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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lerouxel, J., 1981:
Pyrenean cheese. Industrial production using cow's milk

Montserrat, P.; Villar, L., 1982:
Pyrennean flora. Exsiccata ex Herbario Jaca

Ishaaya, I.; Casida, J.E., 1983:
Pyrethroid detoxification and synergism in insects

Gibson, R.W.; Pickett, J.A.; Dawson, G.W.; Rice, A.D.; Venables, C., 1983:
Pyrethroid insecticides and aphid repellents as means of controlling potato virus Y

Brown, T.M.; Bryson, K.; Payne, G.T., 1982:
Pyrethroid susceptibility in methyl parathion-resistant tobacco budworm in South Carolina

Shires, S.; Debray, P., 1982:
Pyrethroids and the bee problem

Dailey, F.A.; Kuo, T.; Warner, R.L., 1982:
Pyridine nucleotide specificity of barley nitrate reductase

Scaglione, D.; Vecchione, A., 1982:
Pyridoxine for the suppression of lactation - a clinical trial on 1592 cases

Das, S.; Barkakaty, B.N.; Roy, J.R.; Guha, A.K.; Rastogi, K.C.; Dwivedi, S.R.; Roy, R.G.; Pattanayak, S., 1981:
Pyrimethamine in combination with sulfadoxine or sulfalene in P. falciparum infected cases in India

Rastogi, K.C.; Sahu, H.; Dwivedi, S.R.; Achuthan, C.; Prasad, H.V.; Raman, G.; Roy, R.G.; Pattanayak, S., 1981:
Pyrimethamine in combination with sulfadoxine or sulfalene in vivax malaria in India

Chia Chung Cheng; Noell, C.W.; Beadle, B.W.; Skaptason, J.B., 1982:
Pyrimidines. 23. A structure-activity relationship study of 4-chloro-2, 6-(substituted amino) pyrimidines as pre- and postemergence herbicidal agents

Fain, A.; Rosa, A.E., 1982:
Pyroglyphid mites from nests of sparrows Passer domesticus L., 1758, in Brasil

Herklots, G.A.C., 1982:
Pyrolirion. Fire-lily

Nozawa, A.; Satonaka, S., 1982:
Pyrolysis products of a Japanese oak

Soderstrom, B.; Wold, S.; Blomquist, G., 1982:
Pyrolysis-gas chromatography combined with SIMCA pattern recognition for classification of fruit-bodies of some ectomycorrhizal Suillus species

Sowokinos, J.R.; Preiss, J., 1982:

Dawe, G.F.M., 1983:
Pyrrhalta viburni (Paykull) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in Liverpool and a note on native planting in cities

Asada, Y.; Furuya, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Osawa, Y., 1982:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Senecio cruentus

Brauchli, J.; Lüthy, J.; Zweifel, U.; Schlatter, C., 1982:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Symphytum officinale L. and their percutaneous absorption in rats

Luthy, J.; Zweifel, U.; Schmid, P.; Schlatter, C., 1983:
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in Petasites hybridus and P. albus

Marshall R.T.; Lee Y.H.; O'brien B.L.; Moats W.A., 1982:
Pyruvate as an indicator of quality in grading nonfat dry milk

Brendehaug, J.; Langsrud, T., 1982:
Pyruvate decarboxylation by propionibacteria

Marshall R.T.; O'brien B.L.; Lee Y.H.; Moats W.A., 1982:
Pyruvate in producer and commingled manufacturing grade milk

Behr, L.; Bottcher, I., 1983:
Pythium debaryanum Hesse and P. irregulare Buisman

Cook, R.J.; Haglund, W.A., 1982:
Pythium root rot: a barrier to yield of Pacific Northwest wheat

Harada, Y.; Tominaga, T.; Kemuriyama, A., 1982:
Pythium rot, a new disease of Chinese yam tubers in cold storage

Stephens, C.T.; Powell, C.C., 1982:
Pythium species causing damping-off of seedling bedding plants in Ohio greenhouses

Pystina, K.A., 1982:
Pythium vanterpoolii V. & H. Kouyeas, a new Pythium species for the USSR

Little, T.W.A., 1983:
Q fever - an enigma

Baca, O.G.; Paretsky, D., 1983:
Q fever and Coxiella burnetii: a model for host-parasite interactions

Blidaru, I.; Lamba, N.; Petrescu, C.; Drumea, C.; Ghica, M.; Mateescu, G.; Plesanu, M.; Purnichescu, M.; Pavel, A., 1982:
Q fever outbreak in a municipal abattoir (in Romania)

Bruins, B., 1982:
Q fever. A case report

Doerr, H.W.; Hoferer, E.; Leschhorn, V.; Nassal, J., 1981:
Q-fever. An infectious disease endemic in southern Germany

Iwamura, H.; Fujita, T., 1982:
QSAR studies in pesticide research in Japan

Barabe, P.; Touze, J.E.; Jeandel, P., 1982:
Qinghaosu and its derivatives

Young, F.L., 1981:
Quackgrass (Agropyron repens) interference in corn (Zea mays) and soybeans (Glycine max)

Schubert, O.E.; Alemazkoor, S., 1982:
Quackgrass control in purpleleaf wintercreeper

Dekker, J., 1981:
Quackgrass control in soybeans with several postemergence applied herbicides

Young, R.S., 1982:
Quackgrass control with fluazifop-butyl

Simkins, G.S.; Doll, J.D., 1981:
Quackgrass control with selective postemergence herbicides in soybeans

Georgevits, R.P., 1981:
Quadrastichodella eucalypti (Timberlake) (Hymenoptera, Eulophidae), an important seed-destroying pest of eucalyptus in southern Greece

Jackson, P.G.; Palmer, A.C., 1983:
Quadriplegia in young lambs

Shanker, U.; Verma, R.P., 1982:
Quail egg yolk as new semen preservative

Dobi, F., 1981:
Qualified personnel on farms

Collin, J.C.; Muset, G. de Retta; Martin, P., 1982:
Qualitative analysis of coagulating enzymes used in cheese manufacture

Picciarelli P.; Alpi, A., 1981:
Qualitative analysis of cytokinins in Vicia faba seeds

Catroux, G., 1982:
Qualitative and economic criteria for sewage sludge use in agriculture

Gherghi, A.; Panait, E.; Dobreanu, M.; Margineanu, L., 1983:
Qualitative and nutritional evaluation of several fruit and vegetable cultivars

Hifny, A.; Hassan, A.H.S.; Kamel, G.; E.K.rdawy, A., 1983:
Qualitative and quantitative cell type population in the pars distalis of the pituitary gland in the male goat around the year

de Rham, O.; Andrews, A.T., 1982:
Qualitative and quantitative determination of proteolysis in mastitic milks

Merat, P., 1982:
Qualitative aspects of poultry breeding

Gherghi, A.; Chiriac, S.; Cociu, V., 1983:
Qualitative assessment of plums grown in the Arges fruit growing region

Conn, P.M.; Cooper, R.; McNamara, C.; Rogers, D.C.; Schoenhardt, L., 1980:
Qualitative change in gonadotropin during normal aging in the rat

Martinez Viera, R., 1981:
Qualitative changes in cellulolytic microorganisms caused by s-triazines

Millim, K.; Gherghi, A.; Panait, E., 1982:
Qualitative changes in pears during cold storage

Gheorghiu, A.; Oprescu, S., 1982:
Qualitative characteristics of ewe milk in some sheep breeds in Romania

Bazan, E.; Michele, A.D., 1982:
Qualitative characteristics of pawpaw fruits grown under cover in Sicily

