicoccum into T. durum

Kedrov Zikhman, O.O., 1980:
Introgression of the dwarfness gene Hl from a diploid into a tetraploid population of winter rye

Pathak, K.M.L.; Gaur, S.N.S.; Mishra, S.K., 1982:
Intususception in a dog--a case report

Kelemen, Z., 1982:
Invariable problems of liquid manure disposal

Gleadow, R.M.; Rowan, K.S., 1982:
Invasion by Pittosporum undulatum of the forests of central Victoria. III. Effects of temperature and light on growth and drought resistance

Kimata, I.; Tanabe, K., 1982:
Invasion by Toxoplasma gondii of ATP-depleted and ATP-restored chick embryo erythrocytes

Kiptoon, J.C.; Mugera, G.M., 1983:
Invasion of capillary endothelial cells by Ehrlichia ondiri

Fernando, M.A.; Lawn, A.M.; Rose, M.E.; Al-Attar, M.A., 1983:
Invasion of chicken caecal and intestinal lamina propria by crypt epithelial cells infected with coccidia

Mauri, R., 1982:
Invasion of dwellings by bats and the recovery of ectoparasitic mites

Verhave, Jp, 1982:
Invasion of host cells by malaria parasites

Andrews, K.L.; Barnes, M.M., 1982:
Invasion of pistachio orchards by navel orangeworm moths from almond orchards

Araya, T.; Katsuro, H.; Yajima, T.; Hashida, H., 1981:
Invasion of plants on the slopes of roads with the artificial vegetation works

Araya, T.; Yajima, T.; Katsuro, H., 1980:
Invasion of trees on the cutting slopes of forest roads

Tinsley, R.; Earle, C., 1983:
Invasion of vertebrate lungs by the polystomatid monogeneans Pseudodiplorchis americanus and Neodiplorchis scaphiopodis

Khan, M.A., 1983:
Invasion through sealed wrappers by stored product pests

Holmberg, K.; Bjorkholm, M.; Skoldenbrand, B., 1982:
Invasive aspergillosis -- an infectious complication in the granulocytopenic patient

Rosenberg, R.S.; Creviston, S.A.; Schonfeld, A.J., 1982:
Invasive aspergillosis complicating resection of a pulmonary aspergilloma in a nonimmunocompromised host

Penn, R.L.; Lambert, R.S.; George, R.B., 1983:
Invasive fungal infections. The use of serologic tests in diagnosis and management

Waldhorn, R.E.; Tsou, E.; Kerwin, D.M., 1983:
Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis associated with aspergilloma in sarcoidosis

Bunton, T.E.; Lowenstine, L.J.; Leininger, R., 1983:
Invasive trichomoniasis in a Callicebus moloch

Anonymous, 1983:
Inventiveness from the NIAE

Doyon, D.; Deschenes, J.M.; Bouchard, C.J.; Rioux, R., 1982:
Inventories of weeds in the main crops in Quebec. I. Aims and methodology

Pelissier, F., 1978:
Inventories, measures and studies on irrigation waters of the Lower Durance from the viewpoint of modernisation

Duplat, P.; Perrotte, G., 1983:
Inventory and estimation of the growth of forest stands

Suss, H., 1982:
Inventory of a ranger district in four days using data from a previous inventory and 3P sampling

Naitoh, K.; Fujiwara, M., 1982:
Inventory of long rotation forest at Funyu in Utsunomiya University Forest (II)

Jestaedt, M., 1980:
Inventory of poplar research plots in N. Rhine-Westphalia

Bramlett, D.L.; Godbee, J.F.J., 1982:
Inventory-monitoring system for southern pine seed orchards

Manga, V.; Rao, M.V.S., 1980:
Inversion heterozygosity in pearl millet

Marloie, M., 1982:
Inversion of the international integration model

Shuvalikov, V.B., 1983:
Inversion polymorphism in populations of the malarial mosquito Anopheles messeae in the Oka-Don Lowland

Stegnii, V.N., 1983:
Inversion polymorphism in the malarial mosquito Anopheles messeae. Part IV. The stationary nature of frequency distribution of inversions in the area of distribution

Stegnii, V.N., 1983:
Inversion polymorphism in the malarial mosquito Anopheles messeae. Part V. Interaction of diverse chromosomal inversions in the area of distribution

King, E.J.; Fears, R.D.; Warren, L.E., 1981:
Invert emulsions of triclopyr

Kudryavtseva, L.F.; Burakhanova, E.A.; Dubinina, I.M., 1982:
Invertase in differentiated and dedifferentiated tissues of sugarbeet

Sunderland, K.D.; Chambers, R.J., 1983:
Invertebrate polyphagous predators as pest control agents: some criteria and methods

Makkaveeva, E.B., 1979:
Invertebrates of macrophyte beds in the Black Sea

Lewis, R.E.; Maser, C., 1981:
Invertebrates of the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Western Cascades, Oregon. I. An annotated checklist of fleas

Muck, J.; Edelbauer, A., 1983:
Investigating a bacterial compound in a field trial

Scaglioni, A., 1983:
Investigating subsoil

Babella, G.; Schummel Mike, I., 1982:
Investigating the common effect of the heat-activation and cellwall-solvent enzymes on cell death of Cl. tyrobutyricum

Dimitrov, D., 1981:
Investigating the physical and mechanical indices of wood-polystyrene boards

Kochetkov, V.N.; Mikhailov, G.V.; Ostrovskii, I.G., 1982:
Investigation and calculation of the time for cooling of liquid complex fertilizers to the crystallization point of their salts during storage

Khan, A.Q., 1980:
Investigation and treatment of Ravenfield tip

Chen, Y.; Li, L.T., 1980:
Investigation and utilization of pollen-derived plants in rice and wheat

Soliman, R., 1982:
Investigation by means of a newly developed radiophagocytosis test into relationship between the virulence of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae and its phagocytosis by macrophages

Hernando, J., 1981:
Investigation comparing the use of urea and glucose as radioactive sources in assimilate translocation experiments

Brander, P.E., 1982:
Investigation concerning clone selection of trees and shrubs used for ornamental and landscaping purposes

Matlhaku, T.L., 1980:
Investigation for training and job opportunities for primary school leavers in Mochudi, Botswana

Eid, S.M.A.; Hegazy, O.M., 1983:
Investigation into communication needs for rural development through modelling techniques

Trottet, M., 1983:
Investigation into explaining the behaviour of wheat lines towards Septoria nodorum Berk

Herath, H.B.; Don, R.; Jack, D.A., 1981:
Investigation into the effect of damage caused by mechanical treatment of mung bean (Vigna radiata) seeds at various seed moisture levels: increased moisture contents being obtained using a new quick method

Griess H., 1982:
Investigation into the toxicity of galvanized sheets used in hydroponic potato cultivation

Merdivenci, A.; Altas, K.; Mutlu, R.; Mamal, M., 1980:
Investigation into the treatment of ascariasis with oxantel-pyrantel pamoate

Fowlie, I.M., 1981:
Investigation into the use of home grown spruce poles for use as overhead line supports

Alcantara, P.B.; Alcantara, V. de B.G.; Almeida, J.E. de, 1980:
Investigation of 25 prospective varieties of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.)

