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Reaction of two varieties of sorghum, Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench, to herbicides applied pre-emergence and post-emergence

Victoria Filho, R.; Ribeiro, J.A.

O Solo 73(2): 53-59


Accession: 001116033

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Sorghum DA-41 and E-58 were grown at Jaboticabal in an oxisol. Before emergence, 2.5 kg a.i. atrazine or 2.5 kg a.i. terbuthylazine + terbutryne/ha were applied to the soil and 7, 27 or 30 days after emergence 2.5 kg a.i. atrazine, 0.48 kg a.i. 2,4-D or 1.5 kg a.i. linuron/ha were applied to plants in a directed spray. The main weeds were Indigofera hirsuta, Acanthospermum hispidum and Digitaria sanguinalis. Weed control was most effective using a post-em. spray of linuron and atrazine was only slightly less effective. All herbicides gave >70% weed control.

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