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Optimum ratio of protein to non-protein nitrogen in diets for young cattle during fattening

Skorobogatykh, N.; Rakhimov, K.; Kordyukov, A.

Molochnoe i Myasnoe Skotovodstvo 2: 32-33


Accession: 001105652

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In a trial lasting for 77 days young bulls ate a traditional silage and concentrate diet complete in minerals and carotene and containing 13 to 17% crude protein of which 80% was true protein (group 1); or that diet with oilmeal added to bring the true protein content to normal (group 2); or with the true protein fraction further reduced to 72 (group 3) or 60% (group 4) of crude protein by partially replacing oilmeal with urea. Average daily bodyweight gain, taken in that order, was 844, 870, 1013 and 883 g. Increasing the non-protein nitrogen content of the diet had no significant effect on rumen pH and on concentration of protein and non-protein N in rumen contents.

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