Gupta, M.M.; Shukla, Y.N.; Lal, R.N., 1983:
Investigation of Costus. IV. Chemical studies of saponins of Costus speciosus roots

Chavan, S.R.; Nikam, S.T., 1982:
Investigation of Lantana camara Linn (Verbenaceae) leaves for larvicidal activity

Skula, K., 1981:
Investigation of Virginia varieties in 1976-80

Vasilev, S.; Terzierv, P.; Stoyanov, S., 1982:
Investigation of a disc mechanism for shelling maize

Hollenberg, J.W.; Walchuk, O.R.; Sutorius, D.E., 1982:
Investigation of a novel transverse flow fan with secondary inlet and adjustable control vane. Paper presented at ASHRAE 1982 annual meeting, Toronto

Johnston, N.E.; King, K.R.; Hennessy, D.P., 1982:
Investigation of a short-acting prostaglandin for induction of calving

Orth, H.W.; Wilkens, D.; Meyer Bothling, F., 1983:
Investigation of a straw burning furnace

Daigle, R.A., 1981:
Investigation of advanced spectral analysis techniques

Parvaneh, V.; Shahin, M.; Karim, G.; Kordi, J., 1982:
Investigation of aflatoxin contamination of Iranian White cheese

Indreas, A.; Georgescu, M., 1982:
Investigation of agronomic and botanical characteristics of some table grape varieties from the world collection

Becker, W.; Bengelsdorff, H.J.; Jaeger, O., 1982:
Investigation of antibody formation after two and three vaccinations with Bovigrip (combined vaccine for bovine enzootic bronchopneumonia)

Jakob, P., 1983:
Investigation of automatic control of pick-up elements on beet harvesting machines

Matiishin, N.V., 1982:
Investigation of bending stresses in the skylines of forest cableways near the shoes on the intermediate supports

Evsyukov, N.A., 1981:
Investigation of capacitative transducers

Burns, J.K., 1983:
Investigation of causes of birth defects

Cappello, C.; Micali, B.; Cavarino, M.; Retamar, J.A.; Vottero, L.R.D.; Taher, H.A., 1981:
Investigation of chemical composition of citrus fruits of Argentina. I. Essential oils

Cappello, C.; Micali, B.; Bovalo, F.; Retamar, J.A.; Rossin, G.T. de; Talenti, E.C.J., 1981:
Investigation of chemical composition of citrus fruits of Argentina. II. Juices

Khusnutdinov, V.A.; Valeev, N.N.; Pokrovskaya, I.K., 1982:
Investigation of conversion method of KCl and MgSO4 in the presence of urea by computer. 1. Single-stage conversion

Dimitrov, D.G.; Gvozdiev, K.; Georgiev, S., 1982:
Investigation of cultivation techniques for triticale

Lohr, C.H.; Evermann, J.F.; Ward, A.C., 1983:
Investigation of dams and their offspring inoculated with a vaccine contaminated by bovine viral diarrhea virus

Jakubiec, J.; Narkiewicz, M., 1981:
Investigation of diplandrous and diplogynous forms in the progenies of crosses between diploid clones and tetraploid varieties of Solanum tuberosum

Mahrla, W.; Tauchnitz, J.; Hennig, H., 1980:
Investigation of dumping localities from standpoint of the different leaching of the dumped materials into the subsoil - a contribution to practical groundwater protection

Mustapic, Z.; Gotlin, J., 1981:
Investigation of economic characteristics of new fodder beet varieties

Panov, V.P., 1979:
Investigation of efficient therapeutic agents in clinical bovine mastitis

Jancso, J.; Babella, G., 1982:
Investigation of enzyme lactose-hydrolysis in connection with recovering and re-utilizing enzyme by application of an ultrafilter equipment

Zeng, C.C., 1982:
Investigation of flowering and pod-setting of different Vicia faba cultivars

Sitnik, K.M.; Bogdanova, T.L.; Musatenko, L.I., 1981:
Investigation of free amino acids in embryo organs during seed formation and maturation

Vasak, J.; Zukalova, H., 1982:
Investigation of fundamental qualitative and agronomic characters in white mustard (Sinapis alba L.)

Ivancic, A., 1982:
Investigation of genetic parameters in relation to leaf area and the leaf vascular system in maize

Palussek, K.; Neumann, K.H., 1982:
Investigation of gibberellin and cytokinin activities in carrot roots at various stages of development

Sokhansanj, S.; Lampman, W.P.; MacAulay, J.D., 1983:
Investigation of grain tempering on drying tests

Grabiec, B., 1981:
Investigation of heterosis effects in winter swede rape

Barinov, K.N.; Rusak, O.N.; Aleksandrov, V.A.; Gorbachev, V.P., 1982:
Investigation of labour ergonomics and predicting the activity of the operator of a logging machine

Ting, S.K.; Chien, M.M.; Sung, C.H.; Li, Y.H.; Yao, Y.H., 1982:
Investigation of large-grained wheat germplasm in China

Mike Zsinko, M.; Babella, G., 1982:
Investigation of lysogen property in mesophilic lactic starter cultures

Lorkin, P.A.; Lehmann, H., 1983:
Investigation of malignant hyperthermia: analysis of skeletal muscle proteins from normal and halothane sensitive pigs by two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Neckere, B. de, 1981:
Investigation of methods of anthelmintic control in sheep in 2 regions of France

Treiger, N.D., 1979:
Investigation of milk fat sterols

Danilova, L.F.; Vlasenko, L.M.; Vishnyakova, N.A., 1982:
Investigation of milk proteins during renneting

Pessanha, G.G., 1980:
Investigation of mixtures of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars

E.K.eir, Y.M.; E.T.hami, M.S., 1979:
Investigation of molluscicidal activity of certain Sudanese plants used in folk-medicine. I. A preliminary biological screening for molluscicidal activity of certain Sudanese plants used in folk-medicine

