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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sergeeva, V.N.; Ozolinya, N.R.; Kreitsberg, Z.N.; Shkol' nyi, A.T., 1982:
Mycelium formation by microfungi in culture on lignosulphonates

Edelman, J.; Fewell, A.; Solomons, G.L., 1983:
Myco-protein -- a new food

Tsukamura, M.; Nemoto, H.; Yugi, H., 1983:
Mycobacterium porcinum sp. nov., a porcine pathogen

Hejlicek, K.; Treml, F.; Cerny, M., 1982:
Mycobacterium terrae as a cause of tuberculin reactions in intensively reared heifers

Ruzic, R.; Rodicevic, S.; Dragic, M., 1982:
Mycocid (chlormidazole) in the treatment of dermatomycosis of dogs

Koshkelova, E.N.; Frolov, I.P.; Orlov, V.A.; Bezukhova, Z.P.; Batyrova, G.S., 1983:
Mycoflora of North-West Turkmenistan and Transunguz Karakum

Dorozhkin, N.A.; Fedorov, V.N., 1982:
Mycoflora of canker tumours on Siberian larch and some biological features of Lachnellula willkommii (Hart.) Dennis

Ozegovic, L., 1982:
Mycoflora of maize, wheat and beans in the region of endemic nephropathy in Bosnia and Herzegovia

Nowicka, J.; Kotlarek Haus, S.; Walow, B.; Baran, E., 1982:
Mycoflora of the air of rooms of the haematological department

Gintis, BO.; Morgan-Jones, G.; Rodriguez-Kabana, R., 1982:
Mycoflora of young cysts of Heterodera glycines in North Carolina soils

Shao, J.Z.; Liao, W.Q.; Li, S.Q.; Wu, S.X.; Zhang, J.Z.; Huang, J.J., 1983:
Mycologic identification of Emericella nidulans and Aspergillus flavus caused pulmonary infection

Ditrich, O.; Otcenasek, M., 1983:
Mycological and ecological study of the dermatophyte Microsporum persicolor

Flores, C.; Ferrada, L.; Parra, M. de la, 1982:
Mycological and experimental study of a case of sporotrichosis

Farkas, B.; Hunyadi, J.; Simon, N., 1982:
Mycological and serological investigations of patients with porphyria cutanea tarda

Criseo, G.; Iozzo, G.; Pernice, L.; Bruno, L., 1982:
Mycological diagnosis and study of fungi isolated from an area along the Tyrrhenian coast in the Province of Catanzaro (Calabria)

Singh, K.P.; Uppal, P.K., 1982:
Mycological examination of the uterus and semen of buffalo

Hahn, F.S.; Hubner, U.; Pinzer, U., 1982:
Mycological investigations of patients with severe acne

Fegeler, W.; Husen, N.V.n; Witting, C., 1983:
Mycological results obtained by gastroscopy -- aspects for evaluation

Kobayasi, Y.; Hiratsuka, N.; Tubaki, K.; Udagawa, S., 1982:
Mycological studies of the Canadian Arctic

Gemeinhardt, H.; Bergmann, I.; Wallenstein, G., 1981:
Mycological studies on the detection and incidence of mould fungi in agricultural dusts

Tanda, S., 1981:
Mycological studies on the ergot in Japan. (Part 14). Ergots on Agropyron spp

Ktenidou Kartale, S.; Souliou Sumeonidou, E.; Sumeonides, G.; Papapanagiotou, I., 1980:
Mycological study of patients with pulmonary infections

Badillet, G.; Blanchet Bardon, C.; Cabral, O.; Puissant, A., 1982:
Mycological study of three cases of erythroderma with keratitis and deafness (Rheydt's ichthyosis)

Vesper, E.; Standke, R., 1982:
Mycological study on the epidemiological situation in pedicure salons

Lafont, P.; Debeaupuis, J.P., 1982:
Mycophenolic acid

Engel, G., 1982:
Mycophenolic acid in blue vein cheese

Heitmann, J.; Kirchhoff, H.; Weig50t, U.; Lindena, J.; Dubenkropp, H.; Schmidt, R., 1983:
Mycoplasma bovis infection in a dairy herd. 3. Serological investigation for antibodies against M. bovis

Boughton, E.; Hopper, S.A.; Gayford, P.J., 1983:
Mycoplasma canadense from bovine fetuses

Clark, M.F.; Barbara, D.J.; Davies, D.L.; Hamdi, N.A., 1983:
Mycoplasma detection and characterisation

Ogilvie, T.H.; Rosendal, S.; Blackwell, T.E.; Rostkowski, C.M.; Julian, R.J.; Ruhnke, L., 1983:
Mycoplasma felis as a cause of pleuritis in horses

Pfutzner, H.; Kielstein, P.; Martin, J.; Schimmel, D., 1983:
Mycoplasma infection in calves. 2. Experimental infection of calves with M. bovis

Martin, J.; Bochlisch, H.; Pfutzner, H.; Zepezauer, V., 1983:
Mycoplasma infection in calves. 3. Histology of pneumonia due to M. bovis

Bocklisch, H.; Pfutzner, H.; Zepezauer, W.; Kuhn, U.; Ludwig, H.J., 1983:
Mycoplasma infection in calves. I. Detecting mycoplasmas in calves with pneumonia and arthritis

Bradbury, J.M.; Forrest, M.; Williams, A., 1983:
Mycoplasma lipofaciens, a new species of avian origin

Thomas, C.B.; Jasper, D.E., 1982:
Mycoplasma mastitis and the herd size factor

Kolb, G.E., 1983:
Mycoplasma meleagridis eradication status in commercial turkeys

Salih, M.M.; Friis, N.F.; Arseculeratne, S.N.; Freundt, E.A.; Christiansen, C., 1983:
Mycoplasma mustelae, a new species from mink

Hill, A., 1983:
Mycoplasma pulmonis infection in the brains of rodents

Opitz, H.M., 1983:
Mycoplasma synoviae infection in Maine's egg farms

Zhu, B.M.; Chen, Z.Y.; Shen, J.Y.; Chien, L.; Hong, R.F.; Shao, P.X.; Tong, D.Q.; Peng, C.H., 1982:
Mycoplasma-like organism and virus in Paulownia trees infected with witches' broom disease

Begtrup, J., 1983:
Mycoplasma-like organism in the rhizomes of Cirsium arvense L. and Rubus idaeus L

Blom, E.; Friis, N.F.; Ernø, H., 1983:
Mycoplasmas: demonstration in semen and preputial washings from bulls

Zambonelli, A.; Govi, G., 1983:
Mycorrhiza formation on Quercus pubescens Willd. with Tuber species in the seedbed

Mosse, B.; Hayman, D.S., 1980:
Mycorrhiza in agricultural plants

Powell, C.L., 1982:

Trappe, J.M., 1981:
Mycorrhizae and productivity of arid and semiarid rangelands

Verkade, S.D.; Hamilton, D.F., 1980:
Mycorrhizae and their uses in the nursery

Roncadori, R.W.; Hussey, R.S., 1982:
Mycorrhizae in interactions with other microorganisms. A. Endomycorrhizae

Marx, D.H., 1982 :
Mycorrhizae in interactions with other microorganisms. B. Ectomycorrhizae

Acsai, J.; Largent, D.L., 1983:
Mycorrhizae of Arbutus menziesii Pursh. and Arctostaphylos manzanita Parry in Northern California

Linkins, A.E.; Antibus, R.K., 1982:
Mycorrhizae of Salix rotundifolia in coastal arctic tundra

Rothwell, F.M.; Vogel, W.G., 1982:
Mycorrhizae of planted and volunteer vegetation on surface-mined sites

Howeler, R.H., 1982:
Mycorrhizal associations: important for cassava grown on soils low in P

Jacobs, L.A.; Davies, F.S.; Kimbrough, J.M., 1982:
Mycorrhizal distribution in Florida rabbiteye blueberries

