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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kudryavtseva, S., 1982:
Moisture content of feed mixtures and productivity of pigs

Carrillo S.A.; Patino Valera, F.; Talavera Armas, I., 1980:
Moisture content of stored seed of 7 Pinus species and Abies and its relation to percentage germination

Palmer, WA.; Bay, DE., 1982:
Moisture content of the dung pat as a factor in the survival of larval stages of the horn fly, Haematobia irritans irritans (L.)

Chau, N.N.; Kunze, O.R., 1982:
Moisture content variation among harvested rice grains

Wadsworth, J.I.; Matthews, J.; Spadaro, J.J., 1982:
Moisture content variation in freshly harvested rice associated with kernel thickness

Miller, M.F., 1980:
Moisture determination of an individual rice grain

Armstrong, F.; Wilson, T.V., 1982:
Moisture distribution in stratified soils under a trickle source

Bodig, J., 1982:
Moisture effects on structural use of wood

Sturton, S.L.; Bilanski, W.K.; Menzies, D.R., 1983:
Moisture exchange between corn and the desiccant bentonite in an intimate mixture

Anthony, W.S., 1982:
Moisture gain and resilient forces of cotton bales during equilibration

Meskhi, A.K.; Margiev, M.K.; Chkoniya, K.P.; Voronin, A.M.; Pushkarev, V.V., 1982:
Moisture meter for dried milk products

Paulsen, M.R.; Hill, L.D.; Dixon, B.L., 1982:
Moisture meter-to-oven comparisons for fall-1981 corn

Sherwood, G.E.; TenWolde, A., 1982:
Moisture movement and control in light-frame structures

Kawai, S.; Nakato, K.; Sadoh, T., 1980:
Moisture movement in wood in the hygroscopic range

Khan, A.H., 1982:
Moisture regain and non-lint contents of cotton variety 'AC-134' under different agronomic treatments as related to physical properties, chemical characteristics and spinning performance

Johnson, M.D.; Lowery, B.; Daniel, T.C., 1982:
Moisture regimes of three conservation tillage systems

Goell, A.; Golomb, A.; Kalmar, D.; Mantell, A.; Sharon, S.; Angelchik, M.; Rochel, A., 1982:
Moisture stress -- a potent factor for affecting vegetative growth and tree size in Citrus

Haywood, W.F.; McNabb, H.S.J., 1979:
Moisture stress and incidence of stem cankers in intensively grown poplars

Young, J.A.; Evans, R.A.; Roundy, B.; Cluff, G., 1983 :
Moisture stress and seed germination

Yamashita, R.; Morito, T., 1982:
Moisture transfer and fissure developments after mixing of various moisture paddies

Silva, W.; Eppink, L.A.A.J.; Angulo, E.; Vazquez, A., 1980:
Moisture-retention curves of the sugarcane cultivated soils in Peru

Foggin, C.M., 1983:
Mokola virus infection in cats and a dog in Zimbabwe

Burrini, A.G., 1982:
Molarity of spermatozoa of some fishes

Anonymous, 1982:

Cserjesi, A.J.; Johnson, E.L., 1982:
Mold and sapstain control: laboratory and field tests of 44 fungicidal formulations

Liu, C.I., 1982:
Moldy sweet potato related respiratory distress in cattle

Ellis, M.A.; Barrat, J.G., 1983:
Moldy-core causes problems in Red Delicious apples

Walker, T.J., 1982:
Mole crickets in Florida and neighbouring states (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae)

Smart, P., 1982:
Mole drainage of difficult land

Hill, G.C.; Johnson, B.J.B., 1982:
Molecular and biochemical approaches to the elucidation of the control mechanisms involved in differentiation in trypanosomes

Brandt, A.; Ingversen, J.; Cameron Mills, V.; Schmitt, J.M.; Rasmussen, S.K., 1981:
Molecular aspects of storage protein synthesis in barley endosperms

Coulon, P.; Rollin, P.E.; Flamand, A., 1983:
Molecular basis of rabies virus virulence. II. Identification of a site on the CVS glycoprotein associated with virulence

Ogihara, Y.; Tsunewaki, K., 1982:
Molecular basis of the genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in Triticum and Aegilops. I. Diversity of the chloroplast genome and its lineage revealed by the restriction pattern of ct-DNAs

Rose, M.R.; Doolittle, W.F., 1983:
Molecular biological mechanisms of speciation

Durante, M., 1980:
Molecular biology of Phaseolus suspensor

Iaccarino, M., 1983:
Molecular biology of nitrogen fixation in Klebsiella pneumoniae