Chu, H.C., 1982:
Investigation of mushroom diseases in Beijing

Beard, J.B.; Martin, D.P.; Mercer, F.B., 1980:
Investigation of net-sod production as a new technique

Norlyng, P., 1982:
Investigation of occurrence of Yersinia enterocolitica in raw meat and meat products and in raw and heat-treated milk

Ponte, J.J. da; Viana, O.J.; Franco, A.; Menezes, R.N.; Silveira, L.M.; Fonteles, R. de C., 1982:
Investigation of plants immune to Meloidogyne. (2) A second selection of forage grasses

Wegner, R.M., 1982:
Investigation of production systems for laying hens with regard to ethological aspects

Snyder, M.J., 1981:
Investigation of propagational techniques for artichokes

Toth, J.I.; Bukai, J., 1982:
Investigation of resistance of potato tubers to Fusarium rot

Grier, S.L., 1982:
Investigation of resistance to ear damage in maize caused by the second brood European corn borer

Parady, F.E.; Schafer, W.M., 1981:
Investigation of selected Berkeley pit overburden as a medium for plant growth

Babenko, A.M.; Andrianov, A.M., 1982:
Investigation of solubility in the system urea-potassium pyrophosphate-water

Vaverkova, S.; Felklova, M., 1983:
Investigation of some aspects of quality in newly bred cultivars of Papaver somniferum L

Porpaczy, A., 1982:
Investigation of some characteristics of interspecific hybrids of Ribes cynosbati L. and gooseberry (R. grossularia L.) produced as breeding material

Garcia del Moral, L.F.; Ramos, J.M.; Recalde Manrique, L.; Recalde Martinez, L., 1982:
Investigation of some ecological and physiological features in the analysis of grain yield in crops of barley (genus Hordeum L.). I. Effect of N

Dragomir, N., 1981:
Investigation of some ecotypes of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) with regard to yield and forage quality

Nunez Gonzalez, S., 1981:
Investigation of some factors which affect artificial crossing in irrigated French bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L

Mould, F.L.; Saadullah, M.; Haque, M.; Davis, D.; Dolberg, F.; Orskov, E.R., 1982:
Investigation of some of the physiological factors influencing intake and digestion of rice straw by native cattle in Bangladesh

Kolesnik, L.V.; Lisenkova, L.L.; Kotova, S.I., 1982:
Investigation of some parameters characterizing the milk vapor condensate quality

Crnko, J., 1981:
Investigation of some pear varieties in the vicinity of Maribor

Greppi, G.; Rosi, F.; Menchini, M.L.; Nordio, C., 1982:
Investigation of some protein metabolism values in New Zealand White rabbits

Peters, J.F.; Rand, M.C.; Ziemke, M.C., 1982:
Investigation of soybean oil as a diesel fuel extender

Taylor, N.J., 1982:
Investigation of sperm-induced cervical leucocytosis by a double mating study in rabbits

Ostroumov, L.A.; Majorov, A.A.; Babushkina, V.A., 1982:
Investigation of splitting processes in cheese

Randis, S.; Kacherauskis, D.; Motekaitis, P.; Matieshka, S., 1982:
Investigation of structure formation of cream during accelerated physical ripening

Haase, H.; Lanner, P.; Feyerherd, L., 1983:
Investigation of sudden decline of semen quality in young bulls

Kolarova, M., 1982:
Investigation of temperature and seed bed in determining triticale germination

Kochemba, Y.I.; Shenkin, Y.S.; Zhilin, V.A., 1982:
Investigation of the CaHPO4-CO(NH2)2.HNO3-H2O system

Torgovnikov, G.I.; Dubinin, V.Z., 1982:
Investigation of the UHF thermomechanical method of cutting frozen wood

Zalewski, P.; Budyn, P.; Juliewski, T., 1982:
Investigation of the air flow outside and in typical tractor cabs

Sedlak, A., 1980:
Investigation of the amino acid composition of grain protein fractions from maize lines and hybrids

Stamova, L.; Sotirova, V.; Beleva, L., 1981:
Investigation of the change in the pathogenicity of Corynebacterium michiganense (Smith) Jensen isolates under the influence of various Lycopersicon Mill genotypes

Gumaniuc, L.; Varga, P., 1982:
Investigation of the chief characters in lucerne varieties in the world collection, by the method of correlations

Reznicek, R.; Lejckova, K., 1982:
Investigation of the coagulation of plant juice

Iosifov, N.; Dinkov, B., 1980:
Investigation of the coefficient of linear expansion of hardboards during thermal treatment

Korotyaev, L.V., 1982:
Investigation of the density of freshly felled wood of spruce in northern Russia

Bogomolova, V.I.; Golubitsa, A.N.; Zhelezova, A.I.; Maksimovskii, L.F.; Pashinin, Y.V.; Poznakhirkina, N.A.; Chugaeva, L.A.; Korochkin, L.I., 1981:
Investigation of the development of mouse embryos of two lines in the early period of cleavage

Krylov, V.V., 1982:
Investigation of the dynamic loading of a rotator with a rigidly suspended grab

Rasstrigin, V.N.; Bystritskii, D.N.; Rastineshin, S.A.; Runov, A.A., 1981:
Investigation of the economically optimal heat insulation of livestock buildings

Phillippo M.; Humphries W.R.; Lawrence C.B.; Price J., 1982:
Investigation of the effect of copper status and therapy on fertility in beef suckler herds

Prisadaski, Ts, 1981 :
Investigation of the effect of some parameters of the air flow on the efficiency of spraying grapevine

Snopkov, V.B.; Sukhaya, T.V.; Snopkova, T.A., 1982:
Investigation of the electro-kinetic properties of defibrator fibres

Jancso, J.; Babella, G., 1982:
Investigation of the enzymic hydrolysis of lactose in permeate

Krizova, H., 1979:
Investigation of the floral biology of the broad bean with a view to breeding for heterosis

Cabulea, I.; Ochesanu, C.; Marosan, V., 1981:
Investigation of the genetic control of chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments in maize leaves

Xie, R.S.; Zhang, Z.H., 1981:
Investigation of the genetic control of earliness in wheat based upon character correlations and heritability

Feranec, P., 1980:
Investigation of the inheritance of cold hardiness in maize

Bhowmik, A.; Muresan, T.; Burloi, G.; Gheorghe, V., 1982:
Investigation of the inheritance of some quantitative characters in winter wheat. I. Number of fertile spikelets and grain weight in the main ear and per plant

Lind, V., 1981:
Investigation of the length of coleoptiles and culms in different genotypes of rye (Secale cereale L.)