Bencivenga, M., 1982:
Mycorrhizal formation on forest plants by the black truffle prized in Norcia

Zak, J.C.; Danielson, R.M.; Parkinson, D., 1982:
Mycorrhizal fungal spore numbers and species occurrence in two amended mine spoils in Alberta, Canada

Tinker, P.B.; Gildon, A., 1983:
Mycorrhizal fungi and ion uptake

Sanchez Ramirez, R., 1980:
Mycorrhizal fungi and their relation to conifers of the Meseta Tarasca, Michoacan, Mexico

Stahl, P.D.; Christensen, M., 1982:
Mycorrhizal fungi associated with Bouteloua and Agropyron in Wyoming sagebrush-grasslands

Haselwandter, K.; Read, D.J., 1980:
Mycorrhizal infection in alpine plant communities with special reference to Ericaceae

Benzing, D.H., 1982:
Mycorrhizal infections of epiphytic orchids in southern Florida

Bowen, G.D., 1980:
Mycorrhizal roles in tropical plants and ecosystems

Moore Parkhurst, S.; Englander, L., 1982:
Mycorrhizal status of Rhododendron spp. in commercial nurseries in Rhode Island

Bondoux, P.; Perrin, R., 1982:
Mycorrhizas and plant protection

Strullu, D.G.; Gourret, J.P., 1980:
Mycorrhizas of Ericaceae and of heathland species

Valjalo, J.; Delmas, J., 1982:
Mycorrhizas of the sweet chestnut tree

Anonymous, 1982:
Mycorrhizas, an integral part of the plant: biology and prospects for use. Seminar, Dijon, 5-6 May 1982

Rinaldelli, E., 1982:
Mycorrhizas: beneficial associations with agricultural and forest plants

Ramakrishnan, R.; Manohar, B.M.; Thanikachalam, M.; Sundararaj, A.; Parthasarathy, K.R., 1982:
Mycosis of the ruminant stomach in cattle

Okabe, H., 1979:
Mycosociological research of Agaricales in natural forests (I). Characteristic plant flora in 5 slopes and main genera in Agaricales

Rao, P.; Char, N.L., 1982:
Mycotic air-sacculitis in a wild duck

Kirkpatrick, R.M., 1982:
Mycotic cystitis in a male cat

Marcato, P.S.; Benazzi, C.; Morganti, L.; Tampieri, P.; Albrizio, M., 1983:
Mycotic granulomas in bronchial lymph nodes in cattle

Tudor, D.C., 1983:
Mycotic infection of feathers as the cause of feather-pulling in pigeons & psittacine birds

Prasad, S.; Nema, H.V., 1982:
Mycotic infections of cornea. (Drug sensitivity study)

Migaki, G.; Schmidt, R.E.; Toft, J.D.; Kaufmann, A.F., 1982:
Mycotic infections of the alimentary tract of nonhuman primates: a review

Blue, M.G., 1983:
Mycotic invasion of the mare's uterus

Trotoux, J.; Dupont, B.; Drouhet, E., 1982:
Mycotic lingual granuloma. The pseudotumoral form

Steiner, I.; Otcenasek, M., 1982:
Mycotic oesophagitis -- a contribution to aetiology

Bottcher, M., 1982 :
Mycotic rhinitis in a dog. Diagnosis and therapy

Bambule, G.; Grigoriu, D.; Savary, M.; Delacretaz, J., 1982:
Mycotic rhinosinusitis and its treatment

Coman, I.; Popescu, O.; Bazgan, O.; Vacaroiu, V.; Siko, S., 1980:
Mycotoxicological studies on some potentially toxigenic strains of Aspergillus and Penicillium

Dvorackova, I., 1982:
Mycotoxicoses in man

Halama, A.K., 1982:
Mycotoxicoses of domestic animals and their control

Stuart, B.P.; Bedell, D.M., 1982:
Mycotoxicosis in swine

Sokolowski, M., 1983:
Mycotoxin content of compound feeds and their components on the basis of personal observations

Anonymous, 1982:
Mycotoxin weapons

Patterson, D.S.P., 1982:

Pier, A.C., 1981:
Mycotoxins and animal health

Chelkowski, E.; Golinski, P.; Trojanowska, K.; Szebiotko, K., 1982:
Mycotoxins and fungi in feed components and feed mixtures

Devi, G.R.; Polasa, H., 1982:
Mycotoxins from fungi on maize

Brownie, C.F.; Edds, G.T.; Bortell, R., 1982:
Mycotoxins in animal feeds and grain: a survey in 6 north central Florida counties -- 1981

Chelkowski, J.; Szebiotko, K.; Golinski, P.; Buchowski, M.; Godlewska, B.; Radomyska, W.; Wiewiorowska M., 1982:
Mycotoxins in cereal grain. 5. Changes of cereal grain biological value after ammoniation and mycotoxins (ochratoxins) inactivation

Jewers, K., 1982:
Mycotoxins in food - the application of survey and quality control

Coomes, T.J., 1982:
Mycotoxins in oil-seed and other crops

Salifu, A., 1981:
Mycotoxins in short season sorghums in northern Nigeria

Bullerman, L.B.; Buchanan, R.L., 1981:
Mycotoxins other than aflatoxins -- their relationships to food safety. Introduction

Hollings, M., 1982:
Mycoviruses and plant pathology

Sigit, S.H.; Partoutomo, S., 1981:
Myiasis in Indonesia

Hart, R.J.; Geering, W.A., 1981:
Myiasis of livestock in Australia

Julia, J.F., 1982:
Myndus taffini (Homoptera Cixiidae), a vector of foliar decay of coconut in Vanuatu

Loewus, M.W.; Loewus, F.A., 1982:
myo-Inositol-1-Phosphatase from the Pollen of Lilium longiflorum Thunb

Loewus, F.A.; Loewus, M.W., 1983:
Myo-Inositol: its biosynthesis and metabolism

Uchikawa, K., 1982:
Myobiid mites of the genus Acanthophthirius (Acarina, Myobiidae) from Japan (Part 3)

Costabel, U.; Klein, G.; Riede, U.N.; Rau, W.; Matthys, H., 1982:
Myocardiac hydatidosis with pulmonary embolism

Flugelman, M.Y.; Naparstek, Y.; Braverman, A.J., 1982:
Myocardial damage after Androctonus crassicauda crassicauda sting

Aslam, M.; Siddiqui, M.A.; Tajuddin, M., 1982:
Myocardial necrosis in subjects with acute malaria

Taverne, M.A.M., 1982:
Myometrial activity during pregnancy and parturition in the pig

Liu, S.; Dolensek, E.P.; Herron, A.J.; Stover, J.; Doherty, J.G., 1982:
Myopathy in the nyala

Stewart, G.L.; Charniga, L.; Boley, R.B., 1982:
Myositis in mouse trichinellosis

Makimura, S.; Suzuki, N., 1982:
Myristate-induced release of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide from peritoneal macrophages in mice immunized to Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium berghei

Buschinger, A.; Winter, U., 1983:
Myrmicinosporidium durum Holldobler 1933, a parasite of ants (Hym., Formicidae), rediscovered in France, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia

Wilkinson, A.P., 1982:
Myrosinase (thioglucoside glucohydrolase) in brassicas

Nikolaeva, S.I.; Marzhina, L.A., 1982:
Myrothecium verrucaria Ditm. ex Fr., a new pathogen of mycosis of cucumber

Kondas, S., 1982:
Mysore gum coppice growth -- vigour, productivity and regulation of cuttings

Khan, G.S., 1978:
Myth of tolerance of paddy and its role reclamation

Grosser, N.; Buttstedt, L.; Uthleb, K.H., 1982:
Mythimna unipuncta (Haworth, 1809) (Lep., Noctuidae) in the GDR

Voigt, D.Q., 1983:
Myths after baseball: notes on myths in sports

Adair, P., 1982:
Myths and realities of agrarian reform in Algeria: assessment of a decade

