Protein sources with steam flaked corn diets for finishing steers

Zinn, R.A.; Owens, F.N.; Gill, D.R.

Animal Science Research Report, Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (MP-112): 211-213


Accession: 001114528

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Soya bean oilmeal (SBM), urea, casein or no additional protein supplements were given with steam-flaked maize to finishing steers (701 lb) for 139 days. Gain and feed conversion efficiency increased with added protein. Gains, ruminal ammonia and blood urea levels were low for steers not receiving supplemental protein. Protein was added to their ration on day 89. Refeeding protein to the deficient group for 49 days restored efficiency, but not rate of gain, equal to that of other steers. Gains and feed efficiency favoured urea over the SBM supplement by 11 and 3%, primarily due to greater feed intake of the urea supplemented diet. Steers given casein consumed less feed and had gains similar to those of steers given SBM. Efficiency of feed conversion was best for steers given casein, with apparent metabolizable energy being about 7% greater than for other diets.