Hitrec, V., 1982:
Qualitative comparison of different arrangement of saw blades in regard to utilization of logs on the frame-saws

Sivtseva, L.V., 1982:
Qualitative composition and distribution of carotenoids and vitamin A in the organs and tissues of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri

Yurchuk, E.G., 1982:
Qualitative composition of the casing material and its effect on mushroom production

Polyanskii, Y.I., 1981:
Qualitative peculiarities of micro- and macro-evolutionary processes at the cellular level

Borsuk, O.P., 1979:
Qualitative position of natural populations of the Colorado beetle with varying levels of insecticide resistance

Sagi, M., 1982:
Qualitative research methods provide insight regarding social activities

Marble, V.L., 1982:
Quality alfalfa seed production in the west

Tjalma, F., 1982:
Quality analysis as the basis of a management plan for turf sports pitches

Oktay, E.; Keceli, N., 1981:
Quality and digestible nutrients of lucerne silages prepared by different methods

Podkowka, W.; Janicki, B., 1981:
Quality and feeding value of ensiled moist barley grain

Podkowka, W.; Janicki, B., 1981:
Quality and feeding value of maize grain silage

Franz, C.; Fritz, D.; Hartmann, G., 1982:
Quality and its evaluation in herbs

King, M.J., 1981 :
Quality and moisture stress parameters of annual ryegrass X tall fescue and tall fescue X giant fescue hybrids

Burelli, G.G., 1982:
Quality and oil content of early season Fuerte avocado originating from the Levubu region

Koci, E., 1982:
Quality and quantity of goose meat as influenced by age and sex

Niemann, H.; Sacher, B.; Schilling, E.; Smidt, D., 1982:
Quality and survival rate of rapidly frozen and thawed cattle embryos

Gonc, S., 1982:
Quality and technological properties of goats' milk from German Improved White, Maltese and cross bred F1 and G1 in the Aegean sea region and the effect of genotype and other factors on milk properties

Miyajima, H., 1980:
Quality and utilization of plantation-grown todo-fir wood. Report 1. Growth and wood quality of todo-fir grown in Eniwa district

Miyajima, H., 1981:
Quality and utilization of plantation-grown todo-fir wood. Report 2. Growth and wood quality of todo-fir grown in Atsuga district

Miyajima, H., 1982:
Quality and utilization of plantation-grown todo-fir wood. Report 3. Growth and wood quality of todo-fir grown in Shiraoi and Kami-Ashibetsu districts

Partridge, J.A.; Nilson, K.M., 1981:
Quality and yield of Mozzarella cheese manufactured from pasteurized milk in prolonged storage

Andersen, G.G.; Jensen, G.K.; Hansen, P.S., 1982:
Quality aspects in manufacturing milk powder from lactase-treated skimmilk

Eijnatten, C.L.M. van; Roos, R.W.F., 1982:
Quality assessment of Zambian cashew nuts

Lin, S.W., 1981:
Quality assessment of crude palm oil along processing line in the mill

Bodyfelt, F.W., 1983:
Quality assurance for ice cream manufacture

Friesen, M., 1982:
Quality assurance for mycotoxin analysis. Mycotoxin check sample programmes

Trobaugh, W.S., 1982:
Quality assurance through the preliminary incubation count

E.S.iaty, M.A.; E.S.erbiny, G.; Abdel Gawad, M.G.; Radwan, H.M., 1980:
Quality attributes of the local as well as some foreign varieties of spinach

Heiberg, N., 1982:
Quality characteristics in black currant cultivars

Knotek, S.; Zilakova, J., 1982:
Quality characteristics of grass silage preserved by formaldehyde and formic acid

Weipert, D., 1981:
Quality characteristics of rye varieties grown in the German Federal Republic

Anonymous, 1982:
Quality comparison of plastics cups for liquid milk products

Bewer, L.J., 1981:
Quality control -- particle size of potash materials in bulk blending -- producers point of view

Cheval, J.L., 1981:
Quality control in bulk blending -- blender's point of view

Anonymous, 1980:
Quality control in grain marketing. Efficiency in grain marketing. (2 articles)

Baum, J.D., 1981:
Quality control in human milk banking

Burdett, A.N., 1983:
Quality control in the production of forest planting stock

Peterson, P.E., 1981:
Quality control of N and P materials in bulk blending -- producers point of view

Shazhko, Z.A.; Dudnikov, A.I.; Smirnov, V.I.; Glushko, B.A.; Golovkin, V.V.; Prokhorova, V.A.; Okovytaya, M.A., 1980:
Quality control of emulsified vaccines against foot and mouth disease in swine

Anonymous, 1983:
Quality control of farmhouse dairy products

Muller, H.P., 1982:
Quality control of fruit bases for manufacture of fruit quarg

Wiese, W. von, 1982:
Quality control of industrially-produced infant feeding formulas

Laxminarayana, H.; Nambudripad, V.K.N., 1982:
Quality control of market milk and milk products

Sienkiewicz, T.; Schleusener, R., 1982:
Quality control of milk protein containing products using electrophoretically determined casein/whey protein ratio

Anonymous, 1982:
Quality control of raw materials for food products and manufactured finished products. Papers presented at the 3rd National Conference, Tatranska Lomnica, 30 Nov.-1 Dec. 1982

Cersovsky, H.; Sonntag, S.; Sachse, E., 1982:
Quality control of raw milk in GDR

Picasso, C., 1983:
Quality control of seed

Kind, H., 1982:
Quality evaluation of delivery milk

Budiwiyono, D.; Sabrani, M.; Lubis, D.; Setiyanto, H., 1980:
Quality evaluation of morning and afternoon milk at Pangalengan and Lembang

Melzer, E.W., 1982:
Quality evaluation of nursery stock

Allison, L.D.; Vough, L.R.; Hannaway, D.B., 1980:
Quality grades for alfalfa in Oregon

Siapantas, L., 1981:
Quality improvements in Feta cheese with the proper application of cultures and enzymes

Pertz, G., 1980:
Quality management in the Nicaraguan food industry

Gallmann, P.; Puhan, Z., 1983 :
Quality of Raclette cheeses made from pasteurized or raw milk

Renner, E., 1981:
Quality of UHT milk compared with pasteurized milk

Cherry, J.P.; Simmons, J.G.; Nelson, M.L.; Colwick, R.F.; Barker, G.L.; Wesley, R.A.; Williford, J.R., .:
Quality of artificially dried (forced heated air, microwaved, lyophilized) cottonseed from unopened bolls

Tapil' skii, I.A.; Petrishin, N.V.; Shuvaeva, G.P.; Fakhmi, M.A.A.; Buzikova, A.G., 1982:
Quality of butter made from milk of Simmental and Black Pied cows

Abdel Aziz, M.; Tapil' skii, I.A.; Petrushin, N.V.; Shubaeva, G.P.; Buzikova, A.G., 1983:
Quality of cheese from milk of cows of different breeds

Bakanov, V.N.; Men' kin, V.K.; Boev, V.A., 1981:
Quality of clover-timothy silage prepared using carbon dioxide gas

Cros, P.; Devillers, J.L., 1978:
Quality of coiled PVC drainpipes required with modern laying methods

Singh, A.; Singh, S.R.; Singh, S.P., 1980:
Quality of copra and its deterioration

Kochetova, L.I., 1982:
Quality of dried and condensed whey

Szaniel, I.; Palvolgyi, L.; Autran, J.C., 1981:
Quality of durum wheats at various sites

Bae, D.H.; Gilman, B.E.; Welch, J.G.; Palmer, R.H., 1983:
Quality of forage from Mascanthus sinensis

