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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kumar, S.; Arora, B.R.; Hundal, H.S., 1981:
Potassium-boron synergism in the nutrition of rice (Oryza sativa)

Anonymous, 1982:

Martin, M.J.; Riedel, R.M.; Rowe, R.C., 1981:
Potato early dying -- a disease interaction with fungi and nematodes

Anonymous, 1983:
Potato adaptation in hot lowlands

Ricaud, C., 1982:
Potato cultivation in sugar cane interlines in Mauritius: research objectives and development achievements

Ahmid R.; Abullah Z.N., 1982:
Potato cultivation using sea water dilutions for irrigation

Ivanchenko, G.Z., 1981:
Potato cv. Zarechnyi

Atkinson, K.M., 1982:
Potato cyst nematode on tomato

Logan, C.; Cooke, L.R.; Copeland, R.B.; Mills, P.R., 1983:
Potato diseases

Anderson, J.L., 1983:
Potato futures -- the basis at maturity

Anonymous, 1983:
Potato germplasm in the Nordic Gene Bank

Hyde, G.M.; Thornton, R.E.; Woodruff, D.W., 1983:
Potato harvester performance with automatic chain-load control

Barbosa, S., 1983:
Potato insect pests in Brazil. Present status and future trends

Shalhevet, J.; Shimshi, D.; Meir, T., 1983:
Potato irrigation requirements in a hot climate using sprinkler and drip methods

Pallas, J.E.J.; Hibbs, E.T., 1982:
Potato leafhopper inhibits peanut leaf photosynthesis

Grewal, J.S.; Trehan, S.P., 1981:
Potato needs micronutrients

Anonymous, 1979:
Potato physiology

Misener, G.C., 1982:
Potato planters - uniformity of spacing

Shaw, R., 1982:
Potato processing for Bangladesh

Scott, G.J., 1982:
Potato production and marketing in Central Peru

Foot, MA.; Wood, FH., 1982:
Potato rot nematode, Ditylenchus destructor (Nematoda: Tylenchidae), infecting hops in New Zealand

Chao, R.; Alvarado, E.; Cardenas, J.; Rodriguez, E., 1981:
Potato storage in cold stores using pallet boxes

Ostergaard, S.P.; Henriksen, J.B., 1983:
Potato tuber rot after lifting at different soil temperatures

Rai, R.P., 1982:
Potato tuber rot incited by Trichothecium roseum

Gaujers, V., 1983:
Potato varieties and breeding

Anonymous, 1983:
Potato varieties come and go

French, W.M., 1981:
Potato varieties completing Recommended List trials 1980

Koval' , N.D., 1980:
Potato varieties resistant to Streptomyces scabies

Anonymous, 1982:
Potato variety trials 1979-81

Hulan, H.W.; Proudfoot, F.G.; Zarkadas, C.G., 1982:
Potato waste meal. 1. Compositional analyses

Hulan, H.W.; Proudfoot, F.G.; Zarkadas, C.G., 1982:
Potato waste meal. 2. The nutritive value and quality for broiler chicken

Olsson, E., 1981:
Potatocyst nematodes and pathotypes of southern Sweden

Holmstrom, S.; Svensson, B.; Umaerus, V.; Larsson, K.; Carlstedt, L.R.; Umaerus, M., 1983:
Potatoes - from soil to table

Holmstrom, S.; Svensson, B.; Umaerus, V.; Larsson, K.; Carlstedt, L.R.; Umaerus, M., 1983:
Potatoes -- from the earth to the table. Lectures at the theme meeting organized by the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and the Agricultural Engineering Association during Agriculture Week in 1983

White, J.W.; Sadik, S., 1983:
Potatoes from true seed: a promising alternative

Karmanov, S.N., 1980:
Potatoes in Siberia and Far East

Mehlenbacher, S.A., 1983:
Potatoes with glandular trichomes: inheritance and heritability studies

Costa, N.D.; Slatter, D.H., 1983:
Potency of n-acetylcysteine as a collagenase inhibitor in pharmaceutical preparations--effects of temperature and storage

Vose, P.B.; Ruschel, A.P.; Victoria, R.L.; Matsui, E., 1981:
Potential N2-fixation by sugarcane, Saccharum sp. in solution culture: I. Effect of NH4++ vs NO3-, variety and nitrogen level

Ruschel, A.P.; Natsui, E.; Vose, P.B.; Salati, E., 1981:
Potential N2-fixation by sugarcane, Saccharum sp. in solution culture: II. Effect of inoculation; and N2 fixation as directly measured by 15N2

Heaney, D.P.; Shrestha, J.N.B.; Peters, H.F., 1982 :
Potential alternatives to lamb milk replacer for the artificial rearing of lambs

Britt, J.S., 1983:
Potential and actual economics of a herd health program

Tergas, L.E.; Ramirez, A.; Urrea, G.A.; Guzman, S.; Castilla, C., 1982:
Potential animal production and management of pastures on Ultisol soil in Colombia

Avilan R.L.; Leal, F.; Escalante, E., 1981:
Potential areas for the development of various fruit species in Venezuela. II. Mangoes

Hunt, R.S.; Cobb, F.W.J., 1982:
Potential arthropod vectors and competing fungi of Fomes annosus in pine stumps

Goncalves de Assis, V.L.; Ruschel, A.P., 1981:
Potential asymbiotic nitrogen fixation by Rhizobium phaseoli

Speck, M.L., 1982:
Potential benefits of natural lactic acid fermentation

Ng, E., 1982:
Potential cocoa photosynthetic productivity

Cordell, H.K.; Senter, H.F.; Ragatz, R.L., 1982:
Potential conflicts between private recreational property development and forest land management in the South

Mukhopadhyay, S., 1980:
Potential contribution of fertilizer nitrogen to the pollution of natural water

Stewart, T.A.; Haycock, R.E.; Laidlaw, A.S., 1983:
Potential contribution of white clover to the economics and support-energy inputs of grass-based beef-production systems

Sirois, J.C.; Peterson, E.A.; Miller, R.W., 1981:
Potential effects of Thiram on Medicago - R. meliloti symbiotic association

Castillo, E.T., 1982:
Potential effects of modifying the Masagana 99 program of the Philippines

Lykken, G.I.; Lukaski, H.C.; Bolonchuk, W.W.; Sandstead, H.H., 1983:
Potential errors in body composition as estimated by whole body scintillation counting

McCaslin, B.D.; O.C.nnor, G.A., 1982:
Potential fertilizer value of gamma-irradiated sewage sludge on calcareous soils

Ruegg, J., 1982:
Potential for a day-neutral winged bean type

Habeck, D.H., 1981:
Potential for biological control of Melaleuca

Habeck, D.H.; Passoa, S., 1983:
Potential for biological control of Mimosa pigra

Rosen, H.N., 1979:
Potential for energy recovery from humid air streams

Anonymous, 1981:
Potential for field beans in eastern Africa. Proceedings of a regional workshop held in Lilongwe, Malawi, 9-14 March 1980

Ozanne, P.G., 1980:
Potential for increased efficiency in crop and animal production by applying nutrients as a foliar spray

Wittwer, R.F.; Immel, M.J.; Hinton, O.W., 1981:
Potential for increasing fiber production through intensive culture of American sycamore in the central hardwoods region

Collins, W.W.; Walter, W.M.J., 1982:
Potential for increasing nutritional value of sweet potatoes

Spoor, G., 1982:
Potential for mole drainage as drainage technique on heavy soils

Francis, J.K.; Baker, J.B., 1982:
Potential for nutrient depletion by short rotation harvest of sweetgum

Tingey, W.M., 1981:
Potential for plant resistance in management of arthropod pests

Frank, J.F., 1983:
Potential for rapid determination of cheese composition using reflectance spectroscopy

Snoad, B.; Hedley, C.L., 1981:
Potential for redesigning the pea crop using spontaneous and induced mutations

Nemeti, M., 1982:
Potential for small-scale enterprise in agriculture

Hanks, R.J.; Nielson, R.F.; Cartee, R.L.; Ging, S.E.; McNeil, P.; Willardson, L.S., 1979:
Potential for using saline waste water from electrical power plants for irrigation

Vleck, L.D.Van, 1981:
Potential genetic impact of artificial insemination, sex selection, embryo transfer, cloning and selfing in dairy cattle

Schuman, R.; Shoffner, R.N., 1982:
Potential genetic modifications in the chicken, Gallus domesticus

Brereton, A.J., 1983:
Potential grass production in Ireland

Bickelhaupt, D.H., 1980:
Potential hazards of some organic wastes that may be used in nurseries

Singh, M.; Tucker, D.P.H., 1983:
Potential herbicides for citrus nurseries

Carter, R.J.; Stephenson, D.W., 1983:
Potential herbicides for sunflower crops in Southern Australia

Marchetti, M.A., 1983:
Potential impact of sheath blight on yield and milling quality of short-statured rice lines in the southern United States

Aumaitre, A.; Morvan, C.; Quere, J.P.; Peiniau, J.; Vallet, G., 1982:
Potential litter size and winter breeding in free-living wild sows (Sus scrofa scrofa)

Kretschmer, A.E.J.; Snyder, G.H., 1983:
Potential of Aeschynomene sp. for pastures in the tropics

Cantwell, GE.; Cantelo, WW., 1982:
Potential of Bacillus thuringiensis as a microbial agent against the Mexican bean beetle

Kale, RD.; Bano, K.; Krishnamoorthy, RV., 1982:
Potential of Perionyx excavatus for utilizing organic wastes

Bin, F.; Johnson, N.F., 1982:
Potential of Telenominae in biocontrol with egg parasitoids (Hym., Scelionidae)

Trimble, R.M., 1983:
Potential of a temperate zone Toxorhynchites for the biological control of tropical container-breeding mosquitoes

E.H.g, G.A.; George, A.E., 1983:
Potential of agroindustrial by-products as feed for ruminants in the Sudan

Watanabe, I.; Ventura, W.; Cholitkul, W.; Roger, P.A.; Kulasooriya, S.A., 1982:
Potential of biological nitrogen fixation in deepwater rice

Kazakov, I.V.; Aitzhanova, S.D., 1980:
Potential of breeding for yield in raspberry

Weiss, MJ.; Mayo, ZB., 1983:
Potential of corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) larval counts to estimate larval populations to make control decisions

Geis, A.; Singh, J.; Teuber, M., 1983:
Potential of lactic streptococci to produce bacteriocin

Lee, K.J., 1982:
Potential of mycorrhizal fungus Pisolithus tinctorius for growth enhancement in pines

Raman, K.V.; Palacios, M., 1983:
Potential of physical resistance mechanisms for the control of major insect virus vectors of potato

Tikhomirov, V.T., 1981:
Potential of spring wheat forms resistant to Ustilago nuda for breeding for immunity in eastern Siberia

Smith, W.F., 1981:
Potential of the pullulator vertical growth system for food production

Sarkar, N.; Wolfe, R.R., 1983:
Potential of ultrasonic measurements in food quality evaluation

Ho, C.Y.; Ong, S.H., 1981:
Potential of wide crosses in Hevea breeding

Tyurebaev, S.S., 1981:
Potential phytophages for the biological control of some weeds of Eurasian origin

Bhowmik, P.C., 1983:
Potential preemergence activity of butachlor for crabgrass control in established turf

Nakano, S., 1982:
Potential problems in using the infrared milk analyser

Vannozzi, G.P.; Paolini, R.; Salera, E., 1983:
Potential productivity of sunflower crops

