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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Caves, R.; Pugel, T., 1982:
New evidence on competition in the grain trade

Bortnyak, N.N., 1981:
New evidence on distribution of some species of Poaceae in the Kiev region

Anonymous, 1983:
New exhibition at National Dairy Museum

Sanders, K.F., 1982:
New experiences in the conversion of engines to run on alcohol fuels

Fischer, H., 1982:
New facts about pregnancy, birth and rearing in the swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Fernandez Cavada Labat, J.L., 1982:
New farming techniques and energy saving

Mentenyi, M., 1982:
New features of operating state farms

Andres, C., 1982:
New fermentation cultures from genetic manipulation

Murphy, L.S.; Lamond, R.E.; Leikam, D.F., 1982:
New fertilizer placement techniques improve crop production efficiency

Satoh, H.; Komeichi, M.; Ushirogi, T.; Oikawa, K.; Ochi, H., 1982:
New field pea variety Hokkai Akabana

Mascarenhas, C.S.; Vulcano, M.A.; Pereira, F.S., 1980:
New finding of dermatitis caused by Lepidoptera of the genus Hylesia Hubner

Herland, P.J., 1982:
New findings in research on feeding, with particular regard to protein

Aloj, B.; Garibaldi, A., 1982:
New findings in the control of collar rot of carnation

Kessler, H.G., 1982:
New findings in the heat treatment of milk and milk products

Bain, O.; Kouyate, B.; Baker, M., 1982:
New findings on Oswaldofilariinae (Filarioidea, Nematoda)

Schott, P.E.; Rittig, F.R., 1982:
New findings on the biological activity of mepiquat chloride

Fischer, H., 1982:
New findings on the gestation, calving and progeny of swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Gaevskaya, A.V.; Aleshkina, L.D., 1983:
New finds of fish trematodes on the Atlantic coast of Africa

Sagareishvili, T.G.; Alaniya, M.D.; Kemertelidze, E P., 1983:
New flavonol glycoside from Azara microphylla

Stefanova D., 1981 :
New fodder crops

Schuppenies, R.; Schuppenies, A.; Simon, W., 1982:
New fodder plants, results and state of knowledge

Anonymous, 1981:
New food products in Britain

Arroyo, G., 1983:
New foods for whom?

Hahne, U.; Hawel, B.W., 1982:
New forms of leisure homes. Contribution to the competition for ideas of the GFR Society for Leisure e.V

Edoyan, R.A., 1983:
New forms of tobacco

Imre, J., 1981:
New forms of tourism development and their influence on tourism infra structure

Hathoot, H.M., 1979:
New formulas for determining discharge and spacing of subsurface drains

Brain, P.J.; Hewson, R.T.; Rea, B.L.; Marshall, J., 1982:
New formulated mixtures based on isoproturon for annual weed control in cereals

Bhargava, S.N.; Pandey, R.S.; Shukla, D.N.; Dwivedi, D.K., 1982:
New fruit rot of fig

Heap, R.B., 1983:
New functions for oxytocin?

Cayrol, J.C., 1982 :
New fungi for extra crops

Costache, M.; Tomescu, A.; Dragomir, N., 1982:
New fungicides for the control of tomato pathogens

Burger, D.W.; Davis, R.M., 1982:
New fungicides for the postharvest control of stem-end-rot in Texas grapefruit

Anonymous, 1982:
New gene symbols

Anonymous, 1983:
New gene symbols

Chakrabarti, S.; Bhattacharya, DK., 1982:
New genera and species of aphids (Homoptera, Aphididae) from north-western Himalaya

Stary, P.; Remaudiere, G., 1982:
New genera, species, and host records of aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera, Aphidiidae) from Mexico

Smith, N., 1983:
New genes from wild potatoes

Shulyndin, A.F., 1980:
New genetic resources in breeding winter wheat

Mamontova, V.A.; Kolomoets, T.P., 1981:
New genus and species of aphid (Homoptera, Aphidinea, Pemphigidae) from the roots of poplar

Franchuk, E.P.; Merkulova, I.I., 1982:
New gooseberry varieties for wine making

Mustafaev, I.D.; Ali zade, A.V., 1980:
New group of botanical varieties -- Triticum dicoccum convar. turgidoides Must. et Aliz

Blandini, G., 1981:
New harvesting techniques for citrus planted in restricted areas or on terraces

Foudin, A.S.; Calvert, O.H., 1982:
New head-scab of tall fescue in the United States caused by Fusarium heterosporum

Richards, R., 1982:
New headquarters for ANA in Spain

Mayes, A.J.; Marshall, J., 1982:
New herbicide mixtures for flexible timing post-emergence broad-leaf weed control in cereals

Dumitrescu, M.; Radoi, V.; Miron, V., 1982:
New herbicides applied post-emergence in vegetable crops

Rupasova, Z.A.; Murashova, N.F.; Rusalenko, V.G.; Yanitskaya, L.I.; Rudakovskaya, R.N.; Sudeiko, O.V.; Zhebuleva, V.A., 1981:
New herbicides for application to tulips

Radoi, V., 1981:
New herbicides for bulbous and root vegetable crops

Aamisepp, A., 1983:
New herbicides for control of weeds in cereals, not undersown

Breay, T., 1983:
New herbicides for grass weed control

Beste, C.E.; Bagley, P.C., 1982:
New herbicides for spinach

Nelson, L.R.; Gjerstad, D.H.; Dudley, S.H., 1981:
New herbicides for weed control in young pine plantations

Lee, J.I.; Kang, K.H.; Park, H.W.; Ham, Y.S., 1982:
New high rebaudioside-A Stevia variety Suweon 11

Lee, S.K.; Choi, B.S.; Shon, J.K.; Jin, Y.D.; Koh, J.C.; Kim, H.Y.; Yang, S.J.; Park, R.K., 1982:
New high yielding and good grain quality rice variety Sujeongbyeo

Eberhardt, M., 1982:
New high yielding and long lasting gerbera varieties

Park, S.H.; Shin, H.T.; Yang, B.K.; Choi, Y.G.; Choi, J.E.; Lee, J.G.; Cho, S.Y.; Park, N.P.; Shin, Y.H., 1982:
New high yielding rice variety Baegyangbyeo

Park, S.H.; Shin, H.T.; Yang, B.K.; Choi, Y.G.; Choi, J.E.; Lee, J.G.; Cho, S.Y.; Park, N.P.; Shin, Y.H., 1982:
New high yielding rice variety Dongjinbyeo

Park, S.H.; Shin, H.T.; Yang, B.K.; Choi, Y.G.; Choi, J.E.; Lee, J.G.; Cho, S.Y.; Park, N.P.; Shin, Y.H., 1982:
New high yielding rice variety Pungsanbyeo

Radulescu, I.; Iordachescu, O.; Ionicioiu, C.; Sociu, S.; Sandu, V., 1983:
New high-quality Romanian tomato hybrids in the course of evaluation