Grajewska, S.; Kortz, J.; Witkowska, A., 1981:
Quality of meat and backfat and some constituents of blood plasma in pigs given krill meal

Sabados, D.; Rajsic, B., 1982:
Quality of milk and milk products at the 1980 international dairy fair in Maribor

Bakanov, V.H.; Menkin, V.K., 1982:
Quality of milk and milk products dependent on the level of nitrates in cow's diet

Ballinger, W.E.; Nesbitt, W.B., 1982:
Quality of muscadine grapes after storage with sulfur dioxide generators

Varmola, M., 1980:
Quality of pine plantations assessed from visible tree characteristics

Dan, E.L.; Dan, E.; Lesqueves, E.C., 1979:
Quality of rice seed used in Espirito Santo

Butkovic, D., 1982:
Quality of sawing fir logs on frame saws

DeRamus, H.A.Jr, 1980:
Quality of selected forage legumes throughout the growing season in Arkansas

Lubbers, E.-Lawrence; Nickell, C.-D.B.rchett, L.A., 1980:
Quality of soybean seed in Kansas

Miller, W.R.; Davis, P.L.; Dow, A.; Bongers, A.J., 1983:
Quality of strawberries packed in different consumer units and stored under simulated air-freight shipping conditions

Savran, V.P.; Babkin, V.P.; Krugovoi, V.Y., 1982:
Quality of teatcup liners

Schulz, H., 1981:
Quality of the apple fruit and methods for its determination in and after storage

Lotstein, R.J.; Davis, D.D.; Pell, E.J., 1983:
Quality of tomatoes harvested from plants receiving chronic exposures to sulfur dioxide

Knabe, O,; Knabe, B., 1981:
Quality of various forage crops used as fresh forage

Peterson, C.L.; Thompson, J., 1982:
Quality of vegetable oil from a small-scale extraction plant

Pollhamer, E., 1981:
Quality of wheat as affected by lodging and the bulata

Lucia, R.M. della; Vital, B.R., 1981:
Quality of wood joints of three Eucalyptus species

Meyer Roux, J., 1982:
Quality of yield forecasts for summer wheat and winter barley in France

Koyama, J., 1982:
Quality problems in the mass-rearing for the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett

Rognerud, B.; Tronstad, T.; Enge, R.; Ronsen, K., 1980:
Quality production of the potato variety Mandelpotet

Scheuerer, F., 1982 :
Quality safeguards of milk desserts and cultured milk products

Dixon, A., 1981:
Quality tests of milk

Pedersen, J.F.; Haskins, F.A.; Gorz, H.J., 1983:
Quality traits in forage sorghum harvested at early head emergence and at physiological maturity

Geng, S.; Campbell, R.N.; Carter, M.; Hills, F.J., 1983:
Quality-control programs for seedborne pathogens

Allam, S.M.; Rohr, K.; Brandt, M.; Lebzien, P., 1982:
Quantification of N-metabolism in the forestomachs of dairy cows. 3. Diaminopimelic acid and 15N as markers for microbial nitrogen in duodenal digesta

Lehle, F.R.; Putnam, A.R., 1982:
Quantification of allelopathic potential of sorghum residues by novel indexing of richards' function fitted to cumulative cress seed germination curves

Eskenazy, M.; Jankulova, M.; Bakardjieva, N.; Bachvarova, R.; Chavdarov, I., 1983:
Quantification of carnation mottle virus (CarMV) by ELISA

Weber, H., 1979:
Quantification of environmental load: depletion of floral diversity in the Osnabruck rural district (Lower Saxony)

Foley, J.; Cooney, C.M., 1982:
Quantification of factors influencing the firmness of butter

Fluge, G.; Aksnes, L., 1983:
Quantification of immunoglobulins after organ culture of human duodenal mucosa

McNeil, D.L., 1981:
Quantification of symbiotic nitrogen fixation using ureides: a review

Shiba, M.; Yamoto, T.; Sasaki, I., 1982:
Quantification of terrain variation in mountainous regions based upon numerical map analysis by means of electronic computer (II)

Yamamoto, T.; Saito, K.; Shiba, M.; Sasaki, I., 1981:
Quantification of terrain variation in mountainous regions, based upon numerical map analysis by means of electronic computer

Freytag, H.E., 1983:
Quantification of the C-N-transformation in soil

Garner, D.L.; Gledhill, B.L.; Pinkel, D.; Lake, S.; Stephenson, D.; Van Dilla, M.A.; Johnson, L.A., 1983:
Quantification of the X- and Y-chromosome-bearing spermatozoa of domestic animals by flow cytometry

Sarsotti, P.V.; Zicre, M.A., 1982:
Quantification of the fungal flora in biological materials of variable water content

Felix Henningsen, P.; Kohl, A.; Zakosek, H., 1983:
Quantification of the leaching of calcium ions from Holocene soils

Kormanik, P.P.; McGraw, A.C., 1982:
Quantification of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in plant roots

Koski, V., 1982:
Quantified standards for regional clonal seed orchards

Rennie, R.J., 1982:
Quantifying dinitrogen (N2) fixation in soybeans by 15N isotope dilution: the question of the nonfixing control plant

Inglesfield, C., 1980:
Quantifying population densities in tephritid fruit flies

Dankers, N., 1982:
Quantifying the loss of functions of a natural area as a means of impact assessment for reclamation projects

Prestamburgo, M., 1982:
Quantifying the social cost of taking farm land for development

Pyles R.A.; Woolson E.A., 1982:
Quantitation and characterization of arsenic compounds in vegetables grown in arsenic acid treated soil

Czarnecki, C.M.; Bautch, M.P.; Fletcher, T.F., 1983:
Quantitation of cardiac gross morphology during the development of FZ-induced cardiomyopathy in turkey poults

Rikin, A.; Atsmon, D.; Gitler, C., 1983:
Quantitation of Chill-Induced Release of a Tubulin-Like Factor and Its Prevention by Abscisic Acid in Gossypium hirsutum L

McLeod, R.; Remington, J.S., 1981:
Quantitation of destruction of Toxoplasma

Mendes, C.M.; Carvalho, S.A.; Amato Neto, V.; Novo, N.F.; Juliano, Y.; Mendes, E., 1982:
Quantitation of immunoglobulins in patients with schistosomiasis mansoni under chemotherapy

Hall, G.A.; Parsons, K.R.; Batt, R.M.; Bunch, K.J., 1983:
Quantitation of small intestinal structure and function in unthrifty piglets

Carter, E.G., 1982:
Quantitation of urinary niacin metabolites by reversed-phase liquid chromatography

Martin, P.; Collin, J.C.; Garnot, P.; Ribadeau Dumas, B.; Mocquot, G., 1982:
Quantitative analysis of 'extract of rennet and bovine pepsin' and determination of the content of active enzymes

Knox, M.J.; Clark, W.D.; Link, S.O., 1983:
Quantitative analysis of beta -phenethylamines in two Mammillaria species (Cactaceae)

E.W.kil, M.; Blakeny, E., 1980:
Quantitative analysis of free amino acids in either leafy gall induced by Corynebacterium fascians or its tissue culture

McMurrough, I.; Hennigan, G.P.; Loughrey, M.J., 1982:
Quantitative analysis of hop flavonols using high-performance liquid chromatography

Yu, W.H.; Chiang, S.L.; Ong, T.C., 1982:
Quantitative analysis of minor mineral elements in roughages with regard to the requirements of dairy cattle. I. Minor mineral analysis of forage crops and farm byproducts

Djurbabic, B.; Vidakovic, M.; Kolbah, D.; Borzan, Z., 1977:
Quantitative analysis of soluble proteins extracted from the pollen of some incompatible pine species

Gebremedhin, K.G.; Porter, W.P.; Cramer, C.O., 1983:
Quantitative analysis of the heat exchange through the fur layer of Holstein calves

Garifullin, F.S.; Ashimov, E.G., 1980:
Quantitative analysis of variations in the moisture regime, nitrate nitrogen and labile phosphorus contents in chernozems and grey forest soils of the Bashkir Cis-Ural region in relation to cropping

Kohl, W.; Witte, B.; Höfle, G., 1983:
Quantitative and qualitative HPLC-analysis of indole alkaloids from Catharanthus roseus cell cultures.