Mott, G.O., 1983:
Potential productivity of temperate and tropical grassland systems

Corley R.H.V., 1983:
Potential productivity of tropical perennial crops

Martin, D.L.; Watts, D.G., 1982:
Potential purification of high nitrate groundwater through irrigation management

Zeman, P.; Stika, V.; Skalka, B.; Bártík, M.; Dusbábek, F.; Lávicková, M., 1982 :
Potential role of Dermanyssus gallinae De Geer, 1778 in the circulation of the agent of pullurosis-typhus in hens

Emarah, R.E.S., 1982:
Potential self-sufficiency in major Egyptian crops: necessary production and price policies as estimated by an econometric model

Aber, J.D.; Melillo, J.M.; McClaugherty, C.A.; Eshleman, K.N., 1983:
Potential sinks for mineralized nitrogen following disturbance in forest ecosystems

Chaney, R.L., 1981:
Potential toxicity to plants and food-chain resulting from land treatment of hazardous wastes

Vose, P.B., 1981:
Potential use of induced mutants in crop plant physiology studies

Rennie, R.J., 1981:
Potential use of induced mutations to improve symbioses of crop plants with N2-fixing bacteria

Platzer, E.G., 1981:
Potential use of protein patterns and DNA nucleotide sequences in nematode taxonomy

Douville, P.; Talbot, J.; Lapointe, R.; Belanger, L., 1982:
Potential usefulness of serum prealbumin in total parenteral nutrition

Tolbert, R.H.; Johnson, W.E., 1982:
Potential vectors of Dirofilaria immitis in Macon County, Alabama

Mellor, P.S.; Boorman, J.P.T.; Wilkinson, P.J.; Martinez Gomez, F., 1983:
Potential vectors of bluetongue and African horse sickness viruses in Spain

Tollenaar, M., 1982 :
Potential vegetative productivity in Canada

Versteeg, M.N.; Haitsma, H.; Benitez, O.; Velasquez, R.S., 1982:
Potential yield of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) in the desert pampas of southern Peru

Claus, R., 1982:
Potential, standards and prospects for rain-fed sugar-cane in the north of the Ivory Coast

Trinh Ton That, 1982:
Potentialities and constraints of rainfed lowland rice development in tropical Africa

Nagaich, B.B., 1982:
Potentialities of potato export from India

Radwan, H.S.A.; Assal, O.M.;, I.A.; Abdel Mohymen, M.R., 1978:
Potentiality and persistence of certain insect growth regulators as soil pesticides against the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Tollner, E.W.; Verma, B.P., 1982:
Potentials for simulating root mechanical impedance with a lubricated penetrometer

Dahlman, D.L.; Rosenthal, G.A., 1982:
Potentiation of L-canavanine-induced developmental abnormalities in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta, by some amino acids

Blackwood, L.L.; Platt, D.; Molinari, J.A., 1982:
Potentiation of MIF production by lymphocytes of Trichinella spiralis-infected mice

Deneke, S.M.; Gershoff, S.N.; Fanburg, B.L., 1983:
Potentiation of oxygen toxicity in rats by dietary protein or amino acid deficiency

Warberg, J., 1981:
Potentiation of prostaglandin E2-induced release of LH by the prostaglandin analogue, 7-oxa-13-prostynoic acid

Rosell, R.A.; Miglierina, A.M., 1982:
Potentiometric study of humus in aqueous-organic solvents

Inoue, T.; Chongpraditnant, P.; Morakul, P.; Phetchawee, S.; Cholitkul, W., 1982:
Potentiometric titration of some upland soils in Thailand

Pochinok, K.N., 1981:
Pots for outdoor trials

Ketelaars, E.H.; Flock, D.K.; Horn, P., 1982:

Yang, X.Y., 1982:
Poultry biologicals used in China

Wyffels, R.; Devos, A.; Dheedene, J.; Flour, A., 1982:
Poultry disease situation in Morocco during the period 1976-1980

Anonymous, 1983:
Poultry diseases

Zvereva, E.L., 1982:
Poultry droppings as a habitat for coprobiont flies

Nasim, R., 1981:
Poultry farming -- an industry in crisis

Tierney, M.L., 1982:
Poultry improvement -- limitations at individual animal level

Anonymous, 1982:
Poultry management scheme evaluation

Hildebrandt, G., 1983:
Poultry meat hygiene. Validity of mass inspection from the biometric aspect

Jensen, J.F. (chairman), 1983:
Poultry meat quality. Terms used for parts of poultry in different languages

Molnar, Gy, 1982:
Poultry processing in the Kisvarda district

Panda, J.N.; Panda, B., 1982:
Poultry production

Huang, J.J.H.; Shih, J.C.H.; Steinberger, S.C., 1982:
Poultry waste digester: from the laboratory to the farm

Adeleye, I.O.A.; Kitts, W.D., 1982:
Poultry wastes as feed for ruminants. 1. Effects of heat treatments on the nitrogen content and microflora of caged layer droppings

Gunawardena, P.J., 1982:
Poverty among labour households in a Southern Dry Zone village in Sri Lanka

Muqtada, M., 1981:
Poverty and famines in Bangladesh

Sharma, L.R., 1982:
Poverty and inequality in the rural sector of Himachal Pradesh

Jain, S.C., 1980:
Poverty in Nepal

Reddy, S.S.; Mitra, G.K., 1982:
Poverty in rural Medak -- levels and determinants

Sastry, S.A.R., 1981:
Poverty indicators: a study in ranking the districts

Hesselberg, J., 1981:
Poverty market and reproduction of rural crafts

Rodgers, G., 1983:
Poverty ten years on: incomes and work among the poor of rural Bihar

Nakagawa, A. (Japan), 1981:
Powdered malt wort beverage product

Psillos, A. (Zimbabwe), 1982:
Powdered sweetened condensed milk

Fushtey, S.G., 1982:
Powdery mildew disease and shade tolerance in Kentucky bluegrass

Vernet, S., 1982:
Powdery mildew in 1982

Lee, C.K.; Kim, K.H.; Yi, C.K., 1982:
Powdery mildew of Populus spp. caused by Phyllactinia guttata (Wallr. ex Fr.) Lev

Wolfe, M.S.; Minchin, P.N.; Slater, S.E., 1983:
Powdery mildew of barley

Srivastava, L.S., 1982:
Powdery mildew of pea can be controlled in Sikkim

Bennett, F.G.A.; Kints, T.M.C.V.n, 1983:
Powdery mildew of wheat

Anonymous, 1982:
Powdery mildew poses serious problems for viticulture

Perdok, U.D.; Werken, G. van de, 1982:
Power and labour requirements in soil tillage

Heikka, T.; Piirainen, K., 1981:
Power consumption of small chippers

Fox, R.D.; Brazee, R.D.; Reichard, D.L.; Hall, F.R., 1982:
Power in an air sprayer jet

Alexandratos, N.; Bruinsma, J.; Hrabovszky, J., 1982:
Power inputs from labour, draught animals and machines in the agriculture of the developing countries

Boutilier, M.A.; SanGiovanni, L., 1983:
Power plays: government and public policy

Nwanosike, E.O., 1982:
Power relations and poverty in rural development: a preliminary bibliography

Kochegarov, V.G.; Derbin, V.M., 1982:
Power requirement in the process of sorting logs by length when trimming off branches

Susai, A.D.; Gustafson, R.J., 1982:
Power requirements and quality change of material for a pneumatic conveying system

Coquery Vidrovitch, C., 1981:
Power structures and the pre-colonial rural community

Welstead, D.J., 1982:
Power take-off safety

Anonymous, 1980:
Power tiller - design, development, manufacture and marketing

Standish, B., 1983:
Power to the people? Decentralization in Papua New Guinea

Anonymous, 1981:
Power units

Fronczak, F.J.; Loehnertz, S.P., 1982:
Powered back-up roll -- new technology for peeling veneer

Kaleta, E.F.; Marschall, H.J., 1982:
Pox in Red Siskins (Carduelis cucullata)

Schoenbauer M.; Schoenbauer Laengle A.; Koelbl S., 1982:
Pox infection in a domestic cat

Martland, M.F.; Fowler, S.; Poulton, G.J.; Baxby, D., 1983:
Pox virus infection of a domestic cat

Diaz, O.H., 1982:
Practical and theoretical problems to be resolved in connection with selection for fertility in cattle

Rabek, A.; Lembowicz, K., 1981:
Practical application of induction of lactation in combating sterility in cows

Zyl, J.L. van; Booysen, J.H., 1983:
Practical application of irrigation principles in the vineyards of Laborie

Bhatia, S.; Shanker, V., 1982:
Practical application of sex chromatin studies in the investigation of disturbed fertility in female cattle

Schadewijk, A.R.V.n; Derks, A.F.L.M., 1983:
Practical application of the ELISA method in flower bulb cultivation

Wainess, H., 1982:
Practical applications of UHT

Hutchison, P.; Mannell, R.C., 1982:
Practical approaches for learning how to evaluate

Beurskens, H.J.M., 1982:
Practical aspects of decentralized wind power systems

Yadav, P.R.; Shanker, A., 1982:
Practical aspects of insecticidal application

Wagner, C.E. van, 1982:
Practical aspects of the line intersect method

Hayman, D.S., 1982:
Practical aspects of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza

Beurskens, J., 1982:
Practical aspects of wind energy systems for specific use

Anonymous, 1982 :
Practical calculations in agriculture

Burgstaller, G., 1983:
Practical cattle feeding

Corazzina, E., 1982:
Practical considerations on the transformation of the Verona pergola and of the arched-cane system to the Casarsa system of grapevine training

Georgis, R.; Poinar, G.O.J.; Wilson, A.P., 1983:
Practical control of the cabbage root maggot, Hylemia brassicae, (Diptera; Anthomyiidae) by entomogenous nematodes

McLaughlin, J.R.; Mitchell, E.R., 1982:
Practical development of pheromones in Heliothis management

Anonymous, 1980:
Practical establishment of experimental trials

Apati Nagy, G., 1982:
Practical experiences in introducing farm-level self accounting systems

Elek, S., 1981:
Practical experiences of the occurrence of coenurosis in cattle

Wiesner, H.; Rietschel, W.; Gatesman, T., 1982:
Practical experiences with the combination of Immobilon and Rompun in zoo animals

Beitz, E., 1981:
Practical experiments with containers made of recycled paper

Rafalski, H.J., 1979:
Practical exterior exposure testing of the long-term effectiveness of wood preservatives

Wisselink G.J.; Veldkamp, K.M., 1982:
Practical farm results with maize

Arditti, J.; Michaud, J.D.; Oliva, A.P., 1982:
Practical germination of North American and related orchids. I. Epipactis atrorubens, E. gigantea and E. helleborine

Arditti, J.; Oliva, A.P.; Michaud, J.D., 1982:
Practical germination of North American and related orchids. II. Goodyera oblongifolia and G. tesselata

Nakamura, R., 1978:
Practical graphical method for optimizing the operation and capacity of regulating reservoirs in irrigation systems

Mitidieri, J.; Alcantara, P.B.; Costa Neto, M.C.; Costa, E.V. da, 1981:
Practical guide to the identification of six cultivars of Panicum maximum Jacq. by means of their spikelets

Mattee, A.Z.; Rimstad, S., 1980:
Practical instruction in agriculture: a preliminary report on the utilization of agricultural units in selected Tanzania secondary schools