Gavora, J.S.; Longenecker, B.M.; Spencer, J.L.; Grunder, A.A., 1982:
New histocompatibility haplotypes and Marek's disease in chickens

Kieninger, H., 1982:
New hop varieties

Allen, C.E., 1983:
New horizons in animal agriculture: Future challenges for animal scientists

Bilqees, F.M., 1982:
New host records for Philometra lateolabracis (Yamaguti, 1935) Rasheed, 1963; and Rhabdochona parastromatei Bilqees, 1979

Dube, V.P.; Charaya, M.U.; Singhal, V.P.; Shobha, 1981:
New host records for Phyllachora

Williams, E.H.Jr, 1983:
New host records for some nematode parasites of fishes from Alabama and adjacent waters

Maninder ; Varma, G.C.; Sekhon, B.S., 1983:
New hosts and first record of Trichogramma achaeae Nagaraja and Nagarkatti (Trichogrammatidae: Hymenoptera) from the Punjab

Lee, S.S.; Yoon, J.Y.; Oh, D.G.; Yoon, H.M.; Lee, C.H., 1982:
New hybrid Chinese cabbage cultivars, Manha and Sambok, for lowland summer cropping

Stolk, J.H.; Cools, M.H., 1982:
New hybrid cultivars of red capsicums do well in hot-house culture

Harms, F., 1982:
New hybrid maize variety

Padilla, J.A.; Martin, A., 1983:
New hybrids between Hordeum chilense and tetraploid wheats

Tota, L., 1981:
New hybrids from the Osijek Agricultural Institute

Polerecky, O.; Feranec, P., 1979:
New hybrids of silage maize for the dry conditions of the beet-growing region

Landsberg, G.S., 1982:
New ideas of the formation of canker 'warts' on potato caused by Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilb.) Perc

Arts, W.B.M.; Wijk, A. van, 1982:
New implements for weeding out the vegetation from watercourses

Polerecky, O., 1980:
New inbred lines of maize (Zea mays L. convar. saccharata) for breeding work

Zhurikov, V.N., 1982:
New incentive conditions for agricultural workers

Getchell, J.R., 1982:
New incentives for automatic control

Baujard, P., 1982:
New information on Cephalenchus emarginatus (Cobb, 1893) Geraert, 1968 (Nematoda: Tylenchida)

Rolle, M., 1983:
New information on Fribourg Vacherin cheese

Munzert, M., 1982:
New information on potassium fertilizer?

Reiner, L.; Geidel, H.; Egloff, K., 1982:
New information technology for advisory services. Annual meeting of the GFR Society for Information Processing in Agriculture (GIL)

Dorofeev, V.F.; Filatenko, A.A., 1981:
New infraspecific classification for bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Anonymous, 1982:
New inner seal for glass

Jahn Deesbach, W., 1979:
New investigations on the thiamin (vitamin B1) content of cereal grain

Styczynska, B.; Sobotka, W.; Biernacki, W.; Kozlowska, M., 1981:
New juvenile hormone mimetics and their activity against selected insect species

Wellenstein, G., 1982:
New knowledge of the basis and use of the forest flow

Veneni, M.; Axamit, M., 1982:
New knowledge on the cultivation of stubble catch crops from the family Brassicae under irrigated conditions

Kohlstock, N., 1982:
New knowledge on the tending of young pine stands

Anonymous, 1982:
New lactalbumins boost nutritional value of many other food proteins

Kondratenko, M.C.; Christova, A.L.; Kondareva, S.Z.; Todorov, K.; Kozareva, M.; Spasov, S., 1982:
New lactic acid product with increased nutritive, dietetic and curative properties

Okiwelu, S.N.; Wettere, P. van; Maiga, S., 1981:
New lands activity of the project Mali-Livestock II

Anonymous, 1980:
New lands productivity in Egypt: technical and economic feasibility working papers, nos. 1-10

Lalueva, K.F., 1979:
New large ciliates

Romanenko, L.G., 1982:
New lavender cultivars

Bushnell, A.C., 1981:
New legislation and official literature issued during 1980

Bushnell, A.C., 1982:
New legislation and official literature issued during 1981

Koloniecki, A., 1982:
New legislation for agriculture

Anonymous, 1982:
New legislation on pasteurized milk

Sen, S.N., 1982:
New lentil mutant variety in West Bengal

Tendler, J., 1980:
New light on rural electrification: the evidence from Bolivia

Pompeu, A.S.; Pardela Filho, O., 1979:
New lines of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) of Rosinha and Roxinho types which are resistant to anthracnose (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum)

Khalil, O.H.S.; Khorshid, A.M.; Hegazi, K.F.; Ghanem, E.H., 1979:
New lines of wheat and their response to nitrogen fertilization

Anonymous, 1983:
New linkage, synteny and allelism data

Lim, G., 1983:
New list of parasitic fungi in Singapore

Misic, P.D.; Aradski, M.; Jordanovski, B.; Jovancevic, R.; Lomberger, F.; Modric, I.; Stanisic, T.; Soskic, A.; Tesovic, Z.; Crnko, J.; Hadrovic, H., 1982:
New lists of apple cultivars recommended for Yugoslavia

Paunovic, S.A.; Bulatovic, S.; Cvetkovic, D.; Duric, B.; Kapetanovic, N.; Smole, J., 1982:
New lists of apricot cultivars recommended for Yugoslavia

Medin, A.; Aradski, M.; Leksan, M.; Ninkovski, I.; Pejkic, B.; Orucevic, Z.; Vukasinovic, T.; Mitreski, Z.; Pejovic, S., 1982:
New lists of peach cultivars recommended for Yugoslavia

Kapetanovic, N.; Gatin, Z.; Georgijev, D.; Jovancevic, R.; Milovanovic, S.; Ogasanovic, D.; Paunovic, S.; Ristivojevic, M., 1982:
New lists of plum cultivars recommended for Yugoslavia

Holmes, N., 1982:
New look in kiwifruit training systems

Tereshchenko, N.M.; Petkov, V.V.; Lutonina, M.N., 1982:
New lucerne variety Zarnitsa

Parmentier, C.R.D., 1982:
New machine for packaging ice cream and analogous products

Radic, L.; Vekic, N.; Brkic, I.; Vujevic, S., 1981:
New maize hybrids from the Osijek Agricultural Institute. EUCARPIA (European Association for Research on Plant Breeding) trials, 1978-1980

Menzi, M.; Collaud, J.F.; Jaquiery, R.; Lanini, F., 1983:
New maize varieties in the 1983 official variety list of Switzerland

Imagawa, H.; Ishida, S., 1981:
New marking method by electrical stimulation for studying xylem formation

Sarca, V., 1983:
New means of achieving controlled pollination in maize hybridization plots

Selivanova, A.S.; Biryukova, N.P.; Sedov, V.A., 1983:
New medicinal preparations for veterinary use