Woller, J., 1982:
Quantitative and qualitative effects of feeding protected fat

Machacek, P.; Pevny, J.; Lindovsky, R., 1982:
Quantitative and qualitative production of wool in a flock of Improved Sumava sheep

Terce Laforgue, T.; Pernollet, J.C., 1982:
Quantitative and qualitative study of gliadin accumulation during development of the caryopsis of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Castellanas Ruelas, A.; Valencia Zarazua, M., 1982:
Quantitative and qualitative study of milk production of the Pelibuey sheep

Rao, R.; Grillo, S., 1983:
Quantitative and qualitative variations in protein fractions of pea mutants

Bhagwan Singh, 1982:
Quantitative and quality evaluation of some Vigna and Phaseolus species

Koleshev, V., 1981:
Quantitative and species composition of weed seeds in transplant-producing areas and in the manurial cover

Caballero, J.M.; Alvarez, E., 1980:
Quantitative aspects of the agrarian reform, 1969-1979

Diestel, H., 1979:
Quantitative aspects of the estimation of the water available to plants in tropical soils. A case study

Mowlah, G.; Itoo, S., 1982:
Quantitative changes in guava polyphenols and the polyphenoloxidase (PPO) at different stages of maturation, ripening and storage

Fiala, V.; Jolivet, E., 1982:
Quantitative changes in nitrogen compounds and carbohydrates in male and female asparagus roots during the first year of growth

Lazar, V.; Hlozankova, E., 1982:
Quantitative changes in the ovaries and some endocrine glands of geese during posthatching development

Hlozankova, E.; Lazar, V., 1982:
Quantitative changes in the testes and some endocrine glands in ganders during postnatal development

Chinzei, Y., 1983:
Quantitative changes of vitellogenin and vitellin in adult female ticks, Onithodoros moubata, during vitellogenesis

Klepper B.; Rickman R.W.; Peterson C.M., 1982:
Quantitative characterization of vegetative development in small cereal grains

Fischer, K.; Otto, H.; Pollmer, C., 1981:
Quantitative description of saw timber, saw log and sawn timber assortments

Faisal, M.; Ahne, W., 1983:
Quantitative detection of spring viraemia of carp virus (SVCV) antigens by means of immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase techniques

Mills, A., 1982:
Quantitative determination of H2 and O2 in water

Khayat, A.; Redenz, P.K.; Gorman, L.E., 1982:
Quantitative determination of amino acids in food by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Ip, Y.K.; Fisher, F.M., 1982:
Quantitative determination of inositol in Hymenolepis diminuta (Cestoda)

Wenzel, A.; Schweisfurth, R., 1979:
Quantitative determination of iron-precipitating bacteria from soil and water with the use of different Fe(II)- and Fe(III)- complexes in the medium

Kacherauskene, G.; Margelyte, J., 1982:
Quantitative determination of lactulose in baby milk products

Yee, H.Y., 1982:
Quantitative determination of lecithin and sphingomyelin in amniotic fluid

Dahms, A., 1982:
Quantitative determination of pentachlorophenol in oil-solvent preservatives: formation of PCP-derivatives for use in gas chromatography

Ohta, A., 1983:
Quantitative determination of soluble sugars and cyclitols in Pinus densiflora seedlings

Syvaoja, E.L., 1982:
Quantitative determination of tocopherols and tocotrienols in milk products by high performance liquid chromatography

Babash, T.A.; Shemeryankina, M.I., 1983:
Quantitative determination of total aralosides in Aralia mandshurica roots

Kabanov, V.S.; Gromakova, A.I.; Perel' son, M.E., 1982:
Quantitative determination of visnadin and dihydrosamidin in Phlojodicarpus sibiricus roots by gas chromatography

Bronshtein, A.M.; Kotova, E.A., 1983:
Quantitative diagnosis of opisthorchiasis and some other human helminthiases by a modified Kato technique

Schmider, F.; Ottow, J.C.G., 1982:
Quantitative differentiation of the denitrifying flora in differently polluted habitats (ponds, soils and waste water)

Kilbertus, G.; Schwartz, R.; Alberti, G., 1982:
Quantitative distribution of microorganisms in forest soils (oak, pine). Microbial activity index

Yoshimura, Y.; Kishi, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Inoue, G., 1982:
Quantitative effects of nitrogen and energy intakes on body composition of adult rats

Yoshimura, Y.; Kishi, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Inoue, G., 1982:
Quantitative effects of nitrogen and energy intakes on body weight and nitrogen retention in adult rats

Vyshemirsky, F.A.; Krasulya, N.G., 1982:
Quantitative effects of non-fat components on butter properties

Banerjee, M. de M.; Sharma, A.K., 1982:
Quantitative estimation of diosgenin in different populations of Costus speciosus

Khramov, V.A.; Pavlovskaya, M.M., 1983:
Quantitative estimation of magnesium in plant material using the diagnostic kit 'Biotest'

Wittig, H.; Faulhaber, E., 1982:
Quantitative estimation of toxic elements in microbiologically produced protein feeds. 2. Estimation of traces of lead and cadmium by atomic absorption spectrometry after extraction

Dragavtsev, V.A.; Pogozhev, I.B.; Sokolova, T.A., 1981:
Quantitative evaluation of genotypic plant characters taking into account the distribition of ecological deviations in the phenotypes

Ghio, C., 1982:
Quantitative evaluation of the aesthetic value of trees

Nersesyan, P.M., 1982:
Quantitative evaluation of transgression in tobacco hybrids

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Quantitative evaluation of water adsorption on soil clays

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Quantitative expression of the development of the number of flower buds and berries from budburst to harvest in two grapevine cultivars, Grenache and Carignan

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Quantitative gas chromatographic analysis of free fatty acids in butter

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Quantitative genetic engineering of more efficient animal production

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Quantitative genetic response to environmental heterogeneity in Tribolium confusum

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Quantitative genetic studies relating to the domestication of meadowfoam (Limnanthes spp.) as a new oil crop

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Quantitative growth analysis of four maize varieties grown at three plant densities, using fitted mathematical functions

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Quantitative growth relationships of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz): crop development in a savanna wet season

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Quantitative histologic effects on mouse thymus of controlled dietary restriction

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Quantitative image analysis

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Quantitative incidence of tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura (F.) and related natural enemies in cole crops

Bender, A.P.; Dorn, C.R.; Schneider, R., 1983:
Quantitative index for diagnostic surveillance of neoplasms in dogs

Berg, C.C.; Hill, R.R.J., 1983:
Quantitative inheritance and correlations among forage yield and quality components in timothy

Moynihan, E.P.; Mahon, G.A.T., 1983:
Quantitative karyotype analysis in the mussel Mytilus edulis L

Grand, L.F.; Harvey, A.E., 1982:
Quantitative measurement of ectomycorrhizae on plant roots

Andersson, L., 1982:
Quantitative measurements of ketone bodies in blood and milk as indicators of subclinical ketosis