Brougham, R.W., 1983:
Practical livestock-forage systems: model to manager

Fontan Candela, J.L., 1982:
Practical method for improving protein in diets

Saadullah, M.; Haque, M.; Dolberg, F., 1981:
Practical methods for chemical treatment of rice straw for ruminant feeding in Bangladesh

Dibbits, J.W., 1982:
Practical observations. The Pluk-0-Trac harvesting machine as a universal machine

Jagusch, K.T.; Kidd, G.T., 1981:
Practical pointers for goat milk production

King, T.G.; Barth, C.L.; Monroe, G.P.J., 1981:
Practical poultry manure management with hydraulic transport and land application

Weir, J.A.C., 1982:
Practical problems in the application of heat pumps in greenhouses

Smith, C.E.G., 1982:
Practical problems in the control of infectious diseases

Nelson, D.S., 1980:
Practical problems in the immunology of diseases caused by helminths

Willer, H., 1982:
Practical procedures for statistical sampling in veterinary medicine and animal production

Myers, E.D., 1982:
Practical processes for determining losses from granulation plants

Sedov, E.N., 1980:
Practical realization of I. V. Michurin's ideas in breeding work with apples and pears

Saulite, A., 1981:
Practical results of using chemical mutagens in potato breeding

Gregg, B., 1982:
Practical safe seed storage and its management

Vaitkus, V.; Matiyeshka, S., 1982 :
Practical scheme for partially homogenized milk

Mills, O., 1982:
Practical sheep dairying. The care and milking of the dairy ewe

Ryser, J.P., 1982:
Practical use of foliar diagnosis in vineyards and orchards

Bayon, F.; Ayrault, J.P.; Pichon, P., 1981:
Practical use of the ELISA test in the study of BYDV in Poitou-Charentes (France)

Betke, P.; Schultka, H.; Herles, H., 1982:
Practical use of trichlophenidin (experimental preparation UTH-WP 50-7) against Musca domestica L. in a pig-fattening unit

Li, C.H.; Cai, J.Z.; Sou, Z.F., 1980:
Practical value of leaf remainder in the evaluation of the stages of panicle differentiation in rice

Anonymous, 1982:
Practically-orientated game science

Lawrence, R.A., 1982:
Practices and attitudes toward breast-feeding among medical professionals

Mazanec, J., 1982:
Practising the causal approach to consumer behaviour and model building: an example of tourism research

Meredith, S.R.; Lucas, M.J.; Dickey, J.A.; Carey, M., 1982:
Practitioner competencies

Looman, J., 1982:
Prairie grasses identified and described by vegetative characters

Ang Boon Beng, 1981:
Prang Besar rubber cultivars

Kimpinski, J.; Johnston, H.W.; Willis, C.B., 1982:
Pratylenchus crenatus, Tylenchorhynchus dubius, and Bipolaris sorokiniana in spring-seeded cereals and timothy

Suatmadji, R.W.; Marks, G.C., 1983:
Pratylenchus penetrans in Pinus radiata in Victoria

Cavier, R., 1982:
Praziquantel and oltipraz, 2 new polyvalent anthelmintics

Lawrence, K., 1983:
Praziquantel as a taeniacide in snakes

Arther, R.G.; Cox, D.D.; Shmidl, J.A., 1981:
Praziquantel for control of Hymenolepis nana in mice

Omer, A.H., 1981:
Praziquantel in the treatment of mixed S. haematobium and S. mansoni infections

Soh, C.T.; Ahn, Y.K.; Bae, K.H.; Park, C.Y., 1981:
Praziquantel in the treatment of paragonimiasis

Prata, A.; Castro, N.; Silva, A.E.; Paiva, M.; Macêdo, V.; Junqueira, L.F., 1982:
Praziquantel in the treatment of schistosomiasis mansoni

da Silva, L.C.; Sette, H.; Christo, C.H.; Sáez-Alquezar, A.; Carneiro, C.R.; Lacet, C.M.; Ohtsuki, N.; Raia, S., 1981:
Praziquantel in the treatment of the hepatosplenic form of Schistosomiasis mansoni

Camargo, S. de, 1982:
Praziquantel treatment of schistosomiasis patients in an endemic area with persistent positive stools in spite of successive administrations of oxamniquine

E.T.bshy, Z.M.; E.S.yed, E.I.; Abd E.S.ttar, M.A.; Baraka, M.A., 1982:
Pre- and post-harvest fungicide treatments for control of onion rots during storage

Yahres, R.D. van; Jagschitz, J.A., 1982:
Pre- and postemergence herbicides for the control of crabgrass in lawn areas

Casamayor, R.; Bello, L.; Ramirez, P.; Garcia, R., 1982:
Pre- and postharvest performance of 'Orlando' tangelos in Cuba

Jordan, J.L., 1981:
Pre-chilling to -196 C on weed seed germination

Bellomo, F., 1982:
Pre-cooling, storage and long-distance transport of table grapes

Bloome, P.D.; Huhnke, R.L., 1982:
Pre-designs of uniform-draw exhaust ducts using smooth round pipe

Vulsteke, G.; Himme, M.V.n, 1982:
Pre-emergence application of soil herbicides to peas

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Pre-emergence broad-leaf weed control in winter cereals with a novel combination of trifluralin, linuron and trietazine

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Pre-emergence crabgrass control in turf

Lahman, L.K.; Harrison, M.D.; Knutson, K.W., 1982:
Pre-harvest chemical applications for control of tuber infection by Alternaria solani

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Pre-harvest chemical control of anthracnose, sooty blotch and Cercospora spot of avocados

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Pre-harvest chemical control of post-harvest avocado diseases in the 1981/82 season

Darvas, J.M., 1982:
Pre-harvest chemical control of the post harvest diseases of Fuerte avocados

Courtney, A.D., 1982:
Pre-harvest spraying improves scutch control in cereals

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Pre-heating of the cream and its relations to the power consumption of the beater and fat loss in the buttermilk

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Pre-mating pasture intake and reproductive responses in North Country Cheviot ewes in different body conditions

Abbassioun, K.; Sabouri Daylemi, M.; Rahmat, H., 1982:
Pre-operative diagnosis of cerebral hydatid cysts by computed tomography and its prognostic significance

Mannell, A., 1982:
Pre-operative nutritional support for patients with oesophageal cancer

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Pre-plant herbicides for ecofallow corn

Seregina, M.T., 1982:
Pre-planting treatment of onions

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Pre-project assessment of the agriculture and rural development sector in the People's Republic of the Congo; final report

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Pre-rinsing of a milk storage tank

Alexander, G., 1982:
Pre-school and primary education in China: a brief eye-witness account; aids to programming UNICEF assistance to education: pre-school education 31; basic education 20

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Pre-shipment preventive medication of calves with liquamycin at weaning

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Pre-sowing irradiation of soybean seeds with concentrated solar impulses against bacterioses

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Pre-storage chemical application techniques to minimize potato losses in storage

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Pre-trashing of sugarcane as a means of combating the borer Eldana saccharina Walker

Adu, I.F.; Buvanendran, V., 1982:
Pre-weaning performance of lambs from pure and crossbred matings among Nigerian breeds of sheep

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Prealbumin: a parameter of visceral protein levels during albumin infusion

Gibson, D.F.; Taylor, W.R.; Gonsior, M.J., 1982:
Prebunching small timber in steep terrain

Gilmore, A.K., 1981:
Precast risers for small watershed dams

Lakso, A.N., 1982:
Precautions on the use of excised shoots for photosynthesis and water relations measurements of apple and grape leaves

Osborn, H.B., 1983:
Precipitation characteristics affecting hydrologic response of southwestern rangelands

Dando, W.A., 1979:
Precipitation effectiveness and thermal efficiency: critical factors in successful reclamation

Sauer, R.H., 1979:
Precipitation harvesting and restoration on strip mine spoils

Fischer, W.R., 1978:
Precipitation of Fe(III) oxides in the presence of organic anions

Amelin, A.G.; Kabanov, A.N., 1982:
Precipitation of dust in the first catalyst bed in sulfuric acid units operating on sulfur

Hill, A.R.; Irvine, D.M.; Bullock, D.H., 1982:
Precipitation of recovery of whey proteins: a review

Green R.F.; Gordh G.; Hawkins B.A., 1982:
Precise sex ratios in highly inbred parasitic wasps

Kumanov, B., 1983:
Precision drilling of small seeds in a water-soluble ribbon

Hill, P., 1983:
Precision drills for sugar beet

Searcy, S.W.; Roth, L.O., 1982:
Precision metering of fluid drilled seeds

Lee, C.H.; Quirk, J.T., 1983:
Precision of measuring anatomical characteristics in jack pine

Brinkmann, W., 1983:
Precision sowing techniques for sugarbeet

Linley, J.R., 1982:
Precocious autogeny in Leptoconops (H.) linleyi Wirth and Atchley

Lamson, N.I., 1983:
Precommercial thinning increases diameter growth of Appalachian hardwood stump sprouts

Koolen, A.J., 1982:
Precompaction stress determination on precompacted soil

Deschamps, G.; Gauthier, A.; Legoff, R., 1980:
Preconcentration of whey: Results from use of an evaporator equipped with mechanical recompression of steam

Kenez, E., 1983:
Preconditions for utilization of the touristic potential of agriculture

Kajita, H., 1982:
Predation by adult Orius sauteri Poppius (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) on the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

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Predation by four species of Histeridae (Coleoptera) on horn fly (Diptera: Muscidae)

McLennan, JA.; MacMillan, BWH., 1983:
Predation by the rook, Corvus frugilegus L., on larvae of the grass grub, Costelytra zealandica (White), in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Sotherton, N.W., 1982:
Predation of a chrysomelid beetle (Gastrophysa polygoni) in cereals by polyphagous predators

Baker, R.T., 1983:
Predation of leafroller larvae by spiders and mites

Bellows, T.S.; Jr.; Owens, JC.; Huddleston, EW., 1982:
Predation of range caterpillar, Hemileuca oliviae (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) at various stages of development by different species of rodents in New Mexico during 1980

Wratten, S.D.; Pearson, J., 1982:
Predation of sugar beet aphids in New Zealand

Zaka U.Rab, M., 1982:
Predation of the plum scale, Eulecanium coryli (L.) (Homoptera: Coccidae), by Ballia bayaderae Mulsant (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), in Kashmir

Gonzalez Cano, J.M., 1981:
Predation on the 'pine processionary' by vertebrates in the Mora de Rubielos region (Teruel)

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Predation rates of the red imported fire ant on eggs of the tobacco budworm

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Predator avoidance posturing of grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) from the Colorado alpine and plains

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Predators and parasites for insect control

Sidlyarevitsch, V., 1982:
Predators of tetranychous mites in the fruit orchards of Byelorussia

Chan, S.B., 1982:
Predators of the green pea aphid

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Predators of the wheat blossom mite

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Predatory behavior and prey selectivity of the pelagic water mite Piona constricta

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Predatory insects and spiders in Queensland crops - part 2

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Predatory mites of India

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Predatory spiders associated with insect pests of mango in India

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Predictability of change in soil reflectance on wetting

Banaszak, K.J., 1981:
Predicted changes in the mineralogy of spoil as a function of net neutralization potential and rate of flushing

Lewis, D.L.; Kollig, H.P.; Hall, T.L., 1983:
Predicting 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid ester transformation rates in periphyton-dominated ecosystems