Zhukov, E.V., 1983:
New members of fish trematodes in the Gulf of Mexico

Anonymous, 1983:
New membrane avoids problems in ultrafiltration

Bosset, J.O.; Pauchard, J.P.; Fluckiger, E.; Blanc, B., 1982:
New method for CO2 determination in milk products

Stolle, K.; Schober, B., 1982:
New method for culturing Phytophthora infestans in liquid media

Day, R.J.; Borowy, D.E.; Schisla, R.M., 1983:
New method of analysis for diets containing methionine hydroxy analogue and its calcium salt

Musich, V.N.; Kornelli, B.M., 1980:
New method of evaluating frost resistance in wheat

Gruter, O., 1981:
New method of progeny testing

Ali, M.R.; Qadir, S.A., 1982:
New method of sampling vegetation

Hauser, V.L., 1983:
New methods for establishing grass in the southern Great Plains

Tigerstedt, P.M.A., 1983:
New methods in the breeding of horticultural crops

Zhukov, O.S.; Kharitonova, E.N.; Ishchenko, L.A.; Shchekotova, L.A., 1981:
New methods of breeding sour cherry for intensive horticulture

Anonymous, 1982:
New methods of diagnosing zoonotic infections

Jusiak, L., 1982:
New methods of extracting alkaloids from plant material. Extraction in a chloroform-aqueous acetic acid system

Anonymous, 1982:
New methods of roundwood measurement in the forest and log yard

Goldenberg, Kh, 1981:
New methods used in quantitative genetics. III. Detailed analysis of metrical characters

Ricciardelli d' Albore, G., 1981:
New microscopic analysis of honeys from the Trento district

Yukawa, J., 1982:
New midge galls from Japan

Mines, R.; Anzaldua, R., 1982:
New migrants vs. old migrants: alternative labor market structures in the California citrus industry

Lombrez, R.; Nocquet, J.L.; Wallet, P., 1982:
New milk replacer for feeding animals made from milk and milk products

Truksa, P.; Brezina, J., 1982:
New milk tanker of 14 000 l capacity

Virovets, V.G.; Gorshkova, L.M.; Sitnik, V.P.; Shcherban' , I.I., 1980:
New monoecious hemp varieties

Gusev, A.V.; Gerasev, P.I., 1982:
New monogenean species from Parasilurus asotus

Ivanova, T.S., 1982:
New nematode species of the subfamily Merliniinae Siddiqi, 1970

Ghosh, A.K.; Sardana, S.; Bhattacharya, N.R.; Asthana, A.N., 1981:
New non-allelic semidwarfs in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Mendes, L.F., 1981:
New note on the Thysanura (Apterygota, Microcoryphia and Zygentoma) of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin

Rivosecchi, L.; Zanin, E.; Dell' uomo, G.; Cavallini, C., 1981:
New observations on Simulium reptans (Diptera, Simuliidae) in the Province of Trento

Fernandez, I., 1982:
New observations on a gregarine of the genus Selenidium from Glossobalanus minutus

Paulus, H.F.; Gack, C., 1981:
New observations on pollination in Ophrys in southern Spain with special reference to the Ophrys fusca group

Scorza, J.V.; Carnevali, M., 1982:
New observations on the development of Ascocystis chagasi (Adler & Mayrink) in Lutzomyia townsendi (Ortiz, 1959)

Grupcheva, G.I.; Golemansky, V.G.; Lom, Y., 1982:
New observations on the fauna and distribution of unicellular fish parasites in Bulgaria

Kankare V., 1983:
New observations on the lipid composition in milk

Dejou, J.; Chesworth, W.; Larroque, P., 1982:
New observations on the superficial fersiallitic soil-forming process of the Pontian basalts in the Aurillac basin (Cantal, France). Case study of the Saint Etienne-de-Carlat profile and paleoclimatic considerations

Fekete, Gy, 1983:
New operating systems for cooperative farms

Gueorguiev, H.; Atanassova, B., 1981:
New opportunities for using male sterility in the tomato

Cambefort, Y., 1982:
New or little known Pedaria on the Ivory Coast (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Arora, C.M.; Prasad, R., 1980:
New or little known plants from Kumaon Himalaya-II

Pangtey, Y.P.S.; Kalakoti, B.S., 1982:
New or little known plants of Kumaon Himalaya

Almaas, R., 1981:
New organizational forms in agriculture

Goismier, A., 1982:
New package for soft cheese of the Camembert type

Geeson, J.D.; Browne, K.M., 1983:
New packaging technology aims to extend shelf life

Friedrich, H.; Kollmann, J.; Radisch, H., 1981:
New painting system for the industrial coating of timber window frames

Sadjad, S., 1981:
New parameters for detecting the seed vigor of corn

Crisan, A., 1982:
New parasites (micromycetes) on Sansevieria trifasciata Praus. in S. R. Romania and some control aspects

Moriena, R.A.; Lombardero, O.J.; Coppo, J.A., 1979:
New parasites in primates from Argentina

Legner, E.F.; Dietrick, E.J.; Blehm, D.J., 1983:
New parasitic insects for biological control of synanthropic flies

Hankins, B.J., 1980:
New pasture seedings

Anonymous, 1981:
New pathways in adult and continuing education

Monti, L.M.; Saccardo, F.; Vitale, P., 1983:
New pea varieties for processing

Vasil' chenko, I.T., 1979:
New pear species from southern Kirgizia

Szulc, E., 1980:
New people in the agriculture of West Africa

Thistlewood, H.M.A., 1982:
New pests, new pesticides - two problems for pest management

Imperato, F., 1982:
New phenolic glycosides in the fern Adiantum capillus-veneris L

Nouy, B.; Nicolas, D., 1981:
New physiological basis for study and definition of criteria for early selection in the rubber improvement program

Kolodochka, L.A., 1982:
New phytoseiid mites (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae) from Turkmenia

Kolodochka, L.A., 1981:
New phytoseiid mites of the Crimea (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae)

Dovring, F., 1982:
New plans and old results for Soviet agriculture

Mel' nikov, N.N.; Grapov, A.F.; Zubkova, N.F.; Kozlov, V.A.; Prusakova, L.D., 1982:
New plant growth regulators

Anonymous, 1981:
New plant has 130 cold-storage doors to help maintain critical temperatures

Kharkwal, M.C., 1981 :
New plant types in chickpea

Mateo, G., 1982:
New plants for the province of Valencia, from areas close to the Cuenca border

Kolster, H.W., 1983:
New poplar varieties

Varga, L.; Fodor, J., 1982:
New possibilities for chemical weed control in soybeans

Anonymous, 1983:
New possibilities for ensuring quality in homogenization technology

Roussel, C.; Sommier, J.Y.; Mansencal, C., 1981:
New possibilities of controlling black rot of grapevine

Breay, H.T., 1982:
New post-emergence herbicides for grass weed control in sugar beet and their potential for changing herbicide management

Velovitch, J.J., 1982:
New postemergence herbicides for controlling grass weeds in soybeans