Magoja, J.L.; Palacios, I.G., 1983:
Quantitative morphological differences between Tripsacum dactyloides and its F1 hybrids with maize

Peterson, L.A.; Smith, D.; Krueger, A., 1983:
Quantitative recovery by alfalfa with time of K placed at different soil depths for two soil types

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Quantitative recovery of isolated mucosal mast cells and globule leucocytes from parasitised sheep

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Quantitative relationship between ingested blood and follicular growth in the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans

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Quantitative relationships between leaf and panicle blast and their effect on grain filling and grain weight in upland rice

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Quantitative samples of macrofauna living on the soil surface at subalpine, alpine and subnival sites in the area of Grossglockner (Hohe Tauern, Austria)

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Quantitative selection -- statistical adequacy under different field reproducibility

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Quantitative separation of ether-soluble acidic and neutral materials

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Quantitative serological reactions in Chagas' disease: clinico-laboratory correlation in 100 patients

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Quantitative structure-activity relationships in organophosphorus insecticides-acethion analogues

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Quantitative structure-activity relationships of pyrethroids

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Quantitative studies by means of radioisotopes on food ingestion and feeding activity of Xiphinema diversicaudatum (Mikoletzsky) Thorne

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Quantitative studies of the pig thymus

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Quantitative studies on the thinning effect (II) Analyses of experimentally thinned plots utilizing a Beta-type Y-N curve

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Quantitative studies with plant membranes. I. Auxin-membrane interactions: calcium release. II. Endoplasmic reticulum biogenesis in seed germination: an electron microscopy study

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Quantitative variation in protein fractions of pea mutants

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Quantitative variation of centromeric heterochromatin in the water buffalo, Bubalus bubalis L

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Quantitative variations in distribution of Pityrosporum orbiculare on clinically normal skin

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Quantitative variations in nitrogen compounds and carbohydrates in male and female asparagus roots during the first year of cultivation

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Quantity and productivity of the assimilatory tissue of Weymouth pine in relation to stemwood production

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Quantity and purity of peach, pear and apple pollen loads collected by honeybees

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Quantity and quality of chyme passing through the duodenum of sheep. 1. The amount of protein and source of nitrogen in the diet

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Quantity and rate of water application for drip irrigated tomatoes

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Quantity control in the volumetric metering of granular materials

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Quantity of RUBP-carboxylase in three cultivars of alfalfa stressed by O3

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Quantity-intensity relationships of cadmium, zinc and nickel in soils of different composition

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Quantum flux density studies of chrysanthemum in a controlled environment with high-pressure sodium lamps. I. Rooting studies

Stefanis, J.P.; Langhans, R.W., 1982:
Quantum flux density studies of chrysanthemum in a controlled environment with high-pressure sodium lamps. II. Long day and short day studies

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Quaranfil virus in infected Argas (Persicargas) arboreus salivary glands

Boldt, P.E., 1982:
Quarantine facility for exotic phytophagous insects

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Quarantine problems concerning virus and virus-like diseases, with particular reference to herbaceous plants

Lovisolo, O., 1983 :
Quarantine problems concerning virus and virus-like diseases, with special reference to herbaceous plants

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Quarantine services offered by the Plant Protection Research Institute in connection with biological control of eldana borer

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Quarg and other fresh cheeses. Yield and profitability in quarg production

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Quarg yield in the ultrafiltration procedure

Anonymous, 1981:
Quarterly Statistics

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Quaternary ammonium toxicosis in cats

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Quaternary climato-ecological cycles and soil evolution

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Quaternary stratigraphy and interpretation of soil data from the Auburn, Oroville, and Sonora areas along the foothills fault system, western Sierra Nevada, California

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Quatipuru: agriculturists, fishermen and gatherers in an Amazonian village

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Quebrachitol synthesis in Hevea brasiliensis

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Queen and worker separator

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Queen cells and queen bees in Apis dorsata F

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Queen of the Carolinas (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Danainae: Danaus gilippus)

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Queen pheromone transfer within honeybee colonies

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Queensland native plants worthy of cultivation

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Quercus cerris in the forest-steppe conditions of the Ukraine

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Quercus seeds as a source of poultry feeding stuff

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Query: Sire evaluation with Best Linear Unbiased Predictors

Romer, T.R., 1983:
Question about vomitoxin remain unanswered

Griffin, D.M., 1982:
Questioning the relevance of graduate studies in forestry

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Quick method for pond water testing on the spot

Pasha, M.K.; Das, R.K., 1982:
Quick viability test of soybean seeds by using tetrazolium chloride

Tullander, V., 1982:
Quicklime treatment of sludge

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Quinacrine skin discoloration is associated with fluorescence of 'Y' chromosome in male cells and malarial parasites in malaria

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Quinine and quinidine: a comparison of EKG effects during the treatment of malaria

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Quinine by intravenous infusion for falciparum malaria

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Quinine loading dose in cerebral malaria

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Quinine sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum in Phra Phutthabat Hospital. A retrospective study

Duriyananda, D.; Noeypatimanond, S., 1982:
Quinine-resistant falciparum malaria: case report

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Quinone inhibition of sex pheromone activity in the ticks Dermacentor andersoni Stiles and Dermacentor variabilis (Say)

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R & D at the CFTRI. The first three decades 1951-1980

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R gene and polygenic control of resistance to Phytophthora

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R&D to plant production - ultrafiltration technology in practical cheesemaking

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R-33 865: a novel concept for extended weed control by thiolcarbamate herbicides

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R-40 244, a new herbicide for weed control in potatoes, sunflowers and winter wheat

Schifman, R.B.; Rivers, S.L.; Finley, P.R.; Thies, C., 1982:
RBC zinc protoporphyrin to screen blood donors for iron deficiency anemia

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RNA depolymerase in Entamoeba histolytica: soluble vs ribosomal

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RNA synthesis and poly(adenosine diphosphoribosyl) synthetase activity in developing mouse testis

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RNA synthesis by isolated chromatin and by related RNA-polymerases during plant adaptation to drought

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RNA synthesis during pollen embryogenesis in Hyoscyamus niger

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RNA synthesis in the mammary glands of cows and goats during the reproductive cycle

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RNA, DNA and protein in isolated enterocytes and mucosae from different parts of the intestine of calves

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RNO-type tanks for cooling milk

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RP 35972 (Oltipraz) and oxamniquine (Vansil): tolerance and efficacy against Schistosoma intercalatum in Gabon

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RRB: an evaluation

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RST 20024 H -- a new herbicide for control of grasses and broadleaved weeds in field crops

Baltruschat, H.; Bellut, H., 1982:
RST 20024 H, a herbicide of the chloracetamide group for control of grasses and broadleaved weeds in field crops

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Rabbit Test Station 1981. Progeny tests. Feeding experiments

Lebas, F.; Matheron, G., 1982:

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Rabies in Alaskan reindeer

Anonymous, 1982:
Rabies in Europe, 1st and 2nd quarter 1982

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Rabies in Europe, 1st quarter 1983

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Rabies in Europe, 3rd Quarter 1982

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Rabies in Europe, 4th quarter 1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Rabies in Hong Kong

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Rabies in a horse

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Rabies in dogs in Rwanda. Its lessons for the prevention of fox rabies in France

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Rabies in wildlife

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Rabies vaccine prepared with 5% nerve tissue from lambs, inactivated by heat and sodium thiomersal

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Raccoons are not susceptible to canine parvovirus

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Race 3 sunflower downy mildew: distribution and sources of resistance

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Race analysis, genetics of resistance and resistance breeding of wheat in Czechoslovakia

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Race Comparisons of Heterodera glycines Using Crossed Immunoelectrophoresis

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Race composition of Phytophthora infestans (Mont) D'By on potato and tomato

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Race determinations and virulence pattern in downy mildew of lettuce as a basis for the selection of resistant lettuce varieties

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Race diversity of wheat brown leaf rust in 1979-1980

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Race dynamics of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici in the USA from 1973 to 1980

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Race identification of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense attacking Cavendish bananas in Central Taiwan

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Race pattern of wheat rusts in Manipur

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Races of Cladosporium fulvum Cke. (Fulvia fulva) and genes for resistance in the tomato (Lycopersicon Mill.)