McCrae, M.A.; McCorquodale, J.G., 1982:
Molecular biology of rotaviruses. IV. Molecular cloning of the bovine rotavirus genome

van Wezenbeek, P.; Vos, P.; van Boom, J.; van Kammen, A., 1982:
Molecular cloning and characterization of a complete DNA copy of potato spindle tuber viroid RNA

Soe, L.H.; Devi, B.G.; Mullins, J.I.; Roy-Burman, P., 1983:
Molecular cloning and characterization of endogenous feline leukemia virus sequences from a cat genomic library

Sun, C.R.; Endo, T.; Kusuda, M.; Sugiura, M., 1982:
Molecular cloning of the genes for ribosomal DNAs from broad bean chloroplast DNA

Samanta, A.K.; Ray, S.K.; Basak, S.C.; Bose, S.K., 1982:
Molecular connectivity and antifungal activity. A quantitative structure-activity relationship study of substituted phenols against skin pathogens

Newton, K.J., 1983:
Molecular correlates of cytoplasmic types

Vines, G., 1982:
Molecular drive: a third force in evolution

Lewin, R., 1982:
Molecular drive: how real, how important?

Flavell, R.B.; Bedbrook, J.; Jones, J.; O.D.ll, M.; Gerlach, W.L.; Dyer, T.A.; Thompson, R.D., 1980:
Molecular events in the evolution of cereal chromosomes

Pfefferkorn, E.R., 1981:
Molecular genetics of Toxoplasma: Toxoplasma gondii as a model parasite for genetic studies

Barros Aspillaga, C.M., 1981:
Molecular heterogeneity of uterotrophic placental hormone

Birr, C.; Wengert Muller, M., 1981:
Molecular perspectives of synthetic mast cell-degranulating peptide

Pratt, L.H., 1983:
Molecular properties of phytochrome and their relationship to phytochrome function

Walcott, P.J.; Kenrick, J.R.; Bishop, D.G., 1982:
Molecular properties of potato tuber lipolytic acyl hydrolase

Nakano, T.; Thompson, J.R.; Aherne, F.X., 1982:
Molecular size of chondroitin sulfate from normal and osteochondrotic joint cartilage of adolescent boars

Prasad, B.; Sinha, M.K., 1982:
Molecular weights, elution pattern and spectral characteristics of humic and fulvic acids

Nimlos, T.J.; Tomer, M., 1982:
Mollisols beneath conifer forests in southwestern Montana

Boray, J.C., 1982:
Molluscan hosts and trematodes in the Pacific Basin

Ermolaev, I., 1983:
Molybdenum application to beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Mehrotra, S.C.; Chatterjee, C.; Sharma, C.P.; Agarwala, S.C., 1982:
Molybdenum deficiency effects in high yielding varieties of wheat and barley

Gupta, U.C.; Lipsett, J., 1982:
Molybdenum in soils, plant and animals

Williams, J.H.; Gogna, J.C., 1981:
Molybdenum uptake from sewage sludge treated soil

Joas, J., 1982:
Mombins: interesting technological possibilities

Randel, R.D.; Rutter, L.M.; Rhodes, R.C.I.I., 1982:
Monensin effects on the estrogen induced LH surge in prepuberal heifers

Sokolowski, M.; Samol, S., 1982:
Monensin sodium poisoning in fowls

Gamble, B., 1983:
Money matters: the role of the accountant

Hilbig, W., 1982:

Karasev, N.F.; Litvinov, V.F., 1980:
Moniezia in yaks in the Berezinsk Nature Reserve

Ferreira, L.D.B.B., 1981:
Moniezioses and coccidiosis in lambs

Wearing, C.H.; Walker, J.T.S., 1982:
Monitoring San Jose scale populations with pheromone traps

Konig, E.; Vite, J.P.; Bogenschutz, H., 1981:
Monitoring and control of Ips typographus L. and Trypodendron lineatum Ol. (Coleoptera, Scolytidae) with synthetic attractants in pheromone traps

Saunders, P.R., 1982:
Monitoring and reporting recreation use: a case study

Lindsay, D.G., 1983:
Monitoring and testing for residues of therapeutics in meat

Trumble, J.T.; Nakakihara, H.; Carson, W., 1982:
Monitoring aphid infestations on broccoli

Pickel, C.; Mount, R.C.; Zalom, F.G.; Wilson, L.T., 1983:
Monitoring aphids on Brussels sprouts

Morgan, DR., 1981:
Monitoring bait acceptance in brush-tailed possum populations: development of a tracer technique

Warren, M.E.; Richardson, R.H., 1982:
Monitoring dairy herd fertility

Nosseir, M.K., 1981:
Monitoring erosion features affected by land use from remotely sensed data (1938-1976)