Huth, H.V., 1983:
Investigation of the mechanical properties of arable soils by means of the cylinder pressure test

Smith, A.G.; Rubery, P.H., 1982:
Investigation of the Mechanism of Action of a Chlorosis-Inducing Toxin Produced by Pseudomonas phaseolicola

Tang, G.; Yu, Q., 1982:
Investigation of the mechanism on the poisoning of vanadium catalyst by fluoride

Casnji, F., 1981:
Investigation of the noise mechanical vibrations at the driver's workplace

Stefanova, V.N., 1980:
Investigation of the nucleolus organizing region in pig lymphocytes

Gorin, V.A.; Konakov, A.P.; Popov, N.S., 1981:
Investigation of the operation of a feed metering mechanism

Kudela, V.; Svecova, M.; Lebeda, A., 1982:
Investigation of the pathogens of bacterioses of bean in Czechoslovakia

Balinova, A., 1982:
Investigation of the penetration, translocation and decomposition of the herbicide metribuzin in tomato plants and in the soil

Debowski, W., 1981:
Investigation of the peroxidase isoenzyme polymorphism of sugarbeet lines and their hybrids

Spunar, J., 1981:
Investigation of the possibility of using six-rowed barley for the realization of breeding aims

Lima, H.; Gomez, O.; Depestre, T., 1981:
Investigation of the possible origin of the tomato cultivar Bolivar. 1. Isoenzyme study

Belyaev, K.A., 1982:
Investigation of the process of cutting up stumps with a blade without producing chips

Zabodalova, L.A.; Patkul, G.M., 1982:
Investigation of the process of structure formation by the acid coagulation of milk proteins

Dutton, M.F.; Westlake, K., 1982:
Investigation of the production of mycotoxins in chicken litter and their possible association with abdominal dropsy

Dzhaparidze, R.R., 1983:
Investigation of the production process with the object of regulating the operating regimes of a potato harvester

Shchegrov, L.N.; Antraptseva, N.M., 1982:
Investigation of the products and mechanism of the thermal decomposition of diammonium hydrogen orthophosphate

Stankevich, E.B.; Mezhov, A.E.; Kosarev, V.A., 1981:
Investigation of the rate of wear of tyre treads

Weber, J.; Grassert, V.; Effmert, B,, 1980:
Investigation of the relationship between blackspot and tissue characters of the potato tuber

Weinmann, W.D.; Nolting, H.G., 1982:
Investigation of the residue behaviour of diclofop-methyl in spinach beet and red beet after a treatment against wild oat and Echinochloa crus-galli

Milevoj, L., 1981:
Investigation of the resistance to Fusarium species of stems and ears of some maize hybrids under conditions of artificial infection

Szczepanska Kolasinska, K., 1982:
Investigation of the seed quality of various forms of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) in field and laboratory

Deuker, R., 1983:
Investigation of the thermophysical characteristics of concrete slatted floors in pig housing

Aksyanov, A.A., 1982:
Investigation of the unevenness of the log ends in a bunch as a function of the speed of longitudinal movement

Simmins, P.H., 1983:
Investigation of the use of ultrasonic P2 backfat measurements as a management aid for assessing sow performance

Eliseev, A.P.; Kazantsev, V.V., 1982:
Investigation of the work of a sandy foundation reinforced with non-woven synthetic materials

Vasilev, Z., 1982:
Investigation of the working time spent in load formation when skidding with specialized forestry tractors and agricultural wheeled tractors

Ochoa Cortes, O.; Cejudo Gomez, H., 1981:
Investigation of three factors (grain hardness, time and temperature) in the nixtamalization of maize, Zea mays L

Patrascu, A.; Groza, H.; Gorea, T., 1981:
Investigation of tissue culture of potatoes, with a view to providing greater genetic variability for breeding purposes

Seidl, V., 1982:
Investigation of tolerance of plum pox virus in plum varieties

Pintilie, C.; Muresan, T.; Budoi, I.; Laza, S.; Constantinescu, D., 1982:
Investigation of tolerance of the chief herbicides in some maize hybrids and inbred lines

Seidel, B., 1982:
Investigation of vibrating elements for row crop ground working tools

Idriss, U.A., 1983:
Investigation of viruses isolated from pigs with gastroenteritis

Nikolina, E.S.; Aziev, R.G.; Karyazin, I.A.; Morozov, A.A.; Shiman, M.V., 1982:
Investigation of viscosity and electrical conductivity of phosphate melts

Kreutzer, K.; Strebel, O.; Renger, M., 1978:
Investigation of water flow in soil by tritium-labelling as compared with tensiometer methods

Svensson, R., 1983:
Investigation of wear tolerance in amenity grasses

Hu, M.F., 1982:
Investigation of weed species and evaluation of different herbicides on the growth of sisal hemp in the field

Jin, X.H.; Zhao, C.L.; Han, Z.W., 1981:
Investigation of yarding systems on steep slopes in the Songhuajiang forest area

Paladines M.O.; Munoz R.G., 1982:
Investigation on Chilean grasslands

Dhanju, K.S., 1982:
Investigation on a sap transmissible virus disease of tomatoes occurring in Haryana

Ordolff, D., 1983:
Investigation on a system for automatic teat cup attaching

Schroder, P.; Brunold, S.; Muhlbauer, G.; Orth, M.; Petersen, A.; Preissler, R.; Rehfeldt, K.; Schumacher, A., 1983:
Investigation on current yield potentials in tax allotments on the islands of Ha'apai and Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific

Cheng, F.S.; Li, M.Z., 1982:
Investigation on early flowering of jute

Flake, E., 1983:
Investigation on ensuring field emergence of sugar beets with a drilling procedure using a plunger drill

Yu, X. et al., 1982:
Investigation on fungal complications in ariboflavinosis

Singh, Y.P.; Kumar, A.; Chauhan, B.P.S., 1979:
Investigation on genetic variability in a 9 X 9 diallel set of pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides (Burm.) S & H)

Liao, X.L.; Xu, Y.H.; Zhu, Z.L., 1982:
Investigation on nitrification-denitrification loss of fertilizer nitrogen in submerged paddy soil

Klages, F.W., 1979:
Investigation on phosphate removal from waste water by lime treatment, and the agricultural value of sewage sludge dewatered with a filter press