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Races of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici in the United States and Mexico in 1981

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Races of downy mildew

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Races of maize. VI. Isozyme variation among races of maize in Bolivia

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Races of mint rust (Puccinia menthae Pers.) on cultivated peppermint and other hosts in New Zealand

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Races of teosinte show differential crossability with maize when maize is used as the female parent

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Racket sports: the future

Harnett, R.S., 1981:
Racking strength of plywood sheathed walls. COFI testing to draft British Standard

Tsuha, W.K.; McConnell, A.M.; Witt, P.A., 1982:
Radar ground speed measurement for agricultural vehicles

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Radar imagery for forest cover mapping

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Radar measurement of ice thickness on ice roads and landings

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Radar precipitation estimates for a soil water balance

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Radar reflection by trees

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Radar tracks insect migrations

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Radial ammonia converters

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Radial growth of Scots pine and soil conditions at some camping sites in southern Finland

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Radial immunodiffusion test for titrating viral antigen prepared from equine infectious anaemia virus

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Radial increment of high-yield Scots pine stands in the Poles'e region of the Ukraine

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Radiant mulch: the answer to greenhouse heating

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Radiant tube heating in glass-house horticulture

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Radiation and plant response: a new view

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Radiation climate of northern forest stands

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Radiation disinfestation of California stone fruits infested by medfly -- effectiveness and fruit quality

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Radiation effects on wheat and naked barley seeds

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Radiation flux and formation of yield components and yield of spring wheat under artificial climatic conditions

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Radiation genetic studies in garden pea 11. Agronomic performance and correlations

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Radiation gradients of partitions in farrowing houses

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Radiation induced cytological abnormalities in (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

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Radiation induced reciprocal translocations and inversions in Anopheles albimanus

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Radiation mutagenesis in spring wheat varieties in Kazakhstan

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Radiation-induced mammary carcinogenesis in virgin, pregnant, lactating, and postlactating rats

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Radiation-sensitive mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans

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Radiative transfer in an array of canopies

Talo, J., 1982:
Radical improvement of grassland areas for pasture

Cepeda, L.E., 1982:
Radio ECCA: a distance learning system in the Canary Islands

Anonymous, 1982:
Radio Occidente -- a communications exercise to help in education of the people

Nyirenda, J.E.; Chilongo, G.J.N.; Kanufwa, F.D.; Muransa, D., 1982:
Radio broadcasting for rural development in Zambia; Adult education in aid of agricultural development; Contribution of women's clubs to rural development in Ndola rural east; Training for the marginal -- a critique of literacy campaigns in Zambia

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Radio correspondence education in Kenya

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Radio detector and peg technique for locating sampling sites in the field

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Radio listening clubs: the pros and cons

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Radio wave probe for in situ water content measurement of peat

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Radio-calcium uptake by 'Spartan' and 'Delicious' apple as influenced by rootstock and BA + GA3 to activate growth of lateral buds

Eichler, H., 1979:
Radio-frequency seasoning of wood

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Radioactive contamination of milk in Poland from 1975 to 1979

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Radioactive measurement of brown mite injury on avocados

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Radioactivity of foods in 1981

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Radioautography applied to lymphoid leukosis of cattle

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Radiocolloid scintigraphy as an aid to the diagnosis of congenital portacaval anomalies in the dog

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Radiocytogenetical studies in some cucurbits: induced gametic sterility in Citrullus

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Radiogallium scan in P. carinii pneumonia

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Radiographic and arthroscopic findings in the equine stifle

Adams, W.M.; DiBartola, S.P., 1983:
Radiographic and clinical features of pelvic bladder in the dog

Raw, M.E.; Gibbs, C., 1982:
Radiographic assessment of gestational stage in the ewe

Dik, K.J., 1983:
Radiographic diagnosis of spavin

Delaquerriere-Richardson, L.; Anderson, C.; Jorch, U.M.; Cook, M., 1982:
Radiographic morphometry and radiographic photodensitometry of the femur in the Beagle at 13 and 21 months

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Radiographic observations on the arterial supply to thoracic limb from knee downwards in Surti buffalo

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Radiographic patterns of opportunistic lung infections and Kaposi sarcoma in homosexual men

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Radiographic studies on bone in beagles subjected to low levels of dietary lead since birth

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Radiographic studies on ossification in the Thoroughbred. 2. Closure process in the distal epiphyseal lines of the radius, and the 3rd metacarpal bone and the proximal epiphyseal line of the proximal phalanx, and an assessment system for bone maturity

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Radiography in the study and diagnosis of enzootic bronchopneumonia of swine

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Radiography of the skull of dogs. I. Radiographic technique. II. Examples

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Radioimmunoassay and in-vitro bioassay of serum LH throughout the equine oestrous cycle

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Radioimmunoassay for 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol

Schilow, W.F., 1982:
Radioimmunoassay for detecting aphthovirus-specific antibodies in serum of experimentally infected animals

Krishnan, G., 1983 :
Radioimmunoassay for human prothrombin

Gutkowska, J.; Julesz, J.; St-Louis, J.; Genest, J., 1982:
Radioimmunoassay of corticotropin from plasma

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Radioimmunoassay of hexoestrol residues in faeces, tissues and body fluids of bulls and steers

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Radioimmunoassay of staphylococcal enterotoxin C

Hobe, G.; Frankenberg, G.; Wagner, H.; Wesemann, R.; Wehrberger, K.; Reddersen, G.; Blodow, G.; Tamm, I.; Kaiser, H.; Wachter, U., 1982:
Radioimmunoassay of the boar pheromone delta-16 androstenone in blood plasma from boars, sows and castrated pigs. Relationship to pheromone concentrations in adipose tissue

Duchatel, J.P.; Evrard, P.; Maghuin Rogister, G., 1982:
Radioimmunoassay of trenbolone in the plasma and muscles of young bulls implanted with a combination of trenbolone acetate and 17 beta -oestradiol (Torelor)

Dessaint, J.P.; Capron, A., 1982:
Radioimmunoassays and related procedures in seroepidemiology and diagnosis of parasitic diseases

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Radioimmunological determination of ethinyloestradiol in plasma, urine and faeces of calves

Bernasconi, G.; Pinotti, G.; Gullotta, R.; Chelazzi, G.; Fachinetti, A.; Giuliani, F., 1980:
Radioimmunological estimation of folates in the blood in chronic alcoholics with Laennec's cirrhosis of the liver

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Radioimmunological method for determination of sex hormone concentration in colostrum of puerperae

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Radioisotope studies to determine the distribution of repellent (deet) and toxicant residues from treated cloth

Klein, R.A., 1982:
Radioisotopes as probes for investigating the metabolism and biology of trypanosomes at a molecular level

MacLean, J.M., 1982:
Radioisotopic techniques in the study of in vivo parasite metabolism

Hayunga, Eg, 1982:
Radiolabelling of surface antigens on adult schistosomes

Ackerman, N.; Spencer, C.P., 1982:
Radiologic aspects of mycotic diseases

Wood, A.K.; Kidder, D.E., 1982:
Radiologic observations of gastric mixing and emptying of food in growing pigs