Underhill, EW.; Rogers, CE.; Chisholm, MD.; Steck, WF., 1982:
Monitoring field populations of the sunflower moth, Homoeosoma electellum (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), with its sex pheromone

Grubner, P., 1981:
Monitoring herbicide use by determination of residues in the soil

Hannaford, B.D., 1982:
Monitoring iodine levels in a city's milk supply

Zalom, F.G.; Wilson, L.T.; Hoffmann, M.P.; Large, W.H.; Weakley, C.V., 1983:
Monitoring lepidopterous pest damage to processing tomatoes

Hall, J.W.; Thomas, K.R.; Penfold, G.F., 1982:
Monitoring material flow through rotary separators

Schonherr, J.; Vite, J.P.; Serez, M., 1983:
Monitoring of Ips sexdentatus populations with synthetic attractant

Wagner, G., 1981:
Monitoring of airborne heavy metal pollution using selected accumulation indicators

Westman, L., 1981:
Monitoring of coniferous forest ecosystems in Sweden

Baker, PB.; Shelton, AM.; Andaloro, JT., 1982:
Monitoring of diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae) in cabbage with pheromones

Batchelor, J.T., 1980:
Monitoring of fertilizer nitrogen in clay soil and related wheat responses

Ho, D.T.; Reddy, K.V.S., 1983:
Monitoring of lepidopterous stem-borer population by pheromone and light traps

Pegel, M.; Ruhm, W., 1982:
Monitoring of results after taking control measures against the larval stages of blackflies (Simuliidae, Diptera)

Gupta, A.K., 1981:
Monitoring of rural projects through people's participation

Shalyavina, L.M.; Dorozhilov, A.E.; Shnur, A.I.; Fedotov, G.P.; Bulgakov, R.I., 1982:
Monitoring of the morphology of cattle embryos for transplantation

Morard, P.; Kerhoas, J., 1982:
Monitoring of the nutrient status and the manuring of vegetables by analysis of sap from the conducting tissue

Taradach, C., 1982:
Monitoring of the oestrous cycle in the rat by measurement of electrical impedance in the vaginal cavity

Hamilton Smith, E.; Watson, J., 1982:
Monitoring of wildland recreation -- issues, methods and potential

Saetveit, E., 1982:
Monitoring results of marketing in Norwegian dairies

Corey, P.R.; Corey, A.T., 1979:
Monitoring soil water leachate

Patterson, C.G.; Mesner, W.L.; Rodriguez, J.G., 1982:
Monitoring spider mite populations with photography

Wildman, W.E.; Nagaoka, R.T.; Lider, L.A., 1983:
Monitoring spread of grape phylloxera by color infrared aerial photography and ground investigation

Varns, J.L., 1981:
Monitoring suberization by methyl chloride release from potato tubers

Cole, D.N., 1983:
Monitoring the condition of wilderness campsites

Rauschelbach, E., 1983:
Monitoring the early pregnancy of lactating mares through regular measurement of progesterone in milk

Schutz, C.J., 1982:
Monitoring the long-term effects of management practices on site productivity in South African forestry

Morard, P.; Kerhoas, J., 1982:
Monitoring the nutrition and fertilizing of vegetable crops by the analysis of the sap from conducting tissues

Dunaeva, V.V., 1981:
Monitoring the tension of frame saws by the frequency of their bending oscillations

Steinlin, H.J., 1982:
Monitoring the world's tropical forests

Hoerstke, M.; Seitz, A.; Baljer, G., 1982:
Monitoring various blood values in calves with acute salmonellosis

Gorozhanin, V.S.; Galimov, S.D., 1982:
Monoamines and their metabolites in the brain of Wistar and Krushinskii-Molodkina rats

Purohit, S.S.; Chandra, K., 1983:
Monocarpic senescence in Helianthus annuus L. 2. Prevention of fruit-induced senescence, chlorophyll degradation and chlorophyllase activity by penicillin

Lucariello, A.; Esposito, L.; Torre, S.; Coviello, G.; Vetrani, A.; Manco, A.; Coto, V.; Cacciatore, L., 1982:
Monoclonal IgM gammopathy in an adult with toxoplasmosis

Grzych, J.M.; Capron, M.; Verwaerde, C.; Nogueira Queiroz, A.; Bazin, H.; Capron, A., 1982:
Monoclonal anti Schistosoma mansoni antibodies. A summary of recent progresses

López, J.S.; Jensen, F.J.; Mendoza, F.; Ortíz-Ortíz, L., 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies against Entamoeba histolytica

Hoshi, S.; Mikami, T.; Nagata, K.; Onuma, M.; Izawa, H., 1983:
Monoclonal antibodies against a paramyxovirus isolated from Japanese sparrow-hawks (Accipiter virugatus gularis)