Gehriger, W.; Reust, W.; Winiger, F.A.; Berces, S.; Maag, W., 1983:
New potato varieties. Results of the principal trials in 1979-81 of early and mid-early potatoes for consumption

Asama, K.; Ito, H.I.; Murakami, N.; Itoh, T., 1982:
New potato variety Konafubuki

Skuterud, R., 1982:
New potential herbicides for the control of Agropyron repens L. (Beauv.) in dicot crops

Anonymous, 1982:
New preservative proven effective in tests

Saric, T., 1981:
New problems in weed control

Anonymous, 1979:
New problems of zoological science and their reflection in Higher Education Institutes.s of papers read at the Scientific Conference of Zoologists of Teaching Institutes, 13-17 November 1979. Part 1

Pagani, G., 1982:
New process gives urea with less energy

Jain, V.K., 1981:
New production technology of cowpeas for obtaining higher returns

Castberg, H.B.; Madsen, R., 1982:
New products based on milk - impressions from a study tour of Europe

Brents, M.Y.; Fursova, S.A.; Vorobyova, V.M.; Aristova, V.P.; Nasonova, L.M., 1982:
New products for children and dietetic nutrition

Gerrits, J.P.G., 1983:
New products for compost supplementation

Darrington, H., 1981:
New products from milk

Pas' ko, N.M., 1981:
New promising fodder crops

Davies, F.T.J.; Yui Sing Fann, 1983:
New propagation practices show promise for field-grown roses

Barreiro Seoane, J., 1982:
New prospects for EC agricultural policy

Gautier, M., 1982:
New prospects for French orchards

Anonymous, 1982:
New prospects for Spain's agricultural policy

Tezenas du Montcel, H., 1981:
New prospects for chemical control of Trachysphaera fructigena on banana in Cameroon

Tribulato, E., 1982:
New prospects for growing satsumas in Italy

Trifu, I., 1983:
New prospects in growing peas for the dry grain

Anonymous, 1982:
New provisional gene symbols

Anonymous, 1983:
New provisional gene symbols

Matsunaga, T.; Yoshida, K.; Shinjo, G.; Tsuda, S.; Okuno, Y.; Yoshioka, H., 1983:
New pyrethroid insecticides for indoor applications

Jones, R.K.; Dainello, F.J., 1982:
New race of Peronospora effusa virulent on resistant spinach is virulent on resistant spinach in Texas

Cools, M.H.; Stolk, J.H., 1982 :
New radish cultivars also for winter culture

Cools, M.H.; Stolk, J.H., 1982:
New radish cultivars for spring culture

Kazakov, I.V., 1982:
New raspberry varieties

Welitschkowa, P.S., 1982:
New raw materials and methods for manufacturing humanized infant formulas

Ovsepyan, R.A., 1983:
New recommended grape varieties in Armenia

Ambika, B.; Abraham, C.C., 1983:
New record of Helopeltis theivora Waterhouse and an undetermined species of Helopeltis (Miridae: Hemiptera) as potential pests of cashew, Anacardium occidentale Linn

Mall, S.B., 1982:
New record of Myllocerus transmarinus Hbst. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from green manure crop, Sesbania cannabina

Budhraja, K.; Rawat, R.R.; Singh, O.P., 1982:
New record of Rhinocoris fuscipes Fabr., as a predator of Dicladispa armigera (Oliv.)

Maninder ; Varma, G.C., 1982:
New record of Scambus (Scambus) striatus Gupta and Tiker (Ichneumonidae: Hymenoptera) from Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) and its biology

Joshi, R.C.; Rao, P.K.; Rao, B.H.K., 1982:
New record of a chalcid pupal parasite Brachymeria (Matsumurameria) criculae (Kohl) on Metanastria hyrtaca Cr. (Lasiocampidae: Lepidoptera)

Yadava, C.P.; Lal, S.S.; Dias, C.A.R., 1982 :
New record of an egg parasite, Gryon sp. on Nezara viridula (L.)

Garg, A.K.; Sethi, G.R., 1983:
New record of beetles in rice fields at Delhi

Mehrotra, A.K.; Tewari, R.K.; Avasthy, P.N., 1981:
New record of sugarbeet seed pests

Thakur, B.S.; Odak, S.C., 1982:
New record of the parasites of Melagromyza obtusa Melloch

Delfinado Baker, M., 1982:
New records for Tropilaelaps clareae from colonies of Apis cerana indica

Dood, S.B.; Kurta, A., 1983:
New records for ectoparasites of Michigan bats

You, L.S.; Xiang, S.L.; Zhou, Z.H., 1983:
New records of Apanteles Forster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from China

Hanssen, O.; Olsvik, H., 1982:
New records of Coleoptera from More and Romsdal

Braverman, Y.; Delecolle, J.C.; Frish, K.; Rubina, M.; Kremer, M., 1981:
New records of Culicoides species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from Golan Heights, Israel, and Sinai Peninsula

E.Haidari, H.S., 1982:
New records of Dubas bug (Ommatissus binotatus lybicus De Bergevin) on date palms in Sudan

Havelka, P., 1982:
New records of ceratopogonids from the Iberian peninsula

Yan, J.; Wang, J., 1982:
New records of chironomid midges from China, from the Huangshui River of Qinghai Province (Diptera: Tendipedidae)

Djerbi, M., 1982:
New records of date palm diseases in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain

Papp, L., 1982:
New records of flies from the Canary Islands (Diptera)

Athar, M.; Mahmood, A., 1982:
New records of legume nodulation from Pakistan

Shukla, G.K.; Sandhu, G.S., 1983:
New records of natural enemies of jasminum leaf-web worm in India

Misra, M.P.; Pawar, A.D.; Ahmed, A., 1982:
New records of parasites and predators of sugarcane scale insect, Melanaspis glomerata (Green) (Hemiptera: Coccidae) from eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

Pati, P.; Mathur, K.C., 1982:
New records of parasitoids attacking rice leaf folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee, in India

Misra, N., 1981:
New records of seed borne fungi from four umbelliferous spices

Das, S.C., 1981:
New records of shot-hole borers from tea in Assam

Lu, Z., 1982:
New records of species of noctuid from China

Ekbom, P. , 1982:
New records of the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) (Chrysomelidae) in Finland

Anonymous, 1982:
New records. Fireblight

Kovacs, I., 1981:
New results and future problems in hybrid maize breeding

Gottlicher, S.; Madjaric, J., 1981:
New results concerning a connection between oral contraception and incidence of vaginal yeasts

Kees, H.; Krumrey, G., 1981:
New results concerning the control of Veronica filiformis in turf and permanent grassland

Hiller, K.; Adler, C., 1982:
New results concerning triterpene saponins. A review

Dimeny, I., 1983:
New results in mechanizing agriculture and prospects for the future

Putz, R., 1982:
New results in the development of insecticides - the micro encapsulated diazinon

Chelmonska, B.; Chrzanowska, M.; Kach, E., 1982:
New results in the freezing of gander semen

