Maintenance of vigour, viability and productivity of stored barley seed

Punjabi, B.; Mandal, A.K.; Basu, R.N.

Seed Research 10(1): 69-71


ISSN/ISBN: 0379-5594
Accession: 001096467

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Barley seeds stored for 5 months under ambient conditions (av. temp. 30 deg C, 73.2% RH) were either not treated or soaked in water or 10-4M sodium phosphate sol. for 2 h, dried to original wt. at 35 deg and stored again for 3 months. The hydration-dehydration and sodium phosphate treatments increased the germination from 62 to 68%, root length from 172 to 201-219 mm, shoot length from 27 to 32 mm and grain yield from 2.11 to 2.47-2.74 t/ha.