Liu E.H.iang; Gao Min Xin, 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies against intraerythrocytic stage of Plasmodium falciparum

Scott, A.L.; Showalter, S.; Levy, D.A., 1983:
Monoclonal antibodies against somatic antigens of Dirofilaria immitis

Phillips, S.M., 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies and mechanisms of immunogenesis

Pastoret, P.P., 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies and their potential applications in veterinary medicine, a review

Greenblatt, C.L.; Slutzky, G.M.; de Ibarra, A.A.; Snary, D., 1983:
Monoclonal antibodies for serotyping Leishmania strains

Cohen, S., 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies in parasitology with particular reference to malaria

Ikuta, K.; Honma, H.; Maotani, K.; Ueda, S.; Kato, S.; Hirai, K., 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies specific to and cross-reactive with Marek's disease virus and herpesvirus of turkeys

McMahon-Pratt, D.; Bennett, E.; David, J.R., 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies that distinguish subspecies of Leishmania braziliensis

Anderson, S.J.; Furth, M.; Wolff, L.; Ruscetti, S.K.; Sherr, C.J., 1982:
Monoclonal antibodies to the transformation-specific glycoprotein encoded by the feline retroviral oncogene v-fms

Lee, L.F.; Liu, X.; Witter, R.L., 1983:
Monoclonal antibodies with specificity for three different serotypes of Marek's disease viruses in chickens

Zodda, D.M.; Phillips, S.M., 1982 :
Monoclonal antibody-mediated protection against Schistosoma mansoni infection in mice

Gill, N.J.; Ganguly, N.K.; Mahajan, R.C.; Bhusnurmath, S.R.; Dilawari, J.B., 1982:
Monocyte functions in human amoebiasis

Luo Yongde; Lang Suo, 1982:
Monogenea from Yunnan Province a new species of Dactylogyrus from Capoeta semifasciolata (Gunther)

Swarup, M., 1981:
Monogenea from fresh-water fishes of India

Kazakov, B.E., 1982:
Monogenea of fish in lakes of the Lithuanian National Park

Bravo Hollis, M., 1979:
Monogenean of the Winter Collection II. On a new protomicrocotylid from Caranx hippos caninus Gunther from the Mexican Pacific

Birgi, E.; Euzet, L., 1983:
Monogenean parasites of freshwater fish from the Cameroon. Presence of two genera, Cichlidogyrus and Dactylogyrus, in Aphyosemion.

Bravo Hollis, M., 1978:
Monogeneans from the Winter Collection I. Six species of the superfamily Microcotyloidea Unnithan, 1957

Mamaev, Y.L., 1982:
Monogeneans of the subfamily Grubeinae Price, 1961 (fam. Mazocraeidae)

Dillon, W.A.; Hargis, W.J.J.; Harrises, A.E., 1983:
Monogenetic trematodes from the South Pacific. Polyopisthocotyleids from Australian fish. Subfamilies Polylabrinae and Microcotylinae

Qian Baozhen; W.B.ohua, 1982 :
Monogenetic trematodes on Abramidinae fishes from the West Lake, Hangzhou

Thompson, M., 1982:
Monogenic control of photo-induced dormancy in hazelnuts

Conrad, M.L., 1981:
Monograph of the Lupinus albicaulis-L. formosus complex

Soni, G.R.; Nama, H.S., 1983:
Mononchus sinensis n.sp. (Nematoda: Mononchidae) from India

Obushenkov, I.N., 1983:
Monordotaenia alopexi n.sp. (Cestoda, Taeniidae), a cestode from Alopex lagopus on Chukotka (USSR)

Dawson, D.J.; Holmes, R.; Lobley, R.W., 1983:
Monosaccharide absorption by human jejunal biopsies: anomalous behaviour of galactose

Bittner, A.S.; Street, J.C., 1983:
Monosaccharide composition of alcohol- and detergent-insoluble residues in maturing reed canarygrass leaves

Gurtler, H.; Brenner, K.V., 1982:
Monosaccharides for piglets and the insulin response

Shelton, W.L.; Boney, S.P.; Rosenblatt, E.M., 1982:
Monosexing grass carp by sex reversal and breeding

Yu, Y.J., 1982:
Monosomic analysis for scab resistance and yield components in the wheat cultivar Soo-mo 3

Dylenok, L.A.; Khotyleva, L.V.; Yatsevich, A.P., 1980:
Monosomic analysis of flag leaf size in spring wheat

Wang, Y.C.; Xue, X.Z.; Tang, G.S.; Wang, Q.Y., 1982:
Monosomic analysis of height in the wheat variety Aibian 1