Quaas, R.L., 1982:
Predicting breeding values for categorical traits

Rae, A.L.; Anderson, R.D., 1982:
Predicting breeding values in sheep

Wilham, R.D., 1982:
Predicting breeding values of beef cattle

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Predicting carcass composition from the speed of ultrasound in live Hereford bulls

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Predicting changes in agrochemical soil characteristics as exemplified by the Volga-Viatsk Region

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Predicting daily insolation with hourly cloud height and coverage

Ostergaard H., 1983:
Predicting development of epidemics on cultivar mixtures

Wingate Hill, R.; Palmer, A.L.; Kruger, I., 1981:
Predicting drawbar forces of trailed tined implements

Ashton, H.E., 1980:
Predicting durability of clear finishes for wood from basic properties

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Predicting fetal growth from nutritional status of the mother at midpregnancy

Chen, C.S.; Ting, S.V.; Hill, E.C., 1982:
Predicting freezing of citrus sections in cylindrical drums

Phillips, P.A.; MacHardy, F.V., 1983:
Predicting heat production in young calves housed at low temperature

Loferski, J.R.; Polensek, A., 1982:
Predicting inelastic stiffness moduli of sheathing to stud nail joints

Rice, R.M.; Pillsbury, N.H., 1982:
Predicting landslides in clearcut patches

Eisensmith, S.P.; Jones, A.L.; Goodman, E.D.; Flore, J.A., 1982:
Predicting leaf expansion of 'Montmorency' sour cherry from degree-day accumulations

Lea, R.; Ballard, R., 1982:
Predicting loblolly pine growth response from N fertilizer, using soil-N availability indices

Lemin, R.C.J.; Burkhart, H.E., 1983:
Predicting mortality after thinning in old-field loblolly pine plantations

Daragan, Y.V.; Barnash, Z.S.; Kolesnikova, L.P.; Kotvitskii, B.B., 1982:
Predicting potassium requirements on the basis of the potassium potential and potassium ion activity index in soils

Pope, R.E.; Johnson, C.L.; Botkin, M.P., 1982:
Predicting ram performance from weanling traits

Buhyoff, G.J.; Wellman, J.D.; Daniel, T.C., 1982:
Predicting scenic quality for mountain pine beetle and western spruce budworm damaged forest vistas

Meyer, L.D.; Willoughby, W.E.; Whisler, F.D.; Rhoton, F.E., 1983:
Predicting size distributions of sediment eroded from aggregated soils

Solie, J.B.; Wittmus, H.D.; Burnside, O.C., 1983:
Predicting subsurface jet injector weed control by computer simulation

Chamberland, E., 1982:
Predicting the N, P and K requirements of legumes grown in a mineral soil: peas and beans

Saarilahti, M., 1982:
Predicting the bearing capacity of forest roads using radar sounding

Bird, P.R.; Cayley, J.W.D.; Chin, J.F.; Watson, M.J.; Flinn, P.C., 1980:
Predicting the digestibility of perennial pastures grazed by cattle

Guzhov, Y.L.; Komar, O.A., 1981:
Predicting the effectiveness of selection in spring wheat on the basis of modificatory and genotypic variation in quantitative characters

Putintsev, A.F.; Chapurin, F.K., 1980:
Predicting the field germination percentage of pea seeds

Ali zade, M.A.; Aliev, R.T.; Galustyan, D.S.; Mamedova, A.D., 1981:
Predicting the heterotic effect in F1 tomato hybrids by DNA content in the somatic cells

Gervais, A.; Cerf, O., 1982:
Predicting the moment for cutting the curd

Anyaduba, E.T.; Adepetu, J.A., 1983:
Predicting the phosphorus fertilization need of tropical soils: significance of the relationship between critical soil solution P, requirement of cowpea, P sorption potential, and free iron content of the soil

Gansner, D.A.; Herrick, O.W., 1982:
Predicting the rate of change in timber value for forest stands infested with gypsy moth

Baskin, C.C.; Vieira, E.H.N., 1980:
Predicting the storability of soybean seed lots

Manbeck, H.B., 1982:
Predicting thermally induced pressures in grain bins

Whisler, F.D.; Lambert, J.R.; Landivar, J.A., 1982:
Predicting tillage effects on cotton growth and yield

Linden, D.R., 1982:
Predicting tillage effects on evaporation from the soil

Anonymous, 1982:
Predicting tillage effects on soil physical properties and processes

Dye, P.J., 1982:
Predicting veld growth

Parsons, J.E.; Skaggs, R.W., 1982:
Predicting water table elevations adjacent to intersecting channels

Ung, C.H.; Beaulieu, J.; Demers, D., 1982:
Prediction model for broadleaved and coniferous species in Quebec

Lelievre, J.; Freese, O.J.; Gilles, J., 1983:
Prediction of Cheddar cheese yield

Forgey, W.M.; Blanco, M.H.; Darrah, L.L.; Zuber, M.S., 1982:
Prediction of Stewart's wilt disease in single and three-way crosses in maize

Rathi, S.S., 1982:
Prediction of age from body weights and measurements and vice versa in bull calves of various genetic groups

Klemm, P.; Mikkelsen, L., 1982:
Prediction of antigenic determinants and secondary structures of the K88 and CFA1 fimbrial proteins from enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

Reddy, D.V.; Prasad, D.A., 1983:
Prediction of body composition from tritiated water (TOH) space and live weight in growing and finishing Large White Yorkshire pigs

Bernard, C.; Valet, J.P.; Béland, R.; Lambert, R.D., 1983:
Prediction of bovine ovulation by a rapid radioimmunoassay for plasma LH

Fearnside, P.M., 1979:
Prediction of cattle production along the Transamazonian Highway in Brazil

Anderson, V.L.; Jost, L.; Dinkel, C.A.; Brown, M.A., 1983:
Prediction of daily total digestible nutrient requirement of beef cows in northern climates

Colleau, J.J.; Tanguy, D.; Boulanger, P.; L.M.zec, P., 1982:
Prediction of diffusion of Holstein genes within the French Friesian population

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Prediction of durum-wheat quality from gliadin-protein composition

Carter, J.W.; Mercer, L.P., 1983:
Prediction of food intake, weight gain and organ weights in rats as a function of dietary Aroclor 1254 (PCBs) by the saturation kinetics model for physiological responses

Barton, F.E.I.I.; Burdick, D., 1983:
Prediction of forage quality with NIR reflectance spectroscopy

Varshney, R.K.; Nahar, S.C., 1980:
Prediction of hind-femur length from known elytron/body length in the aak grasshopper Poekilocerus pictus (Fabr.) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae)

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Prediction of lucerne responses to lime from soil tests

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Prediction of maize yield

Vinson W.E.; White J.M., 1982:
Prediction of modified contemporary comparisons from pedigree information for artificial insemination and natural service bulls

Nakui, T.; Kushibiki, H.; Iwasaki, K.; Hayakawa, M.; Kuwahata, S., 1983:
Prediction of nutrient yield of whole crop maize silage

Silberbush, M.; Barber, S.A., 1983:
Prediction of phosphorus and potassium uptake by soybeans with a mechanistic mathematical model

Johnson, D.J.; Anderson, G.H., 1982:
Prediction of plasma amino acid concentration from diet amino acid content

Hellamaki, M.; Moisio, T., 1983 :
Prediction of protein and fiber contents in silage by near infrared reflectance analysis

Kreasuwun, J., 1981:
Prediction of rice yields on the basis of climatic variables in Thailand

Fearnside, P.M., 1980:
Prediction of soil erosion losses under various land uses in the Transamazonian Highway Colonization Area of Brazil

Prathapar, S.A.; McFarland, M.J.; Bogle, C.R., 1982:
Prediction of soil water potential from leaf and climatic parameters for mature grapefruit

Rosenberg, S.; Rotz, C.; Black, J.; Muhtar, H., 1982:
Prediction of suitable days for field work

Mabry, J.W.; Christian, L.L.; Kuhlers, D.L.; Rasmusen, B.A., 1983:
Prediction of susceptibility to the porcine stress syndrome

Meer, J.M. van der, 1981:
Prediction of the digestibility of alkali-treated straw

Perez, J.M.; Bourdon, D., 1983:
Prediction of the energy value of oats from cell wall contents

Yudintseva, E.V.; Levina, E.M.; Kozhemyakina, T.A., 1981:
Prediction of the level of yield contamination with caesium-137

Aerts, J.V.; Cottyn, B.G.; Brabander, D.L. de; Moermans, R.J.; Buysse, F.X., 1981:
Prediction of the net energy value of concentrate mixtures for dairy cattle

Skaracis, G.N., 1982:
Prediction of three-way top cross sugarbeet hybrid performance

Marcos, A.; Esteban, M.A.; Alcala, M.; Millan, R., 1983:
Prediction of water activity of San Simon cheese

Baumer, O.W.; Brasher, B.R., 1982:
Prediction of water content at selected suctions

Porter, M.A.; Paulsen, G.M.; Feyerherm, A.M.; Milliken, G.M., 1982:
Prediction of wheat grain protein from climatic and edaphic variables

Rozenberg, G.S.; Feklistov, P.A., 1982:
Prediction of woody-plant annual growth by self-organization methods

Haydon, G.F.; Moody, P.W.; Dickson, T., 1980:
Prediction of yield response by soybeans in the South Burnett, Queensland, using soil tests

Slinn W.G.N., 1982:
Predictions for particle deposition to vegetative canopies

Sabapathy, T.R.; Sitaraman, V., 1981:
Predictive maintenance avoids failures

Renaville, R.; Fabry, J.; Halleux, V.; Burny, A., 1982:
Predictive parameters of fertility in the bulls of bovine breeds highly selected for beef production

Smith, S.L.J., 1983:
Predictive research on location; Normative research on location

Smith, S.L.J., 1983:
Predictive research on travel

Masters, L.W., 1982:
Predictive service life testing of structural and building components

Lamp, WO.; McCarty, MK., 1982:
Predispersal seed predation of a native thistle, Cirsium canescens

Hajtos, I., 1982:
Predisposing factors in listeriosis of sheep in northern Hungary

Watanabe, I.; Barraquio, W.L.; Daroy, M.L., 1982:
Predominance of hydrogen-utilizing bacteria among N2-fixing bacteria in wetland rice roots

Simpson, W.T., 1982:
Predrying before press-drying to reduce drying defects in hardwoods

Koberle, M., 1982:
Predrying sawn timber using solar energy

Beste, C.E.; Frank, J.R., 1983:
Preemergence and wick-bar applications of glyphosate on transplanted tomatoes

Christians, N.E., 1982:
Preemergence herbicide effects on four Kentucky bluegrass cultivars

Anonymous, 1982:
Preemergence herbicides -- recent advances

Holmdal, J.A.; Hudkins, S.J., 1981:
Preemergence use of oxyfluorfen (Goal) for weed control in midwest mint

Bing, A., 1982:
Preemergence weed control on nursery liners, 1981

Mook, D.G.; Brandsey, S.A., 1982:
Preference -- aversion drinking in the rat: the nature of postingestive satiety for sugar solutions

Mizell, RF.; Nebeker, TE., 1982:
Preference and oviposition rates of adult Thanasimus dubius (F.) on three prey species

Gandhi, J.R., 1982:
Preference for acceptance of different plants by Amrasca devastans and Amrasca kerri motti

