Nutrient utilization and lactational performance of Holstein-Friesian X Haryana cows on high forage rations. II. Lactational performance on high forage ration

Basak, B.R.; Joshi, D.C.

Indian Journal of Animal Health 21(1): 19-24


Accession: 001103661

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For 180 days 12 cows were given either green beerseem/maize nearly to appetite with straw and a limited amount of concentrate, or given concentrates for maintenance and production, with wheat straw and some green feed (control). Cows given mainly forages had higher milk yields than control cows, 6.8-10.2 vs. 4.8-8.3 kg (P < 0.01), but the fat, protein and TS contents of milk from control cows were higher (P < 0.01).