Yao, J.X.; Yang, F.B.; Zhao, Y.M., 1982:
Monosomic analysis of resistance to powdery mildew in the wheat variety Baimian 3

E.Bedewy, R., 1981:
Monosomic analysis of resistance to yellow rust (Puccinia striiformis West.) in wheat, Triticum aestivum L

Evdokimov, M.G.; Reiter, B.G., 1981:
Monosomic analysis of the length of the topmost internode in the spring wheat variety Gibrid 21

Tsunewaki, K., 1982:
Monosomic analysis on the fertility restoration by Triticum aestivum cv. Chinese Spring against Aegilops ovata cytoplasm

Tarocco, C., 1982:
Monospermic, heterospermic and dispermic insemination of hybrid pigs

Loyttyniemi, K.; Loyttyniemi, R.; Hiltunen, R.; Raisanen, S., 1982:
Monoterpene composition of needle oil of Pinus oocarpa and Pinus caribaea

Hanssen, H.P.; Jacob, J., 1982:
Monoterpenes from the true bug Harpocera thoracica (Hemiptera)

Bossis, M.; Caubel, G., 1982:
Monoxenic culture of plant parasitic nematodes on callus tissue

Nair, K.K.N.; Nayar, M.P., 1982:
Monsoon forests of Courtallum (Tamil Nadu) of Western Ghats

Anonymous, 1982:
Montane forestry in central Europe

Mishra, L.C., 1982:
Monthly variation in the chemical composition of spear grass (Heteropogon contortus)

Allavena, A.; Fadda, A.; Soressi, G.P., 1983:
Monviso and Morena: new dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties resistant to BCMV and Pseudomonas phaseolicola

Salm, R.V.; Robinson, A.H., 1982:
Moorings for marine parks: design and placement

Jennet, T.M., 1981:
Mor-Bell Logger

Stokes, B.J.; Lanford, B.L.; Sirois, D.L., 1982:
Mor-bell thinning system: feller buncher, skidder and loader

Pop, S., 1982:
Moral aspects of tourist cooperation

Kaemmerer, K., 1983:
Morantel in a steel casing

Newby, T.J.; Brimhall, V.E.; Sheldon, C.M.; Sheldon, J.J.; Bliss, D.H., 1983:
Morantel treatment of subclinical parasitism in beef cattle: feedlot performance after treatment as suckling calves

Newby, T.J.; Drawe, D.L.; Bliss, D.H., 1982:
Morantel treatment of subclinical parasitism in beef cattle: weaning weight comparison of suckling calves grazed on native grasslands in south Texas

Newby, T.; Drawe, D.; Slyngstad, C.; Anderson, V.; Bliss, D., 1982:
Morantel treatment of suckling purebred beef calves

Berkebile, DR.; Hall, RD.; Webber, JJ., 1981:
Moraxella bovis (Hauduroy) survival on female face flies: laboratory studies

Bonka, P.V., 1979:
Morbidity caused by Balantidium in pigs and its epizootiological characteristics

Dutta, M.; Chawla, D.R.; Sharma, R.S.; Datta, K.K., 1981:
Morbidity due to common communicable diseases in rural India -- an institutional study

Upatham, E.S.; Viyanant, V.; Kurathong, S.; Brockelman, W.Y.; Menaruchi, A.; Saowakontha, S.; Intarakhao, C.; Vajrasthira, S.; Warren, K.S., 1982:
Morbidity in relation to intensity of infection in Opisthorchiasis viverrini: study of a community in Khon Kaen, Thailand

Masaba, S.C.; Awiti, I.E.; Muruka, J.F., 1983:
Morbidity in urinary schistosomiasis in relation to the intensity of infection in Kisumu, Kenya

Bhatnagar, M.; Gupta, S.C.; Mishra, V.N.; Singh, R.B.; Garg, S.K., 1982:
Morbidity pattern of communicable diseases in an urban area of Uttar Pradesh

Garg, S.K.; Mishra, V.N.; Bhatnagar, M.; Singh, R.B.; Gupta, S.C., 1982:
Morbidity with special reference to communicable diseases in a rural population

Mazin, E.; Nemova, L.; Kokoshnikova, A., 1982:
More about the restricted diet for replacement pullets of the Broiler-6 type

Morris, C.A., 1982 :
More beef by using more productive cows and by yearling-heifer mating

Hacker, J.B.; Shaw, N.H.; Mannetje, L. ' t, 1982:
More beef from spear grass country. Pasture research at Rodd's Bay, Central Queensland, 1945-1977

L.Chevalier, F., 1982:
More coffee, Vladimir?