Ricciardelli d' Albore, G.; Persano Oddo, L.; Intoppa, F., 1981:
Investigation on pollens for sale

Zeng, M.Z.; Feng, Y.C.; Wang, F.C.; Mo, Y.R.; Li, J.H.; Wei, K.H.; Gan, Y.S., 1982:
Investigation on renal leptospirosis of swine and the isolation and identification of the causative agent

Somos, S.; Grof, P.; Regenyi, B.; Drobnitsch, I., 1982 :
Investigation on sensitization to Candida albicans in animal tests with rats

Choudhury, D.S., 1981:
Investigation on simian malaria in India, and its potential as a source of zoonosis

Jager, G., 1979:
Investigation on soils antagonistic to Rhizoctonia solani

Iosifov, N., 1980:
Investigation on the abrasion resistance of particleboards

Liu, X., 1983:
Investigation on the adaptability of late sweet oranges in China

Karim, G.; Parvaneh, V.; Kordi, J., 1982:
Investigation on the aflatoxin contamination of milk in Tehran area

Luit, B.Van, 1979:
Investigation on the appearance of copper deficiency on Drenthe forest soils

Greco, N.; Brandonisio, A.; Marinis G. de, 1982:
Investigation on the biology of Heterodera schachtii in Italy

Pett, I.; Schenk, G.; Bittner, H., 1980:
Investigation on the conformity of occurrence of cytoplasmic inclusions and detection of potato virus Y by immune electron microscopy in artificially infected subcultures of meristem plants

Kairyukshtene, I.; Zakharova, N., 1982:
Investigation on the consistency of low-fat cheese

Watanabe, S.; Watanabe, S.; Ito, K., 1983:
Investigation on the contamination of freshwater fish with herbicides (CNP, chlomethoxynil, benthiocarb and molinate)

Trepachev, E.P.; Aleinikova, L.D.; Chovzhik, A.D., 1982:
Investigation on the effect of increasing rates of mineral fertilizers on yield of perennial herbage species and of the following crops in a rotation on a dernopodzolic soil. Communication 3. Effect of intensively fertilized perennial species on yield of cereals

Anibas, I.; Hofer, R., 1978:
Investigation on the enzymatic activity of soil invertebrates

Tamasi, J.; Baksay, L., 1982:
Investigation on the frost susceptibility of the root system of Jonathan apple trees on M.4 rootstock

Ouwerkerk, C.V.n; Mes, A.E.R.; Pot, M.; Zschuppe, K.H., 1979:
Investigation on the mixing effect of plough and spading machine by means of cobalt-labelled soil and activation analysis

Zhang, Z.H.; Li, P.R., 1982:
Investigation on the natural enemies of blackwing termites (Odontotermes formosanus Shiraki) outside the termitarium

Wang, G.L., 1982:
Investigation on the optimum harvesting time for rape

Donchev, G.; Tsolov, V.; Stoyanov, I., 1980:
Investigation on the properties of fibreboards manufactured with various adhesives and water-repellents

Zhu, Z.; Jan, S., 1982:
Investigation on the rules governing the incidence of Pyralis sp. and Nymphula enixalis - estimation and utilization of the effective accumulated temperature

Merdivenci, A.; Altas, K.; Mamal, M.; Mutlu, R., 1980:
Investigation on the treatment of enterobiasis with oxantel-pyrantel-pamoate

Yalcinkaya, F., 1982:
Investigation on the treatment of enterobiasis with piperazine kainate and pyrvinium pamoate combination

Merdivenci, M.; Altas, K.; Mamal, M.; Mutlu, R., 1980:
Investigation on the treatment of trichuriasis with oxantel-pyrantel pamoate

Zad, J.; Zakeri, Z., 1980:
Investigation on transmission of rice blast disease by seed

Greminger, P.; Richard, F.; Leuenberger, J., 1979:
Investigation on water movement in a vegetation-covered soil of a slope. Project on slope seepage

Radkov, D., 1981:
Investigation to determine the ratio between nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers for application to hilly grasslands in the western Balkan mountain region

Steudel, W.; Muller, J., 1983:
Investigations and model calculations on the effect of plant-tolerant nematicides and nematode-resistant intercrops on the population dynamics of the sugar beet nematode (Heterodera schachtii) in sugar beet rotations

Malepszy, S., 1981:
Investigations carried out by means of in vitro culture in the Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute of the Warsaw Agricultural Academy

Krohn, C.C.; Konggaard, S.P., 1982:
Investigations concerning feed intake and social behaviour among group fed cows under loose housing conditions

Hall, C.A.; Ritchie, L.; McDonell, P.A., 1981:
Investigations for anthelmintic resistance in gastrointestinal nematodes from goats

Chapola, G.M., 1980:
Investigations into alternate hosts of the tobacco bushy-top virus in Malawi

Szabo, S.A., 1981:
Investigations into boron uptake and boron distribution in plants by (n, alpha ) radiographic method

Hasselbach, P., 1982:
Investigations into cultural-biochemical differentiation of animal strains of Campylobacter

Kaufmann, F., 1982:
Investigations into different planting methods for green asparagus

Fankhauser, F.; Schumacher, R., 1983:
Investigations into factors influencing fruit quality

Hoare, R.J.; Nicholls, P.J.; Sheldrake, R.F., 1982:
Investigations into falsely elevated somatic cell counts of bulked herd milk

Nadasy, M.; Peter, J., 1981:
Investigations into nematode populations in some major field crops in two remote areas in Hungary

Sarup, S.; Pandey, R.K., 1982:
Investigations into non-adoption of new rice varieties in Orissa: an application of discriminant function technique

Lotz, A.; Von Oy, J., 1983:
Investigations into preserving grain by adding water

Forrester, N.W., 1982:
Investigations into seed set in sunflowers

Ferstl, T.; Schimmelpfennig, H., 1983:
Investigations into the aetiology of atrophic rhinitis of swine. 4. Cross-agglutination test with 10 Bordetella bronchiseptica strains and 161 field serum samples

Kummeler, M., 1982:
Investigations into the causes of soil sickness in fruit trees. Part III. Content of some saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons in soils suffering from varying degrees of soil sickness

Kummeler, M., 1982:
Investigations into the causes of soil sickness in fruit trees. Part IV. Effect of soil fumigation with ethylene on vegetative growth of Bittenfelder seedlings in soils suffering from varying degrees of soil sickness

Balder, H.; Dehne, H.W.; Schonbeck, F., 1982:
Investigations into the control of powdery mildew by resistance-inducers under practical cropping conditions