Szentesi, A., 1982:
Preference of Pieris brassicae for an unusual cruciferous plant species

Chararas, C.; Revolon, C.; Feinberg, M.; Ducauze, C., 1982:
Preference of certain scolytidae for different conifers : A statistical approach

Anonymous, 1983:
Preference towards processed potatoes

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Preferences of piglets for palatable substances

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Preferential production and secretion of immunoglobulins by the equine endometrium--a mucosal immune system

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Preferred flavors and performance of weanling pigs

Belongia, M.D.ckey, D., 1982:
Prefiltering and causality tests

Ferguson, F.G.; Cleland, A.W.; Gambel, P.I.; Confer, F.L., 1982:
Pregnancy and lactation induced suppression of cell mediated immunity

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Pregnancy and parturition

Huck, U.W., 1982:
Pregnancy block in laboratory mice as a function of male social status

Stupnicki, R., 1981:
Pregnancy detection as a tool to follow up oestrus synchronization

Dyck, G.W., 1982:
Pregnancy diagnosis

Ottoson, M.; Berkelius, J.; Karlberg, K., 1983:
Pregnancy diagnosis by means of a Doppler instrument

Saiz Cidoncha, F.; Perez Garcia, T., 1982:
Pregnancy diagnosis from milk: latest results from Spain

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Pregnancy diagnosis in cattle by means of faecal oestrogen determination

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Pregnancy diagnosis in ewe. I. Sodium and potassium concentrations in serum of pregnant and non-pregnant ewe

Gecele, P.; Diaz, I.; Skoknic, A., 1982:
Pregnancy diagnosis in pigs. 1. Ultrasonic method (amplitude-depth analysis)

Gecele, P.; Diaz, I.; Skoknic, A., 1982:
Pregnancy diagnosis in pigs. 2. Method of androgen-oestrogen-depot preparation

Mailhac, J.M., 1982:
Pregnancy diagnosis in the cat with ultrasound

Trapp, M.J.; Slyter, A.L., 1983:
Pregnancy diagnosis in the ewe

Mostl, E.; Nobauer, H.; Choi, H.S.; Wurm, W.; Bamberg, E., 1983:
Pregnancy diagnosis in the mare by means of measuring faecal oestrogen

Buhr, H. de, 1983:
Pregnancy diagnosis in the sow

Benjaminsen, E.; Karlberg, K., 1980:
Pregnancy diagnosis in the sow. A comparison of two types of ultrasonic device and rectal examination

Brzeski, E.; Kulisa, M.; Reichert, M., 1982:
Pregnancy duration in purebred Arab mares and birth weight of their foals

Mathiasson, L., 1982:
Pregnancy testing of sows is a valuable service from Kalmar Livestock

Anonymous, 1982:
Pregnancy testing service

Hollingsworth, D.R.; Grundy, S.M., 1982:
Pregnancy-associated hypertriglyceridemia in normal and diabetic women. Differences in insulin-dependent, non-insulin-dependent, and gestational diabetes

Birrer, F.; Torrez, H., 1980:
Preharvest and harvest

Poapst, P.A.; Anderson, M.G., 1983:
Preharvest defoliation of rutabaga with ammonium peroxydisulphate and ethephon

Gubbels, G.H., 1982:
Preharvest desiccation of green-seeded field peas with diquat

Kondap, S.M.; Swamy, C.S.; Rao, A.N., 1981:
Preharvest desiccation of rice for early harvest

Shcherbakov, V.Ya, 1982:
Preharvesting desiccation of grain sorghum

Anonymous, 1981:
Prehled Literatury -- Meliorace, Ochrana a Vyuziti ZPF

Devi, N.; Bhola, P.P.; Man Mohan Singh; Guha, S.R.D., 1982:
Prehydrolysis of bamboo -- effect of pH

Fang, Z.Y.; Sun, P.T., 1982:
Preliminary analysis of combining ability for some quantitative characters of inbred cabbage lines

Holle, M., 1980:
Preliminary analysis of recommended vegetable crops in the Central American isthmus and the Caribbean

Soekartawi, 1981:
Preliminary analysis of relative efficiency under different tenuresystems: lessons from Javanese rice farms

Baldry, D.A.T.; Bennett, R.B., 1981 :
Preliminary appraisal of X-ray energy-dispersive spectroscopy for studying tsetse dispersal

Wong, C.N., 1979:
Preliminary assessment of rubberwood (Hevea braziliensis) for plywood manufacture

Goold, G.J.; McMeikan, W.B., 1980:
Preliminary assessment of subtropical legume species at several sites in Northland

Paiva, J.R. de; Goncalves, P. de S.; Valois, A.C.C., 1983:
Preliminary assessment of the performance of new rubber clones in Manaus

Gatica, R.; Boland, M.P.; Gordon, I., 1982:
Preliminary attempts at micromanipulation of sheep embryos

Yoshikawa, T.; Yoshikawa, H.; Koyama, H.; Tsubaki, S., 1982:
Preliminary attempts to eradicate infection with bovine leukemia virus from a stock farm in Japan

Yu, M.H.; Jones, K.C., 1983:
Preliminary biochemical assay on resistance to Heterodera schachtii in sugarbeet

Schonau, A.P.G.; Boden, D.I., 1982:
Preliminary biomass studies in young eucalypts

Quintanilla, R.H.; Rizzo, H.F.; Nunez, A.S. de, 1981:
Preliminary catalogue of the Hemiptera found in the province of Misiones (Argentina)

Cybinski, D.H.; S.G.orge, T.D., 1982:
Preliminary characterization of D'Aguilar virus and three Palyam group viruses new to Australia

Alleman, M.; Freeling, M., 1983 :
Preliminary characterization of a derivative allele of an unstable regulatory mutant at Adh1

Braniste, N.; Popescu, I., 1981:
Preliminary data on attempts to obtain haploids through anther culture in vitro, in apples and pears

Scala, A.; Bettini, P.; Pellegrini, G.; Bogani, P.; Collina, F.; Lipucci, M.; Tognoni, F.; Buiatti, M., 1983:
Preliminary data on in vitro selection systems for pathogen resistance in the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Cantone, P.; Galliano, A.; Carozzi, A., 1982:
Preliminary data on intestinal parasitoses among school-children in the south-west area of Lake Como

Popov, C.; Fabritius, K.; Enica, D.; Banita, E.; Rosca, I.; Sandru, I.; Peteanu, S.; Sapunaru, T., 1980:
Preliminary data on the composition and proportion of egg-parasite species on cereal bugs in Romania

Babulka, P.; Mathe, A.; Nyiredy, S.; Verzar Petri, G., 1982:
Preliminary data on the cultivation of Rumex alpinus L. in Hungary and its marketing possibilities for medical use

Benassy, C.; Bianchi, H.; Brun, P., 1980:
Preliminary data on the definition of a treatment threshold in Lepidosaphes beckii Newm

Launay, H., 1982:
Preliminary data on the ecology of Xenopsylla cunicularis Smit, 1957 (Siphonaptera, Pulicidae), a parasite of wild rabbits

Vianello, A.; Macri, F., 1980:
Preliminary data on the effect of zearalenone (F-2) on pea stem internode and rat liver mitochondria

Coman, T.; Neculae, L., 1981:
Preliminary data on the in vitro storage of strawberry germplasm

Sekhedova, K., 1979:
Preliminary data on the nature of inheritance of some taxonomic characters in Hordeum spontaneum C. Koch emend. Bacht

Rodriguez, A.; Szigeti, G.; Bueno, L., 1981:
Preliminary detection of mycotoxins in feedstuffs and food raw materials in Cuba

Pal, V.; Chand, J.N., 1983:
Preliminary evaluation of Dettol for Xanthomonas citri control in citrus

Rifaat, M.A.; Mohamed, N.H.; Azab, M.E.; Safar, E.H.; Abdel Baki, M.H.; Kamal, A.M., 1982:
Preliminary evaluation of Dipetalonema evansi antigen in diagnosis of filariasis in Egypt by immunofluorescence antibody test

Gerasimenko, V.F., 1981:
Preliminary evaluation of breeding material for parameters of ecological adaptability

Yisheng Jin; Mingzhong Lu; Chengyong Sun, 1983:
Preliminary evaluation of energy consumption in China's agriculture - analysis of two specific cases

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Preliminary evaluation of irrigated rice cultivars for higher efficiency of nitrogen utilization

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Preliminary evaluation of ivermectin for control of Psoroptes ovis in desert bighorn sheep

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Preliminary evaluation of legume germ plasm in the cerrados of Brazil

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Preliminary evaluation of some lemon (Citrus limon Burm) cultivars for growth, yield and quality

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Preliminary evaluation of the damage caused by the soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) bug Nezara viridula (L.) (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) to crops of wheat (Triticum aestivum (L.)) at different stages

McLain, T.E.; Holland, J.S., 1982:
Preliminary evaluation of the strength and stiffness of yellow-poplar pallet shook

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Preliminary evaluation of the therapeutic value of Klion-D in Trichomonas-Candida infections of the vagina

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Preliminary evaluation of varieties and lines introduced in 1980/81

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Preliminary evaluation of winged bean germplasm for green pod yield, seed yield and their component characters

Hartmann, G.; Kaulitzki, G., 1982:
Preliminary experience of collaboration in the cooperative association for rationalizing the construction of farm equipment

Lind, O.; Nilsson, C., 1983:
Preliminary experience with an automatic dairy herd management system

Imagawa, H.; Ishida, S., 1982:
Preliminary experiment on relationship between electrical resistance and state of cells in Pinus luchuensis stems

Morelet, M., 1983:
Preliminary experimental study of Pollaccia species parasitic on poplars of the section Leuce

Anonymous, 1982:
Preliminary experiments in artificial feeding in snail culture

Sharma, A.N.; Sharma, P.N., 1982:
Preliminary experiments on the in vitro cultivation of an amphistome Orthocoelium scoliocoelium (Trematoda: Digenea)

Fogliani, G.; Cocco, D., 1981:
Preliminary experiments on the possibility of stimulating wound healing on apple twigs

Thonke, K.E., 1983:
Preliminary experiments to determine the effect of spraying technique and addition of additives to Cerone and Terpal on growth regulation in spring barley

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Preliminary field observations of the incidence of Alternaria infections in potato varieties

Tabaru, Y.N.kamura, Y.O.hoa, A.-Jo; Molina, P.; Takahasi, H., 1982:
Preliminary field study on larvicide formulations for onchocerciasis vector control in Guatemala

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Preliminary field test to evaluate 12 cultivars and hybrids of tomato resistant to races 1, 2 or 3 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (Sacc.) Snyder & Hansen

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Preliminary field tests on the use of Metarhizium anisopliae for the control of Nasutitermes exitiosus (Hill) (Isoptera: Termitidae)

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Preliminary field trial of a new radioimmunoassay for the immunodiagnosis of malaria

Avraham, H.; Golenser, J.; Bunnag, D.; Suntharasamai, P.; Tharavanij, S.; Harinasuta, K.T.; Sira, D.T.; Sulitzeanu, D., 1983:
Preliminary field trial of a radioimmunoassay for the diagnosis of malaria

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Preliminary field trial of the nematode Neoaplectana carpocapsae against prepupae of the larch sawfly Cephalcia lariciphila

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Preliminary field trials to control Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) in Tanzania

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Preliminary findings on the evaluation of dried poultry droppings versus groundnut-cake as supplementary protein source for broiler chicks