Chastain, C.B.; Graham, C.L.; Riley, M.G., 1982:
Myxedema coma in two dogs

Miroshnichenko, A.I., 1980:
Myxobolus impressus n.sp., a new myxosporidian (Cnidosporidia, Myxosporidia) from freshwater fish in the Crimea

Cone, D.K., 1983:
Myxobolus subcircularis Fantham, Porter, and Richardson, 1939 from the white sucker (Catostomus commersoni) in New Brunswick, Canada

Joubert, L.; Duclos, P.; Tuaillon, P., 1982:
Myxomatosis of wild rabbits in southeastern France. Disease without myxomas

Golitsyna, N.B.; Ieshko, E.P., 1982:
Myxosporidia in the lakes of the river Kamennaya system

Karataev, A.K.; Iskov, M.P., 1983:
Myxosporidia of fish in the Dneper estuary

Pugachev, O.N.; Khokhlov, P.P., 1979:
Myxosporidia of the genus Myxobolus -- parasites of the brain and spinal column of salmonid fishes

Copland, J.W., 1982:
Myxosporidiosis caused by Myxidium giardi in cultured eels

Koter, Z.; Krawczyk, Z., 1981:
N application and cutting frequency in diploid and tetraploid Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.). I. Effects on forage yield and N uptake

Koter, Z.; Krawczyk, Z., 1981:
N application and cutting frequency in diploid and tetraploid Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.). II. Effects on the chemical composition of plants and on nutritional value

Beck, T., 1983:
N mineralization in soils under laboratory incubation conditions

Nishizawa, N.; Toyoda, Y.; Noguchi, T.; Hareyama S.; Itabashi, H.; Funabiki, R., 1979:
N tau -methylhistidine content of organs and tissues of cattle and an attempt to estimate fractional catabolic and synthetic rates of myofibrillar proteins of skeletal muscle during growth by measuring urinary output of N tau -methylhistidine

Starkey, P.H., 1982:
N'Dama cattle as draught animals in Sierra Leone

Lamarre, M., 1982:
N, P and K fertilization of cigarette tobacco

Rao, B.R.R.; Singh, S.P.; Rao, E.V.S.P., 1983:
N, P and K fertilizer studies in pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium)

Sachan, R.S.; Ram, N.; Singh, K.; Ram, B.; Gupta, R.A., 1982:
N, P and K requirements for the targetted yields of wheat (T. aestivum) in tarai soils of Uttar Pradesh (India)

Misra, B.N.; Verma, B.S.; Singh, K.N., 1982:
N, P and K requirements of two-row barley

Rodriguez, S.; Ovcherenko, M.; Hurtado, J.C., 1981:
N, P2O5 and K2O uptake by three sugarcane cultivars in commercial plantations

Dyckmans, A., 1982:
N-fixation capacity of white clover in permanent pasture

Frear, D.S.; Mansager, E.R.; Swanson, H.R., 1981:
N-glucoside conjugates: major metribuzin detoxication products in tomato

Van Broekhoven, L.W.; Davies, J.A., 1982:
N-nitrosamines in grass silages

Lettner, A.K.; Kann, Y.M.; Tauts, O.V., 1982:
N-nitrosoproline content in foods

Bultman, J.D.; Parrish, K.K., 1982:
N-tritylmorpholine as a protectant against marine wood-destroying molluscs

Fonzo, N. di; Motto, M.; Maggiore, T.; Sabatino, R.; Salamini, F., 1982:
N-uptake, translocation and relationships among N-related traits in maize as affected by genotype

Anonymous, 1982:
N15: release of a new variety

Rennie, R.J.; Kemp, G.A., 1983:
N2-fixation in field beans quantified by 15N isotope dilution. II. Effect of cultivars of beans

Ruschel, A.P.; Silva, W.J. da, 1981:
N2-fixing populations in seeds and plant parts of teosoide and mazoide plants from Zea mays X Zea mexicana (teosinte) crosses

Becking, J.H., 1982:
N2-fixing tropical non-legumes

Kubota, H.; Nomura, K.; Yamada, O.; Shin, M.; Sano, K.; Umezawa, C., 1982:
NAD glycohydrolase activity in the liver of rats fed on excess leucine diet and low or high protein diet

Kinoshita, T.; Kihara, H., 1982:
NC-heterosis expressed in the nuclear hybrids of common wheat having cytoplasm of Aegilops squarrosa

Cross, H.Z., 1983:
ND249, ND250, ND251, NDSC, and NDSD: three new inbred lines and two germplasm sources of early corn

Thomas, K.A., 1983:
NESRA surveys employee services and recreation

Anonymous, 1982 :
NGOs and rural development

Anonymous, 1982:
NGOs in development

Nash, T.E., 1982:
NIH Conference -- schistosome infections in humans: perspectives and recent findings

Klein, G.O., 1982:
NK-activity against YAC-1 is regulated by two H-2 associated genes

Kayaert, A., 1982:
NOx control technology in nitric acid production plants

Koksharov, A.I.; Farafontov, V.F., 1981:
NPK balance under spring wheat on meadow soil in northern trans-Urals zone

Anonymous, 1982:
NPRS Review Panel recommends five point approach to root rot research

Wallace, A.; Wallace, G.A., 1983:
NTA (nitriloacetate) as a source of iron for corn in hydroponic solution

Holtug, K.; Skadhauge, E., 1982:
NaCl transport across hen colon. Dependence on electro-chemical driving force

Lehman, R.L.; Shepard, J.A.; Sikorski, C.F.; Kelso, F.J., 1983:
NaOH-STPP thinner improves wet grinding of phosphate rock

Kazimierzak, B.; Laczynski, B.; Lukaszczuk, A.; Sendlewski, J.; Wojciak, M., 1981:
NaOH-treated wheat straw, ammonia and ammonium chloride in feeds for fattening bulls

Anonymous, 1982:
Nabu (NP-55) (common name:sethoxydim) a new selective herbicide

Cerva, L.; Simanov, L., 1983:
Naegleria fowleri in cooling circuits of industrial and power plants in North Moravia

Kasprzak, W.; Mazur, T.; Cerva, L., 1982:
Naegleria fowleri in thermally polluted waters)

Anonymous, 1983:
Nahariya Dairy Strauss Ltd. - one of the biggest dairy factories in Israel

Ismid, I.S.; Bintari Rukmono, 1980:
Nail and dust examinations of helminthic eggs in orphanages

Atkinson, R.L., 1982:
Naloxone decreases food intake in obese humans

Ruckebusch, Y.; Bueno, L., 1983:
Naloxone: pharmacology and therapeutic value

Rao, P.N.; Reddy, B.V.N., 1982:
Name correction of Striga asiatica as S. angustifolia

Watt, E., 1982:
Nanaus -- an IITA cowpea cultivar released in Brazil

Anonymous, 1982:
Nantwich Show -- the UK premier cheese show

Fogelberg, T., 1982:
Nanumba women: working bees or idle bums? Sexual division of labour, ideology of work and power relations between women and men in Gole, a village in Nanumba District, Northern Region, Ghana

Austin, M.E., 1983:
Naphthaleneacetic acid and fruiting of rabbiteye blueberry 'Tifblue'

Ferretti, P.A.; Grenoble, D.W., 1982:
Napropamide applied pre and post to pepper and tomato transplants

Crary, D.D.; Fox, R.R., 1983:
Narrow axis: an inherited anomaly of the second cervical vertebra in the rabbit

Burnside, O.C.; Moomaw, R.S., 1983:
Narrow row soybean production in untilled oat stubble

Miranda, M.; Pimenta, J.; Silva, L.A., 1980:
Narrowing of the QRS wave, caused by endocavitary stimulation in patients with chronic Chagas' disease and right bundle branch block

Hu, X.H.; Meng, X.A., 1983:
Nasal mucormycosis with a case report

Bedoya M.V.; Penagos E.L.C., 1981:
Nasofacial entomophthoromycosis (rhinophycomycosis). Clinicopathological study of a second Colombian case