Arsenovic, M.; Stankovic, A.; Dimitrijevic, M.; Konstantinovic, B., 1982:
Investigations into the control of submersed vegetation in an irrigation system by specific herbicides

Muller, S.; Moritz, D., 1982:
Investigations into the effect of N fertilizer on sugarbeet with special reference to the inorganic nitrogen content of the soil

Koter, M.; Sobieraj, W., 1982:
Investigations into the effect of relief on the uptake of zinc and manganese by cereals

Spatz, G.; Voigtlander, G.; Weis, G.B., 1981:
Investigations into the forage value of mountain pastures under various management treatments. 1st report. (Botanical composition, crop value, starch and digestible crude protein contents)

Spatz, G.; Voigtlander, G.; Weis, G.B., 1981:
Investigations into the forage value of mountain pastures under various management treatments. 2nd report (mineral contents)

Leman, V.M.; Tret' yakov, N.N., 1981 :
Investigations into the growth and development of plants in controlled environments

Mielke, H., 1983:
Investigations into the influence of different tillage practices on cereal foot rot diseases

Brezeanu, A.; Iordan, M.; Rosu, A.; Mirancea, D.; Popescu, I., 1982:
Investigations into the initiation of cell cultures and the induction of morphogenesis in vitro, with a view to the multiplication of Vitis vinifera clones

Rexillius, L.; Schmidt, H., 1982:
Investigations into the migratory behaviour of 1,3-dichloropropene and methylisothiocyanate in the soil of tree-nursery areas

Schnell, J.D., 1982:
Investigations into the pathoaetiology and diagnosis of vaginal mycoses

Sager, S.; Stelter, H., 1982:
Investigations into the relation between infestaion density and crop loss due to Globodera rostochiensis on potato

Pfitzmann, U,, 1983:
Investigations into the repeated use of water in the wet processing of ware potatoes

Tasnier, C., 1978:
Investigations into the social aspects of sport

Butterworth, F.E.; Alloway, B.J., 1981:
Investigations into the speciation of cadmium in polluted soils using liquid chromatography

Kump, A.W.S., 1982:
Investigations into the suitability of the creatine kinase test in growing pigs

Baylis, A.D.; Dicks, J.W., 1983:
Investigations into the use of plant growth regulators in oil-seed sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) husbandry

Merdivenci, A.; Altas, K.; Mamal, M.; Mutlu, R., 1980:
Investigations of Enterobius vermicularis infection in primary school children in the new slum areas of Istanbul

Markson, L.M.; Spence, J.B.; Dawson, M., 1983:
Investigations of a flock heavily infected with maedi-visna virus

Tauber, H., 1977:
Investigations of aerial pollen transport in a forested area

Hlubna, D., 1982:
Investigations of aflatoxin, zearalenone and ochratoxin A on grains and beans in the region of endemic nephropathy in Semberija

Burton, R.W., 1982:
Investigations of bluetongue and related arboviruses in New South Wales, Australia

Szigeti, Z.; Sineshchekov, V.A., 1981:
Investigations of chlorophyll fluorescence in plants treated with photosynthesis inhibiting benzonitriles

Kaya, N.; Turkmen, S.; Hincal, P., 1982:
Investigations of control measures against the artichoke moth Phragmacossia albida (Erschov.) (Lep.; Cossidae) causing damage on artichoke in Izmir Province

Stein, M., 1980:
Investigations of heterotic effects on important constituents of vegetables

Atkins, R.E.; Guthrie, W.D.; Ross, W.M.; Kindler, S.D., 1983:
Investigations of host-plant resistance to the European corn borer in sorghum

Buisson, J.P.; Lamotte, G.; Demerseman, P.; Royer, R.; Cavier, R., 1983:
Investigations of nitro derivatives of biological interest. XXIX. Synthesis and activity against microorganisms of hydroxylated derivatives of 2-nitro naphthofurans

Einhorn, J.; Demerseman, P.; Royer, R.; Cavier, R., 1983:
Investigations of nitro derivatives of biological interest. XXX. Synthesis and activity against microorganisms of methylated derivatives of 2-nitronaphthofurans

Edlund, M.L.; Hintze, W.; Jermer, J.; Ohlsson, S., 1982:
Investigations of organotin based wood preservatives. Studies of the distribution and degradation of organotin fungicides in double-vacuum treated wood. Analysis of organotin fungicides and their degrade products by high performance thin-layer chromatography

Reich, R.; Stroppel, A., 1983:
Investigations of ploughs with split mouldboards

Hlubna, D., 1982:
Investigations of some media for determination of toxinogenic strains of Asp. flavus

Kostin, Y.I., 1982:
Investigations of the All-Union Dairy Research Institute on whole and canned milk products

Krawielitzki, K.; Schadereit, R.; Volker, T.; Bock, H.D., 1982:
Investigations of the absorption and utilisation of amino acids infused into the caecum of growing pigs. 2. Investigations of 15N-labelled lysine

Sukhanov, P.A., 1981:
Investigations of the edaphic conditions of growth of Pinus halepensis on red rendzinas in the zone of desertification of the Jabal al Akhdar upland

Hellpap, C., 1982:
Investigations of the effect of different insecticides on predators of cereal aphids under field conditions

Hoffmann, L.; Klein, M.; Schiemann, R., 1982:
Investigations of the energy maintenance requirement and of the energy requirement for protein retention in growing rats and broilers. 2. Investigations of the energy maintenance requirement of broilers

Bieluga, B.; Bzowska Bakalarz, M., 1980:
Investigations of the mechanical properties of sugarbeet roots

Koper, R., 1980:
Investigations of the mechanical properties of wheat cv. Grana grain using holographic interferometry and microscopic measurement

Nemeth, I.; Buchte, M., 1982:
Investigations of the potassium content of potatoes as a function of yield

Newstead, D.F., 1982:
Investigations of the production of UHT processed concentrated milk

Willemse, A.; van den Brom, W.E., 1983:
Investigations of the symptomatology and the significance of immediate skin test reactivity in canine atopic dermatitis

Gromiszowa, Z., 1982:
Investigations of the toxicity of some new pesticides to honeybees

Szukalski, H.; Sikora, H., 1981:
Investigations of the trace element contents during different phases of the development of winter rape cv. Janpol

Uspenskaya, A.V., 1981:
Investigations of the ultrastructure of the surface layer, of the types of nutrition and metabolism of myxosporidian plasmodia from different habitats