Anonymous, 1981:
Preliminary guide to audiovisual materials on environmental and natural resource issues in developing countries

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Preliminary increment curves for Prioria copaifera in virgin forest using the time-of-passage method

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Preliminary information on grafting C. japonica scions from plants treated with Cygon onto C. oleifera rootstocks

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Preliminary insecticide tests and observations for preflood control of yellow rice borer in deepwater rice

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Preliminary investigation of Aedes albopictus in Shantou Prefecture

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Preliminary investigation of Candida albicans biovars

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Preliminary investigation of Ectopopterys soejartoi

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Preliminary investigation of the sex pheromone of the tea geometrid, Ectropis obliqua Warren (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)

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Preliminary investigation on shattering in a winter swede rape with low erucic acid content

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Preliminary investigation on the role of animals in the transmission of Brugian filariasis

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Preliminary investigations into the etiology and pathogenesis of equine leucoencephalomalacia

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Preliminary investigations of foliar fertilizer applications in soyabean (Glycine max L. Merril)

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Preliminary investigations on damage by Panonychus ulmi Koch (Acarina: Tetranychidae) to apple in the Emilia-Romagna region

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Preliminary investigations on food, behaviour and distribution of musk deer in northern areas

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Preliminary investigations on the characteristics of Sardinian honeys

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Preliminary investigations on the effects of Polado on regrowth of sugarcane in Louisiana

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Preliminary investigations on the estimation of a damage threshold for Dialeurodes citri and Saissetia oleae in clementine orchards

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Preliminary investigations on the selection of citrus species by the leaf-cutting ant, Acromyrmex octospinosus (Reich) (Formicidae, Attini)

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Preliminary investigations on the use of 137Cs to estimate erosion in Saskatchewan

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Preliminary investigations upon the control of ichthyophthiriasis in the sheatfish (Silurus glanis L.)

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Preliminary isolation of a myodegenerative toxic principle from Cassia occidentalis

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Preliminary list of Auchenorrhyncha with notes on distribution and importance of species in Turkey. IX. Family Cicadellidae: Iassinae, Penthiminae, Dorycephalinae, Hecalinae and Aphrodinae

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Preliminary list of Auchenorrhyncha with notes on distribution and importance of species in Turkey. X. Family Cicadellidae: Xestophalinae, Stegelytrinae and Cicadellinae

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Preliminary list of Tingidae with notes on distribution and importance of species in Turkey

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Preliminary note on cicadellids (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in rice-fields in Valencia

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Preliminary note on the behaviour of triticale as a cereal forage plant

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Preliminary note on the mite fauna of mattress dust in Algiers

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Preliminary notes on Uruguayan orchids

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Preliminary notes on desiccation and viability of live oak acorns

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Preliminary notes to understand the relation bruchid -- Acacia caven

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Preliminary observations of a new blind chick mutant (beg)

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Preliminary observations of some genetic characters of F1 cucumber hybrids

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Preliminary observations of the bionomics of Peregrinator biannulipes Montrouzier & Signoret

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Preliminary observations on Tritrichomonas suis found in the respiratory tracts of pigs in the De'an area

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Preliminary observations on Xylopyrurus sp

Martinez, M.; Chambon, J.P., 1983:
Preliminary observations on a new cereal leafminer Liriomyza orbona (Meigen), Diptera, Agromyzidae

Wetala, M.P.E., 1979:
Preliminary observations on chemicl weed control in maize at Namulonge Research Station during the first rains of 1978

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Preliminary observations on enzootic bovine haematuria in Mandi and Kulu Districts of Himachal Pradesh

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Preliminary observations on populations of carabids (Coleoptera) in a turnip field attacked by Hylemyia brassicae B. (Diptera Anthomyiidae)

Robbillard, P.J.M. de, 1982:
Preliminary observations on pre-harvest sprays of glyphosate to improve the profitability of minimum tillage in sugarcane

Raman, K., 1981:
Preliminary observations on productivity in mature clonal teas

Dabral, B.G., 1983:
Preliminary observations on root distribution in Shorea robusta at Dehra Dun

Lucifero, M.; Giorgetti, A.; Lupi, P.; Franci, O., 1983:
Preliminary observations on some blood values in Chianina cows

S.T.iago, L.R.L.; Silva, J.M. da, 1981:
Preliminary observations on supplements of mineral mixture with urea for cattle on pasture

Raymond, H.L., 1982:
Preliminary observations on the condition of the ovaries of some Tabanidae (Diptera) of the Hautes-Alpes

Walker, A.R.; McKellar, S.B., 1981:
Preliminary observations on the density of sporozoites of Theileria annulata

Tanda, A.S.; Goyal, N.P., 1979:
Preliminary observations on the effect of intervarietal bee pollination of desi cotton (Gossypium arboreum Linn.)

Lisi, F.; Nicese, F.P.; Rinaldelli, E., 1983:
Preliminary observations on the effects of foliar feeding of grapevines with potassium and phosphorus

Wanyoko, J.K., 1982:
Preliminary observations on the effects of sheep manure and artificial fertilizers on soil and plant growth when applied in tea planting holes

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Preliminary observations on the enzyme activity of Fusarium roseum var. avenaceum (Sacc.) Snyd. & Hans. isolated from tomato fruits

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Preliminary observations on the flowering biology of vegetable crops from the Umbelliferae family

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Preliminary observations on the influence of 25/27 translocation on fertility and milk production of Grey Alpine cows

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Preliminary observations on the mitotic chromosomes of Corethrella appendiculata (Diptera: Chaoboridae)

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Preliminary observations on the performance of village pigs (Sus scrofa papuensis) under intensive outdoor management. Part II. Feed conversion efficiency, carcase composition and gastro-intestinal parasites

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Preliminary observations on the purple stem beetle Sagra femorata purpurea Lichtenstein

Ireson, J.E.; Terauds, A., 1982:
Preliminary observations on the ragwort flea beetle (Longitarsus jacobaeae) introduced into Tasmania to control ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)

Lu, Z.P.; Di, K., 1982:
Preliminary observations on the relationship of seasonal temperature to the prevalence of poultry ticks

Rotundo, G.; Tremblay, E., 1982:
Preliminary observations on the sex pheromone of Opogona sacchari (Bojer) (Lepidoptera Hieroxestidae)

Piano, E., 1983:
Preliminary observations on the structure and variability of Sardinian populations of subterranean clover

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Preliminary observations on the transmission of virus by Peregrinus maidis

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Preliminary observations on the treatment of Schistosomiasis mansoni with praziquantel in Kenya

Zhang, G.D., 1982:
Preliminary observations on the trypanocidal effect of furazolidone in mice artificially infected with Trypanosoma evansi

Othieno, C.O.; Anyuka, J.O., 1982:
Preliminary performance evaluation of different plucking methods

Hutchison, D.J.; Bistline, F.W., 1981:
Preliminary performance of 7-year-old 'Valencia' orange trees on 21 rootstocks

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Preliminary performance of some rubber cultivars

Engle, J.A.; Hendler, R.J., 1982:
Preliminary pine release herbicide trials in West Virginia

Erk, F.N.; Samuilo, V.V.; Chizhikov, A.G., 1982:
Preliminary processing of grass seeds at specialized points

Anonymous, 1982:
Preliminary publication of FESYP investigations on formaldehyde. Part 2. Application technology-related recommendations

Yu, S.H.; Wang, E.R.; Zhang, Y.L.; Li, G.Q.; Wen, X.F.; Hao, X.R.; Yu, F.Y., 1982:
Preliminary report of experiments on the control of corn borer by Trichogramma dendrolimi labelled with 32P

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Preliminary report of studies on peanuts from bioregulator-treated plants

Grace, J.V. da; Goodman, C.A., 1982:
Preliminary report on avocado sunblotch field indexing

Chi, H.B., 1982:
Preliminary report on breeding rice for resistance to Nilaparvata lugens

Ireland, J.J.; Roche, J.F., 1982:
Preliminary report on growth, differentiation and oestradiol accumulation in healthy and atretic antral follicles of heifers following PG-induced luteolysis

Chen, Z.Y.; Wen, G.N., 1982:
Preliminary report on infestation of Stollia ventralis on the second cropped rice seedlings

Muttalib, M.A.; Suzuki, N., 1980:
Preliminary report on joint research programme in Bangladesh

Geri, G.; Franci, O.; Zappa, A.; Poli, B.M., 1982:
Preliminary report on some characteristics of pigs slaughtered between 20 and 200 kilograms live weight

Yang, J.L., 1981:
Preliminary report on the distribution of Aedes albopictus in Chaoyang County

Yao, J.P.; Luo, Y.N.; Yang, X.D., 1982:
Preliminary report on the effects of drought on seed development and quality of early groundnut

Scott, R.F.; Roberts, E.M.; Keogh, M.J., 1982:
Preliminary report on the estimation of average fibre diameter of greasy wool by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Anonymous, 1982:
Preliminary report on the evaluation of newly introduced sorghum TX-ms lines

Tupy, O.; Silva, V.P. da, 1979:
Preliminary report on the gastro-intestinal and pulmonary helminths of cattle in Itapetinga, Bahia

Garcia C.; Planas A.; Cordoves Cespedes C.O.; Delgado V.; Casanas P., 1981:
Preliminary report on the incidence of dermatophytes in domestic animals

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Preliminary report on the life-table of Tryporyza incertulas Walker

Landsberg, J., 1983:
Preliminary report on the occurrence of Myxidium giardi Cepede, 1906 in cultured elvers, Anguilla anguilla (L.)

Cordrey, T.D.; Deyton, D.E.; Brown, J.F., 1981:
Preliminary report on the performance of new peach cultivars and rootstocks in West Tennessee

Fu, J.R.; Ji, D.Y.; Zhang, B.Z., 1983:
Preliminary report on the promotive effects of osmoconditioning on the germination of several crop seeds

Chen, Q.; Nan, D.J., 1983:
Preliminary report on the relationship between accumulated temperature in the plough layer of soil and cotton growth status

Verster, A.; Tustin, R.C., 1982:
Preliminary report on the stimulation of immunity to the larval stage of Taenia multiceps

Handro, W.; Ferreira, C.M., 1980:
Preliminary report on tissue culture of Araucaria angustifolia

Wang, W.S.; Shang, M.Z., 1982:
Preliminary reports on the bionomics of Pineus sp

Budd, E.G., 1981:
Preliminary research note on shedding losses in grass seed crops

Romagnoli, A.; Mengozzi, G.; Puddu, P.; Mereu, M., 1982:
Preliminary research on blood polymorphism in Giara horses

Barba, M.; Sanctis, F.D., 1981:
Preliminary research on the spread of cherry viruses in Latium

Bruin, W.; Nightingale, J.W.; Mumaw, L., 1981:
Preliminary results and design criteria from an on-line zeolite ammonia removal filter in a semi-closed recirculating system

Damigella, P.; Alberghina, O., 1981:
Preliminary results from a comparative trial of 64 almond cultivars and clones

Fischer, M.; Fischer, C.; Schaefer, H.J.F.cke, W., 1983:
Preliminary results from breeding for resistance to fireblight, Erwinia amylovora (Burrill) Winslow et al., in pome fruits. 2. Apple and pear rootstocks

Gregori, P.; Ianeselli, A., 1981:
Preliminary results from experimental plots in coppice under conversion