Benawra, R.; Kucera, P.; Mangurten, H.H., 1980:
Nasojejunal feedings in infants with increased intracranial pressure

Anonymous, 1981:
National Accelerated Food Production Programme (NAFPP)

Olano Suarez, A., 1982:
National Agricultural Accounting Network

Sykes Andral, M., 1983:
National Centre for Rabies Studies at Nancy-Malzeville. Activities of the diagnostic section in 1981

Norman, H.D.; Myers, E.F.; Dickinson, F.N., 1981:
National Cooperative Dairy Herd Improvement Program participation report -- State activities as of January 1, 1981

Norman, H.D.; Myers, E.F.; Dickinson, F.N., 1982:
National Cooperative Dairy Herd Improvement Program participation report -- State activities as of January 1, 1982

Albers, J.J.; Grundy, S.M.; Cleary, P.A.; Small, D.M.; Lachin, J.M.; Schoenfield, L.J., 1982:
National Cooperative Gallstone Study: the effect of chenodeoxycholic acid on lipoproteins and apolipoproteins

Yassin, A.M.; Zeidan, A.B., 1983:
National Council for Research and International Meloidogyne Project. Third progress report on root-knot nematodes in the Sudan, 1979/80

Anonymous, 1982:
National Milk Records. Report for year ended September 1982. I; II; III; IV

Anonymous, 1981:
National Milling Corporation NMC grain storage and milling project: financial action program.

Anonymous, 1982:
National Park Plan Review. Appraisal of policies 1977-1981

Anonymous, 1982:
National Report No. 72. Spain

Anonymous, 1981:
National Workshop on Developing Curriculum Guidelines for Training District Development Teams, Green Hills Hotel, Nyeri, 8th-10th April 1981: second national workshop for trainers of trainers and policy makers

Blagoeva Abramova, N., 1980:
National aesthetic education in the People's Republic of Bulgaria. (A tentative survey of public efforts in the field of aesthetic education)

Dunn, D., 1983:
National agenda for recreation research

Anonymous, 1982:
National agricultural and food policies for developing countries: guideline for action by farmers' organizations. Farm leaders' seminar, London, England, 8th and 9th June 1982

Szafranek, R.C.; Ciepielewska, D., 1982:
National agricultural education of field workers in state farms

Ardila, J.; Trigo, E.J.; Pineiro, M.E., 1980:
National agricultural research systems in Latin America: comparative analysis of human resources in selected countries. The case of Colombia, Argentina and Peru

Neville Rolfe, E.; Hobhouse, G., 1982:
National aids to meat production, processing and distribution in the EEC. The situation in France, West Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. A report for the Meat and Livestock Commission

Salkini, A.B.; Halimeh, H.; Mazid, A.; Nordblom, T., 1982:
National and farm-level perspectives on faba bean production in crop/livestock systems in Syria, Egypt and Sudan

Veer, J. de, 1982:
National and regional implications of agricultural policy

Mohsini, S.R. et al., 1982:
National conference on Campaign for Eradication of Illiteracy, New Delhi, 26 July 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
National conservation strategy for Australia. Living resource conservation for sustainable development. Proceedings of the National Seminar, Canberra, 30 November-3 December 1981; Towards a national conservation strategy, a discussion paper

Anonymous, 1982:
National dairy cattle performance and progeny testing scheme: Republic of South Africa - breed, regional and herd averages. Volume 1. 1 Sept. 1980/31 Aug. 1981. Frieslands; Ayrshires; Guernseys; Jerseys; Other breeds

Anonymous, 1981:
National dairy cattle performance and progeny testing scheme: Republic of South Africa. Official sire analyses. Volume 10

Siddiqui, D.A., 1982:
National development planners' awareness of and supportiveness for adult education and training in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia

Hanak, E.E., 1981:
National economic crisis and the formulation of research priorities. Paper presented to the farming systems and farming systems research conference, Arusha, 14-16 April, 1981

Mahaffey, K.R.; Annest, J.L.; Roberts, J.; Murphy, R.S., 1982:
National estimates of blood lead levels: United States, 1976-1980: association with selected demographic and socioeconomic factors

Sato, A., 1983:
National government parks of Japan

Lamarque, C., 1982:
National health resorts workshop 4 and 5 November 1982. Thermalism as a source of employment

Poth, J., 1980:
National language and teacher training in Africa: a methodological guide for the use of teacher training institutes

Anonymous, 1982:
National literacy strategies. Final report of the Seminar on National Literacy Strategies

Anonymous, 1981:
National nutritional goals for New Zealanders

Stevens, B.; Huxley, B.; Seabrooke, A.K., 1981:
National park research needs; Intensive recreational facilities in national parks: the golf course example; Provincial park day-users: the case of Emily Park, Ontario

Saris, F.J., 1983:
National park status can offer the Biesbosch a chance of survival

Nowicki, P., 1982:
National parks and regional nature parks in France

Jain, D.K., 1982:
National parks and sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh. A study in tourist geography. In: Alpinism and tourism and other problems of the geography of tourism

Anonymous, 1982:
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Natural family planning including breast-feeding

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Natural killer (NK) cell activity against extracellular forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

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Natural occurrence of Tolyposporium on Pawana grass

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Natural outbreak of an entomogenous fungus, Entomophthora sp. near virulenta Hall and Dunn, on hairy caterpillar, Diacrisia obliqua Wlk. (Noctuidae: Arctiidae)

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Natural outcrossing of okra in Puerto Rico

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Natural parasites of some grain legume pests in the dry zone

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Natural prolificacy and gestation length in Awassi X Mancha ewes. Preliminary results

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Natural proteolytic activity of raw milk

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Natural radioactivity of honey

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Natural regeneration and genetic quality of the Dutch forest

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Natural regeneration of Sitka spruce in the forest of Ae

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Natural reproduction of silver carp, bighead carp and white amur in the River Syrdar'ya

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Natural resistance of 160 timber species to 6 termite species

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Natural resistance to infection and metabolism of substances in cows and their calves fed on different diets

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Natural resources

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Natural revegetation of acid coal spoils in southeast Iowa

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Natural rubber: a long way to achieve confidence and strength

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Natural rubber: outlook for the 1980s

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Natural selection as a law: principles and processes

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Natural vegetation of Abu Dhabi Emirate

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Natural ventilation of cowsheds with electric heating for air

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Natural ventilation of livestock buildings using solar chimneys

Anonymous, 1983:
Natural ventilation plus solar is winning combination

Anonymous, 1982:
Natural yoghurt is incubated at a constant product temp. ( plus or minus 1 deg C) in all packages

Anonymous, 1983:
Natural yogurt powder

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Natural-focal zoonoses in Afghanistan (review of the literature)

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Naturalised subterranean clover in New Zealand

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Naturally occurring chemicals for pest control. III. Insecticidal and synergistic alkaloids isolated from Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi

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Naturally occurring cytokinins in mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit

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Naturally occurring lethal parvovirus infection of juvenile and young-adult rats

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Naturally occurring sterile mutant in Solanum integrifolium Poir

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Naturally occurring teratological stamens in the flowers of a cross of Triticum durum X T. aestivum

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Nature and basic properties of the Rhizobia

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Nature and extent of Javanese root-knot nematode damage to flue-cured tobacco in Florida

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Nature and identification of Exophiala werneckii

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Nature and importance of weeds in sorghum in the Yemen Arab Republic

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Nature and importance of weeds in the wheat-fallow system of Northeast Syria

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Nature and management of soil pH and salinity

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Nature and proportion of physical impairments among Indiana's farm operators

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Nature and utilization of heterosis: experimental results from sheep and cattle

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Nature conservancy with land consolidation. A report of the position of nature conservancy in GFR land consolidation

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Nature conservation

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Nature in new Wadden-polders - conservation by exploitation

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Nature of credit markets in developing counties: a framework for policy analysis