Stadler, P.A., 1982:
New results of ergot alkaloid research

Thomas, H.; Andrews, P.; Mehlhorn, H., 1982:
New results on the effect of praziquantel in experimental cysticercosis

Horn, W., 1982:
New results. Flower formation and development

Kikuchi, M.; Huysman, A.; Res, L., 1983:
New rice technology and labor absorption: comparative histories of two Philippine rice villages

Kikuchi, M. et al., 1982:
New rice technology and labor absorption: comparative history of two Philippines rice villages

Kikuchi, M.; Hayami, Y., 1982:
New rice technology, intra-rural migration and institutional innovation in Laguna

Kikuchi, M.; Hayami, Y., 1983:
New rice technology, intrarural migration, and institutional innovation in the Philippines

Lee, J.I.; Lee, S.T.; Oh, S.G.; Kang, C.H.; Ham, Y.S., 1982:
New sesame variety Kwangsanggae

Peterson, P.A., 1983:
New sh alleles

Bannar, R., 1981:
New shape for paperboard cans

Kirichenko, F.G.; Pyl' nev, V.M.; Palamarchuk, A.I., 1982:
New short-strawed variety of winter durum wheat, Parus

Anonymous, 1983:
New slatted floor for broilers looks good in trials

Hemela, M., 1983:
New solutions to fruit processing

Gonzalez, A.G.; Dorta, H.L.; Chico, E.D.; Luis, F.R., 1982:
New sources of natural coumarins. Chemical components from Ruta angustifolia

Ou, S.H.; Chien, C.C.; Tsien, T.H., 1983:
New sources of resistance to rice blast

Banba, H.; Tanimura, Y.; Matsukawa, I.; Ushirogi, T.; Mori, Y.; Chiba, I., 1982:
New soyabean variety Koma-musume

Schehl, S.E.; Ploeg, H.L.; Leavitt, R.C.; Schow, G.S.; Levitt, G.; Long, J.D., 1981:
New soybean herbicides

Gillogly, LR., 1982:
New species and a key to the genus Haptoncus (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)

Giles, FE.; Wirth, WW., 1982:
New species and new collection records of Ceratopogonidae (Diptera) from Sri Lanka

Tao, J.F.; Qin, Y., 1982:
New species and new combination of the genus Bremiella on Compositae of China

Gordon, RD., 1982:
New species and new synonymy in Neotropical Stethorus Weise (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Gupta, S.K., 1980:
New species and records of Phytoseius mites (Acarina: Mesostigmata) from South India

Stary, P., 1983:
New species and records of aphid parasitoids from Mexico (Hymenoptera, Aphidiidae)

Mohanasundaram, M., 1982:
New species and records of gall mites (Acarina: Eriophyidae) from Tamil Nadu, India

Zhang, G.X.; Zhong, T.S., 1982:
New species and subspecies of Chinese Aphidoidea

Gagarin, V.G., 1983:
New species from the genus Mononchoides (Nematoda, Diplogasterinae)

Wood, SL., 1982:
New species of American bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Husain, T.; Agarwal, MM., 1982:
New species of Coccophagus Westwood (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) from India

Askew, R.R., 1982:
New species of Eulophidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from Madeira, with some observations on the fauna

Burdsall, H.H.J.; Nakasone, K.K.; Freeman, G.W., 1981:
New species of Gloeocystidiellum (Corticiaceae) from the southeastern United States

Simon, B.K., 1982:
New species of Gramineae from South-Eastern Queensland

Wharton, RA., 1983:
New species of Illidops and Bracon (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) of potential use in biological control

Gafurov, A.K., 1982:
New species of Mermithidae (Nematoda) from Lepidoptera and Orthoptera

Steyermark, J.A., 1981:
New species of Rubiaceae from Venezuela

Wang, H.F., 1983:
New species of Tenuipalpus from China (Acarina: Tenuipalpidae)

Varga, P.; Kellner, E.; Pamfil, C.; Gumaniuc, L.; Savatti, M.; Macesan, D.; Ittu, M.; Olaru, C.; Banciu, T.; Petrovici, T.; Popa, T.; Dragomir, N.; Ciorlaus, L.; Timirgaziu, C.; Negrila, M.; Schitea, M., 1982:
New species of forage plants

Sukhareva, S.I., 1983:
New species of gall mites of the genus Aceria Keif. (Acariformes, Tetrapodili), living on grasses

Giustina, W. della, 1983:
New species of leafhoppers in France from 1952 to 1982

Platt, H.M.; Zhang, Z.N., 1982:
New species of marine nematodes from Loch Ewe, Scotland

Gafurov, A.K., 1982:
New species of mermithids (Nematoda, Mermithidae) in beetles and midges of the Kirgiz SSR

Rubtsov, I., 1982:
New species of mermithids from Estonia and neighbouring areas. X. Genera Pseudomermis, Lanceimermis and Limnomermis

Rubtsov, I., 1982:
New species of mermithids from Estonia and neighbouring areas. XI. The genera Phreatomermis, Mesomermis, Spiculimermis, Paramermis and Hydromermis

Kovaleva, A.A.; Gaevskaya, A.V., 1982:
New species of microsporidians from fish in south-western Atlantic

Livshits, I.Z.; Mitrofanov, V.I.; Sharonov, A.A. , 1981:
New species of mites of the genus Steneotarsonemus Beer, 1954 from grasses and moss (Acariformes, Tarsonemidae)

Zhukov, E.V., 1983:
New species of monogeneans of the genus Haliotrema from the gills of fish of the families Serranidae and Sparidae in the Gulf of Mexico

Parukhin, A.M., 1982:
New species of nematodes from the order Spirurida Chitwood, 1933 from fish in the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans

Vinokurov, N.N., 1982:
New species of plant bugs (Heteroptera, Miridae) from Siberia and Mongolia

Ryss, A., 1982:
New species of plant nematodes from the genus Pratylenchus in Estonia

Gaevskaya, A.V., 1983:
New species of trematodes from the family Lepocreadiidae, parasites of South Atlantic fish

Schiess, T., 1981:
New species of tydeids (Acari, Actinedida, Tydeidae) from an alpine meadow (Caricetum firmae, 2500 m) in the Swiss National Park

Vartapetyan, V.V. (Vartapetjan, V.V.; Solov' eva, L.V. (Solovyeva, L.V., 1981:
New species of wild apple in Siberia

Navolotskii, V.D.; Garkavyi, P.F.; Prokopenko, S.E.; Orel, L.V., 1982:
New spring barley variety Odesskii 100

Anonymous, 1983:
New spring cereal varieties. Kilta barley

Anonymous, 1983:
New spring cereal varieties. Luja spring wheat

McEwan, M.; Vizer, K., 1982:
New spring wheat cultivar is a Southland special

Klimenko, B.A.; Marshavina, A.T.; Nabatova, L.N., 1982:
New standardized design for a milk factory

Hejda, S.; Osancova, K., 1981:
New standards for energy and nutrient intakes in Czechoslovakia