Hanel, V.; Schumacher, H.; Schubert, M., 1983:
More effective forage production by depositing the crop in broad and double swaths

Repp, Kh, 1982:
More efficient management for the agroindustrial sector -- an important element in putting the food progamme into effect

Ribal, M.; Toufar, J.; Bernasek, V., 1977:
More efficient protection of forest plantations against game damage

Kosturski, N.; Georeva, M.; Kolev, D., 1982:
More efficient use of the land, a great reserve for fodder production. I. Cultivation of winter forage crops

Murk, S., 1983:
More family in your holiday

Gilchrist, A.N., 1981:
More herbicides for soil conservation tree nurseries

Chatterjee, P., 1982:
More on modes of power and the peasantry

Leak, W.B., 1982:
More on stocking guides

Gilmore, A.R., 1977:
More on the effects of soil moisture stress on monoterpenes in loblolly pine

Bounias, M., 1982:
More powerful bees

Steiger, A.; Profe, D.; Kleiner, U., 1982:
More precise evaluation of the degree of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in animal houses

Kustrak, I.; Markovic, P.; Radmanovic, D.; Stipetic, V., 1982:
More rapid development of the agroindustrial sector as a condition for stabilizing economic development in Yugoslavia

Janse, J., 1983:
More rot with rough handling of cucumbers

Kindt, T.J.; Coutinho, A., 1983:
More sources of antibody diversity

Freivalds, J., 1982:
More than just water. Irrigation economics

Clutterbuck, C.; Lang, T., 1982:
More than we can chew. The crazy world of food and farming

Cools, M.H.; Jansen, A.B., 1982:
More tomato cultivars for both hot-air-heated and cool glasshouse culture

Budiansky, S., 1983:
More toxin victims claimed

Fry, B., 1983:
More water down the pipe with effective trenchless schemes

Yoshikawa, T.; Furuya, T., 1982:
Morphinan alkaloid production by opium poppy suspension culture

Combie, J.D., 1983:
Morphine in the horse: drug glucuronide hydrolysis by beta -glucuronidase; morphine detection, protein binding and pharmacokinetics; logit log data transformation; effects of goldenseal and furosemide on drug detection

Ghosh, S.P.; Verma, A.N.; Govind, S., 1982:
Morpho-anatomical characteristics of certain rough lemon (Citrus jambhiri Lush.) strains of North-Eastern Hills

Pasqual, C., 1982:
Morpho-functional typology of the wing in Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Shah, C.K.; Philomena, P.A., 1982:
Morpho-histochemical studies on coleoptile

Gabor, M.; Vaida, A.; Deac, C.; Kosztin, P., 1981:
Morpho-pathologic lesions induced in frog tadpoles under the action of aflatoxin

Kulmamatov, E.N., 1981:
Morphobiological characteristics of the nematode Protostrongylus davtiani (Savina, 1940) in Uzbekistan

Nikova, V., 1981:
Morphogenesis and cytological studies of cytoplasmically male-sterile tobacco with the cytoplasm of Nicotiana repanda and N. suaveolens

Geier, T., 1982:
Morphogenesis and plant regeneration from spadix fragments of Anthurium scherzerianum cultivated in vitro

Nozeran, R.; Grenan, S.; Truel, P.; Favre, J.M., 1983 :
Morphogenesis from the juvenile stage in Vitis vinifera L. from seedlings or in vitro culture

Cheema, G.S.; Mehra, P.N., 1982:
Morphogenesis in endosperm cultures

Singh, S.; Banu, S.; Pareek, L.K.; Chandra, N., 1983:
Morphogenesis in organ, tissue and cell cultures of some species of Brassica

Child, R.; Morgan, D.C.; Smith, H., 1981:
Morphogenesis in simulated shadelight quality

Sozinov, A.A.; Luk' yanyuk, S.F.; Maksimova, V.I.; Ignatova, S.A., 1981:
Morphogenesis in the anther culture of triticale

Hutley Bull, P.D.; Schwabe, W.W., 1982:
Morphogenesis in the wheat apex as influenced by environment and plant growth regulators

Cellarova, E.; Grelakova, K.; Repcak, M.; Honcariv, R., 1982:
Morphogenesis in tissue cultures of some medicinal plants

Toofanian, F.; Targowski, S.P., 1982:
Morphogenesis of rabbit small intestinal mucosa

Klyat, V.P., 1980:
Morphogenesis of the leaf in some wild cotton species

Chaturvedi, H.C.; Sharma, A.K.; Sharma, M.; Prasad, R.N., 1982:
Morphogenesis, micropropagation and germplasm preservation of some economic plants by tissue culture