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Nature of donor-acceptor relations between organs of winter wheat during development

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Nature of immunity in the male bovine reproductive tract based upon responses to Campylobacter fetus and Trichomonas fetus

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Nature of the antibody response to the foot-and-mouth disease virus particle, its 12S protein subunit and the isolated immunizing polypeptide VP1

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Nature of the creep deformation of particleboards

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Nature of the epidermal response in calves experimentally infested with Boophilus microplus and treated with ixodicil

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Nature of the inheritance and variability of yield components following intervarietal crosses in oats

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Nature of weed infestation of rice fields in the Kuban' river area

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Nature parks -- priority areas for tourism and local recreation. Problems and recommendations of voluntary nature conservation

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Nature reserves of the Soviet Union. An inventory

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Nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy

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Navajo land tenure: obstacles to Navajo tribal resources development

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Naval policy in France under the ancien regime, and shipbuilding timber

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Naval stores in Zimbabwe

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Near-drowning complicated by brain abscess due to Petriellidium boydii

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Near-infrared aerial video evaluation for freeze damage

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Near-infrared reflectance estimates of malt extract

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Near-isogenic lines of various genetic markers and interchanges

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Near-surface temperatures under two tillage treatments

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Nearctic Endothenia species: a new synonymy, a misidentification, and a revised status (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Nec4, a new necrotic mutant on 2S

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Neck (cervical vertebrae) and arm complaints in logging machine operators -- an account of the problems and how to avert them

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Necropsy findings in captive platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) in Victoria, Australia

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Necrotic enteritis in piglets due to Clostridium perfringens type C

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Necrotising enterocolitis in the very low birthweight infant: expressed breast milk feeding compared with parenteral feeding

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Necrotising pneumonia associated with herpesvirus in cats

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Necrotising pulmonary aspergillosis complicating the management of patients with obstructive airways disease

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Nectagrand and Rosired: a new series of early nectarines and peaches

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Nectar and honey plants. Relationships between plants and the honeybee

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Nectar plants in alder clearings

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Nectar plants used by two species of Melipona in Amazonia

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Nectar production in lines of onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Nectar production of Vicia faba and its effects on honeybee pollination

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Nectar production of different genotypes of cucumber, Cucumis sativus

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Nectaries and nectar secretion in Thunbergia laurifolia (Acanthaceae)

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Nectarine cultivar trials in Dobrogea conditions

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Need for a Mediterranean plant health system and its integration with Italy

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Need for a conservation-based rural development strategy in the Himalayas

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Need for better geologic input for drainage projects

Satyabalan, K., 1982:
Need for selection among the parents in the production of dwarf X tall coconut hybrids

Goring, C.A.I., 1981:
Need for, use and contribution made by pesticides and the sustainability of the pesticide supply

Kumar, R., 1983:
Need to bring about rural transformation

Kittlitz, E. von, 1982:
Need, concept and breeding strategy for wider adaptability in Vicia faba

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Needed research on the interactions of certain parasitic diseases and nutrition in humans

Wentzel, K.F., 1982:
Needle analyses as a possible bioindicator of the long-distance transport of SO2 in the Spessart region

Hodges, C.S., 1982:
Needle blight of Port-Orford-cedar caused by Stigmina thujina in Hawaii

Nisula, P., 1980:
Needle retention gauge

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Needs and perspectives for the production of lucerne seed in South America

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Needs for mechanization and present situation in the developing countries

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Needs for softwood research in the United Kingdom

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Needs, participation and local developent. Proceedings of the EADI basic needs workshop

Anonymous, 1982:
Neem tree may be source of safe insecticides

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Negative effect of various environmental factors on cows during the puerperal period, and ways of regulating this period

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Neglected aspects of adjustment flexibility of agriculture and their implications for agricultural policy

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Negotiations with transnational corporations in the tropical hardwoods sector. A transnational's view

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Neighbourhood recreation and holidays at home

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Nelson: a new wheat variety

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Nemathelminthes (roundworms)

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Nematicidal control of cereal cyst nematode damage to wheat, 1981

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Nematicidal control of nematodes on flue-cured Virginia tobacco varieties

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Nematicidal properties of garlic

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Nematicide trial for control of lesion nematodes, 1980

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Nematoda -- free-living forms

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Nematoda -- zooparasitic forms

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Nematode chemosensilla: form and function

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Nematode control with DD in vegetable production in Poland. III. Influence of DD nematicide on biological value and degree of plant nourishment

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Nematode destroying fungi

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Nematode diseases of rice and their control

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Nematode dynamics in the organs and rhizosphere of Trifolium pratense

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Nematode ecological faunistic analysis of fruit nursery gardens of East Georgia

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Nematode fauna and fungal flora found associated with Citrus aurantium L. at seven different orchards of Ninevah and Diyala provinces of Iraq

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Nematode fauna of Hermannshohle near Kirchberg-am-Wechsel

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Nematode fauna of Kumaon region IV. A new nematode, Subulascaris ranae n.sp. from the frog, Rana cyanophlyctis

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Nematode fauna of alpine soils in the Glockner region (Hohe Tauern, Austria)

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Nematode higher classification as influenced by species and family concepts

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Nematode infections in food animals

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Nematode infestation of nursery plants through irrigation water

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Nematode morphology and classification

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Nematode parasites in largemouth bass, Presa de Novillo reservoir, Sonora, Mexico

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Nematode parasites of Eucalyptus, Pinus and other species of forest trees cultivated in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Nematode parasites of sugarcane

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Nematode parasites of vertebrates II. On two new species of the genus Paraspidodera (Heterakidae, Railliet et Henry, 1914) from rodents

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Nematode pests of bananas

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Nematode pests of citrus

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Nematode pests of cotton

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Nematode pests of deciduous fruit trees

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Nematode pests of grapevines

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Nematode pests of litchi

Louw, I.W., 1982:
Nematode pests of maize

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Nematode pests of miscellaneous subtropical crops

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Nematode pests of pineapple

Louw, I.W., 1982:
Nematode pests of potatoes

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Nematode pests of sugarcane

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Nematode pests of tobacco

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Nematode population dynamics in first year western wheatgrass

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Nematode population fluctuations in pine litter after treatment with pH changing compounds

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Nematode resistant potato varieties suitable for Belorussia

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Nematode-resistant tomato varieties. A better approach to contaminated soil

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Nematode-virus interactions

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Nematodes a costly pest of cut-flower crops

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Nematodes and host-plants reported for the first time in Greece

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Nematodes and intestinal malabsorption

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Nematodes and soil disinfection

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Nematodes associated with banana plantations in Rio de Janeiro State

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Nematodes associated with cocoa hybrids and clones in Bahia, Brazil

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Nematodes associated with grapevines

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Nematodes of algae on the Spanish coast

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Nematodes of citrus crops in Abkhaziya (Georgian SSR)

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Nematodes of yams

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Nematodes should not be introduced

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Nematodirus battus: structure of the body wall of the adult

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Nematodirus disease in lambs

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Nematological problems of banana. Recent findings and control methods

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Nematophthora gynophila reported from the GFR

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Nematospiroides dubius in the jird, Meriones unguiculatus: factors affecting the course of a primary infection

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Nematospiroides dubius: adoptive transfer of immunity in mice through singly and repeatedly sensitized thymus and bone marrow cell combinations

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Nematospora coryli on soybean seeds grown in Illinois

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Nemoroside and nemorososide, two new iridoid glucosides from Penstemon nemorosus

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Neo-populism and Marxism: the Chayanovian view of the agrarian question and its fundamental fallacy, Parts One and Two

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Neoaplectana carpocapsae toxin production by axenic insect parasitic nematodes

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Neoascariasis in buffalo calves of northwest of Iran

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Neodicyphus rhododendri (Dolling) (Hem., Miridae) in Derbyshire

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Neogonapodasmius hemirhamphi n.gen., n.sp. from the fin of Hemirhamphus xanthopterus (Val.)