Lindeken, C.L., 1980:
Radiological considerations of phosphogypsum utilization in agriculture

Rousseau, J.P.; Titchen, D.A.; Wood, A.K.W., 1982:
Radiological observations of gastric and caudal thoracic oesophageal movements in sheep during regurgitation of rumination

Grokhol' skii, A.; Evdokimov, P.; Klimentov, A.; Sidorenko, V.; Botanin, S.; Nazarov, V., 1983:
Radiolysed wood in diets for broilers

Paeglitis, D.O.; Zoldners, Y.A., 1982:
Radiolysis of polystyrene grafted to a wood surface

Herzog, F., 1982:
Radiometric measurements of biomass gains in vegetables grown in the field

Kolb, H.; Gruber, R., 1981:
Radiometric method for timber grading 2. Principles of application

Chen, M.F.; McIntyre, P.A., 1981:
Radiometric microbiologic assays for the measurement of vitamin B12, folate, and niacin in human blood and food

Arreaza, N.; Puigbó, J.J.; Acquatella, H.; Casal, H.; Giordano, H.; Valecillos, R.; Mendoza, I.; Pérez, J.F.; Hirschhaut, E.; Combellas, I., 1983:
Radionuclide evaluation of left-ventricular function in chronic Chagas' cardiomyopathy

Markham, OD.; Halford, DK., 1982:
Radionuclides in mourning doves near a nuclear facility complex in southeastern Idaho

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Radiorespirometry studies as an indication of soil microbial activity in relation to the root system in sugarcane and comparison with other species

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Radiosensitivity and induced variation in mutants of spring wheat

Egiazaryan, D.S., 1981:
Radiosensitivity and mutability of French bean varieties of different breeding origin

Shakaryan, V.A.; Avakyan, A.V.; Akopyan, A.Z., 1980:
Radiosensitivity and mutability of induced mutants of bread wheat

Chernyi, I.V.; Bome, N.A.; Chernaya, M.A., 1980 :
Radiosensitivity and mutability of intervarietal hybrids of spring wheat

Mazanishvili, R.A.; Gorgidze, A.D., 1980:
Radiosensitivity of Dika wheat and the biological significance of ionization

Kraevoi, S.Y.; Okhrimenko, G.N., 1980:
Radiosensitivity of different winter wheat varieties and their hybrids during embryonic development

Griganova, N.V., 1981:
Radiosensitivity of some non-sporeforming bacteria (Listeria, Escherichia, Staphylococcus, Erysipelothrix)

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Radiosterilization of male and female Sitophilus oryzae (L.)

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Railway freight traffic in agricultural commodities -- a study

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Rainfall simulators for studying soil-water relationships under rainfed agriculture in the tropics

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Rainfall-runoff characteristics for a mountainous watershed in the northeast United States

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Rainfed rice

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Rainy season cropping on deep vertisols in the semi-arid tropics -- effects on hydrology and soil erosion

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Raise mustard crop from potato fields

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Raised decks and crates over gravity drains

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Raising broilers separately by sex in a vertically integrated broiler firm

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Raising efficiency in dairy farming and processing

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Raising petunias. Recommended dates and temperatures

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Raising the onstream factor of 1,000 T.P.D. ammonia installation

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Raising the stability of farm production

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Rajendra Shakarkand-5, a new sweet potato

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Rajma in Jammu as a rabi crop

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Ramrod residues in soil and fodder swedes

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Rancidity: an increasingly common milk flavor problem

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Random mathematical model and simulation of growth and structure of the robusta coffee tree. 4. Programming of a three-dimensional drawing of a tree on a micro-computer. Application to the coffee tree

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Random or composite milk sampling for estimating fat content of milk supplies?

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Randomness of the processes and energy transfer during impact grinding

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Range of fungal antigens in the atmosphere of Tours

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Range of methods to estimate the digestibility and energy value of forage

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Rangeland grasshoppers: average longevity and daily rate of mortality among six species in nature

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Rank and salary of federally employed agricultural economists

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Rank method for the botanical composition of dehesa pastures

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Ranking of sire proofs for female fertility of dairy cattle using different traits, models and data sets

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Ranking of villages and main activities

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Ranunculus as pot plants

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Rape crop needs minimal amount of seedbed preparation

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Rape cultivation

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Rape honey from the sour cherry area and from the Mazurian region

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Rape: the terminal-bud weevil

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Rapeseed meal as a protein source for growing pigs

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Rapeseed meal as a protein source for high-production dairy cows on grass silage- and hay-based feeding

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Rapeseed meal as a protein supplement for dairy cows - results from feeding experiments in Sweden

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Rapeseed meal in feeds for chickens

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Rapeseed oil versus coconut oil as a source of fat for lamb milk replacers

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Rapeseed response to seeding rate, row spacing, and nitrogen application

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Raphanobrassica in retrospect and prospect

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Rapid ELISA for Aujeszky's disease eradication

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Rapid changes in glycosylated hemoglobin induced by hemodialysis

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Rapid Changes in the Pattern of Electric Current around the Root Tip of Lepidium sativum L. following Gravistimulation

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Rapid detection of Pythium zingiberum by vegetative hyphal body (VHB) on selective isolation medium

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Rapid detection of coliforms in milk

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Rapid detection of infectious bursal disease antibodies by counterimmunoelectrophoresis

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Rapid determination of cold insoluble globulin by laser nephelometry. Application in patients receiving preoperative total parenteral nutrition

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Rapid determination of fat, nitrogen and dry matter in milk products using the InfraAlyzer (R) . Experience with fruit quarg

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Rapid determination of hydrogen peroxide in milk by use of sensitive oxygen electrode

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Rapid determination of nitrate in plant tissues using a needle-shaped ion selective electrode

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Rapid determination of the potassium quantity-intensity relationships using a potassium-selective ion electrode

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Rapid determination of the viability of Cysticercus cellulosae

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Rapid determination of water absorption of fibreboard

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Rapid determination of wood fuel moisture content using a microwave oven for drying

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Rapid diagnosis of rotavirus by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in an outbreak of neonatal diarrhea in dairy calves

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Rapid diagnostic tests for hypogammaglobulinaemia in the newborn calf: comparison and developments

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Rapid diffusion test for detection of inhibitory substances in milk

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Rapid enzymatic assay of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber

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Rapid enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for Aspergillus fumigatus antibodies

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Rapid estimation of lead in honey without degradation

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Rapid evaluation of furrow irrigation efficiencies

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Rapid evaluation of the winter hardiness of initial forms of sour cherry by means of the frost resistance of their seedlings

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Rapid extraction and determination of alpha - and beta -carotenes in foods

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Rapid floral expression by sugarbeet seedlings under continuous incandescent lighting and moderate temperatures

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Rapid fractionation of wheat leaf protoplasts using membrane filtration : the determination of metabolite levels in the chloroplasts, cytosol, and mitochondria

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Rapid freezing and thawing of rabbit embryos

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Rapid generation advance of rice at the International Rice research Institute

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Rapid growth in Brittany's dairy industry

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Rapid high temperature treatment of human milk

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Rapid identification of FMD virus isolates by electrofocussing of their induced proteins

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Rapid identification of a Leishmania sp. from the United States of America and preliminary drug-sensitivity screening using radiorespirometry

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Rapid in vivo and in vitro effects of triacontanol

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Rapid indirect hemagglutination test for serotyping Pasteurella haemolytica

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Rapid information method replacing the NK-mastitis test

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Rapid method for detection of milk changes during UHT treatment

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Rapid method for determination of organochlorine compounds in milk products and animal fats

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Rapid method for determination of weight proportion of protein in whey

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Rapid method for determining citrate in milk ultrafiltrate using a copper complex

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Rapid method of evaluating sunflower for resistance to Macrophomina phaseolina

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Rapid method of evaluating the resistance of Gossypium barbadense varieties to Thielaviopsis basicola (Berk. et Broome) Ferraris

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Rapid methods for evaluating the resistance of sunflower to downy mildew (Plasmopara helianthi f. helianthi Novot.)