Schmutterer, H.; Saxena, RC. von der Heyde, J., 1983:
Morphogenetic effects of some partially-purified fractions and methanolic extracts of neem seeds on Mythimna separata (Walker) and Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenee)

Nwanko, B.A.; Krikorian, A.D., 1983:
Morphogenetic potential of embryo- and seedling-derived callus of Elaeis guineensis Jacq. var. pisifera Becc

Henshaw, G.G.; O.H.ra, J.F.; Webb, K.J., 1982:
Morphogenetic studies in plant tissue cultures

Yankulov, I.K.; Dzhurmanski, G.T., 1982:
Morphogenetic variability in the scopolamine and atropine concentrations of tetraploid Datura innoxia

Glade, M.J.; Krook, L.; Schryver, H.F.; Hintz, H.F., 1983:
Morphologic and biochemical changes in cartilage of foals treated with dexamethasone

Ryan, M.J.; Wyand, D.S.; Hill, D.L.; Tourtellotte, M.E.; Yang, T.J., 1983:
Morphologic changes following intraarticular inoculation of Mycoplasma bovis in calves

Pohlenz, J.F.; Woode, G.N.; Cheville, N.F.; Mokresh, A.H.; Mohammed, K., 1982:
Morphologic lesions in the intestinal mucosa of newborn calves reproduced by an unclassified virus (Breda-virus)

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Morphological aspects of growth

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Morphological Characteristics of Hoplolaimus indicus Sher, 1963 in Canada, a Parasite of Wild Rice

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Morphological characteristics of experimental toxoplasmosis

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Morphological characters and growing directions of primary roots of maize plants

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Morphological characters of F4 progeny of the hybrid Brassica campestris ssp. pekinensis Chinese cabbage X B. campestris ssp. trilocularis yellow sarson with different seed coat colour

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Morphological comparison of eggs between marine species and fresh-water species in diphyllobothriid cestodes.

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Morphological Comparison of Head Shape and Stylet Morphology of Second-stage Juveniles of Meloidogyne Species

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Morphological development of female flower buds in Abies veitchii Lindl

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Morphological differences between high and low yielding hybrids of sunflower

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Morphological differentiation in wing venation among broods of 13- and 17-year periodical cicadas

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Morphological evaluation of early cattle embryos

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Morphological evaluation of honeybees of the Szczecin region

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Morphological mutants of garlic

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Morphological observation on longitudinal intercellular spaces in normal softwoods

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Morphological observations on cattle with muscular hypertrophy. 2. Changes in the angles of the limb joints

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Morphological observations on fowl spermatozoa stored in frozen or liquid state

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Morphological observations on intercellular spaces in wood rays

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Morphological observations on some forms of spermatheca in Rhynchota and Coleoptera

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Morphological observations on the Chinese wax scale (Ceroplastes sinensis Del Guercio)

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Morphological principles of selection of Karakul sheep

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Morphological staging of wheat caryopsis development

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Morphological structure of defibrator products of pine wood

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Morphological studies on tillering habits in temperate herbage grasses. II. The disturbance of tillering regularity of cocksfoot seedlings grown under unfavourable conditions

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Morphological studies on tillering habits in temperate herbage grasses. III. The tillering regularity and its disturbance of orchardgrass shoots under sward conditions

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Morphological study of 15 species of free-living amoebae from the Limax group by optical phase-contrast microscopy

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Morphological study of a calcareous crust in the region of Irece, Bahia, Brazil

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Morphological study of tetraploid forms (AABB) of bread wheat in comparison with their parents (AABBDD)

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Morphological variability of Cercospora Fres. species

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Morphological variation by population, host, and sex in spruce budworm

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Morphological variations among three biotypes of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens in the Philippines

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Morphological variations among three biotypes of the rice brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens in the Philippines

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Morphological variations associated with green pod and dry seed yield in garden pea

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Morphological-functional characteristics of the intestine of parasitic nematodes of different taxonomic and ecological groups

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Morphological-functional foundations of the fecundity of aphids (Aphidina Viviovipara). II. Number of embryos

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Morphological-functional specialisation of the tubular glands of larvae of harvest mites (Trombiculidae)

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Morphological-physiological study of the mechanisms of adaptation in pseudophyllidean cestodes to different salinities

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Morphology and anatomy of the galls of Asphondylia phyllanthi Felt on the leaf and shoot of Emblica officinalis Gaertn

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Morphology and morphogenesis of Chlamydia infection in domestic animals and rodents

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Morphology and taxonomy of parasitic helminths

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Morphology and yield in winter wheat grown in high yielding conditions

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Morphology of Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites on natural substrates. Scanning electron microscope study

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Morphology of pulmonary Cryptococcus neoformans infection in swine