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Neoisostegane, a new bisbenzocyclooctadiene lignan lactone from Steganotaenia araliacea Hochst

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Neoisostegane, a new bisbenzocyclooctadienolactonic lignan from Steganotaenia araliacea, Hochst

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Neoliberalism and crisis in Uruguayan family farming

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Neonatal mortality of lambs and its causes

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Neonatal systemic candidiasis

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Neonatal tinea circinata

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Neoplasms in calves (Bos taurus)

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Neotropical Prosimuliini (Diptera: Simuliidae). I -- Kempfsimulium V. Py-Daniel & J.A. Nunes de Mello n. gen.; K. simplicicolor (Lutz, 1910) n. comb.; Lutzsimulium flavopubescens (Lutz, 1910) n. comb.; Mayacnephia muzquicensis (Diaz Najera, 1971) n. comb

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Nepal -- Australia Forestry Project administered by the Department of Forestry, Australian National University, Canberra

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Nephotettix virescens -- vector of rice dwarf virus

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Nephritis and uric acid diathesis in captive willow ptarmigan (Lagopus l. lagopus)

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Nephroblastomata in Angora rabbits

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Nephrocalcinosis following Candida septicaemia and heparin-induced osteoporosis in an infant

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Nephromonorcha skrjabini (Trematoda) and its position in the family Renicolidae

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Nephropathic mycotoxins and their producers

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Nerve sheath tumors in the dog

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Nerves of the bovine foot. I. Fore foot

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Net energy value of the grass Digitaria pentzii grown with or without sulphur fertilizer

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Net free market trade for raw and white sugar

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Net fuels investments in the production and end-use of alcohol fuels

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Net herd productivity as a selection objective

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Net nutrient absorption by sheep, beef cattle and dairy cattle

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Net photosynthesis in the grapevine (Vitis vinifera) and ecological factors

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Netherlands' agriculture on the way to the 1980s

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Network of observation plots with different levels of phytosanitary protection in cotton crops

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Network of protected natural areas in the Western Caucasus and the role of the Caucasus Reserve

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Neural tube defects: a two-pronged approach to primary prevention

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Neurendocrine regulation of postpartum function

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Neurocysticercosis in infancy: clinical aspects and diagnosis

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Neuroendocrinal mechanism underlying the seasonal dependence of reproduction in sheep

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Neuroendocrine control of reproduction in the cockerel

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Neuroendocrine modulation of carbohydrate metabolism

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Neuroendocrinology of avian reproduction, with special emphasis on the reproductive cycle of the fowl (Gallus domesticus)

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Neurohormones in silkworm, Bombyx mori

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Neuroimmunological diseases of domestic animals

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Neurological effects of the brick mutation in the honeybee

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Neurological syndrome in horses associated with herpesvirus type 1 (equine rhinopneumonitis virus)

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Neuromuscular blocking action of alkaloids from a Japanese crude drug Shin-i (Flos Magnoliae) in frog skeletal muscle

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Neuromuscular disorder of cow in a dairying complex

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Neuromuscular transmission and the effect of mycotoxins

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Neuronal network below the cuticle of Locusta migratoria migratorioides

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Neuronal storage disease in English springer spaniels

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Neuropathology of manure gas (hydrogen sulphide) poisoning in cattle

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Neuropathy due to monosodium glutamate intolerance

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Neuropsychiatric manifestations of falciparum malaria

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Neuroradiology of human cysticercosis

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Neurotoxic esterase. Identification of two isoenzymes in hen brain

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Neurotoxicity in relation to tropical peripheral neuropathy: a re-appraisal

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Neurotropic mycotoxins of Aspergillus fumigatus. An hypothesis on the cursed bread of Pont-Saint-Esprit

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Neutral detergent fiber and protein levels in diploid and tetraploid ryegrass forage

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Neutral lipids during postembryonic development of Coccinella septempunctata Linn. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

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Neutral lipids rigidify unsaturated acyl chains in senescing membranes

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Neutral sugar composition of the seromucoid and non-diffusible blood sugar-peptide fractions in streptozotocin diabetic rats

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Neutralising antibodies to rinderpest virus in sheep and goats in western Kenya

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Neutralization of bulk cheese starter

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Neutralization of foot-and-mouth disease virus. II. Further parameters related to the sensitization of the 140S virion by antibody

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Neutralization test for the serological diagnosis of SMEDI virus infections

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Neutralizing antibodies to bovine herpesvirus 1 in reindeer

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Neutron activation analysis of saliva from the tick Amblyomma variegatum

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Neutrophil function in extravascular sites

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Neutrophil movement in selected canine skin diseases

Anonymous, 1983:
New 'butterberg' threat to EEC finances

Anonymous, 1982:
New AVRDC soybean releases in Malaysia and Taiwan

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New Belgian thinning instructions and their suitability for use in the Rhineland

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New Bolivian potato species suitable for breeding for resistance to aphids

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New Bulgarian tomato hybrids

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New Burley varieties in prospect

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New Czechoslovak dairy equipment

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New Demodex sp. infesting a cat: a case report

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New Guinea tapeworms and Jewish grandmothers. Tales of parasites and people

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New Jersey Academy of Science and Affiliated Societies. Program of the 26th Annual Meeting. Saturday, 28 March 1981

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New Jersey vector surveillance. 1981 Season summation

Anonymous, 1983:
New Oetwil cheese factory near Kirchberg/SG, Switzerland

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New Pleurotus cultivars: main cultural characteristics

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New Trichostrongyloidea, parasites of reptiles from Malaysia and Borneo

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New Zealand

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New Zealand export carcass grades of lamb, mutton and beef: past, present and probable

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New Zealand recreational river survey: an investigation into the recreational potential of New Zealand's inland waterways. Part II. Summaries of North Island rivers; Part III. Summaries of South Island rivers

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New a.a.s. (atomic absorption spectrometric) determination of copper residues in grapes

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New additional hosts of Pentalonia nigronervosa Coq

Mateo S.G., 1982:
New additions to the Soriana flora

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New alfalfa varieties compared

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New alkaloids in plant tissues

Livingstone, J.G.; Pinto, A., 1983:
New ammonia process reduces costs

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New amphidiploids from crossing Aegilops sharonensis Eig. and Ae. speltoides Tausch with diploid species of wheat

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New and additional records of Palearctic Phylus Hahn and Plagiognathus Fieber in North America (Heteroptera: Miridae)

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New and little known aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) infesting roots of Graminae in northwest Himalaya, India

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New and little known aphids from Mexico. 2nd Note: two new species of Neosymydobius (Hom. Aphididae)

Remaudiere, G., 1982:
New and little known aphids from Mexico. 3rd Note: the genus Mexicallis gen.n. (Hom. Aphididae)

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New and little-known aphids from Mexico. 4th Note: new species of Tuberculatus subg. Toltecallis subg. nov. (Hom. Aphididae)

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New and little-known species of the lepidopterous fauna of Latvia

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New and prospective developments in drugs for malaria

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New and renewable energies. Some practical examples: micro-hydropower, solar cells, cooking stoves, solar water heaters, biogas

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New antileukemic jatrophone derivatives from Jatropha gossypiifolia: structural and stereochemical assignment through nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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New antimalarials: synthesis and study of 4,6-diamino-1,2-dihydro-1-(haloalkoxyphenyl)-2,2-dialkyl (or aryl)-s-triazines as possible antimalarial agents-I

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New antiparasitic drugs

Bhagat, R.C., 1982:
New aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) from Kashmir, India

Stary, P.; Raychaudhuri, D., 1982:
New aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) from northwestern India

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New apparatus for determination of oxygen uptake: application to different oxidative processes and respiratory quotients

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New apple species endemic in the Transbaikal region

Lezec, M. le; Lespinasse, J.M., 1982:
New apple varieties bred by the I.N.R.A. now being propagated

Katsuda, Y.; Hirobe, H.; Minamite, Y., 1983:
New applications of pyrethroid insecticides