Anonymous, 1981:
New standards from abroad

Shigaeva, M.K.; Ospanova, M.S., 1982:
New starters for koumiss preparation

Gupta, S.C.; Faris, D.G., 1983:
New steriles in early pigeonpea

Tobias, I.; Csillery, G., 1982:
New strain of tomato mosaic virus occurred on resistant varieties of pepper (Capsicum annuum) in Hungary

Imbernon, M.; Brian, C.; Granit, S., 1983:
New strains of Pleurotus

Coombs, P.H., 1982:
New strategies for the improvement of rural family life in developing countries

Singh, I.B., 1983:
New strategy in communication and development

Wenzel, G.; Bapat, V.A.; Uhrig, H., 1983 :
New strategy to tackle breeding problems of potato

Csizmadia, M., 1983:
New structural features in farming and food processing

Avdeev, V.I., 1981:
New subspecies of Hippophae rhamnoides L

Measures, LN.; Anderson, RC., 1983:
New subspecies of the stomach worm, Obeliscoides cuniculi (Graybill), of lagomorphs

Rieber, M., 1982:
New sulfur sources in the United States

Balay, H.L.; Slappey, G.A., 1982:
New suspensions simplify application

Filippova, E.L., 1983:
New sweet cherry cultivars

Lin, P., 1982:
New synonyms of Rutelidae

Dana, M.N., 1983:
New system for fall raspberries

Niemi, P., 1982:
New systems for materials handling and order picking in liquid milk plants

Zate, B.R., 1982:
New taxa of flowering plants from Marathwada (Maharashtra)

Huggert, L., 1982:
New taxa of soil-inhabiting diapriids from India and Sri Lanka (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea)

Brossmann, L., 1982:
New technical possibilities for soil ventilation and preparation

Lander, K.P., 1983:
New technique for collection of vaginal mucus from cattle

Parshad, B., 1983:
New technique for setting, preservation and display of spiders

Stankiewicz, B., 1980:
New technique for the parasitological examination of duodenal contents for giardiasis

Orlandini, I.; Annibaldi, S., 1983:
New techniques for evaluation of the structure of Parmesan cheese: ultrasonics and X-rays

Ingleby, A., 1982:
New techniques for the evaluation of remedial treatment formulations in the laboratory

Malmgren, R.; Uhlin, H.E., 1982:
New techniques or increased size -- the choice facing agriculture?

Cross, G.A.M., 1982:
New technologies for parasitology

Riva, G., 1982:
New technologies for the artificial drying of forages

Krcal, Z., 1983:
New technologies for the manufacture of cultured milk products and other specialities

Mcelroy, R.; Krause, K., 1982:
New technologies to raise agricultural efficiencies

Rzadkowski, S., 1982:
New technology for chip production from Scots pine thinnings

Plakovsky, A.A.; Semyonova, G.S., 1982:
New technology of dried milk-based mashed potatoes

Zakharova, N.P.; Krayevaya, N.N.; Konovalova, T.M.; Vodolazskaya, E.A., 1982:
New technology of processed cheese 'Kolbasny'

Brossmann, L., 1982:
New technology relating to wood-burning furnaces and other uses of alternative energy sources

Albury, D., 1982:
New technology: the quantity and quality of work and leisure

Benoit, P., 1982:
New term

Anonymous, 1982:
New test for heartworm

Zaegel, R.; Gaudouen, Y.; Goldstein, F.W.; Deloux, G.; Blamoutier, J., 1983:
New therapeutic combination successfully used in a case of nocardiosis

Katz, D., 1981:
New thoughts on the control of self-recognition, cell interactions, and immune responsiveness by major histocompatibility complex genes

Davidson, D.E.; Ager, A.L.; Brown, J.L.; Chapple, F.E.; Whitmire, R.E.; Rossan, R.N., 1981:
New tissue schizontocidal antimalarial drugs

Glavinich, R.D.; Toropkina, M.N.; Zhidkova, V.A., 1980:
New tomato variety of the canning type

Vivier, G., 1982:
New tools for automation of analysis

Cockshott, C.P., 1983:
New transducers for automobile electronic systems

Jones, B.E., 1983:
New transducers using microcomputers, fibre optics and thin films

Langley Danysz, P., 1983:
New treatment for sleeping sickness

Silvestri G.R.; Marquez, B.M. de; Ascanio E.E., 1980:
New treatments for organophosphorus poisoning in dogs and calves

Parukhin, A.M., 1983:
New trematode species from commercial fish in the Indian Ocean

Kalode, M.B.; Krishnaiah, N.V.; Kormaty, Y.F., 1982:
New trends in chemical control of rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason)

Testa, F., 1982:
New trends in the Bright tobacco crop in Italy: Virginia Bright

Varga, G., 1983:
New trends in the development of individual household and part time farming in Hungary

Rouchaud, J.; Meyer, J.A., 1982:
New trends in the studies about the metabolism of pesticides in plants

Mitchell, G.F., 1982:
New trends towards vaccination against parasites

Kutney, J.P.; Eigendorf, G.; Worth, B.R.; Rowe, J.W.; Conner, A.H.; Nagasampagi, B.A., 1981:
New triterpenes from bark of western white pine (Pinus monticola Dougl.)

Klimenko, B.S.; Bazarova, Z.I., 1982:
New type projects of cheese factories

Zhong, H.L.; Xu, Z.B.; Cao, W.J.; He, L.Y., 1982:
New types of lymph gland leishmaniasis in China

Anonymous, 1982:
New ultrafiltration plant at the Erste Bayerische Butterwerk butter factory in Schongau, German Federal Republic

Opher, P.; Samuels, I., 1982:
New use for old stones. The practice of using old environments for new cultural activities

Woollen, A., 1981:
New uses for reverse osmosis

Garn,, A.-S.A.raham, S., 1981:
New values defining low and deficient hemoglobin levels for white children and adults

Anonymous, 1982:
New varieties bred by mutation breeding in oil-seed and industrial crops

Kellner, E.; Schitea, M.; Banciu, T.; Chirila, R.; Ciorlaus, L.; Pop, E.; Popa, T.; Petrovici, T.; Timirgaziu, C.; Ittu, M.; Slusanschi, H., 1981:
New varieties of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) bred at ICCPT, Fundulea

Larsson, G., 1982:
New varieties of arctic raspberry

Menzi, M.; Weilenmann, F., 1983:
New varieties of fodder cereals and maize for the Swiss variety list

Sykora, S., 1981:
New varieties of fodder crops (report on the work of the Institute)

Burgmans, J.L., 1983:
New varieties of red cabbage for processing and fresh market

Anonymous, 1982:
New varieties: soyabean

Anonymous, 1982:
New varieties: winter swede rape, forage swede rape

Dremlyuk, G.K., 1981:
New variety of grain sorghum, Gorizont

Anonymous, 1982:
New vegetable varieties

Peron, J.Y., 1983:
New vegetables and vegetable crop diversification in northern France