Pheasant, A.E.; Bates, J.; Blair, J.A.; Nayyir-Mazhir, R., 1983:
Investigations of tissue folates in normal and malignant tissues

Haller, W.T.; Ramaprabhu, T., 1981:
Investigations of various herbicides for aquatic weed control

Bowie, A.J., 1982:
Investigations of vegetation for stabilizing eroding streambanks

Man Mohan Singh; Madan, R.N.; Dhawan, R.; Kalra, K.K.; Karira, B.G., 1981:
Investigations on Andaman and Nicobar Islands woods for different grades of paper

Lorenz, D.H.; Eichhorn, K.W., 1983:
Investigations on Botryotinia fuckeliana Whetz., the perfect state of Botrytis cinerea Pers

Zimmer, K.; Bahnemann, A., 1983:
Investigations on Erica gracilis cultivars

Bilapate, G.G., 1981:
Investigations on Heliothis armigera (Hubner) in Marathwada - XIX. Field studies on larval and pupal parasites

Leibundgut, H., 1983:
Investigations on Larix decidua of various provenances. 3. Heartwood formation in young larches

Pfutzner, H.; Illing, K.; Schimmel, D.; Templin, G.; Wehnert, C., 1983:
Investigations on Mycoplasma mastitis in cattle. 10. Testing Mycoplasma bovis, M. bovigenitalium and Acholeplasma laidlawii for udder pathogenicity

Seffner, W.; Pfutzner, H.; Wehnert, C., 1983:
Investigations on Mycoplasma mastitis in cattle. 11. Histological findings in the udder after experimental infection with Mycoplasma bovigenitalium and Acholeplasma laidlawii

Pfutzner, H.; Hajkova, M.; Jurmanova, K.; Schimmel, D., 1983:
Investigations on Mycoplasma mastitis in cattle. 12. Suitability of Mycoplasma isolation, indirect haemagglutination and filminhibition for diagnosis of Mycoplasma bovis infection

Hahne, J., 1980:
Investigations on N uptake by seedlings of winter wheat genotypes differing in yield potential

Forster, L.; Muller, O.; Schwarz, K., 1983:
Investigations on N, P and K leaching and sewage effluent purification efficiency at different application rates with cocksfoot grown on silty gley and brown sandy soil

Sasse, F., 1979:
Investigations on Serpentine sites in France, Italy, Austria, and the Federal Republic of Germany. I. Soil analysis

Zimmer, K., 1982:
Investigations on Tacitus bellus. Shortening of growing period by chilling

Abbas, A.; Kramer, S., 1983:
Investigations on a strawberry variety collection

Weissmann, G., 1981:
Investigations on bark extracts of Picea abies

Frese, L., 1981:
Investigations on breeding for resistance to Meloidogyne hapla in carrots

Kampe, F., 1980:
Investigations on breeding methodology for the development of determinate types of outdoor cucumbers

Hassig, H.; Schlote, W., 1979:
Investigations on calving performance in German Simmental heifers

Kruger, H., 1979:
Investigations on cereal quality in the industrial area of Bitterfeld

Mohamed A.M.A.A.; Kovacs, A., 1980:
Investigations on chemical composition of annual Medicago species

Mutļu, G., 1982:
Investigations on cross immunological reactions among different Aspergillus strains by skin tests

Mundel, G., 1982:
Investigations on evapotranspiration of grassland on ground water sites. 3. Relations between dry matter production and evapotranspiration

Mundel, G., 1982:
Investigations on evapotranspiration of grassland on ground water sites. 4. Course of evaporation during the growing season

Karahan, O.; Baris, M.; Maden, S.; Kocabiyik, S.; Topcu, H.; Ayla, C., 1981:
Investigations on factors influencing losses due to fungi (Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia sp., Fusarium spp.) causing root rot and wilt of melon and on methods of their control in Central Anatolia

Basedow, T.; Gillich, H., 1982:
Investigations on forecasting the occurrence of the wheat blossom midges Contarinia tritici (Kirby) and Sitodiplosis mosellana (Gehin) (Dipt., Cecidomyidae). II. Factors that can prevent outbreaks of the midges

Alleweldt, G.; Eibach, R.; Ruhl, E., 1982:
Investigations on gas exchange in grapevine. I. Influence of temperature, leaf age and time of day on net photosynthesis and transpiration

Ruhl, E.; Alleweldt, G., 1983:
Investigations on gas exchange in grapevine. III. Influence of temporary drought on performance of several grapevine cultivars

Maujean, A.; Brun, O.; Vesselle, G.; Bureau, G.; Boucher, J.M.; Cousin, M.; Feuillat, M., 1983:
Investigations on grapevine maturation in the Champagne region: a method of forecasting the harvesting date

Prasad, R.; Khan, A.H.; Singh, R.B., 1982:
Investigations on growth and metabolism of organic acids of wheat in relation to water stress

Karg, W., 1982:
Investigations on habitat requirements, geographic distribution and origin of predatory mite genera of the Cohort Gamasina for use as bioindicators

Tawfik, E.S.; Horst, P.; Petersen, J., 1981:
Investigations on heritability of and correlations between egg production, sexual maturity, body weight and egg quality traits. Part 2: Phenotypic and genetic correlations

Heydorn, K.P.; Muller Schlosser, F.; Paufler, S., 1981:
Investigations on inseminations of pigs with fresh semen

Weit, E., 1980:
Investigations on line maintenance in carrots

Friesel, P.; Hauschildt, K., 1979:
Investigations on microbial activity in three podzols

Pourasghar, D., 1979:
Investigations on morphological characteristics of Iranian native honey-bees

Fernandez G.R., 1982:
Investigations on organic manures in Mexico

Pisharody, P.N.; Nair, M.S.; Nair, R.R.; Sheshadrinath, S., 1981:
Investigations on phosphate and potash manuring of transplanted rice

Qvarnstrom, K., 1982:
Investigations on phytotoxic effects of wood preservatives

Faluba, Z., 1982:
Investigations on processing peach cultivars and their prospects in Hungary

Senaratne, R.; Herath, H.M.W.; Balasubramaniam, S.; Wijesundera, C.R., 1982:
Investigations on quantitative and qualitative analysis of oils of Madhuca longifolia (L) Macbr

Kristiansen, K.R.; Werner, H., 1983:
Investigations on quantitative determination of casein by rocket immunoelectrophoresis

Paskalev, G.; Tsachev, S., 1982:
Investigations on rejuvenation of rose plantations mulched with polyethylene film