Korolczuk J.; Grzelak D.; Zmarkicki S.; Yanicki Q., 1983:
New approach to acid curd cheese technology

Muraleedharan, N., 1981:
New approach to eriophyid mite control in tea

Dorofeev, V.F.; Khorikov, O.S.; Kravchenko, N.A.; Davydov, S.E.; Rudenko, M.I., 1980:
New approach to the methodology of studying and producing durum wheat breeding material in nothern Kazakhstan

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New approach to the visualization and identification of cannabinoids in plant material by thin-layer chromatography

Williams, S., 1982:
New approaches to agriculture and rural development. Commonwealth Development Corporation

Williams, R.H.; Turner, J.A.; Sampson, M.J., 1982:
New approaches to increasing the yield capacity of cereals

Greer, H.; Murray, D.; Soteres, J., 1980:
New approaches to weed control in peanuts

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New artifical hosts and non-hosts of plant viruses and their role in the identification and separation of viruses XVII. Ungrouped virus: broad bean wilt virus

Horvath, J., 1982:
New artificial hosts and non-hosts of plant viruses and their role in the identification and separation of viruses XVI. Monotypic (tobanecrovirus) group: tobacco necrosis virus

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New aryl-polyfluorocyclobutane insecticides. Chemical and biological studies

Bolet, G.; Legault, C., 1982:
New aspects of genetic improvement of prolificacy in pigs

Budusan, V.; Bredt, H.; Man, S.; Mitroi, D., 1981:
New aspects of potato growing management, envisaging combine harvesting, based on ridging in the autumn

Sexton, T.J., 1981:
New aspects of poultry breeding

Paar, G.; Schacht, K.H., 1983:
New aspects of stall climate control in animal production with regard to energy consumption

Andrade, Z.A., 1982:
New aspects of the pathogenesis of Chagas' disease

Rodriguez, O.N.; Espaine, L.; Rodriguez, P.; Rivas, A., 1978:
New aspects of the serological investigation of bovine babesiosis and anaplasmosis by means of the micro-techniques of complement fixation and capillary agglutination

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New avian cestodes from a common house swift at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Meleghi, E.; Calinescu, S.; Dobre, I.; Ciuperca, C., 1982:
New baby-food milk products

Suh, D.Y.; Lee, B.H.; Suh, H.S.; Chang, Y.H.; Park, R.K., 1982:
New barley cultivar Namhaebori

Lee, E.S.; Chung, D.H.; Chung, T.Y.; Chun, J.U.; Kim, J.G.; Park, N.P.; Min, K.S., 1982:
New barley cultivar Tapgolbori

Bin, F., 1980:
New biological and taxonomical records in Xenomerus spp. (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae)

Glebova, E.I., 1982:
New black currant varieties

Anonymous, 1982:
New blended spread fills the gap between butter and margarine

Bochev, B., 1981:
New botanical variants of Triticum sphaerococcum Perc. and Triticum spelta L. developed by hybridization of species from the genus Aegilops L. with Triticum aestivum L

Akhmedov, A.Sh, 1981:
New botanical variety of Triticum durum Desf

Kopp, B.; Kubelka, W., 1982:
New cardenolides from Convallaria majalis. Part 15. The Convallaria glycosides of strophanthidin, cannogenol, 19-hydroxy-sarmentogenin and sarmentogenin

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New caryophyllaceous di-C-glycosylflavones from Cerastium arvense ssp. arvense

Davino, M.; Russo, F.; Cartia, G.; Terranova, G., 1983:
New cases of citrus tristeza recorded in Calabria

Monet, R.; Bastard, Y., 1983:
New cases of independent segregation for Mendelian characters in peach

Bradshaw, T.K.; Blakely, E.J., 1983:
New challenges and opportunities for rural development: the Rural Development Policy Project

Takacs, J., 1983:
New characteristics of agricultural production

Anonymous, 1983:
New cheese factory Riggisberg/BE, Switzerland

Sirotkin, V.I.; Druzhkov, V.N.; Khrupov, A.A.; Chernovskii, L.A., 1982:
New chemicals for conservation of fresh fodder plants

Gunawardena, S.D.I.E.; Siriwardena, T.G.D., 1977:
New chemicals for the control of rice weeds. II. Weed control in transplanted rice

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New chlorinated nitro-pyrrole antibiotics, pyrrolomycin A and B (SF-2080 A and B)

Ackerman, W.L.; Williams, M., 1981:
New cold hardy camellia hybrid selections

Ishibashi T.; Kawabata T., 1982:
New colorimetric method for the determination of nitrite in foods

Venkatanarsaiah, J.; Kulkarni, T., 1981:
New combination of Wallagotrema longicirrus Tripathi, 1959

Fenn, L.B., 1982:
New composition of matter and method of use for nitrogen fertilizer

Padmanabhan, K.P., 1982:
New concepts for rural credit

Estrich, J., 1983:
New concepts in machinery for the manufacture of timber window frames

Woolford, M.W.; Phillips, D.S.M.; Copeman, P.J.A., 1982:
New concepts in milking management and milking machines

Mulders, J.M., 1981:
New concepts in production of seed potatoes: national and international repercussions

Katzenstein, D.; Rickerson, V.; Braude, A., 1982:
New concepts of amebic liver abscess derived from hepatic imaging, serodiagnosis, and hepatic enzymes in 67 consecutive cases in San Diego

Poujol, G., 1982:
New conditions and new stakes for leisure professionals

Anonymous, 1983 :
New conditions for economic activities -- new style of management

Eingor, M.B.; Khodak, A.P.; Ivanova, L.L.; Kurin, V.S.; Fonareva, U.I.; Maslova, Z.S., 1983:
New confectionery products containing whey

Reisch, J.; Strobel, H., 1982:
New constituents from Toddalia aculeata

Cauquil, J.; Vincens, P.; Denechere, M.; Mianze, T., 1982:
New contribution on the chemical control of Aphis gossypii Glover, a pest of cotton in Central Africa

Lourenco, A.; Pinto, J., 1981:
New contribution to the study of the population levels of aphids on cereals in Alentejo. 1980. (Insecta, Homoptera, Aphidoidea)

Jimenez Gonzalez, A.; Rodriguez Caabeiro, F., 1982:
New contributions to knowledge of the genus Brueelia (Mallophaga: Insecta) in Spain

Vasallo Matilla, F.; Vos Saus, R.; Rivera Guerrero, M.A., 1982:
New contributions to the knowledge of human endoparasites in mid-rural Spain

Dimitri J.M.; Orfila N.E., 1981:
New contributions to the knowledge of wild and cultivated plants of the Falkland Islands

Joshi, M.C.; Singh, S.M., 1980:
New crab apple Malus dirangensis from Arunachal Pradesh

Parry, J., 1982:
New crop spraying technique is not for the faint-hearted

Rai, B., 1982:
New crop varieties for Bihar

Acosta, P.P.; Marta, L.; Marinesco, O., 1982:
New cultivar of oilseed flax

Nikolaenko, N.V.; Yakimenko, N.S.; Lishchitovich, L.I., 1982:
New cultivars and hybrids of sugarbeet

Chembini, C., 1977:
New cultivars of sweetcorn (Zea mays L. var. rugosa Bonef.) and peas (Pisum sativum L.) obtained in Mendoza (Argentina)

Reimherr, P.; Loeser, H.; Maync, A.; Miske, T.; Papenhagen, A.; Schenk, M., 1981:
New cultivars showing promise? Further results of a nation-wide test of gerbera cultivars

Anonymous, 1982:
New cultured milk products

Zotov, G.A., 1981:
New cutter with multiple knives for four-sided planers

Chen, P.M.; Borgic, D.M., 1983:
New d'Anjou red sport shows commercial potential on basis of early testing at Hood River station

Anonymous, 1982:
New dairy plant opens on Vancouver Island

Kolomiets, N.G.; Kuznetsov, V.N., 1982:
New data on coccinellids of the south of western Siberia