Dyutin, K.E.; Bogoyavlenskaya, S.M.; Mascheva, N.I.; Turchenkov, G.I., 1982:
New watermelon cultivars

Nahrstedt, W., 1983:
New ways of looking after visitors for health and recreational resorts. Experience, hypotheses, questions

Ponte, J.J.a; Franco, A.; Leal, O.B., 1982:
New wild hosts of root-knot nematodes

Lyfenko, S.F.; Erinyak, N.I.; Fedchenko, V.P., 1981:
New winter bread wheat variety of the semidwarf type, Odessa 75

D.Arleux, F.M., 1980:
New winter rations for dairy cows producing milk for making Emmental cheese

Wijffels, R.; Achourak, A.; Devos, A.; Spanoghe, L., 1983:
Newcastle disease in Morocco. Protection after vaccination with Hitchner B1 and LaSota virus strains under field conditions

Paulson, J.C.; Weinstein, J.; Dorland, L.; Halbeek, H. van; Vliegenthart, J.F.G., 1982:
Newcastle disease virus contains a linkage-specific glycoprotein sialidase

Collins, P.L.; Hightower, L.E., 1982:
Newcastle disease virus stimulates the cellular accumulation of stress (heat shock) mRNAs and proteins

Shortridge, K.F.; Allan, W.H.; Alexander, D.J., 1982:
Newcastle disease. Laboratory diagnosis and vaccine evaluation

Hill, C.M., 1982:
Newcomers and leisure in Norfolk villages

Pandeya, R.S.; Ankersmit, J.C.D.; Rogers, W.D., 1982:
Newdel, a new flue-cured cultivar released for 1982

Trivedi, Pp, 1982:
Newer concepts in nutrition and health and their implication for social policy

Ahmad, S.; Bhargava, K.P.; Kishor, K.; Shanker, K., 1980:
Newer dialkyl hydroxyamidine and imidazoline hydrochlorides as anthelmintics

Premchand ; Prasad, D., 1981:
Newer pest problems at Ranchi

Polerecky, O., 1980:
Newly bred inbred lines for heterosis breeding in maize

Kolesenkova, M.S., 1980:
Newly bred material

Schantz, P.M., 1982:
Newly emergent or newly recognized parasitic zoonoses

Yokogawa, M., 1981:
Newly introduced questions concerning Paragonimus westermani

Peterson, P.A., 1983:
Newly originated mutable alleles of the c2 locus

Rosic, K.; Vukovic, M.; Trifunovic, V.; Misovic, M., 1981:
Newly released ZP maize hybrids

Anonymous, 1983:
Newsletter and summaries of papers No. 15

Anonymous, 1982:
Newspaper sparks development. Experiment in journalism proves value of mass media in promoting rural development

Gitau, B.K., 1982:
Ngugi wa Thiongo -- the African Paulo Friere?

Saracoglu, A.S.; Ibis, C., 1982:
Niacin and iron contents of Turkish wheat and corresponding bulgurs

Reid, I.M.; Treacher, R.J., 1983:
Niacin in the dairy cow

Cunha, T.J., 1982:
Niacin's role in animal feeds should be re-evaluated

Soler, R., 1981:
Nicaragua 1980-1981: Ideology and methodology of the National Campaign for Literacy and Conscientization

Cardenal, F.; Miller, V., 1981:
Nicaragua 1980: the battle of the ABCs

Anonymous, 1981:
Nicaragua triumphs in literacy programme

Evans, EW., 1983:
Niche relations of predatory stinkbugs (Podisus spp., Pentatomidae) attacking tent caterpillars (Malacosoma americanum, Lasiocampidae)

Wildung, R.E.; Garland, T.R.; Drucker, H., 1979:
Nickel complexes with soil microbial metabolites -- mobility and speciation in soils

Sapek, A.; Sapek, B.; Lambert, J., 1980:
Nickel content in the grassland vegetation

Sapek, B.; Sapek, A., 1980:
Nickel content in the profiles of organic soils

Ogoleva, V.P.; Cherdakova, L.N., 1980:
Nickel in soils of the Volgograd Oblast'

Winiger, F.A., 1982:
Nicola and Erntestolz, two new potato varieties

Shen, G.F.; Chen, K.; Wu, M.; Kung, S.D., 1982:
Nicotiana chloroplast genome. IV. N. acuminata has larger inverted repeats and genome size

Zhu, Y.S.; Duvall, E.J.; Lovett, P.S.; Kung, S.D., 1982:
Nicotiana chloroplast genome. V. Construction, mapping and expression of clone library of N. otophora chloroplast DNA

Krishna, R.; Srivastava, K.M.; Singh, B.P., 1980:
Nicotiana plumbaginifolia -- an un-recorded carrier of a tobamo and cucumovirus

Avidor, A., 1981:
Nigeria: agricultural and trade policies

Suryanarayana, V., 1982:
Nigerian cowpea varieties for Andhra Pradesh

Kaul' , R.M.; Kopteva, G.A., 1982:
Night orientation of ants, Formica rufa (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) during movement along routes

Longuenesse, J.J.; Conus, G.; Sarrouy, C., 1982:
Night temperature and photosynthesis. II. An air-conditioned assimilation chamber for measuring gas exchange in whole plants

Longuenesse, J.J., 1982:
Night temperature and photosynthesis. III. Influence of temperature applied during one night on gas exchange in the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Shuval, H.I.; Gunnerson, C.G.; Julius, D.S., 1981:
Night-soil composting

Majek, B.A., 1981:
Nightshade identification and control

Esakov, V.D., 1980:
Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov. Epistolary heritage, 1911-1928

Rosemond, J.M.; Witt, W.W.; Powell, A.J., 1981:
Nimblewill control in bluegrass turf and pastures

Casini, E.; Triolo, E.; Fortusini, A.; Bandinelli, R., 1983:
Nine clones for wine grape cultivation

Ionaitis, V., 1982:
Nine species of parasitic ichneumonids of the subfamily Ichneumoninae new to the Lithuanian SSR, found from 1963 to 1980

Jacobson, S., 1982:
Nine year's survival with short bowel syndrome after occlusion of the superior mesenteric artery in an elderly man: a study of periods of parenteral nutrition

Sung, T.M.; Lambert, R.J., 1983:
Ninhydrin color test for screening modified endosperm opaque-2 maize

Grushina, V.A.; Baranova, I.P.; Egorov, N.S., 1979:
Nisin accumulation dynamics in a Streptococcus lactis culture

Egorov, N.S.; Grushing, V.A.; Kozlova, Y.I.; Baranova, I.P.; Polin, A.N., 1982:
Nisin inactivation in culture of the nisin-producing strain MGU of Streptococcus lactis

Goers, W.E., 1980:
Nissan hemi phosphogypsum

Kotikova, S.A., 1982:
Nitran for weed control in tobacco

Granges, A.; Quinche, J.P., 1982:
Nitrate accumulation in carrots: varietal differences and the influence of soil type and plant maturity