Parrini, P.; Olivieri, A.M., 1982:
Preliminary results from soyabean breeding

Busch, W.; Lusky, K.; Neums, D.; Schluter, M., 1983:
Preliminary results from studies into the use of prostaglandin F2x in treatment of functional reproductive disorders in cattle

Stolzman, M.; Jasiorowski, H.; Reklewski, Z.; Zarnecki, A., 1981:
Preliminary results in milk and fattening performance of F1 Friesian strain crosses in the field

Schutt, P.; Blaschke, H.; Hoque, E.; Koch, W.; Lang, K.J.; Schuck, H.J., 1983:
Preliminary results of a botanical survey on 'spruce dieback'

Menissier, F.; Perreau, B.; Bibe, B.; Frebling, J.; Thouvenin, R., 1982 :
Preliminary results of a comparative study concerning the fertility of Charolais, Maine-Anjou and Limousin breeding females

Abou Khaled, A.; Chaudhry, S.A.; Abdel Salam, S., 1982:
Preliminary results of a date palm irrigation experiment in Central Iraq

Holstener Jorgensen, H.; Kjersgard, O., 1982:
Preliminary results of a drainage experiment in young Norway spruce

Rousselle, P., 1982:
Preliminary results of a programme to introduce the Ogura male sterility into swede rape from radish

Elsen, P.; Muhirwa, G., 1982:
Preliminary results of a study on the vector of onchocerciasis in the Rumonge area of Burundi

Lyne, A.R.; Byrd, A., 1982:
Preliminary results of a survey of the bacteriological quality of goat's milk

Pudenz, I., 1982:
Preliminary results of anatomical-morphological studies of spring barley genotypes differing in lodging resistance

El-Alamy, M.A.; Habib, M.A.; McNeeley, D.F.; Cline, B.L., 1981:
Preliminary results of chemotherapy using praziquantel on a large scale in Qalyub Bilharziasis Project where simultaneous infection with S. mansoni and S. haematobium exists

Grossi, P.; Celestre, P., 1978:
Preliminary results of experimental researches for soil hydraulic condictioning by buried diaphragms

Wojtas Slubowska, D.; Brodniewicz, A., 1979:
Preliminary results of helminthological examination of soil from selected bathing beaches as exemplified by Lubniewice

Lehman, D.L.; Ruaini, G.M., 1982:
Preliminary results of immunization against Schistosoma mansoni with intermediate host antigen

Nucifora, A.; Vacante, V., 1982:
Preliminary results of integrated pest control based on the use of yellow chromotopic traps in glasshouses

Barbagallo, S.; Longo, S.; Patti, I., 1982:
Preliminary results of integrated-biological control in eastern Sicily to control the citrus mealybug and the citrus whitefly in eastern Sicily

Sala, K.; Brzoska, F.; Zywczok, H., 1981:
Preliminary results of investigations on meadow sward and lucerne forage desiccation

Strauch, D.; Moosmuller, A.; Kandler, U.; Konig, W.; Philipp, W., 1982:
Preliminary results of investigations on the composition and hygienic condition of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers

Katz, B., 1981:
Preliminary results of leaf litter decomposing microfungi survey

Frebling, J.; Gillard, P.; Menissier, F., 1982:
Preliminary results of natural twinning ability in a selected sample of Charolais and Maine-Anjou cows and their heifer progeny

Wojtowski, F.; Wilkaniec, Z.; Szymas, B., 1982:
Preliminary results of research on insect pollination of carrot and onion seed crops

Jablonski, B.; Skowronek, J.; Woyke, H.; Doruchowski, R.W., 1982:
Preliminary results of research on the flowering biology and pollination of onion F1 hybrids

Abegbeihn, J.O., 1982 :
Preliminary results of the effects of spacings on the growth and yield of Tectona grandis Linn. F

Kostusiak, A.; Smolarz, K., .:
Preliminary results of the studies of mineral fertilization and irrigation on pH of the soil and the growth of highbush blueberry

Trost, T., 1983:
Preliminary results of treatment of onychomycosis with ketoconazole

Wynn Williams, R.B.; Rea, M.B., 1982:
Preliminary results of trials using potassium carbonate to accelerate lucerne hay drying (1) Lincoln

Clothier, B.E.; Slack, C.R., 1982:
Preliminary results of trials using potassium carbonate to accelerate lucerne hay drying (II) Palmerston North

Politzar, H.; Filledier, J., 1982:
Preliminary results on a colony of Glossina medicorum fed artificially through membranes

Martino, E. di, 1979:
Preliminary results on assisted pruning of olive trees in Sicily

Legin, R.; Bass, P.; Vuittenez, A., 1979:
Preliminary results on cure by heat treatment and in vitro culture of a disease of the stem pitting (legno riccio) type produced by grafting the cultivar Servant of Vitis vinifera on the rootstock Vitis riparia X V. berlandieri Kober 5BB. Comparison with different virus diseases of grapevine

Bonciarelli, F.; Farina, G.; Panaro, V., 1982:
Preliminary results on new tillage methods in central Italy

Bourrie, G.; Grimaldi, C., 1981:
Preliminary results on the composition of soil solutions in acid brown soils over granite under temperate Atlantic climatic conditions. Natural and experimental data

Wierszyllowski, J.; Gruca, Z., 1981:
Preliminary results on the effectiveness of topworking sour cherries

Kiffner, W.; Lanckow, J.; Mobius, G., 1983:
Preliminary results on the production of Chinese cabbage in the greenhouse

Canet, R.; Colon, C.; Bakulento, N., 1981:
Preliminary results on time of sowing short-cycle lines and cultivars of rice (O. sativa) late in the wet season

Napompeth, B., 1983:
Preliminary screening of insects for biological control of Mimosa pigra L. in Thailand

Carneiro, R.G.; Carneiro, R.M.D.G., 1982:
Preliminary selection for crop rotation in Meloidogyne incognita infected areas in 1979-80

Carneiro, R.G.; Carneiro, R.M.D.G., 1982:
Preliminary selection of Brassica in Meloidogyne incognita infested areas

Contini, A.; Pittau, G.; Marongiu, E.; Troffa, V., 1982:
Preliminary serological survey for visna maedi in Sardinia.

Brand, R., 1981:
Preliminary studies into bio-sludge from the centralized sewage treatment plant of VEB Leuna-Werke Walter Ulbricht and its application to crop production by the cooperative farm of Bad Durrenberg

Harrison, L.R.; Colvin, B.M.; Gosser, H.S., 1981:
Preliminary studies of a paralytic disease in swine

Bailey, G.B., 1982:
Preliminary studies of chemotaxis by Entamoeba

Kazhic, D.M., 1981:
Preliminary studies of fish helminths from the waters of the Nikshic area

Cayrol, J.C.; Velasquez Dominguez, M.; Levaux, P., 1982:
Preliminary studies of the possible use of parasitic fungi as biological control agents

Kucharski, J., 1982:
Preliminary studies of the use of N-Serve for fertilizer applications to crops in field experiments. II. The effect of N-Serve on the yield and chemical composition of meadow hay

Ulukus, I.; Sagir, A., 1982:
Preliminary studies on Capsicum rots in Elazig and Diyarbakir provinces and their fungal pathogens

Liu, Z., 1982:
Preliminary studies on Hierodula patellifera Serville

Chen, X.R., 1982:
Preliminary studies on Triticum aestivum subsp. yunnanense

Turan, K.; Dinc, N., 1981:
Preliminary studies on causes of black rot of strawberry in the Aegean region

Manickam, R.; Dhar, S.; Singh, R.P., 1982:
Preliminary studies on cell mediated immunity in calves immunized against Theileria annulata with inactivated ground up tick supernate plus Corynebacterium parvum adjuvant

He, L.Y.; Zhong, H.L.; Gao, P.Z.; Li, H.H.; Xu, Z.B., 1982:
Preliminary studies on chromosomes of 9 species and subspecies of lung fluke in China

Xu, N.Y.; Wang, X.L., 1981:
Preliminary studies on cytoplasmically male-sterile lines of Triticum timopheevii and T. spelta by isozyme analysis

Fischer, R.; Knupffer, W.; Regensburger, K., 1980:
Preliminary studies on deformation during cutting of wood

Zhou Maode (Chou Maote); Kao Yuntian; (, 1982:
Preliminary studies on hybridisation of Crassostrea gigas with Ostrea rivularis and Ostrea plicatula

Galitzer, S.J.; Bartley, E.E.; Oehme, F.W., 1982:
Preliminary studies on lasalocid toxicosis in cattle

Xie, Z.Y.; Jia, B.Q.; He, F.Q., 1982:
Preliminary studies on metabolism of 1-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-2,2,2-trichloroethyl acetate and its major metabolites in mice

Chen, S.; Zhong, Z., 1982:
Preliminary studies on methods of storage and transport of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) to maintain freshness

Avilla, J.; Albajes, R., 1983:
Preliminary studies on mutual interference in Opius concolor Szepl. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)

E.A.lawy, T.A.; Friedhoff, K., 1982:
Preliminary studies on ovine babesiosis experimental infection by Rhipicephalus bursa infected with Babesia ovis and time of tick repletion

Shelar, D.G.; Suryanarayana, M.C., 1981:
Preliminary studies on pollination of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Preziosi, P.; Cartechini, A., 1981:
Preliminary studies on some commercial characters of some clones of the hazel cultivar Tonda Romana

Tewari, M.C.; Rathor, A.K.S., 1982:
Preliminary studies on the development of wood preservative from chir pine resin and copper carbonate

Vasudeva, N., 1983:
Preliminary studies on the effect of experimental growth regulator (AC/99,524) on coffee

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Preliminary studies on the effect of oral and parenteral administration of iron in treatment of bovine anaemia

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Preliminary studies on the effect of passaging through the host on pathogenicity of entomopathogenic fungi

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Preliminary studies on the effects of varieties, seed rate and levels of nitrogen fertiliser on the yield attributes of wheat (Triticum aestivum) under Nigerian conditions

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Preliminary studies on the evolutionary trends in agronomic characters in the course of soyabean variety replacement in Heilongjiang province

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Preliminary studies on the fertility of hybrids between different types of rape

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Preliminary studies on the germination of seeds exposed to an electromagnetic field of radio frequency

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Preliminary studies on the haematophagous midges (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) in the zoological gardens in Gdansk

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Preliminary studies on the morphology and anatomy of male-sterile flowers in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill

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Preliminary studies on the occurrence of phytonematodes associated with sugar-cane in areas of low productivity in Pernambuco State

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Preliminary studies on the pathogen of Chinese jujube mosaic disease

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Preliminary studies on the physiology, pathology and biochemistry of postharvest deterioration of cassava and sweet potato

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Preliminary studies on the possibility of crossing wheat with Hordeum bulbosum and inheritance of compatibility

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Preliminary studies on the postharvest physiology and storage of babaco fruit (Carica X heilbornii Badillo nm. pentagona (Heilborn) Badillo)

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Preliminary studies on the quality of spruce and silver fir seed as affected by its source

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Preliminary studies on the replication of influenza virus in mosquitoes

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Preliminary studies on the response of cotton genotypes to Cycocel (C.C.C.)