Kovaleva, A.A.; Gaevskaya, A.V., 1983:
New data on fish myxosporidia from open waters of the south-eastern Pacific Ocean

Batalova, F.M., 1983:
New data on nematodes -- commensals of sponges in Lake Baikal

Martinat Botte, F.; Bariteau, F.; Mauleon, P.; Scheid, J.P.; Signoret, J.P., 1982:
New data on oestrus synchronisation in the sow

Zagatti, P.; Lalanne Cassou, B.; Decoins, C.; Gallois, M., 1983:
New data on pheromone secretion in Cryptophlebia leucotreta (Meyr.) (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Skhirtladze, I.A., 1980:
New data on the Apidae population of the Georgian SSR

Bain, O.; Baker, M.; Chabaud, A.G., 1982:
New data on the Dipetalonema line (Filarioidea, Nematoda)

Degras, L.; Sanner, C.; Vautor, A., 1981:
New data on the changes in morphology and weight of the cush-cush yam (Dioscorea trifida) under field conditions

Stefani, A.; Meletti, P.; Onnis, A., 1983:
New data on the experimental intergeneric hybrid Triticum durum Desf. X Haynaldia villosa Schur

Emel' yanov, I.M.; Piskunov, V.I., 1982:
New data on the fauna of gelechiid and anarsiid moths (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae, Anarsiidae) of Mongolia, the USSR and northern China

Grosclaude, F.; Lefebvre, J.; Noe, G., 1983:
New data on the genetic map of the B blood group system of cattle

Vagonis, Z.; Meskauskas, C.; Vinikas, A., 1980:
New data on the genetic structure of Lithuanian cattle at the B and C blood-group loci

Spiridonov, S.E.; Belostotskaya, F.N., 1983:
New data on the morphology and biology of nematodes of the genus Neoaplectana and their position in the classification of Rhabditida

Lapkina, L.N.; Komov, V.T., 1983:
New data on the occurrence of the leech Caspiobdella fadejevi in the Volga water-reservoirs

Lauterer, P., 1982:
New data on the occurrence, bionomics and taxonomy of some Czechoslovakian Psylloidea (Homoptera)

Veronesi, F.; Lorenzetti, F., 1982:
New data on the proportion of selfing in lucerne

Nieves Aldrey, J.L., 1982:
New data on the species of the genera Cyrtoptyx Delucchi, Caenacis Forster, Cecidostiba Thomson y Hobbya Delucchi associated with cynipid galls on oaks (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae)

Krivosheina, N.P.; Mamaev, B.M., 1982:
New data on the systematics and geographical distribution of xylophagid flies (Diptera, Xylophagidae)

Rikhter, V.A.; Khitsova, L.N., 1982:
New data on the tachinid fauna (Diptera, Tachinidae) of the northern Caucasus

Gaevskaya, A.V.; Rodyuk, G.N., 1983:
New data on the trematode fauna of fish in the south-western Atlantic

Janati, A.; Berge, J.B.; Triantaphyllou, A.C.; Dalmasso, A., 1982:
New data on the use of isoesterases for the identification of Meloidogyne spp

Horvath, J., 1981:
New data on the virus susceptibility of plants I. Solanaceae (Capsicum, Datura, Nicotiana, Petunia and Scopolia species)

Mahunka, S.; Moser, J.C., 1982:
New data to the knowledge of the tarsonemids (Acari) living on bark beetles

Anonymous, 1982:
New decree on fermented milks and yoghurts

Graf, G.; Helmich, B.; Ehrlich, K.; Treichel, W.; Schurer, U., 1982:
New demands on the organization of permanent divisions and brigades and how to adjust to them

Anonymous, 1982:
New department at the Maromme factory of the Centrale Laitiere de Haute-Normandie; a concept derived from research for the greatest possible commercial viability of products

Wilcox, R.L., 1982:
New design concepts for commercial spray nozzles

Vaishampayan, S.M., 1982:
New design of light trap for survey and management of insect pest population in agro and forestry ecosystems

Pflimlin, A., 1982:
New development of legumes in the stock-rearing regions:testimonies

Willis, W.G., 1983:
New developments in cereal and soyabean seed treatment fungicides

Cullen, N.A.; O.C.nnor, M.B.; Rajan, S.S.S., 1982:
New developments in fertilisers

Ogilvy, R.S.D., 1983:
New developments in fire fighting

Anonymous, 1980:
New developments in forages. Proceedings of the 1980 Forage and Grassland Conference, Bluegrass Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky, February 11-13, 1980

Patriquin, D.G., 1982:
New developments in grass-bacteria associations

Didier, D., 1983:
New developments in holiday accommodation

Mertins, K.H., 1982:
New developments in hydraulic control sytems?

Meyer, G.E.; Thompson, T.L., 1982:
New developments in intelligent micro-host interfacing for agricultural applications

Conway, R.K.; Barth, J.R., 1983:
New developments in macroeconomic theory: a prospectus and appraisal

Jonkanski, F.; Wenzlaff, R., 1983:
New developments in methane production

Green, C.E., 1983:
New developments in plant tissue culture and plant regeneration

Scholz, B., 1983:
New developments in pre-harvest potato haulm reduction

Maber, J., 1981:
New developments in spray application technology

DeLuca, H.F., 1982:
New developments in the vitamin D endocrine system

Morris, C.E., 1982:
New developments in whey processing

Kollmann, F., 1981:
New developments on the anisotropy of shrinkage and swelling of wood

Chancellor, G., 1982:
New dimension in milking?

Anonymous, 1982:
New dimensions for faba bean research and production in Egypt and Sudan. A profile of the ICARDA/IFAD Nile Valley project

Cena Delgado, F., 1982:
New directions in agricultural development for underdeveloped areas

Anonymous, 1982:
New directions in agro-forestry: the potential of tropical legume trees (5 parts)

Sip, V.; Skorpik, M., 1979:
New directions in breeding poppies for yield

Ham, Y.S.; Kim, C.H.; Chung, G.S.; Lim, M.S.; Choi, H.C.; Kim, K.W.; Park, N.K.; Choi, H.O., 1982:
New disease and insect resistant rice variety Nampungbyeo

Ernst, L.K.; Urban, V.P.; Bazhenov, A.N.; Zhigachev, A.I.; Smirnov, A.M.; Dmitriev, V.B.; Fedorov, V.V.; Rudakov, V.V.; Zlobin, V.S.; Sokolova, M.A.; Vasil' ev, A.P.; Zakharov, P.G., 1983:
New disorder of development of the sacropelvic part of the trunk of cattle--hyena syndrome

Martinez Ortega, E.; Ward, R.D.; Martin Luengo, F.; Conesa Gallego, E., 1982:
New distribution of Phlebotomus (Larroussius) longicuspis Nitzulescu 1930 (Diptera, Phlebotomidae) in Spain

Taylor, D.B., 1980:
New distribution records for mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in St. Joseph County, Indiana

Allavena, A.; Fadda, A.; Soressi, G.P., 1983:
New dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties resistant to BCMV

Burdun, A.; Guida, A., 1983:
New durum spring wheat line resistant to cereal leaf beetle

Cho, C.H.; Hong, B.H.; Ahn, W.S.; Chin, M.S.; Park, M.W.; Maeng, D.J.; Nam, J.H.; Kim, B.Y.; Sung, B.R.; Park, N.P.; Bae, S.H., 1982:
New early maturing, semidwarf and high yielding wheat variety Saemil

Petrovici, P.; Rusanovschi, G.; Pinzariu, D., 1981:
New elements in the management of wheat cultivation on slopes on the Moldavian Plain

Antoniewicz, A.; Pisulewski, P., 1980:
New energy systems in ruminant nutrition

Menzi, M., 1982:
New entries for 1982 in the official maize cultivar list

Franc, J., 1982:
New equipment: two flax turners well suited to small and medium areas

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