McNaughton, G.S.; Presland, M.R., 1982:
Nitrate and ammonium ion uptake kinetics for Zea mays using nitrogen-13

Karlowski, K.; Bojewski, J., 1981:
Nitrate and nitrite contents in certain vegetables

Anderson, K.V.lceschini,, C., 1983:
Nitrate and nitrite excretion of humans as influenced by addition of spinach to free-choice diets

Hamilton, J.L.; Bush, L.; Lowe, R.H., 1982:
Nitrate concentration changes during senescence and air curing of Burley tobacco

Jadhav, B.; Joshi, R.N., 1981:
Nitrate content in fibre fractions obtained from some crops processed for leaf protein extraction

More, E.; Coppenet, M.; Corre, L. le; Scouarnec, P., 1982:
Nitrate content of Italian ryegrass at the grazing stage

Hunter, R.B.; Romney, E.M.; Wallace, A., 1982:
Nitrate distribution in Mojave desert soils

Krause, H.H., 1982:
Nitrate formation before and after clear-cutting of a monitored watershed in central New Brunswick, Canada

Geurink, J.H.; Kemp, A., 1983:
Nitrate in rough fodder in relation to cattle health

Muller, W., 1979:
Nitrate leaching from vineyard soils of the middle Mosel

Jacquin, F., 1983:
Nitrate losses in two drained soils of Lorraine

Ursino, D.J.; Hunter, D.M.; Laing, R.D.; Keighley, J.L.S., 1982:
Nitrate modification of photosynthesis and photoassimilate export in young nodulated soybean plants

Kochergin, A.E.; Rushchik, G.A.; Voloshchuk, A.T., 1983:
Nitrate nitrogen and exchangeable ammonium regimes in grey forest soils of the sub-taiga zone of the Omsk Oblast'

Sattarov, D., 1981:
Nitrate reductase (NR) activity -- a character reflecting the response of cotton to nitrogen fertilizer

Chandrashekar, G.S., 1982:
Nitrate reductase activity and dry matter accumulation in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) genotypes

Subbaiah, C.C.; Balasimha, D., 1983:
Nitrate reductase activity during ontogeny of the fruit of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

Abdullah, Z.U.N.; Ahmad, R., 1982:
Nitrate reductase activity in Solanum tuberosum L. as influenced by salinity induced changes in chemical constituents

Evans, J., 1982:
Nitrate reductase activity in chickpea: a preliminary investigation

Meguro, N.E.; Magalhaes, A.C., 1982:
Nitrate reductase activity in coffee cultivars

Singh, R.; Singh, H.C., 1982:
Nitrate reductase activity in cowpea mosaic virus infected cowpea plant parts

Mengel, K.; Robin, P.; Salsac, L., 1983:
Nitrate Reductase Activity in Shoots and Roots of Maize Seedlings as Affected by the Form of Nitrogen Nutrition and the pH of the Nutrient Solution

Voronova, L.P.; Peshkova, A.A.; Khavkin, E.E., 1983:
Nitrate reductase and nitrogen metabolism in the batch cycle of maize cell suspension culture

Somers, D.A.; Kuo, T.M.; Kleinhofs, A.; Warner, R.L., 1983:
Nitrate reductase-deficient mutants in barley : immunoelectrophoretic characterization

Robin P.; Conejero G.; Tranchant J P.; Passama L.; Salsac L., 1983:
Nitrate reduction assay in intact leaves

Tomita, M.; Tamura, Y.; Mizota, T.; Horii, J.; Kuboyama, M., 1982:
Nitrate removal from whey by electrodialysis

Ericksen, G.E., 1982:
Nitrate resources in deserts

Solahuddin, S., 1981:
Nitrate uptake and assimilation in roots and shoots of maize (Zea mays L.) inbreds and hybrids

Szponar, L.; Mieleszko, T.; Kierzkowska, E., 1981:
Nitrates and nitrites in food products when raw, and after preliminary preparation and heat processing

Mahieu, H.; Luquet, F.M.; Mouillet, L.; Boudier, J.F., 1982:
Nitrates and nitrites: assessment of their content in milk in France according to data of 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979

Jenkins, J.N.; Nichols, J.R.J.; McCarty, J.C.J.; Parrott, W.L., 1982:
Nitrates in petioles of three cottons

Lipparini, L.; Rampa, A., 1983:
Nitrates, nitrites and N-nitrosamines in milk and milk products

Gulyaev, Y.A.; Kazak, V.G.; Magrilova, A.K.; Rasulov, M.M., 1983:
Nitric acid decomposition of Karatau phosphates of various size ranges

Prosser, J.I.; Cox, D.J., 1982:

Hildemara, M.; Fiedler, H.J., 1983:
Nitrification in acid forest soils under spruce stands

Josserand, A.; Bardin, R., 1981:
Nitrification in acid soils. I. Autotrophic nitrifying bacteria (Nitrobacter) in a coniferous forest soil

Schmidt, E.L., 1982:
Nitrification in soil

Mcclung G.; Wolf D.C.; Foss J.E., 1983:
Nitrification inhibition by nitrapyrin and etridiazol in soils amended with sewage sludge compost

Payne, W.J.; Sherr, B.F.; Chalmers, A., 1981:
Nitrification-denitrification associated with plant roots

Trinchant, J.C.; Rigaud, J., 1982:
Nitrite and nitric oxide as inhibitors of nitrogenase from soybean bacteroids

Petrovic, I.; Mihelic, F.; Tudina, D., 1982:
Nitrites and nitrates in commercial baby foods

Gustavson-Moringlane, I.L.; Jarstrand, C.; Urban, T., 1983:
Nitroblue tetrazolium reduction in eosinophil granulocytes after treatment with diethylcarbamazine

Postema, H.J., 1983:
Nitrofuran poisoning in veal calves

Prasad, R.; Subbiah, B.V., 1982:
Nitrogen -- the key plant nutrient in Indian agriculture

Kuhn, G., 1980:
Nitrogen X seeding rate interactions in wheat in northern N.S.W

Binkley, D.; Cromack, K.J.; Fredriksen, R.L., 1982:
Nitrogen accretion and availability in some snowbrush ecosystems

D.M.llo, J.P.F.; Acamovic, T., 1980:
Nitrogen and amino acid composition of Leucaena

Saleh, S.A.; E.B.stawesy, F.I.; Khadr, M.S.; Abdel Hadi, A.H., 1982:
Nitrogen and boron effects on growth and yield components of wheat plants

Melillo J.M.; Aber J.D.; Muratore J.F., 1982:
Nitrogen and lignin control of hardwood leaf litter decomposition dynamics

Howell, R.K.; Coffelt, T.A., 1982:
Nitrogen and other peanut shoot nutrients as influenced by cultivar and strain of nitrogen fixing Rhizobium

Lawongsa, P.; Nielsen, J.M., 1982:
Nitrogen and phosphorus diagnosis, yield prognosis and therapy of maize

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No danger from primaquine

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