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Morphology of the articular region of the wings in Rhinocoris erythropus (L.) (Heteroptera Reduviidae)

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Morphology of the genital cone in the nematode family Trichostrongylidae and its value as a taxonomic character

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Morphology of the mouthparts of the adult Varroa jacobsoni mite

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Morphology of the nematode Capillaria pterophylli Heinze, 1933, a pathogenic parasite of some aquarium fishes

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Morphology of the rice plant

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Morphology of the scolex of Cysticercus cellulosae in brain cysticercosis

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Morphology, hygroscopic properties and agricultural potential of podzolic soils in the coastal zone of the Sea of Okhotsk

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Morphology, karyotype, growth rate and susceptibility to aphthovirus of BHK-21 cells from two sources

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Morphology, life-history and host-plants of the big-horned delphacid (Delphacidae, Homoptera)

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Morphology, systematics and geographical distribution of nematodes -- commensals of whalebone whales

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Morphomerics of various populations of Nephotettix species in India

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Morphometric analyses of pedon data

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Morphometric analysis of size and shape

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Morphometric characteristics of a hybrid between the beluga, Huso huso, and the sevryuga, Acipenser stellatus

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Morphometric indices of mass species of nematodes in turfy soils in various degrees of cultivations

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Morphometric investigation of ultrastructural changes in the flight muscles of the cricket Acheta domestica in ontogenesis

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Morphometric studies in inbred and hybrid house mice. II. Patterns in the variances

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Morphometry of equine neutrophils isolated at different temperatures

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Mother and child health in Mauritius

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Motion of spheres in a fluidized bed

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Motivating the people to participate in literacy and complementary education work in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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Motivation of personnel to deal with hygienic problems in food factories

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Mould control in rinded Parmesan cheese

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Mouse gene list

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Mouse gene list

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Moving bees

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Mower conditioners

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Mozambique -- a bibliography of the rural sector

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Mucosal impression smears for diagnosis of piglet coccidiosis

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Mucosal transport of Eimeria tenella in the cecum of the chicken

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Muddy water or a suspension

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Mulch planting for coastal plains soils

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Mule and black-tailed deer of North America

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Mules must come to science

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Multi-agency system and credit flow

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Multi-nominal automatic metering pump for liquid

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Multi-purpose machine for grassland work on slopes

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Multi-use and the specialist facility

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Multifocal retinal dysplasia in the rottweiler

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Multilarval infestations by Rhagoletis cerasi L. (Diptera: Trypetidae) in cherry fruits

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Multilayer containers

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Multiline breeding

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Multinational corporations and Third World poverty

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Multinational firms and agriculture in Ecuador

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Multinational project for technical education and professional training

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Multinucleate root-tip cells of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

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Multiple cropping and fertiliser use

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Multiple lysogeny in lactic streptococci

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Multiple regression analysis for the evaluation of the effect of insect populations on the productivity of upland rice

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Multiple sclerosis and selenium

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Multiple synaptonemal complexes in the interphase oocytes of the acanthocephalan Neoechinorhynchus rutili (Muller 1780)

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Multiple use of grassland resources (grasslands to provide natural resource conservation and quality environment for mankind)

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Multiple-use planning and forestry land use planning -- a functioning interrelationship or utopian goal?

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Multiplication of Aujeszky's virus (AV) in vaccinated pigs after experimental infection with large and medium amounts of virus

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Multiplication of Globodera rostochiensis Woll., 1923, pathotype 1, and of G. pallida Stone, 1972, pathotype 77, on potato varieties

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Multiplication of merozoites of Sarcocystis dispersa Cerna, Kolarova et Sulc, 1978 and Sarcocystis cernae Levine, 1977 in the blood stream of the intermediate host

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Multiplication of seed potatoes in each province

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Multiplication of some stored grain insect pests and extent of loss to wheat grains at constant environment

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Multiplication of the fimbriate and nonfimbriate Salmonella typhimurium organisms in the intestinal mucosa of mice treated with antibiotics

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Multiplication of the megachilid bee Osmia cornifrons (Radoszkowski) (Hym., Apidae) in some artificial nests

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Multiplication of tobacco mosaic virus in systemic and necrotic responding hosts: biochemical approach to the study of hypersensitive resistance to viruses

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Multiplication, growth and persistence of perennial weeds

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Multipurpose biomass systems for crop drying

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Multispectral remote sensing for estimating biomass and productivity

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Multistage hybridization in producing rust-resistant wheat varieties

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Multitiller - soil tillage machine

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Multivariate analysis in Pisum sativum L

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Multivariate analysis in green-seeded pea

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Mungbean line developed with multiple disease resistance

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Mungbean mutation breeding in Korea

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