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Rapid methods for measurement of moisture in dairy products

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Rapid microanalysis of residual hydrogen peroxide in foods by use of ammonium thiocyanate

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Rapid microwave oven determination of the dry matter content of cheese

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Rapid modulation of protein synthesis in normal rats by specific neutralization and replacement of growth hormone

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Rapid photoperiodic response in golden hamsters

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Rapid propagation of Ornithogalum hybrid in vitro

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Rapid propagation of an improved ramie cultivar by tissue culture

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Rapid propagation of caladium through tissue culture

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Rapid propagation techniques for fruit crops

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Rapid quantitative analysis of the different alkaloids of Lupinus albus L. and Lupinus mutabilis Sweet for use in breeding

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Rapid quantitative determination of haemolytic saponin content in lucerne

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Rapid radiometric technique for determining bacteriological quality of milk

Anonymous, 1982:
Rapid re-cooling of thermized desserts

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Rapid reconnaissance approaches to organizational analysis for development administration. Prepared under AID Contract No. DSAN-C-0065 for presentation to a conference on Rapid Rural Appraisal held at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex, December 4-7, 1979

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Rapid regeneration of wheat in vitro

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Rapid reproduction of virus-free potato clones

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Rapid screening of highly purified plasmids in lactic streptococci

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Rapid serological profiling by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. II. Comparison of computational methods for measuring antibody titer in a single serum dilution

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Rapid test for detection of rabies antibodies in human serum

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Rapid test for the qualitative determination of L(+)- and D(-)-lactic acid for the identification of lactic acid bacteria

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Rapid testing for avocado sunblotch

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Rapid tissue culture method for detection of Mycoplasma hyorhinis

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Rapid, small-scale tests for the prediction of quality factors in barley

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Rapidity of plasma 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D responses to hypo- and hypercalcemia in steers

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Rapidly soluble dried whole milk

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Rapporteur's report on exports of agricultural commodities

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Rapporteur's report on slow growth crops -- pulses, oilseeds and coarse grains -- technical, economic and environmental constraints

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Rapporteur's report on subsidy as an instrument for increasing agricultural production and income

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Rare bamboos of India

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Rare breeds livestock survey

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Rare earth elements as markers for rate of passage measurements of individual feedstuffs through the digestive tract of ruminants

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Rare endomycoses in roe deer

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Rare manifestation of an Echinococcus cyst in the tibial muscle. A casuistic contribution

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Rare perennial cucurbits

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Raspberries: cultivation technique and aspects of yield

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Raspberry beetle

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Raspberry bushy dwarf virus and the planting of 'Malling' Leo

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Raspberry death in fruit plantations of the Lower Elbe and its possible cause

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Raspberry mosaic. I. Interaction between the vector and pathogen of the disease

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Raspberry varieties

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Raspberry varieties for mechanical harvesting

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Raspberry varieties for mechanical harvesting with straddle type machines. Criteria of suitability and an evaluation of 193 varieties

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Rastafarianism and the vegans syndrome

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Rastrococcus spinosus (Robinson) (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) and its natural enemies in Pakistan

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Rat gene map of biochemical markers

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Rat large bowel maintains calcium transport after small bowel resection

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Rat monoclonal antibodies which inhibit the in vitro multiplication of Plasmodium knowlesi

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Rat-dietary fructose and the intestinal distribution and growth of Moniliformis (Acanthocephala)

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Rate and dynamics of downy mildew (Peronospora destructor) infection in spring sown Hungarian and foreign onion cultivars and selections in field and provocation trials, 1975 to 1980

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Rate and extent of fermentation and potentially digestible fractions of various roughages

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Rate dependent stimulation of insulin and glucagon but not gastrin and somatostatin release during the intestinal phase of a meal

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Rate formulae for decomposition of pesticides in soils

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Rate nephelometry of human IgE in serum

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Rate of 32P incorporation in leaf and fruit of tomato at different developmental stages

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Rate of acid production by lactic streptococci individually and in combination in whole and skim milk at different temperatures

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Rate of acid production by yoghurt starter individually and in combination in whole and skim milk at different temperatures

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Rate of carbon dioxide evolution from several soils in relation to soil temperature and amount of water soluble organic matter

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Rate of denitrification in water bodies of an irrigation system and soil of rice fields in the Kara Kalpak ASSR

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Rate of dental caries in youths from communities with naturally high and low fluoride content in drinking water

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Rate of development and oviposition frequency of Trialeurodes vaporariorum, Encarsia formosa (2 strains) and E. tricolor at low glasshouse temperatures

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Rate of development and oviposition of Callosobruchus chinensis L. in different cultivars of soybeans

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Rate of early seed development in two heterotic hybrids and their parental lines in pearl millet, Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke

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Rate of erosion processes on experimental areas in the Marchiazza basin (northwestern Italy)

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Rate of glucose turnover in suckling or fasting newborn pigs

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Rate of growth and development in hybrid maize plants at the beginning of growth and the importance of these processes in yield formation

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Rate of growth of crossbred heifers

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Rate of growth of some evergreen species

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Rate of hydrolysis of Na4P2O7 and Na5P3O10 at 100 deg C and the effect of urea

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Rate of inactivation of cytomegalovirus in raw banked milk during storage at -20 deg C and pasteurisation

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Rate of increase in size and dry weight of individual pods of field grown soya bean plants

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Rate of intake of loose and pelleted cereal feeds in the milking parlour

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Rate of milk secretion during the long suckling interval in the rabbit

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Rate of passage through the alimentary canal and dry matter digestibility of rice straw in a mixed diet

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Rate of population increase of the twospotted spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) on peanut leaves treated with pesticides

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Rate of pregnancy, calf survival rate to weaning and net calf crop of Angus, Hereford, Charolais and Brown Swiss dams mated to Angus, Hereford and Charolais sires

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Rate of sharka (plum pox virus) spread in plum orchards of an infected region

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Rate, timing, and mode of gibberellin application for female strobilus production by grafted loblolly pine

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Rates and proportions of mineral fertilizers for irrigated maize on leached chernozem-smontiza soils of the Yambol region. II. Effect of fertilizer on maize growth and development

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Rates and split applications of K in Guinea grass

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Rates and times of application of potassium in irrigated rice

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Rates of collagen synthesis in lung, skin and muscle obtained in vivo by a simplified method using [3H]proline

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Rates of entry and oxidation of D(-)-3-hydroxybutyrate and glucose in fed and fasted chickens

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Rates of ethylene production by parenchyma cells in black walnut sapwood

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Rates of growth of honeybee larvae

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Rates of herbage ingestion and turnover of water and sodium in feral swamp buffalo, Bubalus bubalis, in relation to primary production in a cyperaceous swamp in monsoonal northern Australia

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Rates of karyotype evolution by the karyograph method

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Rates of leaf and tiller production in young spaced perennial ryegrass plants in relation to soil temperature and solar radiation

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Rates of nitrogen for banana (Musa paradisiaca) var. 'Hembra 3/4'

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Rates of phosphorus and potassium for maximum production of cotton

Phillips, S.A.; Bartleson, J., .:
Rates of phosphorus and potassium for maximum production of soybeans

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