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Leucaena forage and elephant grass as roughage and protein sources in a molasses/urea based diet for fattening zebu cattle

Teeluck, J.P.; Hulman, B.; Preston, T.R.

Tropical Animal Production 7(3): 241-245


Accession: 001095032

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The 12 male and 12 female cattle of zebu type were allocated by bodyweight and sex into groups of 4 and were given: fresh leucaena forage 4% of bodyweight, or leucaena 2.5% and elephant grass 2.5% of bodyweight, or elephant grass 6% of bodyweight as forage supplements to a diet of liquid molasses/urea restricted to 1.5% of bodyweight. Cottonseed cake 0.2% of bodyweight was given to all animals. Males given leucaena gained weight faster, 760 g daily, than those given elephant grass, 580 g. When the 2 forages were given together, gains were intermediate, 670 g. Females grew slower than males, overall means 490 and 670 g, and showed no effect of forage treatment. Trends for feed conversion were similar to those for bodyweight gain.

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