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Preliminary studies on the sexual pheromones of nematodes

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Preliminary studies on the suitability of two organic acids as teat dips in mastitis control

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Preliminary studies on the susceptibility of sunflower to herbicides with hormonal effect

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Preliminary studies on the symptoms of boron deficiency in Olea europaea

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Preliminary studies on the use of goats in hill-sheep grazing systems

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Preliminary studies on the utilization of heterosis in self-incompatible lines of cabbage-type rape

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Preliminary studies on the virgin female traps of the cotton spotted bollworm, Earias vittella (Fabricius)

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Preliminary studies on the wool quality traits of Hamadani sheep

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Preliminary studies on tropical sawdust for plant propagation and growth

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Preliminary studies on winged bean, a high protein crop for the tropics

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Preliminary study of F1 heterosis in groundnut mutants and in their parents

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Preliminary study of a case of citrus decline at Gabougoura in Niger. First part

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Preliminary study of a device for measuring electrical resistance of the vagina, as a mean of detecting oestrus in cows

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Preliminary study of cooking quality in Chinese rice varieties

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Preliminary study of diseases of the digestive system of chinchillas

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Preliminary study of esterase isoenzymes in rice cultivars

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Preliminary study of physiological indices in breeding wheat for high photosynthetic capacity

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Preliminary study of soyabean resources in Jilin province

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Preliminary study of the biology and morphology of Cyrtomenus bergi Froeschner, a new pest of cassava

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Preliminary study of the diagnosis of Tritrichomonas foetus in Costa Rica

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Preliminary study of the effect of quassinoid extracts of Hannoa undulata on Meloidogyne javanica juveniles

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Preliminary study of the handedness in first leaf and successive leaves, flag leaves and spikelets in triticale and its parents

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Preliminary study of the mineral nutrition of Fitzroya cupressoides in Chile

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Preliminary study of the soluble sugars available for fermentation during ensilement of whole chopped corn plant

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Preliminary study of the species of coccidia in ducks in Peking

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Preliminary study on ammonium adsorbed by soils from a mixed solution of NH4+-Ca++ chloride

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Preliminary study on combining ability and heritability of the main characters of hybrid rice

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Preliminary study on foliar diagnosis of sweet sorghum

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Preliminary study on food selection in acridid species in the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Preliminary study on linear condition index of the growing pig

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Preliminary study on pests of animal feed in central Java

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Preliminary study on pleural morphology, clypeus and some antennal sensilla of Gryonini (Hym. Proctotrupoidea, Scelionidae)

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Preliminary study on predictive methods of population fluctuation of Heliothis armigera

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Preliminary study on reproduction, milk yield and their correlations in Holstein cows

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Preliminary study on the adaptability of winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC) as a covercrop under coconut (Cocos nucifera)

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Preliminary study on the adaptability, yield and keeping quality of sixteen exotic cultivars of onion in Bangladesh

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Preliminary study on the application of synthetic numerical value in soil classification

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Preliminary study on the calendar age of Anopheles sinensis populations by cuticular growth lines

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Preliminary study on the earliness of the first contact between newborn infant and mother and the incidence of breast feeding on discharge from hospital

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Preliminary study on the esterase isozymes of wild rice in China

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Preliminary study on the foraging activity of honeybees in an area of well known plants

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Preliminary study on the induction of micronuclear cells in Vicia faba by radiation

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Preliminary study on the mites in house dust in the city of Santiago de Cuba

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Preliminary study on the oxygen consumption of Tilapia nilotica

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Preliminary study on the presence of pathogenic fungi around swimming pools of a bath at Tours

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Preliminary study on the vector(s) of hartrot disease of coconut in Suriname

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Preliminary study on vitamin E and selenium supplementation in diets for growing-finishing pigs

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Preliminary survey for antibodies against five bovine viruses in cattle in Korea

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Preliminary survey of a mermithid nematode pathogenic to mosquitoes in Bomi District, Tibet

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Preliminary survey of isozyme variation in anthropophilic Panamanian Lutzomyia species

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Preliminary survey of the occurrence of Salmonella in hard sausage (not subjected to heat treatment)

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Preliminary survey of work on the efficacy of 24 new sources of resistance to Cladosporium fulvum in tomato

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Preliminary survey on sarcosporidiosis of swine

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Preliminary test on the chemical control of the flat pineapple mite

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Preliminary tests of a new prototype for insertion of buried diaphragms for hydraulic soil conditioning

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Preliminary tests of juvenoids on the bed bug, Cimex lectularius L

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Preliminary tests of two-stroke cycle engines fueled by ethanol/sunflower oil mixtures

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Preliminary therapeutic trials in man of the antischistosomal drug 35972 R.P

Shubin, G.S., 1982:
Preliminary treatment of sawn timber before seasoning

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Preliminary trial of the cultivation of the winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) in Guatemala and variations in chemical composition

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Preliminary trial on the performance of Ricinus communis

Lafon, R., 1982:
Preliminary trials of a control strategy for grey mould of grapevine based on disease modelling

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Preliminary trials of lines and cultivars of wheat and triticale in 1979 and 1980

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Preliminary trials on mating disruption of codling moth in S.E. Australia

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Preliminary trials on the attraction of Thaumetopoea wilkinsoni Tams to the synthesized sex pheromone of Th. pityocampa Schiff

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Preliminary trials to examine the drift of charged spray droplets

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Preliminary trials with herbicides

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Preliminary work on monographs of wild plant collections: Aegilops L

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Premalignant alveolar transformation of virgin mouse mammary gland results in differentiation-specific gene activity that is independent of hormonal induction or DNA synthesis in vitro

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Premature budding in Chrysanthemum morifolium in relation to the age of stock plants

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Premature chromosome condensation in plant cells and its potential use in genetic manipulation

Anonymous, 1982:
Premature chromosome condensation. Applications in basic, clinical and mutation research

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Premature closure of the lateral distal growth plate of the metatarsus in both hind legs of a calf

Montanari, M., 1982:
Premature flowering of sugar beet and its reflections on seed multiplication

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Premining evaluation of forage grass growth on mine soil materials from an east-central Texas lignite site: 2. Soil profile horizons

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Premixes for sows and young pigs

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Premixes in diets based on distillery grains for finishing young cattle

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Premixes in vegetable diets for pigs

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Prenatal and perinatal calf losses in the German Black Pied and German Red Pied breeds. Relationships with maternal blood components (aspartate aminotransferase, cholesterol, inorganic phosphorus, urea, bilirubin, glucose) before calving

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Prenatal and postnatal determinants of suckling in albino rats

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Prenatal food restriction and subsequent weight gain in male rats

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Prenatal losses in indigenous, exotic and crossbred cattle

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Prenatal screening of pregnant women for infections caused by cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, herpesvirus, rubella, and Toxoplasma gondii

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Prenatal starvation and maternal blood pressure near delivery

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Prepackaging experiments with plums 1972-1974

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Preparation and application of Theileria annulata infected stabilate

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Preparation and biological activity of potential inhibitors of insect juvenile hormone biosynthesis

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Preparation and characterization of melamine sulfurous and sulfuric acid adducts

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Preparation and cultivation of plum soils

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Preparation and culture of mammary gland explants

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Preparation and experimental use of leghaemoglobin

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Preparation and fractionation of kappa -casein from buffalo's milk

Ruprich, J., 1983:
Preparation and identification of aflatoxin B2a under laboratory conditions

Soukup, J., 1982:
Preparation and properties of bark-peat substrates

Patel, P.R.; Youngs, C.G.; Grant, D.R., 1981:
Preparation and properties of spray-dried pea protein concentrate-cheese whey blends

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Preparation and study of composite insecticido-repellent aerosols

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Preparation and testing of a vitamin-mineral mixture with added sulphur for sheep with fine or semifine wool

Hornoiu, M.; Berbeci, C.; Vasilescu, E.; Rarinca, C., 1981:
Preparation and testing of mixed feeds for early-weaned lambs

Befring, E., 1982:
Preparation for personal development. Preparation for personal life and for life in society

Sing, E.L., 1982:
Preparation of Cottage cheese containing Streptococcus diacetilactis

Popov, G.; Martinov, S., 1983:
Preparation of a concentrated, purified vaccine against chlamydial abortion in ewes, and its testing in guinea pigs

Davis, L.L., 1982:
Preparation of a soft cream cheese product

Aliberti, L.C.; Calicchio, G., 1981:
Preparation of ammonium polyphosphate

Girshick, T.; Crary, C.K., 1982:
Preparation of an agar-gel-precipitating antigen for avian encephalomyelitis and its use in evaluating the antibody status of poultry

Moreau, F.; Romani, R., 1982:
Preparation of Avocado Mitochondria Using Self-Generated Percoll Density Gradients and Changes in Buoyant Density during Ripening

Hall, M.R.; Thoen, C.O., 1983:
Preparation of biologically active components of Mycobacterium bovis, using Triton X-100 or potassium chloride

Nakamura, M.; Yamazaki, I., 1982:
Preparation of bovine milk xanthine oxidase as a dehydrogenase form

Ferencz, G.; Vajda, B.; Sik, J.; Horvath, Z., 1982:
Preparation of bovine oncovirus antigen with polyethylene glycol

Lipinskii, F.B.; Zavatskii, M.Y., 1983:
Preparation of cabbage seed-plants for mechanical harvesting

Madzgarashvili, G.D., 1980:
Preparation of carbohydrate supplements for bees

Kurosu, H.; Goto, K.; Horiike, K., 1982:
Preparation of coloured WPC

Abdullah, M.; Arditti, J., 1983:
Preparation of hormone pastes for plantlet induction on Phalaenopsis flower stalks

Nielsen, P.E.H.; Dybkjaer, I.; Hansen, J.B., 1982:
Preparation of hydrogen-containing gases

O'brien, P.J.; Forsyth, G.W., 1983:
Preparation of Injectable Dantrolene for Emergency Treatment of Malignant Hyperthermia-like Syndromes

Putzka, H.A.; Bassler, R., 1982:
Preparation of methyl esters of fatty acids for studying feed fats by gas chromatography - official method of the Associations of German Agricultural Experiment Stations

Bohm, H.O., 1982:
Preparation of milk products from milk pasteurized because of aphthovirus contamination

Kaetzel, C.S.; Ray, D.B.; Kowal, J., 1982:
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against three major caseins and alpha-lactalbumin from rat milk

Kusonoki, M.; Ichitani, T., 1982:
Preparation of mycelium-free oospores of Pythium butleri by a freezing method

Radel, R.J.; Sullivan, J.M., 1983:
Preparation of nitrogen fertilizers from oxalate esters prepared by the oxidative carbonylation of alcohols over noble metal catalyst utilizing regenerable 2,5-Cyclohexadiene-1,4-Dione oxidants

Scotney, D.M.; Dekker, D.A., 1983:
Preparation of probe monoliths

Mullick, S.G.; Ramachandran, S.P., 1982:
Preparation of rinderpest precipitins using adjuvants

Schlatterer, B., 1983:
Preparation of samples for thin-layer chromatographic detection of anabolic substances in serum, bile, urine and faeces of calves and cattle

Brazhnikov, E.N., 1983:
Preparation of silage

Carpio Camarotti, C.; Acosta Romero, R.; Kalutskii, K.K.; Yershov, E.V., 1977:
Preparation of soil for forest plantations under the various conditions found in Cuba

Bachmann, M.R.; Arnold, J., 1982:
Preparation of straw-whey-silage for feeding ruminants

Mutuzkina, Z.P., 1982:
Preparation of transplantable cell cultures infected by Theileria annulata and their transformation upon culture

Kehagias, H.H. (Kehagias, C.H), 1982:
Preparation of yoghurt from refrigerated raw milk from sheep and cows