Kiening, A., 1982:
Investigations on relationships between respiratory diseases and microclimate of beef cattle units

Buraas, T.; Aastveit, K., 1981:
Investigations on seed dormancy in barley

Futo, L.P., 1981:
Investigations on shrinkage and swelling phenomena in the 'drying microscope'. 2. Modifications to the instrument, and the interaction of earlywood and latewood during drying

Jermer, J.; Severin, J.E., 1982:
Investigations on sprinkling of poles as a method to reduce bleeding of creosote

Lupke, H., 1982:
Investigations on staphylococcal mastitis

Weidemann, H.L., 1981:
Investigations on symptom development in different potato varieties after infection with isolates of potato virus Y

Ronkay, L.; Szaboky, C., 1981:
Investigations on the Lepidoptera fauna of the Zemplen Mts. (NE Hungary). I. The valley of Kemence Stream

Sariyar, G., 1983:
Investigations on the alkaloids of Papaver species of the section Miltantha growing in Turkey

Jakob, P., 1983:
Investigations on the automatic steering of a beet harvesting machine

Gudmundsson, T., 1979:
Investigations on the balance of mineral constituents in podzols of Barhalde

Tiberi, R.; Michelassi, M., 1981:
Investigations on the biology and behaviour of Notocelia uddmanniana (L.) in Tuscany (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Schliesske, J., 1981:
Investigations on the biology of Aculus fockeui Nal. et. Trt. (Acari: Eriophyoidea)

Saygii, G., 1980:
Investigations on the biology of Turbatrix aceti (a vinegar nematode)

Varvara, M.; Patrascanu, E.; Sava, L., 1982:
Investigations on the biology, ecology and the economic importance of the predacious insect Coccinella septempunctata L. in Moldavia

Onder, E.P., 1982:
Investigations on the biology, food-plants, damage and factors affecting seasonal population fluctuations of Aonidiella species (Homoptera: Diaspididae) injurious to citrus trees in Izmir and its surroundings

Yuan, D., 1982:
Investigations on the bionomics of Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisduval) on winter and spring food-plants

Rosca, I.; Popov, C., 1982:
Investigations on the composition of the genus Nabis Latreille in south-eastern Romania

Mielke, H., 1982:
Investigations on the control of Septoria tritici Rob. on winter wheat

Sonmez, R.; Turkmut, L.; Sarican, C., 1979:
Investigations on the crossbreeding of Awassi and Daglic sheep

Grigorov, P.; B"rnekov, V.; Ilkova, N.; Dimitrov, S., 1980:
Investigations on the cutting of fibreboards with hard-alloy circular saws

Burghardt, W., 1983:
Investigations on the decomposition of coconut fibre filters in marsh soils

Arndt, H., 1980:
Investigations on the degree and range of heterosis effects in the garden pea (Pisum sativum)

Zimmermann, G.; Bode, E., 1983:
Investigations on the dispersal of the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (Fungi imperfecti, Moniliales) by soil arthropods

Cakici, M., 1982:
Investigations on the distribution, biology, damage and natural enemies of the species of the family Scolytidae (Coleoptera) causing damage to olive trees (Olea europea L.) in western Anatolia, especially Phloeotribus scarabaeoides Bern. (olive bark beetle)

Akinci, A.R., 1983 :
Investigations on the distribution, economic importance, ecological biology and control methods of tree sparrow (Passer montanus L.) which is harmful on agricultural crops in south-east Anatolia

Schindler, U., 1983:
Investigations on the drainable pore volume and usable water capacity of groundwater-influenced bottomland soils and suggestions for water balance control in spring

Muller, S.; Moritz, D., 1983:
Investigations on the dynamics of ammonium and nitrate in soils and the possibilities of considering these nitrogen fractions in nitrogen fertilization

Pillai, V.K.; Chandrika, V.; Gopinathan, C.P.; Raghunathan, A.; Nair, P.V.R., 1981:
Investigations on the ecological effects of Salvinia weed deposits in the inshore waters off Cochin

Nuriev, S.S.; Meshchanov, V.N.; Florinskii, M.A.; Trukhan, L.G., 1980:
Investigations on the effect of fertilizers on agrochemical properties of soils and on the interval between repeated investigations

Philipp, W.D.; Beuther, E.; Grossmann, F., 1982:
Investigations on the effect of fungicides on Ampelomyces quisqualis with regard to integrated control of powdery mildew of cucumber under glass

Scholl, G.; Metzger, F., 1982:
Investigations on the effect of thallium on crops grown in contaminated soil near Lengerich

Scholl, G.; Metzger, F., 1982:
Investigations on the effect of thallium on plants grown in contaminated soil near Lengerich

Liu, S.Y., 1981:
Investigations on the effects of different gametocides used for the induction of male sterility in different genotypes of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Sezgin, E.; Karcilioglu, A.; Yemiscioglu, U., 1982 :
Investigations on the effects of some cultural applications and antagonistic fungi on Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn. and Verticillium dahliae Kleb. in the Aegean region. II. Effects of herbicides and antagonistic fungi

Esentepe, M.; Saribay, A.; Yalcin, O., 1983:
Investigations on the effects of various soil sterilization types and some fungicides used in vegetable seedbeds and greenhouses to soil mycoflora in Ege region. 1 -- Seedbeds studies

Michalik, R., 1982:
Investigations on the efficacy of twelve chemotherapeutic substances on the merozoite phase and on immature and mature cysts of Sarcocystis muris

Brelie, D. von der; Nienhaus, F., 1982:
Investigations on the etiology of grapevine leafroll disease

Ergullu, E., 1982:
Investigations on the existence of enterococcus species in White cheese

Manescu S.; Ionescu P.; Nicolau C., 1981:
Investigations on the fungal infestation of dwellings and effects on health conditions

Dencso, I., 1982:
Investigations on the germination biology of rice cutgrass (Leersia oryzoides (L.) Sw). I. Role of embryo, awn, pericarp and phytohormones in the germination of rice cutgrass caryopses

E.G.hary, A.A.; Nassar, M.A.; Abd el Kader, A.; Sallam, A., 1981:
Investigations on the glandless mutant in Egyptian cotton. III. Evaluation of lint yield and fiber properties

Hegde, M.R.; Patil, S.V., 1981:
Investigations on the growth and yield of rabi crops after pulses in kharif

Erkin, E., 1983:
Investigations on the hosts, distribution and efficiency of the natural enemies of the family Aphididae (Homoptera) harmful to pome and stone fruit trees in Izmir Province of Aegean Region

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Irrigated crops

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